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of red and black lights

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(1) to the bitter end

- Keith finds himself in a desperate situation with a mind-controlled Shiro.

   (TW: contains character deaths; implicit mention of blood and gore)


(2) flowers in his hand

- Shiro picks up a little something for Keith.


(3) the coach and the professor

- Sheith school co-workers au


(4) aftermath

- Keith and Shiro, in their final moments.

   (TW: contains character deaths; implicit mention of blood and gore)


(5) cramped space

- Two strangers handcuffed together for some reason, end up sharing a single bed.


(6) his unspoken truth

- Drabble on Keith through Shiro's eyes.


(7) let it rain

- Keith doesn't mind being stranded in the middle of a heavy downpour.


(8) a whole lot of maybe's

- Coffee Shop AU; Shiro is a single father and Keith is a coffee shop owner who crushes on his client.


(9) teacup kitty

- Shiro finds a tiny kitty in a teacup and brings him home.


(10) the tempest

- Once again, it's raining, just as it did on that day.

   (TW: contains character death)


(11) ilysb

- A singer finds someone's eyes in the crowd.


(12) instant remedy

- The team tries to cook together under Hunk's lead.


(13) the actor

- Thespian!Shiro pines for his childhood friend who's in a relationship with someone else.


(14) coffee and rubber duckies

- Domestic married Sheith AU


(15) so close, together

- Married Sheith reminiscing about how they finally came together.


(16) captivated

- Keith spots a handsome senior in the crowd but doesn't know they've already met in what might be the most awkward first meetings he'll never remember.


(17) strangers on a bus

- Shiro can't help but be interested in the boy reading one of his favorite novels sitting across him.


(18) strangers on the beach

- His dog is humping another man's dog and Keith can't understand why this is how he meets this hottie.


(19) black speedo

- Shiro puts on a sexy swimming attire but it's not because there's a hot surfer riding the waves, of course.


(20) now trending

- Sheith movie actors AU told in news tabloids


(21) for only four hours

- Sheith College AU; Literal sleeping together, but Shiro can't help but feel compromised.


(22) scarred

- NSFW; Kureith drabble

   (TW: contains implicit sexual content & bit of blood)


(23) waiting

- Keith doesn't press Shiro for stories, but accepts him as he is.


(24)  mistletoe

- Christmas aboard the Castle of Lions


(25) himitsu

- What their first kiss might have been like.


(26) just got lucky

- More domestic married Sheith


(27) you've got mail

- Mailman Shiro meets dog owner Keith and his banana-suit-wearing corgi.


(28) who leaves, who stays

- (pre-S2 drabble) Keith is used to being abandoned. He's not about to want to get used to that again, not when it comes to the man who stuck with him through everything.


(29) hunger

- NSFW; Sheith smut; they like it rough


(30) a thousand proposals

- Modern AU Sheith; Every day a vow is exchanged until their actual wedding day.


(31) 2:37AM

- College AU; Keith tweets and Shiro responds.


(32) dark room

- NSFW; Power bottom Keith prompt fill


(33) for a moment

- (between S03e05-S03e06) Keith kisses Shiro after getting him back, but it doesn't feel quite right.


(34) collide

- Keith finally finds Shiro amidst the war.


(35) black speedo pt.2

- Shiro makes direct contact with the hot surfer.


(36) graveyard shift drudgery

- Keith mans the register in the graveyard hour and experiences a drunk Shiro.


(37) under meteor rain

- (Pre-S6 drabble) Shiro, pinned down by Keith while sparring, realizes something.


(38) fade

- Kuron, until his consciousness lasts.


(39) a pebble the size of the world

- Keithguin and Pengiro find love in the Atlantic.


(40) sweet remedy

- Sheith69Min: Healing. Shiro is having it tough with braces.


(41) on bended knee

- Real magic does happen in Disneyland. (proposal fic from twitter)