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-Sakura, I don’t love you. It would be better if we don’t drag this too long. I’m assuming by the tears in your eyes, it hurts. So let me make myself clear. I don’t want to be with you, don’t call me, and don’t look for me. You are already so pathetic right now.

-Don’t leave me like this, you don’t mean that right? Let’s just talk this out, I can fix this. I know it’s my fault, let me make it better.-Yhe girl kept articulatingg words, and moving her hands, as ifthat would change all of it.

But the guy just kept walking like if the girl had said nothing, he even had a smirk on his face. And even though I didn’t knew the girl I was so fucking mad. He fucking broke up with the girl in Starbucks, in front of a lot of people. He had the audacity of telling her that she looked pathetic. I knew guys like him; I wasn’t going to let this stay this way.

-Darling are you ok? Don’t cry over assholes like him.

And the girl just looked at me, and started to cry harder. She was clinging to my arm so hard I bet I would have marks.

-He is the love of my life, you don’t understand. It took me one year and a half to get him to go out with me. I lost my chance with him, it’s all my fault.

-Pretty darling, let me tell you a thing, this won’t matter in a year probably. You are a beautiful person, I’m sure you can find someone better.

And she kept looking at me, while she cried. It was kind of sad.

-Please don’t tell me you are gay, you are just too damn gorgeous.

-Look Sakura, that your name right. Right now it’s time for you, forget this asshole. Let’s call your friends, and get you out of here, okay? You are going to be alright; we’ll get some Nutella, and ice cream, okay?

I’ve never seen a girl so heartbroken, it was insane, she wasn’t crying like before, but still. It looked like she got a fucking divorce instead of just breaking up with her boyfriend. She called her friend, which was outside of Starbucks in ten minutes. Pretty impressive, actually.
The girl outside was with a friend, and looked pissed.

-Baby, I can’t believe that jerk broke up with you. –This girl was soft, and caring. Black hair, and pale skin.

-Sakura, I fucking told you it was going to end this way. Are you stupid or what? We are talking about Sasuke fucking Uchicha here, let’s be serious. Of course he was going to dump you, we have already lived this. Remember on high school, when he dated Karin. She was so heartbroken that she got out of the country so she didn’t had to see him around in college. Remember Suigetsu, remember when he said, man don’t get feelings. Remember when he cried two days straight, and didn’t came out of his department for three weeks, after that idiot dumped him. So no, darling you don’t get to cry, you finally got rid of that asshole, we are going to have the time of our lives.-When she finally looked at me, she smiled- Are you in blondie?

I didn’t had anything to do, and these girls seemed fun, so why not?
At the end of the day, I was drunk, on a department of a stranger, and that how more or less, Sakura and I got to be friends. We didn’t like the same things, and we had a lot of fights because of our tempers, but we were good friends.

She cried about him when she was drunk sometimes and sometimes when she was sober too. Still at the beginning she always talked about the guy. As the time went on, she stopped. I met her group of friends, and she met mine. People thought that we were dating, but I don’t think that she would ever date someone like me. I don’t think I would date her either, we were friends. A part of me always knew that that boy, would always be there for her to compare. And right now, I didn’t need that, in my life I’ve always had bunches of girls and boys wanting to go out with me, but still I was nobody second choice.

She was a freshman in college, while I was at my senior year in high school. The end of the year was so fucking close. I was probably going to study something about art, I didn’t knew for sure. Most of my friends were going to same college as me, I mean it was the best around.

So yes I was seventeen and I was a virgin. And it was not as if I had never had the chance. And it was not like I fucking planned to stay virgin till I get married. It was just I never got the chance. But tonight it was fucking ending, this was the night. It had to be tonight, I was at one of Sakura´s college parties, and there was so much people and alcohol.
Right now I was not drunk, but still I was feeling dizzy. I could hear a song I had never listened to, and like five people had already spanked my ass.

And I didn’t remember how, I ended dancing with this guy, and he was hot. Like the type of guy you see modeling, and he was taller than me. And I feel turned on, like really turned on. And this was my guy, I was getting lucky tonight. And his kisses were amazing. Not too much tongue, but still he enjoyed biting my lower lips. His hands behind my neck, and sometimes in my lower back. He was a tease but not disrespectful, I could say. And Kiba was looking at me, all proud until he saw the face of my man. I bet he was so fucking jealous, even I would be shocked if Kiba ever got someone like him.

And I was drunk, but I don’t think he was, still when I asked to get out of the place, he acted as a gentleman. Telling me he would call a cab for me. It only took me a hand on his dick and some kissing for him to take me to his apartment. I was liking college guys, so independent. When we got there, it was all laughs and kisses on the elevator.

I was getting nervous but I could do this, he was hot, maybe the best I could have ever got, I wasn’t backing out now. And when we got inside before he could start talking shit, I decided for both that tonight wasn’t about stupid foreplay. I wasn’t going to stop and hear the guy talking about shit just to finally get to sex. When we were in, I started to kiss the shit out of him, and I think he got the hint, because he immediately started to go to his bedroom. This was going fine; Sakura is going to be so proud of me tomorrow.
And even if I didn’t remember most of it, it was good. Like really good, the guy knew what he was doing, and he was hot. I don’t think that anything could top this experience.

The problem was the next day when my ass hurt, and I didn’t knew where I was.
-So you are awake, babe. I was about to make breakfast, would you mind staying?

This guy was fucking perfect, I mean I was obviously in love with his look, I wouldn’t mind anything as long as it was with him. I saw my phone in the ground constantly vibrating; I had tons of messages from Kiba, and a few calls from Sakura.

“Man, you fucked Uchiha, you fucking crossed a line with Sakura, are you fucking insane. Are you aware of how mad she is going to get with you?”

“Naruto are you FUCKING ALIVE? Sakura is asking me where you went yesterday, and I’m terrible at lying, please fix this yourself”

“I’m never letting you get drunk again.”

“All of this is my fault; Sakura is going to kill us both because I let you go home with that asshole”

“I bet that asshole already kicked you out of his house, what are you waiting for? Fucking call Sakura is ten in the fucking morning”

Okay, so I was on the apartment of Sakura’s ex. This was completely wrong. I had to get out of here.

-Oh, no I have to get going, my boyfriend is going to be so mad.

WHAT THE FUCK NARUTO? Why did I had to invent a boyfriend out of the blue, It was too early. And I had fucking lost my virginity to an asshole, and my best friend, was going to be so mad. I could already see the disappointment on her eyes.

-So you have a boyfriend, blondie. If you ever feel like cheating again, you can always call me.

He said this with a smirk on his face, and oh god I hated the guy even more than I already did.

I was fucking naked, good to know. I had to stand up and search for my clothes, with the asshole seeing me. That was so great.

I went to the bathroom, and used his toothbrush because, why the fuck not? I had the hair sex, and hickeys on my neck. Apart from the fact it was with Uchiha, everything was good. And guess what I have had worse, I could get out of here intact.

The bathroom looked luxurious, I bet this guy was rich as hell. Reorganizing my priorities, first I had to get out of here, then talk with my parent and then Sakura.
So I could hear him frying something on the kitchen, I bet he wouldn’t hear me if I was silent enough.

-Babe, the breakfast is ready.

He had caught me, I could play it cool.

-Mmm, well I was about to…

Really smooth Uzumaki, that is what I’m talking about. And my stomach growled, what a lucky course of occurrences.
The guy had a smirk on his face, and a frying pan on the other. This guy looked like a model, it was way too early for this. I guess if I sat and eat, nothing bad could happen.

I was so wrong. The guy kept looking at me, and trying to talk with me. And for the first time in my life I could say I was really containing myself from talking. The food was good, and he didn’t wore a shirt through all the conversation.

When he finally guided me to the door, he tried to fucking kiss me. I was going to punch the asshole so bad, until I spotted Neji and his cousin Hinata entering the door next to Sasuke’s. Fuck Hinata was Sakura friend also; she was going to tell her.

I stared at him and I didn’t knew where all the shit came from
-Look dude I don’t remember your name, and I think you should stop talking to me, just like I won’t talk to you. Thanks for the breakfast, and yeah thanks.

And I blushed, while rubbing my neck. There was something so seriously wrong with me. With the last said, I ran towards the lift. I was never seeing this guy again, that was for damn sure.