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Loving me is a crime in itself, is it not?

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Chapter 1:

His pale face looks up at me, hands dropping from my neck to his side. I feel his body going limp and slipping slowly to the floor. Removing my hands, I look down at the blood, dripping from my hands. I know my eyes are wide open and my breath ragged. Bending down I smudge the red liquid on the floor, before wiping my hands down my shirt and looking over at the body lying lifeless on the floor. A smirk graces my lips and as I leave, a small chuckle fills the cold winter air. Behind me, fading into the distance, is his lifeless body, a lake of blood and a red 'V' written onto the floor.

"TAE! I swear the amount of times your late to class, I'm so surprised your not kicked out!" Turning to the voice I see Jungkook running down the hall to me. I smile as I notice Jin and Jimin walking slowly behind him. Reaching forward to ruffle his hair I say,
"Hey little kookie, I know I'm your best friend but there's no need to be so rude to your hyung!"
"Tae leave him alone, your late to class anyway." I look over at Jin, let kookie go, nod my head, and walk into my class.

"Kim Tae-Hyung late again, As expected. Sit down and try to get here on time someday." The teacher drones on in a robot like voice.
"Sorry, late night." I smirk realising what I meant and sit down in the free chair. Looking around at the faces of the immersed teenagers wanting to learn and dreaming makes me sick. Why dream. Life is fleeting, here one second, gone the next. We should be living our small pathetic lives with no rules and nothing to hold us down. Piercing my thoughts the bell snaps me out of my daze. Just as I was about to leave I hear the teachers voice again disrupting my peace.
"Stay safe, I heard he striked again last night. A man this time, poor soul." I smirk and walk out.

"Hey Tae!" Arms ingulf my body and I look up at J-hope's face looming over me. Shoving him off he grabs my hand and pulls me closer, "you coming to my party tonight it's gonna be mental!"
"Of course Hopie. I wouldn't miss it for the world." I really wouldn't. J-hope is well known in our school for his parties as they are just amazing.
"Awesome Tae see you later then, also my cousin Kim Namjoon will be there." He walks away waving and catching up with his other friends. The damned bell springs to life again and I decide it's time to skip the rest of the day.

Walking back I decide to take the long route, over the train tracks. Many people don't know this about me but I'm not exactly normal. Sitting under an underpass I grab the spray can from my bag and spray the letter V, watching the red paint drip down the wall like blood. Life is so fleeting. Picking up my bag, I head to J-hope's house.

Music blasts out of Hope's home and I can hear people partying inside but what catches my attention is the blonde haired boy sitting on the grass across the street, scribbling away in a notebook. Walking over and sit next to him, starting a conversation. "Hey, I'm Tae." The blonde boy in question looks up from what he was doing and smiles, offering his hand.
"Hi I'm Namjoon, your probably here for Hope's party aren't you?"
"I was but I found someone more interesting than a stupid party." I smile and feel my cheeks burning up. I'm flirting with him aren't I... This always ends badly.
"Well I guess I could take time out of my busy schedule to sit here with you." Namjoon smirks and I laugh while nudging his shoulder.
"Hey you love me already." He looks over at me stunned,
"Love you? How do you know I even like you?" I smile he's definitely flirting back, well he doesn't know who he's dealing with obviously. I lean over holding his chin and moving close to his ear to whisper,
"It's written all over your face." I pull back admiring his stunned face before writing down my number on his notebook, getting up and walking into the house.

When inside I grab a beer and lean against the wall. No one's talking, maybe because the music is too loud, maybe because they are too involved in humping each other to death. I know Namjoon followed me in but I lost the sight of him with the mass of teenage bodies, drunk off one night stands and alcohol flowing through their bodies like blood. Grabbing my cup I take my lighter out my pocket flip it open and start to watch the flame burn through the bottom letting all the liquid inside spill everywhere.

Throwing the rest on the floor I push myself through the crowds stumbling from the liquor and find my way outside to the road. Laying myself down I look up at the stars and remember how pathetic my life is. How insignificant It is in the long term.
"Mind if I join you?" I look over to see Namjoon get onto the road and lie next to me. "You were speaking out loud you know, life is pathetic but we all have only one to live." I look back at the stars and smile at what he said, we only have one but yet I feel like I'm living two.
"But do we have to live just a good life, can't we live a good and a bad?" I watch my breath turn to mist as I talk. I feel shifting beside me as Namjoon turns to face me.
"To live a good and a bad life as two separate lives would be the ideal life to live. The good and the bad, the evil and the beautiful, you could experience all of life that way." I smile at his words. It's going to be hard to not fall for this boy but I can't, I'm a lone wolf. Anyway loving me is a crime in itself, is it not?