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what if.........

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Danny was burning, he was drowning, he couldn't breath, shit.

He glanced around his room, stumbeled over to his draws and searched for something, anything that might help, nope, of course not.

he couldnt breath, he was gonna be sick, it was like fire, burning all over, and he didn't know how to make it stop.

He stumbled out of the door into the living room, they were all in there, Merritt, Jack and Dylan, no Henley, she was gone, Daniel remined himself.

"Danny, you ok?" Some one asked, Merritt? Dylan? He wasn't sure, why were they so far away? He thought they had been right there.

"Whats happening?" A worried voice asked in the distance, Jack, that one was Jack, he knew that.

"Danny, listen to me can you hear me?" Dylan, that was Dylan

Danny managed to make his head comply and shakily nodded.

"Just listen to my voice, hold on to it, ok, your going to be just fine"

Danny nodded again, but Dylan was wrong, he wasn't ok, he could barley stand, and the room was spinning, and the ground was getting closer and closer and.........



Non of them were sure what happened, but one thing was clear, Danny wasn't ok, something was wrong, he had come stumbling out of his room, swaying slightly.

Merritt had instantly known that this wasn't normal J. Daniel Atlas behaviour, "Danny, you ok?" He had asked

He didn't get a reply, he saw no sign that Daniel even heard him

"Whats happening" Jack had asked worry written across his face Merritt would have liked to tell him but he wasn't entirely sure, it seemed like a panic attack, but Daniel didnt get those, did he? Merritt had never seen one before

Dylan got up and moved slightly closer to the younger man, "Danny, listen to me, can you hear me?" He asked

Danny was still for a moment before giving a shaky nod.

"Just listen to my voice, hold on to it, ok, your going to be fine" Dylan sounded as if he had done this before, but as he said the words Danny stumbled backwards, his eyes roled into the back of his head and he went limp.

Dylan rushed forward and caught the younger man before his head hit the floor.

"Whats wrong with him?" Jack asked shakily, shoked to see his idol in such a bad way.

"Seems like a panic attack, but I didn't know Danny got them" Merritt said, ashamed that he had known the younger man over two years and had never noticed a thing

"What do we do?" Jack asked, unsure of every thing

"Nothing we can do we just nave to wait for him to wake up, and wait they did, by his side, keeping him company, even if the unconscious man would never know, but he did, and he always remembered, they didn't leave him like she had, they stayed with him, after he woke up, cracking jokes, ruffeling his hair, they didn't talk about it, they had a mutual understanding that they wouldn't, but they always remembered