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You can’t spell manslaughter without laughter

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Taehyung’s been gliding down the moonlit street for going on fifteen minutes, his shoulders ram-rod straight in a show of confidence and self-assurance, while beneath his clothes his skin prickled and nerves burned like it was an itchy sweater he wanted to rip right off himself.

Taehyung was originally having a relaxing night in with his roommate and bestfriend Jimin, until said boy requested for Taehyung to make a quick run to the 24 hour convenience store a couple blocks away to get some milk. Taehyung didn’t mind at all, he knows the way to the store like the back of his hand, not to mention it was a beautiful night, so getting some fresh air seemed like an added bonus.  However, the small outing wasn’t as peaceful as Taehyung had hoped, because a few minutes after he started out walking himself, a dark figure planted themself a few feet behind Taehyung, seemingly rising from the shadows.

Taking a small glance back, trying to be as casual as possible, given the fact that Taehyung was having a full on panic attack inside, he noticed that the mysterious figure seemed to be a man, about his height, and wearing a hoodie. A hoodie. A hooded man is never a good sign, let alone a hooded man tailing after you on an empty street at midnight. Yup, Taehyung was officially writing out his will mentally.

A thick pad of saliva slid down Taehyung’s throat as he swallowed heavily, stuffing his hands into his pockets to busy himself, praying that the stranger just happened to be going to same way as him, and Taehyung isn’t going to be another face in the “missing persons” section tomorrow morning. Suddenly, the lightest of touches softly tapped on Taehyung’s shoulder, and without a second thought, a little part of Taehyung’s brain that must have been labeled ‘fight or flight’ switched on, and with that Taehyung found out the hard way he’s a full blooded fighter.

Without even realizing it, Taehyung whipped around, his fist in a practiced clench from when he was nervously indenting his palm with his finger nails only a few minutes before, and punched the hooded man right in face. Though his face itself was still shrouded by the shadow of his hood in the soft glow of the streetlights, Taehyung felt the thin layer of sinew and muscle below his jaw shift with the collide of his fist, before the man shot backwards from the force of the blow. When Taehyung blinked again, there was no man in front of him, no knife at his throat, no hands around his neck; nothing. For a minute Taehyung was hoping he just imagined the whole ordeal, before his eyes landed on the prone, lifeless figure of the man lying limply on the sidewalk.

Taehyung’s heart stopped in chest, his eyes shooting open to point where his irises burned, before falling down to the body on the ground. “Holy shit, this is not happening, this can’t be happening,” Taehyung repeated to himself like a mantra as he delicately place two shaking fingers on the side of his throat. Nothing. Complete silence. No heart beat whatsoever. Taehyung’s life flashed before his eyes for the seventeenth time that night, his hands unconsciously taking out his phone as his brain screamed at him that he just killed someone.


Luckily Jimin picked up after only the second ring, his sweet, melodic voice nonchalantly flowing through the phone like molasses. “What’s up Tae, did you get the milk?” Jimin asked, voice slightly laced with sleep and perfectly unaware of the situation that damned milk just put Taehyung into. “Forget the fucking milk, I think I just killed a guy.” Taehyung half-screamed, half whispered into the phone.

It was only ten minutes later (although it felt like an eternity) that Taehyung heard the telltale sound of tires crushing gravel and the loud pop of the car door closing ringing through the night air, not even needing to look up to know it must be Jimin, since no other cars have driven by since Taehyung first set out on his quest to get the milk.

“Holy shit,” Taehyung whipped his head up to see Jimin slowly walking him and the man, his eyes bulging and plump lips agape. “Yeah, that’s what I said.” Taehyung said quietly as Jimin plopped down on the man’s opposite side, so he was facing Taehyung. Without saying another word, Jimin steeled his expression, before reached a dainty hand to the man’s throat, where Taehyung’s had been before, closed his eyes, and listened. They waited in pregnant silence for what felt like years, before Jimin’s tense shoulders loosened in a sigh of relief, reaching his hand from the man’s neck and running it through his sandy colored hair. “He’s not dead, just unconscious, you must have missed his pulse.” Jimin said, then taking his hand from his feathery locks and scrubbing it down his face, like he was trying to rub away the years that just shed off his life from fear. Taehyung’s breath caught in his own throat at the news, relief pouring into his bloodstream as he dazedly thought to himself, oh yeah, I failed health class in school. “What the hell happened though? Did he try to hurt you or something?” Jimin asked after a few seconds of more silence, changing his position into a more comfortable one of the sidewalk. A red flush suddenly flooded Taehyung’s cheeks, gulping thickly in embarrassment. “W-well no, but he was following me, and tapped my shoulder or something! And he had his hood up, never trust random guys with hoods up!” Taehyung said defensively, his wide eyes pleading at his bestfriend, but what he was pleading for, Taehyung was unsure himself.

Jimin stared at him for a few seconds, blankly, before rolling his eyes with a small, fond smile coming to his lips. “So let me get this straight, a random guy wears a hoodie and taps you on the shoulder, and you knock him out?” Jimin asked with mock skepticism, the smile still pulling at his pink lips before saying playfully “Seems like you’re the only dangerous guy out here.” Taehyung spluttered at the accusations, his face somehow getting even hotter and more flushed, but before his new round of defensive remarks could leave his lips, they were cut off by Jimin’s soft laughter. “I’m just kidding Tae, I know you obviously didn’t mean to.” he said quietly, reaching a hand out and putting it gently on his bestfriend’s shoulder.

“What should we do, we can’t just leave him here,” Taehyung said after a few seconds, biting his lip as a new wave of regret crashed over him. “I think there’s only one thing we can do, and that’s take him back to our place and explain everything to him when he wakes up.” Jimin said with a shrug, throwing Taehyung a comforting smile.

 Taehyung could only smile weakly and nod in return, too tired to argue, let alone come up with a better plan, before his eyes traveled down to the man’s unconscious form once again, this time his face on full display from Jimin taking his hood down to check his pulse. And when his eyes landed on the man’s unveiled face, Taehyung thought he was gonna need his pulse checked, because this guy is hot. And beautiful. And gorgeous. Too many synonyms for “hot” were rapidly firing in Taehyung’s still hazy mind to pick just one.

Soft porcelain skin, an endearingly big, rounded nose, red lips slightly apart to reveal large, almost bunny like teeth, and delicate eyelashes fanning across the expanse of his smooth skin. Taehyung struggled to swallow for a second, his heart picking up speed in his rib cage as he gazed at the man’s angelic face. Or maybe he should say boy’s, since he didn’t seem much younger than Taehyung himself. Well, if there’s a silver lining to this whole ordeal, at least Taehyung picked a good looking guy to punch out.

“Alright lover boy, I get that you chose to punch out a very attractive boy, but can we please get him back to the apartment already?” Jimin asked teasingly, mimicking Taehyung’s own thoughts with uncanny accuracy before getting up and hooking his arms under the boy’s broad shoulders. Taehyung once again spluttered incredulously at his bestfriend’s choice of words, opening his mouth in preparation to rebuttal the accusation before closing it a second later, only choosing to nod his head, and wrap his hands around the boy’s legs.


Once they returned back home, their new “friend” safely tucked in on the sofa, an impossibly exhausted Taehyung fell asleep with a prayer that the boy won’t hate his guts as soon as he wakes up, since he wouldn’t mind taking him out for coffee or the like, as a way to apologize, of course.





Jungkook awoke feeling more tired than he has in quite a while, subconsciously reaching a hand up through the blankets covering him to rub at a strange pain on his jaw. As he fully opened his sleep ridden eyes, Jungkook immediately noticed the flower print blanket encasing him like a cocoon. With an electric jolt, all the sleep melting off him like snow, Jungkook bolted up right in realization that he doesn’t have a flower pink blanket. As he franticly looked at his new surroundings, new noticed he wasn’t in a bed at all, but in a living room. It was nicely appointed, with a quaint, homey feel, but Jungkook couldn’t really pay attention to the decorations in the room because he’s in a random person’s house.

Jungkook racked every corner of his brain for an explanation on how, or why he’s in this house, but his recollection of the previous night was strangely hazy. He went out to visit a friend, he remembers that much, but got lost on his walk back to his home. It was kind of chilly so he put his hood up to keep warm, then he noticed a man walking a few feet in front of him, a sigh of relief pouring from his lips as he speed-walked up to the man to ask for directions. But at that last part, Jungkook’s memory completely blanks out, like he passed out or something. Needless to say Jungkook was a little freaked out right now.




Taehyung and Jimin walked through the door of their apartment to quite a scene; the make-shift bed on the sofa was reduced to nothing more than a pile of crumpled sheets, and the boy was over one of the bookshelves in the living room, squinting intently at a picture on the shelf.

Jimin and Taehyung only looked at each other with shared uneasy expressions, both thinking (more like hoping) that the boy would wake up later in the day, i.e.: while they were home. With an uneasy shrug and thumbs up to his bestfriend, Jimin quietly bounded through the open door to his room, leaving Taehyung alone with the stranger. Sucking in a silent breath, Taehyung softly rapped on the surface of the still-opened front door, the boy jumping in place at the sudden disturbance. Taehyung put on his nicest, non-threatening smile and slowly closed the front door, before walking over to the boy, almost like you would to a scared animal. The boy quickly retreated away from the bookshelf at his arrival, his cheeks painted dusty pink as he looked up at Taehyung, before training his eyes on the carpet beneath their feet.

“Um, you’re probably wondering why you’re in a random apartment,” Taehyung started off, barking out an awkward laugh, the boy nodding his head and he looked up at Taehyung through his full lashes. Taehyung would be lying if he didn’t have to force himself to keep talking through the piercing gaze of the boy, his knees threatening to turn to jelly. Just say it Taehyung, it’ll be like ripping off a band aid he gave himself a quick mental pep talk, before scrunching his eyes shut, and speaking. “Well, it’s a long story, but the moral is I thought you were trying to mug and or kill me so I might have maybe knocked you out?” Taehyung said quickly, his shoulders raising up defensively, like he was bracing for a crash. But no crash came, no flurry of yells and threats and pointed fingers, only a soft sound Taehyung first thought was a simple bird chirping from outside the window. Upon closer inspection though, Taehyung realized it was the boy laughing, lightly into his fist, his eyes crinkled into little crescents.

Taehyung couldn’t believe his eyes, the boy was laughing? Of all things to do after waking up in a stranger’s house after said stranger admits to punching you out, laughing seems pretty far down on the list to Taehyung. Taken aback from the boy’s reaction, not to mention the beautiful sound itself, Taehyung didn’t know what to do, so he choose to just quietly say, “I’m really sorry, I feel really bad about it.” thinking maybe the boy could be laughing out of pure shock. 

The boy indeed stopped laughing after Taehyung’s apology, his smile falling and eyes widening in realization. “N-no it’s fine, really! I’m not mad at all, you seem like a really sweet guy, and I’m just laughing because I feel really lucky that I wound up in such a nice guy’s house without me even knowing, if that makes sense.” The boy quickly rambled off, gesturing with his hands as he spoke sincerely.

The room was suddenly plunged into silence at the boy’s confession, a red hot blush exploding onto Taehyung’s cheeks as his mind raced to comprehend the boy’s words, the black haired boy’s own cheeks lighting up in a shade of pink as he seems to realize what exactly he just said himself.

“I-I’m Jungkook, it’s nice to meet you?” the boy said after a few more seconds of awkward silence, throwing a hand out to Taehyung. Jungkook Taehyung thought to himself, an airy feeling flowing around his heart as it pounded wildly against his ribs. Reaching out to grab the offered hand, Taehyung replied with “Taehyung, the pleasure is all mine, Jungkook.”




The pair had just finished up their drinks at the local coffee shop, Taehyung offering to take Jungkook as a half apology, half let’s-get-to-know-each-other-better date. “So, do you still need directions to get home, or do you wanna come back to my place?” Taehyung asked playfully, even throwing in a mischievous wink along with his wicked smirk. Jungkook laughed softly again, before schooling his expression to play along with Taehyung. “Hm, well I still don’t know how to get back, so I think going back to your place would be best.” Taehyung’s smile grew as he gently took Jungkook’s soft hand in his, his heart threatening to burst from happiness as he whispered, “I was hoping you’d say that.”