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Pop Punk Oneshots

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Mikey sat in Pete's bunk, half asleep, half wondering just where the hell Pete was. The older man was supposed to be out getting ice cream for Mikey because he had woken up at midnight with a strong craving for ice cream, specifically Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, but it had been a solid hour since Pete left, and Mikey still hadn't heard anything from him.

"Patrick!" Mikey yells when he sees the singer walking through the bus, managing to scare the living shit out of him. "Have you heard from Pete?"

"I though you were on your own bus?"

"I was, but I woke up in dire need of ice cream and came here to beg Pete to go buy me some."

"Oh. And to answer your question, no, I haven't-"

Patrick is cut off by Pete walking into to the bunk area, two bags in his hands. "They didn't have Phish Food, but I got you Half Baked, Chocolate Therapy, and New York Super Fudge Chunk. I was gone for an hour because I went to multiple stores."

"You're an angel, Pete. Thanks."

"You're welcome. I also had to talk to your brother about something."

"What did you talk to Gee about?"

"You know how you have an appointment booked at your doctor's office tomorrow because you guys, at least, have a hometown show?"


"Well, Gerard, Frank, and I have a plan on how to announce what gender our little fucker is. The doctor is going to tell them what gender the baby is, and then they're going to buy either pink or blue confetti. The confetti will be released at the end of your set tomorrow. Your thoughts?"

"Let's do it." Mikey grins. "Now, do you have any spoons?"


"Would you like to know the gender of your baby?"

"No! I mean yes, but not us. Tell them." Mikey says, pointing to Gerard and Frank. The doctor does so, a curious look on her face.

"We're gonna go buy the confetti now." Frank tells Mikey and Pete, dragging Gerard out of the clinic.

"I want you back here in a month, and you need to start taking folic acid supplements."

"I'll pick some up from a pharmacy later." Mikey assures the doctor. She nods and Mikey and Pete leave.


"After this last song, Mikey and Pete have something to tell you all." Gerard announces and the band launches into Famous Last Words. At the end of the song, pink confetti rains down on everyone, and Pete runs over to Mikey and hugs him. Gerard hands him his mic.

"As you all can tell, Mikey's pregnant. Today, we got the chance to find out what gender our baby is, and judging by the color of the confetti, our baby is a girl."