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Ancient Evil

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He’d heard Gandalf mention them, but he’d thought they were simply a tale told to scare the little ones at night. Living in the Shire as he did, Sam had not seen a lot of things other than his fellow hobbits. He’d said when they started out he wanted to see oliphants and he still wanted to, but this thing, this werewolf – he wished he could unsee it.

It stood on two legs like a man or a hobbit but that was where the similarities ended. It was covered in fur and he could smell its stench from where he hid behind some bushes. It turned and sniffed the air, its long teeth showing even in the dim light. Sam was shivering so hard that he knew the awful thing could hear him!

It turned its head to the sky and howled, a long haunting sound that reminded Sam of all the evil he’d ever heard of. Sam opened his mouth to scream and –

He woke up! It was only a dream. Thank goodness!

Then he heard it. That horrible howl. Gandalf told the truth. There were werewolves out there. He clutched his sword close and waited until daylight came.