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Evie was lying on her bed in her dorm room. It was early afternoon and she had another hour's worth of free time before her next class. The young woman was beaming after reading the contents of a letter that she had received concerning her work experience placement for the following week. Evie had got her first choice placement. She would be staying on campus. She would be Miss Thorne's assistant for the week. A whole week working in Miss Thorne's office. A whole week of being in close proximity with Lucy Thorne in between the history teacher's lessons. Evie felt a pleasurable shiver run through her body just thinking about the redhead. The young brunette was so aroused that she soon found herself slipping a hand down into her underwear and....

"Oh, Lucy," Evie gasped, as she rubbed vigorously at her sopping wet core. Evie closed her eyes, working at her centre until she received her reward. Spasms of ecstasy ran through her body and as she regained control over her breathing, Evie let the words involuntarily leave her lips, "I love you Lucy."

The following week couldn't come fast enough for Evie Frye. The student made her way to Lucy Thorne's office with a mixture of excitement and nervous energy. She swallowed hard as she reached the room and taking a deep breath, Evie knocked on the door.

"Come in," called Lucy.

Evie entered and walked over to stand in front of the redhead who was seated at a large oak desk.

"Ah, good morning Miss Frye," said Lucy, looking the young student up and down.

Miss Thorne had a habit of doing this, it was her way of trying to unnerve the students. With Evie, however, it was having quite the opposite effect. The Frye girl was relishing it. The look in Thorne's eyes making Evie want to do things to her tutor that she knew she shouldn't even be thinking about.

Evie snapped her mind back to attention as Lucy began to speak.

"Right then, Miss Frye" Lucy said, "I have some filing for you to do while I am taking my morning class. All the instructions are on my desk," the redhead explained.

"Not a problem, Miss Thorne." Evie replied, "I will have it completed for when you return."

Evie let every word pass her lips unhindered and without any indication of her feelings towards the woman who now stood in front of her. Internally, however, Evie's body was screaming.

"Very good, Miss Frye. I should be about two hours." said Lucy, looking at her watch.

With that, the redhead retrieved her briefcase from the side of her desk and headed out of the door.

Evie methodically set about her task. She wanted to do a good job for Miss Thorne. She wanted to show her tutor that she was entirely trustworthy and that she could be relied upon. However, every once in a while, Evie could feel her mind wander as she imagined what it would be like to hold Thorne's face in her hands, kiss the redhead's luscious lips, hold her close.

"Snap out of it!" Evie muttered to herself and went back to the task that she had been set.


With all the files now neatly in their place, Evie took a moment to rest. She perched herself on the edge of Thorne's desk and waited for her tutor to return.


When Lucy Thorne walked through the doorway of her office she was greeted by an immaculately organised room. The redhead's attention was not drawn to that fact however but was instead drawn to the young woman sitting on the desk.

Lucy Thorne's eyes were taking in every inch of Evie's body. Evie's tight trousers showing off her well toned, muscular legs. The redhead tried desperately not to show the student that she was flustered.

"Well done Miss Frye, you have done an excellent job," said Lucy, as she walked around the room trying hard not to look at Evie.

"Thank you Miss Thorne," Evie replied, getting down from the desk.

"You may go and get yourself a hot drink if you like, Miss Frye." began Lucy...But first, there is something else that I want you to do for me."

The redhead's voice became softer, almost a whisper, as she said the last few words. Lucy was standing barely a few inches from Evie now. The young student watched Thorne's eyes looking at her with a fiery intensity. Evie wondered for a moment if she might be imagining it, but no, she wasn't. Lucy's eyes didn't waiver from Evie's gaze and then the words left her lips,

"Please, kiss me. Evie," whispered Lucy.

Evie heard the words but could barely believe them. She had dreamed of kissing Lucy so many times, she didn't know whether to trust that this was real.

The young student threw caution to the wind, she would deal with any consequences later. Evie wanted this too much.

Still looking deeply into her tutor's dark brown eyes, Evie put her hands around the back of Lucy's neck and with her eyes closed, the student began to kiss Thorne. It was soft and gentle at first but as the older woman took control, the kissing became deeper and more passionate. Lucy moaned into Evie's mouth as she lost control of herself. She wanted this young woman so badly. Lucy suddenly pushed Evie against the desk, the redhead slowly moving a hand down between Evie's legs. The young woman gasped with delight at the feeling of her tutor's fingers against her core. It was just how she had imagined it all those times when she was lying on her bed in her dorm room. Only now... Now it was real. She was squirming on Lucy Thorne's fingers. Thorne had Evie at her mercy.

"Please, Miss Thorne! Make me come!" Evie pleaded, pushing her core harder against Lucy's hand. Miss Thorne gave her young captive a sly smile and took her fingers away.

Evie looked distraught. "Please, Miss Thorne. What are you doing?"

Evie leaned over to see Thorne searching through a wooden chest. As to what Miss Thorne was doing, Evie soon got her answer.

When Lucy turned back to Evie, she was wearing a harness which held a long, thick cock. Evie's eyes widened with both arousal and fear as her tutor approached her.

"I won't do anything that you are not comfortable with, Miss Frye, but you look like you need a good going over," said Lucy, her eyes filled with lust.

Evie couldn't take it anymore, she knew that she wanted Lucy.

"Please fuck me, Miss Thorne!" Evie pleaded, dropping her lower garments to the floor.

Evie bent over and gripped the oak desk as Lucy took her from behind. The large cock sliding into Evie's insides with ease, such was the level of her arousal.

"Oh Miss Thorne, that feels amazing!" said Evie, as she continued to grip the desk. "Harder!" Evie demanded, "Fuck me harder!"

"Your wish is my command, Miss Frye!" replied Lucy.

The redhead thrust in and out of Evie as fast as she could, until finally she felt the young student go limp on the desk. Evie moaned with pleasure as she came down from her orgasm. Lucy leaned over the young brunette and gently kissed her neck.

"You did well, you deserve a rest." said Lucy.

"No," said Evie, breathlessly. The young woman turned to face Lucy and gently stroked at the redhead's face. "I want to fuck you."

Lucy gave Evie a smirk to show that she was pleased. Within minutes, the two women had switched positions and Evie had Lucy impaled on the large cock. Lucy sat straddling the young brunette. Riding her. Evie lay on her back watching her tutor moving herself rhythmically up and down. Evie's animal instincts were taking over. She wanted to fuck Lucy and she wanted to fuck her hard. With the end of the cock still inside Lucy, Evie sat up and moved to pin the redhead down on the floor.

"I'm going to fuck you Miss Thorne. Like I have always wanted to fuck you," said Evie, staring deeply into her tutor's eyes. "Damn, I want you so much...Lucy."

Lucy completely gave in to the young brunette.

"I have always wanted you," Lucy replied, stroking Evie's face.

Evie went crazy with lust as she hammered into her tutor and when Lucy came, she screamed Evie's name. The Frye girl still moving slowly in and out of Thorne as the redhead jolted through multiple orgasms.

When Lucy was done, she turned to smile at Evie and said,

"I see that I shall have to keep you on as my personal assistant, Miss Frye." said Lucy, as she took Evie in her arms.

"I would love nothing more," Evie replied.