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Missy and her Puppy

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Wherever we were, it wasn’t an afterlife.

I knew this for a fact, despite the skeletons sitting around us in large tanks on each of the many floors. The place was too clean, the air too crisp and everything else looked too normal, per say, for this to be any sort of heaven, hell or purgatory.

Where even are we? I thought to myself, staring at the skeletons, both confused and concerned. The Doctor seemed to share my concerns as he wondered aloud why someone was going to so much trouble in order to keep watch on the dead.

As we continued through the hallways, the Doctor activated some sort of book interface and soon, a feminine Scottish accent was speaking to us; explaining where we were and what this place was about.

After it finished, the Doctor asked, “Is it difficult?”

Confused, I turned to him and saw that he was speaking to a figure hidden just beyond the interface.

Not knowing she was even back there, I was rather startled by her sudden appearance as she walked through the interface.

Getting a better look at her, I thought she was a rather attractive woman. She looked like she was in her late forties, with her hair done up and underneath a hat with fake fruit on it. She was also wearing an interesting outfit consisting of a plum purple skirt and jacket with black trim on it. Her choice of attire strongly reminded me of a Victorian piece, just more subdued.

“Hello!” She greeted us. “I hope you’re well. How may I assist you with your death?”

The Doctor stared at her before stuttering a greeting, “Well, there is no immediate... hurry. We’re just...”

“Browsing.” I finished for him when he couldn’t think of an appropriate word.

“Please!” She told us, grinning. “Take all the time you need. At 3W, you always have the rest of your life.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, so the Doctor and I just nodded and accepted her words.

“So what exactly is 3W?” He asked her.

“Apologies.” She continued. “Clearly, you have not received the official 3W greeting’s package.”

What does she mean by that? I thought to myself.

And then, much to my shock and relative amusement, she grabbed the Doctor, pinned him against a wall and then began kissing him!

Staring at them, my jaw dropped in shock, I was unable to smile, laugh or do anything to express the many conflicting emotions I felt.

And that’s when I noticed the woman was holding out her hand. Still unable to fully process what was happening, I subconsciously grabbed it before finally turning away.

But I never let go of her hand.

I tried to ignore them, fixing my gaze on a nearby wall. But as a result of me not paying attention to them, I didn’t notice that the woman had stopped making out with my best friend.

Next thing I knew, I was getting tugged by my hand until I too had been pinned against the wall!

Blinking in surprise, I gawked at the woman, who was staring at me with a mischievous smirk.

Leaning in close, she whispered, “You also have not received the official welcome package...”

And then, before I could do or say anything, she had pressed her lips against mine.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I attempted to struggle, but the woman kept a surprisingly strong grip on me.

And so I just rode it out.

But after a few seconds had passed, I found myself melting into the kiss.

The woman’s grip on me then loosened as she expertly moved her mouth against mine, gentle yet firm.

An almost involuntary moan rose up in my throat, causing her to smile into our kiss. She teased me with a flick of her tongue and I welcomed the invitation, opening my mouth.

Our kiss was now bordering on possessive as she wrapped her arms around my waist, drawing me closer as I clutched at her jacket, moaning again.

Eventually, I needed air so I withdrew, breathing heavily.

She smiled at me, caressing my cheek. “Did you like that, honey?”

I laughed lightly and nodded.

“Oh, but I’m not done yet.” She seductively whispered in my ear before moving to kiss my neck.

As I gave her better access, I moaned as she gently kissed and nipped it, sucking lightly at a particular sensitive spot, making me groan with pleasure.

She eventually stopped and I was breathless with euphoria. She then smiled, gently kissed my forehead and finally backed away, grinning at the both of us.

It was then that I remembered the Doctor was standing just a few feet away.

I turned and saw him staring wide eyed at me.

I swallowed and looked away, suddenly embarrassed that I made out with a strange woman in front of him.


“Tongues?” He asked.

I blushed as he chuckled before we both looked at the woman, who was still smiling at us.

She introduced herself as Missy, a welcome person, and told us a little bit about the institute we were in before finally calling out to a man named Dr. Chang, who then led us away.

And the whole time I was thinking about the wonderful kiss she gave me.

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Being functionally immortal wasn’t fun.

It may’ve prevented her from getting hungry and thirsty - which was useful as she couldn’t taste anything anymore - and it may’ve given her more time to explore all of time and space but at the same time, she was beginning to see why her companion of one year, Ashildr or Lady Me, hated being immortal.

Besides the obvious like losing her loved ones, it was incredibly boring; case in point, no longer being able to sleep.

Ever since Clara Oswald began venturing out with Ashildr in their TARDIS, she quickly realized that it wasn’t all fun and games. Besides having to be extra careful not to get herself into too much danger, not having to sleep anymore wasn’t okay with her.

It gave her too much time, ironically enough as she was in a time travelling ship.

Too much time to think about her loved ones. Too much time to worry about what would happen to her and Ashildr. Too much time to, inevitably, become bored.

She had already read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from the library and brushed up on her soufflé baking skills (to no avail) and she was beginning to feel the dregs of boredom in her mind.

Sighing to herself, she was about to head back to the library to maybe find something to do there when a loud zap startled her.

Confused, she began heading towards where she heard it, wondering why it sounded almost familiar.

As she grew closer, she realized it was coming from the console room and soon, she smelled smoke.

It wasn’t enough to be a fire; however, it still alarmed Clara. Why was there smoke coming from the console room?

Hurrying along, she was almost to the doorway when she heard something that sent chills throughout her body.


Someone was laughing in her console room.

It wasn’t loud or maniac, just a sinister little chuckle that certainly didn’t belong to Ashildr, who was in her bedroom most likely sleeping.

There was an intruder in her TARDIS.

Struggling to calm herself down, she cautiously peered around the doorway. Not seeing anyone, she carefully stepped into the dark console room.

“Hello?” She called out.

“Hello, poppet.”

Before Clara could do or say anything else, the room’s emergency doors slammed shut behind her.

Gasping, she quickly looked around, mind frantic with worry, shock and outrage.

“Who’s there?!”

An annoyed sigh answered her. “Really now? You don’t know it’s me?”

Hearing the voice more clearly now, the all too familiar Scottish accent allowed Clara to realize who had intruded into her home.

Bolting up the stairs of the now modified console room, she stared with her jaw dropped in shock.

When she finally found her voice again, all she could say was, “Missy?!”

“The one and only!”

Sure enough, there Missy stood, looking as smug and arrogant as ever. And looking none the worse for wear, which almost surprised Clara as the last thing she remembered from Skaro was Missy vanishing into the collapsing Dalek city.

“And before you say anything; yes, I survived Skaro. How I survived is none of your business. And I did indeed use a new vortex manipulator to get into your ship.”

Smiling, Missy began walking towards her, causing Clara to take a few steps back.

“Oh come now, darling. We can’t be having any of that now can we?”

“What the hell are you doing here?!” Clara hissed, still backing away from her.

“Well, I haven’t come here to kill, maim or harass you, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Clara scoffed. “You honestly expect me to believe that?”

Missy sighed before reaching into her pockets. Clara uncertainly watched, wondering if Missy was trying to show her something.

“You see this?”

“Um... No?”

“Exactly. I don’t have my vaporizer with me. And before you ask, no, I will not find some other way to kill you. I don’t want to ruin my nice clothes, which I’m sure you understand.”

Clara carefully searched her face for any hint of deception. But it seemed that, for once, Missy wasn’t lying.

This only served to confuse her. “What?”

“Oh come now. I may not be the nicest person around, but I can still have my moments.”

“But why?”

“Why, what?”

“Why won’t you kill me? You’ve threatened to do so in the past and even tried to trick the Doctor into killing me back on Skaro!”

“That’s water under the bridge now, dearie!”

Clara snorted, which Missy smiled at. “Seriously?”

“Yep! Oh, and speaking of, what happened between you and the Doctor?”

Clara flinched. “That’s... That’s none of your business...”

“Oh but it is my business. I’ve made it my responsibility to keep the two of you together. And yet, even I don’t know what happened!”

“I said it’s none of your business!”

Missy smirked. “Is it possible that I’ve touched a nerve?”

Clara glared at her, making Missy laugh.

“Hm, well let’s see. You’re not sleeping, you obviously have a TARDIS now, you and the Doctor aren’t together anymore and best of all...”

Missy then struck out like a snake, grabbing Clara’s wrist.



Clara attempted to struggle but Missy kept a strong grip on her. “What are you doing?!”

Missy then smiled deviously. “No pulse.”

Finally freeing herself, Clara stalked away and crossed her arms.

Missy chortled. “You died, didn’t you?”

Clara didn’t answer.

“The Doctor screwed up, didn’t he? He didn’t keep a close enough eye on you and you must’ve gone and done something stupid!”

“Stop it!” Clara yelled, her voice cracking under the weight of the emotional turmoil stirring within her.

“You mustn’t be such a crybaby. Death happens to everyone. It was just sooner rather than later for you! Oh, but it must’ve torn the Doctor apart!”


“Well? What happened?”

“That’s none of your business...”

“He probably blamed himself for what happened, didn’t he?”



Having finally lost her patience, she turned around and shouted, “What’s it to you?!”

Missy, momentarily taken aback, shrugged. “I’m just curious.”

Tears welling up in her eyes, she sighed. “A chronolock. I took a chronolock upon myself and I paid the price for it.”

“A chronolock, hm?”

“Yes. And to make matters worse, the Doctor was then trapped in his confession dial by the Time Lords!”

Missy’s eyes widened.

“And then...”

“What?” Missy almost gently urged Clara on.

Tears now streaming down her face, Clara choked out. “The Doctor was stuck in his confession dial for four and a half billion years...”


“Four... Four and a half billion years?!”

Clara could only nod.

“But... Okay. You were obviously on Gallifrey, as that’s the only way you could’ve acquired another TARDIS.”

Missy thought for a moment before asking, “Did the Doctor pull you through an extraction chamber?”

Clara again nodded.

“But... What happened? Why aren’t you still with him?”

Under normal circumstances, Clara would’ve laughed at the utter confusion and bewilderment on Missy’s face, as it was something she’d never seen before. However, this time, she took a deep breath and whispered:

“He forgot me.”

Missy could only stare at her. When she found her voice again, she asked, “He... forgot about you?”


“Why?! What happened?! What did that idiot do?!”

Clara shook her head. “It wasn’t his fault... It was mine. He tried to erase my memories using a neuroblock to keep me safe, but I overheard him say this and so I used sonic technology to reverse engineer it.”

She sighed. “I didn’t really want him to actually forget me. I just wanted him to come to his senses. And he did... Just not in the way I intended.”

Missy, who had until then kept quiet, figured out the rest. “You weren’t able to fully reverse engineer the neuroblock, right?”

“That’s right. And so we knew that we were too dangerous together and so we took the neuroblock together. And well, he got the short end of the stick.”

An uncomfortable silence fell between the two before Missy, in an incredibly rare moment of sincere compassion, told her, “Clara... I’m so sorry.”

And this time, Missy wasn’t being sarcastic.

Somewhat surprised yet somehow still pleased, Clara nodded. “Thank you.”

Another silence fell between the two, them both being fairly surprised they were actually being amiable to each other.

Eventually, the silence got to Missy, who then got a clever idea.

“Clara, dear?”


Missy gave her kindest smile. “How about we exchange stories?”


“Well, you’ve got a whole TARDIS to yourself!”

“Not quite. I’m with another person. You’ve met her before, her name is Ashildr. But she usually introduces herself as Lady Me.”

“Ah yes. The little immortal. So, she’s still around is she?”


“Interesting. You’re travelling with her now?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well then! It seems we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!”

Clara shook her head, laughing lightly.

“Well come on then, darling! Come sit and tell Missy what you two have been up to!”

Clara rolled her eyes yet did as requested.

“Now, first you’re going to tell me what you and the Doctor were up to beforehand.”

Clara actually found herself smiling. “Well, Missy, it went something like this...”

They talked well into the night. As Clara didn’t have to sleep anymore and Missy was a Time Lady who didn’t have to rest as much as humans did, they exchanged many stories. Missy told her about some of her previous encounters with the Doctor and them as children - while not giving away anything too personal, of course - and Clara told Missy what had happened after her and the Doctor left Skaro. She also told her about the adventures she and Ashildr had been on recently.

Eventually though, as the TARDIS clock read that it was nearly dawn, it was now time for Missy to leave.

“Well poppet, it’s been very nice catching up with you. But I’m afraid it’s time for me to be leaving.”

“Alright.” Clara told her, somewhat disappointed.

“Oh, what’s with the long face?”

Clara sighed before shrugging and telling her, “It was nice to be able to have a decent conversation with someone other than Ashildr for once. Even though I enjoy her company, she’s not someone I can always tell this sort of stuff to. And also, she doesn’t have too many interesting stories as she often can’t remember much.”

Missy genuinely smiled at that. “Thank you very much.”

Clara smiled back.

Chuckling, she then told Clara, “Now, you’ll be seeing me again sometime in the near future.”


“Of course! I still have much to tell you!”

“Me too.”

Missy smiled before kissing Clara’s forehead. “See you soon.”

And with that, stepped back and she teleported away.

Clara saw Missy again after that. What was originally meant to just exchange stories was now an excuse to see each other. After all, Clara reasoned, if she wasn’t going to see the Doctor again, she may as well settle for his best friend turned arch nemesis.

And as for Missy, well... Let’s just say that Clara is someone who doesn’t bore her. And to Missy, that’s a good enough reason to keep coming back.

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“Let’s see... I know it’s around here somewhere...” I muttered to myself, trying to follow the map I’d brought along as I made my way through the crowded venues and stalls of the bazaar I was in.

We were currently on a small planet called Bali, which was being used as a shopping and sightseeing planet as of the 25th century. I know it seems like a strange choice to go to, especially since this incarnation of the Doctor prefers not to shop. But this time around, he needs to buy some supplies to repair and maintain some parts of the TARDIS as she’s getting finicky.

Clara and I had no objections to the Doctor’s (rather begrudging) idea to go shopping and soon, we had landed here. We decided to go our separate ways after getting enough needed currency and thus far, I had bought some nice clothes, some make-up to try on and some of my own trinkets and gadgets to play around with.

I was just about satisfied with what I’d bought but there was still one last thing I needed to get.

After some more fumbling around with my map (and having to ask for directions), I finally found what I was looking for; the Earth animal section, where plenty of farm and domesticated animals were.

I grinned and stepped into the area, keeping an eye out for one thing in particular, which was a good thing since there was already plenty to look at and choose from here. It would’ve most likely been overwhelming to a lesser being who didn’t know what they doing here but thankfully, it didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for as I reached where the cats and dogs were.

Normally, such mangy animals which were always such a pain to take care of I’d keep my distance from. They were messy, smelly and always required such a high level of attention. Even as a child on Gallifrey, I preferred not to have a pet (not that my family would’ve allowed that, anyways) while the Doctor was the one who was trying to sneak pets into the Academy.

Sighing at the sudden influx of memories, I did my best to push them away before putting a smile on my face.

“Excuse me?” I called out to a clerk.

He looked up and smiled. “Hello. How can I help you?”

“Yes. I was just looking for a little kitten that would preferably have a higher intelligence than normal and wouldn’t be too high maintenance. And if it’s not too much trouble, a long lifespan.”

He thought for a moment before saying, “Well, I have three kittens that match that description. Do you want to see them?”

Obviously. I thought but just smiled and nodded.


I followed him into a small, noisy building that was full of dogs and cats.

He led me to the back, where three kittens were in a small glass cage. One was a grey tabby and another one was white with some black spots, who were both wrestling with each other, while the third one was an almost completely black cat. It didn’t seem to be too concerned with what the other kittens were doing and was sleeping.

“The white one and the grey one are both girls and the black one is the only boy.” The clerk explained, gesturing to them. “Both girls are quite noisy, so you’ll have to keep that in mind. And the boy prefers to sleep but will still play if he’s in the mood.”

I nodded, watching them so I could decide which one to get.

I could tell right away that she wouldn’t really like a noisy, playful kitten, so the two girls were out of the question. So I decided to ask about the boy.

“Can you tell me more about the black boy?”

He nodded. “Well, his schedule mainly consists of sleeping, eating and playing. He’s not as mischievous as the other two are which might make things easier for you, depending on your preferences. The only thing you really need to keep in mind is that he doesn’t like being alone and prefers company.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. He gets quite antsy if left alone for too long. And as for his lifespan, his genetics have been altered so that he should most likely live for at least twenty years or more; so long as he’s taken good care of.”

I nodded. “She’ll take good care of him.”

“Oh, is this kitten for a friend of yours?”

“Yes. She isn’t living with anyone - human or animal - in her house, so I thought that a kitten might help.”

He smiled. “That’s quite kind of you.”

Oh brother, the Doctor’s influencing me... I thought but kept quiet, looking down at the kittens again.

I knew that it might be troublesome to get her one that might have to come to work with her but at the same time that would be quite amusing. And since the black kitten wasn’t as rowdy as the other two, I knew she’d appreciate that.

My mind made up, I told him, “I’d like the black boy.”

He smiled and nodded before reaching into the pen and pulling out him out.

He yawned and did a little meow, obviously confused and startled before looking at me. He was actually quite cute and I knew that he’d win her over soon enough.

After I bought him and the necessary supplies, I requested that he be put in a safe box so that he could be a surprise. I even included a special card on it.

Soon, everything was ready and I thanked them before going on my way.

When I arrived back at the TARDIS, I first went to my room; setting my “bigger-on-the-inside” shopping bag that contained everything I’d bought on my bed before grabbing the cat in his box as well as the bag carrying the toys and supplies I got with him before heading towards Clara’s room.

Her light was on, so I knew she was in there.

Softly knocking on the door, there was a brief pause before I heard her get up and saw the door open a little. She looked surprised when she saw me.


“Hello, Clara dear.” I smiled at her. “Can I come in?”

She shrugged and opened the door some more, allowing me to enter her room.

I nodded my thanks and stepped inside, closing it behind me.

“Are you done already?” She asked me before spotting the box I had. “What’s that?”

I smirked. “A gift for you.”

I then set the box and the bag carrying the toys and supplies on the floor. “And yes, I’m already done. I knew exactly what I was getting and doing, unlike most of you humans that get sidetracked easily.”

She rolled her eyes but said nothing. She was used to my jibes at her species and her world by now, so she didn’t really react to them anymore.

It was then that she actually registered what I’d said and stepped closer.

“What kind of gift?”

I only smiled. “Come see for yourself.”

She suddenly looked wary, making me sigh. “It’s quite alright, dearie. He won’t hurt you.”


I nodded as she came even closer. She silently watched as I took the card, which read “To my sweet puppy, Clara. I hope you like your gift!” and gave it to her.

After she read it, she turned quizzical eyes to me. “Missy, what’s going on?”

I motioned to the box. “Open it.”

She hesitated before picking at the lid of the box and as soon as it was open, she looked inside and saw the sleeping kitten; her big, beautiful eyes widening to comical levels, making me chuckle.


“Hush.” I told her. “You’ll wake him up.”

She just stared at me, her eyes still wide before she stuttered and looked back at the box, silent.

“Clara?” I eventually asked.

“I...” She shook her head before turning to look back at me. “I don’t understand. Why would you get me a cat? I mean, I’ve never asked for any sort of pet!”

I shrugged. “Well, whenever I visit your flat, it always strikes me as being rather lonely. You aren’t living with anyone and so I thought that a cat might do you and your place some good. And before you ask, the reason I didn’t get you a puppy instead is because I knew that would’ve been too obvious.”

She shook her head again before turning back to the cat. He was just beginning to wake up and we watched as he stretched, yawned and stared up at us; letting out a low, “meow”.

I looked at Clara and saw her staring intently at him.

I sighed. “Y’know, you can pick him up.”

She hesitated before reaching down and carefully grabbed him before placing him on her lap, beginning to gently stroke his back.

“Well...” She sighed. “He is rather cute...”

I sensed hesitation so I prompted, “But?”

“It’s just that... I’m not sure if I can take care of a cat...”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, of course you can take care of him! He’s not as high maintenance as a dog is and all you really have to do is not leave him alone for too long.”

She looked at me, prompting me to explain, “The clerk at the place where I got him told me that he prefers not to be alone.”

She sighed. “Well that won’t work because I’m at the school for about 8 hours a day!”

I shrugged. “Then just bring him with you. I’m sure those little rascals you teach would love playing with him.”

She gave me a look. “The school has a no animal’s policy.”

“Then just explain the situation to Mr. Armwrestle or whatever his name is! It’s not a big deal!”


We looked down and saw that the kitten was fully awake now, staring up at us with big eyes much like Clara’s.

She sighed. “It’s not that I’m not grateful for the gift and I do see where you’re coming from, but what if I can’t take care of him?”

I gave her a look before placing a hand on her shoulder. “Clara, sweetheart; if you can manage a classroom full of twenty kids for five days a week almost year round, you can manage a little kitten.”

She sighed before looking down at the kitten, who was now staring up at her.


She then smiled a little, making me chuckle.

“You’re growing attached to him, aren’t you?”


I smiled. “It’s alright, honey. I can read you like a book.”

She gave me an uncertain look, making me laugh. “And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that I’ve been around long enough to be able to read body language. And right now, you’re smiling and gently petting the cat.”

She rolled her eyes, but kept smiling as she looked down at the kitten, gently stroking his back.

She then exclaimed. “He’s purring!”

I giggled. “So he is.”

The little guy was now lying down in her lap, perfectly content and happy as he continued to purr. He eventually yawned and laid his head down.

“He’s getting tired.” I observed, making Clara nod.


I scooted closer before asking, “So... are you going to keep him?”

She sighed. “I suppose I could try it and see how it goes...”

I grinned, hugging her while being careful to not jostle the kitten. “That’s my girl!”

She chuckled, gently pushing me away. “Oh, stop it.”

I smiled at her before asking, “So what are you going to name him?”

She suddenly looked at me. “Oh, that’s right! He does need a name, doesn’t he?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, he does.”

She nodded before going quiet, obviously contemplating what to name him. Soon, she smiled and said, “Danny. His name is going to be Danny.”

I furrowed my brow. “You’re naming him after your dead boyfriend?”

Since she was used to my usual bluntness, she just nodded and said, “Yes.”

I made a thoughtful sound before shrugging and saying, “Alright. He’s your cat, after all.”

She smiled at me before slowly beginning to pet Danny, who even as he drifted off, began purring even louder in response.

About a minute passed before she asked me, “Um, Missy?”


“Do I have to buy any supplies for him? Like cat food and toys?”

I shook my head. “No. I got most of what you’ll need when I bought him. That’s what’s in there.” I then motioned towards the bag still on the floor.

She nodded. “Alright. Thanks.”

I smiled at her.

We spent the next half hour keeping an eye on him as we waited for the Doctor to come back. We knew that when that happened, we’d have to hide Danny since animals usually aren’t allowed on the TARDIS. Thus, we knew that until we could get back to Clara’s flat, the Doctor couldn’t find out about Danny.

Soon, we heard the TARDIS doors open and so we quickly hid him and the cat supplies (while still leaving some toys out), locked the door to her room and went out to meet him.

“Ah! Clara! Missy!” He exclaimed when he saw us. “I’m glad to see you’re back. How was your erm... shopping experience?”

Clara chuckled. “It was fine. I got some nice clothes and a book.”

He furrowed his brow. “That’s all you got?”

She shrugged. “There was a lot to see and do there. I wasn’t sure where to start so I kept it simple.”

He nodded before turning to me. “And you, Missy?”

“Some clothes, some makeup and some trinkets to play around with.” I then smirked. “So how was your shopping experience, Doctor?”

He groaned. “Horrible. Just plain awful.”

Clara and I laughed as he continued. “Firstly, I didn’t know exactly what I needed or how to describe it since no one there had a time machine and secondly, when I finally found it, it was more expensive than I thought, so I had to haggle with the shopkeeper!”

I snorted. “Why didn’t you just get more money?”

“And risk losing what I needed to someone else? I don’t think so!”

I snickered. “So all in all, it was unpleasant?”

He nodded, making us chuckle.

“So not something you’d like to do with us on a regular basis?” Clara teased him.

He gave her a deadpan look, making her laugh.

“But thankfully, I’ve got the piece I need now. It’s not perfect but it should work.”

Just as he said that, the entire TARDIS suddenly shook violently. Stumbling, we grabbed hold of the railing as the Doctor quickly checked the monitor.

As he typed in some commands, Clara asked him, “What’s going on?”

He sighed. “She’s getting cranky. I need to hurry up and do those repairs!”

I nodded. “How long do you think it’ll take?”

He shrugged. “Depends on what kind of repairs I actually need to do. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, so try checking back in an hour.”

“Do you need help?” I asked as he was getting ready to go under the console.

“No, I should be fine. If I’m not, you’ll be the first to know. Now go have fun with the things you bought or something.”

We nodded. “Alright.”

Afterwards, we began walking towards her room. We had just entered the hallway when she said to me, “Y’know, I really hope the Doctor doesn’t take too long...”

“Anxious to get home, are we?”

She nodded. “Yes. I have some things to do and the longer we stay here, the higher the chances are of Danny getting discovered!”

I went silent, swallowing the nervous lump in my throat. I hoped things would turn out okay, especially since I’d hate to have to return him. Clara really needed the company.

Eventually, we reached her room, unlocked the door and quickly stepped inside, shutting it behind us.

Danny was now fully awake - the TARDIS and our absence having probably disturbed him - and was playing around with one of the toys we’d left out.

We both smiled as he threw it around, playfully meowing as his tail twitched. He then noticed us and happily meowed as he hurried over and began rubbing against us, still meowing happily.

“Did you miss me?” Clara chuckled, sitting on the floor as Danny crawled into her lap, starting to purr as he rubbed against her. “You silly kitty, I was only gone for a few minutes!”

He meowed at her, making me smile.

“He sure is cute.” I commented, causing her to nod.

“Yes he is.”

I tried not to show it, but I was actually quite proud of myself. Much like when I chose Clara for the Doctor, I made a good choice with this kitten and Clara.

Afterwards, we both sat down on the bed, bringing Danny with us. Clara began gently petting him while I brought out the cat supplies, which included food, two dishes for said food and some water, kitty litter and a litter box, some other toys and a cat bed.

I then set about preparing some food for Danny before setting it on the floor.

“Hm. I’ll have to go get some water from the bathroom.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Just keep him occupied and try not to leave the room.” I smiled, standing up. “I’ll be right back.”

It only took a few minutes to find the bathroom, thankfully, and so I filled the water dish half full before returning to Clara’s room, being careful not to spill anything.

After I’d arrived and shut the door behind me, I set the dish down beside his food. Danny then let out a little “meow” and when I looked at him, I could tell he was wondering what I was doing.

Smiling, I told him, “This is your food and water, Danny.”

He looked up at me and meowed again before crawling off Clara’ lap, jumping down and going over to sniff the dishes.

We both watched as he spent a few seconds just sniffing the food and the water he had now before gently touching the food with his paw. Seemingly satisfied, he did the same to the water before licking it off.

We both laughed at him.

“You’re such a silly kitty!” Clara exclaimed, smiling at him.

He meowed in response to her, making me smile.

“Y’know, I don’t normally like household pets but he really is adorable.” I smiled, watching him come over and half-jump, half-climb back up onto the bed before crawling onto Clara’s lap.

“Yes he is... And he’s quite the cuddle bug, too!”

I chuckled at her comment, reaching to stroke Danny behind his ears just as Clara went to do the same, causing our hands to accidentally collide.

I giggled as Clara blushed.


“There’s nothing to apologize for.” I smiled, gently grabbing her hand and stroking her knuckles with my thumb.

Her blush deepened, which she tried to hide by looking back at Danny, causing me to chuckle.

We sat in a comfortable silence for a few seconds, still holding hands (which I was quite pleased about) as Danny started purring, Clara’s other hand petting him.

Soon, he laid his head down and was beginning to fall asleep again. We both sat there and watched him in content silence.

Unfortunately, this peace wouldn’t last long because after a few minutes had passed, I started to become aware of what sounded like a low hum.

As it began to get louder, Clara noticed it too. “What is that?”

“I’m not sure...” I was able to tell her before I could feel the ship beginning to shake. It wasn’t a strong tremor, but it was enough to concern me.


Surprised, we looked down and saw that the hum and shaking had disturbed Danny, who was now awake and looking around.

“Shh...” Clara soothed, petting him. “It’s alright, Danny.”

I could see he was still worried, as he didn’t go back to sleep. But Clara continued to pet him, attempting to calm him down.

“Clara, I’m sorry about this, but I should probably go see what that is.” I spoke as I stood up, smoothing my skirt out.

“Okay, just... Be careful.”

I smiled reassuringly at her. “Don’t worry, poppet. I’m sure the Doctor just needs help, even if he won’t admit it.”

She chuckled at that as I leaned down and stroked Danny’s ears.

“You be good, Danny. I don’t want you giving your mummy any trouble now.”

I practically felt Clara roll her eyes at that as I stood back up.

“I’ll try to be quick, but no promises. If I’m right and the Doctor needs help, I could be a while. Just try not to leave the room unless you have to and even then, don’t take too long. We don’t want him getting discovered.”

Clara nodded in response as I smiled at her and then left, closing the door behind me.

As I thought, the Doctor needed help. It would seem that the part he needed to repair the TARDIS was actually a car part, not a time machine part. As such, his ship was rejecting his attempts to repair her like a child throwing a tantrum.

It took us a while, but we were able to calm her down and try to change the car part so that it would work for us.

A few hours, several hammered thumbs and some false starts later, the TARDIS was finally on her way to being repaired.

“There we go.” The Doctor grinned, looking tired and disheveled but proud. “All done. I’ll just need to run a systems upgrade and check it every few hours. In about a day, we should be good to go.”

I nodded, only to then register what he’d said. “I’m sorry... Did you just say a day? As in, a whole twenty-four hours?”

“Yep.” He nodded before seeing the look on my face. “I’m sorry it’s going to take so long, but I can’t risk us landing or trying to land somewhere only for us to get stranded.”

I hesitated before nodding. “I suppose so.”

“Don’t worry.” He smiled reassuringly. “With the both of us here, we should be okay.”

I was able to smile back. “Just tell me if you need anything.”

“Will do.”

After seeing him go under the console again, I made my way back to the corridor; my mind struggling to comprehend the information I’d just received.

Clara’s not going to be happy when she hears we have to stay in here for a whole day. And how are we supposed to keep Danny a secret? This won’t be easy...

I was still trying to figure out a way to tell her what I’d heard when I suddenly noticed her walking towards me, a frantic look on her face.

“Missy!” She exclaimed, hurrying towards me. “Thank goodness I found you!”

“Clara?” I asked, confused. “What are you doing here?”

Before she could answer, a sinking feeling began to form in my stomach when I noticed how tense and nervous she appeared to be.

“Has something happened?”

She sighed, obviously stressed out as she nodded.

I quickly checked to make sure the Doctor wasn’t behind us before I gently ushered Clara further down the hallway to make sure that he wouldn’t overhear us.

Once we were a safe distance away, I asked her, “What happened?”

“It’s Danny!” She frantically told me, eyes wide. “He’s gone!”

My own eyes widened upon hearing this. “What?! How?!”

She sighed, rubbing her forehead. “I stayed in the room like you told me to but then I had to use the bathroom and I thought I’d grab a snack while I was out. I tried to be quick about it and I was only gone for a few minutes.”

She shook her head. “But by the time I’d returned, the door was open and Danny was gone!”

I took a deep breath to calm my racing hearts before asking her, “You didn’t leave the door open or unlocked, did you?”

“No, I didn’t! I made sure that the door was closed when I left. But I didn’t think that I needed to lock it because you and the Doctor were busy in the console room and I knew I wouldn’t be gone for very long!”

I swallowed a nervous lump in my throat before telling her, “Well first things first; we need to find him. We’ll investigate your room before we look elsewhere. We need to figure out how he was able to leave in the first place!”

She nodded. “Okay. That sounds like a good start.”

I nodded as well before we hurried to her room.

Once we’d arrived, I instructed Clara to look for clues around her room while I looked at the door.

While she did her part, I grew confused when I saw that the door was working normally. The lock and doorknob weren’t broken and it opened and shut just fine.

“Missy, have you found anything?”

“No. The door’s working, so I’m not sure how he could’ve opened it...”

And it was then that I started to remember something.

Getting a sinking feeling in my stomach, I looked around and noticed that her desk chair was nearby, close enough and high enough for him to be able to climb up on it and use the doorknob.

I must’ve visibly wilted as my suspicions were confirmed; prompting Clara to notice and ask me, “What’s wrong?”

“Well... I’ve just remembered something.”

An uneasy look came over her face. “...What is it?”

I sighed, rubbing my forehead. “I now remember what I requested when I bought Danny for you. I was looking for a cat that had a longer than normal lifespan, wasn’t high maintenance... and that they had an above average intelligence.”

She looked confused for a moment before understanding came to her.

“You mean... Danny was actually able to figure out how to open the door?!”


She then noticed her chair. “And he did it using my desk chair?!”

“That’s how it appears...”

We fell silent, comprehending what we’d found out. Eventually, Clara sighed and rubbed her forehead.

“So what do we do now?”

I stayed silent, thinking for a moment.

“Well, with this information in mind, we’ll have to be quick in finding him before something else happens. The only question is how do we find him?”

It was silent again for a few moments before Clara said, “Well, I have a few ideas about where he could be.”

“Oh really?”

She nodded before saying, “Well, despite Danny’s intelligence, he’s still a kitten. As such, there are a few places he might go and some things he could do, as well.”

I nodded for her to continue as she explained, “A good start would be the kitchen and maybe even the bathroom. If he was looking for me, he might know that I was there. It seems most likely that that’s what he’s doing right now, since he still has food and water; meaning he probably isn’t searching for any sustenance.”

I looked and sure enough, his food and water dishes were still full.

I smiled and told her, “Quite perceptive, poppet. I knew there was a reason why I chose you for the Doctor.”

She rolled her eyes before she finished saying, “So anyways, that’s where I believe we should start.”

I nodded. “Excellent observations and I agree. Let’s go check the bathroom and the kitchen you visited and see if there’s any sign of him there.”

Afterwards, we hurried out of the room and Clara was able to retrace her steps to the bathroom first.

Looking around, we didn’t hear or see Danny. As such, we went onto the kitchen which had more promising results. We noticed a few messes which Clara confirmed weren’t there when she visited.

And so we quickly split up, checking every nook and cranny as well as looking for any clues as to Danny’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, our search didn’t really unearth anything particularly useful.

Sighing, I turned to Clara. “Well, it’s obvious that he was here but he isn’t anymore.”

She nodded, clearly worried as she was silent and it was written all over her face.

I went up to her and gave her a gentle embrace, which she returned. “We’ll find him, honey. It might take us a little while, but we will.”

Sighing, I felt her nod before we stepped away from each other. She still looked worried, but I could tell she was feeling a little better.

Just as we were about to leave, we suddenly heard someone approaching.

Clara heard it as well, as she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “It must be the Doctor!”

I nodded and then told her, “Quick! Look like you’re searching for something in here!”

She paused, obviously not sure what I meant, but then dashed off towards the cupboards while I looked in the shelves behind me.

Trying to be as authentic as possible, I then turned to Clara and after she noticed me, mouthed; play along.

Thankfully, she was smart enough to know what I meant and nodded as I said, “I can’t find it, poppet. Can you?”

She thought for a moment and just as the Doctor appeared in the doorway, said, “No, I can’t. The... what did you call it again?”

Thinking fast, I told her, “Oh, the rare banana-apple hybrid fruit, I can’t quite remember its name right now. I was hoping it might be here on this ship, but it doesn’t look like it’s in this particular kitchen. We’ll have to look in another one.”

“What’s going on?” The Doctor asked, looking confused.

“Clara was just helping me find something.”

“Some kind of fruit, did you say?”

I nodded. “Some of the gadgets I got at our last stop require some test runs. And I thought that I could experiment on something simple but exciting.”

He stared at me, making me a little nervous. “And so... you thought that a rare fruit might be what you’re looking for?”

I nodded as Clara told him, “Yeah. I was marking some of my students’ homework when Missy asked me for help, since the TARDIS is so huge.”

He nodded, still looking confused but somehow pleased at the same time. “I see. And so the two of you are working together?”

“That’s right.”

He made a thoughtful sound before smiling. “Well, it’s certainly better than you two being at each other’s throats.”

I rolled my eyes while Clara giggled.

“Well, I hope your search goes well. And if you need any help, just let me know.”

We smiled at him. “We’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”

After that Clara and I casually walked out of the kitchen and down the hall. It was only when we’d rounded a corner and saw that the Doctor wasn’t around anymore did we relax.

“That was close!” Clara whispered, looking a little shaken.

I nodded. “Yes. But that just means we need to hurry!”

We quickly and quietly went down the hall and stopped next to a workshop.

“Okay, so we know that he’s not in the bathroom or the kitchen you went to. But he obviously visited that particular kitchen because of the messes we found.”

She nodded as I went on. “And so our best bet right now is to split up.”

She hesitated before nodding. “That way we can cover more ground?”

I nodded. “That’s right, poppet.”

“Alright, I can see your point and I do agree with you. But we’ll still have to keep in contact somehow.”

I made a thoughtful sound before remembering something.

Quickly going into the workshop right next to us, I was able to find two communicators.

After testing them, I went back out and gave Clara one of them.

“We’ll use these to keep in contact.” I told her as she pocketed hers. “And we’ll only use them if we find any clues, we find Danny or something important comes up. Understand?”

She nodded.

“Good. Now, I’ll go down the hall and to the right and you’ll take the left. Is that alright?”

She nodded again.

Right after that, we set off and shortly afterwards, wished each other good luck as we parted ways.

Ten minutes had passed since we’d separated and so far, there wasn’t any sign of Danny.

I’d looked in every nook and cranny in every room and every closet. And yet there was still no sign of him.

I was getting really worried, especially since the TARDIS is such a big ship. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find him and I could only hope that Clara was having more luck.

After a few more minutes of searching another room, my communicator suddenly went off.

Quickly answering it, I asked, “Clara? Has something happened?”

“Yes and no.” She told me. “I haven’t found Danny yet but nothing bad has happened. The reason I’m calling you is because I’ve found more clues that Danny’s been around here.”

“You have? Where are you?”

“Yes and I’m close to the kitchen I went to. I think that he’s trying to find us but I don’t see him anywhere right now. He might be lost or going around in circles right now. He’s got to be close, though.”

“Good job. Keep searching and remember to call me if you find him.”

“Will do. Over and out.”

I chuckled as she cut the call. Putting my communicator away, I stepped out of the room and went down the hall.

I was quick but still had my senses alert in case I came across anything.

However, nothing else happened and I came across another fork in the hallway just up ahead.

Sighing, I knew that if this continued, I might - embarrassingly enough - get lost. And that wouldn’t do us any good.

And so after briefly hesitating, I approached the wall next to me and gently touched it with my hand.

“Alright, please listen... I know we haven’t exactly gotten off on the right foot, to say the least. I’ve turned you into a paradox machine, given your beloved Time Lord much trouble and called you names. But I know that you don’t want Danny running around inside your interior. So please, just please, help us. Point us in the right direction or something like that. And try not to get us lost. We can’t afford to let that happen right now...”

A few moments of silence passed as only the light hum of the TARDIS surrounded me. I wasn’t really sure what she was thinking since I knew that she still wasn’t very fond of me. I don’t blame her but I couldn’t afford to let petty grudges get in our way right now.

“Even if you still don’t like me... do it for Clara at least. You and I both know that she deserves company and the Doctor and I aren’t enough! She needs Danny, since the human Danny isn’t... here anymore.”

I sighed as the hum persisted around me with nothing else happening.

“Please help us...”

And then I heard something. Something very familiar that both startled and excited me:

A cat meowing!

Looking up, I could see that the hallway had changed and the same workshop we got our communicators from was just ahead!

Grinning, I turned to the wall and said, “Thank you, old girl...”

She hummed gently in response as I turned and hurried towards the workshop where I’d heard Danny meowing. I reached the doorway, looked inside-

-and saw that the Doctor was in there.

And he was holding Danny.

And the expression on his face was an unsettling mixture of disappointment, surprise and annoyance.

Oh bollocks...

We both stared at each other as I struggled to come up with a reasonable explanation. So far, I couldn’t think of anything.

“Missy... Is this your cat?”

I swallowed heavily. “...N-No.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Okay... So what exactly is it doing in my TARDIS?”

I opened my mouth only to close it again. I honestly had no idea how I was going to talk my way out of this one.


“It’s... Well, it’s...” I sighed, rubbing my forehead.

He glared at me. “Missy, I would like an explanation. Why is this cat in my ship and do you or do you not have something to do with it?”

I took a deep breath and told him, in as strong a voice as I could muster, “No... The cat isn’t mine... He belongs to Clara...”

He stared at me before asking, “I see. And where is Clara, exactly?”

I bit my lip before taking out my communicator and calling her.

Once she answered, she asked, “Missy? Is everything alright?”

I sighed. “Well... yes and no.”

“What? What’s happened?”

“Well, the good news is... I found Danny and he’s alright.”

“You did?!”

“Yes. He’s in the workshop where we got our communicators. You were right in saying that he was going around in circles trying to find us.”

“Okay, that’s wonderful!” I could hear the relief in her voice and that made me smile a little. “I’ll come to you!”

“Clara, wait... there’s something else.”

She paused before asking, “What is it?”

“Well, um... The Doctor’s here, too.”

A long silence followed and I wasn’t sure if she’d heard me or not but then she went, “...Oh...”

I sighed and went to speak again, but the Doctor interrupted me. “Yes, I’m here Clara. And I’d like a full explanation once you get here.”

Another silence happened before I heard her sigh and say, “...Understood. Over and out.”

And with that, the communicator fell silent.

It was a tense few minutes until she arrived. During that time, I was struggling to contain my anxiety.

Would the Doctor accept our explanation? Was he angry or just annoyed? Am I going to have to return Danny?

These questions haunted me until we heard her footsteps hurrying towards us. They hesitated right outside before she cautiously entered the workshop.

It was a silent and tense few seconds that past until she said, “Um... Hello, Doctor.”

He impassively stared at her as she moved to stand beside me. Once she had done so, he asked, “So, am I going to get my explanation now?”

We both looked at each other before turning back to him.

I sighed and told him, “Before we begin, I’d just like to point out that this wasn’t Clara’s idea.”

He raised an eyebrow as I continued. “It was entirely my idea and my plan. So please don’t get mad at her...”

I bit my lip before telling him, “...Be mad at me if you want to.”

They both stared at me in surprise and I could understand why. I wasn’t as fond of the human race as he was and Clara and I... didn’t exactly get off on the right foot, to say the least.

And so for me to defend her was obviously rather surprising for them. Especially since this was the first time I’d openly admitted how fond I’ve grown of Clara.

Eventually, their stares were getting to me and so I said, “So... do you want an explanation now?”

He nodded as Clara and I stared at each other before I began with, “Well, to start with, I always thought that her flat was rather lonely since she’s living there by herself...”

And that’s what we told him, taking turns in explaining how I got the idea to get a pet cat for Clara, why I got him on an alien planet, the differences in his psychology and physiology, what happened that allowed him to get loose from Clara’s room and how we ended up here in his workshop.

Once we’d finished out explanation, the Doctor stayed silent, obviously comprehending what he’d been told.

After a few moments of this, Clara and I exchanged a nervous glance before she asked him, “Doctor? Are you alright?”

He paused before sighing. “Yes...”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that, so I asked him, “...Are you angry with us?”

He hesitated before shaking his head. “No...”

I was relieved at that but I didn’t fully relax since he still didn’t look very happy.

“So what’s wrong?” I eventually asked him.

“It’s just...” He sighed. “I guess I’m disappointed that you didn’t consult me first.”

He then looked up at us. “I understand where you’re coming from, hence why I’m not angry with you... But I just wish you’d told me your intentions beforehand because I’m certain that if you’d explained it to me, I wouldn’t have said no.”

I bit my lip, knowing he had a point.

He sighed again before looking down at Danny, who seemed quite content being held by the Doctor and had a drowsy look on his face.

“...I think he likes you.” Clara told him, smiling.

He chuckled softly at that. “Yeah... I guess he does.”

Another few moments of silence passed before I asked him, “So what do we do now?”

He shrugged. “I’m not really sure. I guess the best thing we can do right now until we’re able to return to Clara’s flat is to keep him in a large but safe room. It won’t have any hiding places and at least one of us will be in there with him at all times so he doesn’t get loose again.”

I nodded. “That sounds best.”

“But which room will that be?” Clara asked.

He looked up, a half-smile on his face. “Oh, this is a big ship, Clara. I’m certain we’ll find some place good enough.”

She made a thoughtful sound before nodding. “Alright.”

And with that, he gave Danny back to Clara (who almost immediately rubbed against her and began purring) and then started to leave the workshop when he suddenly stopped.

“By the way... you two weren’t looking for a rare fruit, were you?”

We paused and then I sighed. “No... We weren’t.”

He nodded before continuing with, “And those small messes in the kitchen... they were because of the little guy, weren’t they?”

I swallowed as I realized our oversight. “Yes...”

He shook his head before asking us, “By the way, what’s his name?”

Clara smiled and told him, “Danny.”

He paused before nodding and saying, “That’s a good name.”

And then he left with us following.

Clara and I exchanged a look afterwards before she said, “We dodged a bullet there!”

I chuckled softly. “Yes, poppet; I suppose we did.”

 It didn’t take us long to find a suitable room after that. The TARDIS more than likely created it with Danny in mind. Clara stayed there with him as the Doctor and I went to her room to retrieve Danny’s food, water and the other supplies I bought.

After we’d returned and set everything up, we all took turns watching over him. Sometimes the three of us were all there at once, though it was mostly Clara and I as the Doctor had to maintain his TARDIS at the same time.

We played with him, made sure he had enough food and water, and when it was time to go to bed, Clara and I decided to sleep in there to make sure that nothing else happened.

Clara slept the most out of the both of us, being human and all. I slept a little bit but whenever I was awake, I was quiet as I observed how Danny would cuddle up beside her, purring loudly as he drifted off to sleep.

 When the morning came, we were greatly relieved that the TARDIS was now fully repaired and thus, we could return to Clara’s flat.

I could tell that Clara was relieved to be home.

“Well, I can’t say that it was boring or anything like that, but I hope that doesn’t happen again. No offense, of course.”

We smiled at her. “None taken, Miss Oswald.” The Doctor told her as I stepped forward, holding Danny.

He was curiously looking around his new surroundings as I carefully set him down. He then cautiously walked around the living area we had landed in, sniffing and gently touching things with his paw.

“Well Danny, what do you think?” Clara asked him.

He meowed at her and then walked over to us.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes mummy, I like this place’.”

Clara gave me a look which I responded at by playfully sticking my tongue out at her.

The Doctor chuckled before he opened the TARDIS door.

“We’ll be back next week at the same time. And remember to call if you need help with anything.”

Clara nodded at him as I waited until he was inside before walking up to her and saying, “You’ve got this, poppet. We’ve already had one mishap and you’re smart enough to have learned some of Danny’s behaviour from it. And you’ll continue to learn as he grows older and more mature.”

She smiled at me before hugging me. “Thank you, Missy.”

I smiled before returning the hug. “You’re very welcome, Clara.”

After that, I knelt down beside Danny and gave him a scratch behind the ears. “You be good, Danny. I don’t want you giving your mummy too much trouble, now.”

He meowed at me, causing me to chuckle before I stood back up.

“Ta ta for now, you two.”

Clara smiled at me as I went into the TARDIS. “Bye, Missy.”

Soon after that, the Doctor and I had left her flat and went venturing off into time and space.

Two months later...

 The sound of the TARDIS’ engines was oddly comforting to me as the Doctor and I piloted the ship to Earth.

We’d just had a rather intense and exciting adventure and we needed to unwind before going on another one. And we both figured that Clara would be happy to help us.

Looking at the console, I could see that we were on time and at the right location.

“Perfectly on target.” The Doctor said, smiling.

“Of course we are, darling. I set the coordinates after all.”

He rolled his eyes before opening the door as we both stepped out.

Almost immediately, Danny came into the room and walked up to us. He had grown a little bigger but he still wasn’t fully grown yet. That would still take another few months.

“Hello, honey.” I told him as I reached down to stroke his ears.

He meowed at me, his eyes closing in bliss before I stood back up. He then noticed the Doctor behind me, who had just finished locking the door to his ship.

Meowing, he went up and sniffed him, not as used to the Doctor as he was to me and Clara. He knew who he was, though, and rubbed against him.

“Hello Danny.” The Doctor spoke in his thick Scottish accent, giving him a brief caress on the back before straightening up.

It was a little quiet and so I asked Danny, “Can you be a good boy and tell your mummy we’re here?”

He meowed and hurried off.

We both waited before we heard some movement coming from Clara’s room. Soon enough, both she and Danny were coming towards us.

Her hair was a little frazzled and she looked like she’d just woken up.

“Did you have a nap, Clara?” The Doctor asked.

She nodded, yawning. “Yeah... I was up a little late last night marking assignments and getting final exams ready.”

She rubbed her eyes before asking, “So, what are you two doing here? It’s not Wednesday yet.”

I nodded. “We know it’s only Saturday but we just decided to pay you and Danny a visit.”

She squinted at us suspiciously before asking, “Has something happened?”

The Doctor sighed. “Sort of. We just had a rather harrowing adventure and it took its toll on us.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yes.” I told her. “And so we were just wondering if maybe you have something a little more... relaxing in mind. Nothing too domestic-”

“Oh, goodness no!” The Doctor immediately exclaimed.

I chuckled before continuing with, “-but just more laid back and not as overly exciting as this adventure was.”

She nodded before thinking for a moment before saying, “I’ll have to give it some thought, but I’m sure we could come up with something. In the meantime, why don’t I make us some tea?”

We both nodded. “Tea sounds wonderful.” The Doctor responded, smiling.

Clara smiled back before heading into the kitchen and soon enough, we heard the kettle beginning to boil.

Danny stayed behind and watched us as we went to sit on the couch.

Soon, he trotted over and jumped up in-between us. He made himself comfortable before lying down and beginning to purr.

“He’s such a good cat...” I whispered, gently stroking his back which in turn made him purr louder.

“Yes he is.” The Doctor said as he had his turn petting his head.

Soon enough, the tea was done and the three of us began to sip from our respective cups as we conversed with each other, sharing our recent experiences and telling stories.

After we’d finished, the Doctor (with some persuasion) took our now empty mugs and went to the kitchen to put them in the sink.

Now alone, Clara and I were silent for a few moments before she eventually said, “I’m very grateful for Danny, Missy.”

I smiled. “You are?”

She nodded, smiling as well. “It’s been a little tricky with my job and sometimes having to bring him to work-”

I chuckled at that.

“-but you were right. It was lonely in here... And I didn’t fully realize that until Danny was here for a few days.”

I smiled at her before asking, “Any mishaps or accidents?”

She shook her head. “Not really. He’s been very good and learns fast due to his intelligence.”

I nodded. “That’s good.”

Afterwards, we were silent until the Doctor came back. We exchanged ideas with what to do today and much laughter ensured as Danny continued to rest between us, perfectly content with where he was.

And I myself was content in the knowledge that both he and Clara were happy.

Next time: Angst

Chapter Text

It had been a remarkably quiet evening thus far, which was something both the Doctor and Missy were grateful for.

It had only been about a day since the Monks were driven away from Earth and Missy could tell that after six months of being their prisoner, the Doctor was glad that he had a chance to let things slow down and settle.

Even though he thrives on adventure and she thrives on chaos, let it never be said that either of them wouldn’t need a chance to unwind.

And now that the Monks were gone, the Doctor and Missy finally had a chance to talk properly after she had been left alone for six months.

“...and if it weren’t for Bill, the Monks would’ve won.” The Doctor was telling her. “The power of love never fails to amaze me!”

She snorted. “That sounds incredibly cliché.”

He shrugged. “Clichéd or not, it’s still what happened.”

She nodded. “I suppose that’s true.”

She paused before asking, “And what of the little noodle who follows your every move like some kind of crazy stalker?”

“You mean Nardole?”

She shrugged. “It that’s what you want to call him.”

He shook his head at her before answering, “He’s alright, all things considered. He certainly laid it into me after things settled down, though.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Did he now?”

He sighed and nodded. “He gave me a good scolding for every bad decision I’ve made recently, such as keeping my blindness a secret from everyone but him and of course for potentially leaving you unguarded down here.”

She pouted. “Oh come now. It’s not like I’d anything naughty, would I?”

He gave her a look, not bothering to grace her with a response, which in turn caused her to playfully stick her tongue out at him.

Shaking his head, he sighed but smiled. She giggled and then fell silent.

After a few moments had passed, Missy’s mind began to wander. It wasn’t often that she let this happen, as she was usually busy concocting new plans and ideas for her next big domination plot, but it did occasionally happen.

She thought about her recent progress with her rehabilitation down here in the Vault as well as the Doctor’s new friends.

Nardole was annoying and bossy, but still fun to screw around with. In fact, she often enjoyed scaring him by pounding on the Vault doors rather loudly. She knew he didn’t trust her which was why she so enjoyed messing with him.

And then there was Bill, who was a lovely young woman and exactly the kind of person the Doctor usually had and needed in his life. She was kind and caring while being rather curious about the world and the universe as a whole. This was a winning combination in the Doctor’s book as well as Missy’s.

After all, she chose his previous companion with those attributes in mind...

Feeling herself becoming curious again, she frowned.

Ever since she’d heard about the twenty-four years he’d spent with River on Darillium, there was always a part of her that wondered what had happened to Clara. After all, she brought both her and the Doctor together because she knew that together, they’d be the perfect fit.

There had been several reasons as to why she chose Clara for him. One, she knew that her and the Doctor would become so close to each other, both emotionally and mentally, that there would inevitably be chaos. Two, she wanted to get the Doctor another pet to see what would happen as a result of bringing a control freak and a man who should never be controlled together.

And three...

Well, to keep things simple, there was a small part of Missy that admired Clara for what she put up with, both because of the Doctor and because of general circumstances in her life such as her mother dying.

However, Missy didn’t know what happened to them after she was left behind on Skaro. All she did know was that they weren’t travelling together anymore.

And as such, she wanted to know what had actually happened between them.

Sighing, she turned to face him and the softly cleared her throat in order to catch his attention.

When he looked at her, she hesitated, not sure how to begin.


He stared at her in both concern and confusion. “Is something wrong?”

She bit her lip in contemplation before she grabbed the bull by the horns, so to speak, and asked him, “Is it alright if I ask you what happened to Clara?”

His eyes widened when he heard this and he fell silent, obviously unsure of what to tell her.

When he looked away, she felt herself growing nervous. She knew that it must’ve been bad if the Doctor was so reluctant to talk about it.

“...Why do you want to know?”

She swallowed and gathered her wits before telling him, “Well, it’s just that...” She sighed. “Ever since I’d heard about what had happened with you and River Song on Darillium, a part of me has always wondered why you parted ways with Clara. And I did bring you two together...”

He stayed silent, obviously contemplating her question before he sighed.

“Do you want me to tell you the truth?”

She hesitated before saying, “Yes.”

He took a deep breath before sighing and saying, “Alright. I’ll tell you what I can remember and what I know...”

She furrowed her brow at his choice of words before nodding. “I’m listening.”

He rubbed his face in his hands before beginning with, “Well... It all started when we got this phone call...”

As he told her what had happened, Missy began to get a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, which only got worse when he told her about the quantum shade he encountered.

She knew exactly what quantum shades were and how they worked. And she was already beginning to fit the pieces together.

“...and as I was doing my own investigation, Clara got her own ideas...”

Missy closed her eyes in preparation for what she knew he was about to say.

And sure enough, her suspicions were confirmed when he told her, “Clara took the quantum lock on herself... and paid the price for it.”

At that exact moment, Missy felt an emotion she hadn’t felt for a long time now. An emotion that she thought she would never feel again and one that she thought she would certainly never feel for a human...


She could feel tears gathering in her eyes and a hollow feeling form in her chest. Thankfully, the Doctor hadn’t noticed and continued with, “I don’t remember much about what happened after that. All I do know is that I spent a very long time somewhere and then...”

He fell silent before Missy gently asked, “What?”

He shrugged. “I don’t really know what happened after that. All I do know is that Gallifrey was involved somehow and I don’t know if Clara is still out there or not...”

Things fell silent after that as they both struggled with their turbulent emotions.

Eventually, all she could say was, “I’m sorry, Doctor...”

He sighed and nodded. “Thank you...”

They tried to be more positive after that as they continued to talk about various subjects but there was still a somber feeling in the air.

Eventually, the Doctor left and Missy was on her own. She tried to busy herself like she usually did by practicing her piano, making a wish-list for any future things she would want or need and trying to read some books she had.

However, she soon became too tired to stay up for much longer and so she retired to her bed.

But no matter how much she tossed and turned, she couldn’t get comfortable because her mind was racing with thoughts she never believed she would have.

Clara’s really gone...

That was all she could think of throughout the night. And when she finally managed to fall asleep, it was fitful and restless. The entire time she was sleeping, her dreams never stopped plaguing her.

She dreamt about her feisty, sarcastic, stubborn, compassionate and caring Clara and she remembered. She remembered searching for the perfect companion for the Doctor and eventually coming across her. She remembered doing extensive research to make sure they would be the perfect fit. And she remembered the times they had together which, while they both got on each other’s nerves and Missy often enjoyed bullying Clara, were not entirely unpleasant.

And when she finally woke up, she had tears in her eyes.

It was a very unnerving and foreign feeling, to say the least.

And unfortunately, the Doctor could tell that something was wrong when he came to visit her that day.

“Missy? Is everything alright?”

She tried to appear indifferent to his question. “Of course, Doctor. Why wouldn’t I be?”

He frowned and then shrugged. “Not sure. You just seem... very quiet today.”

She sighed, reluctant to admit that he was right. What was she supposed to say to him? That the woman who she was supposed to have hated and tried to have killed was the same woman that plagued her every thought now?


“What?” She muttered.

“Is this...” He frowned. “Is this about what happened to Clara?”

She could feel more tears coming and so she quickly turned away, not daring to speak.

“Missy... It’s okay to be upset.”

She snorted humorlessly. “Why would I be upset?”

There was a pause before he told her, “Well, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if you were. I mean, there was a reason you brought us together. Maybe...” He sighed. “Maybe you were fond of her as well and knew that I would be which makes sense. You may have threatened to kill her and bullied her often, but you did the exact same things to me in the past.”

She smiled a little at that.

“And so, maybe a part of you misses her now that you know what happened.”

She sighed, saying nothing.

“And another thing is that with how things have been going recently with your choices and such, maybe your opinion of Clara has begun to change as well.”

She felt more tears coming as she knew he was right.

“...Do you understand what I mean?”

She nodded, squeezing her eyes shut as the tears began to flow.

He sighed when he saw this. “Come here.”

She was half tempted to refuse his offer of comfort because she still had her stubborn pride, but she didn’t. She just stayed silent and let the Doctor embrace her.

Burying her face in his chest, she tried to calm herself down. However, as a result of her trying to keep her emotions bottled up inside, a choked sob escaped her throat.

“Shh...” She heard the Doctor say as he stroked her hair. “Just let it out...”

She couldn’t hold it in anymore and finally allowed herself to cry.

It wasn’t embarrassingly loud or anything like that and only the Doctor saw her, which Missy was grateful for.

It took a few minutes but eventually, her tears dried up and she was calm again.

“Do you feel better now?” She heard the Doctor ask.

She sighed. “Yes.”

He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before she straightened up.

A few moments of silence passed before the Doctor said, “But I suppose we can take this as a good sign.”


He shrugged. “Well, you’re beginning to feel grief for someone’s death. That’s something you’ve never really done before!”

She smiled before sighing. “I suppose that’s true.”

He smiled at her before she told him. “But don’t get me wrong.”


She smirked mischievously. “Your new ‘companions’, Bill and Nardole, are very good playthings for me.”

He rolled his eyes and she chuckled, already feeling much better.

Even though she could still feel grief inside of her for Clara, she knew that at least there was closure now.

And who knows? Maybe she and the Doctor would see Clara again one day.

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