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joy in this poison

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It’s getting worse. It’s getting worse, and Dana knows this, but she can’t help but keep on crawling back to Charlotte. She knows that’s what she’s doing, too, and that she’s weak and pathetic for it. Charlotte makes sure she does.

So Becky and Natalya might have been right about Charlotte after all, but that was months and months ago now and it’s too late for Dana to turn back. The fact that Charlotte’s the champion again just makes walking away all the more difficult: Dana wants to be a winner, too.

There’s also the case of what else Dana wants.

She wants what she’s getting right now: Charlotte’s teeth sinking into her thigh as two fingers pump into Dana, rough and quick. Charlotte might take advantage of her here, but Dana lets her, and she can’t help but moan, loud and high and full, letting her head sink back into the pillows some more.

That doesn’t impress Charlotte one bit.

“Uh-uh. You know I told you not to come,” she says. The words are deadly, venom straight to Dana’s veins, even hotter heat pulsing between her thighs.

Dana swallows and tries to hold onto it. She knows. She does.

It’ll be a long wait, but what she gets in the end (what Charlotte’s willing to give her) will make it worth it.

(She thinks so. For now, in this moment, this hotel room, she knows it will. But looking at the bigger picture, she isn’t always so sure anymore.)