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More Than Friendship...

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    You wipe away the tears from your eyes, as you and Jaehee walk towards her car, which the valet has pulled up. "Here are your keys, Ms. Kang," said the valet, wearing sunglasses to protect his look, as well as to avoid eye contact. "Thank you. You may go now," Jaehee orders him, smiling. She then looks over at you, watching you struggle to get your suitcase towards the trunk. "You silly, let me help you," Jaehee lets out, opening up the trunk, then gently gripping your suitcase, and placing it inside. "There we go...what exactly did you bring with you to Rika's? That was a little on the heavy side."

    You blush a bit, forgetting to tell her what you have been doing while you were bored in the apartment. "Well...most of it is my art set. I'm not a professional artist, but I do like to draw and paint. All of my paper weighed it down...thank you for helping me out," you softly say, smiling. Jaehee closes the trunk, and smiles back. "No problem. And I think it's cute that you draw. You should draw me something in the future," she said, happily. "Well, Jaehee," you respond, rubbing the back of your head, "whoever said I haven't already drawn you something? I'll give it to you when it's finished." Jaehee blushes, hearing this, then hugs you. "Thank you! That will be the second present anyone has given me!" Jaehee happily walks over to the driver's side of the car, as you open the passenger-side door. "Well, Zen did give you that coffee grinder, but I drew my piece before that," you let out, remembering that Zen was able to give Jaehee a present before you did.

    "Well, I did tell both you and Zen that you would be the first to try a cup of my coffee, so there's no need to be jealous. My focus now will be towards you and our new lives," Jaehee says, sitting in the car, fastening her seat belt. You sit down as well, enjoying the scent of a new car. "Yeah, that's right! I get to try your coffee! this a new car," you ask, tilting your head towards her. Jaehee laughs, adjusting the rear-view mirror. "Oh, no, it's not new. I just like to keep it clean. At least Elizabeth 3rd never climbed into here..." She then grows a disgusted look, shivering, "That...would be a nightmare." You laugh, patting her on the shoulder. "Well, you don't have to worry about me ruining your car." Jaehee smiles back, happily. "Yes, you're right. Now, where do you want to go," she asks you, waiting for a reply. "Hmm...well," you state, "you did say that you wanted to try out that new dessert cafe. Why not go there?" Jaehee beams with happiness, and shifts the car into drive. "You remembered the call! Yes, let's go!" As the two of you head away from the party, you feel for your phone in your purse, smiling softly, remembering the set of calls you and Jaehee shared yesterday...

    You sigh, bored, laying in Rika's bed, wondering what the next day will bring. "It's the middle of the night, but I can't sleep...I finally get to meet everyone soon...Jumin, Yoosung, Seven, Zen...Jaehee..." You tear up, thinking of her, wondering what she will wear to the party, but most importantly, thinking of how happy she will seem when she first sees you. As you ponder to yourself, you feel your phone vibrate. "Hmm? Who's calling?" You look at the phone, and instantly recognize the beautiful woman on your screen. You smile widely, answering the phone. You wanted to say something first, but Jaehee's voice beats you to it.

    "Hello? It's me, Jaehee. I'm sorry. Were you asleep?" Jaehee asks, sitting on her own bed, ready to go to sleep. "I just had to hear your voice. I couldn't help myself." You smile as she said those words, your heart fluttering wildly. "I'm glad you called, Jaehee. I wanted to hear yours as well," you nervously say. Jaehee smiles as well, rubbing her eyes. "I'm glad...because I'm worried I might become a reckless person no longer working under Mr. Han." You laugh, enjoying her hear that she's no longer working for him, remembering all the pain he caused her. "So what if you become a bit reckless! I want you to express yourself better," you state, gripping your phone tighter.

    "Thank you for saying so," Jaehee responds, giggling, "My normal personality isn't really like the one you saw until now...Now that I'm no longer an assistant, I can show you what I'm really like." You blush a bit, giggling as well. "I really want to see that, Jaehee. I want to see the real you..." you respond, blushing a bit more. Jaehee lays down on the bed, looking out her window. "The night is so peaceful when I don't have to work. I always used to hear the sound of rummaging through documents, typing, and drinking from an empty cup at this hour...but tonight is so different...the leisure of feeling the cold air. The voice of someone I like, and my dreams for the future...I really like this change." You smile as you hear her peaceful words, but remain silent to let her finish. "I'm so happy," Jaehee continues, "that I can hear your voice when I have nothing to do...yes, I should tell you. I like you, a lot." You freeze, not believing the words you just heard, your heart beating heavily. "Jaehee...what? me? A Lot?"

    Jaehee blushes deeply, but seems unsure of your answer, retracting her feelings back a bit. "'s not a romantic feeling, but we are aware of each other and respect each other... It's a polite kind of liking, but I really like you..." Your heart sinks to the bottom of your chest, as quickly as it started to beat faster. "Oh...okay...I feel the same way, Jaehee. I really like you too...really, I do..." Jaehee continues to blush, not knowing how to further the conversation, her feelings conflicting with each other from the conversation. "I'm so lucky," she responds, "I'm very grateful that you chose me...I'm so glad to have met you, to know you...although it's just through the phone, I'm grateful to God that I can exist in your world..." You begin to tear up as you continue to hear her words. Your love for her continued to grow, despite what was just spoken. You can't help it. "I'm...I'm glad I can exist in yours as well, Jae..."

    Jaehee smiles softly, hearing you call her that. "Jae...I like that...thank you so much for listening to me. I'm happy I could talk to you as Jaehee Kang, and not as Assistant Kang," Jaehee lets out, yawning, "Have a good night. I can't let my feelings interrupt your sleep. I pray that you have good dreams...bye..." You smile, tearing up, hearing the voice of an angel bidding you goodnight. "I don't mind...I love hearing about your feelings, especially because they're towards me...goodnight, Jae..." You hang up, sighing heavily, placing the phone on your chest. "Jaehee...why do I have to love you so much?" As you close your eyes, far away, Jaehee climbs into bed, her heart beating hastily. "Stupid, stupid...why did I have to say that...I do like her...but how much do I 'like' like her?" She then closes her eyes, falling asleep, thinking of one last thought before passing out. "She...she called me 'Jae'...that makes me feel...special..."

    "Hey...hey...are you asleep?" You feel Jaehee's hand on your shoulder, softly shaking your body. "Huh, what? Did I doze off? I'm sorry, Jae..." Jaehee blushes, then smiles. "You goof, of course you probably didn't get any sleep, just like me. Come on, let's go in." You sleepily take off your seat belt, and stumble out of the car, stretching. "Ahhh, much better! Oh, this the place? It seems fancy..." You both look at the gold-plated sign of a slice of cheesecake, laughing. "Well, I've never been, so let's try it out! It'll be the first thing we actually do together!" Jaehee takes your hand, and quickly takes you inside, excitedly. "He-hey, Jaehee! Calm down!"

    The bell rings as you two enter the building, a bald man in his fourties stands at the counter, smiling. "Welcome, ladies! I don't like to say this, but you're the first customers for me today...hey, wait...aren't you Jumin's assistant?" He points at Jaehee, still smiling. "Huh? Me? I used to, but not you know Jumin," she asks, confused. "Aw, yeah. His father and him come here from time to time. One day, they invited me to their company, and wanted to help my business. I saw you that day, next to Jumin, taking notes. You seem...different...and you said you're not his assistant anymore?" He asks, confused as well. Jaehee laughs, rubbing the back of her head. "Well, I kinda quit a couple days's a long story, and don't really wish to explain it." You laugh as well, remembering the rebellious side of her, how she treated the cat hotel presentation.

    "Aw, well, regardless, a friend of Jumin's is a friend of mine! What would you two like," he asks, presenting the glass display case. Jaehee rushes over to the glass, staring at all of the desserts. "Hey, look at this one! It looks delicious," she belts out, excitedly. You smile, walking towards her, admiring how innocent she looks right now. "You know, remind me of a happy little puppy who's own just came home," you joke, laughing. Jaehee pauses, blushing deeply, realizing how she's acting. "Oh...oh...I'm sorry! I'm just so happy! I want this!" She points at the slice of tiramisu, perfectly cut into a bar. "You got it, Miss! And you, lovely lady," the owner asks, laughing as well. "'ll take what she's getting as well," you calmly say, smiling at the excited Jaehee. "You want to try it too! You have no idea how this makes me feel! We want to try the same things!" She lets out, hopping up and down slightly in excitement.

    "Come now, Jaehee, settle down. I'm excited too...but let's not make a scene. We've already done that once today," you let out, taking the plate of tiramisu from the owner. Jaehee puts on a surprised face, taking the other plate as well. "'re right...I'm sorry, Mister! I've worked for Jumin for over two years, and never had a friend, or a day off at that. I'm...just excited to be with my friend right now." The owner places his hand on his hip, laughing. "It's okay. You two definitely seem well for each other, though. It's rare to see two friends get along so well!" You both blush, pay the owner for the cake, and walk towards a booth.

    Jaehee sits down, admiring the plate in front of her. "Tiramisu...the cake of wonders...part cake, part coffee...have you ever had any?" She asks, smiling. You look at the cake, and shake your head. "Not really. I only got this because you were so excited to try it. And, well, I want to try the things you like." Jaehee blushes again, and looks down, grabbing her fork. "I see...well, it's a delicious cake. I've only have it once before, but I can't forget the taste...go ahead! Try it," she states, beaming again. You look down at the cake, remembering another call you two shared the day before...

    Your body shoots up from sleep, feeling your phone vibrate on your chest. "Uhm...did I fall asleep like this? Wow...and I didn't cover up...hmm? Jaehee's calling...!!!" You answer the phone, springing up from the bed. On the other end of the line, Jaehee smiles, hearing you answer the phone. "Hello? It's me. The sun's already up. Do you want to guess where I am," she asks. Still trying to wake up, you say the first thing that came to your mind, due to a dream you had. "Inside my mind?" As soon as you realize what you just said, you blush, embarrassed of what just came out of your mouth. You hear a sigh on the phone, which makes you worry more. " there too," Jaehee lets out, "I feel like you're sounding more and more like Zen." You freak out, shaking your head violently. "That's...that's not what I meant!" Jaehee laughs, smiling. "It's okay. I'm glad I was in your mind...but I came out for a walk. I'm unemployed now."

    You smile, feeling relieved from her words. "It'd be nice if I could meet you there," you softly say, making Jaehee blush. "I thought the same thing...If I could, I wish we could just go and get something good to eat. I have a list of restaurants I want to visit. I looked through Belp yesterday." You laugh, knowing that Jaehee still has the mindset of a businesswoman. "Really, Jae? A list," you ask, jokingly. Jaehee laughs as well, resting on the park bench. "Oh, right," she lets out, remembering something, "If you'd like, why don't we go to a famous dessert cafe after the party? They sell this cheesecake that is out of this world. We can try guessing what's in it."

    Your smile widens. "Hey, yeah! That sounds like fun! I love cheesecake!" Jaehee smiles as well, tilting her head back, staring at the morning sky. "You know...I'm thinking of learning how to bake. I read about people on blogs baking cookies for their neighbors... I want to try that," she says, peacefully. "Yeah," you respond, "that sounds great. You should make me some cookies as well!" Jaehee giggles, blushing. "Of course. Some famous chef said that eating is a person should never own a restaurant business just for profit. It's such a good saying the more I think about it."

    You can't help but tear up from hearing such a beautiful voice speak so peacefully. Jaehee notices you haven't responded. "I...I hope I haven't bored you," she says, worried. "You haven't at all," you let out, trying not to cry, "And you're right about that..." Jaehee sighs in relief."Whew...I'm glad you think so too. You were so quiet I thought I was just boring you notice now that I'm a bit sensitive to how you react..." she asks, surprising you. "No," you say, shockingly, "I haven't really noticed...but I feel better since you said that." Jaehee closes her eyes, feeling a warmth through her heart. "I get nervous when you don't say anything. I worry whether or not if I said something wrong...I think I'm getting greedy now. I want you to like me more..."

    You gasp again, hearing those words, but back off quickly, remembering the call right before bed. "I already like you, don't need to have me like you more..." Jaehee opens her eyes, leaning forward, placing her hand onto her temple, muttering to herself, "Ugh...this isn't the time to say that...stupid..." You overhear her words, softly giggling. Jaehee hears the giggle through her phone, and calms down. "I should just continue walking. I see a tea place over there. I should try it. I'll call you later...thank you for listening. Bye..." You begin to tear up again, laughing. "Enjoy the tea place, Jae...bye."
    As you hang up, tears roll down your face. "God, you sound so cute, Jaehee...I can't wait to see you..." As you continue to cry tears of happiness, Jaehee continues to walk towards the tea place, thinking deeply. "Stupid, stupid...why did I have to say that? I want her to like me more, but why? What do I have to prove? What I want with our relationship?"

    Right as Jaehee takes her first bite of the tiramisu, you shoot up from the seat, and walk over to the glass container. "Huh!? What's with you all of a sudden?" She watches you ask the owner for another plate of something, exchange money, and continues to watch you walk towards the booth, sitting down. "I remembered...that you said this cheesecake did you put it...'out of this world?'" You smile happily, taking a bite out of your piece of the tiramisu, enjoying the bitterness of the coffee.

    Jaehee blushes, looking at the cheesecake. " remembered that as well? I'm..." she beings to cry, remembering the end of that conversation, "I'm so happy..." You quickly get up from your side of the booth, and sit next to her, wrapping your arm around her. "Shhh, it's okay, Jae...I'm the way, how was the tea place," you ask, placing her head onto your shoulder. Embarrassed, Jaehee reaches for a napkin, and blows her nose. "I...I distracted myself, and walked right past it. We can go to it today, if you want..." she lets out, seeming weak. "It's okay, we can go some other time. Besides, I still have to pack my things, since I'm going to move in with you tomorrow," you say, sweetly. Jaehee smiles, nuzzling your shoulder. "Yes," she says, with a bit more life inside her, "you're right. Let's enjoy this dessert, and I'll take you back to your place."

    You pet Jaehee's hair, smiling. "Thank you. At least, I can tell you that address. Oh, and you don't have to worry about how I'm going to get there. Yoosung's already said he would help." You pull your phone out, and let Jaehee see the text that includes about a hundred exclamation marks. She laughs, lifting her head from your shoulder. "I'm sorry about that...I'm trying my hardest to keep my emotions in's weird that I have to do this, since I haven't had to since...forever."

    You take a bite out of the cheesecake, and scoop a piece with your fork, offering it to Jaehee, who takes it in her mouth. "Mmm! It is out of this world! Do I taste...peaches," she asks, looking at you. "I get blueberries...hey, mister! What exactly is in this cheesecake," you let out loudly. The owner laughs out, "blueberries and peaches! It's my personal favorite!" You turn to Jaehee, who is now beaming again, tears still running down her face. "We got it right! We're so good!" You laugh, rubbing the back of your head. "Come on, Jae...let's finish this glorious food. We don't want it to go to waste!"

    As you two thank the owner for the dessert, you open the door for Jaehee, and walk towards the car. "You know, Jae," you say, "this is the most fun I've had...ever. I mean it." Jaehee looks over at you, smiling. "I'm glad...and again, sorry about my emotions...I'm just extremely happy right now...I don't want this day to end!" As you both get into the car, you let her know the address to your friend's house. "Really? That's not far from my house," Jaehee states, still smiling. You smile back, then stare at the road. "That's good. I don't know how well Yoosung drives, but he did say he was bringing a van. Good thing I know how to drive." Jaehee giggles, looking over at you, while still keeping an eye on the road. "That's good. I don't want anything bad to happen to you when you drive. Guess it's just me being overprotective."

    You yawn from the dessert, blinking. "I like that. Everyone, especially Seven, was acting like that towards me during those hacks...but to hear you say it...I feel much safer." Jaehee blushes, then focuses on the road. "Well, you're dear to me. Of course I want you to feel safe...oh, look. Here we are!" She parks the car in front of the tall, white apartment complex, with apartments reaching six levels.

    As the both of you exit the car, Jaehee starts to open the trunk, but you stop her. "Hold onto it, Jae. I'm gonna be going to you tomorrow, so it'll be one less thing to worry about. can think that it's the first piece of me that you can hold onto." Jaehee blushes, then lets go of the trunk. "Oh, okay...if you're sure. So, you have my address, right?" You smile, holding your phone up. "Yep! I saved it on here, and no, not through the app. I don't want Seven to hack into it, and figure things out."

    Jaehee laughs, then brings your body close to hers, holding you close. "Good, because it's our address now. Don't forget it," she softly says, blushing more. You return the embrace, bringing her body closer. "I won't, Jae...I'll see you tomorrow?" Jaehee loosens her grip on you, and faces you, tearing up. "I'll be waiting." As she puts her sunglasses on, you watch her figure enter the car, smiling. Jaehee looks back at you, smiling, waves goodbye, then drives away, looking behind her shoulder back at you.

    You enter your friend's place, seeing that he's still not back. As you close the door, you place your back against the door, sliding down slowly, crying. "She...she's everything I've imagined her to be...I think I fell in love with her over and over again today...God, I wish she loves me back..." You look up at the ceiling, then remember the last phone call you two had the day before the party. A phone call you will never forget...

    As you sit at the computer, staring at your phone, you still feel concerned about the hacking incident. You happen to notice your phone vibrate, showing Jaehee's face on your screen. You instantly answer it, knowing her voice would soothe your mind. "Hello?" you ask. "It's me, Jaehee." she responds, sitting at her own computer desk. "Did you read the messages? I can't help but feel frustrated...I'm certain that there are a lot of secrets within the RFA. We don't even have that many members, but so many secrets...What could they be about?"

    You smile slightly, enjoying Jaehee's words, even if they are of a concerning tone. "I don't know..." Jaehee continues to keep her focused look on her face, but begins to smile after hearing your voice. "Yeah...besides, don't we trust each other? I can't help but think that the secret is very shocking to not reveal it to everyone. It feels better to think that V and Seven are just trying to protect us...," she begins to quiver from thinking about the secret being a bad one. You sense her change in tone, and wish to reassure her thoughts. "Jaehee...I think they are. I believe they are trying to protect us," you let out. Jaehee snaps out of her trance, and smiles. "Thank you...but I want to know...have you ever kept secrets from someone?" The question catches you by surprise, but you already know the answer to that.

    "No," you calmly say, "I don't like keeping secrets." Jaehee smiles more, feeling better by your answer. "I see. I're free when you have nothing to hide. For your information, I don't have any huge secrets. I've already told you about my family...all that's left is to hear about you at the party." You smile, getting up from the computer, to lay on the bed. "Yep! I can't wait to tell you all about myself when we meet," you happily let out. Jaehee laughs, placing her head onto her hand, holding it up on the desk. "I can't wait either. Meeting someone new is encountering that person's universe...I've heard something like this before..." she sighs, then shakes her head.

    "I wish the messenger was designed so that I can learn more about your world and not the RFA members'..." Jaehee says, misty-eyed, "I still feel bad about that...perhaps I should ask Luciel to create a second version." You laugh at that, holding your pillow to your chest. "You're right, Jae. We need to ask him!" Jaehee smiles, hearing your excitement through the phone. "Yeah...anyways...what I wanted to say is...RFA's secret seems pretty please, just be careful...and...there's something else I want to say, but I won't just yet." You tilt your head, looking up at the ceiling. "Huh? Why's that, Jaehee?"

    Jaehee begins to blush a bit, her eyes watering slightly. "Well...women have to be much more careful in approaching other women...I'll advance one step at a time...I hope someday I can analyze this feeling I have towards you...and I hope that when I figure it feel the same way too." Your jaw drops to your chest. You are speechless. Just earlier, you heard her say that her feelings weren't romantic, and now this. "Jaehee...I...I don't know what to say...but please, take your time." Jaehee lets tears drop from her face, smiling happily. "I...I should end this call before I go too deep into my feelings. I'll call you before the party tomorrow...I should still say this, though...I can't wait to see you." You feel tears form in your eyes, letting a small stream flow to the bed, down your cheeks. "I can't wait to see you too, Jae..." you let out, softly, emotionally.

    Jaehee closes her eyes, trying to keep her emotions in check again. " up, and see you tomorrow...bye..." She hangs up before you get the chance to say goodnight, but it doesn't matter. You start to cry more, smiling. "Jaehee...I know you feel complicated right now...but just know... my heart is already yours. I just're willing to take it." On the other side of the line, Jaehee holds her face with both hands, sobbing loudly. "...I care for her...I really do...but what is this feeling I have? It doesn't feel natural...but I like it...we're friends, right? Right? But why...why is my heart racing right now?! I...I'm scared...I wish you were right here with me, right me figure out this feeling. I want to analyze it myself...but I'm afraid to...I'm afraid that whatever I'm won't accept it...but, maybe you will...God, why is this hard!?" She slams her hands onto the table, noticing the puddle of tears below her.

    "Get it together, Jaehee. You can do have her by your side...let's just wait until tomorrow...but, I wonder...what does she look like?"

    As you pick yourself up, still crying, you walk your way to the couch, and collapse on it, smiling. "I'm...I'm pretty sure you love me, Jae. You just can't admit it just yet...I'll wait...I'll wait for you." As you drift yourself to a nice nap, Jaehee pulls up to her own house, gets out of the car, and opens the front door. "Ahhh, good thing I keep this place clean. Maybe I need to check the guest room, since it'll be hers from now on..."

    As she opens the door, she looks to her left, noticing her computer desk, and smiles, tearing up. Jaehee walks into the room, opening the door, seeing how empty it is. She then grabs her broom and dustpan, and begins sweeping. "God, this place keeps getting dusty. I have to get it perfect for her..." She then stops, and feels her phone vibrate. "Hmm? What's this?" She opens up the app, and sees a text you sent her, saying, "See you tomorrow, Jae. I won't keep you waiting for me to get there. Also, don't forget...I can be patient as well. Analyze as much as you need." Jaehee falls to her knees, staring at the selfie you two took at the dessert cafe, and begins to cry again. "You know...after today..." she begins, wiping the tears from her face...

    "I might not need to analyze this at all."