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Clexa-Lexark Family Reunion

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[Clarke´s POV]
Clarke´s nervous, she doesn´t know where landed. Careful she´s pressing her little boy Aden to her shoulder, with her other hand sothing her belly in which she carries their (Clarke´s & Lexa´s) second child. She didn´t expect her life under these terms, a soon single mother of two, a widow, after her wife Lexa was shot and died in her arms. Suddenly she felt her son moving in her arms and heard him calling "Mama, Mama!" She tried to calm him down by mumbering into his ear "Shh, it´s ok"-even if she didn´t belive in it herself-"Mommy misses Mama, too" , now she spoke the full truth. As she turned around she suddenly saw HER, it was HER. First she thought her mind tricked her, that it was a weird hormone thing, but her son reaching his hands out towards that so well known woman stil saying "Mama,Mama" ashured her that what she saw was indeed real. Then nothing was able to stop her. She ran as fast, well as fast as third trimester pregnant woman with a toddler in her arms could run, towards her and slung the hand, that was just seconds ago resting on her stomach around Lexa´s shoulders and pulled her in for a long kiss and when she pulled away to breath she whispered "I´ve missed you so much, all three of us missed you so much, I love you so much, I thought I´d never see you again and it frightened me so much." She noticed something odd, Lexa hasn´t kissed her back and she and those people she was out with just blankly stared at her and the kids. She stroked her hand through Lexa´s face and asked "What´s wrong, Honey?" When one of the guys, who looked quite douchbaggy, who later turned out to be her stepbrother Chris, said " Alicia, who´s that? Are you a lesbo now? And why is that kid hanging onto you and calling you `Mama´ Is there something you need to tell us?"