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a fabulous tangle of hiding and recognition

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Harley wonders when they'll let her graduate from the role of the blonde bimbo. Sure, she's got a knack for comedic roles, delivering one liners with an earnestness that fools everyone into thinking she is that person. In reality, she's more like a tragic heroine, having traded a promising career as a shrink to the rich and famous for a place among them. Except that she'd miscalculated, and her rise to fame had been one to shame instead and to be the laughing stock of the whole industry.

Luckily, Harley'd given up her ego along with her career.

When her makeup artist enters the trailer, Harley smiles as though the drugs had done some permanent damage.

"Hi, I'm Emily," the girl bubbles forth with so much enthusiasm it startles Harley. There's no sign of a suppressed sneer or disguised pity that Harley's come to expect. In fact, Emily seems incapable of duplicity. She's a window without curtains, transparent and displaying her honest emotions to the world.

Harley mirrors her excitement, but inside, she's baffled. Emily plays the role Harley's spent so much time perfecting. She's elevated 'ditz' into an art form. Except, it's not a charade with her, it's who she is. Harley needs to study her.

"Hey, you wanna grab some coffee later?

"Really? You want to go out with me?" Emily cringes, like thinking she's ruined her chance to connect because of her choice of words.

Harley's smile is reassuring. "Sure, if that's what you wanna call it."