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More Than Friendship...

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          Your heart sinks to the bottom of your stomach when you hear Zen mention those words. "W...what did you ask me?" You blush a bit, looking away from his gaze. "You heard me,," Zen states calmly, "...are you in love with Jaehee?" Your face becomes a deep red, unable to answer. The white-haired man sighs, laughing softly. "That's what I thought. I was able to tell the moment she gave you that key." You look down at the key that you have been wrapping your soft fingers around. " did? I'm...I'm so embarrassed..." As you look up, you see Zen smiling, then gives you a thumbs-up. "Yes, though before I noticed, Jumin brought it up, saying that Jaehee 'finally admits it.' Though, I honestly thought she was going to confess her-"

           You start to cry softly as Zen was about to finish his sentence. He quickly backs off his statement, looking worried. "I'm...I'm sorry..." You shake your head, tears slowly running down your face again. "It's ok, Zen. I just...didn't expect you to ask me that question out of the blue." Zen lays his chin on the table, as if he were depressed. "I made you cry...that's supposed to be Jaehee's job, and with tears of joy...but...I asked because I want you to be careful."

           You wiped your tears away, sniffling a little. "Be careful?" you ask. Zen nods, lifting his head up from the table, back to his chin resting on his hands. "Yes. Like I said, I can tell that you have deep, romantic feelings for her, simply based on our conversations in the app; however, Jaehee is a cautious person. She has lost so much in her life. She lost her parents, and her will to do anything in life aside from working a desk job for someone that resembles the devil. You may have broken the shell that she was hiding in, but that doesn't mean she's fully healed from that."

           You beam into Zen's eyes, which catches his attention. "Oh, so you understand what that means then. You've been able to break Jaehee's defenses in just 10 days, so with that, you're an incredible woman. No one in the RFA ever would have thought that she would revolt against Jumin, and quit her job. She trusts you with all of her heart, but...there's one thing that I don't know if she remembers how to do...and that is to love." You begin to breathe better, mimicking Zen's posture on the table, looking up at the ceiling. "Well, I do remember a phone call we had yesterday. She said that she wanted to know the whole me eventually, but not all at once. She wants to take her time...but eventually, she wants to become as close as we can be."

           Zen breathes in deeply, and looks up at the ceiling as well. "That sounds like her. She shouldn't be overburdened by emotion, since she's lived her life with no emotion to show. Think of it as a bottle of soda. If you open it up, and take a sip, it tastes delicious; however, if you shake it up a lot, and open it, not only does it explode, but the soda tastes...flat. We don't want that with Jaehee." You become misty-eyed, hearing this. "'re right, Zen. I don't want that for Jaehee...but...I care about her a lot. What should I do about it," you ask. Zen looks down, quite shocked that you took in the information quite well. "Hmm...well, that depends on you...but I just thought of something else that you need to keep your mind on." Zen then takes another deep breathe, and looks ino her brown eyes.

           "I don't know if you know about this area well enough, but it's culture is...strict, especially for people who are attracted to the same gender." You blush deeply again, but listen to Zen's words, knowing what he meant. Showing affection towards the same gender in public is seen as an illness. "I can tell that you care about the person, and not the gender, " Zen continued, "You had no problem being a little flirty with us guys in the chats, but your main focus went towards Jaehee, because you felt that...connection with her, correct?" You nod, tentatively. Zen blushes a little, remembering you stating that Jaehee was attractive in the chats, but quickly shrugs it off. "Well, that means that you're not used to having feelings for a female; however, homosexuality is...frowned upon here in South Korea." You nod your head in agreement. "...yes, I'm aware." Relaxing from hear this, the white-haired man continues his words.

           "I can't say much on a personal level, but I do have friends who are gay, and it's hard for them to have a living here. They usually have to hide their affection in public, because any sight of love shown can cause someone to act quite nasty to's a hard world to live in if you are gay...but..." Your ears perk when you hear that last word. "...I'm sure that Jaehee must have some sort of romantic feelings towards you. You're an incredible, beautiful woman, and she would be stupid to just view you as a friend. I mean, like I said, you broke her shell in ten days. Ten days! If you're able to do that in ten days, then the possibilities are endless for what you can do in ten months. yourself, and don't force your love onto her. Let her open her heart for you herself...but in the off-chance that she just sees you as a friend...then, unfortunately, that will become hard for you. Just promise me that, if that happens, you won't become a bottle of soda."

           Zen smiles after finishing his speech, in which you begin to tear up again. Before he is able to react, he feels a swift slap to the back of his head. "Zen! I told you not to take her away!" He looks up to see Jaehee's worried face. "Ow, Jaehee...that could you do something to my beautiful hair?!?" She sighs, and looks down at his hurt look. "Of course you have beautiful hair, made her cry." She then looks up at you, but is amazed that she is smiling from cheek to cheek. "He...he didn't make me cry. He just reminded me about how happy I'm going to be able to be when I'm with you forever." Jaehee blushes, then smiles back. "I'm glad to hear. Then, thank you, Zen, for looking after her while I was away." Zen rubs the back of his head where she smacked, then laughs loudly. "No problem! I mean, we're all friends here." He then looks over, and sees a group of women talking amongst themselves, yet looking over at him. "Well, ladies, I'll go ahead and leave you two alone. I know that you have a lot to talk about. Oh, and don't forget: soda bottle." Zen smiles, winks, then turns around to converse with the women.

           Jaehee tilts her head, looking at you in confusion. "Soda bottle? What in the world is he talking about?" You laugh, rubbing the back of your head. "It's nothing. He was just telling me a joke." Jaehee sits in the chair next to you, sighing in relief. "That conversation was exhausting..." You turn to your partner, tilting your head. "Oh? How so?" she asks with sincerity. Jaehee rests her arms on the table, looking down at it. "They were long time clients of the company, and close friends of Jumin. They didn't know that I had already quit, so we had to let them know. They apparently spoke very highly of my presence in the company, but was understanding of my reasons why I left...I really hope that Jumin finds an assistant that can handle his workload." You place her hand onto Jaehee's shoulder in comfort. "I'm sure he will. I mean, at least he has someone else in the RFA who might work for him." Jaehee turns and looks at you, with a shocked expression. "'re not really consid-"

           Before Jaehee could finish her sentance, you poke her cheek, playfully. "Of course not, silly. I was meaning Yoosung. I mean, I kept seeing in the chat that he has an internship position ready for him when he wants. I'm sure Jumin will feel a little happy with a familiar face in his company again." Jaehee grins in relief. "That's good to hear. Yoosung's actually an extremely smart kid, so I'm sure he will do good there." You return the grin, looking into her eyes. "You know, Jaehee...I do prefer you without glasses. You look...more innocent without them on." The woman blushed again, looking down, smiling. "T..thank I told you on the phone, Jumin had a particular look he wanted of me, which is why I always had to wear glasses, as well as these boring...clothes."

           You beam up in your chair, sitting perfectly up-right. "Well, my dear, we need to change that. If you want a new look, you will need new clothes...I have an idea! Sometime in the next few days, let's go shopping! I've been needing some myself, since I don't own a whole lot myself." Jaehee continues to blush, watching her partner beam with excitement. "...yes...yes! That would be fun, wouldn't it? What day do we want to do it," she asks, smiling as wide as she can. "Hmm...," you respond, thinking deeply, "...good question. I still need to pack my things from Rika's apartment, seeing as I don't need to constantly be in there now." The short-haired brunette nods in agreement. "Well, that makes sense. Because of the hacker, you did have to live in there for a good few the way, where is your actual place?"

           You look up, baffled with the question. "Oh, that's right...I was so fixated on the RFA, I never got to tell you where my actual place is. Well...I actually don't have one. I was going to find a place shortly after moving here, so I stayed at a friend's place. What's strange is...the day after I got all of my things to his place...was the day that Unknown guy sent that text." Jaehee's eyes widen from the shocking news. " moved here just one day before coming into the RFA? That's...amazing...maybe it was fate?" You smile, and softly takes your partner's hand, blushing deep red. "It was fate that the two of us got to meet. That's really where it was." Jaehee began to blush as well, looking down at her hand, as if an angel had embraced it.

           "What is this? What is this...feeling? Zen, Jumin, and Luciel always took my hand when I needed help getting somewhere, and I never felt anything...but, when you took it...why did my heart flutter? I...I don't this the feeling of finally having a really close friend...or..."

           Both of you stared at your hands for a moment, as if contemplating what it meant. Finally, Jaehee began to tear up, and started to cry. "...thank you, so much for being with me right now...I promise that I will do everything to make you happy. In turn, please...don't ever leave my the friend that I never was able to have..." You begin to tear up as well, gripping your partner's hand. "Don't worry...I'm not going to leave. I'll do everything in my power to be your special someone, in both work, and in life."

           "Jaehee...I love you, there is no doubt..and I have a feeling that, somewhere deep down inside you, you feel the same way, but I know...that I can't rush it. I will do my best to show you that we can love each other, just...slowly...Thank you, Zen...thank you for giving me the words to get through this...I feel like I can make this work..." You thought to herself, looking into the eyes of the most beautiful person you have ever met. Jaehee returned the look, smiling as if she's the happiest person alive. "Thank you...oh!" Her gaze shifted to the key. "I...I almost forgot to tell you...exactly what that key was for."

          You look down at the key as well, bewildered. "Isn't this key about the small business you want us to start?" Your partner closed her eyes, and shook her head. "No, it isn't. It's about our new life. You brought up the topic earlier, but due to the scene we made...and, with you saying that you didn't really have a place to stay, this is the perfect time to bring it back..." she gazes into your eyes, placing the key back into your hand. " a copy of the key to my house. I wanted to be able to take our time, and not intrude with each other's privacy, so I was going to let you come visit me anytime you wanted, but...I think this decision is better, for both of, I would like to officially ask you..."

           She closes your hand around the key again, much like she did earlier, only with more sincerity. "Would...would you like to move in with me?"