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In the Face

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Scott Lang’s homecoming did not go as planned.

Maggie Lang (well, Paxton now) opened the door, saw her ex-husband and daughter’s father there, screamed out “You bastard!” and promptly reared back and slapped him in the face as hard as she possibly could before slamming the door.

Hank Pym opened the door, saw his ex-con protégé standing there, and punched him in the face. “You son of a bitch,” he growled, and slammed the door in his face.

Hope van Dyne opened the door a few minutes later to see her idiotic, ridiculous, superhero (ex-?) boyfriend sitting on the ground with a stunned look on his face, his nose broken, and a slap mark decorating his left cheek. She rolled her eyes at the expression of befuddlement that greeted her, and bent down with a smile, extending her hand. Scott eyed that hand warily, before slowly smiling and grasping it, allowing Hope to pull him up, eye-to-eye, and started to say something-

Right before Hope’s fist snaked up like lightning and popped right in the face, a direct hit on the right side that dropped him back on to his dumb ass. “You asshole,” Hope snarled lightly, smiling all the while, and slammed the door in his face.

Scott Lang was, to put it mildly,not having a good day.