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Cheaters: Yoonmin Sequel

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Since their breakup Yoongi had gone clubbing and hooked up with people here and there but no one compared to the person laying in bed next to him. Jimin. It took three months for Yoongi to realize Jimin was the best fuck he ever had. Now, this isn't what you think. 

No way are they back together, Yoongi thinks. He's still pissed at Jimin for cheating on him with Jungkook. That's actually how they started this.

 About two weeks ago Yoongi saw Jimin at the market with his arm hooked around Jungkook's. No matter how loudly the voice in his head yelled for him to look away and pretend he didn't just see the best thing to happen to him with his ex-assistant Yoongi couldn't help himself from walking over to them. Everything around his was blurred except for the couple that left him in shatters months ago. He didn't know what he was going to do, yell, scream, maybe even hit that stupid smile of Jungkook's young face but his feet kept moving him forwards. 

Luckily Jimin saw him before Yoongi got too close, whispered something in Jungkook's ear that sent his new-lover away and stared his ex-lover in the face. Yoongi stopped a foot away from Jimin, heart racing at the sudden proximity from being away for what felt like years. Jimin's eyes bore into Yoongi's, his anger fading from his features as he looked deeper into Yoongi's eyes, and a quick glance at the rest of him. Yoongi totally notices him checking him out but he doesn't say anything, afraid to ruin their moment they were apparently having. Jimin mumbled something incoherent under his breath and turned his head towards Jungkook who was busy checking out the apples and chatting with the lady behind the stand. Jimin looked back at Yoongi and grabbed the older's forearm, pulled him in the opposite direction of which he originally came. Yoongi didn't make a sound. His skin burned from Jimin's touch, his grip got tighter the farther they got. 

Finally Jimin got them somewhere secluded and pulled Yoongi to face him. Their faces were mere inches away, Yoongi could feel Jimin's familiar warmth against him, sending a shiver through his body. Before the older could even realize how odd the situation was Jimin pressed forward, slamming his lips onto Yoongi's. It wasn't a perfect kiss, it wasn't slow and filled with passion like some of their kisses were months and months ago. It was messy, clumsy, teeth clashing and Yoongi swears Jimin bit his tongue but he didn't care at the moment. Jimin was the only thing that was important. Jimin's tongue gliding against the roof of his mouth, the small whimper he made when Yoongi bit his lower lip by accident (or maybe not). 

Suddenly all the warmth on Yoongi's mouth is gone and replaced by cold air. Jimin pulls away his hand from behind Yoongi's neck, he doesn't even remember when it got there, and his other hand slides down Yoongi's soft now black hair, he also doesn't know when that got there. The younger looks to the ground immediately, like he's ashamed. Yoongi wishes to reach out to him, lift his chin up and tell him everything's going to be okay, but he knows for now it's inappropriate.

"Yoongi, I-" Jimin can't find his words. He doesn't know how to explain to the man he cheated on just a few months ago why he decided to kiss him like that randomly. 

"Jimin! Jimin!" Shit. The younger heard Jungkook calling out for him. Before he runs off he looks Yoongi in the eyes. "Call me."


Yoongi is a coward. He knows this. Jimin used to tell him every time the older refused to get back in touch with his brother. This situation is similar, in a way. Except instead of his asshole brother it's his ex. 

Yoongi does second best to a call.


to: *** *** ****

what's up?


Yoongi sighs, flopping back on his bed. That was the lamest thing he's ever said. He's a respected lawyer for fuck's sake, he should-


from: *** *** ****

not much


Yoongi immediately sat back up.


to: *** *** ****

laying in bed, bored


Fuck it, Yoongi thinks.


are you alone?


The older regrets his text after not getting a response for five minutes. He screwed up, God he screwed up. Ten minutes after Yoongi thinks he's failed his phone buzzes.


from: *** *** ****

hyung, i need you so badly

hyung, i need you so badly


Yoongi's jaw dropped. Damn Park Jimin for always making the older lose all common sense.


to: *** *** ****

shit jimin

you're so hot baby

Now Yoongi was going to get bold.

will you be a good boy for hyung, jimin?


Yoongi felt his slacks get tight.


from: *** *** ****

of course

anything for hyung


Yep, Jimin remembers maybe too well Yoongi's hyung kink.


to: *** *** ****

lie on your back, baby

do you think you can finger yourself for hyung?


Yoongi was nervous, but insanely turned on at the thought of Jimin opening himself up that his doubts were blurred. It took Jimin a couple minutes to respond, Yoongi used this time to get rid himself of the ever so tight slacks and lean against the bed frame to get more comfortable. He remembered how Jimin liked to drag out their sex to last for hours, the older hoped this time was no exception.


from: *** *** ****




Oh hyung I wish you were here right now

nothing compares to your fingers


Yoongi felt a wave of pride and pleasure hit him. So, maybe the assistant isn't as good as the boss.


from: *** *** ****


touch yourself for me

i want you to send a pic of you fingers around your cock, hyung


If Yoongi wasn't hard before, he sure as hell was now. He slid his hand under his briefs and slowly worked himself up. His hand wrapped nicely around his cock, imagining it was Jimin's instead. It was awkward for Yoongi to get a decent looking picture of himself for Jimin but after ten frustrating tries he's finally satisfied with one. He doesn't even think about what he's sending or what they're doing, all the guilt and shame far away from his conscience. 


to: *** *** ****

baby, i miss your hand around my cock


Yoongi likes to think Jimin is a moaning mess right now, cause well, he is. God, Yoongi wishes Jimin never left, lonely nights hoping for that warmth to come back to his bed. The older tried filling the emptiness on his bed with strangers but none of them compared to Jimin, no one could ever compare to Jimin. 


from: *** *** ****

fuck yoongi

i need you inside me

i want to ride you so badly 


fuck me


Yoongi remembers how hot Jimin was when he was bouncing on his cock, his thick thighs feeling wonderful in his hands as the older would spread Jimin's legs as wide as he could to get better access. 


to: *** *** ****


all i can think of is how hot you'd look on my lap

riding my cock like a pro

shit, baby


Yoongi doesn't think he can last much longer. Jimin is invading his thoughts, filling his mind of absolute filth. His hand is going at a rapid pace, pre-come dripping on the sheets. 


from: *** *** ****

hyung, come for me


Yoongi almost screams Jimin's name as he comes. His orgasm filling the emptiness for now. In his post-orgasm daze, Yoongi looks at his phone. Big mistake.

Jimin sent the older a picture of himself post-orgasm. Yoongi's mouth dropped, he couldn't believe he was already getting turned on again. Jimin looked like an absolute wreck, sheets crumpled from moving so much, cum painting his chest and thighs, his mouth hanging open as he gasped to catch his breath. Fuck. 


from: *** *** ****

i want to see what you look like, hyung


Yoongi wanted to clean himself up, feeling gross now that his senses returned. But he'd do almost anything for Jimin. The older wanted to look just as amazing as Jimin did, he spread his legs slightly, adjusting the camera angle so Jimin could see how wrecked he was. 


from: *** *** ****

damnit yoongi

you're so hot


There was a brief pause in their conversation, Yoongi felt panicked as he didn't know what to say. Luckily, Jimin beat him to it.


from: *** *** ****

i want you


Yoongi didn't know what to make of that last text. Did Jimin mean he wanted the older for sex only or did he want Yoongi as a person. 


from: *** *** ****

I have to go


Yoongi frowned at the screen.


from: *** *** ****

we should do this again



Fast forward to now, Jimin's chest rising with every breath he takes, eyes closed in a deep slumber. Yoongi smiled at the younger, he gently touched Jimin's cheek, stroking his finger against the soft skin. His touch was so light Jimin didn't stir as Yoongi held his chin up slightly to get a better look at the younger's sleeping face. Jimin's face was bare, Yoongi's favorite look on him. His cheeks puffy and a light red from sleeping. Yoongi smiled fondly as he memorized every curve and feature of the younger's face, just incase. 

A buzz was heard from the table closest to Jimin. It's probably Jungkook, Yoongi thought. His hand moved away from Jimin's face, pretending not to notice the slight frown on Jimin as his touch was gone. Yoongi turned away to face the other side of the room and pulled the blanket higher to cover himself almost above his head like he was hiding. He felt the bed move as Jimin slowly sat up, his heart cracking slightly at not being able to kiss the younger. Jimin muttered something under his breath and turned back to face the lump next to him. Jimin groaned inwardly and pushed himself off the bed. He can't believe he keeps finding himself in this situation. It was all because of the stupid sexting. Amazing sexting he might add, that lead to even more amazing sex in-person. Somedays Jimin regrets asking if he could come over to Yoongi's apartment after a fight with Jungkook, a fight he never told Yoongi about. He bends down to pick up someone's clothes, at this point he doesn't really care if he takes Yoongi's clothes instead of his. Jimin would sometimes catch himself purposely picking up Yoongi's sweater or shirt instead of his own, just so he can have something of Yoongi outside of the apartment. Jungkook used to question him about were he got his new clothes and Jimin just lied away, saying he found it at the market for a cheap price. 

When Jimin was with Yoongi he never had to worry about money or if he had enough income that month to buy new clothes. Yoongi always made sure Jimin was clothed in the latest styles and wore the best fabrics. He always made Jimin feel like a million bucks. Jungkook, however, now worked as an intern to a computer business and was hardly making enough to survive on. Jimin had to stop his studies so he could find a job, he didn't tell Yoongi any of this. He knew the older would kick Jungkook's ass if he knew how much Jimin had to sacrifice because of his poor choices.

Jimin got himself dressed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, Yoongi got him a toothbrush on his second stay. The younger then walks into the kitchen, surprised to see Yoongi dressed already and sitting at the kitchen counter. The familiar smell of coffee filled the air, Jimin remembers nagging Yoongi to drink tea instead because it's healthier. 

Yoongi was hunched over the counter top, his arms propping his head up. He looked so small like this, Jimin wanted to wrap himself around the older and hold him. 

"Jimin," Yoongi muttered weakly. Jimin walked over to the other, sitting on the stool next to him. Yoongi lifted his head up to look the younger in the eyes. His eyes looked like he was holding back something, his mouth twitched.

"Something's on your mind, hyung. Tell me."

Yoongi took a big breath before muttering "Why did you do that?"

Jimin was confused, obviously. Do what?

"I mean, ugh. Forget it. It's nothing. He's probably waiting for you." Yoongi stared at the coffee maker, wishing it would hurry the hell up.

Jimin moved back from the older. "Yoongi, please tell me what you mean."

Yoongi said clearly without missing a beat "Why did you cheat on me?" His voice sounded void of all emotion, Jimin hoped it was just because of the early morning. 

Jimin let out an exasperated sigh. He doesn't want to have this conversation right now, not when he's suppose to be back at the apartment in twenty minutes. "Yoongi, I told you I was sorry."

"That doesn't answer my question. Why? Why did you do it?" Yoongi was getting mad now, he wasn't planning on having this talk with Jimin, not now not ever. "Why did you go behind my back like that? For two months Jimin! You were cheating on me right under my nose and I didn't expect a thing! Why, why did you do that to me?" Yoongi's voice stayed steady even though his insides were crumbling. 

Jimin stayed silent, he didn't know how to respond. He told Yoongi why the night he found Jungkook on top of him in their bed. "Yoongi, things were complicated then."

Yoongi thought long before asking his next question, even though Jimin's answer didn't provide any comfort. "Are things complicated now? With Jungkook?"

"Yoongi," Jimin looked concerned, he didn't want Yoongi to start yelling. "I- I want to be with you."

The older scoffed. "You didn't a few months ago. What's different now?"


"No, have you realized yet? This is exactly the situation we were in months ago! It's just now, I'm the assistant!"

"No, no Yoongi it's nothing like that-"

"Then what is it like?!" Yoongi took a calming breath. "Jimin, you have to make up your mind. It's either me or him. You can't have both. If you want, I'll never enter your life again." The older's voice cracked at the last sentence. Jimin didn't ever want Yoongi to leave his life.

"Yoongi, I want you. Only you." 

Yoongi let himself smile, but just for a second. "Jimin, take a few days to decide. Hell take the rest of the year. But don't make a quick decision just to regret it latter. I can't handle something like this again. If you chose me you're choosing me for the long haul."

Jimin sighed, he felt slightly defeated. But the knowledge that Yoongi would even want to be with him again made him hopeful.

"Just know this, if you do chose me, we're making up for all the lost time. I'll take you on all those trips you've wanted to go on, you can quit your job and study again. I'll be with you every dinner, we can eat at the fanciest restaurants or we can get fast food, whatever you want." Jimin looked confused and also amused by Yoongi's words. "What I'm trying to say is, I won't abandon you again. I'll take care of you for the rest of your life if you want me to."

Jimin smiled brighter than the sun, and his joy didn't leave his face even after he left the apartment.


It's been a month. Yoongi didn't know if he should still hold on hope that Jimin will return back to him. He did say Jimin could wait until the end of the year to make up his mind. Damn it, he should have suggested less time. 

Maybe things weren't meant to be with them. Jimin hasn't contacted Yoongi since he left his apartment that morning. The older felt doubtful, maybe Jungkook promised Jimin more, maybe Jimin really loves Jungkook now. Maybe Jimin never loved Yoongi. The older shakes his head at that, there's no way Jimin and him spent three years together and Jimin not feel anything romantic towards him. 

Yoongi pulled at his jacket. He stood on a small wooden bridge, he decided to get out of the apartment for awhile and think things over. He leaned against the creaky railing, staring blankly at the sunrise in front of him. 


The older shot his head back to find the familiar voice.

"Jimin I-"

Jimin shut Yoongi up with the softest kiss the older has ever felt. Jimin cupped Yoongi's face gently in his hands. Yoongi melted into the kiss, pulling Jimin closer so they were flush against each other. Jimin pulled back reluctantly, the sweetest smile shining on his face. Yoongi was breathless, he never wanted to let go of Jimin.

"I chose you, Yoongi. I want to be with you," Jimin kisses Yoongi breathless again before adding "forever."