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I'm The Only One

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January 25th: Miss:
Jeanette Stevens has to wake up her fourteen year-old son, for his first day of eighth grade at a new school.
"Connor, it's almost seven thirty. Wake up."
She speaks softly, lightly touching his back. He mutters, sitting up and wooing wiping his bloodshot eyes.
The first thing he checks is his phone, which is charging on his right bedside table. No texts from Jude. But surprisingly, one from the reason why he's even in Los Angeles in the first place.
His father.
Hey bud. You doing alright?
Sent at six fifty eight a.m.
Connor glares bluntly at the message.
'No, I'm here because of your close minded ass.' He rants in his head.
Instead of replying to Adam, he texts Jude. Morning beautiful. I really really miss you.
"Connor, you can check your phone later."
"Okay, okay. Sorry." He quickly sends his text, before unplugging his phone from the charger and standing up.
He anxiously waits for Jude's text, as he turns on the shower in the bathroom that's connected to his bedroom. He taps his fingers on the glass shower door.
"You doing okay today?" Jeanette asks, observing him picking out an outfit to wear, back in his room. "I miss Jude." Is all he speaks, picking out a usual flannel shirt from his closet.
"Since when did you start wearing so much flannel."
"I miss Jude, Mom." He ignores her comment, taking off the soft cotton shirt he slept in. "I know you do, baby. When's the last time you talked to him?"
"We texted last night for a couple hours. I just texted him."
"You'll see him again."
Throwing both shirts on the floor, he turns to her with a look of betrayal. "When?"
"Well how long is soon? I'm dying here."
"Connor, you just got here yesterday. You know that right?"
"Mom, do you have any idea what it's like to go from seeing someone every day, from barely ever seeing them at all?" He challenges her.
"I know it's hard not seeing him in person, baby. But you have video chat. Texting. Calling. Your generation is lucky to have so much technology at your finger tips."
"Yeah, I know..." He sees her point, awkwardly breaking eye contact.
"Plus, you are still in the same state."
This makes him look at her again. "I know, but, he's in San Diego. An entirely different city. That's a lot of trains!" He exclaims anxiously.
"Take a quick warm shower. It'll take your mind off of it. You're gonna see him again." She assures, before slowly observing her son's abs.
"You been working out?"
"Mom!" His voice turns high pitched in embarrassment, his face flushing hard.
"Don't get embarrassed! It's just a question..." She speaks, voice high strung.
"Yeah, I guess..." He answers, continuing to blush.
"You trying to look good for him?" She asks simply.
"Mom! Stop!" His tone returns humiliated, cheeks burning deeper.
She chuckles. "I'm joking. Take a shower, grease ball. Don't forget you have football tryouts after school."
"I know..." His back is now turned, walking over to the open bathroom doorway.
He walks over to the bathroom sink, where he had placed his phone.
No new messages. Groaning, he places the phone back down with a smack.
Jaw clenched with a scowl on his face, he slams the bathroom door shut.
In the shower, he tries not to take too long. He debates on wether to take care of his erection or not, depending on how long it'll take him. Then again, by how sexually frustrated he is, it shouldn't take him that long to finish.
He can't help but think of Jude. And not just because he misses him more that he's ever missed anyone in life. He bites his bottom lip in guilt, trying not to think of him in that sort of way.
The closest they've ever gotten to doing anything sexual was a shirtless steamy make out session, before his Dad walked in and took Jude home, not giving either of the boys a choice. That night, the same night they talked about Connor living with Jeanette, he insisted to Adam that he and Jude wouldn't have gone further than what they were already doing.
But in reality, he doesn't really know if he can believe himself on that.
He gulps, not wanting Jeanette to see his bulge when he gets out.
A horny boy's gotta do what he's gotta do.
"Connor! I said not too long!" He hears Jeanette yell behind the bathroom door with a hard knock, sending him out of the daze from his climax not even three minutes later.
"Okay...!" He focuses on what he had released, washing down the drain.
"You nervous?" Jeanette asks a wet but combed back haired, flannel shirt wearing Connor in the kitchen. He gets his backpack off of one of the kitchen chairs, setting it on his back.
"For what? School...? I'll be okay..."
"You've never been so new before. I don't want you feeling out of place."
"I already do..." He can't help but mutter, eyes roaming around the kitchen.
"Connor, I'm sorry." She runs a hand through his hair. "But you'll get used to it. You're not gonna be here forever. You'll get to visit Jude." His eyes light up.
"And your father." She adds.
That light instantly goes out. "Yeah..." He refuses eye contact again.
"You talk to him?"
"No..." He decides to tell the truth.
"Connor, please-"
"Why do I have to talk to him? It's not like you ever do." He protests, looking at her with defensive eyes.
"Connor, you're his son."
"Well you're his ex wife. You married him. Had a kid with him. Seems like a lot of history to me. I'm his son, who he doesn't even care about."
"Connor, don't say that. Your father very much does care about you."
"Then let me ask you something: if he cares about me so much...Then why am I here. Why am I not still with him, in San Diego? I'll tell you why. Because he wants me gone..."
The room turns quiet, after those words are spoken.
Jeanette can only gaze at him with heartbroken eyes. "Connor..." Her voice is gentle.
"I need to go. Can't be late." He kisses her cheek. Putting on his sneakers, he runs out the front door.
"I love you, Connor!" She worriedly yells out.
"Love you too!" Are his last words to her, before closing the door behind him.
Walking over to his bus stop that's only at the end of the block, he checks his phone again.
Seeing Jude's name makes him gasp excitedly, an ear to ear grin crossing his face. He stops in his tracks.
Heyyyy. Miss you too. So so much. Good luck on your first day! <3
Heat rises to Connor's cheeks, repeatedly reading the text in his head.
Thanks love. All the luck on your exam. How are things this morning? How is everyone?? He eagerly texts back with a grin stuck to his face.
Almost instantly, he receives a text back. But not one that exactly satisfies him.
I gotta go, but thank you. Talk to you later. I promise.
With a sad smile, Connor replies. Defiantly. Can't wait. I love you.
He waits for Jude to text back at least a quick text saying that he loves him too. Saying that he can't wait to talk to him again either. Something.
But even more than five minutes later, when his bus finally arrives, his phone reads nothing.