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Crossing the Divide

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The months passed by quickly and slowly at the same time. My sickness made it so I couldn't travel far and Sam didn't like to leave my side. Neither of us had been able to find a radio to get the word out that I was alive. Sometimes my mind drifted too much to what Alex must be thinking. How he must be breaking inside because he thought that I wasn't alive. No travelers passed us while we stayed, not even the people that caused the wreckage from earlier.

"The others will keep Alex stable." Sam said, though it sounded like he didn't believe his own words.

"They might." I said as I lay beside him in our bed. "But what about Eve? How sane will they keep her? Her mother died and..."

"We will go back to Eden when you're better. You can make sure everyone is okay then."

I was going to reply but then I vomited. For another thirty minutes I stood over a bucket and puked. I felt horrible for myself and worry for my unborn child. I wouldn't let anything happen to him. I loved him or her even though they hadn't breathed a breath.

Now it was only going to be a day or so until the child was born. Maybe it would be sooner. The only thing I knew for certain now was my health was improving. I was in the bed and Sam was standing beside me. He looked different than when I had first met him. Before he had the build of a maester, now he had the build of a fighter. Over the course of nine months I had trained him as best I could. The only thing making him continue his training was my safety.

"He'll make it." I said softly. "He has to."

"He has your genes in him." Sam replied. "He can survive what his mother can."

"None of my other children except Eve are still alive."

Sam said nothing as there was nothing he could say. I had gone from being certain my child could survive to being more than uncertain. None of my children had died during childbirth so I should focus on that. I shouldn't focus on the smell of Jeor's burning flesh or the sight of Chris' head rolling across the ground. I should focus on none of my children dying during their birth.

The sun was going down and so all would be dark. Night would fall and stars would shine in the sky. Sam and I both turned our heads at the same time. A few small bells could be heard. Some animals or people were close by. Probably animals but there was always the possibility of being discovered. The clone stood up and took out a gun. We had discovered the weapon and it had calmed the nerves of my lover. On his belt there was a dagger in case he ran out of bullets. Or if, for some reason, during the fight the gun was lost.

I screamed in pain as I felt the contractions. This baby would be born now and Sam would be on his own. He would be on his own to fight and if he died so did I. In this reality I would be gone and Alex would never know the truth. There was nothing to do now but trust in the clone. He gave me one last look before walking out of the room and down the stairs. I calmed my mind enough to focus on the child that would soon be born, Sam would need to take care of himself. With the training I had given him, it should be enough to make him the victor.

There was a gunshot fired and then laughter. Maniacal laughter of the kind only evil men could make. Not evil like Alex or Sam as they were at least controlled. Their hatred was focused and backed with planning. This laughter was the kind of a rabid animal. It had no thought to the future and was merely reveling in the now. There was no mercy promised in its voice.

"Damn, you nearly hit me." A man said and laughed again. "You do realize you're trespassing on my house, right? Sure we haven't been here for awhile, but it is still ours and you are still taking what doesn't belong to you."

"You need to leave." Sam said with just a little too much fear in his voice.

"I need to leave? Why? You don't just kick someone out of their home. That's rude."

I felt the pains of childbirth coming again. I felt it becoming great enough that I needed to yell out. But yelling would be more than deadly. If the people thought he was alone the fight would be less harsh than if they knew I was with him. A woman about to give birth might be more than fun to these people. It was hard keeping any sound from coming out of my mouth. The child would be born and I didn't know how much longer I could remain silent. Probably not for much longer.

"You've been gone for months." Sam said, sounding a little more sure of himself now. "This is my home now."

"Oh, so you really do want to fight us." The man said. "I can tell that you're only alive now due to luck. You're not a fighter."

"I'm more powerful than you think."

I wanted to hold back my yells but I couldn't. I clutched at the sheets as I tried to keep calm. There was no doubt in my mind that fighting would break out now. I yelled out in pain and fear. My child, myself, and my lover would all die. Tears came out of my eyes and I prayed to the uncaring gods for mercy. Mercy that I knew was beyond their realm of understanding.

"Is that a pregnant woman I hear?" The man asked with glee.

"Oh, I do love babies." A woman said joyfully. "They make good appetizers for the main course."

There was a sort of irony in Sam dying by cannibals. Alex had worked with the Umbrella Corporation to make zombies. If you thought about it, he had turned people into cannibals. It was fitting and the thought made me laugh. I didn't find the idea funny but it was either pain or laughter. I needed a release. For better or worse, the fighting would be over soon.

"Don't go near her!" Sam yelled and there was gunfire.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds. It was hard to figure out who was winning in my current state. There was the sound of furniture breaking, walls cracking, and people yelling. Besides the one woman, there were other women in the group of cannibals. Suddenly a pair of feet ran up the stairs. If I had been a mere pup, I would've thought Sam was coming up. But I wasn't a pup and recognized the sound of a stranger's footsteps. I recognized that the heavy breathing wasn't from someone I knew.

"So, you're the one with the child." A woman's voice said and I turned to look at her.

Her hair was long, brown, and wild. Her eyes were brown and shining with madness. Her teeth were clean except for a piece of meat that hung off of one of them. Her lips curled in a cruel smile. To me she seemed to be like a rabid Direwolf. Large and powerful, but mad. As mad as only nature knew how.

"Don't worry, I'll let you have the child." She said with a wicked grin as she walked over to me. "If I tore it out of you it won't have the same taste. You won't have the same taste. Oh, yes, I will enjoy eating you."

I yelled out as I felt my child about to be born. My child's life would consist only of crying out and then dying. It would be a short life and then I would die in this reality. If only I would die in all realities so that memory wouldn't have the chance to overtake me. If only. If only.

Both of us looked as the sounds of fighting rushed up the stairs. The woman looked angrily and I could understand her emotions. Her rabid pack was going to take away prey she had claimed as her own. She took out her gun and shot at the first person to enter. The man didn't have any time to react. The woman had been so crazed that she had shot her own pack member.

"Get the fuck out of here!" She yelled but to no avail.

Sam pushed his dagger through the neck of a woman as gunfire missed me by mere inches. I had achieved some state of perfect calm and so was able to observe Sam as I gave birth. He had a few bruises and cuts, but his pain seemed to compel him to more violence. He was consumed with rage that I might die. I smiled as I was thrown off the bed in the chaos.

I tried to avoid the frantic movements of the combatants and then I had to lay on my back. I yelled out in pain as I felt my child start to leave me. Blood hit my face and a gunshot barely missed one of my legs. All the while the only thing I focused on was giving birth to my son or daughter. I closed my eyes and guided my body in its movements.

"Please...please..." I moaned. "Let my child live...please..."

My child let out its first cries the second it left me. I opened my eyes to see the crazed woman rush over to try and feed. Sam shoved her and bit her neck. He jerked his head back and part of the woman's neck was gone. Her blood was soaking the floor and Sam looked shocked at what he had done. He spit out the human flesh and stabbed her in the eye to make sure she was dead.

"Are you alright?" Sam asked as he held up his child.

"Is...the child...okay?" I asked weakly.

"He's fine."

He cut our son's umbilical cord and put him into my arms. Tears rolled down my face as he started to drink from my tits. He had been born amidst bloodshed. Maybe it was a sign that this child would endure like none of my others had. I put a hand on Sam's face and kissed his lips. My lover had truly become a warrior. There was a strength in him that would be unleashed when I needed it.

"You were brave." I told him with a smile. "You were strong."

"Only because you were there to teach me." He said.
* * *
"Are you sure you're going to be able to hold Eyrie?" I asked as I handed my son to Sam.

I had named my son Eyrie after the seat of House Arryn. The House I would overthrow if it did not bend the knee to me. If it stood with Daenerys, it would fall and the Kaari would take the Vale. My son had been born in bloodshed so it was only fitting he be named in reference to a great conflict. One that would shake Westeros to its knees.

"I am, Rin." My lover replied and took Eyrie into his arms.

I smiled as Sam grew happy. Our child was special not because a gift was in his blood, but because he calmed Sam down. Made his father feel feelings that had previously been a thing of myth to him. After admiring his son, he put him in a bag on his front. The bag would give Eyrie enough movement to move if he so wanted, but would also hold him tight so no accidents would happen.

Sam backed away from me as I was about to transform. A few weeks after the attack from the cannibals, I had fully recovered. Sickness had fled from my body and so we had planned to fly to Eden as quickly as possible. Transforming into my dragon form felt more than freeing. Finally I would be back in the sky where I belonged. Where my blood called for me to go. It took all my energy not to take off the moment I was a dragon.

After a few minutes Sam and Eyrie were secure on my back. I waited until my lover gave me a signal to take off. Soon my wings beat and I gained altitude. After so long I finally felt free. My son yelled out as if he were overjoyed at the experience. Over the course of three days we finally made our way to Eden. I could've gotten there sooner but I was being cautious and Eyrie had to feed from me.

I recognized the landscape as being close to Eden. I recognized it even though it had been greatly changed once the rains had returned. Then I looked below me in shock. Corpses lined the street. Uniforms of Umbrella and Mormonts were on the dead. There were many Alice clones and men without uniforms on the street also. There had been a great battle and my side had lost. I dove down and landed close to an entrance.

"What is it?" Sam asked as he got off.

I was silent as I transformed. Everything I had fought for was gone. It didn't matter now that myself, Sam, and Eyrie were alive. The world would fall as this was the center of the Mormonts. Without Eden my men would be without a real structure. What if...I raced to the entrance and was able to get in after a few minutes.

"Do you think this is safe?" Sam asked.

The door, and from what could be seen of the hallway, showed safety to be a concern. If it were only me I would dash through the rest of the base to make sure Alex, Eve, Khaleesi, and K-Mart weren't dead. Then I would go through the streets. But I had not only my lover but our son. I couldn't let anything happen to them.

"No, it isn't." I said with a sign. "Noah, status."

There was no reply and for a moment I thought that the AI had been broken. That would be a smart thing to do. Make sure no one could get to the secret files of the Mormonts. Even if the AI had been left intact, anything could be broken into. Umbrella would have more than enough resources.

"Noah is gone." The AI finally said. "My name is Gandalf 2.0. Some members of the base have taken to calling me Gandalf the White. I recognize you as Rin Isaacs. However, that person is deceased."

"Then why are you talking to me?" I asked, some hope filling me. "You are not to supposed to talk to random people."

"Various scans have indicated you are Rin Isaacs. Including cameras showing your transformation."

So the Council had repaired Gandalf enough to use it in this instance. This must mean that the whole battle had been a ruse. Of course there were dead Mormonts as the fight had to look real. I hoped that honor and respect had been given to those who had decided to stay. Who had decided to give up their lives to my cause.

"So Eden has moved..." I whispered. "Gandalf, what is the status of Alexander Isaacs, Eve Isaacs, Khaleesi, K-Mart, and Chris Redfield?"

"Those Mormonts are currently alive." Gandalf replied.

"Where is the New Eden?"

"I have no files on such a location. I was only given a limited amount of information."

"Do you have files on what happened here?"

"No detailed files remain intact in my systems. What I can remember is that the Kaari showed the location of this base to attract attention. Umbrella and Alice attacked at the same time. The remaining Mormonts were able to use the attack to destroy much of both opposing sides."

Sam looked at me and I saw that he was tired. He had traveled all this way merely to run into another obstacle. After spending a few hours at the old Eden Base, we were off again. I didn't want to linger too long as Umbrella might return. While Alice didn't have the forces needed to come back, Umbrella did. If they found me then they would attack. Me being alive could help them much as could my newborn son.

For a week we traveled when safe and went where my bloodsense told me to. I searched for any hint of my husband as his was the blood I could sense the best. While I could also pick up Khaleesi's blood, it was mixed with the many Alice clones that were in this reality. Finally I looked down below as I felt the pull of Alex's blood. It was a harsh and strong odor that was in my nose.

Below me was a mountain that had been worn away over time. It was now flat on top and it had a round shape. There was an opening as I could tell some contraption had been made to cover it and could also be removed when need be. Only due to my eyesight could I tell this as my men had hidden it very well. Circling around I could guess that this was the new base. The New Eden.

Not knowing what else to do, I landed close by and waited until Sam got off of me to transform. Three Rasiki finally appeared with their guns pointed at us as if they couldn't believe I was alive. I was glad that they didn't easily allow their hope to make them act stupid.

"Rin Isaacs?" One of them asked.

"Yes." I said in the Common Tongue. "I was delayed due to an illness that didn't allow me to travel. This is Samuel Isaacs whom I rescued. The child is ours and his name is Eyrie Isaacs. What do you call this base?"

There was a beauty to the area that I couldn't quite explain. If there were peace I would like to live here. It was cold and the blossoming of spring was close by. It must be more than beautiful in the dead of winter. The ground covered with snow and the wind making everything colder. Eyrie was out of the bag and was resting against his father's shoulder. I would have to feed him soon.

"Winterfell." The Rasiki replied. "And it's not a base, it's the first city of the Mormonts."

"I need to see Alex." I said.

"They're in a meeting right now. Though I don't think yours will be an interruption they'll mind."

Sam, Eyrie, and myself followed the Rasiki. The clone was nervous and I knew why. Now he would see the original that had caused so much chaos. The man that he shared the same DNA with. Well, except for the Mark. I put a hand on his arm briefly and saw him calm down a little. Then it was time to focus on the city. The corridors were a combination of metal and rock. They were also a lot wider so more could fit in. The look and feel was a place worth living instead of somewhere merely to survive.

Soon we were in front of two doors. They were metal and could only be accessed through scans. It wouldn't surprise me if only certain people were allowed in. I assumed that this was the Kaari's chambers and so it wouldn't do for just anyone to come in. One of the Rasiki looked at me and I nodded at them. Sam could tell that I was nervous and so handed me Eyrie. I took some comfort in my young child. His hands and mouth yearned for my milk. I couldn't feed him yet, not until I talked with my friends.

"We are discussing important matters!" Alex yelled as the door started to open. "Whatever you have to say can wai-"

My husband was silent as he looked at me. All of his anger left his body as his eyes met mine. It was as if he had been fighting until I came. After the moment of calm he rushed towards me. His hands clasped my face and we kissed. He was crying and doing so loudly, a rarity as he liked to keep calm around others. Now, though, tears were going down his face as he looked at me. Only me.

"Rin?" Alex said, his voice barely able to leave his throat. "You're alive?"

"I would never leave you." I replied with a small smile.

My husband looked down at Eyrie as the young child started crying. Alex then noticed Sam and there was tension in the air. To distract myself I looked at the others in the room. Khaleesi and K-Mart were both sitting on stone chairs. The walls had been kept rocky and the floor was the same as the rest of the city. Behind the chair was another area that one needed to walk down stairs to get to.

"This is Samuel Isaacs." I finally said to help ease the tension. "I aimed to rescue Sam from Umbrella once he figured out what he was. If not for him I wouldn't be alive now."

"He saved you." Alex said slowly. "What do you want to be done with him?"

"I want you and him to share my bed. I don't want to lose any of you."

"Rin, we're all glad you're back." Khaleesi said with a large grin on her face. "But we're also wondering how you survived."

For three hours I detailed my time at the cloning facility, my budding relationship with Sam, and what happened during our time in the Wastelands. During the story Alex stayed close to me while K-Mart took care of Eyrie. She seemed more than happy and I felt good for her future children.

"Eve has missed you." Alex said once I had finished. "She didn't speak for awhile after you were declared dead."

I blinked.

"So is there going to be more?" Bronn asked.

"No, you may go now." I replied as I kissed Jorah. "It was a long journey today and that was enough energy wasted."

Once Bronn had gone, Jorah and I moved to our bed. I felt more happy than I had in a long time. It must be the combined happenings in both realities. Both had left me with a sense of hope for the future. In this reality that meant hope I could defeat Daenerys Targaryen. Hope that I could fight off the White Walkers. Hope that the reign of House Kaari would last for a long time. As head of House Kaari I would start to implement democracy in Westeros or at least a form of it.