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Love is Pain! (Prince of Darkness's Crazy Love Passion for weak human)

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Two lines…!?? Positive?

Tears well up in the blue eyes as they stared at the test pack without any blink, in shock…What!! No!This could not be possible…No!..

His trembling hands dropped the test and his legs shook a little before they completely dropped to the floor as now the tears fall down on his rose cheeks. He is undeniably, Pregnant. There was no way in denying this sad fact because all the five tests showed two lines which hundred percent certain that was…Positive.

“How…!!!?” low whispered slipped from his trembling lips but couldn't complete the sentence.

‘How could even this possible…? I’m a boy…?’

He has been feeling strange like something was wrong with him and it was…as it was a Terrible wrong thing…

“Akihito!!! Baby…?”

Jolted, the sitting figure looked up at the bathroom door with horror in his eyes.

“Akihito, what are you doing in the bathroom from the last hour, are you alright?” His mother, Takaba Nana knocked on the bathroom door where her only son was from the last hour.

“Y-Yes, Mom….”

“Then baby, come out quickly…dinner is ready.” Said that she left the room.

Akihito slowly gathered himself from the floor and from the shock of his life that was still lying near to his foot.

Washing his wet face he looked up at the mirror and saw his reflection that started to hunt him, especially his blue eyes because they never have told lie to anyone…and to him…and they were completely looking dim…

Apart from questions of how could he got pregnant, new questions started to raised in his heart. what would he say to his parents…mostly how…

He knew he couldn't keep this secret from them for so long, one day they would practically know as the time passes and his body changes…they wouldn’t be blind…they would notice…not only his parents but …his friends, his classmates, his teachers…honestly, everyone would notice…

“Why I’m the only one to whom always this shocking things happens…” covering his face with the hands he cried silently. What was he going to do?, he’s sixteen and with a baby now. How was he going to handle all of this…




After some minutes, washing his face, he walked out of the bathroom and picked his phone nervously and text the person who has created all these problems in his life from the time he has entered into it.

(Can we meet tomorrow at Toma Café?)

And after full one minute he got reply, short and to the point.

(Sure, When?)

Biting his lip Akihito typed.

(After my school)


Placing his phone on the lamp table, Akihito courage himself that he could do this, he could face all of his problems, he’s a brave boy, he wouldn’t be a coward. Shaking bad, he lay down on his bed and covered himself with the blanket.

Yet sleep was not coming to him as all the time he kept staring at the ceiling of his room that was covered with shining stars…like a space…and kept thinking about his Pregnancy…

“Aki? Baby?” Nana step into the room and when she saw the room was dark and her son has slept, she concernedly walked up to his bed and sat down on it.

She opened her mouth to speak but stopped when she notices her son’s deep breathing. He has already gone to his dreamland and she didn’t want to disturb her baby’s sleep so she smiled and got up after adjusting the blanket over his little body and walked out.

Downstairs Mr. Takaba glanced up at his wife who was stepping down from the stairs and asked “What happened, where’s Akihito?”

“He’s already asleep.”

“What. but he'd not has his dinner? Is he alright?” Mr. Takaba asked as he placed his chopsticks near to his eating bowl.

“It seems he is not…he’s completely distance, I don’t know why, I tried to ask him this afternoon  but he said he’s just feeling down. So I didn't press him further…you know teenager.”

Mr. Takaba smiled “Yeah teens. no one can understand them, let’s have our dinner, after that I’ll check on him.”


And they chit chatted about the office and about the future plans. Mostly Mr. Takaba would tell everything to his wife but sometime he lied, just not to worry her, just like today, when a business meeting didn’t go well as just he wanted it, but still he smiled with her.

And as he promised he would check on their son after the dinner, he did. so that his wife could do the dishes and go to the bed early.

Mr. Takaba was a kind and friendly man who would do anything for his family, because he loves his wife and his only son so much, but he was also a strict man so that his and his family’s life would be on the line of sanity ,not like other people who just love to give money to their family, not the time and he saw how that families fall apart from one other and completely fall down. This, Mr. Takaba didn't ever want for his family…

Although, Mr. Takaba didn’t have any hate towards anyone because hate was a big and mean word in his word-list but he couldn’t stop himself to hate…one thing…in his whole life…


Blood sucking vampires…

Who were now ruling all over the world, well not fully, but they have full control on Asia and he hated this. Even though, they can't hurt anyone for their needs because from the many decades government had settled a law with them for not hurting the HUMANS and not sucking blood from them as they’d be provide blood from other resources such as wild animals and other creatures but NOT FROM THE HUMANS and for that government has created large forests where such big and wild animals were kept for their blood and do the supply of blood from there to the blood sucking vampires…

But Mr. Takaba knew they were not fully following the law-rules because he has, himself, seen them killing the humans for their blood and he hates them for breaking the decade’s rule and covering the government with their innocent lies that their race wouldn’t do such shameful act and wouldn't do anything to break the rules.

And there was also a very strong reason for him to hate these creatures…but he didn’t want to remember it.

‘They will never be like US…and will never be in our shoes…’

“Hah!! Why I’m thinking about these ungrateful creatures.” Mr. Takaba sighed and shook his head and stared down at his son.

Bending down and giving goodnight kiss on his forehead, Mr. Takaba went to the room where his wife was waiting for him.

“Still sleeping?” She asked.

“hmm,” Mr. Takaba hummed and went to the bed and turned off the light.




Next Day at Toma Café...


Akihito was little late for the meeting that he has organized last night, it was not that he was late intentionally but because of the nervousness that he felt by the thought of telling the real reason to the person whom he was going to meet, mostly how he would tell him the reason of their meeting…

Akihito stopped and glanced at the handsome man who was busy with his phone. He didn’t say anything, stood silent and hold the chair with his hands just to stop them from trembling, seeing the man before him. It was the first time he had seen the man after their last disaster-encounter that had led this terrible situation in his little life.

The man was so handsome and gorgeous like the last time, as his perfect black hair slightly falling down his forehead, his perfect lips closed, and his golden eyes has focused on the phone, and he was wearing black three piece suit as if he has straightly dashed from the business to meet him. Akihito looked around to see if he has come with his bodyguards but he couldn’t see anyone.

‘He came alone?’ Akihito confusedly looked back at the man.

After a full minute, the man looked up from his phone, in which he was busy before, to Akihito as the boy just stood near to his chair,like a statue. He has already known the boy has come but he,himself, didn't want to the one to start the conversation, so he had kept himself busy with the phone.

The man lifted his golden eyes and meet with Akihito’s blue one and frowned a little after seeing the boy’s puffy ‘s eyes and too much pale face that was on full glow last time he had seen him…well (fuck) him.

Golden eyes narrowed a bit when he said, “Sit.” And the boy didn’t obey, just stood there.

Sighing, the man bluntly asked "Why do you want to meet?"

"I-I..I'm pregnant!" Akihito blur out, wasting no time because he knew if he waste one more minute then his courage will drift apart. After declaring that he looked down at his feet as he fought with the tears not to leak at his words especially at the… last word.


When the man didn't say anything to his declaration, Akihito slowly gazed up at him to see his reaction.

"Come again?" The man asked, placing elegantly his most expensive silver color iPhone on the white table.

"You..heard me the first time." Akihito said, looking away from the most gorgeous golden eyes that had captive him that night.

"Yeah, just want to confirm. Pregnant? But you're a human, most importantly a human boy. So how could this even possible?" The man with questionable face asked.

"I'm asking the same question from myself. If you know the answer then let me know too." Akihito angrily barked, face slightly red now.

The man sighed, "You sure It’s mine?"

The words jabbed so hard in Akihito's heart that left him slightly breathless due to the shame of insult that come with the words, however when he recovered, Akihito narrowed his eyes hard at him, "You. Know. Yourself. That. I. Was. Virgin. At. That. Fucking. Time" and with grinding teeth he said.

"Alright." The man slowly mumbled and silence fall upon for five minutes.



Looking slightly frustrated at the boy for his attitude and for the sad look on his pretty face, but a part of him didn't want to admit this, the golden eyes man spoke again, "So what do you want from me, acceptance for the baby and for yourself? If yes, then let me clear one thing I'm not accepting IT." and pointed his finger at the boy's tummy.

"And I also don't want my name to be attach in any way to you or it. So abort It."



"Fucking bastard I'm not asking for your shitting advice!!" Akihito slapped the table, startling himself and the man at his sudden anger, face now fully red as tomato with the anger.

"It'd be good for you and your future. I'm just suggesting." Unaffected by the boy’s outburst, The man said.

"I'm not punishing the baby for my own wrong deed, bastard!" Akihito shouted.

“But I don't want to be IN. Okay!" The man with intimated face shouted back but in controlled voice.

"And I also don't want you to be IN." Akihito's blue eyes glared to golden but feeling scared from inside by the dangerous look that the man was giving him.

"What do you want from me then?"

“I don't want anything from you. Just want you to know." Taking deep breathes, controlling his tears and trembling body, Akihito said.

"Alright, then anything else?" The man arrogantly asked.

"N-No..." Shocked Akihito mumbled, staring at the man with disbelief.

"Very well" The man stood up, "uhm, I'm little busy so, sorry for taking my leave soon." Faking the manners the man said.

"I don't care." Akihito mumbled but angrily glared at him, as if stabbing him with his icy blue eyes.

The man stared at him, at his blue eyes for a while before heading out from the café.

This, Akihito had already predicted because who in sane mind would be at your side and took the responsibility of the disaster situation like this,  when you know nothing about each other, and had just met few months ago…well except the names...and meeting few time in just few months.

Mostly when the father was a PUREBLOOD VAMPIRE and Top wealthy, Senior vampire’s SON. So why he would accept the human’s baby…A hybrid one…when he could conceive the PUREBLOOD.

But he was a stupid fool who thought, not hope, he should at least tell the man what consequence had come from their action..and the man would accept him and the baby, if not then, he could show little sympathy and support toward him.

But No….He cruelly tossed him and refused him to be acknowledged with the baby, even heartlessly advice him to drop the baby…his own flesh

Thinking of the man’s words, Akihito felt of himself really really stupid... that his stupid teenage hormones leads him toward the biggest mistake of his life that was now going to fully destroy him...and his future...

He screamed in frustration, clutched the chair tightly by his little hands and supporting his fragile body with it but right away started to take deep breathes as he thought of tiny creature in himself. He slide down in the chair where the man has been sitting earlier and placed his heated-cheek on the table.

What was he going to do now....truthfully, he knew he couldn't do all of this by himself...he needed someone…but not his parents…because he didn't want them to know about the baby or they would be very disappoint in their only child.

Little sobs began to leave his pale soft lips "What have I got myself into...?"