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burned with longing (and i was crazy for you)

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AJ knows that this – whatever these feelings are for Paige – is bordering on an obsession. She is self-aware, thank you very much. Even if she wasn’t before, with all those ghosts of lovers past, she knows now, has transformed herself into sleek, solid steel and made sure that the lasers behind her eyes are always set to stun, a weapon for no-one but herself to use. Impenetrable, deadly. Until – until then.

Until she lost the title, and then she lost – she just lost it altogether. Beating herself up about it, calling herself foolish for deciding to put the title on the line, and even ending up exploding on Tamina, but now – now she sees.

She’d been bored, see. Wrestlemania made it clear that no-one else is anywhere close to being a match for her, and while she isn’t thrilled to have lost her title, it finally looks like things might start to get interesting again, thanks to some newbie who thought she’d interrupt AJ’s big moment.

Paige. Even with AJ out of action, Paige is becoming even more of a problem, even more of a problem than she was when the referee counted that one-two-three in their match and handed AJ’s baby off to her. AJ watches, watches as Paige parades around the ring with the title in her arms, as she proclaims it her house and gets her opponents to tap out left and right. AJ watches, entranced. She can hardly wrench her gaze from the screen, letting her eyes distort Paige into a blur of black and white and then the pink and silver of the title when she’s given it back to lift it up in victory.

AJ blinks, forcing herself to focus. She can see everything now, there on the screen in the crisp high definition, every single last sparkle on the championship belt.

And for now, AJ will let Paige have it.

She’ll lure Paige into her web and have her fun, just as she’s done with every other one of her opponents before this, but this time, there’ll be something for AJ to take away – something that’s rightfully hers.

And that, she knows, will just make it all the sweeter.