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Ellywick's Journal

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DAY 1 (9/25/16)

Today while playing strip poker in a tavern on the West district of Sunnydale I overheard an interesting conversation. While the game was interrupted by the bartender (Asshole.) I did meet several very interesting people.

The first, Asger, is a drunk druid with a wolf named Lord Slashington The III, of all things. Originally I offered to buy him a drink, and pay his tab, in order to swindle him out of his money but I quickly learned he was absolutely broke.

The other three were apparently all friends. I managed to convince them to let us sit at their table, they were apparently very trusting or very drunk, with the intention of starting a poker game. However, the Elf, who at the time was bench-pressing the Halfling, decided to grab me and try to bench press me as well. Instead of wiggling free like I might have, I allowed him her? to grab me but decided to take something from the Elf as compensation. (I believe the Elf is a man in body but he was dressed like a woman. I am not quite sure how to handle this.)

Unfortunately, the others noticed and the Elf threw me against the wall, over the fireplace, causing the bulletin board to fall off the wall and on top of me. I hit my head rather hard, probably cracked several ribs and got several deep cuts and minor burns. He She? is very strong, and needless to say I had a ringing headache and could not walk very well afterwards.

We were then kicked out of the tavern for brawling (the bartender saw me try to take my mug so I had to return it). Outside the tavern I heard the Halfling mention someplace called the Tower of Rhalabhast, that supposedly had a wizard with a thousand eyes at it. It sounded interesting so I followed them, instead of working over the marketplace like I had planed. I was hoping they would lead me to the tower. Asger continued to tag along.

However, before we could go to this tower, the paladin (Tavrin I think) insisted on going to the church of Pelor to receive a blessing. Curse him. What type of sadist would bring me to such a palace of gold and finery when I am so injured? I did not need to get into a fight with every paladin in the place. So, to try and keep my hands busy, and away from all that gold , I tried to carve Olidammara’s face into a candle. I don’t think it turned out so well.

Asger, the drunken fool, brought a paladin over to me. I would have been mad, but I suddenly remembered that these religious nuts had healing abilities. I asked the paladin if I could be healed. I followed him all the way to the high cleric only to discover that the price of healing was one more gold than I possessed. Apparently they don’t offer healing out of the goodness of their hearts, go figure. I went back to my corner to sulk.

There, Asger surprised me greatly by offering to heal me. He knew healing magic!?! Of course I immediately accepted. Almost instantly I felt as good as new. I was so filled with euphoria that I hugged Asger, the Halfling, and even the Elf, who didn’t look too pleased about it, but didn’t make a fuss.

At last, the Annoyance (Tavrin) was finished getting blessed and we could be on our way to the Thousand Eye Tower. At least that’s what was supposed to happen. The fool of an Elf decided that now would be a great time to get his her? good deed of the day out of the way. The fool decided to go looking for a lost dog, a white Boston Terrier with a sparkly pink collar that apparently answered to the name of “Lucky”.

After visiting the owner’s house, an upscale place in the northern district (I must visit it again when the Annoyance isn’t watching...), and some brief negotiations with the house’s butler we acquired a sample of the lost dog’s scent, and set Asger’s wolf on the trail. After an hour of searching, the wolf, who I will now refer to as Fluffy, appeared to catch the missing animal’s scent. We followed Fluffy for nearly fifteen minutes before he lost it. We spent the rest of the day trying to find it again.

As it got dark we decided to split up and find places to sleep. The Annoyance went crawling back to her church, of course, I think the Fool and the Halfling went to an inn, and Asger followed me to a Rogue’s nest. I believe, despite his lack of money, I will keep him around if only for the free healing, perhaps I can even convince him to fight for my benefit. I will buy him a few more drinks and then bring it up.

I swear to Olidammara himself, that if we are still searching for this dumb dog by noon tomorrow I will swindle them of all their supplies, replace their goods with stones, and go to this thousand eye tower myself!