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More Than Friendship...

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    You slowly open your eyes, adjusting to the sight of the looping menu of Zen's musical, feeling a nice warmth against your side. "Huh...did I...pass out..." you think to yourself, trying to turn your head. "This feels nice...but what is going on..." you continue to think, trying to turn your head enough to use your peripheral vision. You slightly gasp once you realized that the reason you cannot turn your head is because Jaehee is resting her head against yours. You begin to blush deeply, your heart beating faster and faster.

    "Jae...hee...are you awake?" you ask, softly. As soon as you say these words, she stirs a bit, yawning, then lifts her head from yours, looking into your eyes. "Hey, clunked out pretty easy. Did the DVD bore you," she asks you, looking a bit sad. You shake your head, smiling. "No, didn't bore me. I was just tired from moving...besides, sitting next to you on this couch relieved any kind of stress, so...I just kinda...fell asleep."

    Jaehee smiles back, laughing. "That's good. I was really hoping you could enjoy every second of the musical, but I guess the body wants what the body wants." You laugh back, nuzzling her shoulder more. "Yep, that's true," you let out happily. Jaehee blushes a bit, then looks at her phone, checking the time. "'s not even 4PM. We might be able to do some shopping!" You pop your eyes wide open, getting up, remembering that she wants to find new clothes for Jaehee. "You're right! But...first..." you feel your stomach growl, which in turns, makes Jaehee giggle. "You're hungry too, huh? Well, I did make a list of restaurants to try out. Let's go for one! My treat," she says, sweetly. You smile back, just as sweet. "Well, if you say so, Jae! Let's go!"

    As the two of you buckle your seat belts, Jaehee looks towards you, smiling. "You do like to talk in your sleep..." You blush, looking down. "Do I? Did...I say anything weird?" Jaehee laughs, shaking her head. "No, you didn't. But, you did talk a lot about the guys. Kind of made me jealous," she lets out, laughing nervously. You laugh in response, not knowing if her laughing was funny or cute. "Well, I have been talking about you since we've met. It's about time the boys got some spotlight. So, what did I say about them?" Jaehee starts the car, and begins to drive out onto the road. "Hmm...well, you were talking about Yoosung getting in the way with something..."

    You blush instantly, remembering how many times Yoosung has stated that you and Jaehee are such good friends, despite your attempts to flirt with her, such as saying she's very attractive. Jaehee turns to see you blush, then smiles softly. "What was he getting in the way of," she asks, giggling. You violently shake your head side to side. "No-nothing! He was just getting in the way of his own education. Yeah, that's it!" She laughs in response, then continues to look down the road. "And said something about a bottle of soda...what's up with that?" You continue to blush, looking up at her. "He was using it as a metaphor. How to deal with life's issues. Nothing special..." you trail off, looking down.

    Jaehee takes notice of your gaze, still smiling. "That's good. Zen does have a way with giving advice. I mean...that's how I was able do I put it...'break free of Jumin's grasp?'" You look up, smiling. "Yeah, that's right...he did help out with that, huh? I mean, I know I got a little jealous when he gave you that hand mill as a gift...but I know it was the best thing that could have happened to you at that point. You were so sad..." you tear up slightly, smiling more. "I'm glad Zen is such a good friend to you, as well to myself," you softly let out. Jaehee places her palm against your back, rubbing it softly. "Me too..." she says, seeing you enjoy the small back rub.

    "Anyways," you say, "what kind of restaurant are we going to?" Jaehee places her hand into her purse, pulling out a pamphlet. "It isn't much, but I've always wanted to try this Italian-themed restaurant. I saw this one dish they advertised called 'chicken parmigiana.'" You think, then beam up. "Oh, yeah! I remember hearing about that dish! It's breaded chicken, topped with mozzarella, with noodles, right?!" Jaehee smiles, nodding. "Yes, that's the one. I take it you want to try it as well?" You hold up your hands into fists, resting them just below your chin, looking at Jaehee. "Mmhmm! It sounds yummy!" She laughs, patting your head. "Well, after we try it, I'll look up a recipe for it...oh, hey, speaking of which, here we are."

    As the two of you climb out of the car, you stare at Jaehee's black turtleneck. Jaehee catches your glare, and blushes slightly. "Uhm...what's wrong? Is something on me?" You shake your head, waving your finger in the air. "I'm just coming up with ideas of what you can wear. I'm thinking something...light, like a peach tint." Jaehee blushes a bit more, looking down at her attire. "I...I don't know...but we can find out after we eat...let's go in," she lets out nervously, holding the door open for you. "Oh, such a gentlewoman," you cackle, jokingly. Jaehee lightly smacks the back of your head, making you cackle more. As soon as you two enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a handsome man, wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie. "Hello, and welcome, you two. Will it be just you two dining?"

    Jaehee smiles, bowing her head. "Hello to you, as well, and yes, just us two." He smiles, grabbing two menus from the booth, and takes you two to a table, set up with a nice, white tablecloth, two sets of silverware, and a lit candle in the middle. "Please, take your seats. Your waiter will come soon to ask for your drinks." The man bowed his head, then took off back to the front of the restaurant. "Wow..." you let out, admiring the atmosphere. "It's really fancy...kind of romantic, huh, Jae?" You turn to look at her, noticing that she's still blushing, looking nervous. "Heh...heh...yeah, romantic...I didn't expect this place to look like this, to be honest..." You begin to blush as well, sensing how nervous Jaehee is about the atmosphere.

    " there anything you want to know about me?" You let out, still blushing. Jaehee looks up, seeing you blush as well, which causes her nervousness to ease, knowing both of you feel slightly uneasy about the aura of the restaurant. "Well...I know you told me you draw and paint...but, what else do you do? Like...what were you doing before you were going to move here?" You look up, pondering about your past. "Hmm...well...I was working at this art store. I kind of left that workplace, though, because the environment was a little...hostile." You look down, slightly misty-eyed, worrying Jaehee. "Hostile? What do you mean," she states, locking eyes with you. "Well..." you begin, "it was just a bit chaotic in that store. Nothing was in the right place, customers complained a lot...and the management didn't seem to care about their employees. I managed to stay with them for a full year...but I just had to leave..."

    Jaehee tears up, taking your hand, startling you. "Oh, my dear...I'm so sorry to hear about that why you were able to help me out with my old job? Your situation sounded a lot like what mine was..." You smile softly, gripping her hand. "Well, my experience did help out a bit. But, I mainly was able to help you out because...I just felt a strong connection to you." Jaehee smiles softly as well, and was about to say something, but was interrupted by the waiter, whose presence startled her so much, she quickly retracted her hand, leaving your touch feel hollow. "Hello, you two. I will be your waiter this evening...did I interrupt something?" Jaehee closes her eyes, shaking her head. "No, it's fine." The waiter smiles, slightly nodding. "Very well. May I ask what you would like to drink?"

    Jaehee looks up at the waiter, smiling. "I'll take a glass of tea, thank you." The waiter nods, and turns his attention towards you, stating the same question. You hesitate a bit, still holding your hand in the same place that Jaehee left it. "'ll take the same..." Jaehee takes notice of your state, worrying again. As the waiter walks away to grab the two teas, Jaehee holds her hand up to your face, snapping. "Hey...hey...are you alright?"

    "Why...why did you suddenly move your hand away from mine? Is it because we're in public...yes, that has to be a place like this, who knows what will happen if something...bad happens..." you think to yourself, finally snapping back to reality, shaking her head. "I'm..I'm sorry, Jae. I'm bad at spacing out...sorry..." She sighs, then smiles, placing her hand back onto yours, patting it. "It's okay, I understand." You smile back, watching the waiter place the glasses in front of you two. "Here you go, ladies. Now, do you know what you would like to eat?" You both smile at each other again, nod, and both turn to the waiter, simultaneously stating, "chicken parmigiana!" The waiter shutters from the excitement you two. but smiles, and walks towards the back.

    You blush at Jaehee, who in returns, blushes back, after noticing both of you saying it at the same time. "We...we really wanted it, huh?" You let out, nervously giggling. She giggles back, rubbing the back of her head. "Well, it did sound good..." Jaehee takes a sip of her tea, then smiles. "Hey," she begins, looking you in the eyes, "you said you were an artist...what kind of art do you really do? I mean, not just drawing and painting. Like...what do you draw?" You slightly choke on the tea you were drinking, surprised by the question. "Uhm...well, when I draw, I like to draw anime-ish like pictures. I was a fan of Japanese anime for a long time, since I was a kid, so I ended up drawing it non-stop..." Jaehee smiles softly, resting her elbow on the table, her chin resting on her palm. "Go on..." she lets out, gently. You blush a bit more, looking down. "And..." you continue, "when I paint, I mainly paint what's on my mind. Kind of like abstract art...but with a least, I think...I've never really shown my art to anyone..."

    Jaehee giggles as you say this, her eyes glistening in the light. "Well...can I be the first one to see them? I promise not to make fun of them..." Your blush becomes deep red, as you close your eyes, your heart beating faster and faster. "Uhm...okay, Jae...I can show you when we get back to our place, but I won't show you your gift yet." Jaehee laughs, smiling more. "It's okay, my dear. I know you want to finish it. I just...want to understand you more, and I think your drawing can help me with that..." As you begin to wipe your teary eyes, the waiter comes back, caring two, steaming plates of food, and places them in front of the two of you. "Enjoy your dinner, my ladies. If you need anything else, just let me know...oh, and here's your bread." He places a basket of garlic bread to the side of the table, then walks away.

    Both of you smell the food, saliva building up inside your mouth. "Alright, Jae...but first, let's eat! I can't wait to try this!" Jaehee nods, and reaches for some of the bread, right as you do. Both of you blush as your hands meet each other, your fingers slightly intertwining with hers. You both freeze, not knowing what to do. After a few seconds, Jaehee slowly retracts her hand, then grabs a piece of bread, placing it into your hand. "" You notice that she refuses to make eye contact, while her blush deepens, making your heart race faster.

    "Why...why does this always happen?" Jaehee thinks to herself, her mind still in mild shock, "She's my best friend...but, why does she make my heart fill with happiness every time we touch? Is this seriously what it feels genuinely like someone? My other dates never made me feel this way...why do I feel this...what...should I do?"

    You smile softly, taking the bread, and return it to her hand, having her snap out of her trance. "No, have it. Consider this your first real gift from me," you let out, cheerfully. Jaehee begins to tear up again, but quickly brushes the tears away. "O-okay...thank, let's finish our food before it gets cold..." As the two of you begin to eat your chicken parmigiana, you keep noticing Jaehee taking glances at you, her blush remaining, which in turn, brings a smile to your face.

    After about an hour after you two ordered your meals, you and Jaehee get back into the car, and begin to drive towards the clothing store. "Oh, my...I'm stuffed...they gave us so much bread," you let out, slowly, rubbing your belly. Jaehee smiles at you, giggling. "It was good, wasn't it? Now I definitely have to make you some from scratch...oh, maybe I can get you some clothes to wear as well! I don't want to be the only one to change my look." You blush slightly, smiling back at her. "Alright! Sounds like a plan, the way, are you okay? You were kind of quiet once we started eating..." Jaehee glances at your eyes, noticing that you're a little worried. She shakes her head, blushing slightly. "It's nothing, I was just, what kind of clothes do you like to wear?" You look up, thinking, "Well...I don't know. I was just going to suggest clothes for why not suggest some to me when we get there?"

    Jaehee softly smiles, nodding, as she pulls into the parking lot of the store. "Even though it's late, their website shows that their opening hours are pretty late into the night, so we won't have to be pressured for time." You giggle, smiling. "Well, that's good...let's go in!" You take Jaehee's hand, and hurries her into the store, making her blush again, her eyes locked onto your hand, holding onto your grasp.

    As soon as you two walk into the store, you immediately rush over to a section, looking through a set of light-colored tops. Jaehee shortly follows, still looking at her hand, then notices you holding a soft, frilly, yellow top. "What do you think of this, Jae? I think it'll look cute on you!" She blushes again, looking at the top, then back at you. " you really think so? I don't think I can get used to wearing" You laugh, handing the top to her, and continues to look through the section. "Oh, Jae, the whole reason we're here is to change your look. You said so yourself that you wanted to change it. I'm just here to help...oh, how about this as well?" She picks up a peach-colored sundress, which makes Jaehee tilt her head. "Um...actually...I think that will look better on you..."

    You begin to blush as well, nervously laughing. "Really? Well, I guess I'll try this one on...but I think you need one as about this?" You pull out the same kind of sundress, except this one is a soft yellow, much like the first top you picked out. Jaehee blushes again, quickly taking the dress. "I...I guess I'll try this one on..." You smile, happily, as the two of you continue to pick out clothing for each other.
    After the two of you find several articles of clothing to try on, you both stand in front of the changing area. You sit yourself down on the bench, holding onto the choices Jaehee made for you. "Go ahead and go first. I'm really anxious to see how you look..." Jaehee quickly turns, and walks towards the changing room, making sure that you don't notice her deep red blush. "Okay...just, don't make fun of me when I come out..." She enters the room, locking it, then sets her clothes down.

    As she begins to take her turtleneck off, her blush retains it's color, her eyes glued onto the sundress. "This...this is the first time of me wearing such clothing...I hope I don't look weird in it..." She folds her turtleneck on the chair, then takes the sundress, and pulls it over her, watching the loose fabric dangle beneath her, but notices her chest revealing some cleavage, making her blush more. "R-really?! I knew my chest size was large, but...this is definitely weird...I hope she doesn't mind..." She thinks to herself, nervously shifting the dress to cover some of the cleavage. Jaehee then shakily reaches out for the handle, slowly turning it.

    You notice the handle turning, and your gaze immediately focuses on the door. As the door opens, you notice a woman different than what you've seen before...the woman is more beautiful, more elegant, than before. You then take note of Jaehee's cleavage, bringing a deep blush to your face, trying to avoid eye contact with it. Finally, your eyes meet Jaehee's, who's blushing as much as you are, avoiding eye contact with your own. "W...well...what do you think?" She asks, trembling. You stand up, slowly walking towards her, teary-eyed. " look...beautiful..." Before you are able to approach her, she quickly returns to the room, startling you, though you notice tears running down her face as she closes the door. You stand there, startled, motionless, not understanding what happened. You quickly go to the door, lightly knocking on the door. "Jae...are you...alright? Was it something I said...something I did?"

    Jaehee quickly takes the sundress off, placing it onto the chair, but then slides to the ground, her back against the wall, hugging her legs. "I...I'm alright...just...give me time..." As you hear these words, you sense that she's upset, and you slide yourself against the wall, next to the door opening, hugging your own legs. "I...I understand, Jaehee...I'll wait out here...but I meant what I said..."

    Jaehee begins to softly cry, smiling. "What...what the hell is this...why am I feeling this way?! I just don't understand...why do I feel this way towards a woman?! It's not natural! Why do I..." Jaehee suddenly opens her eyes wide, letting her hands drop to the floor, her face expressionless, "...why do I care about her so much? I...I thought we were going to be just friends...but this feeling...I understand a little bit now...this feeling...but...I don't want to say anything about it...not just yet...focus, Jaehee, focus..." She wipes her eyes, softly smiling, remembering your face as you looked at her figure in the sundress. "And...she didn't mention my chest...I'm sure she noticed...but I feel more confident now..." She stands up, and puts on the frilly, yellow top, admiring how it looks around her. "As long as she likes it...I'm happy. I guess this is what it means to be...heh..."

    You stand up instantly, hearing the door open, as Jaehee smiles, twirling around slowly. "What about this one? It's not as revealing, but...I kind of like it. You?" You blush, smiling. " look great in anything." As you say this, you quickly feel her embrace, your head gently placed on her chest. You can hear her heart racing, which starts your heart to race as well. "Thank you...I'm more confident in wearing such clothing...thank you, my dear...thank you..." You return the embrace, confused. "First, you were incredibly you're excited...what's going on in your head, Jae..." you think to yourself, feeling how soft her skin is against your head for the first time. Jaehee releases her embrace, then quickly returns to the changing room. "I can't wait to show you the rest...then you get to try yours on!" She lets out, happily, as she closes the door.

    You are bewildered. You stand there, shocked on how much Jaehee can change in the blink of an eye. You then remember Zen's soda bottle metaphor, then realize...her emotions probably burst open, but was able to contain the pressure. You then sit back down on the bench, still confused. "Really...what's going on in your head, Jae..." you softly say.

    Jaehee walks out of the changing room, carrying all of the clothing she tried on. "Well, it looks like I'm going to buy all of these...huh? Are you alright?" She notices you, lost in thought. You then quickly glance at her happy face, then smile softly. "I'm alright. I'm just happy to see you this excited...I'm glad we're doing this. Guess it's my turn to try these out. I'll try not to take long." Jaehee smiles back, happily. "Take your time, my dear," she says, her eyes glistening. You walk into the room, closing it behind you, as you take your gray sweater off. You quickly slide the sundress on, adjusting how it fits. " that I think about it...I think Jaehee's chest is larger than mine...I mean, it suits her body...I kinda like it..." you think to yourself, smiling. You never thought about being sexually attracted towards another woman, but Jaehee...she's like an angel to you. Seeing her in the sundress made you extremely happy, allowing you to admire her beauty more and more.

    You open the door, noticing Jaehee's glare focused on the door, then towards you. Her eyes grow wider, glistening in the florescent lighting. " look incredible. Beautiful, even...I knew you'd look great in it!" You blush deeply, then smile. "Thank you. Though, I don't know who's more beautiful, me or you..." Jaehee's smile widens. "Of course, you are...but if you find me beautiful...I'm alright with that," she says, happily.

    Your smile widens as well, walking back into the dressing room to change back. "Hmm...I think I'll just try everything else on in here, then we can make our purchases. I'll be wearing this clothes all time, just so you can admire them," you let out loudly, so Jaehee could hear you.

    "I hope for it," Jaehee responds, tearing up. "She called me 'beautiful' one has ever called me that before...not even Zen. And...I meant it when I called you 'beautiful'...I think you're the first one that I can even consider to be beautiful...I mean, Zen is attractive, but only like how a fan finds their idol attractive...I've never been...attracted to someone like this...and to a female, at that...God, this is...this is strange...but I like it...I like...her..," Jaehee thinks to herself, feeling a small stream of tears rolling down her cheek.

    As you walk out of the dressing room, you notice Jaehee looking at her phone, smiling. "Hey, Jae, I'm done...what are you looking at on there?" She blushes, and quickly puts her phone into her pocket, panicking. "N-nothing! I was just reading some of the messages the boys have been posting on the messenger," she lets out, standing up. You tilt your head, looking curious. "Oh," you begin, "It has been awhile since we've been on. Anything interesting?" Jaehee laughs, leading you towards the front of the store. "Not really," she responds, "Seven is still Seven, messing with Zen and Yoosung. It also looks like Yoosung has begun his internship with Jumin...I feel for him." Jaehee sighs, as she places her clothes on the counter, allowing the cashier to ring them up.

    "I'll pay for yours, if you pay for mine," you state, smiling. Jaehee blushes again, softly smiling. "Um...if you want to," she begins, nervously, "but I think my clothes cost picked out a lot of them for me..." You laugh, rubbing the back of your head. "Eh, I don't mind. Consider it another gift for you," you let out, pulling your credit card from your purse. Jaehee laughs as well, shaking her head. "Are you still going on about Zen's gift? You've already done better than him just by coming into my life."

    You stop, blushing. "R-really? T-thank you, Jae..." you say softly, as you swipe your card through the machine to make the purchase. As you take the bags holding Jaehee's clothing, you watch as she happily watches every article of clothing pass by the scanner, her eyes seeming to be at peace. "Seriously...what's going on in there, first, you were really hesitant about any sign of, it seems you're more open about it...I love you, more than the world...but, why can't I grasp what you're thinking about? You were cute before...but're more...loving...wait..." you stop thinking, and almost drop your bags, gripping them tightly, as Jaehee's gaze moves to your eyes, her soft smile increasing in size.

    " way...does...does she actually love me right now? Is this a dream? Am I thinking straight? Jaehee, the woman I love...loves me back? There...there has to be something else...there's no way she could just press a switch, and be in love with me all of a sudden..."

    Jaehee pokes your forehead, snapping you back into reality, causing you to shake your head violently. "W-what was that for, Jae," you say, hastily. She laughs, walking out of the store. "You kept staring at me. How else was I supposed to react? Besides, it occurred to me..."

    You blink, quickly following her out of the store. "Huh? What's that," you ask, confused. Jaehee smirks, continuing to face the direction she's walking. "You," she begins, "...have beautiful eyes." Your eyes grow wide as you hear her words. "Jaehee...," you respond, "...I was going to say that...but about your amber eyes..." She smiles, blushing a bit, while opening the door. "I'm...glad you think so," she softly says back, placing your clothes in the back seat, "I mean, you were staring at them for the longest time..."

    You blush as well, placing her clothes in the back seat as well, then sit in the passenger seat, buckling up. "Come on, let's go home," Jaehee begins, "so that we can get some sleep. It's been a busy day...let's rest up tomorrow. We can just stay home...keeping ourselves company..."

    Your blush deepens, looking down at your lap. "That...sounds nice, Jae...but yes, sleep does sound good." Jaehee nods, and begins to drive towards the house. "You can fall asleep if you want. I'll wake you up if-" She stops, as she notices you already passed out in the seat. A deep, red blush erupts on her face, tears forming into her eyes. "My dear...," Jaehee begins, "'re always going to be an angel to me. Always..."

    As the car pulls into the driveway, you feel a slight nudge on your shoulder. "Hey...hey, sleepyhead. We're home," Jaehee softly says, stirring you from your sleep. "Huh? Oh...thanks, Jae..." You softly rub your eyes, opening the door, taking the bag of clothes you bought for Jaehee. As you stumble towards the door, Jaehee quickly braces your body, guiding you, while holding your bag of clothing. "Wow, you're really tired...good thing we got home when we did. You would have been dead tired if we stayed later..." Jaehee lets out, jokingly, as the two of you exchange bags.

    You softly laugh at her remark, watching her open the door. You then take your shoes off, and slowly make your way to your bed. "I think...I'm too tired for a hug, Jae..." you weakly let out, causing your partner to stop. "Aww...but I wanted one..." she says, smiling. You smile back, and continue to walk towards your room. "I'll hug you twice when we wake up...oh, and Jae," you ask, sleepily. Jaehee tilts her head, interested in your question. "Huh? What's that, hun?"

    You turn your head towards her again, smiling. "I enjoyed today...I enjoyed every compliment you made towards me...I loved every word...please...don't ever change." You turn back towards your bedroom door, entering it, closing the door behind yours.

    Jaehee stands there, motionless, her eyes watering up. She then takes her own shoes off, and quickly go towards her own bedroom, closing the door, and collapsing onto her bed, tears rushing down her face. "Yes...yes, I feel it...I think I actually understand my feelings a little...I...I don't really want to admit it,'s all strange to me...but...I think I finally get it. Why my heart feels this way...why every word she says...why every gesture she makes...sends my heart racing...I won't admit this until I'm one hundred percent sure...but..." She pulls her phone out, looking at her background picture: you. Asleep on her shoulder, while the two of you were on the couch.

    "...I think I'm falling in love with her."