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More Than Friendship...

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    The narrow corridor, beaming with a white light from the fluorescent bulbs overhead, feels like a battlefield, as Jaehee stares into the eyes of her former idol. To her left is a bookshelf, similar to the ones that her group continued to run passed by in the winding maze of hallways. To her right, just a few feet away from her, lays your body, immobile from the many drugs in your system.

    "You? Save me? You've got to be kidding, Jaehee...I don't need saving! All I have to do is end you, right here, right now...and I'll be able to protect my princess!" Zen lets out, angrily. His pupils dilate slightly, as his peripheral gains focus on your body. The site of your motionless body fuels his rage further, knowing that not only is Jaehee stopping his saving you, but that he and Saeran are the ultimate reason for your suffering, regardless of blaming Jaehee for the whole thing.

    "It still hasn't gone through your thick skull yet...Zen, she doesn't love you. Not the same way she loves me. You've seen the way we act towards each other. What her and I can never have with her. Just admit it...she loves me," Jaehee responds, as she lifts her thumb from her fist, pointing to to her own face.  "Jaehee Kang. Not you, Zen."

    Zen's hands grasp around the collar of his shirt, forgetting about the sudden pain in his stomach that was inflicted from her punch. Yelling out loudly, he puts all of his strength in his hands, forcing the collar to rip in two, allowing his shirt to be shredded in two.

    " stop it...stop saying that you two are in''s nothing but an illusion...she has to see through it...she only loves me...not you..." Zen says, breathing heavily, the fabric of his shirt hanging loosely, exposing his near-perfect chest and abdominal muscles.

    In an instant, Jaehee's old habits return to her, as her previous admiration of Zen's body brings her to stare at the exposed skin. Everything is perfect, much like his scenes in his musicals, aside from the scars and bruises he obtained from Saeran's method of 'initiating him.' Her eyes remain glued to his physique, trembling at his god-like presence.

    Zen's grin returns to his lips, as he takes notice of Jaehee's gaze. "Oh? I completely forgot how much you love my body...heh, and to think...that you fell for a woman, even though this body has been within arm's reach of you this whole time, Jaehee...but, if you want a closer look..." he follows up, before bending his knees a bit, then forcing his legs forward, making a mad dash towards his opponent. "Then here you go!"

    Jaehee's gaze temporarily breaks, as she moves to easily block Zen's punches. She lowers her body just before a blow to her shoulder could connect, and quickly shifts her body to her left, avoiding yet another strike.

    Her own hand curls back up into a fist, and attempts to force itself into his stomach. However, her gaze fixates itself back to Zen's abs, stopping her attack. "W-what's wrong with me? Why am I still thinking about his body at a time like this?! it because of how much of a fan I was of his? Every time he would take his shirt off, or part of his clothing would be ripped, I would stare intensely...because I admired who he was, and how his body looked...I know it's nothing sexual. I just...admire him...God, I need to find a way to fix this, or else I  really have no way of winning!" She thought to herself, as she continues on the defensive, firmly placing her right arm downward, blocking one of Zen's kicks.

    "Hah! It's what I thought! Because you love my body so much, you can't hurt me, Jaehee! I knew really love this incredible statue. Now I know I can beat you, easily, you little whore!" Zen retaliates, forcing his foot in front of Jaehee, attempting to kick her chest, and force her to fall backwards.

    Instead, Jaehee's hands find themselves wrapping around his ankle, turning her body to the right, twisting his foot in the process. Yelling in pain, Zen's body falls to the ground, after turning so his stomach would be facing the floor. Just as his body hits, Jaehee drives her elbow just above the back of his knee, increasing his cries further.

    "Just because...I admire your body...doesn't mean I love it, Zen! There's no denying that I was one of your biggest fans...but, I never lusted over it! All those times I talked about your scenes that exposed your body...was just a woman fangirling over something they loved to watch! Not the person itself! Sorry, Zen...but I never thought about you romantically, ever!" Jaehee lashes back, driving her elbow deeper into his leg.

    Suddenly, a memory comes into Jaehee's mind. It was right after you and her finished your judo lesson. You two were in the locker room, and you were questioning her about showers. She then joked, suggesting that the two of you could shower together.

    That thought...snapped something inside Jaehee. "Cream...when I joked about that...I kind of meant it. I...wanted to shower with you, so I could see your body better, in it's purest form. I...wanted to be able to press my body against yours, in ways I never thought I would for anyone else. I...haven't seen your full body yet, Cream...but, I know...without a shadow of a doubt..." she pauses her thoughts, lifting her elbow from Zen's thigh.

    In doing so, Zen quickly gets up, slightly limping from the injury. Before he is able to make sense of the situation, he feels a familiar sensation: Jaehee's fist in his stomach.

    Jaehee has launched herself from her crouched position towards the man, forcing her curled fist into his abdominal muscles, causing Zen to cough up in pain. In an instant, Jaehee opens her fist, and places it against his chest, pushing him backwards. During this motion, she also switches her footing, placing her left foot behind his, and uses it as leverage to cause the white-haired male to fall to his back.

    Saliva spits from his mouth, as Zen struggles to catch his breath. " aren't...supposed to hit...a perfect mine..." he lets out, weakly, dumbfounded on why she was able to strike his exposed body, knowing her weakness.

    Jaehee smiles and laughs, causing confusion to enter Zen's eyes. "Well, Zen...let me put it to you this see, there was a time that Cream and I showered," she started, as she takes notice of Zen's anger melding into his confused state. "You can relax, we showered separately. There was a wall between us...but, when I remembered this, I realized...that it's no longer your body that I should's Cream's. If your body is a gift from God...then her body resembles that of a an actual goddess."

    Jaehee takes a step towards Zen's fallen body, and forces her foot into his stomach. "Do you know what that means, Zen? It means that your matter how perfect it is...will not distract me anymore. To're just another person."

    Instead of cries of pain, the woman is met with a startling feeling of someone's hand gripping her ankle, while another hand forces itself on her bare thigh. Putting all of his strength in his arm, he forces Jaehee off-balance, causing her body to crash against the nearby bookshelf. A shrill cry came from the brunette, as her elbow catches the edge of one of the shelves. Right after the impact, Jaehee falls to the floor, holding her elbow tightly, cringing in pain.

    Zen takes a moment to gather his strength back, one of his hands now gripping his stomach, trying to endure the pain that was caused to it. He then takes notice of the bookshelf rocking back and forth. Wide-eyed, he scrambles to his feet, just before it could finally have enough momentum to fall down.

    Jaehee's head quickly turns to the falling bookshelf, and rolls out of the way, avoiding the piece of furniture. "Phew..that was close..." she says, pulling herself back to her feet. Her gaze then fixates itself on her enemy, watching him struggle to regain his stance. "At least...I can look at him, and not feel anything..."

    Zen looks into Jaehee's eyes, attempting to pierce into her soul. Coughs of pain comes from his mouth, along with several drops of saliva. Seeing her eyes, how they reflect the feeling of gaining the upper hand, increases his anger.

    " could about my body like that?! You used to worship me, and think that her better than mine? You haven't even seen least, I don't think you have...but, why? Why would you say that? Was it to get under my skin? To try and show me that she loves you more than me? I...can use my body to give her what she needs...and you can't. You...won't be able to satisfy her cravings...but I can..." Zen thinks to himself, standing back up, feeling the small imprint that Jaehee made on his abdominal muscles.

    Jaehee, gripping her hands into fists, feeling the leather of her gloves hug her knuckles tightly, begins to run towards Zen, jumping on the back of the bookcase. Seeing his response, which is that of a hard swing of his left arm, she ducks down, extending her legs, allowing her to slide onto the floor.

    Jaehee then takes the back of her hand, and forces itself into the back of Zen's knee, causing his leg to unbuckle, and fall to his knee. As she turns her body, attempting to get back up, Zen turns his own, using the momentum from the turn to give his right arm more force, attempting to strike her again.

    The brunette lifts her left arm, using it to redirect Zen's fist. Immediately afterwards, Jaehee's fist collides with Zen's chest. Feeling the wind leave his lungs, the white-haired male attempts to gasp for air.During this, Jaehee grabs hold of his right arm, which was resting on her, and throws him over her shoulder, using her back as leverage.

    Zen's body lands close to Yoosung, who is still unable to move. Zen attempts to stand up, but his strength seems to be diminishing. "D-did Jaehee actually hurt me?! How?! How can she...she should be able to do this to me! I should be the one hurting her! She's the reason why I'm doing this! I need to end her, so that I can live happily with the woman I love! She...she can't go on like this...she shouldn't be able to hurt me...she...she shouldn't..." Zen ponders to himself, trying to understand the situation.

    Then, it finally clicks.

    A memory of Jaehee and himself enters his mind. It was the time that he confronted her about her feelings towards you. He knew that she was in love with you, much like he knew that you loved her. He did what he thought was right, but ended up feeling like he hurt her.

    "Why? Why am I remembering this? I...I want to hurt Jaehee...she took everything from me...she...she..." his thoughts leave him, as a crucial part of his memory comes to light: the soda bottle metaphor. " the bottle that's been shaking this whole own? I...I want to...hurt me..."

    Finally, a slight glimmer of light appears in his mind, confusing him. His mind has been corrupted by the potent drugs that Saeran gave him, as well as the pain that was unleashed onto his body; however, this small glimmer is enough for his mind to remember, even for a split second, who he truly is.

    "...she help me..."

    Jumin's eyes widen, attempting to piece together what was just spoke to him. "What...what do you mean, Jihyun? Rika's alive?!"

    V sighs, nodding his head. "Yes. She's alive. I would say that she's alive and well...but, that isn't the case. Her mind has been twisted with her vision of a 'perfect world,' and hasn't once said anything loving to me..." he lowers his gaze, tears building up in his eyes.

    Jumin places his hand on V's shoulder, still trying to comprehend the news, but wishes to soothe his friend in need. "Why would she never say anything loving to you? You two were inseparable..."

    V wipes the tears from his eyes, trying not to sob. "S-she...only sees me as a useless being, who doesn't believe her ideals..." he pauses, then slams his fists against the ground, startling the black-haired male. "It' fault. It's all my fault!"

    His eyes narrowing a bit, Jumin squeezes V's shoulder, reminding him that he is there. "Jihyun, why would you say it's your fault? It was her fault that your eyes got damaged...right?"

    V remains motionless, as his tears begin to fall to the floor. "I...did say that she damaged my eyes...but, was my fault...I was the one who told her she could harm me...I was the one who told her to pursue her dreams and ideals. I...I told her...that she could do whatever she was me..."

    Jumin shakes his head, and stands up, straightening his stance. "Jihyun...if you mean what you said, then seems to be your fault," he responds, causing V to look up at his friend, allowing Jumin to see his eyes, glistening from the tears. "But, you should have asked for help. You know We would have helped you to the best of our abilities...but, I have to know...why did you fake her death?"

    V lowers his gaze yet again, ashamed to speak the reason. "I...I told everyone that she committed suicide...because I didn't want anyone to see who she became...who I made her to be...I made her who she is now, and I was ashamed that everyone would hat-"

    His words were stopped short, as a sharp, quick slap comes across his face, stunning his thought process. V then looked up, his eyes meeting Jumin's, full of anger.

    "That's really pitiful to say, Jihyun! If she needed help, you should have asked for it, regardless of what we would think...and, you, of all people, should know that we wouldn't hate you or her for that! We would have understood, and helped you out!" Jumin lets out, followed by a short series of breathes.

    V avoids his gaze towards his friend, ashamed of his actions. "I...I know I can't take it back...which is why I've been wanting to fix this, without anyone knowing about her...I needed to fix it...please, understand..."

    Jumin calms down, shaking his head. "You know that I can't understand. If it's for a friend, you should ask for help. Yes, in the past, I would have thought that it didn't matter what you would have done, as long as you had a reason...but now, because of you and your decision to make me the new leader of the RFA, I've...become more open to others problems, thoughts,, because of this...I can't understand why you wouldn't ask for help...because I want you to ask for help..."

    V's gaze returns to the black-haired male's, surprised to hear those words. "I...I'm sorry, Jumin...I didn't want to get you all involved...but, it looks like Rika had other plans. For some reason, she wants you to join Mint Eye..."

    The businessman raised his eyes, curious to know what his friend meant by that statement. "Huh? Why...would Rika want us to join? Also...why does Mint Eye want our Cream back so badly? I have to know, my friend. Please...tell me." he responds, itching to know the truth. The reason why everything had led to this moment in time.

    V closes his eyes, not wanting to say his next phrase, but knew it had to be done, to fix everything. "She wanted you five to join...because she felt sorry for you...and, as for was because she was chosen to try and get you five to join. Rika wanted her to be...her recruiter."

    Zen weakly stands back up, after resting for a few seconds, after his thought process took in the memory that popped in his head. Immediately after he regains his footing, he feels a sharp, swift strike against his side.

    It was Jaehee's bare leg, forcing itself against his already damaged body. Crying in pain, Zen collapses down to his knees. Without delay, his chin is met with the solid, destructive force that is his opponent's knee. His head tilts backwards, his own saliva flying in the air.

    Seeing her chance, Jaehee curls her hand into a fist, and jabs it into his exposed Adam's apple. This, as well as the sudden barrage of attacks, causes the white-haired male to collapse on his back, gasping for air.

    "She...she's so ruthless...did...did she become so mad because of me? must be...I was a pretty awful person...damnit, I wish I never said those things to her a few months ago...we wouldn't be in this mess...I...I know I can take a few more hits...I just have to...focus myself for a bit longer...and it will all be over..." Zen thinks to himself, the glimmer of light still illuminating in his mind.

    Struggling to get up, Zen makes it back to one knee on the ground, resting his body up-right. He looks up at Jaehee, determination filling her eyes. "Zen...have you given up yet? You know that you can't beat me, now since my mind is crystal-clear. I will do everything I can to keep my girl away from you, you hear?" she lets out, calmly, yet with a firm sensation.

    "L-loud and clear..." Zen responds, sounding a bit differently than before, alarming Jaehee. "P-please...keep it finish...t-this...I...can't hold this...for much...longer..."

    The brunette's eyes widen, shocked to hear those words come from the one who has mentally and physically abused her and her love interest for the last two days. "What do you mean? You're the one who's been wanting to 'end' me. This doesn't make sense!" she asks, both confusion and frustration enveloping her thoughts.

    Zen slowly stands back up, breathing heavily, showing signs of true fatigue. "I doesn't...but, I know...something's wrong...with me...I...don't hurt anyone...anymore...not you...not me...and certainly...the one love...the one that yo-" he continues; however, the thought of you being Jaehee's one and only love brings back the negative thoughts, snapping Zen back to the monster he became.

    Snarling, Zen looks into Jaehee's eyes, showing her that his hatred is back. "''ll...I'll finish you, here and now!" he initializes, then arches his back, stretching his muscles, extending his arms backwards, showing that he has gained a second wind.

    "Damnit, it looks like Zen's back to his angry self...but, why did he start talking like...he was his usual, caring self? Did...did he find some way to talk to me from the heart, instead of from his heavily destroyed mind? If that's the case...then I have to do what he said, and finish this quickly." Jaehee thinks to herself, readying her body for Zen's next action.

    Finally, her opponent lashes out, attempting to thrust his fist into her stomach. Jaehee easily dodges this attack, countering by gripping his wrist, and forces it against the wall, shortly before punching his forearm while it's pinned.

    Zen saw the opening, and swung his other arm, aiming for her head. Jaehee quickly ducks and, just as quickly, unleashes three consecutive jabs to his stomach, followed by a swift sweep of her leg, causing him to fall down.

    Without missing a beat, Zen springs back up, emitting sounds of a rabid animal, his words incomprehensible. Though, his attempts of landing a hit on Jaehee is met with disappointment. Every swing of his arm, she will duck. Every swift kick, she will block. Even quick headbutts were unable to connect, as Jaehee easily dodges them by stepping backwards.

    After a few moments of one-sided fighting, in Jaehee's favor, Zen summons all of his strength and focus, and charges towards the woman, in attempts of tackling her, giving him the chance to beat the living hell out of her.

    Instead, just before the collision, Jaehee drops to the floor, and places her left leg out, having it catch the top of Zen's foot. Immediately after, she quickly places her other ankle against the back of his shin, pulling that foot while her left leg pushes, causing the white-haired male to trip.

    The fight was determined right then and there. Jaehee watches at Zen falls down, his head aiming towards a corner of the fallen bookshelf. The corner was simple, with edges being of perfect ninety-degree angles, made of a rich, mahogany wood.

    Then, suddenly, cries of agony belts out from Zen's mouth, as his left eye comes in contact with the corner, causing the edge to dig deep into his retina, shattering his mint-green contact lens.

    Tiny, invisible shards of glass enter his eye, causing it to bleed, his hand covering the area. His body twitches wildly, moving left and right, unable to cope with the newly discovered pain.

    Jaehee's eyes widen from the scene, unable to bear witness the event that has just happened. "I...I'm sorry, Zen...I...I didn't mean to have this happen..." she lets out, as she moves towards his thrashing body. As Zen's limbs flair aimlessly from the pain, she attempts to analyze the situation, figuring out that would be best to do.

    "Damn that mind controlling drug! Why did they have to put Zen through this?! I...don't want him to be in any pain now...he's done. I beat him...but, how can I knock him out? I can use my single-wing choke, but I don't want to do anything that involves his head...that impact...took his eye. I...I'm sorry, Zen...I really am...I knew that I was extremely pissed at you, and wished you dead...but, seeing you act that way for the short amount of time, as well as Cream's wishes, I didn't want to anymore...I don't want to hurt you, Zen...I want to fix you, and bring you back to the way you were..." Jaehee thinks to herself, shortly before noticing Zen's unmoving body.

    Her eyes widen, as Jaehee kneels down, placing her fingers against his jugular. "Phew...he still has a pulse...I guess the extreme pain knocked him unconscious..." she says, sighing a breath of relief. She then loves his hand from his eye, seeing the grotesque image of a bloody, partially destroyed eye.

    Feeling sick to her stomach, she stands up, and takes a few steps back, trying to calm herself down. She then looks at your body, and panics, running towards you. She kneels down, picking your upper body up, cradling you in her arms.

    "C-Cream...are you there?! Please, speak to me, hon! Please, don't be...don't be gone!" She lets out, crying, nuzzling her cheek against your own. Suddenly, she feels a slight breath hit her soft skin, showing her that you are still alive, just unconscious, much like Zen.

    "Oh, thank're still here..." she responds to herself, quietly, resting her head on top of yours. "I'm never going to let you leave my sight again, you here?"

    Then, her eyes widen, as a familiar voice rings in her ears. One that came from another being that was there shortly before. Her gaze looks upwards, and focuses on Saeran, who is holding Yoosung up, placing a revolver against the blond boy's temple.

    "I'm sorry, Ms. Assistant...but, you're going to have to choose: either spare this boy's life, and leave the maiden in our hands...or, keep her, and watch as paint our walls with this boy's blood."