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Everyone in the world had a soul mark. They were the first words that your soulmate said to you. Most people got Hello it's nice to meet you, Alex had a friend in high-school that had " Duck! Seriously? Are you hit?"

turns out they met while playing paintball. It was very rare that people had two soul marks, but those are said to be the strongest bonds out there. Alex had two soul bonds. But since she was in kindergarten, people, kids, adults, what have you always laughed at her marks. It seems as though, before even getting to know her, or even meeting her, that the two people she was destined to be with forever, the two other parts of her soul rejected her first. She knew she was going to be the one to say their words first, Which is why, still in college, she decided that since she was the one to start these reactions, she would be unerringly polite to everyone. Her marks still didn't give her an air of confidence, like those of her Aunt's did to her.

Aunt Pepper's mark said, "That's nice, you're fired...Wait nope not fired, beautiful, My soul mate's gorgeous." And she had indeed found her soulmate in one Tony Stark. Alex wished she'd be so lucky, what with, "Wait Fate placed us with YOU? Not happening." and, " Noooope Not a Fucking Chance in hell. I've already got a soulmate." She tried really hard to not have her marks get to her, but she couldn't pull off Classic good looks like her aunt, she was average, built like her father, Stocky, Her aunt always said she was made to look like a 40's pin up girl.


Great, she was born in the wrong decade. The day that she meets her soulmates she realizes that their words hurt much more than she thought they ever would. Considering who says them. She's looking for Tony to sign some paperwork for her aunt, and since she was her Aunt's Assistant, and secretary/ Tony's cook she just wanted to find him to sign the papers. She walked into the Avenger's common floor because that is where JARVIS said Tony was, And she accidentally bumped into Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.