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The Devil's Advocate

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Chapter One

"What would you know about pain and suffering?! You live in Konoha with your parents and your family! You've never suffered a day in your life!"

Sasuke's lips twisted into a furious snarl at the brat's words, his appetite suddenly leaving him. Inari, their client's grandson had been glaring at them and ranting since they'd returned, however Sasuke had been able to ignore it all…until now.

This brat had his grandfather and his mother waiting for him every time he returned home while he had nothing but that man. The man who had taken it all away from him and left him nothing but the memories of his role model slitting their parents' throats!

Inari didn't know what it meant to have nothing and he open his mouth to yell at the child but to his surprise, Naruto beat him to it, radiating killing intent almost as strong as his.

"You don't know what it means to suffer, you selfish little brat! You have a family who loves you, but you continue to whine and cry like a star in some melodrama! Some of us don't even have that and you'd do well to remember that. For every second of your pain there is always someone that has it worse!"

Cerulean blue eyes flashed a dark crimson before their owner turned and stormed from the room, fuming.

Kakashi sighed drawing all of their attention to him. "Despite the fact that he could've said it kinder, Naruto is right. There are others, himself included that have suffered the worst the world has to offer and still manage to face the day with a smile."

His lone visible eye moved to Sasuke.

"Go find him."

Sasuke nodded and stood, knowing his sensei was giving him a chance to calm down. Still, as he exited the house, taunting Sharingan eyes flashed behind his eyelids.

He shoved them aside and went to chase after his teammate.

After all, he wasn't on his level yet.

Naruto was lost.

Half an hour had passed since he had run from their client's house in a fit and since calming, ten minutes previous he had been trying to find his way back, but he was hopeless with directions as it turned out.

Groaning in frustration, the young kitsune looked around hoping to find something familiar.

He found nothing.

A bush rustled behind him and he spun around kunai raised defensively, to find two men behind him. The first was tall and seemed to be around Kakashi-sensei's age wearing a black wide-collared shirt, not unlike the ones Sasuke-teme favored, His skin richly tanned like Naruto's own and his hair splayed in a spiky mess atop his head. The other was leaning on the first, unconscious, and seemed slightly younger than the first, his hair longer and falling in soft spikes just below his ears. He wore the same thing as his companion, barring the fact that while the older wore long black shinobi pants he wore standard knee-length shorts.

The most peculiar thing, however, was that both men wore a Konoha hiate, and yet Naruto knew he'd never seen them before in his life.

"M-my brother," The first pleaded softly, onyx eyes wide and full of tears. "You have to help my otouto! He won't wake up!"

Naruto swallowed thickly, unsure of whether it was a trap or not, he glanced at the unconscious man, still…he couldn't just leave them there.

Kakashi-sensei would know what to do.

"I-I, alright. My sensei will know what to do, dattebayo."

A relieved sigh left the man who pulled his brother closer, before he stilled and looked at Naruto wide-eyed.


Naruto blushed, but shrugged unwilling to explain his verbal tick to the stranger. Instead he turned, yelping when he almost crashed face first into a person emerging from the bushes in front of him. He scowled, instantly recognizing the moonlit pale skin and dimly amused onyx gaze of his oldest teammate.

"Teme, what the hell?!"

"Kakashi-sensei sent me to get you, dobe." He glanced at the man following the blond, then at the man's cargo. His eyes widened.


Naruto blinked, taking in the haunted gleam in the older boy's eyes.

"Ano, teme, you know them?"

Sasuke nodded slowly. "I don't know him," he gestured to the man standing, before returning his gaze to the unconscious man.

"But the man, he's holding is my cousin…Uchiha Shisui."

The jinchuriki's eyes widened and he turned to stare at the two shinobi he'd happened upon. He, like everyone else in Konoha, had heard of the horrors of the Uchiha Massacre. Some man named Itachi had gone psycho and killed everyone, leaving Sasuke as the last of his clan. To happen upon two Uchiha, so long after the Massacre, it was a miracle. It meant Sasuke wouldn't have to be alone anymore!

He looked up at his teammate, wondering why Sasuke didn't look as happy as he should. In fact, the older boy looked pained.

"We need to head back." The raven monotoned, turning away from the two men and before anyone could speak, he took to the trees. Naruto shot the newcomers a look then followed, somehow knowing the man was following behind him.

Obito frowned deeply as he followed the young Minato-sensei look-alike, and the mini Uchiha, pondering what could have put such a look on the latter boy's face. Three hours had passed since he had awakened in a cave underground to find himself in a body much older than it should be, lying next to the unconscious form of his baby brother, who also seemed older than he had been when Obito had last seen him. Then again, Shisui had been seven years old the last time he had seen him, so he supposed it would stand to garner that the other boy was older now.

He glanced down at the unconscious figure in his arms, wondering why his otouto wouldn't wake…and why his body felt perfectly fine despite having been crushed by rocks last he checked.

He sighed and resigned himself to asking the brats' sensei when he arrived.

His eyes widened and suddenly the young Uchiha's word's filtered into his mind.

"Kakashi-sensei sent me to get you, dobe."

A soft curse left his lips. BakaKashi was a sensei…god help the world.

This would be interesting.