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Santana's Request

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*Parallel to the Previous Chapter*

"You doing okay?" Kurt asks as he rushes alongside Santana as the nurse pushes her.

Santana lets out a deep breath from her nose and presses her hand to her stomach. "Yeah, just a bit . . . painful."

The nurse smiles fondly behind them. "How long have you been together?"

"Nine months." Kurt doesn't hesitate.

Santana smiles up at him fondly. The nurse lets out a small gasp of surprise, but purses her lips from saying anything more.

Kurt rolls his eyes at her assumption.

Of course I'm only with because I got her pregnant. Grow up would you. I'm sure there have been worse people in this place.


Kurt snaps out of his daze and looks to Santana. She reaches out for his hand. Kurt takes it and holds tight.

The nurse wheels Santana into a nearby room. Kurt steps back to let them through the doorway before following through.

"Would you like to help?" The nurse gestures to Kurt and then to Santana.

"Of course." Kurt rushes forward to help Santana stand up.

"We'll sit her on the edge of the bed so we can get her some scrubs." The nurse tells them as they slowly ease Santana out of the wheelchair.

Kurt helps guide Santana to the bed. Santana hisses before sitting down on the edge. The nurse rushes away to get the scrubs.

"No offense." Kurt says as he turns to Santana. "But naked girls aren't on my list of things to see in life, but since that's already out, I think pregnant naked girls are next." Kurt smiles.

Santana chuckles lightly. "Well I need your help. Otherwise this will be harder than it needs to be."

Kurt turns as there's a knock on the door. Kurt looks to Santana, who nods, before opening the door.

"Quinn?" Kurt is genuinely surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Quinn pulls him into a hug. "I'm here to support you of course."

"But how-"

"Your text." Quinn answers as she pulls back from the hug. "I've been waiting for it for days. So we all rushed here and I was at the end of the hall when I saw you guys come into the room."

"Wow you work fast." Kurt's impressed.

Quinn shrugs before rushing over to Santana. "How are you feeling?"

"In agony." Santana answers.

"It'll get better." Quinn takes Santana's hand. "And don't worry about yelling or screaming."

"I wasn't going to anyways." Santana grins.

"Wait a second." Kurt steps towards the girls. "You said we?"

"Yeah. 'Cedes and Tina were at my place. And I got Sam and Puck five minutes to get ready." Quinn answers not taking her eyes off Santana.

"But why-"

"We're here for you." Quinn snaps. "And Santana. So don't question it."


"Here are the scrubs." The nurse announces her arrival.

Kurt looks to Quinn. "Can you he-"

"I got her." Quinn answers with a smile. "Why don't you go say hi to everyone and leave Santana for me? Just make sure you get back in time." Quinn warns.

Kurt turns to Santana.

"Go ahead. Tell them that I'm okay and not to worry." Santana tries to smile at her.

Kurt rushes to her side and kisses her sweaty forehead. He moves her hair out of the way.

"I hope he's as beautiful as you." He whispers before giving her another kiss on the forehead.

He nods to the nurse before quickly escaping the room.

"Would you be more comfortable if she was to help you, or myself?" The nurse asks.

Santana looks to Quinn. "Her. Please." She adds.

The nurse nods. "Of course. I'll be back with your doctor."

Santana waits for her to leave before pulling Quinn into a hug.

"I can't do this." She whimpers.

"Yes you can." Quinn pulls back and takes Santana's face in her hands. "You're stronger than you think you are."

"I'm not."

"You are." Quinn insists.

Santana takes a shaky breath. "But it hurts so much."

Quinn chuckles softly. "Well then think of all the pain you'll be able to endure after this."

"Yeah." Santana tone is softer than before. "Like what?"

"Like Coach Sylvester's routines." Quinn makes Santana laugh. "That will be a breeze after you're done with this."

Santana tries to smile. "I'm not sure I'm joining the team for our last semester. No time."

"I know." Quinn sits down beside her. "You can do this. Just breathe."

Santana starts to panic again. "What if something goes wrong?"

"It won't."

"But how-"

"Who are you?" Quinn cuts her off.

Santana looks confused. "What a stupid question. What do you mean who am I?"

"Who are you? Tell me who you are." Quinn repeats.

Santana rolls her eyes. "Santana Lopez."

"That's right. Santana Lopez." Quinn repeats with enthusiasm. "The girl who is able to bring most of McKinley to their knees with a glare. The girl who can get away with anything because she wants to. You even stood up to Coach Sylvester." Santana starts to smile. "Now I don't know of anyone besides you and Kurt that's done that." Santana lets out a small chuckle. "You're the only girl in history that's managed to tame the one and only Noah Puckerman. Even if it was only for two months. You. Did. It. The Santana Lopez . . . did it." Quinn smiles at her friend as she reaches out to lift the Latina's chin up. "You can do anything."

Santana's lip quiver through the sweat and tears as she struggles to smile. "Thank you Quinn."

"Don't forget what Kurt said as well . . . you're beautiful." Quinn whispers with a wide smile.

Santana whimper is gone as she's full on smiling. "Thank you Quinn. Just . . . thank you."

"Thank me after you get through this." Quinn responds as she picks up the scrubs. "Come on. You need to get changed before that creepy nurse gets back in here and does it for you."

Santana chokes on a laugh and sob as she slowly takes her clothes off. At first she's embarrassed because Quinn's there, but the blondes smile fixes it.

Quinn helps Santana get the gown over her head as the door opens. The gown flows around her as they turn to face it.

A tall man with a smile enters. "Santana Lopez?"

"That's me." Santana tries to smile as she lays back on the bed.

The doctor shoots her a smile. "Hello Santana." He holds out a hand out to the pregnant girl. "I'm Doctor Wright and I will be delivering your baby today."

Santana smiles and takes his hand. "I'm sorry to drag you away from your family today."

"Stop apologizing." Quinn whispers from the small chair beside the bed.

The doctor waves her off. "It's fine. We'll be done in time for me to go home and open presents with my children. Now, may I ask where the father is? Unless you don't want to say." He adds with a serious look.

"He's here. He just went to let everyone know what's going on. He'll be back soon." Santana explains.

The doctor breaks out into a smile. "That's good then. So I'm told that you're a week early." He sits down in a chair and slides it to the end of the bed.

"Yeah. Is that normal?" Santana asks, unsure.

"Perfectly normal. It happens all the time." The doctor doesn't look up as the door opens and two nurses enter.

"Good." Santana squeezes Quinn's hand.

"We're just going to start getting you ready. Let us know when you start feeling the baby." The doctor shoots her a comforting look before letting the nurses move in.

"Where's Kurt?" Santana is worried as she looks to Quinn and asks.

"I don't know. He should have been back. Unless something happened . . ." Quinn trails off.

"I wouldn't put him past yelling at Finn. He was annoying on the way here." Santana chuckles at the memory.

"What'd he do?" Quinn asks, intrigued.

"He was just Finn. And Finn being Finn while I'm in pain is not a good thing." Santana chuckles.

Quinn chuckles as well. "Well I'm sure that he's sorry."

"He better be." Santana mutters under her breath.

Santana squeezes her eyes as the doctor starts his work. One of the nurses goes to lock the door, but it opens before she gets there. Kurt steps in.

"Sorry I'm late." he apologizes as he walks to Santana's side.

"And who are you?" The doctor asks as he stands up.

"I'm Kurt . . . the father." He adds slowly.

The doctor extends his hand to Kurt. "Dr. Wright."

Kurt takes his hand and shakes it firmly. "Do you know how much longer?"

"Well . . ." Dr. Wright re-takes his position at the foot of the bed and examines Santana. "She's almost ready to start pushing."

"Is that why it's hurting bad."

Kurt takes her hand.

Dr. Wright looks back up to Kurt and Santana. "We'll let you know when to start."

Santana nods and looks to Kurt.

"How is everyone?" She asks.

"They're good. They're excited for you, us. " Kurt lets out a shaky breath through his smile. "How are you doing?"

"Good. Getting more excited that he's almost here. And Q here has been giving me a pep-talk, so . . . I'm ready." Santana smiles.

"Good." Kurt looks up at Quinn. "Thank you for doing this. You're wonderful."

Quinn smiles at him and reaches over to take his free hand. "I'm happy for you to, and I'll do whatever I can to help."

Kurt nods.

"Alright Santana. Why don't you start pushing now?" Dr. Wright tells her.

Kurt looks at him, glad that Santana has the gown over her propped up knees so he doesn't have to see anything.

He looks back to Santana. "Squeeze my hand. I don't care how hard."

Santana quickly takes his offer as she grunts and pushes. She arches her back and lets out a small scream.

"Let it out." Kurt whispers as he squeezes her hand and rests his forehead against her temple. "You can do this." He whispers into her ear.

She turns her head toward his and collide their foreheads. "It hurts."

"I know it does. I know baby. But you gotta push." Kurt cries.

"He's almost here."

Kurt grins. "You hear that? Our little guy is almost here."

Santana lets out a choked laugh and pushes again. She bites her bottom lip and arches her back.

"God!" She cries out grinding her teeth.

"Shh. It's okay. It's almost over." He mutters in her ear.

"We have his head."

Kurt uses his free hand to wipe Santana's sweaty face. "Calm on baby. Just push. A bit more."

Santana opens her mouth and releases a silent scream as she gives one final push. She relaxes on the bed as she hears new cries of life.

"Let me see him." She whispers to Kurt.

"Let go of my hand and I'll get him." He whispers back with a smile.

She lets go and Kurt quickly flexes his hand. It seems like slow-motion as he walks to the nurse. She hands him a wrapped up, bundle of joy. Kurt looks down at his son.


He's breathless. His little boy has tan skin with a head full of hair already. Kurt smiles as his son clenches onto Kurt's finger.

"You're beautiful."

Santana lets out a scream.

Kurt looks up. "Oh god. This can't be right." He looks frantically at the confused doctors and nurses as Santana's scream amplify. Kurt glances at a horrified-looking Quinn.

Kurt gulps and holds onto his son as the doctor and nurses move around, trying to figure out what's going on.