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A Burning Sky

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"What do you mean my son's been banned from daycare? How do you even get banned from daycare -- what is there some majority vote between snack time and nap time?" Danny snaps, standing up quickly to fire a few rounds over the top of his Camarro with his hand gun.

"Danny, get off the phone," Steve growls, glancing over at him quickly between shots, and uh oh, yeah -- there it is -- aneurism face. "I'm not gonna ask you again."

"Your son got banned from Daycare, Steven," Danny retorts, slumping against the gravely pavement to reload.

They were supposed to follow a lead on reports of gang activity in the area and apparently the Camarro is pretty will known as Five-0, hence the welcoming shower of bullets.

"What?!" Steve turns to stare at him incredulously; "How do you get banned from daycare?!"

"Thank you! That's what I said," Danny yells as bullets ricochet around them, raining sparks down onto the back of their tack vests as they kneel behind the bullet proof Camarro.

Steve growls and shakes his head, "Tell them we'll be there as soon as we can."

Danny nods, relaying the info. "No, we can't get there in the next ten minutes -- I'm sorry, you're just gonna have to wait. Oh come on, lady, he's not that much of a menace... Hello? Hello?!"

Steve reaches over and gives Danny's vest a rough shake. "Focus, Danno."

But the blonde turns to him, eyebrows raised to his hairline. "She hung up on me! That's it. We are ending this now!"

Steve feed his eyes widen. "What are you..."

But Danny has rounded the side of the car, a gun in both hands, and is firing as quickly as he can into the open window until he here's a pained grunt. He then jams his guns into their holsters and picks up his radio. "We have a suspect with a GSW -- send an ambo to the corner of sixty eighth and Huana. Just follow the grunts. Second story window. Steven and I have a family emergency."

"They're not gonna let us work together if we pull something like this again," Steve mutters, heading toward the driver side of the Camarro.

Danny pulls a face; "What do you mean 'they?' You're the boss. You make the decisions."

"It's HPD protocol that once you have kids together, you can't work the same calls," Steve sighs, waiting until Danny is buckled before heading down the street. "If the call goes bad, they don't want your kids to be orphaned."

Danny frowns, going quiet at the thought, and the silence hangs heavy in the Camarro like a fog until they reach the daycare.

When they walk in, wrapped in Teflon and straps and holsters, the young blonde receptionist seems uneasy.

"We're here for Sophie and Cooper McGarrett," the alpha says quickly, raising up a hand to stop her as she starts to reach for the phone.

She looks at them blankly, stunned. "What did they do?"

Steve rears back, furrowing his brow. "What do you mean what did they do -- what, like I'm here to arrest them? They're my kids!" He snaps, waving a hand to gesture between he and his mate. "We're their parents!"

The woman's mouth forms a perfect 'O' as she looks from Danny to Steve, realizing that they're a same sex couple, and a blush starts to heat up across her face. Steve can smell the potent scent of embarrassment dissipating into the air and he tries to grin to calm her down as she checks her clipboard.

"They're, uh... Sophie is with the omega's in room O1, Cooper is with the alphas in room A2." She smiles sheepishly at them and they nod in thanks.

"Probably shouldn't have walked in here like this," Danny mutters when he's out of earshot, glancing down at his attire.

"I guess we don't fit their bill of 'Dads,'" Steve sighs. "She honestly thought it was more likely that we were here to arrest a pair of toddlers than be parents."

"Everyone knows that when you have a child you sell your soul to the Satan of Khakis and jean shorts," Danny quips. "Okay. B2, here we are."

The alpha knocks on the door and the top half of the door swings open inward, revealing a chipper but frazzled looking woman in overalls with short auburn hair. "Mr. McGarrett," she bursts out, putting a hand on her chest. "Oh thank the Lord."

Danny narrows his eyes, crossing his arms. "Ma'am, let me get this straight. You've banned our son from daycare?"

She grimaces awkwardly. "Well, it's just -- you'll see. Come in."

Twelve huge pairs of eyes turn to stare up at them when they slowly walk into the room, crossing over a rainbow plush rug and stepping carefully to avoid a few blocks and a rogue, naked barbie.

"Woah -- COPS!" Yells one little boy who instantly starts trying to imitate a police siren, and the rest of the kids all whisper. Danny smiles down at them, waving, and three kids dart into a TeePee in terror.

"Is he alright?" Steve calls out uneasily as the teachers lead them toward a separate room.

"He's... He's not hurt or anything, I mean he's okay I just --" she turns to them, waving her hands frantically. "You'll see."

"I don't like the sound of that," Danny mutters, low enough only for Steve to pick up with his alpha hearing.

They're finally lead to a dark room with two baby gates -- one on top of the other -- blocking the entire door. She unlatches one of the gates and sets it aside, before leaning in to flick on the lights.

It's an empty room, full of similar toys and plush rugs and posters, but there's no one in the room.

"Where is he?" Steve blurts quickly, feeling the hair on his neck start to stand. But at the sound of his voice, there's a rustling in the teepee in the corner of the room.

The woman points awkwardly toward the teepee, but she won't go in the room.

Steve steps over the gate with his long legs and walks over to the teepee, lifting the flap.

A lion cub tumbles out onto the rug.

Danny brings both of his hands up to cover his mouth. "Oh my God."

The cub, which looks like it weighs about twenty pounds, turns to look up at Steve with huge blue eyes and the alpha stares back with his lips parted in surprise. "Cooper..." He bends over to scoop the cub up and it nuzzles into his neck. Steve sniffs the back of the cub's neck as it yowls and purrs. "It smells like him," Steve says slowly, turning to look at Danny. The omega hasn't moved, still standing in the doorway with his hands over his mouth.

"My son..." Danny gasps, and he reaches his hands out.

"He got into an argument with another alpha boy on the playground," the woman says suddenly. "One second he was human and then, well, the next second... He was that."

The way she says it irks Danny as he takes the mewling cub into his arms, and he pauses to shoot her a look. "It's not like he's a three eyed alien, lady, there are still some alphas that can do this."

She grimaces again, stepping out of the way as Steve steps back out of the room. "That may be true, but we can't have this kind of thing happening at a day care -- exposing the other children... All it would take is a bite or a scratch and the liability would shut us down."

Danny grits his jaw, trying not to lose his temper in front of a bunch of children. The cub in his arms snuggles into his neck and he rubs his jaw against the warm fur, sighing. "Let's go, Steven," he says softly, patting Cooper's back.

The alpha follows him out as the woman keeps babbling about liability behind them, waving her hands and smiling nervously as they walk toward room O1 to pick up their daughter.