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Art for Old Habits by merentha13

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And finally Bodie and Donnelly came for him.

First Picture - Doyle and Bodie in cellar pencil high



Doyle slid the motorcycle neatly into a space in front of the cafe.

Third picture - Doyle parking his bike for the meeting with Green



Bodie didn’t move or speak again, only watched intently as Doyle stiffly uncurled from his position on the steps.

Second picture -beaten up by greens men dark1



Leaning forward he peered through the scope. There was activity at the door to the club. He tensed and set his finger to the gun’s trigger.

Fourth picture - Doyle on the roof


Willis and Cowley in the line of fire.

Doyle set his eye to the site and his finger to the trigger.

Fifth picture - Willis and Cowley in the line of fire


A familiar hand on his arse, propelling him up the stairs, answered that question. He let the smile playing at his lips have its due.

Sixed picture - Bodies hand on Doyles arse