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More Than Friendship...

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    Even though there were no ambience in the atmosphere, Jaehee could easily hear thunder in the distance. The thunder, in her mind, is coming from the storm that is appearing in front of her.

    To the left of her, lays the man that previously tried to end her life. The man that she, at one point, admired with all her life and soul. The man whose left eye is covered in blood from the impact of the bookshelf corner.

    In front of her stands a man with mint eyes, Yoosung in one arm, a revolver in the other hand, and a devilish grin on his lips. In her mind, Jaehee still could not comprehend what is happening. "I...I finally beat Zen! Everything was going to be okay! We were going to take you to the hospital, as well as Zen, and get you two fixed up...but, now...this boy...he's holding Yoosung...hostage?! Why? Why?!! Why is this happening! Why..." she paused her thinking, as she felt your body move, as if you were trying to get a bit more comfortable in her arms.

    Jaehee's heart begins to pump blood faster through her system, allowing a small, pinkish blush to appear from her cheeks. "She...she's so cute...even in this state..." she continues to think, but shortly afterwards, shakes her head, reminding her of the situation at hand. Jaehee then looks up at Yoosung's painful expression, as well as the gunman holding him hostage.

    "'re the one from before! Why are you doing this?!" The brunette finally releases, her gaze piercing into Saeran's eyes, pain and confusion being shown from her own.

    The young male laughs softly, nuzzling the barrel of the handgun against Yoosung's temple, causing the blond boy's eyes to tremble. "Really? You're going to ask me that question? It should be obvious: I am holding this dear, sweet boy at gunpoint, so you can let go of our maiden. If you give her to us, then he is safe..." Saeran narrows his eyes, a small, yet evil, grin slices across his lips. "...but if you don't, then the kid dies. No joke. I will pull this trigger, and boom! His head is gone. So, now, Ms. Assistant...make your choice."

    Jaehee grits her teeth, her hands gripping to your shirt, fear and anger attempting to take control of her thought process. "Damn you, Saeran...I know that you are the hacker that's been terrorizing our association...but, that look in your eyes...I know that you're not bluffing. I've seen that look resembles how Jumin looks when he's confident in his decision. I...I have to do something..." She thinks, her thoughts rushing through her head, trying to figure out a plan to solve this issue. Suddenly, she realizes that someone isn't here.

    "Luciel! Where is Luciel?! What have you done with him?!" Jaehee lets out, startling Saeran. "Last I saw, he was chasing after you! What happened?"

    Saeran widens his eyes slightly, his smirk staying on his face. "Oh, you want to hear about that worthless waste of existence? He simply got lost. I know the layout of these hallways like the back of my hand. I can make my way from Point A to Point B with no sweat, while Luciel...that bastard, Luciel...he had no chance! Once he lost sight of me, he was lost in the labyrinth." He responds, hastily.

    Jaehee lowers her gaze, now worried about Seven, along with Yoosung and yourself. "So, what you're saying matter who I choose to save, another member of the RFA is lost to us? " She releases, tears starting to form from her eyes.

    The mint-eyed male simply chuckles, enjoying the frustration that Jaehee is illuminating from her soul. "If you put it that way, then it sounds like a win-win situation for me. No matter what you choose, you're going to lose two people, since one is already lost to you and your pathetic, what will it be? Your precious girlfriend, or this boy here?" He reiterates, bringing the topic at hand back into light.

    Eyes wide, Jaehee stares at the male, not wanting to comprehend what he has stated. She then looks down at you, admiring your closed eyes, your lips, your skin. Your...everything, body and soul. "I...I can't give her up. I just can't! I've already lost her once...I can't lose her again! There...there has to be another way..." She ponders to herself, before hearing a familiar voice. One that she hasn't heard in awhile. Her eyes then glue onto Yoosung's, as tears fall from his eyes.

    "Jaehee...please...d-don't let me...get in the way of your dreams...I know how much you love her...even though I was blind from the beginning. All this time, I thought...that you two were just good friends...even a few hours ago, I was still blind; however, that is no longer the case. You love Cream, more than anything...and Zen, over there...he's proof of that. I mean...he was your idol...I was even thinking that you were in love with him, at one point...but, to have you beat him...for her...that shows how much you love, please...don't give her up. If it has to be you losing her..." Yoosung pauses his speech, swallowing hard. "...and of my death, then please...let me be the one to go. means saving Cream...then I will gladly...die."

    Saeran presses the barrel of the gun against Yoosung's temple harder, twisting the weapon, causing the young male to yelp in pain. "Shut up, you little shit! You don't have a say in this whole ordeal! It's her decision, not yours!" Saeran then pauses, looking at Jaehee, his eyes finally resembling frustration, much like her own. "So, pick! Who's going to be the lucky winner: this annoying brat here, or that woman in your arms!?"

    Jaehee's eyes widen, not only from Yoosung's heroic speech about self-sacrifice, but of her attention towards Saeran's frustration. "...Before I make my decision...I have one final question to ask, if I may." she responds, seeming a bit more focused than before.

    "Why the hell are you asking so many damn questions?! As long as that's the last one, then fine! I'll at least tell you that!" The gray-pink haired male responds, nastily. "That woman, our maiden, was supposed to be the one who would take your precious organization down! She was hand-picked, by our Savior, to cause havoc within the RFA. I only had enough time to hack the application on her phone...but after you five accepted her, I was supposed to gain her trust, while telling her what to do, in order to destroy your group from the inside..." Saeran pauses, closing his eyes, gripping Yoosung's arm tighter.

    "But Luciel...that annoying bastard...he got in the way, once again. I didn't realize how difficult his algorithm was...until it was too late. You all became 'friends' with her," Saeran pauses, letting out a soft laugh, which grows in volume. "...and worst of all...she fell in love with you. You! Of all people, you! A woman! Why the hell would she do that?!"

    Jaehee grips your shirt tighter, becoming more hostile towards the young male. "Why? Why?! Why is that of any concern to you?! Why does that have anything to do with this?! Why? Do you have something against two woman loving each other?! Is that it?! Is that why you're doing this?!" she yells out, furiously, her passion of her new stance in the world emitting from her being.

    "Of course, it isn't! I couldn't give a rat's ass who she fell in love with! I just think it's funny that she would choose you! She could have had your old boss, this young, strapping boy here, that shell of a former man laying on the ground...or even that annoying bastard, Luciel! But no! She chose you! A woman! I mean, who would have thought?! You're nothing special! There's no reason why she would choose you!" Saeran lets out, hysterically, the gun in his hand shaking from the laughter.

    Jaehee locks her gaze on the eyes of the man mocking her very existence...the existence of the love you two share. " have no idea what you're saying! To her...I am everything! I am her life! I am her reason for living! I...I'm special to her, and that's all that matters!" she retaliates, the fire in her eyes emitting life like never before.

    Saeran responds to Jaehee's statement with that of soft, cold tones, his eyes lowering, his lips returning that familiar, evil grin. "Oh, Ms. Assistant...there really isn't anything special about you after all. All of these words you say...these emotions you feel...they shouldn't exist...besides, since you can't make up your mind...I'll make my own decision." He responds, returning the brunette's piercing gaze back to her.

    Then, suddenly, the handgun, once pointed towards the temple of Yoosung, is now pointed towards Jaehee, causing the fire in her eyes to extinguish instantly. Her heart sinks, trying to comprehend what is about to happen.

    Then, shortly after, the sound of the firearm releasing a heated bullet echoes throughout the hallway.

    Jumin narrows his eyes, after hearing the puzzling statement from his friend. "Rika...felt sorry for us? If she did, she shouldn't have left in the first place. She could have stayed, and none of this would have happened...also, why would she pick someone like Cream as a 'recruiter?' That plan seemed somewhat...flawed," he said, his calculating eyes focusing on V's gaze.

    "Well, for starters, I don't really know what she meant as well. Shortly after she started to have a different mindset in life, she kept referring to those who are living normal lives as 'damaged.' I can only assume she meant by those who don't live 'perfect' lives. Ones who cannot have any harm done to them." V pauses for a second, clenching his fists slightly. "She saw into everyone's life...yours, Hyun's, Luciel's, Yoosung's, and Jaehee's. She saw that everyone in the RFA had some sort of negativity in their life...and she wanted to end that. That's why she wanted everyone to join Mint Eye...but, her mental state...clouded her methods."

    The black-haired male sighs, closing his eyes, trying to understand Rika's mindset. "So, she saw into our flaws...but, we all are aware of them, and we understand them. Before, I would simply see this as pointless...but now, it's different. I can sympathize with her reasoning now. I don't want any of the RFA members to suffer anything negative in life...that's why I'm here. Jaehee's life blossomed after she left my company...and, as much as it pains me to say, it was the right choice. Every day, I wish I had her back as my assistant, though I know that she deserves the life that was paved in front of her..." Jumin pauses, clicking his tongue. "However, this plan that Rika has...I cannot side with it. Several people were harmed by it, which goes against everything her plan seems to be about..."

    V responds with a simple nod, lifting his eyes to peer at the wall. "Yes, her plan does sound horrible, but it's her plan...and with that, I went with it, pun intended. Now, in regards of staying with the RFA...she couldn't have. I may have said it before, but I didn't want anyone to see what she has become. If she did stay..." the teal-haired male looks into his best friend's eyes, "then she would have converted the RFA into Mint Eye. Once I heard that she was wanting to create a place for happiness to bloom, out of pain, I knew that she couldn't be around you five anymore...that's why I staged her suicide, and got her to go somewhere else, to create the world she craved so much."

    Jumin folds his arms, nodding to V's statement. "Okay, that's understandable...I still can't believe she would so something like that, though...I guess you truly can never judge anyone at face-value...but, why Cream? How did she come into this mess?" he asks, maintaining eye contact with his friend.

    V sighs, looking away from the businessman in front of him. "That woman, Cream...honestly, I don't know much about. Rika has been looking for ways to get into her apartment, especially because of measure." he responds, causing Jumin's eyes to widen a bit, curious about this statement.

    "Safety measure? What do you mean?" Jumin asks, causing V to pop his eyes open, unable to respond.

    "I can't tell him about the bomb...if anyone else finds out about it, a lot of doubt, hatred, and confusion will happen...I'll tell him about it later...but, for now..." V thinks to himself, before regaining his composure. "It's a method of allowing Luciel know exactly who comes into Rika's apartment. If someone who has good intentions goes in the apartment, then they will be safe...but, if someone goes in with ill intentions, then the system will activate, cause a lock down in the apartment, and Luciel will be immediately alerted." V states, knowing full well that, once again, he has lied to his best friend.

    " that's why Cream was able to enter the apartment...from what I can remember, she went in because someone asked her to get something from there." Jumin states, shaking his head. "Such a stupid, careless thing for someone to do...but, after talking to her...I can understand why she would do something like that. She's...a good-natured girl, and is willing to do anything and everything to help someone out, even if it's for a total stranger." Jumin then places his hand on the shoulder of his best friend.

    "That's all I need to know about, Jihyun. Thank you." he finishes, as he notices V's  hand creeping up to embrace his own.

    "No, thank you, Jumin. It's...been a long time since I was able to have a conversation like this...and, it makes me happy that, even after all that has can still call me your friend." V pauses, smiling. "Please...will you allow me to escape this place with you? I...don't want to be here anymore."

    Jumin smiles back, nodding in agreement. "Of course, old friend. With this information you've given me, I might be able to actually forgive you..." he says, laughing softly.

    "That's good to hear...but, there's one more thing, Jumin..." V states, locking his gaze to Jumin's. "There's another person here that I want to bring with me...she's been brainwashed, much like everyone here has...but, she's special to me, just like Cream is to you all. I promised Luciel that I would keep Saeran safe, and look where that's got me...but, I made a promise to myself that I would keep this girl safe...could she come with me as well?" he asks, narrowing his eyes.

    "A girl? Who is...this girl, Jihyun?" Jumin asks, uncertain of V's actions now. "I trust you right now, but bringing someone else, who has been in Mint Eye for awhile...I don't know..." Jumin lowers his gaze to the floor, trying to see which is the best route to go.

    "I will take full responsibility for her, Jumin...but, also know...Zen isn't the only one who was kidnapped, and brought into this world...this girl...was one of the first to be taken against their will. Please...Jumin...allow me to rescue her from this hell." V pleads, causing Jumin to sigh.

    " long as you take care of, let's see..." the black-haired male responds, placing his communicator back into his ear. "This is Jumin Han. How is everyth-" he states, before being interrupted by loud sounds, and a screaming voice.

    "Mr. Han!?! Where have you been all this time!?! It's a madhouse in here!!!" The chief of security blasts his words into Jumin's ears, causing him to flinch.

    Jumin clears his throat, closing his eyes. "Sir, please, calm down. We're almost done here. Have you heard anything from Luciel yet?" He asks, while pulling his phone out.

    "No, sir! Mr. Choi has not contacted me at all. The only success we have done is the initiation of Phase Two. Everything is set!" The chief responds, as Jumin unlocks his phone, seeing no message from his phone.

    Jumin sighs, but smiles slightly, looking at V. "Alright, thank you. Please, tell your men to begin evacuating the premises. We are done here. Also, I will be expecting two individuals from this place. One is Jihyun, also known as 'V.' He has teal hair, and will be walking with a cane. The other is a woman. She has...Jihyun, what color is her hair?" He asks, causing V's eyes to widen slightly.

    "Oh, yes...she has dark red hair. Down to the middle of her back." V responds, causing Jumin to nod, continuing his description.

    The black-haired male closes his eyes, nodding. "Dark red hair, middle of her back. She is with Jihyun, so please, do not cause them harm. We will activate complete Phase Two once we get word that those two, as well as Luciel, Jaehee, and the rest. I will join you after Jihyun leaves to get his comrade." Jumin finishes, then locks his gaze back into V's. "If you have a way of telling everyone in Mint Eye to evacuate, I ask you...please, do so."

    V's stare intensifies, the brows of his eyes narrowing. "What do you mean, Jumin? What exactly is this 'Phase Two?'" He asks, his tone emitting a sound of worry.

    Jumin turns his body towards the entrance to the main hall, while turning his head to the side, looking back at V. "We have placed plastic explosives, the same we used to open the door, all around the building. Once everyone is evacuated, we will complete Phase Two: Destruction of Mint Eye Headquarters. In other words..." Jumin closes his eyes, tilting his head down slightly. "...we're blowing this place up. This palace...will be no more."

    V widens his eyes, in complete shock. "Jumin...this is a bit extreme, even for you." He states, causing his friend to smile.

    "In the past, yes, it would. since I'm the leader of the RFA, my mind, as well as my emotions, are opened. I care about people now...especially those who are close to me. Yoosung, Luciel, Jaehee, Cream, you, and yes...even Zen, regardless of what he's done. If I care about someone...I will do everything in my power to stop any threats towards them. So, going as far as blowing a single building to stop a group of people from taking others...I'm willing to go that far...but, I'm allowing you to let everyone in here to leave because, even though they are our enemy...they are still human, and deserve a chance at life." Jumin states, as he feels a vibration from his phone.

    The businessman looks at the device, and smirks again, sighing. "Thank goodness..." He then turns his head back to the door, and walks towards it, moving away from his friend. "Please, alert everyone in Mint Eye. Phase underway." Jumin states, as he hears V scramble to his feet, footsteps sounding distant on every step.

    "Heh...looks like...I can think clearly again. Though...this really sucks...having my ass handed to me by Jaehee..." Zen thinks to himself, finally coming back to consciousness. "Damn, my eye...I can't move it without shit levels of pain...the contact must have shattered...curse you, didn't tell me it was glass. Shit...this really hurts...but, I have no energy to show it. I guess...all my hatred went away. I...I know I lost to Jaehee. There's no doubt in my mind. She, I don't want to fight her anymore. She...she deserves the, Cream...more than I."

    Zen attempts to move, but all of his strength is sapped from him, due to the fatigue of the fight. His right eye opens slightly, though, allowing him to somewhat see what is around him. He takes notice of two people standing up, as well as another kneeling down, holding another body.

    "Hmm...I wonder what's going on over there...come on,'re my only good, please, I can see what's going on..." Zen continues to think, attempting to focus his eye.

    Suddenly, he is able to see clearly, taking note of Jaehee's holding of your body, as well as Saeran's hold of well as the gun Saeran is holding to the blond boy's temple.

    "What...the hell, Saeran? Why...are you holding him hostage...what...what's going on?" he feels his muscles tense slightly, showing signs of strength coming back to him. "I...I don't want anyone else to get hurt...Saeran, you dumbass...put the gun down..."

    As if in slow motion, Zen notices Saeran's action of pointing the gun from Yoosung towards Jaehee. "Shit!, no...don't...don't shoot her...please, don't...shoot her..." he mentally pleads, as memories of Jaehee pour into Zen's mind, which hasn't happened, due to the brainwashing he endured.

    In an instant, Zen regains a spark of energy, tenses all of his muscles, and quickly stands up, lunging towards you and Jaehee.

    Saeran closes his eyes, smiling. "Please...die, Ms. Assistant." He lets out, squeezing the trigger, causing the bullet to burst out from the barrel.

    His eyes open, hoping to see the lifeless body of the former assistant; however, his eyes widen in shock, seeing Zen's body, in place of yours and Jaehee's. "What...what the hell, Zen?! Why did you do that?!?! She's your enemy!!!" He yells out, the gun in his hand shaking.

    " bastard...I should be asking the same as you...all you wanted was for the maiden to be safe...yet, you put her in harm's no longer have a hold on me, Saeran...I'm done with this place..." Zen states, his hand covering the bullet wound in his left shoulder, blood pouring out from the spaces of his fingers.

    Zen's gaze then moves to Jaehee's, who lays in shock, cradling your body in her arms. "Jaehee...please, take care of her..." He says, softly, before losing consciousness again, his body dropping to the floor.

    Jaehee's eyes shake wildly, trying to comprehend what is happening around her. She then looks up at Saeran, who's eyes fume with anger and hatred, deeper than before. She takes notice of his gaze quickly meeting her own, startling her.

    "Damn you, need to go away..." he states, angrily, swinging his arm towards her, attempting to regain his aim. However, before he is able to, Yoosung quickly grabs Saeran, digging his thumbnail deep into the inside of the mint-eyed male's wrist.

    Saeran yells out in pain, as Yoosung smacks the gun out from his grip. The blond boy then summons all of his strength, and grips Saeran's arm, pulling him over his body, using his back as a pivot point.

    As soon as the grayish-pink haired male hits the ground, emitting another sound of pain, the soft sound of a silenced weapon pierces the ears of everyone. Both Yoosung and Jaehee takes notice of the yellow dart-like object sticking out of Saeran's neck, as his body falls limp shortly after.

    "Sorry it took awhile to find my way back here...what did I miss," a familiar voice echos through the room. Jaehee looks behind Yoosung, as the boy turns around, and locks eyes with Seven, a rather serious look plastered upon his face.

    " must have been hard, fighting him...but, it looks like everything worked out. Besides...I finally caught up to him..." Seven states, as he pulls his phone out. Suddenly, two other familiar men arrive: Shawn, as well as Mr. Kohl, with the bald security guard leaning against him.

    Jaehee's eyes widen, as she finally takes in the appearance of what seems to be a rescue from this hell she went through. "'re still alive! Thank goodness..." she says, as tears run down her face.

    Mr. Kohl smiles, giving a thumbs-up. "You really think those guys would give us trouble? It just took longer than anticipated...but, we're all right. Except for this one...he really took a beating," he states, slapping the back of the bald guard.

    "Please...don't do that," the man responds, sighing.

    Shawn then moves towards Yoosung, whose body is still shaking from the situation he was in. "Is everything alright, Mr. Kim?" He asks, in which Yoosung responds, nodding his head slowly, his own tears appearing from his eyes. "Y-yes...I...I'm alright..." he finally lets out, gripping his fingers into fists.

    Seven finishes typing on his phone, snapping his fingers. "Sorry for being sudden, but we got to get the hell out of here, right now! Yoosung, do you think you can move?" He asks, shocking the blond boy with his serious attitude.

    "Y-yeah, Seven. I can still move fairly well. I mean, Zen only beat the living hell out of me...but, I'll manage." Yoosung lets out, relieving some of the strain from his fists, relaxing slightly.

    "Good, because I need you and Shawn to carry Mr. Baldy there. Mr. Kohl," Seven asks, turning his head to meet the man's gaze. "Can you carry Zen? I know he can't move. Not with those injuries...besides, aside from Cream, he's going to need urgent care. I know Saeran shot him, but I can tell the injury isn't lethal...please, be careful with him."

    Mr. Kohl nods his head, as he hands the security guard over to Yoosung and Shawn, and moves over to gently pick Zen's body from the ground. "Wow...he's fairly light for his height..." he lets out, as me moves away from the carnage from the fight.

    Seven nods to the man, then shifts his attention to Jaehee, seeing hope in her eyes for the first time, ever since you were taken from her. "Jaehee...I know you've been through a lot...but, can you carry Cream out of here? I'll take Saeran." He asks, as he kneels down, scooping the male in his arms.

    Jaehee nods, smiling. She slides her right arm under your legs, cradling your back with her other arm. She then rises from the ground, wincing slightly from the pain she endured during the fight.

    "Thank you, Luciel...for coming back. I don't think...we would have made it if you didn't..." she responds, nuzzling her head into the crick of your neck.

    Seven chuckles slightly, then retains his serious nature, coughing. "Please, let's have the happy reunion later. We have to leave now, or else we won't be alive anymore." He states, causing alarm in everyone's eyes.

    "What do you mean, Seven?!" Yoosung responds, holding onto the bald guard's wrist, keeping his arm across the back of his neck.

    Suddenly, alarms start to sound throughout the hallway, with a female's voice emitting into everyone's ears. "Everyone, this is an emergency! Please, evacuate the premises! This is not a drill! The building will be taken down in five minutes! Please, evacuate the premises! This is not a drill!" The voice echos, causing alarm in everyone.

    Seven grips his phone, looking at everyone, his eyes dancing to each pupil. "This place has my plastic explosives all over the place! We have to get out of here, before this place blows up!" He yells out, turning his body towards the other side of the hallway, running as fast as he can. "Hurry, guys! We don't have much time!"

    Jaehee grips your shirt with one hand, and your smooth, bare thigh in the other, due to the shorts you wore for the day. "Alright, Luciel! Come on, everyone! Let's get out of here!" She yells out, running just behind the red-haired male.

    Before Yoosung decides to move as well, he feels the arm of the bald guard leave his neck, then turns his head, seeing Shawn carrying the man on his back. "Don't worry, sir. I got this. We need to move as fast as possible, so you go on ahead. I'll carry him."

    Yoosung nods, then focuses on running towards Jaehee and Seven, with Mr. Kohl bringing the rear, carrying Zen.

    "By the way, Luciel...what did you do to that guy, and why are you bringing him with you? He tried to kill me, for God's sake," Jaehee asks, slightly angrily.

    "I brought a tranquilizer gun with me, since I knew I would run into him...and, please, don't ask anything further once I say this," Seven responds, turnins his head slightly, to meet Jaehee's gaze. "He's the other part of me...he's my brother. That's why I'm taking him with me," he lets out, causing Jaehee's eyes to widen.

    "Luciel has a brother?! Not only that...but that the cause of all this?! What the hell," Jaehee begins to think to herself. She then stops her thought process, as Seven responds.

    "Please, don't think about it! Let's focus on getting everyone out of here! I'll explain later," he yells out, causing the woman to nod in agreement, still bewildered to the news.

    As the group finally reach the door into the building they entered earlier, Seven quickly opens it, ushering everyone outside. Once everyone exits, he presses a button on his phone, and quickly yells out, "Jumin! We're out!"

    Shortly after, sounds of explosives ring throughout the air. Suddenly, an extreme push of heat causes the group to lift up from the ground, causing their bodies to be flung several feet, before hitting the ground.

    Jaehee manages to turn her back to the ground, using her body to cushion your own. The impact from both the heat from the explosion, as well as the ground itself, causes the wind to be knocked out of her. Struggling for air, she looks down at you, taking notice of your safety. Smiling, Jaehee's vision begins to fade, as her body starts to lose consciousness itself. Before her eyes go black, Jaehee speaks soft words into your ear.

    " love...we're're're finally safe...we'll get you all better, you hear? Then, finally...we together...again..."