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Abilities, Fraymotifs and more

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Ahh, Doom. It's often underrated due to how, for SOME absolutely asinine reason, Doom doesn't just mean literal Doom (as in, deaths and disasters), but also sickness, toxins, rules, limits and constraints.  Which is a pity really, because Doom has a ridiculous amount of abilities.  Granted, not all of them are versatile, but they're still pretty neat.  

[Doomed Divergences]

This one allows the user to see a breakdown of how an event can lead to potential disasters, which in turn could snowball into a gigantic calamity.  This ability is very useful with Seers and Guides.  Although Mages can use it as well, it's way more distilled.  Not to be confused with [Disaster Domino], which is a Time-Doom Fraymotif combo (more on that later).  

[Medicinal Toxins]

I'm not too sure about this one.  Apparently it's based off the Chinese proverb 以毒攻毒, which literally translates to 'Attack poison with poison' and means 'to counter something with something else of the same type'.  Basically, the caster infuses the target with Doom, which expunges any status conditions (excluding Grimdark and Grimbright; with Trickster Mode it only cuts down the SD ratio by up to 10%).  It also restores the target's health vial, but they must then obey a randomly-determined rule known as a 'Constraint' (more on that below).  Examples of constraints include: you cannot alchemise with a certain type of grist, eat a certain type of food, perform a certain type of action or wear a certain colour.  The more HP replenished by [Medicinal Toxins], the longer the constraint takes to wear off.  

According to our resident Seer of Doom, Sylphs of Doom ALWAYS have that ability, although there have been reports of several other Doom players cropping up with this ability - mainly Maids, although in one case it was a Mage.  In addition, the 'rule' thing is part of an ability called [Constraints] (see below), and the constraint can last to up to a fortnight.  

[Poison in My System]

An ability that can only be used on the caster.  The effects are somewhat similar to [Anathemic Pulse], which is a Blood-Doom Fraymotif combo.  Unlike [Anathemic Pulse], [Poison in My System] is more Doom-oriented - instead of giving the user the ability to weaponize their (temporarily) poisonous blood, [Poison in My System] will, depending on the user's Pluck (Sburb's term for mana) reserves and how much Flummoxie (Skill? Dexerity? Not sure what the non-Sburb equivalent is) the user has, either a) imbue the user's body with poison which they are immune to, b) give the user the ability to exude poison in tandem with a), or c) turn the user into a highly-toxic (we're talking about 'you'll be permadead and there won't even be a body to bury in a minute of coming into contact with this' levels) miasma of pure Doom.  Unfortunately, the last option has a cooldown of at least a week.  Basically, the more Pluck you use up during [Poison in My System], the more time you'll need to wait before you can cast it again.  You could skip ahead with time powers, but the cooldown is really to allow time for the toxins to exit your body as well as Pluck recharge - pushing this ability too hard without enough Pluck/with poison still in your body could cause you to die, whether from burnout or being eroded away from the inside by pure concentrated Doom.  I've seen the latter before, but they activated [Even in Death], so they didn't die in the end.  


Oh joy.  

The previously-mentioned abilities dealt with the 'deaths and toxins' side of Doom.  This ability however is one of the ones that deals with the 'limits and constraints' side of things. It basically allows the Doom player to place a 'constraint' (a rule that literally CANNOT be broken until it wears off) on... well, pretty much any character really.  Some of the really higher-levelled Doom players can even do it to game constructs.  Unsurprisingly enough, this ability can be pretty gamebreaking when combined with a Seeing class' powers (scry for what to do and then [Constraint] whoever you need to make sure that happens).  

During one of my previous sessions, a Witch of Doom cast [Constraints] on several Dersite battleships, which forbade them from attacking anything other than other Dersite battleships.  We only found out when some of the ships broke away from the fleet and started firing on other ships.  Needless to say, mayhem ensued, and we spent most of the battle dodging flaming bits of wreckage raining down from above.  One highlight of that battle was the Black King getting hit in the face with a Dersite Battleship.  

I'll add more when I can - the Seer of Doom fell asleep halfway through me writing this up and I'm not risking a [Bane Bullet] to the face.  


After waiting for nearly ten hours, our Seer finally woke up.  She looks like she hasn't slept very well at all, but she managed to tell me about a few more abilities before our Knight of Dreams put her to sleep with [Somatic Lullaby].  Can't wait to see what happens when it wears off. 

[Bad Apple]

Yeah, I know, it sounds clichéd.  Except instead of being limited to apples, [Bad Apple] allows the user to spike something with venom.  It's a mid-level ability that works best when used on foodstuffs, although objects work too, and it's handy in case you find yourself in a pinch - just cast on your weapon and stab.  As the user levels up, the cooldown rate goes down.  The poison also becomes more potent and harder to detect.  

[Bogged Down]
Oh god.  THIS. 
[Bogged Down] is a late-game ability that terraforms everything in a three to five meter radius of the caster into a toxic bog, complete with hissing, slimy, mutated things that can and will crawl out to wreck your shit (luckily enough they die soon after, but they don't drop any grist - just a gigantic splat of their liquidized, mutated body matter).  

If you're caught in the initial blast or fall into the swamp made by [Bogged Down], unless you're God Tier you can kiss either life or health goodbye - if you're really lucky, you just get sick.  If you're not so lucky, you either die or mutate into a monstrous... thing, maybe even both.  I've seen underlings get caught in the initial blast before - most of them died, but some of them sort of merged together.  What resulted wasn't an OhGodWhat per se, but it was like their bodies were made of candle wax.  Or play dough.  Or anything that's soft enough to be sculpted and merged together.  I've also seen underlings that fall in by accident get dragged into the bog - if it weren't for how utterly scary that shit actually is, I'd be tempted to say that the 'Oh, Crap!' look on their faces really sells it. 
As aptly described by a Prince of Doom I once met, 'they're like those Portable Swamps from Harry Potter, except for the tiny detail that they're a cesspool of highly toxic chemicals that also happens to be able to mutate the poor sods who fall in'.  Luckily, this ability is pluck-intensive (even if your pluck is maxed out it still takes roughly 40% of your pluck) and also has a really, really long cooldown.  


[Orderly Harvest]
Not to be confused with [It's Raining Acid and Mandrakes] (which is a Doom-Rain combo Fraymotif), [Orderly Harvest] is basically an ability that afflicts enemies with statuses, and heals the caster as well as replenishing their pluck for as long as the player only engages less/more than a certain amount of enemies during Strife.  The reason it's confused so often with [It's Raining Acid and Mandrakes] is because of the status thing - with [Orderly Harvest], only statuses can be applied, one at a time.  [It's Raining Acid and Mandrakes] isn't limited to statuses, it can also debuff and there can be multiple debuffs/statuses that are applied at once. 

[Bane Bullet]

Nothing fancy, just a bullet of pure Doom that levels up alongside you in strength and pluck efficiency.  All classes get this ability (although obviously it'll be stronger on some classes, i.e. Champion, Manipulation and active classes), and your control over it (mainly size and power but also composition) gets better as you level up.  

[Galactic Cancer]

I know it sounds like a Space-Doom combo fraymotif, but according to the Seer, even though it sounds like it should be one, it ISN'T one.  She's not really sure what this one does (all she knows is that it's exclusive to classes that actively and directly use/manipulate Doom, i.e. Witches, Heirs, Knights, Pages, Thieves and Rogues - note that this is different from 'active' and 'passive' classes).  I've never rolled as a Doom player, so I don't know either.  If there's any of you that know what [Galactic Cancer] does, feel free to drop me a comment telling me the pertinent info.  Do make sure to leave your chumhandle and title so that I can credit you.   

Well, looks like the Seer is awake.  I'll sign off now - I'd like to grab some popcorn to go with the show that's about to go down.

EDIT 2 [LOCAL TIMESTAMP 26/03/18]: cassandrasForesight (Seer of Doom) here, not only do I have a few more abilities, I've also taken the liberty of making corrections and adding a few notes to what enigmaticEncryptions wrote - for example, the first ability in this chapter is actually called [Doomed Divergences], not [Doomed Dominoes].  As refinedSynthesis (aka the Bard of Void) said, my additions are going to pop up in little bits and pieces thanks to a combination of temporal-spatial lag and voidey blackout bullshit, which is just lovely.  

[Ruins Rising]
This ability is pretty much the Doom version of [Holes] (Void ability, see Chapter 3) - except instead of bottomless cracks, they spew highly toxic gas.   Most players have this ability, but Seers and Mages are less likely to have this, while Pages... are a bit of a special case.  They DO have this ability, but it's unlocked later than any other class.  Also, keep in mind that unless you're God Tier, you are not immune to the gas summoned with [Ruins Rising] either, so stay well away and try not to fall in.  




Yes, I know, sounds really stupid.  Even though it's called 'Miasmajesty', it may as well as have just been called 'miasma', because what it does is cloak the area in a, well, miasma of Doom.  And - get this - we're not just talking about 'toxins and poisons Doom', we're also talking about 'death and limits' doom.  The latter part doesn't really come into play until you're high-levelled enough to understand the 'death and limits' part of Doom, but for the sake of exposition, I'll assume you've come to understand that bit well enough that you can interact with it.  It really depends on your class - for example, an active Manipulation class like a Witch would be able to create localised Constraints that are only applied to the individuals caught in [Miasmajesty], whereas a Seer like me would be able to use it like some sort of Skaian Cloud.  I've never really tried using [Miasmajesty] much - to be honest, I don't think the pluck cost is worth it.