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Crossing the Divide

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I opened my eye slowly in the cool morning air. Every morning, night, and day would be cold for years to come. Winter had reached Westeros and, with it, the White Walkers had finally decided to make a move again. Soon I would leave Dragonstone and face off against Daenerys Targaryen. Soon I would move to protect Bear Island if I didn't defeat my former friend at the Vale. Soon I would be fighting a war with the White Walkers. But now I was just resting in my husband's arms.

Jorah Mormont had his arms wrapped around my waist and my back pressed against his chest. It was a simple moment and meant more to me than anything else in this reality. His warmth meant more to me than any song by a bard. Having his love meant more to me than any title given to me. It was simple and yet was complex.

"You're awake." Jorah said sleepily. "You should get as much rest as you can before we move out. Your wounds still need to heal and the journey won't be kind on them."

"Don't worry." I said. "I like lying here and thinking of you. Thinking of what it was like living with my pack."

Those days had been even more simple. Yes, they had been deadly but it was of a normal kind. There had been no Seven Kingdoms for me. No Houses to serve. The long history of Westeros meant nothing to me. There weren't any human boundaries to respect. I was a Direwolf and I was obligated to serve no man. The only one I served was my alpha.

"Did you ever visit Bear Island?" Jorah asked.

"I don't remember." I replied. "I remember killing a bear. It was a mighty creature and yet I was able to defeat it. My pack and I took it down. It didn't die on any island as I remember snow on the ground. It was so cold and yet the thrill warmed me up. I would sleep each night against my pack. After a few days of being with them I realized they wanted to disown me. I didn't realize that until years later. It wasn't until I killed the bear that I was accepted. I might have been a strange Direwolf, but at least I wasn't useless."

Jorah's hand went down my stomach and then rested under my tits. I felt equally the need to make love to my husband and to continue resting under his touch. It would be a rough journey to get to the Vale. There would be the point the real difficulty started. Myself and my six dragons could take out any army. Well, not unless the wyverns proved to be a more than difficult challenge. There would be loses and the worst would be Daenerys' death. If we could kill her there. If not...then it would be at Bear Island she would meet her doom. Or me mine.

"Have you ever seen a White Walker?" Jorah asked.

"I sensed death and yet life in some creatures. But my pack always avoided them." I replied. "They didn't know what White Walkers were. They just knew they weren't to be messed with. I always thought my pack was invincible before they died. I found it strange that anything could scare them that much. I never connected White Walkers to that strange feeling."

"Or you would've mentioned it in the meetings."

Yes, the numerous meetings that had occurred once I had woken up. Discussions upon discussions. During those gatherings many things had been decided such as Dragonstone would become a school and I would take Storm's End as my own. If House Arryn refused to bend the knee, as the humans said, I would take the Vale. The area was in the North and was more preferable to me. I grew up in the North, even if the North I remembered extended beyond the Wall, and so the Vale was close to home. I wanted to give Storm's End away but that would prove to be a complicated matter. Bronn was the only one to joke about it while the others were more serious on the matter.

"Yes, that would have been something to bring up." I replied, enjoying the feel of my husband's naked form on mine. "Though I don't think it would be much help. I have never encountered a White Walker, just felt what might have been one."

"What else could you have sensed?" Jorah asked.

"I don't know. Maybe something the White Walkers are afraid of?"

My husband let out a chuckle as we changed our positions. I was now sitting on him, my ass mere inches from his cock. In times like these I wondered who was my alpha. I seemed to dominate him and yet with one word he could break me. That was love. That was what I would always fight for.

"And what could the White Walkers ever be afraid of?" Jorah asked, his hands finding their place on my ass.

"I don't know." I said. "But there has to be a reason they're making their move now."

"Maybe they're afraid of you."

"Or you. You're Azor Ahai after all."

In the blink of an eye Jorah was above me. His lips were on mine and then they started traveling down. I let out a soft moan as his lips sucked my tits. It hurt but it was more pleasurable than painful.

"Oooh...Jor...ah..." I moaned and then his lips started to travel again.

He kissed my inner thighs gently. He kissed them slowly. So slowly. He breathed on my cunt making my hands clutch at the bed sheets. My back arched as he started to eat me out. It was so easy to get lost in the euphoria he caused me. So easy to close my eye and forget my pain.

"Jor...ah!" I yelled as my body neared climax.

He changed positions again so he was posed above me with his cock deep inside. My husband and I kissed as he started to thrust. Each thrust starting slow and deliberate. Each thrust making me moan for him to go faster. He wasn't concerned about my wellbeing, I knew that by the fact he was fucking me, and so knew he wanted to make me yearn for him. He wanted my body to beg for him. To plead for him. And it did. He kissed and bit my neck as my hands dug into his back. Finally Jorah started to thrust faster.

"Oh!" I yelled out. "Oooooh! Jor...or...aah!"

I came and still he continued. Still my body craved him.

"Riiiin..." Jorah moaned as he came.

We looked at each other and smiled. I put a hand on his face and felt the sweat from our lovemaking. I smelled the sweet scents that both of our bodies had produced. I was aware of how weak my body could get if we continued, but that didn't matter to me now. The future didn't matter. Death didn't matter. Daenerys Targaryen's mad reign with Cersei Lannister didn't matter.

"We need to get ready." Jorah said. "You are queen and we are about to leave."

I nodded and Jorah started getting dressed. I looked over to where our two crowns were sitting. They were made out of dragon scales and metal. Their colors were silver and gold. The parts that were dragon scales covered in either silver or gold gave off an animalistic quality. Both metals, scales, and colors weren't evenly divided. There was gold in the silver and silver in the gold. In the center of each crown was a red ruby mixed with onyx. The colors of House Targaryen, the ancient House I was going to bring down. Jorah's crown was bulkier while mine had a slimmer appearance.

"My ancestors would be proud." I said holding up his crown. "For millennia on end House Kaari fought them. Now our long war will be over."

"Lei and Jon will be the last two Targaryens, though they won't take that name." Jorah said as he finished getting dressed. "You aren't destroying a House, Rin, you're transforming it. Their blood will grow weaker over time but it isn't the end for them."

I smiled at that. My husband was comforting me in my time of need. He was probably also consoling himself. He had fought against House Targaryen during Robert's Rebellion and yet he had ended up serving it. Now he was again faced with bringing it down. This time the House was ruled by a dear friend of his. Former dear friend.

"You can choose something else." Jorah said. "Your men won't think ill of you if you do."

"They call me the Whore Queen, Jorah, so I will give them one." I replied as I held up the outfit. "If my enemies want to laugh as they die, that is their choice. I am one of the deadliest fighters in Westeros, no matter my clothing."

The outfit, if one wanted to call it that, was nothing but gold chains, rubies, and a thin piece of cloth at the bottom. I had put it together myself and remembered how Tormund described it. Or at least had tried to describe it as he had laughed and no one could tell what was being said. It was funny, yes, but I needed to show strength. I needed to show my scars that I had earned for my queen. The queen who had betrayed me.

My husband helped me with my clothing, his hands more than a little eager. A gold necklace would help hold it up and then it was time to work on my tits. Two large rubies covered up my nipples while leaving the rest of my tits exposed. I let out a slight moan as Jorah squeezed my tits and I wanted to let him in again. I wanted to let him in so badly it was driving me mad.

Next we worked on my stomach. A large ruby inside gold would sit there. The gold was in the design of a dragon with the ruby looking like one of its eyes. Jorah looked into my eye and by his touch I could feel his need. I could feel his hunger that echoed mine.

Finally we put the cloth in its proper place. In the center was yet another ruby. My body would be cold but I could bear it. It had been a little into my childhood until clothing had become normal to me. I remembered clumsily sowing together my own outfits for the first time. It had been an adventure for me. It had also been a blessing when the wind didn't feel as harsh.

"When we camp tonight, I will pleasure you like I haven't before." Jorah said as he handed me my coat. "I will make you think you have made love to a god itself."

"I hope you keep your promise." I replied with a smile. "Because I am already too eager to feel you inside of me again."
* * *
We were now gathered near the edge of Dragonstone, the waves could be heard in the distance. I put a hand on my stag to calm it and looked at those around me. I still wore my coat as it hadn't yet been time to reveal it. I wanted to wait until we were at the edge of the castle to show it and give a speech to my men. A speech these humans would require. My bare feet were at the ground and felt the cold snow. It was a feeling that calmed me as the childhood memories of my pack came back to me.

Looking up at the sky I could see my dragons minus Franc. Arya was riding on Viserion and was helping to lead my pack. Davos was on Franc's back and both were in front of all of us, ready to take off the moment we started moving again. It had taken a short amount of time to get Jon Snow's advisor on dragonback. The man had learned incredibly quickly how to ride. Soon he would be ready for battle. Or at least he would have to be.

Most of the Dothraki still followed Daenerys Targaryen, but a small few followed me. It hurt to hear them refer to me as their khaleesi and I couldn't wait until they went back to Essos. Back to Vaes Dothrak. Back to their home. I didn't need to be called the title my former friend loved.

Lei was at the front, one of my men to ride beside me, with the bow that Gendry had made her. I hoped she never had to use it as her innocence would be gone then. Once a creature drew blood there was no going back. But I wasn't naive, nor was she, and so she carried her weapon. A weapon which she wouldn't have to be up close to kill her foes. Jaime, the former Lord Commander of the Queensguard, was beside his sister. He would be there to protect her so she wouldn't need to kill.

Bronn was the new Lord Commander of the Queensguard. I had made sure Jaime knew that his dismissal was purely because his hand was gone. He hadn't yet improved well enough to guard himself, much less the royal family. Bronn had accepted the position with his usual lack of grace. Right now I felt his eyes on me and I wanted to go over to him. A part of me wanted to fuck him now. I wanted him to fuck me when it wasn't duty. I wanted to see what lovemaking with him could really be like. Jorah looked at me and I nodded. He was well aware what my torture had done to me and trusted me to control my baser instincts.

While my outfit didn't cover much, I still made sure that my ancestral sword would fit. I briefly touched Alexander and then looked at Brienne. She carried Oathkeeper one of two swords that had been broken down from Ice, Lord Eddard Stark's sword. Her blade too was Valyrian steel. Jaime had its twin Widow's Wail. A sword he hadn't wielded until shortly before leaving King's Landing. It had been a gift from Cersei that he had been loathed to accept. Brienne gave me a nod and then I turned to face my men.

"My name is Queen Rin Kaari." I proclaimed loudly. "The Iron Throne was given to me by the people of King's Landing. Some that made their way here with me and will stay in the safety of Dragonstone. My House is an ancient one that has managed to survive through the Doom of Valyria and then the attempted genocide from House Targaryen. In my blood there is a strength that no man or god can match. There is a beast in me that was awakened the day Daenerys Targaryen betrayed me and threatened my homeland."

I was interrupted in my speech by Tormund. He had been dealing with the Wildlings, his men, as they were uncertain about fighting this war. They wanted to follow Jon Snow and I wasn't him. I was merely a woman who would take them to Jon. From the look on his face he had convinced them to march with me though it had been a tough conversation. It wouldn't surprise me if he had delayed his appearance as a way for his men to have the illusion of rebellion. While I didn't consider myself a crow due to my upbringing, the Wildlings did. Though some were confused on that part.

"I did not want to be queen." I continued and nodded to Tormund as he took his place. "I merely wanted to rebuild my House. I wanted to live with Jorah Mormont and raise a family in peace after the war. We did have a son named Jeor, after Jorah's father. Against all odds our son survived. Jaime Lannister could've broken his deal with me but he didn't. My son was going to be a great man one day. At least so I thought until that day in the Dragonpit. The day Daenerys showed she had fully descended into madness and burned him alive!"

I threw off my coat and revealed my outfit. I had had to rehearse the move many times before I got it right. Tormund had to hold back a chuckle as the whorish outfit was amusing. Jorah and Bronn both looked at me with a carnal desire in their eyes. Once we camped for the night I would take my husband up on his offer. I wanted to be consumed by him tonight.

"My people call me the Whore Queen, so I shall become one." I said angrily. "It won't matter when my enemies' bodies are eaten by the crows. I want them to see my scars to know why I fight. To know why Daenerys' betrayal hurts me to the core. I lost my eye in the Battle for Meereen. The scars covering my body are from when I was loyal to her in King's Landing. I kept everything about her a secret in case one small piece of information doomed her. For all my devotion to her, she killed Jeor Kaari. She killed Sansa Stark. She killed Yara Greyjoy. She killed Missandei. She killed the woman I knew. I will have vengeance for my son and for my House! I will take you to the Vale and we shall revel in the blood spilt!"

In one motion I grabbed my coat, threw it to Bronn, and mounted my stag. I turned it around and saw my men cheering. I had already heard their voices but now I saw their excitement. Most of the Dothraki couldn't understand what I was saying and yet they were cheering too. Lust for blood was thick in the air now.

"We ride to the Vale." I said. "We ride to glory. We ride to vengeance. Daenerys Targaryen will pay for her treachery with fire and blood!"

I turned my stag around yet again as Franc took off. I calmed my mount down as the dragon reached the safety of his brethren. Then the journey began. It was odd to have men so eager to kill on my orders. It was odd to have such loyalty from those who didn't know me. I couldn't fail now as it would mean a betrayal of their trust. I had to be a strong queen for them now and until the last of my days.
* * *
First we rode to the edge of the island and then dismounted as we sailed on the ships. Once we landed on the continent, we rode until the sun started setting. A few times over the day we had stopped but only briefly. My men needed to eat and the horses needed some rest. But mainly we rode. A few times I had ridden Jeor as he had come down and was insistent I ride him. It helped me feel good though it didn't make Lei or Melisandre feel good. The red priestess wasn't honored to ride among the front and was stuck in the middle of my men. Grey Worm didn't ride in the front but that was due to his own choosing.

Now I watched as my men set up camp and waited a little impatiently for them to finish my tent. I didn't care about the cold, my coat hadn't been used once we had started riding, but Jorah was a different matter. While we had been riding I had been thinking of what he would do to me shortly. Now my body seemed to be at its breaking point.

"Your Grace," Bronn said in a mocking bow as he lead the way.

"You may leave us." Jorah said and the two men looked at each other.

For a moment I wanted both men to fuck me. I wanted to feel both men in me and on me. I wanted to smell our scents combining. Then that moment was followed by me putting my arms around Jorah's neck. He smelled so good and he felt so warm compared to the snow outside. Compared to the wind that raged.

"Let him watch, my love." I whispered into Jorah's ear.

"Then you will want him to join in." Jorah replied, his hands traveling slowly to my ass.

"Then fuck me as if you were two men."

My husband looked to Bronn and a predatory look formed on his face. Not only would he let out all the lust from today's ride, he would show this man I was his. That no man would be able to touch me as he could. He turned me around and took off my crown. He then took off his own and put it next to mine.

"You may stay, Bronn," Jorah said. "But you must stay where you are."

Bronn made no move to disagree. He just looked at us with a hungry look in his eyes. Jorah kissed the back of my neck and then bit it. I moaned lightly as his hands squeezed my tits. He squeezed them as tight as he could before letting go. My hand went behind my head and he kissed it. While one of his hands continued to squeeze my tits, the other went quickly to my cunt.

"Oooh!" I moaned loudly. "Ooooooh! Jor...aaaa...aaaah!"

I looked at Bronn and saw him considering moving. The woman he lusted over was screaming in pleasure. Oh gods how I wanted him too. How I wanted him to join in. As I was thinking about his cock deep inside me Jorah removed his hands from me. He looked into my eye and then at Bronn. It was as if he were considering.

"I love you, Rin." He said as he slowly took off my outfit.

"I need you, Jorah." I moaned, wanting him to hurry up and fulfill my need.

He first took off the necklace and slowly took off the rubies covering my nipples. His mouth then closed on one of my tits and his arms pulled me close. His hands were on my back and mine were on his shoulders. Both of us grasping at each other as though our lives depended on it. Jorah's tongue flicked my nipple every now and again.

"Jo...rrrr..." I moaned.

"Riiiin..." Jorah replied.

With feverish hands he finally removed the last of my outfit. Then I lay on the floor, my legs spread. My husband quickly took off his clothing and then he was eating me out. My legs went around his head as they tried to bring him closer. His tongue, his breath. It was maddening as was Bronn's heavy breathing. I was surprised that he hadn't yet taken off his clothing so he could masturbate.

As I was on the edge of climax Jorah took his place over me. He kissed the tops of my tits and then he entered me. I yelled out in pleasure as he began his thrusts. They were quick and rough as he was claiming his prey. His prize. His wife. His love. My legs went around his hips as I tried to make him go deeper. He was fucking me like he were two men.

"Aaaah...aaah...oooroooh!" I yelled out as I came.

"Ri...nnnnn..." Jorah moaned as his seed filled me.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. He was mine and I was his.

I blinked.

I groaned and looked at Sam. Now that I was on the couch he was looking over me. I knew he wanted to help but I was also painfully aware that his area of expertise was not pregnancy. He manipulated genetics and didn't care so much about new life being born.

"I didn't lose our child, Sam." I said. "Not yet at least."

"I don't know if we can travel with you like this." Sam said. "You might hurt yourself or our child. It wouldn't be safe."

"Do you think I could recover before the child is born?"

Sam's face was pained as he wanted to give me the truth and yet also wanted to make me happy. So there was silence for awhile as neither of us said anything.