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Everything was chaos.


As soon as the military came to the graduation and announced that another meteor shower was about to hit the predominately farming community that Lois had slowly begun to love, not that she’d ever admit it, absolutely all hell had broken loose.


And now, instead of driving out of town like she was supposed to, she was helping Chloe look for Lana. Her normally very smart and level-headed cousin seemed to think that Lana was still in Smallville and wasn’t exiting like everyone else was. And while Lois wanted to think that Lana had more common sense than to hang around, especially considering what the last meteor shower had done, Lois generally trusted Chloe’s instincts. After all, the girl was a damn good journalist.


“Lois, we should split up. We’ll cover more ground that way.” Chloe suggested as the girls deposited Lois’ car on the side of the road and began weaving through cars to push their way back into town.


“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea, Chlo. Cell phone communication is probably going to go down pretty soon and if we’re separated we won’t have any way of contacting each other when the meteors hit.” Lois was trying to be sensible, seeing as her normally pragmatic cousin was failing to be so. Yes, they’d cover more ground splitting up. However, as much as Lois had begun to like Lana in an acquaintance sort of way, she’d much rather get her and her cousin out safe and trust that the military had done their job correctly and had evacuated the town. And considering that Lana’s parents were killed during the first shower, Lois would hope that the girl would have a healthy respect for rocks falling from space and would have left.


Noticing Chloe struggling to get around a crowd of people, Lois grabbed her cousin’s hand before using her height and abrasive personality to her advantage, shouting at people and literally shoving everyone out of their way. Most of them looked at the two girls going back towards the danger zone like they were crazy, and well, Lois couldn’t blame them. She thought they were crazy, but Chloe was determined to come back and look for Lana and Lois would be damned if she let her cousin come back on her own.


Chloe shook her head vehemently. “No, let’s split up. I’m going to check her apartment and then the graveyard in case she was visiting her parents. Can you check the mansion?”


“Lex’s mansion? Why the hell would Lana be at Lex’s mansion?”


“She and Lex have been hanging out recently, I don’t know. Look, just please. On foot you’ll get there faster than me with how out of town it is.”


Lois grumbled a few choice words under her breath before agreeing, adding in her conditions first. “Fine. But we meet back here in one hour whether or not either of us have found Lana okay? And if the meteors hit before then, then you get the hell to somewhere safe, Chloe, find some cover, I don’t care if you haven’t found Lana.”


Chloe agreed before sprinting off towards the Talon while Lois began running towards the mansion. If Lois didn’t love her cousin so much, she would be complaining a lot more. And if Lois didn’t trust her cousin’s gut as much as she did, she sure as hell would have never let her cousin get out of the car in the first place.


Reaching the mansion, Lois was relieved to find the gate open, the house appearing to be in too much a state of panic to close the front gate as everyone prepared to evacuate. Slipping in the front door, Lois began calling Lana’s name, trying to remember the layout of the vast mansion from her few visits here in the past. Finally, Lois found herself in the library, at least, that’s what she thought the main purpose of the room was. She just knew that Lex was always in here whenever she visited, normally with Clark. Why he kept trying to see the good in Lex and maintain a friendship with him when everyone, including his parents, warned him off from the idea Lois had no idea.


And speaking of the devil, Clark was lying on the floor in apparently a lot of pain, eyes shut and skin sickly green.


“Smallville!” Lois yelled, running up to him and taking his face in her hands, trying to figure out what had caused this. In his palm was a stone, his body somehow seeming to hold onto the stone with a iron grip even as the rest of him seemed weak and unresponsive. Glancing up, Lois noticed that the vault was open and in it, were meteor rocks. A lot of them.


“The plastic surgeon’s.” Lois remarked under her breath, remembering how when Clark came to rescue her from what would have been a very bad situation, he went from barrelling through the door to crumpled to his knees from the moment he got to close to the doctor’s supplies. And the special ingredient in the weird plastic surgery had been meteor rocks.


Lois grabbed onto his legs, remembering how Clark went back to normal as soon as she helped him out of the room. While she didn’t think to much of it at the time, she had to hope that Clark had some weird allergic reaction to meteor rock and that by removing him from the area, he would get better.


She began tugging his body away, grunting at trying to move the farm boy, who was frankly a hell of a lot bigger than her. “Jesus, Clark, what have they been feeding you?”


“Lois!” A voice called out from behind her.


Lex. Lois cursed under her breath, not sure how she was supposed to explain Clark passed out on Lex’s floor after Clark had clearly broken into Lex’s property to get something. Lois wasn’t even sure why Clark was here, but her trust in Clark was far greater than her trust in the younger Luthor. “Lex, have you seen Lana? Chloe seems to think she hasn’t evacuated with the rest of the town and while I told her that was crazy, we split up and she sent me on some wild goose chase here—“


Lex cut her off, gripping her arm roughly and staring at her with a venom in his eyes that Lois had never seen before, despite how often she rubbed the billionaire the wrong way. “What was Clark doing here? Where did he go?”


Lois’ eyes widened as she looked behind her to realise that Clark, despite his state of near unconsciousness earlier, was now nowhere in sight. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she deadpanned, “I only came here to look for Lana.”


“Bullshit,” Lex growled, “You live with the Kents. I bet you know Clark’s secret. You’re coming with me.”


“Hey!” Lois protested as Lex began dragging her towards his car, trying to wrestle free. But Lex was stronger than he looked and with his firm grip on her wrists, Lois was trapped. Normally, she would have tried to use her legs, knowing that all this situation needed was a swift knee to the groin, but given the breakneck speed with which Lex was walking to his car, Lois was pretty sure she would have fallen flat on her face if she tried to do anything with her legs but walk.


Driving through various farms and fields, all of which Lois was sure would have been a lot more of a legal issue if a meteor shower wasn’t about to strike and probably cause a lot worse damage, they ended up at the Kawatche caves. At this point, considering how even further out of town they were, Lois let Lex lead her into the caves. Lex had been grumbling about Clark, stones and the cave, leaving Lois with more questions than answers as she was dragged alone. Figuring that the only way she would get answers would be to stay with Lex, she let him pull her behind him. Plus, if Clark was here, Lex looked out for blood and Lois figured that the boy who couldn’t hurt a fly could use a little backup.


There was a light coming from the cave as they entered it and it seemed like someone was talking to someone else. And one of those people definitely sounded like Clark. What the hell was Smallville doing in the caves? What is with the people of this town not evacuating when they were told to evacuate because another fucking meteor shower was heading their way? Lois’s thoughts were livid in her wonder, her thoughts almost causing her to trip over some stray rocks as Lex moved at a breakneck speed.


Breaking herself from her internal wonderings, she saw that Lex, in his murderous rage, was heading directly towards where Clark seemed to be. Lois acted quickly, shoving Lex up against the wall and freeing her hands from his grip, kicking him backwards before running to where the light was coming from. Lois had just reached the opening in the cave’s wall and seen Clark’s body silhouetted by the white light, when the light surrounded her, bathing her in warmth and transferring her to wherever it was Clark was going.


She looked up when she caught her bearings to find herself in the snow. Where the hell was she? She’d gone from blistering heat of early summer in Kansas to the Artic? Lois looked around in a circle, wrapping her arms around her chest in a feeble attempt to keep warm. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and Lois gasped to find a giant ice structure rising out of the barren ground, a lone figure approaching it.




Lois began trudging forward, knowing that the only way she was going to stay alive was if she got to Clark and figured out what the hell was going on. Clearly, Clark was here for a purpose, though for what and even how they got here, Lois had no idea.


Smallville had a lot of explaining to do.


After what seemed like an eternity, Lois entered the ice palace, too cold to properly take in the amazing structure. “C-C-Clark!” She called out, her voice chattering with the cold as a gust of wind knocked her over. Clark was trapped in a similar light to that that had taken them here, suspended in mid-air, with what Lois swore were images swirling around his head. A deep voice, coming from nowhere, was speaking to him, talking about destiny and dark forces. “Clark, if you can hear me, help!” Lois screamed, crouching down and pulling her body into a ball in a feeble attempt to keep herself warm.


By some miracle, Clark heard Lois over the wind and ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his body. He was seemingly not affected by the cold, the heat from his warm body giving Lois some semblance of feeling back in her limbs.


“Lois.” Clark’s voice was soft and comforting, yet distraught, as he cradled Lois into his chest, clearly having questions of his own as to how she got here. “Jor-El!” Clark yelled, his voice powerful as he spoke into the fortress. “Jor-El, you must let me get her somewhere safe!”


“There is no time, Kal-El,” the mysterious voice responded, “dark forces have been unleashed upon Earth and if you do not begin your training, you cannot fight them.”


“I’ll begin my training, I promise! Just please, let me save her first!”


Lois moaned against his chest as the wind picked up, seeking comfort away from the harsh environment. Clark held her tighter, shifting her in his arms as he stood up. Lois was beginning to go in and out of consciousness as her body began to give up fighting the cold.


“Very well, Kal-El. You will get your friend to safety and then you will return to Smallville to take care of the first threat, two Kyrptonian criminals. However you must return here by the sunset, or else the consequences will be grave, and not just for yourself. The future security of this planet depends on you, Kal-El. You must return by the Kansas sunset.”


“I will, Father.” Clark responded. He gripped onto Lois’ body tighter, adjusting her in his arms before speeding her out of the fortress and towards civilisation. “Hold on, Lois.” Clark whispered to himself, knowing that Lois was beyond hearing him at this point. “I’ve got you.”