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Crossing the Divide

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That night the air was slightly warm. The heat of the day had carried over. Sweat was going down my body just sleeping next to the clone. It wasn't the worst of conditions I had ever been in so I was able to sleep comfortably. I was awake now only because I had heard something. The footsteps were off in the distance and sounded human. By the footsteps alone I couldn't tell if they were friend or enemy, just that they were coming towards me. By my bloodsense I could tell some of the humans were Alice clones. They smelled like her and had the oddity only clones produced.

Looking over at Sam I thought of waking him. But waking him meant sending him into a panic. He was calm and collected as long as he knew he was in control. That wasn't the way fights ever turned out for him. He would be even less happy when he found out I didn't want to kill them if at all possible. He hated Alice and would like nothing better than to see her dead.

"Sam," I said quietly into his ear. "Wake up."

"Why?" He asked in a whisper.

"We might have company soon."

As Sam started to get up, I held him down. They weren't that close yet but we needed any preparation we could get. Because I was pregnant, I didn't want to overdo it with my abilities. The memory of losing Franc was still fresh in my mind. It had been a long time but the memory would always haunt me. Would always make me doubt myself. So being prepared for an attack would be paramount at this time. We already had a few traps but those would mean nothing to someone of Alice's capabilities.

"I can sense Alice clones." I told him. "If they come here then we will have problems. I don't want to kill them which will make this harder."

"Why not kill them, Rin?" Sam hissed. "They would've killed you and me if your forces hadn't come. Why should I risk my life for someone that wants me dead?"

"Because they are only reacting to a situation they were forced into. Because Alex toyed with them. Because letting them live gives a more likely chance of Alice siding with me. Because letting them live may mean we have more spies inside Alice's forces."

"How many do you have already?"

"Only one. Jane Doe."

That wasn't a very convincing argument. After all the effort I had spent gaining allies amongst Alice clones I only had one spy. I hated spies as they were dishonorable to me, but it had to be done. I had to know where Alice was to aid her or avoid her. Even though she wanted nothing to do with me, it would take much more for me to decide to kill her. Even with the end of the war against the zombies approaching.

"But one of those clones may be the next spy." I said after some silence. "If the non-clones with them are enemies, they may be grateful for our help. Grateful enough to let us live and possibly to side with us. If we show them humanity then they may begin to doubt. They may begin to side with me and aid the Mormonts in the future."

Sam showed no signs that he was convinced, but was wise enough to know not to argue. Arguing with me now would only waste time and the chance that either of us lived another day. For the next few minutes we prepared for the oncoming attack. The plan was to basically have Sam lead our enemies towards me so that I could easily kill them. If I had been better I would've insisted on a more active role in the fight.

As I took my place behind a tree, I looked at where Sam was. This was harder to do as it was night and there was hardly any light to see my surroundings. After I made sure of his location I looked to where the humans were. As they got closer I could hear the hurried footsteps. They weren't afraid, all of them were seasoned fighters, and so I could tell a fight was coming our way.

"You bitches!" A man's voice yelled out. "You crazy ass bitches!"

His voice was scared and sounded as if it took a lot of effort to get the words out. Whoever he was he wasn't a friend of Alice and the clones were taking their time on him. Maybe it was to scare more information out of him or possibly they didn't want to kill him. The man could have been a friend of Alice's and so killing him was hard to do. Or maybe he was just that good of a fighter. An extremely good fighter if he had been able to hold his own this long.

"You're running to the Mormonts." One of the clones said angrily. "We need to know how you were planning to communicate with them."

So Alice was attempting to send more spies into my organization. While communicating with my group wasn't complicated, Alice might be interested to know if there was a more secretive channel she could use. So I would be less likely to suspect her. Just as I was admiring her skills, this brought up a new problem. The man, there was only one that was not a clone, wanted to join me and I might have to kill him. Letting him live would mean I would be wasting the opportunity to get more Alice clones on my side. If Sam had been more used to spilling blood I might be able to change the plan. But it was too late. I would cover my guilt in good deeds after this night.

The man raced in front of the three Alice clones. By their gait I could tell they were merely toying with him. Hoping to scare him enough to spill his secrets. Before I could think of a way to save him, Sam attacked. His movements were less clumsy than before and he lead the man towards me. Or he would've if both of the clones didn't try to attack at that moment. Two of the clones were caught in my traps. One was pulled up in a tree while the bear trap closed around the other's foot. Both things happened too fast and unexpectedly for them to properly react. I knew it wouldn't keep them down for long.

The gods granted me a small favor by having the man run close enough to me for me to slit my throat. There was a look of shock on his face when I killed him. I wished good deeds were easy to do, but that wasn't the case now. Letting the man live and making peace with the three Alice clones would've been impossible. His usefulness had ended when he had brought them along. Maybe after he died he would realize the situation I had been put in. Maybe.

But now was not the time to think about my actions as Sam needed help. The clone that wasn't stuck in a trap was busy beating up Sam. The other two were quickly freeing themselves, the one that had been stuck in the bear trap had blood gushing down her foot. I didn't see but I heard the familiar sounds. With my own small blade prepared to make a kill, the Alice clone yelled out as she stepped back. Both Sam and myself looked in shock as the life slowly left the Alice clone's eyes.

"Don't come closer." I said, holding up a hand as the remaining clones approached. "Your friend earned her fate. We mean no harm to you unless you want to kill us."

"And why should we trust you?" The clone who had gotten stuck in the bear trap asked.

"You've heard about me and should know I could kill you now if I wanted to."

The two looked at each other as I helped my lover up. Sam looked exactly like Alex in the same way the other clones looked like Alice. Killing one of them presented a new problem. We hadn't just helped them, we had harmed them. They were my enemies but that didn't make them stupid. It would be hard to convince them that they should help us if all they could see was a dead friend.

"And you would have let us live if we didn't attack?" The one who had been pulled into the tree asked. "You and him are monsters. You're both people that use others. You wouldn't have spared us if given the chance."

"Yes, we would have." Sam replied. "If it had been up to me I'd have you killed right now. Rin, though, wants me to spare your lives."

"Like you could kill us."

All three clones stared at each other. All three looked as if they would attack each other at a moment's notice. The Alice clones wanted to kill the Alex clone. The need to kill each other was in their very blood. It was not something they could easily fight.

"Sam follows me." I said, breaking some of the tension. "So he won't kill you."

"I doubt you would spare us in the goodness of your hearts." One clone replied.

"Rin wishes to use you as spies." Sam said. "She wishes to help Alice and to keep her safe. You could allow that to be more easily done."

"How many spies do you have already?"


I wasn't going to admit to only having one spy. Only one person to help me ally with Alice. I cared for the woman more than she thought. Both of us had the same goal of bringing down Umbrella and making the world as it once was. She thought because of who I allied with, who I loved, that I was just another monster. Just another person that agreed with Umbrella except for how much power it gave me.

"And how have you used the traitors?" One Alice clone asked, crossing her arms.

"Once I found out that Umbrella was releasing clones as biological weapons, I used my spies to have Alice target the cloning facilities I couldn't." I replied as honestly as I could. "We all want the same goal, she just doesn't trust me."

"You are sending spies into her camp. Why should she trust you?"

"She is sending her own spies. The Mormonts has been infiltrated before and the spies found out. Every time."

The one who had stepped in the bear trap looked as if she wanted to agree with me. It was only with her glancing at her fellow clone that made me think she wouldn't choose me in the end. Both of the clones had to agree with spying or one could be found out. If there was anything suspicious then the other could be a problem. I wanted to say more to make them side with me, but I couldn't find a compelling reason.

"Wesker used me." Sam said, his face showing he was not liking helping me at the moment. "He didn't tell me what I was and made me believe I was in control. I'm not going to help someone who used me."

"You made us." One of the Alice clones said. "You would've used us in your experiments if Alice hadn't come to help us escape. You're not getting pity out of us, Doctor Isaacs."

"I am not Alex. Rin has told me that he has changed. Whatever I-he was before, he isn't now. We're not going to help Wesker."

"Alex and Sam are dangerous people," I said. "But they are no longer Alice's enemies. What I did when working for Umbrella I'm making up by destroying the corporation. Join me and we can provide a stronger front. We can focus on the real enemy."

I didn't bring up the fact that all Alice wanted was revenge by killing me, Alex, and Sam. The rational part of her mind was slowly going away. It was slowly fading to the point of not really existing. She wasn't the same woman I had met before. If I didn't act quickly enough all hope of an alliance with her would go away.

"You're right." The one that had been stuck in the bear trap said. "You were helping us by having Alice destroy the cloning facilities. I'm not sure if Doctor Isaacs, both of them, are under your control but I'm willing to take a chance that they are."

"You can't be serious." The other one replied. "You know what Rin and him have done. Neither of them can be trusted. Neither of them should be sided with until we know."

"And how will we know if we never talk? How will we know if all we do is torture them? How will we know anything if we don't start to think?"

"Sam and myself will leave in the morning." I told them. "You have a night to think it over. We won't attack you if you'll pay us the same respect."
* * *
"So we just make up names for ourselves?" One of them asked.

I had informed the two Alice clones about the Mormonts' rule on clones. I had explained that clones naming themselves was to show that they were individuals. That they knew they weren't the same as the other clones just because they shared DNA. I had also talked about why I had killed the man who wanted to join. They hadn't agreed with it but they understood. Which was the same way I felt about the incident. Sam, on the other hand, didn't understand why the death of one man should worry us so much.

"Yes," I replied. "Khaleesi took the name of my unborn child if it had been a girl. Hail Ocampo took a name similar to her orginal's."

"What about the spies?" One asked.

"That is not for you to know. If you're questioned and you know the answer you might reveal everything to Alice."

That was a good way to cover myself. They shouldn't know that my attempts at getting Alice clone spies had resulted in a mere three spies. Later they would find out as I grew to trust them more. For now they would be in the dark about the truth. For now they would choose their names and then we would part ways. They would be informed on how to contact the Kaari once some time had passed. Once we needed their help.

"Rebecca." The one who had been stuck in the bear trap said. "I've always liked the name. Something about it has always made me happy."

"Welcome to the Mormonts, Rebecca." I said and shook her hand.

"I don't fully trust you, but I do think Alice has become a little vengeful. Almost like she doesn't care about the rest of us."

"I guess I'll choose the name Aria." The other one said. "I like music. Wish that the world was a little more peaceful."

Aria sounded a lot like Arya. The name brought to mind the young wolf. I saw her with Nymeria and on the back of Viserion. She was extremely brave and talented for one so young. She had seen the darkness of despair and hadn't let it stop her. She was also a girl mourning the loss of those she loved. She was also a girl put into a position where she was lost. She had reluctantly become Queen of the North. At least until I wed Jon Snow. Then she would become Lady Stark of Winterfell. A powerful title in its own right.

"Aria, welcome to the Mormonts." I told her.

"I agree with Rebecca, Alice is becoming a little unstable." Aria said. "She is still a great leader and I stand behind her, but she's different than before. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not."

"I am not asking you to give up your faith in Alice. Throughout this war I've wanted to make peace as she's been through enough. You'll only have to spy until peace is made."

"And you think that she is going to be happy that you let spies into her camp?"

"I can only hope that she understands."

Throughout this entire meeting Sam had remained silent except for once or twice. I knew that he hated the clones and loathed the fact that we were working with them. He knew I was powerful even with my current limitations. He kept giving me looks as if he were asking for permission to fight. The Alex clone made a few moves as if to get up, but always stayed seated.

"Why don't we go with you to your main base?" Rebecca asked. "You're weak and will need the help."

"I need to inform the Council about you first." I replied. "I can't just show up with people of your caliber without warning. You will be contacted when you're needed. For now continue helping Alice."

In three hours all of us had packed up for the journey ahead. I warned them about the dragon-like abomination. Aria offered to report back to me if any information was found out about any more such creatures. It would be more than good to understand such a powerful enemy. With everything decided, we parted. They left on land while I fashioned up a boat to go down the river.

"You don't trust them, do you?" Sam asked once we were far away from the Alice clones. "I highly doubt that they wanted to help you back to Eden from the goodness of their hearts."

"There is the possibility that they were that kind." I replied after a moment's thought. "There is also the possibility that they lied about becoming our spies. Once we are back at Eden, the Kaari can decide what to do with them. At least all they can report to Alice about is information that there are spies in her camp. She'll be looking for many, not just one."

For a few days we traveled down the river. We had to stop as continuing would mean ending up far from Eden. For the first few days we hid during daylight hours and walked during the night. We weren't lucky enough to find any cars. Finally I saw a herd deer eating in a field. The field had grown remarkably well and I smiled. They could provide us with meat and transportation.

"Wait here." I told Sam and approached the herd slowly.

All of them looked at me as if I meant to kill them. Some of them would die today, but two would be used for mounts. And if there was a point in time we needed food, they would become a meal. I would teach my lover how to skin them so I wouldn't have to do it alone.

"You and you, to me." I told two of the deer in my native tongue. "I promise to provide you with food. When we get to our destination you may leave."

I said my words in a calm voice. A voice that showed me to be a friend of theirs. Slowly both came to me and I pet their heads. I noticed that their faces were odd as if some vengeful god had visited them. The Mormonts must be spreading the cure around. If they had released it to all I would've heard about it, I was sure the Alice clones would've said something. So either these deer had wandered from a place that the cure had been released or my organization was close by. Another odd thing to note was the fact that an animal had been cured which might mean the Kaari had decided to extend the reach of the cure.

"We have mounts, Sam." I said as sweat caused by the sun dripped down my body. "We also have food."

My lover had walked to me when he had seen what was going on. I taught him how to hunt and within an hour we had food. After eating some, we sought shelter. The night hadn't brought us to somewhere to hide from the sun, so we had been forced to walk further. This shelter was a lovely cabin with thick woods on all sides which made it well hidden.

"What would this have been like before the zombies?" I asked Sam.

"I don't know." He answered as he got off his deer. "Probably a place a couple used as a getaway. Maybe a family. This place looks too disorderly. Too hard to predict what will happen. I-he wouldn't have liked it."

No, Alex wouldn't have liked this place. Green had started to take over and I could imagine it looking even better before. I always wanted to live with nature. If the world was built up like how it was described in the documentaries, I would've cherished somewhere to get away from the cities. A place I could escape to just for a little while.

As I got off my deer I felt unsettled. I felt like sickness was coming over me. Sam raced to my side and helped me up. I leaned heavily on him as our deer went to eat. I worried that this sickness could cost me yet another child. I was also worried that it would slow us down for days. The clone's heat was more than comforting to me.

The cabin had looked good from the outside, but inside it was broken. It looked like there had been a fight mere hours before we had arrived. Maybe there had been and the combatants would show themselves come nightfall.

"We should leave." I told Sam. "There was a fight here recently."

"You don't look fit to travel, Rin." He replied as he sat me down on a couch.

I grimaced in the pain as I felt nearly dry bloodstains. Maybe I had experienced too much heat or ate the wrong things. It could be that this pregnancy was going to go horribly wrong leaving my child to die in my womb.

I blinked.

"There have been stags seen around Dragonstone." Jorah said.

"A stag would be better." I said as I walked away with my husband.

The others made no move to follow as they knew we wanted privacy. When there was no one that could see us, I put my arms around Jorah's neck and kissed him. It felt good to feel such carnal lust for him after nearly dying. One of his hands went down my shirt and gently squeezed my tit.

"I'm sorry." Jorah said, removing his hand after I had moaned in pain. "I am just...I'm glad you're not dead."

"I won't leave you alone, my love." I told him with a smile. "I will go through all the hells to be with you."