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When You're Gone

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Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.


When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now
When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day,
and make it OK
I miss you - Avril Lavigne


When You're Gone


Chapter 1 - I'm Done!


"I'm telling you, Blaise, I've had enough!" Draco shouted and threw the latest copy of the Daily Prophet down on the table in front of his friend. "I've put up with enough of his rubbish the last couple of years, but this is the straw. I want out! You hear me?"

Blaise picked up the newspaper to find out what had gotten Draco agitated enough to actually summon him over to Malfoy Manor. He didn't have to look long; the story was splattered all across the front page and the mid pages.

The article should really have been about how star Seeker, Harry Potter, had lead his team, the Chudley Cannons, to yet another victory. The reporters and photographers, however, had obviously been more interested in the after-party. The pictures showed a smirking, and obviously drunk, Harry Potter surrounded by equally drunk team mates, Quidditch groupies and some skanky boy-toy hanging off his arm.

Blaise frowned at the pictures before he moved on to the article.

After the Cannon's star Seeker, none other than the wizarding world's own hero, Harry Potter, had caught the Snitch and made sure his team reached the semi-finals of the British Cup, he was the centre of the after-party. Champagne, alcohol, groupies and strippers flowed freely at the rather raucous party. It is rumored that Mr Potter arrived at the scene with an unknown young man and that the couple got hot and heavy on the dance floor before they disappeared back to the hotel the team's staying at. A source at the hotel claims to have seen the afore-mentioned young man entering the hotel around 4am, with Mr Potter. Upon faced with these rumors, Mr Potter's manager, George Weasley, said that the star Seeker 'was just having some well- earned fun and letting out some steam after a hectic match schedule', and that Mr Potter didn't do anything wrong. The young man that accompanied him was just a good friend. It is reported that Mr Potter will return to his home in Wiltshire next week, where he lives with his husband of six years, Draco Malfoy-Potter, and their five-year-old daughter, Emilia. The Daily Prophet has not been able to reach Mr Draco Malfoy-Potter to get a comment on these latest rumours about his famous husband.

"Rumours my arse," Draco spat angrily and paced around the study. "He's barely home, and when he is it's two or three days at the most. Then it's back to another match, another party, more drinking and fucking around. And he gets away with it, because he's the all-mighty Harry Potter. But not anymore, Blaise! I'm done, you hear me? I'm done with him, his drinking, his entourage, his cheating, his neglect!"

"I understand that, Draco," Blaise said and gestured towards a chair to stop Draco's pacing. "But it might not be as easy as you think, he might not want to go quietly. Actually, knowing Harry, he probably won't."

"You're the best goddamn solicitor in wizarding Britain, Blaise, you've never lost a case. You make him go. And make sure I get full custody of Emilia in the process," Draco said and slumped down into the chair, looking tired and worn.

"Do you really think that is such a good idea, Draco? If this was any other guy I'd say we have a solid case, but we're going up against Harry Potter, the whole wizarding world is biased where he is concerned. You could very well end up losing," Blaise reasoned.

"Losing is not an option here, Blaise. I want him out of my life, I want out of this farce of a marriage! I don't even know the guy I'm married to anymore. It's certainly not the same Harry I married. His ego has become so inflated I'm surprised he even needs a broomstick to keep him floating! I can't keep living like this, I really can't," Draco said and started sobbing softly into his hands. "Do you know how humiliating it is? To keep reading shit like this every other day? And knowing it's most likely true even. He just brushes me off when I confront him with it, tells me I'm being silly and over-dramatic and to get over myself."

"I'm sorry it has come to this, Draco, I really am. But know that getting full custody of Emilia isn't going to be easy if he decides to fight it. I will do everything in my power to make sure we win this, but I am only a solicitor, not a miracle worker. Now, what about his considerable fortune, will you try to strip him of half of it? You are entitled to if we can prove infidelity and neglect on his part," Blaise said in a business-like tone, looking intently at his friend.

"I have enough money on my own, let him keep his oh so hard-earned Galleons, I really don't give a shit," Draco said with disgust. "Go ahead with the proceedings, Blaise."

"You're not even going to talk to him first? Are you sure about this, Draco?" Blaise asked, knowing Harry's temper and that this would certainly not go down well.

"What good would it do? I've given him enough chances, enough time to come to his senses, but it's not going to happen," Draco said and pulled his hands through his hair in frustration. "Just make sure he gets the papers and get me temporary custody of Emilia until the actual custody hearing, if he insists upon one. And make sure he knows that he has until the end of the week to come and pack up his belongings, after that I'm changing the wards. The bottom line, Blaise, is that Emilia doesn't even know her own father anymore, he's just a fun guy who drops by from time to time with lots of presents and plays with her a bit. Then he's out the door again. He's like a whirlwind sweeping in and out of her life as he sees fit, it's no good."

"Well, at least we'll have the element of surprise. I'll start the proceedings the minute I get back to my office," Blaise said and stood to leave.

"Thanks, Blaise. I appreciate this. I know you have a very busy schedule," Draco said gratefully.

"Never too busy for you, Draco, you know that. But as your friend, and solicitor, I have to warn you, this could get ugly, fast," Blaise said and stepped towards the Floo.

Draco looked at Blaise, his grey eyes cold as ice. Blaise thought that he'd never seen Draco look so much like Lucius before.

"Just get me my divorce, Blaise. Remove Harry Potter from my life, for good!"


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