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Spoils of War

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Spoils of War

“Have you brought her?” Coriolanus asked walking through his encampment with his second in command.

“Yes sir, she is the last and youngest surviving member of the royal bloodline that ruled this country.” He said.

Coriolanus’s steps slowed as he realized what this meant, “A princess?” He half smiled, “Quite the prize indeed. I was under the impression that we had wiped out the bloodline entirely.”

“She escaped us. When the others bodies were identified, we discovered that she was missing and found her outside the palace dressed as a plebian and attempting to flee the city.” He explained.

“Is she beautiful?” The general said curiously.

“Very. Like the Greek Goddesses of old.” All had seen her seemed to share the opinion.

“What do we know of her?” Coriolanus asked looking at him.

“Her name is Odessa. She turns 18 this year. We discovered that she has some combat training, she’s very clever, and extremely proud. She came here under her own power, refusing to let the guards touch her or force her to come.” He paused a moment, “Be careful general.” He warned.

Coriolanus scoffed and continued on his way, “She’s a woman. She has but one purpose in life and one purpose alone. Was she married?”

“No. She remains untouched. She was betrothed but he was killed in battle.” He reported.

“And a virgin?” He smiled pleased to hear this, “How very fortunate she was spared the rest of her family’s fate. I can’t think of a better or more appropriate maiden for such a task. And now, she’s mine.”




The young proud woman, the princess of a conquered people stood in silence starring straight forward not moving. She had come under her own power although escorted by guards. She wouldn’t allow them to lay a hand on her, and cooperated with them to that end.

It was some time before the tent opened and then closed again and she knew she was no longer alone. It could only be her conqueror. He had bathed and removed his armor, a few wounds he had received in the sacking of her city had been tended to and he had been cleaned in scented bath oils.

He saw the young woman with her back to him and approached her. “Princess Odessa.” She heard him say as he stood behind her.

“Caius Martis.” She responded, “Coriolanus. As they are now calling you.”

“You know why you are here?” He demanded.

“For the same reason mine was the only royal life spared, because I am a maiden of child baring age. To be brought to you so that you may perform the final act of subjugating what’s left of my people.” She answered plainly still not having moved or weakened her stance.

There was a moment of silence as she still hadn’t looked at him. “What is your age, Princess Odessa.” He wanted to gage how truthful she would be to anything he ask.

“I will be 18 in the spring.” She said simply. “I was to be married in the summer, but my intended is dead now. With all my brothers, sisters, parents . . . everyone.”

“You are angry.”

“Have I not the right to be?” Odessa responded.

“I suppose if Rome was conquered, my family killed, I wouldn’t be in the friendliest of moods either.” He conceded. “Turn to me Odessa.” She clinched her jaw before turning to face him. She was stunningly beautiful. Her hair was blonde with strawberry highlights. Her eyes were bright and a striking green. Her skin was incredibly fair, and her lips were blood red. There wasn’t a mark or a blemish on her milk white skin she must have kept out of the sun her entire life. He clasped his hands behind his back and waited as his eyes turned towards her body waiting to be shown the rest of her.

This was perhaps the most difficult thing Odessa had ever had to do in her life. She was so very proud. Reaching up she pulled the clasps from her gown before moving the cloth over her shoulders. She paused for a moment before taking a breath and letting her garments fall to the floor, standing before him completely unclothed. His eyes moved over her young supple body. She was as pleasing as one imagined it would be, and he already found himself growing anxious to begin.

“I give you a choice, Odessa.” He began, “I can be very gentle with you, as you are a maiden and untouched by a man. All you need do is cooperate and bend to my will. Or I can simply take you. Swiftly, my own duty and pleasures the only concern.” He said sternly. Odessa took a breath opening her eyes. She’d seen enough violence in the past weeks; she didn’t want to be subjected to more. Especially with what was to come. “So, what is your choice?” He questioned. She looked at him a moment before lowering her eyes and bowing her head.

Coriolanus took this small act of contrition and gave a nod as well. He took her hand and led her to the bed that had been prepared for them. Reaching over he picked up a large oversized goblet of wine and honey holding it up with both hands before her. Odessa hesitated a moment before reaching up and wrapping her hands around it as well. He drank from it first before holding it up for her to drink as well. Odessa looked into the crimson colored wine a moment before taking a small sip. However, he held it firm insisting that she drink again, and much deeper. Odessa closed her eyes a moment before taking a larger drink, and even then he forced her to drink even more.

She coughed a little as he turned putting the goblet back down. She didn’t quite understand what that small ritual was for, but it seemed to be some kind of tradition of Rome. He removed his own garments baring his body and climbed onto the bed. He held out his hand inviting her to join him. She reluctantly accepted his invitation placing her hand in his.

He was strong, his body was solid and firm and she couldn’t deny he was pleasing to the eye. But her eyes were drawn to the numerous scars and recent wounds that adorned his body. He was a warrior, a soldier and had been in battle many times over the course of his life. Reaching up he moved her hair back over her shoulder admiring her beauty, the lines of her fresh young unmarred body. He leaned close kissing her skin gently. Odessa’s face was turned away, very nervous and fighting every impulse she had to flee but trying her best not to show it.

Coriolanus touched her chin turning her face towards him, and then he kissed her tasting her beautiful deep red lips savoring her taste. She was absolutely delicious. He kissed her once more wrapping his arms around her pulling her against him, feeling her large plump breasts against his hard chest. She was warm, and soft, and her body fit perfectly in his embrace.

As a soldier who led several legions of Rome’s army, he spent countless nights alone in the cold and the dark. The endless nights when even the thoughts of his wife at home wasn’t enough to warm him. It had been months since he had been home, and the comfort of a woman’s body was greatly missed. He kissed her a bit more anxiously lying her back down on the bed beneath him, eager to experience the warmth of her depths. He lay over her, spreading her legs apart and settling between them. He had to pace this after having told her he would be gentle with her.

He looked down at her seeing her eyes closed tight, her body tensed stiff as stone beneath his. “Are you afraid?” He asked as his body rubbed against hers.

“No.” She said in a trembling voice that betrayed her.

“Then open your eyes.” He said seriously. Her jaw clinched and swallowing the lump in her throat. “Odessa. Obey me.” He demanded. She took a breath and opened her eyes looking up at him and he felt her body shutter when their eyes met. “Relax.” He said locking their gaze. He was growing extremely anxious and could hardly contain his excitement. “You must relax your body to accept me, Odessa. Otherwise there will be pain I cannot prevent.” He said in a softer tone, his member rubbing against her womanhood so she would become accustomed to the feel of their bodies touching. “Relax Princess.” He repeated gently kissing her soft sweet lips. He was rock hard now, his shaft throbbing with eager anticipation. “Relax.”

She had to consciously force herself to relax otherwise she would only tense tighter. When he felt her body soften beneath him, he slid himself between her quivering lips against her sensitive clit. She shuddered and tensed again and it took her a moment before she could make herself relax once more.

Coriolanus couldn’t resist any longer feeling how wet she had become with his touches. He slid his arms beneath her and his hands wrapped around her shoulders bracing her body. Then slowly pushed himself into her tight, hot, virgin body. It was pure and utter bliss, his eyes rolling back at the sensation. He paused only for a moment when he felt her tense but immediately continued when she relaxed again. He breathed in sharply when he felt resistance. It was an absolutely fantastic feeling for him, but was attempting to be as gentle as possible as it was her virginity. He pushed a bit harder until finally it gave way as he filled her completely.

Odessa’s body trembled and shook feeling his hard throbbing manhood inside of her. Her eyes were as big as apples and she couldn’t breathe. She’d never experienced anything like this before and didn’t know how she was to feel. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Somehow she had managed to detach herself from the reality of who this man was, who it was that was laying over her, what he had done, and why he was taking her now. All of this was a new concept for her. She was kept pure in body and mind until the day she would be married. She had been a favorite of her family and her people and it was desired to keep her innocence intact.

He began to withdraw and then thrust deep within her over and over his gaze still locked with hers. This was their Princess, she would be a leader, the last of her royal bloodline, and most importantly, she would be an example. Taken into his bed and her womb filled with his seed until a child was conceived. Her royal blood mixed with that of a Roman, the man who subdued and conquered them so they would know and remember for all time who had defeated them. That it was Rome that truly ruled over them in every way. Rome. And it was Caius Martis who had delivered them to her. They were a conquered people, and their beloved princess’s body was his prize and reward.

Coriolanus grit his teeth delving deeper inside of her further until the tip of his shaft pressed against the hidden secret nerve cluster deep inside her sensitive womanhood. It was pain, yet somehow sent tremors of unexplainable pleasure down her spine. Her eyes grew wider as he rammed himself harder with more vigorous strokes until finally his arms clapped down around her like a vice and he burst deep inside her, his hips bucking hard against her thighs as he emptied all of himself into her womb. It was purely utter bliss. He closed his eyes resting his face to her shoulder a moment regaining his breath and senses.

Odessa was silent, her eyes still wide and starring upwards at the ceiling. A tear escaped and slid down her cheek. She was completely numb and in shock in body and mind. It felt like her entire world crumbled around her. She’d always been treated as royalty, as a Princess. Odessa had been the youngest daughter of eight children and a favorite of everyone. Now they were all gone and she was all that was left. She wasn’t the same Princess. She was a conquered and subjugated one. Everything was different, and she was alone. At this moment, she was more alone than ever.

After several moments Coriolanus released her pushing up from the bed to his knees, withdrawing himself from her body. A slight whimper slipped from with her as she found herself tender and sensitive. He took her hands and pulled her to sit up with him. She gasped starring at him not sure what was coming next. Reaching over he picked up the large goblet they had drank from first. He took a drink before holding it up for her to drink. She was hesitant but the look in his eyes was stern and he was very insistent that she drink and drink deep. Odessa closed her eyes gathering her courage and strength before putting her hands under the goblet like before and taking a long deep drink. He put the goblet aside once more before he took her arm and pulled her to her knees, positioning himself behind her still on his knees as well.

Odessa’s body trembled as his hands moved over her form. He clutched to her breasts, before traveling down over her curves, her sides, and hips, her beautiful young figure in his grasp. He tasted her skin, her shoulder and neck before resting his cheek to hers a moment, incredibly aroused ready to ravage her again. Her eyes were wide as she felt the bristle of his face that hadn’t been shaved since that morning. Coriolanus’s arms wrapped around her pulling her tight against his body and breathed in her scent. She was clean with the fragrance of flowers in her hair. Everything about her seemed to enflame every lustful instinct inside him.

Then, still holding her around her middle, he pressed his other hand to her back bending her forward onto her hands and knees. His strong hands moved over her flawless back before grasping her hips holding her in place. He was already hard again and found her wet quivering entrance slipping deep inside her with one masterful movement. He groaned in pleasure at the sensation as he began thrusting his hips against her firm backside. She was so warm, so tight, so wet. Nothing could compare to this.

Odessa closed her eyes clawing and clutching to the sheets below her, just thankful she didn’t have to look at him this time. But inside her heart, she knew this wasn’t the way a Princess should be treated. Like some common stray mongrel. She bit her lip as tears flowed from her eyes. She had no choice but to endure this humiliating torture as long as it lasted.

This continued for some time before his hands left her hips and moved back up over her. He leaned down his breast pressing against her back. His hands moved over her abdomen and then clutched her breasts in his grasp once more. His movements more vigorous as he continued to thrust deep within her, shuttering and moaning at the ecstasy he was plunged into taking her with almost reckless enthusiasm and abandon.

With several more hard deep thrusts, he released filling her woman once again with his seed. He rested his head between her shoulders catching his breath holding her body tight against his. As he regained his senses and normal breath he grinned feeling the wetness of her thighs, knowing it was their fluids mixed together as one. The general was still very aroused and anxious even though the calm that always came after having a woman was just waiting to take him over. But he still had plenty of strength and was eager to have her yet again.

He withdrew from within her grabbing her shoulder pulling her back to her knees and turning her to face him. She was tired, she ached, and her face was streaked with tears. Coriolanus reached for the goblet yet again taking a deep drink before holding it up to her to do the same.

She starred at it a moment as her eyes shifted up towards him. This ritual was so strange, and even worse only signaled another attack on her person. She reached out her hands underneath it like before as if to drink but she could not endure another horrid assault on her body. “Not while I LIVE!!!” Odessa screamed and knocked the goblet upwards spilling it over him. She rolled back off the bed while he was blinded for a split second by the wine and the shock of her unanticipated reaction.

Odessa was fast on her feet and scooped her garment up wrapping it around her and she fled the tent. Coriolanus was a little stunned from how quickly she’d turned after she’d been cooperating so obediently. He wiped the wine from his eyes looking towards the entrance of his tent, but unwilling to chase after her just now.




Odessa sat in the large marble bathing pool as her servants attended her. They worked at keeping the water hot as two of the woman washed and bathed her. She didn’t say anything and starred straight forward at nothing.

“Princess?” One of the servants came to her carrying a cup. “Drink this, it will help ease the pain.”

Odessa closed her eyes and sighed, “My pain isn’t purely physical this day.” She said in a defeated tone.

“Yes, but this will help.” The woman reassured her.

The young Princess looked at it a moment remembering the strange tasting wine in the massive goblet she’d been made to drink the night before. Relenting she reached out taking it and draining it dry as the servant took it back. Odessa stood exiting the bath as they wrapped clothes around her and continued to attend and groom her, but she seemed to walk in a daze.




Later that evening she sat alone in her room still lost in her own thoughts, and sometimes she was just lost. The dusk had come and gone, and the sky was filled with bright stars. She always loved the endless beauty of the night sky when it was so clear you could swear you looked into the heavens themselves and you could almost expect to see the faces of the Gods.

“Are you attempting to get to the guards you have left to you eliminated like your family?” Her eyes went wide recognizing the voice addressing her. “Having them turn the escort I sent for you away at your door. Very foolish Princess Odessa.”

Immediately she got up retrieving her father’s sword that had been nearby and swinging it around preparing to strike. It was apparent she had been giving some instruction with a blade. “This is still my house.” She said, “You have no business entering without my consent. You are NOT welcome here! Leave at once!”

Coriolanus was less than impressed and approached her, “You are my business Princess. You were meant to come to me at sunset. However my men returned without you. This does not please me, Odessa.” He started to approach her again but she changed her stance from a defensive to an offensive one and he had come unarmed. “Do you think you frighten me? A frightened child foolishly clinging to a piece of metal she neither appreciates nor respects.” He leaned his head back slightly his eyes remaining on her, “Where is the woman full of courage and pride that came to my tent of her own free will only last night? What happened to her?”

Odessa hated this, she hated that her fear had won out over everything else. “You did.” She said gritting her teeth to hold the tears back. “You’ve taken everything from me. My family, my city, my country, even my dignity. So leave . . . there is nothing left for you here.”

Coriolanus was genuinely confused at her words, but he wasn’t going to continue such a conversation when she held a weapon on him. He began to circle and they squared off. He stared her down but she kept her ground staring right back. Within a fraction of a heartbeat they lunged at each other. She managed to deliver a slice to his shoulder before he got a hold of her and twisted her wrist making her drop the sword. Then he twisted her arm up behind her back nearly lifting her from the floor moving his other hand clasping it firmly around her throat.

He was far too strong for her to even gain an inch of room to move. “Do you know what the standing order is for anyone who takes up arms against me or the forces I command? To wound, strike, or kill” He twisted her arm up even harder causing her to whimper, “Do you Princess?”

“Then do it. Crucify me for all to see or gash my throat with your blood soaked sword and leave me out as carrion for the beasts!” She shouted.

He furrowed his brow not understanding this at all. He moved her over to her bed and threw her down on it. Odessa’s eyes were wide as she panicked and immediately rolled off the other side of the bed much as she had done the night before. “What is wrong with you?” He demanded. “You came to me last night, accepting your fate with grace and resolve.”

“And you stole it away, as if you hadn’t done enough already.” She hissed.

“How?” He said wanting to know when and why things had changed.

She clinched her jaw unwilling to let anymore tears fall, “When you made me your bitch.”

That was what changed her attitude so violently? He stepped around the bed moving closer to her. “Because of how I took you?” He said a bit stunned. “Why do you imagine that would take your dignity from you?”

“Only beasts attack each other in such a way.” She said in disgust.

He studied her for a moment before clasping his hands behind his back to put her at some ease so she didn’t think he was going to grab at her again. “Have you truly been taught nothing of pleasures between a man and woman? When you were going to be married within the year?” He questioned stepping closer towards her, “I gave you my word I would be gentle with you. Was I not gentle?”

Odessa could hardly find breath to form words, “How would I know if you were or not.” She had no basis for comparison one way or the other.

“You ache in your body today which is making you cross. But you were a virgin Odessa. You were going to feel some discomfort weather it was a husband who took you, or me.” He explained. “If I hadn’t been gentle with you, you would have been in much more pain and no doubt having difficulty walking. All women experience such when they first lay with a man.”

“You almost sound as though you care.” She said narrowing her eyes at him.

He smirked slightly, “I realize that the image you keep in your mind of me is a heartless, bloody, murdering monster. But I do have the capacity for compassion, although there is no room for it in the life of a General.” He took another step towards her but Odessa remained on guard stepping away again. He paused studying her for another moment. He wasn’t unaware of her situation and realized she was terrified finding herself alone, and her world completely turned upside down. Odessa was only almost 18. But as promised she was very clever and very quick. He decided to offer up a token of peace to calm her. “Ask me whatever you will Odessa and I will answer you truthfully.” He said waiting to hear the questions she might have. She had no one else to ask as her family had been slaughtered.

Odessa was quiet for a moment before she looked at him, “Why did you try to poison me?” He looked at her not understanding, “The strange tasting substance you made me drink each time before you . . .” She couldn’t even say it.

Coriolanus half laughed, “Poison you?” He said in astonishment, “If that were my intent, then why would you think that I would drink from it as well?” He stepped closer to her, “It’s a tradition to give young maidens who are attempting to conceive and their lovers a mixture of wine, honey and herbs. It is a tradition that is practiced throughout the Roman Empire, Egypt and many other countries. It’s also meant to help relax you so you wouldn’t get upset. However it seemed not to have such a calming effect on you, considering I found myself wearing it.”

She sighed looking away. Odessa knew she didn’t have to talk to her, tradition dictated that he could do whatever he wanted including cut her throat from ear to ear if it suited him. “How long must this continue?” She asked softly.

“Until you’ve been impregnated.” He answered plainly. “And no, I do not know how long it will take. But this sort of behavior isn’t going to help it happen any sooner. But I promise you, I will be diligent in my efforts.”

“Why haven’t you yet returned to Rome?” She asked.

“There is still much work to be done here. When it is finished,” He paused as his eyes moved down her body, “When it is ALL finished; then and only then I will return home.”

Odessa found herself lost in her thoughts a moment. She could either cooperate or he could simply take her weather she wanted it or not. Or if she continued to be stubborn, he could lose whatever patience he found inside him for her and simply kill her outright. It was a horrid enough reality to have to bare the child of this murdering barbarian. She closed her eyes and took a breath, and Coriolanus took the opportunity to move close her. There was nowhere for her to go now, she had backed herself into a corner.

“It doesn’t have to be horrible for you, Princess.” Reaching out he touched her chin turning her face towards him so she would look at him. “Last night, I was gentle.” He leaned in a little closer gazing into her eyes, “Tonight, I could be generous.”

Odessa wasn’t certain what he meant by that, but it seemed she didn’t need to ask and was going to find out.


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