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Pink Sheep RPG: Born This Way

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"I'm on the clock," he said by way of greeting as he stepped up next to her. This one was skittish and feisty, like a cornered cat. Ryan liked her.

"Bully for you." Eloise glanced briefly at him, hedged a half a step away, but inevitably her eyes were drawn back to what had made her stop in the middle of the sidewalk in the first place.

"Will you answer a few questions?" They'd had this conversation. She knew the man he was investigating. Ryan knew she didn't like him, but thus far she'd kept her lips sealed. He wondered if it had to do with pack politics.


His lips twitched. It didn't hurt to be straightforward. She might say yes at some point. In the meantime he'd just be forced to get more creative.

The scene before them suddenly changed and he tipped his head to the side, brows rising. "How is that possible?"

She tipped her head to the side too, as did the small crowd that had gathered around them. The muggle police were sure to show up anytime now.

"Know what happens to people who ask too many questions, Zeller?" Eloise wrinkled her nose at the turn of events before her.

"No, what?" Ryan blinked. The couple that was... coupling the window display were certainly creative. They best hurry themselves to completion though. He could hear sirens.

"Damned if I know. Probably they get answers, and serves 'em right."

And then pair switched to a position that was just... too much ...and Ryan winced. Both he and Eloise turned around at the same time.

"Right," he agreed. He glanced down at the small woman next to him. "Coffee?"