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Alice:Total Wars

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Disclaimer: The artwork used to illustrate points in our story are not by me and are credited accordingly at the point of appearance. I do not profit from this piece of writing.


Warning bells were ringing in my head as I gasped for breath

Warning bells were ringing in my head as I gasped for breath. I could feel a panic attack coming to me as I stood there,time seeming to trick by slowly.

My eyes blurred out from the tears that tricked out from deep within. Panting for air, I reached out for the sink, peering at my reflection on the tarnished mirror. Red eyes stared back at me, too red. How long have I cried for?

Swaying on the back of my heels, I stumbled, tumbling onto the dirty floor below me.

The drops of the leaking faucet sounded like music, it could lure me to sleep.

Yes, I want to sleep...Never to wake up.


In the depths of my mind, I stood...Alone waiting. 

What formerly was my oasis has been tainted with darkness.
Defending me from years of suffering has shattered it.

My mind reflects how I feel.

I'm not myself, what I once was.

All that is left are pieces of regret and hatred towards the ignorant past.

"Revenge," I thought to myself as I walked down the dark narrow hallways. The walls of my mind seemed almost alive, pulsing with every negative thought that raced through my skull.

Nothing matters now.

Throwing my head backwards,  bitterness wash over me. So much malice that it clouded my head, "Why did I think I could fit in.I let myself be betrayed."

"Coward." I whispered silently to myself.

"You are such a coward for thinking that you can run away from your troubles," My voice wavered. "Face the facts... You did not achieve enough club points to graduate school."

"Who should I blame?

Them for saying I don't have the talent necessary for the singing?

Or is it my fault?"

This is so absurd. The reality is...I will never be as good as them. I was too different , too strange to be someone like them.I never believed in revenge but now it consumed me. All my mistakes, I wish could be reversed by time.

I laughed ,unable to wail my sadness.Punching the wall next to me , I sank to the floor.

"I'm a failure for not being able to stand up for myself."

"What exactly am I living for?" I muttered angrily, glancing down the hallway. 

Suddenly, the walls started to emanate a blinding white light forcing me to close my eyes.

"Even if life is a lie, you can't possibly imagine me," a voice boomed over the darkness.


"Come meet me, Arisa."



My eyes grew wide with shock, feeling the small tug at my body. My insides felt like they were shivering as a surge of cold came. It crept up my spine and my bones shook with each vibration. "Ah, stop." I muttered under my breath, sensing an unsettling presence near me.


"Welcome to my realm, Arisa", a little voice whispered inside my head. The presence behind gave me a hard push, sending me tumbling over the edge  into the darkness below.

 The presence behind gave me a hard push, sending me tumbling over the edge  into the darkness below


And once the crooked man said,
I'm alone but yet in love
For nothing can be more deceitful than heart
The illness you call love is incurable
Crooked is the heart above all
And above that is nothingness. 



This seems so familiar to me but I never heard of it before...



"Wait." The coldness around me was replaced with gentle warmth and my eyelids flew opened. I sat upright, my senses returning to me. Confusion set in as I witnessed the landscape transforming...The barren land gave way to a forest of crimson lilies beneath an artificial sky. There wasn't a single star to be seen, only a gradient of blissful blue and gleeful green painted the hovering horizon.


The scene was oddly beautiful, the glowing green sky and the red lights that gently fell around me, making me reminisce of a winter wonderland. 


Knocked out of my daydreams, I grimaced at the loss of silence, turning to face the direction of the sound. I couldn't see anything at all, so I  forced myself to scrunch ; squinting my eyes towards the clearing mist before I seeing her.


"Well, would you like some tea?"