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More Than Friendship...

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    As soon as he hears the sound of hinges creaking, Yoosung's gaze fixates on the opening bedroom door, seeing Jaehee's freshened look, her shoulder-length hair pulled back into a small ponytail. She slowly makes her way towards the kitchen, eyeing the cup of tea sitting in front of the blond male.

    "Thank you, Yoosung...for making the tea," Jaehee says, a small smile, full of bliss and sorrow, slit onto her face. Yoosung smiles back, nodding, then notices how tight her tank top is, causing him to blush a little.

    "Y-you're welcome, Jaehee...but, are you sure you want to wear something like that? You've been injured pretty badly. Doesn't it hurt," he asks, his gaze fixated on Jaehee's stomach.

    Jaehee's left hand reaches up to where Yoosung is looking, rubbing the thin fabric of her top. "I chose this because I needed something to compress my body. When I was younger, and was taking judo lessons, I would get injured rather easily. Compression always helped, as well as heat pads. I actually have one of those heat pads on me right now. That's another reason why I wanted the tight top, to help keep it on."

    "Ah, that makes sense...but, Jaehee," Yoosung responds, looking into her amber eyes," You just went through a lot of bad stuff just now...why are you smiling?"

    Jaehee sighs, as she walks over to the kitchen counter, picking up the cup of tea, taking a small sip from the soothing liquid, her eyes closed from the sensation of relief. "Well, I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling anything...what Zen did to unforgivable. The anger and hatred I have right now, because of what he did to me and her...the feeling of guilt, not being able to do anything to save her...and the sorrow I feel of not having her around right now...fails to compare to the happiness I feel, because..."

    Jaehee then opens her eyes, her soft gaze fixating on the curious, blond male, her smile widening. "...well, we can continue this conversation in a bit. Knowing Jumin, he wants me to come with you to his penthouse. Let me grab one more thing, and we can head off. Okay, Yoosung?" She asks, as she finishes the cup of tea in one sitting, placing the ceramic article on the counter.

    Before he was able to respond, Yoosung watches Jaehee turn her body, walking back towards her bedroom. "O-okay...I'll tell the security to gather in the limo. I'll wait for you there..." He says, as he steps away from the kitchen area, making his way outside. "Jaehee...Even though I'm the youngest of the group, and I may not understand things quite as easily as the others in the RFA...but I can tell that you're incredibly sad. You've always stayed strong when you worked under Mr. Han, but we all knew that you were shouldn't continue to keep your emotions to yourself..." Yoosong thinks to himself, as he closes the door behind him slightly, keeping the opening opened by a crack.

    Shortly after she closes the bedroom door behind her, her trembling hand curls into a fist, smashing it against the wall next to her, tears falling from her face. "D-Damn it...I used to be good at keeping to myself...damn it, Zen...I can never forgive you for what you did..." she says, as she wipes the tears away from her cheeks with her curled fist. She then makes her way to her chest of drawers, opening the bottom-most set, revealing a cigar box.

    Jaehee proceeds to open the box, pulling a set of black, leather, finger-less gloves out from it, as well as a picture of a beautiful, slender woman. She slides the drawer into the chest, and sits on the edge of the bed, staring into the picture.

    "I'm sorry...I wanted to use these when I figured out who did that to you," Jaehee says to herself, looking at the pair of gloves next to her." I never found out who took you life...who was in the vehicle that hit you...but...I want to use these now. Someone very dear to me is in trouble, and the one person who I viewed as my friend...hurt me. Now, I would like to hurt him back...he took my love..." she continues, as a single tear drop falls onto the picture, her hand gripping the glossy paper.

    " over me. I want you to see how much I love this woman...what I'm willing to do to get her back into my life...I...I want you to watch me become the woman I always wanted to be...what you wanted me to be...mother."

    Jaehee places a small smile on her lips, as she places the picture of her mother on top of the chest of drawers, takes the pair of gloves, shoving them into her pocket, and walks out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She walks into the living room, where the negative atmosphere still lingers, and picks up her phone, the phone you used to call for Jumin's help, gripping the device tightly, as if she was holding your own hand. She turns the lights off in the living room, and exits the house, locking the front door. She then turns her body to walk towards the black limo, Yoosung's hand waving in the air.

    "Come on, Jumin's waiting. I was going to wait to call him, but he called back. He definitely sounds worried..." Yoosung lets out, motioning Jaehee towards him. Jaehee nods, and makes her way to the vehicle, climbing into the large space, followed by the blond boy.

    "So," Yoosung begins, looking Jaehee dead in the eye. "What were you saying, earlier? You were talking about the emotions you were feeling...that you were keeping to yourself."

    Jaehee closes her eyes, nodding, as a small smile appears on her face. "Yes...I was talking about the negative emotions that were bottling inside of me...but, the real reason why I'm smiling is simple."

    She then opens her eyes, as a light blush appears on her rosy cheeks. "It's because she's in love with me. My best in love with me." Jaehee's eyes begin to water, as she remembers the words you spoke, in response to Zen's hurtful speech. "I'm sorry for getting snippy with you earlier, Yoosung...but, given what happened earlier...I couldn't help myself...I had to release a small portion of my anger, again, I apologize..."

    Yoosung's eyes twinkle from your words, as he begins to shake his head vigorously. "N-no, don't apologize...I know you went through a lot, so it's understandable. I don't hold a grudge against you or anything...but, please...tell me...what happened? Why is Zen acting like this towards you?"

    Jaehee sighs at Yoosung's question, making eye contact with his, causing his attention to focus directly to her words. "It still hurts to think about it...but, earlier today, I was showing Cream the building I staked out for our bakery that we want to open up."

    Yoosung tilts his head, in a small state of confusion. "'Cream?' Oh, right...I think you called her that, when we were practicing Judo...please, go on."

    Jaehee nods, remembering the way that you reacted towards her when she first started to tell you her feelings. "Shortly after showing her the building, I was going to tell her that I love her. It was something that had been eating away at me for awhile...I just had to tell her. Right in the middle of me telling her that, Zen showed up, out of nowhere. His hair was cut short, like he got rid of his admirable ponytail. He was also wearing an eye-patch on lis left eye."

    Yoosung's eyes widen a bit, imagining Zen's image. "I've always wondered what he would look like with short hair...but that doesn't sound like Zen. Why would he change his look, just like that? I know that he treasures his looks above all others."

    Jaehee's eyes close, nodding in response. "Yes, it doesn't...anyways, he said he wanted to apologize to us, because of what he said in the chatroom."

    "The chatroom," Yoosung asks, tilting his head again, as he stares at the phone in his hand, forgetting about the RFA chatroom app. "I've been so busy with Mr. Han, I haven't really had a chance to check in the chats. I guess I really missed something, huh?"

    Jaehee sighs, remembering the picture that Seven took, by hacking into your phone. "I guess he's working you harder than he did with me, since I was able to check the chats often...but yes, you did. Seven hacked into her phone, and used it to take a picture of us, while we were cuddled on the couch...I would show you, but it's a picture that I want to keep to myself, and her..." she trails off, pulling her phone out, scrolling through the images that she saved from the chats, and pulls up the picture being mentioned, causing her eyes to narrow, a wide smile appearing from her lips.

    "We were in our pajamas, eating the ice cream that we bought beforehand, with her laying in my lap, her head perched against my chest... In fact, that night was when we gave each other our nicknames. She called me 'Cookie,' while I called her 'Cream,' since the both of us adore the flavor. It was our favorite kind of ice cream, it turns out. Zen wasn't pleased with the picture, though...he stormed out of the chat shortly after the picture was posted," Jaehee continues, her thumb softly pressing itself against the screen, where you face is. "She was so cute that fact, she was always cute to me..."

    As Jaehee's eyes begin to tear up again, leaving trails of tears falling to her cheeks, Yoosung reaches over, and places his hand on her shoulder, smiling. "Don't worry, Jaehee...we will get her back. I promise." Upon hearing his innocent words, Jaehee wipes her tears away with the back of her hand, smiling. The two of them feel the limo stop, as the door opens up, security lining up, creating a pathway towards the building of Jumin's penthouse.

    "Mr. Kim! Ms. Kang! Please, hurry! Mr. Han wants you to go to him as soon as you can," the first security guard states, causing both of them jump, as they make their way out of the limo, being escorted towards the building.

    " must really be worried, to go to these lengths..." Jaehee whispers to herself, looking down, avoiding eye contact with the security line. Her hand quickly places itself against her stomach, her eye wincing in pain, causing Yoosung to panic.

    "J-Jaehee! Are you alright," the boy asks, but is motioned to calm down by Jaehee, her stance straightening up, as the two continue to walk towards Jumin's penthouse.

    The two of them enter the elevator, and as soon as the doors close to take them to the penthouse, Jaehee rests her back against the wall of the chamber, admiring the familiar look of the space. "Hey, Yoosung...this elevator...this is the place where I almost kissed her..." she says, quietly, yet blissfully.
    "Oh?! Really?! This one," Yoosung asks, as he places his thumb against the small screen, granting him access to the upper floors of the building.

    Jaehee nods, smiling. "Yes, this one. It was after Jumin let us have the loan to start up our bakery. I was so excited, that I just picked her up, and started spinning her. Once we stopped, I rested my forehead against hers...and...I...almost kissed her..." her blush intensifies, as she begins to giggle. "S-sorry...I'm just trying my best to stay positive."

    Yoosung smiles back, giving a thumbs-up with his free hand. "It's alright, Jaehee. She's lucky to have you, you know? I know I wouldn't have been able to give her the amount of love you do. I mean, I'm the youngest of the group, and you're almost the oldest..." he trails off, and begins to panic, regretting his words. "I-I didn't mean to say that you were old! I-I'm sorry!"

    Jaehee raises her hand to her mouth, giggling, enjoying Yoosung's embarrassing scene. "It's okay. You don't have to apologize. You did state a fact, that I'm the second oldest of the RFA. Soon, I'll be twenty-seven, but it's just a number. I may be a few years older than Cream...but I still love her all the same."

    Yoosung's smile stays on his face, as the elevator stops, revealing the bright light of Jumin's penthouse, illuminating from the crack of the doors. Suddenly, the doors open up, allowing Yoosung and Jaehee to walk in, removing their shoes from their feet, Jaehee struggling to remove her own, causing Yoosung to help her out.

    Jaehee looks around the room, and notices Jumin, staring tentatively into her amber eyes, his body placed on the edge of his bed, phone in hand. Next to him, sits Seven, his right foot propped up on his left knee, keeping his laptop in front of him, his fingers typing away on his own phone.

    "Once you two are comfy...please, log into the messenger. We need to have a serious conversation," Jumin lets out, his trembling hand barely holding onto his cellular device.

    Yoosung walks Jaehee over to the black leather couch, and gently sits her down, pulling his phone out, noticing Jumin's anxiety. "Mr. everything alright?"

    Jumin sighs, as he glares at his phone. " isn't...there's someone in the chat room that we need to talk to. Just...hurry and log in."

    Jaehee pulls her own phone out, staring at the picture she had up already from the limo ride. After a few seconds, she opens the messenger app, and logs into the chat room. In it, there is Jumin, Seven, Yoosung, herself...and V.
    The world is groggy to you. Your eyes are barely open, and your head feels like it's spinning around, like a vortex of darkness, swirling around your soul. You attempt to move your muscles, but no strength is found in your limbs. Then, you're drugged. You vaguely remember the sensation of a needle plunging into your neck, and shortly after, your body became numb, sluggish, incapable of self-movement.

    " I? I don't...recognize this place. Damn...why...why was I taken away...from the woman I love?" you manage to think to yourself, bringing to your memory any and every memory you have with her, attempting to gain strength from the love you have for her.

    Your eyes attempt to open more, allowing you to see a blurred, gray scenery above you. You try as hard as you can to turn your head, but your drugged state causes your gaze to stay focused on the gray blur. Suddenly, a pale face appears, blocking some of the blur from your vision. The face was blurred as well, but you knew who it was. You wish it were to be Jaehee, the woman who heard your confession, that you loved her. To your dismay, it was Zen's face, not hers.

    "Good morning, my princess..." Zen lets out softly, as he takes his hand, and brushes the back of his fingers against your cheek. You continue to lay there, unable to sense his touch.

    Zen sighs, and takes your numb hand into his, as he softly presses his lips against the back of your hand. "You're protected, my dear...we're in a place that no one can touch you. In fact, you're in the bed that I slept in for...two months now? I even placed my coat on top of you, so you could get used to me, and my scent...anyways, I promise, nothing will happen to you're mine, and nothing can change that..."

    Every fiber of your being wishes to get up from the horizontal position your body is in, and beat some more sense into the short-white-haired stranger, a man who is a shell of his former self. Suddenly, your attention goes towards the sound of mysterious clapping. You notice Zen's cloudy face turn towards the direction of the claps, a small grunt leaving his lips.

    "Hey, long time, no see, Hyun...I see you completed your mission," Saeran asks, as he continues to clap, a small, pleasant smile pastured on his lips. "You got the maiden back. Congratulations...though, I don't see any bruises on her...with that, I'm disappointed..."

    Zen sighs, and stands up from his chair, temporarily moving his gaze from your limp body towards Saeran's happy face. "I told you, I wouldn't hurt her...but I did use the syringe you gave me to numb her body. Once that happened, it was a piece of cake."

    Saeran whistles in response, as he crosses his arms across his chest, his black hoodie drooping from his shoulder, revealing his tattoo. "Good job, really...though, I still can't believe The Savior would pick a newbie like you to do this job...I was really hoping I could finish it...but you guys...were too boring to me. I hacked you twice, but the information I gained was...well, bullshit. Nothing important was said, aside from the obvious attraction that the maiden and the assistant had...seriously, I still can't believe that I missed that..."

    Zen quickly kicks the chair behind him, causing it to tumble towards the cell bars. As the loud clang of metal and wood emitted, your body jolts in shock, your mind startled from the sudden noise.

    "Don't you dare talk about that woman around me! Those two have nothing! Nothing! The princess is mine, and mine alone! She will never go back to Jaehee," Zen yells, in response to Saeran's taunt, as he grasps the collar of Saeran's hoodie, pulling his body upwards.

    " you remember, Hyun? I could kill you right here, right now. I don't think doing this will help you..." Saeran softly speaks, his smile turning into the cold, childish grin he always bore during the two months of Zen's captivity.

    Zen's glare intensifies, attempting to pierce into the eyes of the light gray-haired male. "Your threats mean nothing to me, Saeran...if I'm able to do what I did to Jaehee...the way I made her useless...unable to move...who knows what I can do to a guy. If you decide to harm one hair on my princess's body...I will personally end you."

    Saeran's grin disappears from his face, his own gaze focused on Zen's two-tone eyes, one red, one mint green. "If I have to hurt her, I will. We have to hurt her...that's part of the initiation process. In order to learn the truth of happiness, one must feel fear, pain, and suffering. Much like what I did to you..."

    Zen's grip on Saeran's hoodie tightens, as he begins to lift the male up from the ground, pulling Saeran's gaze up to meet his own. "Like I said...if you harm one hair on her...I'll end you. If it comes down to not harming her, or converting her to Mint Eye...I will choose the first. No one can harm my princess...not while I'm here..."

    Zen's serious facial structure turns to shock, as Saeran begins to lightly chuckle, quickly turning into a laugh, as hollow as a soulless being could emit. "Whoever said I was going to convert her? If anyone is going to convert will be you. You were the one who brought her here, and you will be the one to bring her to Magenta. have already taken the first step," Saeran says, his eyes never straying from Zen's shocked gaze.

    "W-what do you mean?! I haven't done anything to start up the initiation," Zen responds, hastily, pushing Saeran's dangling body against the cell bars.

    Saeran's usual smile appears on his lips again, frustrating Zen even more. "Of course you you remember what first happened when I took you?"

    Zen's eyes shake, attempting to remember the event. " injected me with the drugs, while I was still out of it...I was laying on the bed, where she's laying right now..." Zen trails off, as Saeran's laugh overpowers his speaking volume.

    "Oh my God, did you really think that was the first time I gave you those drugs? Sure, at that time, I said that you were going to join Magenta with that shot...but there was another time where you received the dose. It...was when I first took you. In front of the assistant's house..." Saeran lets out, as Zen's arms begin to shake, lowering the male's body down to the ground, his boots touching the cold cement.

    "When...I was...kidnapped?'re not saying..." Zen's gaze quickly shifts towards your body, his eyes widening in disbelief, now knowing what he has done. " bastard! You said they were just muscle relaxers!"

    Saeran smiles, closing his eyes. "Well...I lied. I couldn't let you go and get her without any kind of back-up plan. You know, just in case you decided to stray away from Mint Eye, and take our maiden away from us. That 'muscle relaxer' you gave her...was really a potent version of the dose I first gave you. You see...the true initiation...started when you were kidnapped...much like the maiden's initiation...started when you drugged her."

    Zen's eyes widen, realizing what he has done, then turns his head towards your immobile body. " princess..." He trails off, then quickly turns his head towards Saeran, his fingers clenched into a tight fist, and hurls his fist against Saeran's cheek, causing the hacker to stagger backwards, his back hitting the cell bars. "You bastard! That shit royally messed with my head! And you say it's 'potent?' JUST HOW FUCKING POTENT IS IT," Zen yells out, the blood in his body rushing into his eyes, causing them to become blood-shot.

    Before Saeran is able to react, Zen storms out of the cell, yelling obscene words aloud. Saeran runs after the white-haired man, asking him where he's going, rubbing his hand against his bruised cheek. The last thing you remember hearing is Zen's enraged voice, demanding to know exactly what's in the drugs, and how much was in the dose.

    You attempt to move your fingers, and realize that the muscle relaxer portion of the drug has worn off fairly well, as your fingers and limbs move a bit better. You try to sit up from the bed, as you attempt to throw Zen's coat off from your body. Using every ounce of strength you have available, you grip the coat, and pull it to the ground.

    You blink a few times, to adjust to the atmosphere around you, and reach down to your pockets. Surprisingly, you feel your phone still on you. Your heart begins to pound, creating an adrenaline rush that breaks you out of the hold of the drugs. You pause for a few seconds, admiring the background picture that you have on your phone. It's a picture of Jaehee's face, during the night before, when you first slept in the same bed as the love of your life.

    "God, Jaehee...please, be in the chat room...I...I want to tell you I love you, one more time...who knows what this drug...will do to me..." you think to yourself, as your thumb moves into the apps, hovering over the RFA Messenger logo.
(Jaehee Kang has entered the chat room)


[707]: Yoosung, calm's not the time to explode.

[V]: ...I'm sorry.


[Jumin Han]: was obviously a lie, Mr. Kim. I told you that after the party.

[V]: ...yes, it was. I'm sorry, Jumin...for misleading you, and the RFA.


[V]: I know...but I mean it.

    Jaehee looks over at Yoosung, who is angrily staring at his phone, his fingers tensing up violently. She places her soft hand on his shoulder, causing his head to quickly turn, letting her see the anger in his eyes. "Yoosung...let's calm down. There's no need to get angry right now...though, I do want to know what is going on with him..." Jaehee speaks, softly. Yoosung's face begins to relax, as he takes in a big breath, letting it out slowly.

    "Jaehee's right, Mr. Kim. Even I don't know why he's here. He just logged on right before you two came up," Jumin responds, his eyes still glued onto the bright screen of his phone.

[Jumin Han]: V. What is going on? You said that you would take care of the hacker issue...and it has arisen again. Explain yourself.

[707]: Yeah! This guy is extremely persistant :(

[V]: I have heard. There must have been another misunderstanding. I will fix it immediately.

[Jumin Han]: No.

[Yoosung Kim]: You always say that, V! Always! We can't trust you right now!

[Jaehee Kang]: Yoosung does have a point...but, Jumin...why "no?"

[V]: Jumin...please, let me fix this...I will make it right. I promise.

[Jumin Han]: I said no, V. Not while our members are in danger right now! You made me the new leader of the RFA, and I am taking that title to heart!

    Jaehee looks over at Jumin's tense face, his black eyes trembling slightly. "Jumin..." she trails off, then focuses her attention back towards her phone.

[V]: Danger? What do you mean? The hacking was just for information.

[707]: Weeeell...let's just say that...two of our members are missing right now. -_-

[V]: "Missing?" Who is missing?!

    The three men in the room shift their gaze at Jaehee, who's eyes begin to tear up, not wanting to admit again that her love is kidnapped by her former idol. She begins to sniffle, as her fingers type in the words.

[Jaehee]: ...Zen...and Cream...

[V]: Cream? Who is Cream? There isn't a member of the RFA with the name "Cream!"

[Jumin Han]: Relax, V. Cream is the nickname Jaehee gave the member that joined us two months ago. The one who took over Rika's position.

[V]: Oh...I understand. Sorry for sounding harsh...

[Yoosung Kim]: Harsh?! V, you should sound more worried!! Zen was the one who kidnapped her!!

[707]: Yeah...Zen was acting weird for the last...two months, actually. I wonder what happened to him...

[V]: Hyun kidnapped her?! Why would he do that?!

    Yoosung's eyes widen, as he realizes what he has in his pocket. He quickly gets up, and pulls the eye-patch, as well as the letter, handing the two to Jumin. "I found these in Jaehee's house. There's useful information here..." he says, as he opens the letter, quickly reading it.

[Jaehee Kang]: ...I...I don't know...he...he attacked her and I...he drugged her...and hit me so hard that...I...I couldn't do save her...

    Jaehee's teary eyes finally begin to flow, having small drops of liquid fall from her cheeks. Yoosung looks over at his friend, and quickly makes his way towards the couch, sitting down, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, attempting to soothe her. He leans in, and whispers into her ear, "I know I'm not her...but I'm your friend, Jaehee. Please...calm will be alright..."

    Jumin's eyes widen in disbelief, and hands the letter over to Seven, then picks up the eye-patch, seeing the small message that was placed onto it. He looks over at Seven, who's eyes are straining at every word. Jumin's attention moves back towards his phone, noticing V's change of tone.

[Jumin Han]: It looks like...Zen is apart of that group the hacker is associated with..."Mint Eye."

[V]: What? How is that possible?! I don't believe it!

[707]: ...I've confirmed it, V...but...I have one question to ask you...WHY THE HELL IS SAERAN INVOLVED!?!

    Jaehee quickly looks up at Seven, seeing his eyes tear up, his teeth grinding against each other in frustration. Her phone begins to vibrate, causing her focus to go back to her phone, witnessing the drama unfolding.

[V]: What do you mean, Luciel?

[707]: You know damn well what I'm talking about! This letter...that Yoosung found at Jaehee's place...HAS SAERAN'S NAME IN IT! WHAT IS HE DOING, V! ANSWER!

[Jumin Han]: Luciel...please, calm down...

    In retaliation, Seven pushes Jumin off of his bed with all of his might. Jumin fumbles against the ground, a hurtful expression plastured on his face. "Luciel?! Why on Earth did you do-" he is cut off by Seven's tears, his black-and-yellow striped glasses halfway slid off from his face.

    "I...I'm sorry, Jumin...but...I can't keep since I know...that he is involved with this..." Seven says, sorrow filling his once chipper voice.

    Jumin stands up, straightening his black suit. "Today's an emotional day, Luciel...but please, refrain from violence. Though...who is this...'Saeran?'"

    Seven becomes quiet, causing the other three to feel a bit of anxiety. He then begins to type on his phone, causing the others two look at their respective devices, awaiting his response.

[707]: Please...V...tell he involved...

[V]: ...I...I can't tell you...I'm sorry, Luciel...

(707 has left the chat room)

    Seven stands up from the bed, slamming his phone against the soft mattress, and begins to pace around, angrily. "He always says that...every time I bring his name up...he always says that," he lets out, his voice full of anger and betrayal. Jaehee's eyes begin to tear up again, as Seven takes notice, his face changing from the tense formation it has been in for the last few minutes, to one of sadness, and regret.

    "I-I'm sorry, Jaehee...I didn't want to get mad...but this topic, about very touchy to me. Please...don't cry..." Seven pleads, as he walks over, placing his hands onto Jaehee's shoulders. "I...don't know why he is there, or why he's associated with Mint Eye...but I'll make sure that Saeran doesn't do anything to Cream, alright?"

    Jaehee's eyes widen, with a small smile forming on her lips. "T-thank you, Luciel. It might not help you...but Zen did refer to this 'Saeran' as the hacker."

    Seven closes his eyes, nodding. "It everything makes sense...thank you, Jaehee. Guess that makes us even now, since I helped you with those slides way back when."

    Jumin glances over at the two, his eyes narrowing in displeasure. "What was that, Luciel?"

    Seven quickly turns his body, waving his arms, laughing. "N-nothing! I was just apologizing to her, that's all," he lets out, quickly scrambling to get his phone back from the bed, logging back into the chat room.

[Jumin Han]: He's coming back...we're all in the same room. He seems to have calmed down.

[V]: That's a relief...

(707 has entered the chat room)

[707]: Let's forget about him for right now...but, V...I do wish to talk to you about this, privately.

[V]: ...of course. I will fill you with everything on him...but, Zen...with Mint Eye...that doesn't make sense...

[Jumin Han]: Luciel said that Mint Eye is the group behind the hacking, correct? If so...then why would a group that only wants information...want the RFA members?

[Jaehee Kang]: Yes...please, tell us...I need to know...

[V]: Jaehee...I don't know why they took your friend...but, I will get to the bottom of it.

    Yoosung looks over at Jaehee, who's eyes have narrowed in annoyance, her phone shaking within her grasp. "Uh oh...guys...I think about to find out..." he trails off, as the other two focus their attention to their phones.

[Jaehee Kang]: ..."friend?" I...I hate that word...I've been hearing and using that word for the longest time...but, not anymore...she's...not my friend, V...she...she...

(Cream has entered the chat room)

[Jaehee Kang]: SHE'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, V!

    Jaehee gasps after sending the message, seeing the words that always caused her heart to jump, her fingers frantically struggling to type message after message.

[Jaehee Kang]: OMG

[Jaehee Kang]: CREAM!

[Jaehee Kang]: ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!

[Jumin Han]: Cream! Are you alright? What has Zen done to you!?

[Yoosung Kim]: Please, be alright...


[V]: each other?

[Jaehee Kang]: Please...Cream...please, be alright...

[Cream]: I'm fine, Jae...I'm heavily drugged, thoughts aren't all here atm...

[Jaehee Kang]: OMG, Cream...I'm so happy to see your messages again...

    Yoosung looks up at Jaehee's flushed face, large streams of tears begin to fall from her face, as she lets out little cries, as if she's attempting to hold the flood gate of her emotions inside, but just barely.

[Cream]: I miss you, Cookie...please...I...I don't have much time. Zen will come back...I...I don't want him around me...

[Jaehee Kang]: I miss you too, Cream! More than anything! I promise, I will get you back! I need you with me!

[Cream]: :) I...guess that you're crying?

[Yoosung Kim]: a big baby...

[707]: (posts picture of Jaehee crying)

[Yoosung Kim]: WHAT THE HELL, SEVEN?!

[Jaehee Kang]: ...why did you do that, Luciel?! I...I don't want her to see me like this...

[707]: Take a good, long look at this picture, one can cry crocodile tears for you like this woman.

[Cream]: look as beautiful as ever, Jae...

[Jaehee Kang]:, though...I'm going to rescue you...and I'm going to make Zen pay...

[V]: two...I...I'm moved...I didn't realize how much you two...cared for each other.

[Cream]: ...hello, V. If you can do anything, please do so...

[V]: Of course. Please, stay safe...I must go, everyone. I have to gather as much information as I can to fix this.

[Jumin]: You're not going to do this alone, V. We all are going to help...Jaehee, especially. I will call you immediately after we end the conversation.

[V]: Okay, Jumin. I hope Elizabeth 4th is doing well...

[Jumin Han]: dare you get her name wrong...

[V]: My mistake...I'm still trying to get used to this new vision...

[707]: You got your eyes fixed?!

[V]: Only one, for now...though, it's temporary. I'm on a waiting list for the major surgery portion...again, I'm sorry, for everyone...especially for you two ladies. Well...

(V has left the chat room)

[Cream]: Jaehee...

[Jaehee Kang]: Yes?!

[Cream]: What you said...when I logged on...please, tell me those words...when we see each other again.

[Jaehee Kang]: Of course, love! I will say those words over and over again! I don't care where we live, what others think about us...I want to shout those words from the roof!

[Cream]:' cute, Jaehee...

(Cream has left the chat room)

[Jaehee Kang]: Cream? Cream?! CREAM?!

(707 has left the chat room)

(Jumin Han has left the chat room)

(Yoosung Kim has left the chat room)

    The three men look over at Jaehee, who's hands are clenched together, against her chest, as her cries of happiness and sorrow echo throughout the penthouse. Her tears fall to the carpet, as small sniffles come out several times. Yoosung pulls her into an embrace, allowing her cries to muffle against his black suit.

    "I...I didn't want to say those things like this! I...I want to tell her I love her in peace and one else, but me and her there...this isn't fair," she lets out, as Yoosung begins to soothe her back with his palm.

    "There,'s alright, least you both know you love each other..." he lets out, as Seven walks over, and embraces the two of them, attempting to comfort her as well.

    Jumin looks over at his ex-assistant, pain in his eyes. Shortly afterwards, he takes his phone, and dials a number, placing the device against his ear. "Yes. Chief of security? I have an urgent request...yes, I am aware of what time it is...but, this is top priority...yes, it involves Ms. Kang...yes, she's doing alright. I need you to gather everyone. All of our men...please, have everyone meet me in the conference room. You have fifteen minutes...again, this is top priority...thank you, sir," he finishes, hanging up.

    "You three...we have fifteen minutes to prepare," Jumin lets out, catching everyone's attention, Jaehee's loud cries softening down to light sobbing.

    " you mean...Jumin," she responds, her red face focused on her ex-boss.
    Jumin walks over to his wardrobe, taking off his suit jacket, neatly hanging it on the hanger, placed on his door. "Easy...we..." he trails off, pulling his tie from his neck.

    "...we are going to storm Mint Eye. In fifteen minutes, the RFA...will wage war against them, and get your love back."