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More Than Friendship...

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    Jaehee places the tray of coffee down on the table, sitting back down on the cushion of the booth, sliding right up to your side, the outer edge of your thigh pressed firmly against hers. "It's alright. I forgive you, this time.'s your coffee," she says, blissfully handing you your cup of iced beverage.
    You feel the blood rush back into your cheeks, as you extend your hand out to grasp the cup, noticing Jaehee's loving gaze. You smile back, as your eyes close, your heart beginning to beat faster and faster. "T-thank you, Jae..." you respond, gently placing the cup in front of you.
    "You're very welcome, hon. Oh, and Zen, here's your cup," she says, turning her gaze towards Zen's, who's eye is locked on how close the two of you are sitting. "Thank you, Jaehee. Really...thank you," he lets out, taking the cup from her hands.
    "Really...if I knew it would have been this difficult to mess with their minds, I would have started a long time ago, in the chat room...ugh...just, that picture...really pissed me off. Seeing them this happy...I need that happiness...I need her. She belongs with me, not Jaehee. I will fix that...even if it means..." his mind trails off, staring at the dark liquid in the coffee cup.

    Jaehee feels her face tense up from looking at Zen's perplexed scene, but quickly breathes in, turning her head towards you, smiling. "So, what did you two end up talking about? I hope it wasn't anything bad about me," she asks, tilting her head.

    "We didn't talk bad about you behind your back, if that's what you meant," Zen said, lightly chuckling, taking a small sip from his cup, holding in a groan, from the bitterness of the coffee.

    Jaehee glances over at the short white-haired aggravation, noticing a slight change in his facial structure, shaking her head. "That's good to know...but, Zen...we have creamer on the table. If it's too strong, I suggest using some," she lets out, softly giggling.

    Your smile turns into a slight grin, as you take the straw from your coffee cup, placing your index finger against the opening, and pull it upwards, capturing the cold liquid inside it, via vacuum. You point the open end of the straw towards Jaehee's face, catching her attention. "Hey, Cookie...would you like to try mine? I know I will do the taste test of your coffee later, but still...I want you to try this first," you say, nervously.

    Jaehee's cheeks regain their deep-red blush, as she stares at the end of the straw. "A-are you sure, Cream? I's your coffee..."

    You nod your head, your gaze fixated on her own. She smiles back, slightly opening her mouth, placing her lips against the outside edge of the plastic, as you remove your finger from the other opening, allowing the cold coffee to pour into Jaehee's mouth. You slide the straw away from her, and watch her look upwards, analyzing the taste of the beverage. "Hmm...not bad. Though, I'm sure mine is better," she says, cockingly, gulping down the coffee.

    Your blush intensifies, as you place the end of the straw that Jaehee's lips didn't touch into the cup, so that you may place your lips where she did. Jaehee takes notice of your action, narrowing her eyes, as she places her own finger on the straw of her cup, and mimics what you have done, lifting the straw.
    "Well, if I tried your coffee, it's only natural for you to try mine. You know the flavor,'s common courtesy," she says, as you shyly open your mouth, bringing your lips closer to the straw.

    Jaehee's lips curl into a wicked smile, as she sways the end of the straw away from your mouth, causing you to move around, attempting to get the end between your lips. Jaehee's heart begins to beat quickly, knowing that she's having fun doing these actions with you.

    "Gosh, she's so cute trying to catch it...soon, she will know how I feel, and we will be able to do this all the time, without hesitation. If only Zen wasn't here..." she thinks to herself, as you finally clasp your pink lips against the straw, keeping it still, smiling.

    Jaehee retains her original smile, allowing the liquid to pour into your mouth, the rich taste of caramel and chocolate tingling your tongue. Jaehee quickly places the end of the straw into her own cup, much like what you did with yours, knowing that she will soon place her lips where yours was before.

    "Mmm...very nice...though," you trail off, tasting a slight overpowering sweetness to the coffee, swallowing the sample, "the caramel is a bit too strong. I think they added a bit too much to it..."

    "Really," Jaehee responds, her blush becoming ever so red, placing her lips onto her straw, her eyes closing in happiness. She takes a small drink from the cold beverage, tasting the flavor of the coffee. You take your cup, and lift it up to your glowing face, placing your own lips onto the straw, your heart fluttering by the sensation of finally getting a sample of Jaehee's taste.

    "Yes, it is a bit off-setting...but, it's alright. I'll drink it," she says, as you glance over at the cup. Her lips continue to wrap themselves around the straw, rolling it back and forth , attempting to absorb every millimeter of the area that your lips touched.

    You blink, in response to Jaehee's action, remembering what she did with her straw. The sensation in your cheeks grows stronger, as you roll the straw side to side, gently pressing your leg against hers, causing the smile on Jaehee's lips to grow a bit more.

    As you finish taking a drink from your delicious beverage, you set the cup down, and look towards your love interest. "Jae, could you stand up? I need to use the restroom this time."

    She pouts a bit, knowing that she has to move away from you to get up from the seat. Sighing, she slides out of the booth, allowing you to slide out, stretching your legs out, slightly rubbing your foot against her ankle. "Okay, but don't take too long. I don't want your coffee to get warmer," Jaehee says, giggling.

    You smile back, happily, your hands placed behind your waist, leaning forward. "I won't. Also...don't drink my coffee. I didn't touch your cup, so don't touch mine."
    Jaehee narrows her eyes, retaining her smile, as you spin around, and head towards the restroom. She gazes at your beautiful figure, each step you take bringing more happiness to her heart. She then takes her seat on the cushion, and notices Zen staring at his cup again, his eye twitching.

    "Zen? What's wrong," she asks, causing Zen to break his concentration, raising his gaze to her own. "Finally, I get a chance to talk with Jaehee...okay, Hyun, you got this...all you have to break her...maybe I can use what 'Cream' told me earlier...that she thinks Jaehee was going to reveal her feelings to her at that place..." he thinks, as he closes his eye, sighing.

    "Well...I was just thinking of what she and I were talking about while you were away...she told me about the conversation you two had when you walked up to that building," he lets out, his voice filled with sorrow.

    "Oh," Jaehee responds, her blush retaining it's former glory, "W-what did she say?"

    Zen's gaze lowered down to his cup again, his hand clenching the base tightly, causing the liquid to quake from the tension. "She made me promise not to tell you...but, as a friend, I feel like I should...but, she said she felt a bit uncomfortable with what you were talking about."

    Jaehee's eyes widen in disbelief. "W-what? What do you mean? That doesn't sound like her..." she trails off, her eyes lowered a bit, staring at the straw.

    "I know you love her, Jaehee. Trust me, I know...but, if she's feeling uncomfortable, then maybe you shouldn't reveal your feelings to her. I don't want your friendship with her to disappear because of a simple crush," he responds, lifting the cup of coffee towards his mouth, taking a sip from the bitter liquid.

    Jaehee's heart felt like it was cracking, as if the world she was imagining with her love interest was crumbling down. She feels her eyes watering, causing Zen to withhold a small grin. "I...I..." she finally says, looking at your cup, sorrow in her eyes.

    Her eyes then brighten up a bit, remembering all of the conversations you two had. The fun you two have enjoyed. The flirting that you two have exchanged recently. The many times her hands were entangled with your own. She then reaches over, taking your cup into her hand, picking it up, and taking a small sip through the straw, enjoying every second of the drink.
    Zen's eye widens, twitching a bit. "H-hey! She told you to not take a drink from that. Why didn't you respect her wishes," he lets out, his voice elevated a bit more than usual.

    Jaehee grins, setting the cup down, then glances into Zen's surprised eye, piercing his gaze with her own. "Well, with the kind of relationship that we are in, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me breaking a few rules. Besides...even though you told me this won't stop me from telling her my feelings."

    Zen grips the coffee cup tighter after hearing her words, his eye shaking in aggravation. "W-what? She told me that she was uncomfortable...why would you jeopardize your relationship with her by telling her those feelings," he says, his voice cracking between his words.

    "Easy," Jaehee lets out, smiling, as the blood in her face gathered together in her cheeks, "Because I believe in my heart that she will reciprocate them. You haven't seen us in the last two months, Zen. We've grown so close together, that the word "friends" won't be enough to explain it. We've created a bond stronger than friendship. Even if she rejects my words, we will still be the same, and I can be content with that. As long as I'm with her, I'm happy."

    Zen slides his free hand under the table, gripping it into a fist so tight, that his knuckles crack under the pressure. "You're right, I haven't...but I do know what she told me. That's all that I will say...I don't want you to get mad at me, because I know that I've already caused you a bit of harm...but, I just wanted to tell you that," he says, his breathing intensifying, his heart full of rage.

    "I understand the thought, Zen," Jaehee responds, turning her smile to a stoic frown, her eyes piercing into his gaze once more, "but if you do anything to get in the way with me and my Cream again, I will personally see to it that you will regret it."

    "Shit...damnit...shit, shit, shit! I almost had her! Why do they have to be in love with each other so much!?! I...I had a was going to work...but their too strong to break! Fuck! I...I can't do anything about it! I'm...I'm going to lose my princess," Zen thinks to himself, the color in his eye losing it's intensity.

    "...Okay, Jaehee. I will drop the subject. The last thing I want to do is cross someone as talented as, if you wish to tell her your feelings, then go for it. Just, don't do it around me. Please," he requests, finishing the cup of coffee in front of him.

    As Jaehee nods, she feels a soft caress on her shoulder, instantly bringing a smile to her face. She turns her head, knowing it was you, seeing your beautiful smile. "I can tell you drank from my cup, Cookie. I remembered which position the straw was in."

    Jaehee blushes and giggles, as she stands up to let you in. "You're right, sorry. I just wanted to taste it again. I couldn't resist...oh, and hon," she begins to ask, placing her arm around your waist before you sit down, pulling your body closer to hers, her soft hand gripping your skin softly.

    Your face instantly becomes red, as you gaze into her loving, amber eyes. "Y-yeah, Jaehee," you ask, your words trembling from embarrassment.

    She tilts her head, her soft smile pleasantly placed onto her lips. "The conversation we were having earlier, before Zen walked up...were you uncomfortable with it?"

    Zen's eye opened wide, the fist he was clenching under the table loosening it's grip, falling limp on his knee, his heart breaking. "God...damn it, called my bluff. I...I don't know what to do anymore...I lost, again...I lost...I...lost..." he thinks to himself, staring at the empty coffee cup.

    Without a smile, you simply shake your head, slightly, your gaze fixated on Jaehee's glowing eyes. "N-no... I wasn't uncomfortable. In fact, I was really happy with what was being said," you let out, softly, as you feel Jaehee's hand grip your side tighter, her smile slowly growing.

    Jaehee then turns her gaze to Zen, who looks like he is an empty shell of his former self. He avoids eye contact, focusing on the coffee cup. "You two...go ahead...I'm going to stay here for awhile...don't worry about me..." he says, weakly, as if he has no more energy left inside him to speak.

    The two of you look at each other, but without worry. Knowing what the conversations you each had with him ended up being about, you two didn't care what he would do next. You both knew that he tried to stall, or even end, your possible relationship, but you prevailed. You nod at Zen, thanking him for his time, as you take both cups of coffee, handing Jaehee's cup to her.

    Jaehee takes one more glance at Zen's defeated look, sighing, then follows you out of the coffee shop, your hands entangling with Jaehee's once you're out on the sidewalk. "That...was awkward," you let out, letting a big breath escape from your lungs.

    "Tell me about it...when Jumin said he thought that Zen was acting strange, he wasn't kidding," Jaehee responds, taking another sip from her coffee. "Oh, hon," she then says, catching your attention.

    "Yeah? What's up, Cookie," you ask, smiling, your heart fluttering, wondering if Jaehee will continue talking about before.

    "About our conversation...I was hoping, could we wait until we get back to our house? I want to make you that cup of coffee really bad now. Once you taste it, then we will talk," Jaehee responds, smiling, as her blush retains itself on her cheeks.

    You huff, glaring into her eyes. "Well, that's no fun! I was really hoping we could continue talking, since you said you wanted to wait until Zen was gone...anticipation is not a good feeling..." you let out, sticking your tongue out at her, slightly annoyed.

    She giggles to your reaction, squeezing your hand tight. "I know, I know...but, after talking with Zen, I thought...I wanted it to be a special conversation. I was patient with my analysis on you, so please, be patient with me for another hour or so," she says, pulling your body closer to hers, so her forehead could rest against your own.

    Flustered, you nod, gazing again into her adorable eyes, as the two of you make your way towards the car, with only an hour separating you, and Jaehee's feelings.

    Meanwhile, Zen continues to stare at the empty cup, still in disbelief of what happened in front of him. "I...I was going to win this time...she was going to be mine, not hers. I...I can't accept defeat...I simply can't..." he mutters to himself, as he slowly opens his left eye, the eye that was covered by the eye patch, his covered eye being closed the entire time, not being used to having a patch over it. His eyes widen a bit, as he is greeted by a message on the patch, one that only he could see.
    "You are Mint Eye. Never forget."

    He then pulls out the letter that The Savior left for him, rereading the words that were written. As he reads, a memory of the past came back to him. One that causes him to smile a bit.

    Zen began to practice a few punches and kicks, attempting to keep his body in shape, regardless of being held captive in his cell at Mint Eye. "I have to keep my figure up, or else, my princess wouldn't look at me," he muttered to himself, as his peripheral caught Saeran entering the cell, polishing the pistol he always kept with him.
    "So, trying to keep your strength up, Hyun," Saeran asked, smiling, as he continued to take his rag, wiping the muzzle of the pistol.

    "Well, if I want to gain the attention of our maiden, I need to keep my workouts going. I don't want to slack off, and be unappealing to her," Zen responded, as he practiced a few quick jabs with his right fist.

    Saeran placed his gun on the table, as he crossed his arms across his chest, leaning against the cell bars. "Well, that does make the way, how are you going to make all this work, Hyun? I would like to know..."

    Zen stopped his punches, and turned towards the pink-haired boy, his simple, gloating grin plastured onto his face. "Well, it's easy. I don't want to cause harm to the maiden, and even though I feel a bit of hatred for Jaehee for taking her away from me, I don't want to harm her either, physically. So, I came up with a plan to try and separate the two, psychologically. I was able to make Jaehee become the woman she is...and I can rebuild her to how she was before. I just need to break her heart."

    Saeran frowned, raising an eyebrow at Zen, displeased. "Really? You wouldn't harm them? Even if they resist your mental games? I don't give a rat's ass if you beat the hell out of them, as long as the maiden comes back alive. That's the orders from The Savior. Besides..." Saeran's frown raised to a devilish grin, "I wouldn't mind seeing the maiden with a few bruises on her."

    Zen quickly glared at Saeran, gritting his teeth. "Don't you even think for a second that I will harm my princess! If anything happens to her, I will hold you responsible!"

    Saeran lifted his hands up, waving them side to side. "Okay, okay, tough guy...I won't touch her. I'm just saying, I'd like it if I got to see the fierce side of you. You know...'The Beast' as you periodically said in the messenger."

    Zen lowered his arms, continuing to glare into Saeran's hollow, mint-green eyes. "I won't unleash the beast inside me. I can do it without hurting anyone."

    Saeran laughed, as he grabbed his gun again, continuing to polish it, walking out of the cell, closing the barred door, locking it. "Yeah, yeah...but, still, don't can use force if needed."

    Before Zen could finish rereading the note, he quickly crumples the paper into his fist, and leaves the coffee shop in a rush, making his way towards the white van parked a few blocks away. "I...I won't lose...not this time...I...I have to...I have to do everything I can to get my princess back! You two thought you won again, like in the past...but not this time," he yells out, determination in his eyes.

    As you and Jaehee park into the garage, you untangle your fingers away from her grasp, smiling at her. "Come on, let's hurry! You still have to make that cup for me," you let out, excitingly.

    Jaehee lets out a simple giggle, closing the car door behind her, escorting you to the door to the house. "Of course, hon. I think both of us are excited for what I'm going to say. But, we still need to brew that cup...I'll head to the kitchen right away, so please, relax on the couch."

    You nod, gently pressing your index finger against the tip of her nose, causing her blush to surface once more, another giggle escaping from her mouth. "Don't take too long, or else, I'll come in there, and tickle you until you spill the beans," you jokingly say, making your way down the hallway, to the living room.

    Jaehee watches you blissfully stride towards the room, her eyes narrowed into tiny slits, a soft smile creeping up on her lips. "Don't worry, Cream...once we talk, I'm sure we will have an incredible night together...I can feel it..." she says to herself, clenching her shirt with her fingers, as she makes her way to the kitchen.

    After ten minutes of patience, you lean your arm against the armrest, turning your head towards the kitchen. "Come on, Jae! How much longer," you ask, tapping your heel onto the floor repeatedly.

    You watch your love interest walk towards you, holding a steaming cup of coffee in her hand, her face flushed with red, and places the cup into your hands. "Here you go, hon. Sorry to keep you waiting..."

    You smile excitingly, as you feel Jaehee sit right next to you, her leg pressed firmly against your bare skin. "I forgive you, Jae. Besides, I was only halfway joking about tickling you..." you let out, giggling, as you take a small sip from the hot cup, tasting the wonderful flavors of chocolate and mint against your tongue.

    " know what, Jaehee? This a million times better than that iced coffee," you say, blissfully. You see Jaehee's loving eyes transcend into yours, as she takes your cup, and places it onto the table, taking your hand into hers, entangling your fingers with her again, much like before.

    "I'm glad you think, about my analysis..." she begins, as both of your faces glow with radiance, the red tint of your cheeks reflecting each others.

    "Y-yes, were going to say something...something that began with the letter 'L,'" you respond, gripping your hands tighter around hers.
    You knew what was going to happen. She was going to tell her she loves you. You could feel it. The warmth of her hands. The love in her eyes. The way her actions speak her words. You just knew...that it was going to happen. You could feel Jaehee's pulse quickening through her hands, knowing the excitement brewing inside her.

    "Well...after careful calculation, as well as enjoying every second of our friendship, I came to realize...that we might be more than just friends. I think that, we...we both...lo-"
Jaehee stops mid-sentence, as a knock on the door is sounded from the entrance to the house.

    Your eye twitches from the sound of Jaehee's interruption, as you can tell Jaehee's annoyance growing. You simply stand up, a stoic look placed onto your face. "Don't worry, Jaehee...I will send this person away...and you will finish your sentence..." you trail off, storming your way to the front door.

    Jaehee watches you make your way to the front door, her heart pounding from the adrenaline that was building up inside, only to be cut off by the alarming sound of the knock. "Yes...please, hurry, my love..." she spoke silently, her gaze never leaving your body.

    You swing the door open, angrily, as you are greeted by the one face that you never thought you would see again.


    "What the hell are you doing here, Zen?! I thought you were still at the coffee shop!! Jaehee and I are having an important conversation about our lives," you yell out, causing Jaehee's heart to skip, feeling the passion in your voice.

    "I know, I know...I just had some time to think about it, and yes," Zen begins, looking you directly in the eyes, "I was a total jerk...I don't deserve to be friends with you, and I can understand if you don't want to...but, there was one last thing I wish to apologize for. To Jaehee..."

    You sigh, only wanting Zen to leave them alone, so Jaehee could confess herself to you. You have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Though, knowing Zen, he might come back time and time again to interrupt you two.

    "Fine...but make it quick. If you take longer than thirty seconds, we are no longer friends," you snap back, moving away from the doorway, allowing Zen inside.

    "Thank you, so much..." Zen responds, moving his way to the living room, where Jaehee stands up, her serious facial structure matching her tone.

    "Zen, I thought I told you, if you-" Jaehee begins, but is cut off by Zen's arm being placed on her shoulder. "I know, Jaehee...I just wanted to apologize for one last thing, before I leave you two alone for good..."

    Her gaze lowers, her guard letting down slightly from the sound of his voice. So soothing, and full of sorrow. "Okay...what is it,"

    Zen smiles, as Jaehee senses a hint of relief in his gaze, as he leans in, his lips close to her ear. "I apologize...for not doing this sooner..." Zen whispers... he forces his fist into Jaehee's stomach, sucker punching her with all of his strength.