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2016 Comment Fics - Part 6

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Rosa closed her eyes as she took a sip of her coffee, feeling the steam from the mug begin the process of thawing out her frozen face. Shutting out the sounds of Jake and Amy making a lame ass attempt at flirting and Gina talking about something stupid, she focused on the caffeine laden warmth in her cup.

Hot, fresh, coffee was the best part of New York winters. That and watching Boyle fall on his ass every time there was ice. Come to think of it she enjoyed the Polar Bear thing with The Captain too even if she'd pretty frozen her tits off doing it. Watching Amy lose her shit had been pretty funny too.

She smiled into her cup, quickly glancing around the squad room to make sure that no one had seen her. Now that she was warm and comfortable she might be willing to concede, if she was forced to under threat of serious bodily harm, that winter wasn't so bad.

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He knows that it sounds cliche, but Trowa doesn't care. He'll tell anyone who asks that he found his peace of mind wrapped up and held tight in Quatre's arms.

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What started off as a mission none of them wanted to take on became the journey that shaped their lives.

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Tim thought Cosplay was not really his cup of coffee until he saw Abby dressed in her Black Widow costume.

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"Don't leave...Please."

"All you had to do was ask."

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Artemis hates the burlesque shows he gets drug to, but Jim loves to watch the dancers with their petticoats above their knees. Artemis loves Jim, though, that's why he goes.

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"It's beautiful isn't it?" Noin leaned back, resting her elbows on a slat of the old wooden dock.

Sally nodded. With her hair in a loose ponytail and dressed in shorts and a loose t-shirt she looked much younger than usual. "It's not often I have the time or the energy to sit and watch the sunset. I forget how amazing it can be."

"You work too much." Noin rolled her head to the side, grinning at Sally.

"You're one to talk." Sally snorted, uncrossing her legs and scooting forward so they could dangle over the edge, her feet just inches above the water. "We're here on this admonitory vacation because Commander Une ordered you to take time off."

"True." Noin laughed, swinging her feet a little so they dipped into the water and wet her toes. She was quiet for a minute letting the sounds of nature settle around them before turning back to Sally, her expression serious this time. "You don't mind do you?I know you had some projects you were working on."

"They'll still be there when I get back. I've always got a million things to do so there is no time that is better than any others. If they really need me I'm only three hours and a phone call away."

"Thanks for coming with me. I think I'd be stir crazy by now if you hadn't."

Sally smiled then shrugged as if dismissing the idea she had done anything meaningful. "Like you said, I work too much."

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Hakkai completed his spin as the last Yōkai fell, clutching a wound to his torso that was quickly spilling his life blood into the sand. Stepping back Hakkai took a deep breath, the song of war still singing in his veins as he searched for any remaining demons to do battle with. Seeing none he took another breath and let it out slowly. Then as smoothly as someone flicking a switch the lazer brightness of his eyes softened and his stance relaxed, first shoulders, then arms and finally his legs.

Gone was scarred, ever alert warrior and in his place was the kind, compassionate, man who rescued damsels and never hesitated to feed or house a lost stray.

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Ryan Evans, East High's most fabulous member of the drama club loved parties. He loved to throw them, attend them and of course, be the guest of honor at them. Fortunately for him the drama kids threw the best parties.

Not the official 'yay the play is over' ones that the school sponsored back stage after the last performance. Those were for show as much as what they did on stage. Everyone used them as a chance to unwind, to burn off some energy and appease the parents that they were being responsible.

No, the after parties were the ones that made all the hard work worth while. Not that the applause and utter adoration of his fellow thespians wasn't a good motivation too.

Down in the Evans' sound proof rec room with the music blasting and the liquor flowing was when he really came alive, burning off weeks of adrenaline and sleep deprivation to ride the waves of success and accomplishment. The crash, when it came, and it always did, would wipe him out for days, but in that moment before Ryan felt like he really could be anyone or have anything that his heart could ever desire.

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Beast Boy stumbled into the kitchen of the tower, almost visibly being led by his nose. That smell, the one that consisted of vanilla, sugar, butter, and hot pastry had invaded his brain and pulled him from his much needed sleep. He might be exhausted from battling bad guys and saving the world, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could make him sleep through the scent of waffles permeating the tower.

Next to mopeds, waffles were his favorite thing in the world. Possibly the universe. They were crunchy and soft, sweet and yet filling. Everything his body needed with the comfort his brain needed. He slid into a seat, barely acknowledging Cyborg's cheerful greeting, and dug in. Soon he would sleep again. Quite possibly without ever leaving the table, but for now he planned to eat his fill. And then some.

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Donald picked up the picture on the mantelpiece and smiled. In it he and Timmy stood on a beach, smiling, their arms around each other. They both looked a lot younger, the blush of first love showing on their faces and in the way they were leaning into each other.

It had been years since that picture and yet it never failed to make Donald smile every time he saw it. They'd had many vacations since that one. Some more extravagant and some less, but this one, their first, remained his favorite.

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Haruhi sighed her chin resting in her hands, elbows on the window sill. It was raining, a light drizzle, almost more of a mist than anything. It was days like this that she missed her mother the most.

One of her earliest and happiest memory of her mother was on a day like this, long before she got sick.

Her father had been at work so it was just the two of them. Normally they would have gone to the park, but rain kept them home. Instead, they had made cookies, drunk tea, and Haruhi had showed off her skills reading stories to her mom.

Not long after that her mom got sick. There were other days, good days, but that had been the last completely happy, innocent one.

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The first time they kissed there were sparks, glowing hot and bright, but then the flames cooled and the fire banked. Time passed and they found other lovers calling each themselves friends and pretending that the love they felt was only that. A heated kiss after finding themselves single again at the same time burned that illusion to the ground and brought back the roaring flame they'd smothered but never put out. There was no denying what they felt for each other any longer. This time, they didn't want to.

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Coulson knew it was a life ending choice, that chances were good if the weapon didn't kill him Loki would. That was okay, or as okay as it could be. At least he would be dying for something meaningful, something of value for his friends and the rest of the world. He'd been right, but more often than not he was, he had the kind of brain that was wired for tactical skills. Still, as he felt the blood drain out taking his life force with him he fought to hold on; being willing die for the world didn't mean he wanted to.

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"Mother Pusbucket!" Wade ducked under an overhang trying to avoid the hail that had suddenly erupted from a clear blue sky. He was almost done with his errands, just one more thing to do before he could go home and of course it was the one thing that he really, REALLY, needed to get done that day. Some days he wondered if the universe had an actual, physical, hate on for him. And then there were days like today when he was sure it did.

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It was a dark and stormy night, but then considering that they lived in Portland that pretty much meant it was a Tuesday or any other day of the week. In fact, it had rained so much that Drew didn't even feel the need to make excuses for staying home with his cat and video games. Two minutes earlier and he would have been out of the door and on his way home to his lovely, warm and dry apartment, but no, he'd had to stop and chat with Nick and Hank on the way out. That was why he was there when the call came in. An animal attack that would no doubt end up being Wesen related.

It was also why Nick and Hank, mostly Hank because Wu got how it felt to be in a situation he could never fully understand, talked him into riding along before heading home. It'll be quick they said. We'll buy you coffee on the way back to the station they said. And yet here he was shivering and soaked to the bone as the sun began to illuminate another dark and stormy day.

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"Well, that was unexpected." Wade grinned eyeing Peter up and down.

Peter glared, but held his ground. "When you're around nothing is unexpected!"

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"Rain, Rain go away, come again another day." Magnus stared out the window, his hands, outlined in blue fire, moving in intricate patterns.

"You can't change the weather, you know." Alec leaned back against the bar, his long legs crossed in a posture that on anyone else might be considered downright decadent.

"Yes, that's true." Magnus dropped his hands to his sides, the fire fading then disappearing as they fell. "Still, you can't blame a warlock for trying." Turning from the window Alec came under his full scrutiny and Magnuns' eyes narrowed. "You're not disappointed at all. Did you not want to go on a picnic and were afraid to tell me?"

Alec shrugged, a small smile playing on his face. "I'm not afraid to tell you anything and I was disappointed, at first."

"And now?" Magnus raised an elegant brow and cocked a hip slightly, his expression and body language asking the question as much as his words.

"Now I was thinking we have an excuse to stay in and have hot drinks instead. Maybe spend some time getting to know each other instead of worrying about having the perfect first date." Alec's smile widened, still soft, but with a hint of something underneath.

With a few strides Magnus was standing in front of Alec, his palm on Alec's cheek. "I like the way you think, Alexander."

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"Let me tell you a story." Abby pointed to a tall stool, the twin of the one she was sitting on and waited for Ellie to get comfortable before continuing. "When I was a little girl I had a friend who was always getting into trouble. All the adults, including my parents, thought she was a troublemaker. But I had seen her rescue a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest and she was always kind to me when someone hurt my feelings."

Abby paused, looking expectantly at Ellie. "So what you're saying is people aren't always what they seem?"

"Well, that, but also what they seem depends on who is doing the looking."

"Ah." Ellie nodded her head starting to understand. "So, I should be looking for the Abby in LT. Marksums life. Someone who can give me a different look at who she was."

"Yes!" Abby beamed, obviously proud of her star student. "Now get out there and find her."

"Yes, ma'am!" Ellie snapped a salute then jumped down from the stool, waving to Abby as she hurried out of the lab.

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"Cry if you need to." Trowa whispered, holding Quatre gently, but securely. His body shaking from the effort of holding himself in check. "No one will think less of you."

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"We'll have the buffet."

Phil frowned, clearly unhappy.

"Trust me, you're gonna love it." Clint grinned, grabbing a plate and handing another one to Phil.

"I do and I better."

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Peter loved the night. The relative stillness that settled over the city as residents slept. But, most of all, how there were less innocents between him and the bad guys.