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[Podfic] If They Haven't Learned Your Name

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 Chapter 1 "have it out"    MP3 (19 MB)  Length: 21:20

            Chapter 2 "come with me now"   MP3 (27 MB)  Length: 29:58

   Chapter 3 "me and mine"  MP3 (27 MB)   Length: 29:58

                     Chapter 4 "Звезда По Имени Солнце" MP3 (36 MB)  Length: 39:46

                   Chapter 5 "grounds for divorce"   MP3 (64.8 MB)  Length: 1:10:52

                                   Chapter 6 "Таких Не Берут в Космонавты"  MP3 (60.4 MB)  Length: 1:06:01

  Chapter 7 "Intermission"   MP3 (6.72 MB)  Length: 7:20


Download Audiobook of Chapters 1-7:

M4B (126 MB)  Length: 4:34:09


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*Edited to add chapter titles, which are also the songs used for each chapter.  Author plans to post a playlist when complete, but meanwhile here's some You Tube links:

Mother Mother - Have It Out

Kongos - Come With Me Now

The Brothers Bright - Me and Mine

Виктор Цой - Звезда По Имени Солнце

Elbow - Grounds For Divorce

Манго-манго - Таких не берут в космонавты

The Glitch Mob - I Need My Memory Back