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A Mountain of Tears

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Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling. I own nothing and no money is being made from this. No infringement intended.

AN: Thank you so much to Sam, who not only told me I was over my word limit, but tidied this up for me too. Hugs to you, hun.

This is a double drabble, 200 words exactly.


A Mountain of Tears


“How could you? Have you no decency at all?” Draco screamed at Harry, who just looked on in amusement; he was used to Draco’s tantrums.

“Calm down. You said you wanted to watch it - your actual words.”

Draco recalled what he‘d said, then, as if on auto-pilot, he replied, ‘Harry, why don’t we curl up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and Brokeback Mountain?’

Harry chuckled; he knew he had won. But Draco hadn’t finished his tirade. “I may have said that, but I didn’t think for one moment that his lover would die. I mean, fuck, Harry, why? That’s not romantic; that’s as sad and heartbreaking as you can get. I just feel numb.”

Harry didn’t understand his anger at a movie, which wasn’t even real to begin with. “Draco, it happened, okay?” Draco didn’t let him finish before he was shouting again.

“It happened? That’s supposed to make me feel better, is it? How dare you! These two guys had to hide what they were because of a prejudiced society. I wish we had just watched Aladdin instead.”

Harry responded by shaking his head in amusement before saying, “I love you, Draco, you sentimental twit.”