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More Than Friendship...

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    Betrayal. Anger. Heartache. These are all words that express Jaehee's internal thought process, as she falls to her knees, hugging her stomach loosely from Zen's punch. A few coughs and retches follow suit, as if she is going to throw up the precious coffee that she drank with you. Her eyes wince from the pain, struggling to keep her breath, her body feeling weak, trembling.

    You feel your heart sink to the bottom of your soul, as you stand in place, motionless, witnessing your love being defeated so easily, with one blow. Finally, your gaze meets Jaehee's, who manages to lift her head high enough to show you the true sense of her pain. The longing to help her fills your body with adrenaline, causing your body to freely move.

    "J-JAEHEE," you yell out, tears rolling down your face, as you finally make your way to her fallen body, kneeling down, placing your trembling hands around her body, gripping your right hand onto the side of her arm. "It's okay, Cookie...I'm here..." you let out, your voice cracking from the emotions that are tearing apart your being.

    "Please..." Jaehee begins, choking on her own pain, barely being able to properly speak her words, as she leans her body against yours, the strength your body is gaining, from the anger inside you, holding her up. "...protect...yourself..." she finishes, weakly.

    You quickly look up at the man who has taken a few steps back, a wicked smile appearing on his once handsome face. Instead of beauty, you see a foul essence coming from his facial structure, causing your stomach to churn in horror. Zen places his palm against the eye-patch, as a soft laugh fills the room. Your eyes widen from the sound of the delightful laugh, as if he is feeling bliss from his actions.

    Zen's laugh increases, as if his emotions are finally flooding out from his soul, loud pulses of laughter echoing throughout the house you and Jaehee have lived in, the positive energy from the two of you fighting diligently against Zen's negative energy.

    "Oh, God...God, that felt good...I've been wanting to do that ever since that damn picture, Jaehee," Zen says, smoothly, as if his mind is finally at peace, "You two have no idea how patient I've been in doing so..."

    You feel one of your hands clenching into a tight fist, as you stare into the eye of what once used to be a friend, but is now a total stranger, someone devoid of light. "W-why, Zen?! Why did you do this?! Aren't we your friends," you yell out, pain and sorrow filling your voice.

    Zen's obnoxious laughter ceases a bit, quieting down to a small chuckle, as his gaze pierces into your own, causing your heart to fracture from the hatred blooming from the short-haired male in front of you. "Why? Why?! We were friends once, but that weak, pathetic woman took something from me. Something dear," he finally admits, his smile turning into a devilish grin, as he lifts his hand, extending his index finger, pointing towards you,"...she took you!"

    The anger inside of you continues to boil, as you feel your legs straighten out, causing your body to lift up from the ground. You feel Jaehee's trembling arm wrap around your knee, attempting to keep herself up, still struggling to maintain herself from Zen's sucker punch, her eyes shaking from the pain, as she attempts to focus on the man she used to admire with her life.

    "Jaehee didn't 'take me away from you.' I chose her, not you! I never belonged to you, Zen! Never," you let out, tears falling from your face again, as you feel Jaehee's grip softly intensifying around your leg, cuasing you to place the palm of your hand on top of her head.

    "Oh? She didn't?! You're fucking lying, and you know it," Zen belts out, throwing the piece of paper that was clenched in his fist onto the floor, causing it to lightly bounce it's way towards the two of you. "If it weren't for Jaehee being there when you first logged onto the messenger, we would be together! You were destined to be mine, not hers! Seriously, she can't give you the love that I can! She's a freaking woman, for God's sake!"

    Jaehee's body trembles from his words, as if her body is denying all the hatred that is spewing from Zen's once positive aura. "Zen...why...are you...doing this?! I know...I can give her...the same kind...of love as...a man why...are you...interfering? You're love Cream, are you," Jaehee asks herself, not wanting to admit to herself that someone else is in love with you.
    You feel the trembling pulses from Jaehee's grasp, causing you to pet her head softly, in turn making Zen's free eye to narrow in displeasure. "Zen! She's already given me all the love that anyone else could's given me more! You cannot begin to understand the bond the two of us have," you continue to yell out, your fist shaking with hatred.

    Zen's breathing begins to calm down from his excitement, his hand lightly grasping onto the eye-patch covering his left field of vision. "Heh...the bond you two have?! That 'bond' is nothing but friendship, that's all! Jaehee's never known to love! Never has, and never will! That damn trust fund kid siphoned all of her love out of her with his constant work, causing her heart to be nothing more than an empty shell, avoid of affection! Everything she is feeling is because of you! That feeling, I deserve to have! You will make me happy, and that's all that matters!"

    He begins to rip off the eye-patch, the adhesive tugging onto his skin tightly, causing him to yell out in pain, his teeth gritting against each other. Finally, after a few seconds of agonizing yells, the eye-patch is removed, revealing a small tattoo around his eye. Blackened lines curving around the top and bottom of his eye socket, forming together where the bridge of his nose begins. Three diamond-like lines placed onto the left of the tattoo, as if they have been shattered from the rest, as well as thin, mint-green highlights glowing from around the black ink.

    Zen's evil laughter begins again, as his closed eye finally opens, bringing a sense of shock to both you and Jaehee, who's vision has become better, yet isn't perfect. A mint-green glow emits from Zen's pupil, matching the green ink on his skin. You watch as he moves his eye left and right, finally placing it's focal point to your gaze, filling your heart with terror.

    "That...that tattoo...and that eye color...I...I remember seeing that in an was junk, so rid of it...what...the going on," Jaehee continues to think to herself, trying to focus her gaze onto his eye, the pain from his punch still pulsing from her stomach, her legs still weak from the strike.

    "Ahhh, yes! Finally, I can use both eyes," Zen lets out, happily, "...anyways...I'm here on a mission. I'm to take you, my princess, to a place of wonder. If you cooperate, I won't do anything else to Jaehee...I promise," Zen continues, as a pleasing smile begins to form across his lips.

    You feel your eyes narrow in hatred, as you hold Jaehee's head against your outer thigh. "I...I will never go with you, ever! My place is here, with Jaehee! I will never leave her side!"

    The emotions inside of you continue to boil up, as your heart feels like it's about to burst from the containment. Finally, the words you've been holding in, the words you've been wishing to say for the longest time, flow out from your lips.

    You look Zen dead in the eyes, as you attempt to pour every ounce of hatred towards him through his visual receptors, as you pull Jaehee's head tighter against your thigh, causing her to gasp. "It doesn't matter what you do, doesn't matter what you can never have my heart, because it belongs to someone else! Try as you might, but you will never change the fact that I'm in love with Jaehee!" you yell out, passion filling your voice.

    Jaehee feels her heart jump, as her amber eyes widen, glistening from the words she had just heard. Happiness fills her soul, as if every cell in her body is relieved from the stress of not knowing your feelings towards her. She slowly lifts her head, the pain from the blow causing her eyes to wince every now and then, creating a small cough that leaves her throat. "C-Cream..." she says, weakly, tears slowly trickling down from her reddened cheeks.

    You break your glare from Zen, and focus your gaze onto Jaehee's, as she catches a soft, loving smile appearing across your face. "Sorry, Cookie...I know you wanted to say it first...but..." you trail off, slowly looking towards the direction of a once-smiling Zen, who's appearance now resembles aggravation, "He needed to hear it. I know we wanted it to be special...but, I had to...I had to reveal my true feelings here, and now...though, I do want to hear you say it as well. We will continue the conversation love."

    Zen's nose begins to twitch, as his teeth starts to bare themselves, as if he is attempting to withhold a wolf's snarl. "You think...that I will allow this?! You can't love her! You can only love me! Now, we're going, whether you like it or not," he yells out, walking his way towards the two of you, holding his hand out, in attempts to grab your wrist.

    You quickly swat his hand away from you, looking down at a loving, yet terrified, Jaehee. "Please, hon...let go. I don't want him to hurt yo-" you begin to say to your love, but is cut-off by a horrific, startling action from the man in front of you.

    In an instant, Zen forces the tip of his boot into Jaehee's stomach, causing saliva to fling from her shocked, open mouth, the pain erupting into her once glowing eyes, causing your own eyes to widen from disbelief, watching Jaehee's arms fall to her side, as her back slams against the ground, her body limp from the intense pain pulsing inside her, her lungs once again struggling to maintain her breathing.

    Your disbelieve quickly turns into an incredible amount of anger, as the gentle hand that was soothing Jaehee's head turns into a hardened fist, thrusting itself upwards, striking Zen in the cheek, causing him to yelp out in pain, his legs staggering backwards.

    " bastard! She was defenseless! What kind of man does that to a woman!? I...I won't let you harm my Jaehee anymore," you yell out, as you notice Zen's violent gaze fixated on yourself.

    "You little dare you strike me," Zen yells out, rushing towards you, attempting to attack your face with his own fist. On instinct, as well as knowledge of Jaehee's training in judo, you grip your hand around his wrist, holding his fist in place, as you quickly slide your other hand under his open arm, pulling his body over your hip, using his momentum as leverage, causing his body to crash against the wooden flooring.

    His ankle lands onto the edge of a wooden table near the three of you, causing Zen to yell out in pain from the sensation above his foot. Without missing a beat, Zen quickly recovers from the fall, placing all of his weight on his uninjured ankle. "'re so feisty..." Zen says, revealing a thick grin across his face. He quickly staggers towards you, attempting to strike you again, his limping slowing his actions down, leaving you an opening to counter.

    As his body comes within striking distance, you watch as he places his weak foot towards you. At that moment, you quickly place your own foot behind his, and slam your palm against his chest, as your right hand grasps a hold of his left arm, causing him to fall backwards, tripping over your foot.

    The weight being shifted onto his ankle causes Zen to yell out again in dreadful pain, as his back once again smashes against the flooring. Before he is able to react to getting up, you drive your foot onto his chest, causing the air in his lungs to escape his body, allowing no airflow to his blood. The pain from your heel, as well as the lack of air, causes Zen to struggle, gasping for oxygen. You drive your foot into him again, this time into his stomach, making Zen silently gasp out in pain, his eyes staring into the ceiling, blood straining into his receptors from the frustration of a woman disabling him.

    "This is what you get for harming my precious Jaehee, you bastard," you yell out, driving your foot into his stomach again, for good measures. As Zen gasps for air, crying in pain, you quickly crouch down next to Jaehee, whose body is still against the ground, her arms covering her stomach, a pool of vomit next to her turned head.

    "Oh, no...Jaehee..." you brush her long strands of hair from her face, revealing her slanted eyes, attempting to look into your shocked, yet supportive, gaze. "C...Cream...please..." she lets out, barely, as she winces from the pain, her arms tightening around her stomach more.

    "'s alright, hon...I'm here..." you respond, placing your hand onto hers, gently squeezing her gripped fingers, causing them to relax. You then reach into Jaehee's pocket, pulling her phone out.

    "What...are you...doing...Cream..." Jaehee asks, as she slowly turns her head towards you, traces of vomit revealing itself from the side of her head, entangled in her hair.

    The hatred you feel towards Zen at this moment intensifies a bit, after seeing Jaehee's appearance, as you begin to go through her contacts, revealing "Jumin Han," then proceeds to press the Call button. "I'm going to call for help...Zen won't stay down for long...just, take your time, Jae. Don't strain need to keep yourself safe," you let out, lifting the phone onto her ear, listening to the sound of dialing.

    Jumin walks out of the bathroom of his penthouse, and sits on the edge of his bed, as Elizabeth 3rd lovingly walks into his lap, purring intensively. He smiles, gently petting his pet's soft, white fur, causing her paws to stretch out, curling her body into his lap. His gaze fixates itself onto her beautiful coat, though notices his phone ringing from his peripheral vision.

    Jumin carefully reaches over to where the phone is, and notices the picture of Jaehee flashing on his screen. His eyes widen, as he quickly answers the phone, thrusting it against his ear.

    "Jaehee. Is Zen still with you two? Has he-" he begins, but is cut off by the harsh tone of someone who wasn't Jaehee, catching him off-guard.

    "Jumin! Please, send help to Jaehee's house," you yell into the receiver, causing Jumin to create space between his ear and the phone, your elevated voice piercing into his thoughts.

    "It's you," Jumin responds, as he stops giving attention to his pet, causing her to meow inventively. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

    "No, we're not! Jaehee's badly injured! Zen has hurt her! That bastard hurt my love! Please, Jumin, send help right away! Hurry! We don't have much ti-" you stop mid-sentence, causing Jumin's eyes to widen in horror.

    "H-hey! Are you there? Cream! CREAM," Jumin yells out, quickly standing up from his bed, launching Elizabeth 3rd onto the floor, her blue eyes fixated on the stressed gaze of her owner.

    After a few seconds of silence, another voice appears on the line, catching Jumin's attention. His eyes widen even more, as a breathless, male voice speaks hauntingly.

    "You''re too late, Mr. Trust Fund Kid...she's...mine..." the voice speaks, then hangs up, leaving Jumin in a state of panic, a feeling he is not used to.

    "Hyun! HYUN," he yells out, noticing the call being dropped. His eyes strain from the stress of knowing that Zen is causing harm to the two of you, and upon instinct, he dials another number, and quickly places his phone against his ear.

    "Yes sir, Mr. Han," the voice answers, unknowing of what's happening.

    "Please, gather five of your men, as well as my assistant, and go to Ms. Kang's house! That's an order," Jumin yells out, his eyes trembling in fear of what has happened to his former assistant, as well as yourself.

    "But Mr. Han, Mr. Kim is in a meeting. You told him to not miss this on-" the voice says, before getting cut off by Jumin's elevated voice.

    "Get him out this instant! Ms. Kang and her friend are in trouble! This takes top priority! Find Mr. Kim, get your men, and head over to Jaehee's house, this instant! That's an order, chief of security," Jumin yells out in response, his free hand gripping his black hair, his eyes narrowed in sorrow and frustration.

    "Y-yes sir," the voice replies, hanging up from the call. Jumin paces his way towards the open window of his penthouse, staring into the beautiful horizon. After a few minutes of calming down, his eyes close, attempting to capture his emotions back into his soul. he looks at his phone, and dials yet another number, placing his phone on speaker.

    "H-huh? Jumin? Why are you calling me," the voice answers, curiously.

    "I need you to come to my penthouse, Luciel. It's about Hyun...he's over at Jaehee's house, with the two women. I fear for the worst," Jumin replies, hearing a gasp from the phone.

    "Huh?! I thought I was barred from your penthouse! What about my dear Elle," Seven asks, confusion filling his voice.

    "That matters not. Jaehee's safety, as well as her friend's, is top priority. Besides, I want to go over what we talked about with Hyun again, in person. I might need your skills in locating a possible kidnapping, as well. Knowing Hyun...he has already taken her," Jumin states, his usual, calm voice taking over his tone.

"W-what?! O-okay, I'm on my way," Seven responds, as he ends the call. Jumin sighs, and focuses his gaze onto the horizon again, his heart crackling from the pressure of the worry he is feeling towards you and Jaehee.

    Zen softly laughs, as he ends the call on Jaehee's phone, tossing it to her side, as he slides the syringe out from your neck, letting a small amount of blood to trickle down your skin. Your body becomes numb, as your vision begins to fade, the woman you love turning into a hazy mess.

    Jaehee's eyes widen, still strained from the pain in her stomach. Her vision retains its former state, allowing her to see the syringe Zen is holding in his hand, as well as your hollow eyes, as if all life has been drained from you.

    "C-Cream...what...did to bastard," she asks, softly, as she attempts to lift her upper body off of the ground, only to fall back down, the pain inside her still pulsing.

    "Oh, this little thing," Zen responds, waving the needle in the air. "It's a fairly potent muscle relaxer. She was making such a fuss, I had to use it. My new friend just didn't tell me how strong it was. It worked like a charm!"

    Zen throws the syringe onto the floor, then begins to lift your limp body up from the ground, placing one of your arms around his neck. Before he was about to fully pick you up, he feels as if your foot is snared by something, as if a tree branch has wrapped itself around your ankle. He looks down, and notices Jaehee's hands tightly gripping your tennis shoe, holding onto you for dear life.

    "Hey, come on, Jaehee. Just admit that you lost her. It will make things a lot easier," Zen says, both annoyed and happy, happy to see her struggle to keep her love with her.

    "Damn, she still has some strength in her...those blows I gave her should have knocked her out...well, she IS a black belt, so I shouldn't underestimate her...regardless, this attempt at keeping my princess is futile at best. All I have to do is..." Zen's train of thought trails off, as he leans down, untying your shoe lace.

    " imposter...I...I won't let you take...her...from me..." Jaehee replies, her grip on your shoe tightening, as if her life is depending on your safety. "No...I won't let you go, Cream...not since I now know you love me...I...I need to tell you I love you as well...I wouldn't be able to look at myself the same way if I don't...I...just have to hold onto you..." she thinks to herself, not realizing Zen's actions.

    She feels your foot loosening from the only thing keeping you to her, her tight grip keeping steady. Before she knows it, your foot slips out from your shoe, causing her grip to pull the precious artifact to her chest. She watches in horror as Zen lifts your ragdoll-like body into his arms, the back of your knees resting comfortably onto his forearm, while his other arm supports your back.

    "Oh? I'm an imposter now? I'm the same, lovely Zen as I always was...only, with a new perspective in life. Now, since my princess is finally in my arms, we can have a peaceful life, devoid of all negativity...and I have you to thank. Thank you for taking care of her for me, Jaehee...but, it's time that we take our leave," Zen replies, as he turns to the door, limping from the pain you caused in his ankle, long breaths leaving his chest, his stomach still aching from your kicks.

    The sorrow and anger building inside Jaehee creates an adrenaline rush, causing her arms to successfully pull her upper body from the ground, her palm pressing hard against your shoe, which is now touching the wooden flooring. As she struggles to keep her eyes on your unconscious face, her words escape her lips, full of fear and desperation. "Please...bring...her" she says, catching Zen's attention.

    "You just don't know when to quit, huh? Well...I guess I will give you a little message. I mean, I did promise that bastard hacker, Saeran..." Zen responds, clearing his throat, his head turning towards her. "If you want to get her back, come to Magenta. Come to Mint Eye. There, everyone will be, if you truly want to get her have to come to my new place. Just know...that if you attempt to..." Zen slowly turns his body, allowing Jaehee to see your face clearer, as her focus shifts from your hollow eyes, to his fierce, lethal gaze.

    "...Then I will personally end you. I have my princess...and no one will take her away from me," Zen finishes, as he turns back around, your long, loose hair flowing from the breeze of the open door.

    Jaehee's adrenaline causes her to maneuver herself onto her knees, but nothing more, knowing that in her current state, she can't move, or else the pain will intensify. Her hands clench your tennis shoe tightly, as if she does not want to lose the only thing she has left of you. " love...don't...go..." she lets out softly, tears rushing down her face, as she watches Zen's body turning down the sidewalk, until both you and him are out of her vision. After a few moments, she hears the sound of an engine starting, followed by the sound of tires squealing against the pavement, ending with the decrescendo of the engine, until it is no longer audible.

    Jaehee's lips quiver, as her heart feels as if it were breaking, knowing that Zen will not drive back, and deliver you back to her loving arms. Her gaze shifts down to your tennis shoe, remembering the loving moments that you two shared earlier in the day. The flirting. The intertwining of your fingers. The loving gazes you two shared. These are the memories she wants to remember, not the ones of her in pain, as she pitifully watches you attempt to overpower the man who was once her idol.

    Pulling your shoe close to her chest, Jaehee closes her eyes, trying to extract every ounce of love from the artifact into her soul, seeing if it will allow her to stand up on her own two feet again, much like how you helped her become the woman she is now. Instead, she feels loneliness, emptiness, sorrow...and determination.

    Fifteen minutes. That is how long it took for the limo to pull up to the side of Jaehee's house, from when Zen left. As soon as the engine turns off, several men, including Yoosung, frantically leave the vehicle, quickly making their way inside. "Guys, stay outside! I'll go check if everything's alright," Yoosung yells out, watching the security guards nod in response.

    As soon as Yoosung enters the house, his eyes widen, as his gaze focuses on the woman on her knees, clenching onto the tennis shoe, soft cries emitting from her voice. "J-Jaehee," he yells out, as he runs to her side, kneeling down, noticing the empty syringe on the floor, as well as the pile of vomit close to Jaehee's foot.

    "W-what happened, Jaehee," he asks, placing his soft hand against her back, attempting to sooth her. His heart feels twisted, hearing her cries, as he notices her hands trembling, gripping the shoe tightly.

    "She...she's gone, Yoosung...she...she's gone..." Jaehee lets out, her voice full of hurt and betrayal. "Zen...he took her...he took her away from me..."

    Yoosung continues to rub her back, as he looks around the room, trying to identify anything out of the ordinary, attempting to gather clues. "Don't worry. We will do everything in our power to bring your friend back. I promise," Yoosung says, cheerfully, sounding like his usual self.

    " friend? No...she's...she's not my friend, Yoosung...she's..." Jaehee trails off, quickly turning her head towards his, catching him off-guard, as he finally sees the true pain in her eyes, her face flustered with red, from the intense crying she did before the limo drove up. "She's the love of my life! I love her, and she loves me! She said it! She said that she's in love with me! How can that make us 'just friends'?!?"

    Yoosung's eyes widen, as he panics, distancing his face from hers, shocked by the sudden change in her voice, going from soft and gentle, to firm and full of passion. " love her? And she loves you back? I...I didn't know...though, now I think about was pretty straight-forward. I mean, I always thought you two were just really good friends, with how you supported each other, and Zen always had to corre-" Yoosung says, as he is cut-off by Jaehee's frantic pleads.

    "No! Don't say his name! Not now, not ever! He...he...he hurt me...fairly well, both physically...and mentally..." Jaehee snaps at the blond boy, as her voice quickly retracts itself to the soft tone she originally had, as she moves one of her hands to her stomach, wincing in pain from the touch.

    Yoosung begins to tear up, not knowing what to do, seeing her in this condition. "Okay...I won't say his name...I'm sorry...that we weren't able to make it in time. We didn't know...that he was already attacking you. I...I'm so there anything I can do right now?"

    Jaehee places the hand that was on her stomach on the ground, pressing her palm against the wooden flooring, attempting to straighten her legs out. "H-hey, let me help you," Yoosung says, as he quickly gets up, helping her onto her feet, her breathing intensifying from the lack of strength in her system.

    "Thank you...Yoosung...please, in the to the sink...there are some cylinders. In them...are tea leaves. Please, find the container...labeled "Recovery," place some leaves into...the round teaball...boil some water...and fix me a cup of tea...I will feel better...once I drink it..." Jaehee asks, weakly, as she staggers towards her bedroom, nearly falling back onto the ground, but regains her footing. "I...I'm going to...go change...out of these clothes...and hair a bit..."

    Yoosung raises his hand, attempting to help her out, but decides to move towards the kitchen, allowing her to have some peace. He quickly places the teapot of water onto the stove top, turning the dial on. "What...what the hell did Zen do to cause this much damage? Jaehee's strong...but she barely can barely stand...and why did he take her? This...doesn't make sense to there something Jumin is keeping from me? Or is it because of my work that I'm not able to see what was happening," Yoosung thinks to himself, as he places the tea leaves from the cylinder into the teaball.

    As he waits for the water to boil, Yoosung returns to the living room, and kneels down, investigating the syringe. "What the hell? It's empty," he says, as he leaves the syringe alone, knowing that, due to it's hollow casing, it was used.

    He then notices the crumpled piece of paper on the ground, as well as the eye-patch Zen was wearing earlier. He examines the eye-patch, noticing the small print on the inside. "Hmm...'You are Mint Eye. Never forget.' What does this mean...wait...Seven said something about Mint Eye at the after-meeting, after the party a few months there a connection here," he asks himself, placing the eye-patch in his dress-shirt pocket.

    He picks up the crumpled paper, struggling to open it up. Once it was decompressed, Yoosung begins to read the letter, his eyes widening from the strange words spoken. "What the hell is going on?! This 'Mint Eye' Zen a part of it now?! Is that why he's acting the way he is?! I...I have to show this to Jumin," he softly says, as he neatly folds the letter, placing it in the same pocket as the eye-patch, making sure that the adhesive isn't touching the paper.

    The teapot on the stove begins to whistle, as Yoosung takes the handle, and gently lifts the kettle from the burner, slowly pouring the steaming liquid into a coffee cup. He places the pot in the middle of the stove, to let the water cool down, and drops the teaball into the water, watching it slowly turn into different, rich colors of brown and dark red. Yoosung then pulls his phone out, dialing a number on the pad. Placing the phone against his ear, the blond boy looking back at the scene of conflict, worry in his eyes.

    "Yes, Mr. Han? It's me, Yoosung...oh, sorry...'Mr. Kim.', it doesn't look good here. Zen has kidnapped Jaehee's, not her friend. Did you know that they are in love with each other?!...oh, I knew for awhile, huh? It was kind of a shocker for me to find out...yes, of course, sir. Jaehee's badly injured. She's refreshing herself, so when she's done, I'll take her over right away...oh, and Mr. Han? I found a piece of paper that you might want to see...yes, sir. I'll send you a text saying we're on our way. Okay, bye," Yoosung ends the call, shoving his phone back into his pants pocket, as he stares into the cup of tea, watching it slowly brew, waiting for Jaehee to come out of her bedroom.

    Jaehee pounds her fist against the counter where her bathroom skin rests, her blood-shot eyes staring intensively into each other, through the mirror. "Damnit, Zen...what happened to you?! You used to be so nice, so caring...and now, you''re like a totally different person! You shouldn't have taken her away from me! It wasn't your right to separate us! I...I was going to confess myself to her. I even planned out a romantic dinner for us...but, now...that's not going to happen..." she thinks to herself, tears rushing down her face once again.

    She pours a cup of tap water into the cup she keeps next to the sink, and rinses her mouth out, attempting to remove the taste and scent of vomit from her senses. Spitting the discolored liquid into the sink, Jaehee takes the towel next to her, damping one end with the running water, and washes her face, removing the traces of bile on her skin, followed by her hair. " won't let this go unpunished...I'm certain that Yoosung will take me to Jumin's, knowing how worried he must be about the least Zen was nice enough to let us know where he is going to." she continues thinking, turning the faucet off, then begins to slowly remove her dirty clothes from her battered and bruised body, her legs shaking from the continuous pain.

    She then grabs her work-out clothes from her closet, which consist of black wind pants, which can unzip at the upper thigh, turning into a pair of shorts, and a tight, black tank top. Jaehee slowly makes her way to the edge of her bed, using it as a brace to slide her pants on, cringing at the pain of her stomach cramping up from stooping over, getting her legs into the sleeves.

    "I will bring you back, Cream. If...Zen thinks that he will 'end me' just like that, he has another thing coming. Besides, if you're able to do that much damage to him, being a novice at judo...who knows what I can do to him. All I that I will cause him such pain, that he will wish to never speak of the RFA again. I...I want to put him through the same pain he put through me...through us..." Jaehee claims in her head, toughing out the continuous pain surging through her body, as she slides her tank top over her large chest.

    "...wait for me, Cream. Your love for me will give me enough strength of ten men. I will use that get you back."