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Abilities, Fraymotifs and more

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Greetings, readers. Seeing as you're reading this, I suppose it wouldn't be inaccurate to presume that, like many before you, you have also been roped into the convoluted, world-destroying apocalypse-causing sanity-melting clusterfuck of a 'game' that is Sburb. I would also like to extend my congratulations to you for being part of the minority of players that made it through the meteors AND had enough sense to alchemize a communications device. Chances are, you have already found out about the glitched reward which boots you into another session again and again.

So, a bit about me. I'm enigmaticEncryptions, a native Witch of Mind with thirteen successful sessions under their belt.  I'm currently ensconced in a pocket dimension alongside several of my sessionmates while a fellow SD-infected player embarks on a sugar-fueled rampage through the remains of our session.  Please remember that SD stands for Saccharine Dementia, otherwise known as Trickster Mode. For those of you that are confused or would like to read more about the topic, I'd suggest taking a gander at terrifyingVigilante's Corruption Guide - the section on Saccharine Dementia does a good job of explaining that in depth.

Anyways. To recap, here is a basic breakdown for Titles:  

Class: The first half of a Title, or the nature of your powers. Although Class determines a lot of the mechanics you operate under, for this guide it pretty much boils down to how you channel your aspect.  

Aspect: The second half of a Title, or what you have power over.  

Unfortunately, some of them are rather hard to decipher, hence why I'm sticking with fraymotifs and abilities instead of trying to make heads or tails of abstract concepts.

When talking about abilities, I'm going to focus mainly on the Aspect-specific ones (there aren't an awful lot which are class-only, so I'll write about all of that in a separate entry). As for the Fraymotifs, I'm afraid I won't be exploring that in-depth that any time soon - it's rather difficult to investigate them when we're stuck in a pocket dimension, unable to utilize our aspects in too major a way lest we alert our afflicted companion to our location. I'll update this compilation whenever I have time.

I'm afraid I must cut my introduction short; it seems that our Knight of Life is being chased around by the Bard of Void, who is currently delivering a drubbing with her umbrellakind. The only reason I'm writing these last sentences and drawing them out is to put off helping the Knight for as long as I can - I do find the sight rather amusing.