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a quick-fix change of regimes

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"For the last time, Harley," Kate says, hand reaching out of the shower for a towel. Harley offers one to her. "I'm not letting you turn an innocent kid just because you want to be a mother."

"Have you met children these days?" Harley frowns into the fogged up mirror. She wipes it to inspect the fangs she's been flossing furiously. "Far from innocent, let me tell ya."

"It's still not right to force this on someone--"

"It wouldn't be forcing if we ask."

"--especially if they're too young to think about the consequence. Must we go over this every time?"

"Yeah, because I still don't get it." Harley picks up another, smaller towel.

Kate sighs but lets Harley rub her hair dry. Sometimes Harley has those handmaiden moments when she likes to attend to every need Kate may or may not have, and other times she prefers laziness over subservience. "To sum up: no. I hope you can understand that one, at least."

"Understand, sure. Accept? Nah." Harley stops her abuse of Kate's scalp to cup her head. "I just want to raise little brats with you and can't think of any other way to do it."

"Well, how do normal couples do it?"

Harley's face scrunches in thought. "They have sex and get pregnant."

"Normal lesbian couples."

"They have sex and don't get pregnant."

"They adopt."

"Oh. Oh! Like all proper and official? You'd do that for me?"

Kate shrugs. "I can't keep playing my own heirs forever."