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A Sticky Situation

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Hanging By a Strand (Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman).

Fancy Dan didn't look so fancy after getting knocked over by a swinging kick. The heroine dressed in white and black dropped down and nailed one of her adversaries in the fact with one more shot with good measure. She smiled and raised a hand into the air in triumph.

"Hey, watch your backside, Spider-Woman!"

Ox rushed towards Spider-Woman from behind. Her male counterpart, dressed in blue and red, took Ox down. He flipped over onto the ground and smashed down. Spider-Man flipped over the top of his head and nailed Ox with more punches, before landing on top of him with both feet being drilled into the back of his head.

"Isn't that what you're for?" she asked in a very cheeky tone.

Spider-Man, better known as Peter Parker, had been fighting some of the most colorful villains in the city for years. Everyone knew the Spider-Man backstory, it was a tale worthy of Shakespeare, boy visits exhibit, gets bitten by genetically altered spider, and gains super powers. He learns an unfortunate lesson about power and responsibility, when his uncle dies.

"Very funny."

The story continued when he found out he wasn't the only who had been bitten by the spider. A classmate of his, Gwen Stacy, who worked at as an intern at OsCorp, also got bit by a spider, and had been in the hospital for several months, lapsing in and out of a coma, until a scientist named Nathaniel Essex captured her and experimented on her, until Spider-Man and his new friends, the X-Men, saved the day.

Now, the mental exposition had been wrapped up, it was time to wrap up Fancy Dan, the lady's man, and leave him stuffed in a garbage can, along with Ox and Montana. The three of them had collectively been known as the Enforcers.

"I thought I'm hilarious actually," Spider-Woman said. "And you're not too bad yourself when you're motivated enough…….guess these losers are wrapped up."

Spider-Woman checked her work and moved to the exit. The heroine looked over her shoulder.

"Race you back."

Gwen latched a line of webbing to the building across the street and started to swing. Peter moved on for to go after her, flying after her as she laughed.

"Can't keep up with me? The girl who spent nine months in a coma cause she had an allergic reaction to a spider bite?"

"You just had a head start, I'll get you!" Peter yelled.

"Catch me, and you can do anything you want to with me!"

They played this game before, with varying results between the two of them. There were times where Peter caught up to Gwen and there were times where Gwen managed to slip away at Peter, leaving him hanging. Really bad spider pun was totally kind of intended as well.

Spider-Man moved around to try and catch her. He took a short cut and saw Gwen swinging closer towards him. All he had to do was move in and he would have her.

'Got to make my move.'

Spider-Woman kept moving across the city and thought she just lost Spider-Man.

"Hey, going my way?"

Gwen had been surprised, her spider sense didn't work on Peter for some reason. This Spider Sense thing not working worked nicely the other way around when Gwen could get the drop on him. She had been caught to Peter, and the two of them swung onto the building.

Peter wrapped his arms around Gwen. Her curvy body pressed against his. Peter tried to resist the temptation to run his hands down to her round ass, which was the perfect shape. He caught himself lagging behind just to watch it when she swung through New York.

"Looks like I got you, Gwendolyn."

Gwen shuddered and tried to play it cool even though Peter had her in close. They were on a rooftop, with no witnesses. Peter backed her up against the wall. She had no desire to fight this. Gwen tugged the bottom of her mask and pulled it up, to show Peter she was smiling.

"Well, you've got me, or do you?" Gwen asked. "After all, who has who is a matter of perspective."

Gwen reached in and gripped the bottom of Peter's mask and pulled it off to reveal his mouth. She smiled and leaned in closer to Peter to kiss him. Peter returned the kiss without any protests. The two of them engaged in a heavy make-out session the roof.

A few spurts of webbing, and Peter pulled away, to see his arms and legs were hooked against a wall. Gwen stepped back from him with a smile.

"Like I said, it really is a matter of perspective who has who."

Peter decided to enlighten her on one very obvious fact. "You do realize I can get out of this at any time?"

"Maybe," Gwen said in a sweet voice. "But, we both know you want to see how this plays out as much as the next person?"

Gwen started to rub Peter's crotch through his pants. He groaned and also grew when her soft fingers rubbed against his bulging pants. Gwen's fingers rubbed against Peter and smiled when she kept rubbing him, teasing him.

"That looks pretty tight," Gwen said. "I think your web shooter might discharge in there. It's going to be pretty messy if it does."

Peter convinced himself he would let Gwen have her fun for a little bit. It wasn't like he wasn't going to have any fun either. Gwen grabbed the bottom half of Peter's uniform bottoms and slid them down to his ankles. His throbbing cock pushed out.

Gwen smiled and gripped him before stroking him. The spider themed heroine had a mischievous smile on her face when rubbing on Peter's cock, feeling it stretch in her. The blood rose to him and made him really hard. Gwen stepped towards him and mounted him before grinding up against him.

The young man could feel Gwen's warm thighs rubbing against him. He tried to regain control. All he wanted to do was taking her and make sure she felt every inch of him inside of her.

Gwen turned around and grinded her ass against Peter. She knew full well how many men looked at her ass, and couldn't wait to have Peter get thrilled with her.

"I bet you'd like this, wouldn't you?" Gwen asked. "I'm running out of webbing, I think I should make some more."

Gwen dropped down to one knee and engulfed Peter's cock inside her mouth. She looked up with a naughty expression in her eyes and sucked on him hard.

One of Peter's hands burst free and grabbed the back of Gwen's hair to guide his cock inside of her wet, moist mouth. Gwen engulfed Peter's throbbing prick inside of her mouth and suckled him hard.

Gwen now increased the suction on his cock. Her hands rubbed against his thighs and fondled his balls. Gwen made sure to show Peter walls weren't the only surface she could stick to, by playing with his balls. They swelled up free with the essence she had craved.

Biology gave Gwen an insight of how much she wanted this. Spider powers or not, she would have wanted this eventually. Her mouth wrapped tightly around Peter's massive tool and she sucked him hard. She wanted more of this.

"Keep sucking," Peter said.

Peter worked himself into her mouth with gentle rocking down in her throat. His balls came very close to wanting the release this young man craved very much. He held the back of Gwen's head and started to pump his way further into her throat.

Gwen brought her hot lips around Peter and continued to suck him harder and faster. She wanted this pleasure even more. The warm fluids would soon burst out and flood the back of her throat. Gwen came down onto him, working down onto him.

Peter's balls released and sent their juices into her. He grunted and fired inside Gwen.

The pheromones from their mutual arousal caused both of them to grow numb with pleasure. Gwen pulled herself up and Peter freed himself. He shoved her against the wall, and started to pull her top off.

Her round breasts came freely. So perky, and so squeezable, and Peter had to squeeze it. He stuck Gwen's nipple in between two fingers and pulled her nipple, twisting it harder. He pushed those fingers against Gwen, making her nipple grow harder.

Peter's free cock slapped Gwen's bare stomach which had been freed. The cool flesh of her belly ground against Peter's cock. He wanted to be inside her in the worst way possible, but knew he just had to hold himself back. Good things came to those who waited, after all.

"I need you inside me, now."

Peter pulled Gwen's pants down. Her round ass bounced out. Peter turned Gwen around and webbed her hands against the wall and spread her legs. This juicy, perfect ass was out in the open and Peter could do any number of things to it. All he could do was grab her ass and squeeze it. Gwen's moaning showed him how much she enjoyed Peter playing with her ass.

"You've been a very bad girl, Ms. Stacy."

"Oh, and what do you do to bad girls, Mr. Parker?" Gwen asked saucily.

Peter smiled and squeezed her ass. He didn't know how long it would take before he would lose it and slip inside her. His throbbing cock brushed against Gwen's molten hot slit in addition to running a finger up and down her ass. His finger rubbed against her and he slapped hr.

Gwen thought she would lose it if Peter didn't make his move. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait too long to find out. Peter gripped onto her tightly by the hips and pushed his throbbing cock against her entrance.

The scream coming from her encouraged Peter to just bury himself further with a few more thrusts. Gwen encouraged him to bury inside her. His throbbing balls slapped against her wet cunt.

Gwen closed her eyes. Peter's sticky fingers ran down her front and gripped her nipples. He showed how much they could pleasure them. Gwen experienced the lovely feeling of a hard throbbing cock being pushed between her thighs. Every time Peter slammed into her, she tingled with pleasure. Peter ran his fingers back and cupped her breasts, squeezing them.

"More, faster, more, more," Gwen begged him.

Peter wasn't going to hold back, not even for a second. He kept rocking inside her.

"Do, I need to web your mouth shut so the entire city doesn't hear you scream?"

Gwen bit down on her lip trying to hold back her inhibitions for a moment. Peter's roaming hands cupped her flesh and kept working into her. She hit a peak and fell down to Earth every time Peter buried his length inside her. Those balls nailed Gwen hard.

Every time Peter entered this blonde goddess, he could feel something about to burst. Hands greedily gripped Gwen when he brought her up against the wall on the roof top. Gwen spread herself wide for him, wanting more of Peter inside her.

The climax came and hit Gwen very hard. Her wet walls clenched Peter when he held on for a deep thrust. The thrusts got deeper and her pleasure accelerated. Peter's hands rubbed down her body and caused the right pleasure points to be hit.

"Peter, right there," Gwen moaned.

Peter smiled and leaned in to catch Gwen's sensitive spot. He worked her into a fever. Her tight body wrapped around Peter and brought him beyond the edge.

"We're getting close, almost there, are you ready?"

Gwen answered with a nod. She was beyond ready to receive Peter's throbbing hard cock inside her body and his cum. Her body sized up around him. The tingling showed her Peter was close and she already had been launched beyond.

She milked Peter dry when he shoved himself into her. Peter's balls slapped against her and started to shoot the cum inside her. Gwen worked back and forth down him, making sure all of his cum spilled into her insides.

Peter shuddered in response. Her warm, wet, pussy milked Peter completely dry. He continued to keep those hands firmly locked on Gwen and rock inside her. Another burst of cum fired inside her.

Seconds later, Peter pulled out of Gwen. She pulled herself off of the wall, and bit down on her lip. Gwen reached down to catch a strand of cum on her mouth. She slowly slipped a finger between her lips to taste the combined juices. The sultry look on her masked face made Peter smile.

Gwen grabbed Peter's stiff cock and slowly backed off the edge of the building. Peter was surprised when she slipped back and hung over the side of the building, swinging back and forth by a web line.

Peter saw her hanging upside down, her pussy bared for him.

"Come on, haven't you thought about what it might be like to fuck hundreds of feet above the city?"

To be honest, Peter did think about it, although he wondered if there was going to be a risk to it. Regardless he swung down and positioned himself. Gwen swung towards him and wrapped her legs around his body. The web lines connected their position from the building. Peter hung straight while Gwen wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself close towards him.

Gwen's adrenaline started to pump the more she hung above the pavement. Her lover's hard manhood was about ready to slip inside of her. She closed her eyes and the two of the them met together, swinging back and forth when they used the fiction to pleasure each other. Peter held onto Gwen and pulled her closer into him.

"Hit me, right there," Gwen begged him.

Peter felt the warmth wrap around him. The more than swung, the more intense this little coupling had become. Gwen's breasts kept smacking him the face. He managed to catch them with his free hand and fondled them which caused Gwen to give a pleasurable shriek the more Peter pleasured her.

Gwen closed her eyes. Her juices dripped down Peter's tool when the penetration grew even deeper. Thrusting back and forth against each other made this encounter heat up. Speaking of heating up, Gwen's dripping hot pussy grabbed Peter's hard rod and pushed it further inside her. The two of them connected with each other, swinging back and forth in mid-air when they gained an insane amount of momentum against one and another.

"Yes, this is so good, more, deeper, harder, please!" Gwen begged Peter.

Peter held Gwen in tight to him and pushed his hard rod inside her perfect body. Her wet center drew him in, sucking his hard cock inside of her. The web line remained steady, very strong. Gwen's mask almost slipped, but she pushed it back up.

The two squeezed against each other, their lips entangled with each other. Peter didn't know what was more insane, the fact someone might look up or the fact he was excited about the thought of someone looking up. He pushed deeper inside Gwen, spreading out her warm thighs.

Gwen took Peter's hard cock inside of her again. They were so high above the ground, it was amazing. She turned herself and practically used the momentum of the air to ride Peter. Her hips crashed down against Peter's when the two of them continued to speed up.

Peter groaned when feeling the squeeze of Gwen's pussy.

"You're so insatiable, you know that."

"Yep, but that's why you like it."

Gwen squeezed him hard with her hips and rocked back against the building. Peter held her against the building and started to ease against her. Gwen's back pressed against the cold steel of the building which allowed Peter the perfect opening to thrust inside her.

So many times, Gwen came, and she couldn't get enough. She needed more, wanted more, and would get more. Peter filled and expanded her so many times it was like a drug. He was her drug, and Gwen needed to get a fix regularly.

Peter could feel a jolt for a second and almost had his heart jump. He gripped Gwen as hard as possible to hold onto them.

"Keep it up."

Gwen leaned towards him and bit down on Peter's ear lobe, giving it a playful lick. Her hands ran down his muscular back and she encouraged him to bury inside her.

Peter thought Gwen would be the death of him someday. What a death it would be though with Peter rocking away at Gwen. Her tight wet walls closed around Peter and engulfed him. Her hot, wet cunt squeezed him with multiple thrusts working her into submission.

"Yeah, right there, please," Gwen begged him. "My pussy wants you….it wants you so bad."

Peter brought his hard rod inside her with another hard thrust. His balls slapped against Gwen and he pulled out of her. He did it a couple more times before slowing down at least for a moment.

Gwen could feel her lust burning for him, the need to be filled with Peter. He kept on going, keep on scratching those itches. And he continued to fulfill her burning lust. The strand started to give when and Gwen whipped behind her to latch onto the building.

Peter thought they were living dangerously right now. Gwen's strong thighs wrapped around Peter when he dangled up. She engulfed his hard rod with her heat and pounded him, trying to work Peter up to an orgasm. Peter held onto her, clutching her breasts.

"I don't think….are you sure….."

Gwen made him question her sanity, not for the first time. Her walls closed around Peter and buried down onto him. This was so hot, getting ridden in mid air. Peter's feet stuck to the building to give him some more levity. The two of them kept rocking back and forth in an attempt to bring each other to a state of fulfillment.

Peter could feel himself reaching the edge. And he knew Gwen could feel him. Her inner walls stretched around him. The two spiders fulfilled a need whilst making love in mid-air. Peter dangled before her thighs and could feel himself throb.

'Just no one look up, and we'll be good.'

He pushed deeper inside Gwen with a few long thrusts. Gwen felt him inside and she squeezed him. She grabbed onto Peter's arm just in case her legs slipped loose. It would be going out with a bang, but she would like to keep Peter around for various reasons.

The force of Peter's orgasm came full force and splattered inside of Gwen. Gwen worked her hips up and down of Peter's tool to milk his orgasm all the way until completion.

Peter closed his eyes and the tight constriction of her inner thigh muscles milking Peter down to the very last drop made him feel so good. Their shared orgasm latest a long time and they wished it could last longer when holding each other through shared release.

The two of them rested for a minute. The sound of police cars nearby made them wonder if their little show attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Thankfully, they went the other direction, but better safe than sorry after all. Peter's head slid off of Gwen's breast when she nudged him.

"That was amazing."

"You can say that again."

The two spiders swung up to the roof and found the tattered articles of their clothing on the roof top.

"Make sure you get everything, unless you want your sticky clothes on Ebay tomorrow," Gwen said. She looked over and smiled. "So, my place or yours?"

"Yours is closer.

They were only catching their breath when swinging off towards Gwen's place.


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I should point out this is like Breeding Ground, only instead of Harry Potter, this is obviously staring everyone's favorite Web Slinger. And obviously, it's skewed more towards Marvel Girls in this one.


A Fine Line(Julia Carpenter/Madame Webb)


Peter Parker's head pounded when he made his way down and landed on the ground. Despite the fact he appeared to have flown directly through a vortex and smashed down onto the ground, the young man actually turned out to be okay. Sure, his body had been rattled, but he was more than fine.

The latest encounter caused him to be thrown about. Energy portals opened up all over New York, it was sheer chaos. Then, Peter disabled the tricky little device and suddenly all hell broke loose.

"You'll find your way back soon. We need to talk."

Peter's eyes shifted over. It took him a few seconds to realize his Spider-Man costume slipped off and had been exchanged for a casual silk top and a pair of sweat pants. It looked he was going to head to sleep, rather than head out to fight crime.

The red mist surrounded Peter and it took him a second to see what happened. A redhead beauty stepped from the shadows. A pair of red glasses fit over the bridge of her nose and she moved in a skin tight black and red body suit which fit to her mature curves. Anyone who saw her walk by appreciated the beauty of this woman.

"Peter, welcome…it's been too long."

She moved towards him and smiled. Peter managed to keep himself focused on the matter at hand.

"Julia….hello….is there a problem?" Peter asked.

Julia Carpenter, the current oracle of the web, leaned towards Peter and approached him.

"Yes, there is a problem, everything has been compromised," Julia said. "The entire web may be coming closer to being unraveled, and I'm going to have to need your help to stabilize it."

The two of them moved closer together. Peter knew if there was a problem, he would have wanted to help.

"Well, if there's something I can do, anything, just ask," Peter said. "How did I get here?"

"You were here, because you needed to mentally be here," Julia said. "Your body is still presently adrift in time and space, waiting for an opportunity to return back. You will be perfectly safe, your mind is stabilized here until your body has healed."

Peter didn't know about the mind over matter situation, but Julia had a grasp of it. The two of them moved closer towards each other. Julia's gloved hand grasped onto Peter's and steered him forward. They walked towards the bed chambers.

"So, how can I help you?" Peter asked.

"Oh, there's a lot you can do to help me," Julia responded.

Julia licked her lips, and Peter wondered if her sanity should be in question. The two of them pulled away from each other.

"Chaos has greeted the web," Julia said. "All the strands are becoming unraveled, and you being the center of the web, we're going to have to stabilize it. It can be done, although it will require a little work. Certain needs to be stabilized before we can more forward with the restoration efforts of the web."

Peter realized something with the way Julia sized him up and also the fact she slowly began to unbutton his shirt.

"We need to make love, don't we?"

"Make love, sleep together, mate, fornicate, fuck, whatever you wish to call it, the energies must be exchanged to bring the strands together, Julia said. "I'm not adverse to this, but I do wish to have your one hundred percent consent, if you would like to give it."

Peter took her sale's pitch and smiled. He moved closer towards her. A mystic force dragged both of them together. The strands tugged them together. He looked and the skin tight body suit Julia wore drew even tighter around her hips and thighs. Magnificence didn't even begin to describe her.

"Of course, I will."

Julia smiled and leaned in to touch the side of Peter's face. She leaned closer towards him and gave him a passionate kiss. Peter didn't have any choice to return it. His hands grabbed onto the back of her head and held in Julia straight for an amazing kiss. The energy surrounding the two of them made thing shot and heavy.

The sexy older woman drew her hands down Peter and slowly removed his shirt the rest of the way. Peter's toned body revealed for her. Julia wanted to give the object of her affection more pleasure. One hand rubbed down Peter's front, while the other reached behind her and gave him a saucy squeeze of his backside. Peter pushed against her, their hips working together.

Julia kept kissing away at Peter, giving him hungry pecks on the lips. The two pulled apart, and she left her lipstick marks down his neck and the side of his face.

"Have a seat, and I'll show you what I can do for you."

Peter wasn't about ready to deny her. Julia kissed down the front of his body and worshiped every inch of his frame. Her smooth hands also teased his body and rubbed his muscles. The constriction in Peter's pants grew even harder. Julia worked down further.

"This is just happening in my head," Peter said.

"Yes and no."

Julia saved herself from having to explain what fully was happening by distracting both herself and Peter by sucking his cock, hard. The redhead temptress lavished every inch of Peter's pulsing prick with her hungry mouth. She worked further down on his manhood and sucked him back into the back of her throat.

The spider enhanced hero grabbed the back of Julia's head and worked into her. Her hot mouth and talented tongue worked him completely over.

A cupping of Peter's balls increased the pleasure. Julia's slender fingers rubbed his balls and squeezed him. She squeezed him almost testing the consumption of the balls. She rubbed them hard.

"You're going to be the end of me."

Julia continued to give her amazing oral pleasure. She ran her tongue down him and popped back up at him again. Soon, all of the cum would be splashing into her mouth. His young, potent cum, the seed women would fight after to get a piece of. The children made from his powers would be beautiful and strong.

Her daughter always did want a younger sibling, but business before pleasure, there was time later.

The hotness of Julia's mouth made Peter throb really hard. Amazing didn't even begin to describe how good she felt with her warm little mouth wrapped around his throbbing hard cock. Peter reached down and gripped the back of Julia's head, thrusting deeper inside her mouth.

"Yes, that's really good, I want…more of this," Peter murmured.

Julia went down onto his cock hard and fast, slurping more of him. She wanted to pleasure her younger lover, making him really want to shoot his load down her throat. It made her recall her college days quite fondly. Her hands rubbed Peter and tried to coax him to that one big explosion to shoot his thick, virile seed into her mouth.

Peter held onto her and worked into her mouth. The more she sucked on him, the harder and hornier Peter came to be. She was a temptation, a sexy older woman who had his way with her.

The ministrations of this MILF goddess proved to be the undoing of Spider-Man. His spider sense tingled maybe about three seconds before his balls ruptured and shot their entire load down Julia's waiting throat. She tilted back and accepted a constant, never ending stream of warm juices.

Julia kept sucking him, working her tongue around his cock. He came hard, and the sexy MILF responded by licking him. She made his cock feel even more amazing post blowjob.

Peter fell back on the back. Julia pulled herself up and slowly undid the front of her bodysuit. She revealed more of her round orbs, the size of beach balls when they came out into the open. Peter reached in, fingers pushing against them. He touched the soft, warm flesh which made his cock throb.

"Can't have enough, can you?" Julia asked. "Just go with your instincts, your wild instincts, feel them, do what you want?"

Julia pulled down the rest of her body suit. Her stomach looked rather toned and she worked hard to get herself back into shape. Her wide stuck out. Peter saw a strip of red pubic hair in the shape of the spider web on her pussy.

"Don't you think you're taking this entire web thing too far, Julia?" Peter asked.

"Oh, you have a mouth on you, still," Julia said. "Why don't we see if we can put your nice mouth to work?"

Julia crawled on top of Peter and grinded her naked body against his. Her sharp nipples crushed against him when grinding against him. No matter how much she wanted to ram her pussy down on Peter's stiff staff, she must not ,not yet anyway.

One handful of sweet breast shoved in Peter's hand and he shoved Julia's nipple in his mouth. The redhead responded with a sultry smile when feeling her younger lover suck on her nipple.

"Oh, not what….I had in mind, but good enough."

The Seer caressed Peter's hair and made sure his mouth latched onto her nipple nice and tight. She let him have his fun. Julia gasped when his tongue and teeth put on the right kind of friction.

Peter would not argue with the thought of sucking Julia's glorious breasts all day long and all night as well. There were so much more to her, to cherish, to hold. His hands grabbed onto an ass so nice a quarter could bounce off of it.

"Time to return the favor."

Julia switched her position and crawled backwards onto Peter's chest. Peter grabbed her hips and moved her closer towards him. Her pussy pumped a delicious heat. Peter had to rub her thighs and also squeeze her ass.

The point of Peter's tongue slipped inside Julia. Julia worked her hips against Peter's mouth. It parted her thighs and pushed further into her. Julia gasped.

"And how," Julia mewled.

Peter grabbed her delicious rump for leverage and ate her out. Julia closed her eyes and started to lean in to lick Peter's abs, taking in the sweaty test. She managed to grab onto his cock and push it closer towards her. Julia's warm, moist lips parted and slipped twelve inches of thick, juicy meat between her lips.

She loved sucking on a nice, big cock, she wasn't going to lie. And Peter had perhaps the biggest she had between her lips. Spider powers did have some interesting side effects. His hands grabbing her rear and eating her out made Julia even more intense.

'Finish me, and fuck me,' she thought.

Julia wanted him inside her, no matter what it took. The gloriously long rod pushing inside her, stretching her out, until she couldn't last any longer, it's what she really wanted. Then she wanted her pussy rammed until she could hardly take any more.

The redheaded vixen would get what she wanted, no question about it. It really didn't matter what it took, all she wanted was pleasure and tons of it.

Peter inhaled and slurped down her juices like a dying man in the desert. They were hot and spicy just like she was, and Peter had to have even more. His tongue penetrated her more.

The shrieking orgasm coming from Julia sent pleasure shooting down every single inch of her body. She rubbed her pussy against Peter's mouth to make sure he finished licking her out. She wasn't about to deny his fun, well not too quickly anyway.

The moment Julia came down from her high, she pulled away. Her breasts brushed against Peter's throbbing hard rod when she grabbed him.

"I want this," Julia said. "We need to…..keep it up, don't stop….until I'm ready. Think you can hold on?"

Julia rubbed up against Peter and brought his manhood closer towards the center hole. The dripping sheath of womanhood came seconds away from penetrating Peter. He could hardly hold back, a trembling feeling went through him.

"I can….and I will," Peter said, gasping for breath.

Julia smiled, glad he was such a good sport. Her walls opened in preparation to take Peter's engorged tool. She spread out and lowered down on him. Her wet pussy slid around Peter and then dropped down onto him, deep inside of her body.

The strength of Julia's cunt muscles caused Peter to come undone, very nearly at least. He managed to reinforce his will. Julia bent down and gave him a messy kiss while pushing her breasts against his body. The woman had a small moment of dominance by pinning Peter's hands down behind his head.

Julia's tongue explored the insides of Peter's mouth. She drank in the remaining essence of herself like there was no tomorrow.

The two of them pushed against each other. Julia walls clamped down onto him, pushing deeper inside of her. She could feel the two of them go against each other.

Julia's orgasm hit hard, with Peter's hand touching some of the pleasurable areas down her back. She melted into Peter's embrace, rubbing her hands up and down.

The moment she came down from the embrace, Peter slipped out of her and flipped Julia over onto the bed. He watched when her legs spread out. She was pretty flexible, arching back on the bed to show Peter all she had to offer.

"Help yourself," Julia said.

Peter decided to have a little fun with the situation while they were here. He rubbed Julia's nipples, running down her body. He indulged in this delicious flesh. Every single inch of this goddess was a wonder. Peter's fingers rubbed against Julia and worked her pussy lips.

Julia indulged herself in the sensations, the very feeling of his fingers working on her. He worked her vaginal canal open and was ready to slid inside of her. His body pressing against hers. Peter's thick, throbbing tool came an inch away from pushing inside her.

Several inches shoved inside Julia. She balanced one of her legs up at Peter's shoulder and gave him an encouraging nudge to his shoulder blade. Peter pushed almost out of her and pumped back inside of her. His hard cock slammed inside her body.

Peter groaned when pushing inside Julia's wet insides. She sucked his rod further inside her depths. Unbelievable, how tight she was. Then again, if this was a matter of the mind, Julia could make her everything she could be.

"You don't know how long I've had dreams about it."

"I'm a seer, I can tell you when the dreams started, the number of dreams, and each detail," Julia said. "But what would the fun of that be?"

Peter was still full of surprises just how he pleasured her body. Sticky, strong hands clamped Julia's breasts and squeezed them. Peter rose up almost all the way and lowered inside of her tight body. Julia came down onto him, wrapping his thick manhood into her lovely sheath of flesh.

"Yes, more, more," Julia begged him.

Peter gave her more than she could manage. He could feel a feeling of pleasure going through him when pushing down into her. She moved up and encouraged him to keep exploring her body.

'Too bad I don't have the extra arms. They really could come in handy right now.'

Julia smiled when working inside of her with more fluid motions. The energy drawing inside her was about to be released. Peter's fingers danced against her body and caused several miniature orgasms to load through her body.

The two of them exchanged the pleasure of this dance with each other. Peter pushed inside of Julia and worked into her.

"Are you still with us?" Peter joked.

Julia gave him a sultry smile, her hair being undone. Her glasses had been knocked off in the battle which revealed her glowing eyes. They looked eerie, but also a bit enchanting.


She bit down before releasing a scream out. A shake of pleasure exploded through Julia's body. She sucked Peter's hard cock inside of her.

Peter explored Julia's firm legs. She was perfect, and it took Peter a lot of self control not to expel every drop of semen inside of her womb straight away. Groping hands touched Julia's breasts, clinging to them like walls. He pushed her nipples inside his fingers and clipped them.

"Keep doing that….should have….done this a long time ago."

"What fixed the web?" Peter asked. "That's what you get for procrastination."

Julia couldn't even roll her eyes at the snarky quip. Her body rushed high with pleasure and sucked him inside her. Peter rocked back and forth with a solid series of thrusts. More of Julia's tight body sucked Peter deeper inside her.

"Mmm, right there, just like that, just right there, just like that," Julia mewled when running a finger down the back of Peter's neck. "Fill me up, stretch me far…..harder….harder!"

The woman's insatiable nature, and boy was she ever a woman, made Peter work further inside of her. He stretched out Julia's hot center and she squeezed him with more thrusts.

"Fuck my pussy like you own it….drill….me…harder!"

Peter slammed inside Julia so hard she could feel really good. His hand's tingled and pleasured more areas of her body. Julia rocked her hips up to take more of Peter inside of her. Every single inch of him had been caressed with her warm body.

"Yes, that's the spot, here, more, please," Julia said.

The two of them worked against each other. Julia tightened around Peter and milked him with orgasms flowing through her body at a more rapid rate.

Peter's balls swelled up for release. He tried to hold back long enough to savor the moment.

"Just let go."

Julia watched Peter with some of his past lovers and knew he had more than enough to go several rounds. More than several rounds, with Peter pushing inside her with a rapid fire flurry, reaching his edge and she just sailed into another mind-racking, nerve-tingling climax of her own. Julia sensed it, the Tantric energy in the air spiked to its very highest point.

Peter tapped out to the feelings of his own lust and shoved himself into Julia. She wrapped tightly around him, with Peter's head resting on her breasts when he pumped inside of her.

The first blasts of warm cum sent a discharge of energy around both of them. The energy ensnared and started to repair the damage it caused.

The two lovers showered to a stop on the bed. Julia watched when Peter rolled over in amusement. She crawled between his legs and began sucking, and playing with them.

"Good, you're reloading," Julia said. "We have to do this at least a dozen more times before the web is complete."

Peter closed his eyes. "A dozen?"

"Give or take," Julia said. "I wouldn't have asked you for the help if I knew you weren't good for it."



Chapter Text

Slow News Day(Betty Brant).


Everyone at the Daily Bugle enjoyed the rare and very slow News Day. Hell, J. Jonah Jameson remained quiet, well for him anyway, and it just drove home how quiet the day was.

Betty Brant made her way into the back room, followed by Peter Parker, who carried stacks of boxes in his arms. Betty moved up in the Daily Bugle over the years, starting as Jameson's secretary, and then becoming one of the Bugle's star reporters. She worked hard to get where she was, in a profession which tended to run a lot of people out by the time they had a chance to get anything done.

Peter stared during high school as a photographer, and he made his name by getting photos of Spider-Man, where no one else in the city. Betty amused herself with all of the explanations of how Peter could have gotten these pictures, pictures of Spider-Man. She didn't want to press Peter, and tell him what to do.

The two of them found their way into the back room.

"Just set those on the desk, and hand them up," Betty said.

Betty moved over to grab a step ladder and climb up. Peter watched as Betty moved up the ladder. The two of them worked together in the past, and they also dated a very long time ago, although it was the past. Betty focused on her career, and Peter focused on being Spider-Man. Both respected their ability to move apart, and they parted friends.

Still, Peter got a good look at the back of Betty's legs when she climbed up the step ladder. The stockings clung to her legs like a second skin and drew Peter's eyes towards her legs. Her skirt rolled up when walking to show Peter more of a view of her nice, firm thigh.

'Whoa, easy there, Parker,' Peter thought.

Peter moved over before Betty could notice him oogling her legs. And when he moved over, Peter could see up her skirt and see what she was wearing, or rather what she was wearing underneath. It was hard to tell in the office. With Peter's positioning though, he could see up there.

He handed Betty the box and turned to grab the other. Peter felt his pants starting to stretch and it was hard for him to concentrate.

'Okay, stop, just stop.'

Peter walked over and handed two more of the boxes. Betty put them on the shelf. He caught another couple of tantalizing glimpses at her.

"So, how many more do we have?" Betty asked, just barely looking over her shoulder.

"Just one more."

Peter snatched up the box and suddenly his spider sense went off. He realized why when Betty's foot turned out from underneath her when the rung of the step ladder buckled. Peter dropped the box and caught Betty before she could land on the ground.

Betty breathed, her entire life flashed ahead of her. Peter thankfully caught her before she hit the ground.

"Are you alright?" Peter asked her.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Betty managed. She landed on the ground and winced. "Think I hurt my ankle….."

Peter helped Betty over and moved her towards the desk. She sat down on the now empty desk, and Betty closed her eyes when leaning, her knees pressed together.

"I keep telling Mr. Jameson he needs to buy a new stepladder, look what happened," Betty said.

"I'll go get some ice, just sit tight."

Betty smiled and tried to sit tight the best she could. Her ankle still was pretty sore from her position. Betty rubbed her ankle and the pain shooting down it improved, just a little bit. It still wasn't absolutely perfect, but it would do, for now.

Peter returned and watched Betty kicked off her shoes. She leaned closer towards Peter.

"It's swelling, do you think you can help me out of my stockings?" Betty asked.

Peter grabbed onto the stocking, sliding underneath to unhook it. He realized where his fingers lingered closer. The fire was almost there, Peter knew he would burn his fingers if he touched it, but it was so very tempting.

"Damn, I'm….this is pretty awkward, isn't this?" Betty asked.

Peter removed the stocking from her leg. Her ankle looked pretty swollen. Peter took the ice and started to rub it over Betty's ankle. She could feel Peter rubbing the ice up and down her ankle and for some reason, it was affecting her. Peter stabilized her ankle with his hand and rubbed it.

"Peter, I….." Betty said.

Betty leaned back and her legs spread unintentionally. Her pussy ached suddenly, she had no idea rubbing ice all over her ankle could feel so stimulating. She took one look at Peter and could see his pants stretch for her.

Even though she broke up with Peter to focus on her career, and because he kept missing their dates, still she remembered how big his cock was. And also how much she had to convince him to partake in certain activities, but she eventually did so.

"Peter, finger me!" Betty whispered in his ear urgently.

"What?" Peter asked.

"It will keep my mind off of the pain, trust me."

Peter rolled up her skirt to reveal her pussy. It was wet and it showed how much she wanted this, and to be honest, Peter wanted a piece of her as well. He slipped a finger inside of her moist center and rubbed her insides, trying to give her pleasure.

Betty's mind had been taken off of the sprained ankle with Peter working a finger inside of her. The reporter enjoyed Peter's finger, how it always seemed to grip her insides. Her nipples grew harder underneath her blouse. Betty reached up and unbuttoned her blouse to allow her bra to come out to play. A black bra exposed to Peter, and she could see his eyes traveling, looking at her cleavage.

'Good, I'm glad.'

Peter worked inside of her, Betty's center gripping onto him, nice and tight. He pushed his hand against her and ran those fingers down her opposite sight. Betty gripped and released him, moaning even more.

"You always could make me cum so good, I've missed this," Betty said.

Betty knew none of the reasons why she broke up with Peter were physical. He was a good guy, providing she didn't have to worry about him showing up on time in a date. And he could scratch her itches, working inside of her.

Peter released Betty and she came hard, gushing all over the desk. Her thighs spread later and she rolled her head back.

"Peter, how are you going to go back to the office with this?"

Betty grabbed Peter's crotch and squeezed it through his pants. She exerted herself over Peter, and grabbed his cock through his pants, before pulling it down. Betty licked her lips and could see his throbbing hard cock.

"I missed this cock," Betty responded. "I missed how big it was, how much it throbbed, how thing it was. Oh, how veiny it was and how these big balls, they held an obscene amount of cum for me."

The reporter swirled her tongue around Peter's head and ran it up and down his shaft. She squeezed Peter's hard and kept playing with him.

Peter closed his eyes and savored the feeling of Betty's hot mouth sliding down his tool and working herself around his throbbing hard cock. It felt really good to be lavished and worshipped by her warm mouth. Peter arched back to accept more of Betty's questing mouth going around his cock.

"Right there, that's the spot," Peter breathed.

Betty went down further on Peter and engulfed his hard cock inside her mouth. She needed a full spot. Peter stroked her hair and it only made Betty want to go down on him even further. She gave him a very sloppy blowjob.

Peter could not believe this was happening, but he was glad it was. The tension in his balls swelled to a new level with Betty playing with them, and making them hers. She squeezed him and slurped down his cock.

The exchange of passionate actions increased, with Betty increasing her deep-throat action on Peter. The two of them worked against each other. Peter leaned into to Betty, straddling her face while standing on the desk. His hair scrapped the ceiling.

Betty grabbed Peter's firm ass, driving more of his immense length in her mouth. She licked and drew Peter's hard, throbbing cock inside her mouth, sucking him down. Peter grabbed the back of Betty's hair and worked into her.

The encouragement of her slurping increased and Peter worked inside her tight mouth. Her throat opened up for him when he shoved inside her. He rocked further and faster down her throat.

"I'm getting close, you're going to…"

Betty squeezed Peter's balls and encouraged him to drive deeper into her. The slurping increased with Betty working Peter to the edge. She took Peter deep into the depths of her warm throat.

A blast of cum fired into the back of Betty's waiting throat. She gulped Peter down, holding onto his hips and shoving more of his hard cock into her mouth. She hungrily slurped down every drop of cum from him, allowing it to drain into her mouth.

The second Betty finished, she pulled away from Peter. Her lips puckered when looking towards him. Betty turned around on the desk.

"Why don't you relax?" Peter asked. "And I'll keep your mind off of your injury."

Peter slid off of the desk, and Betty lifted her legs, before drawing them around Peter.

"it's feeling a little bit better," Betty admitted. "I could use some more therapy to make sure everything is fine."

Peter smiled.

"I'm sure you do."

Her pussy lips looked primed and ready to take his huge cock inside of her. Peter moved closer towards Betty when she was on the desk. She wanted him, and Peter wanted her, so this was good. They would sort out the long-term implications later.

Betty looked up to see Peter's throbbing hard cock edging towards her dripping womanhood. It was almost time for it to slide inside her.

"Peter, I need this," Betty said.

"I know you do."

Peter plunged his throbbing manhood inside of Betty. The first few inches entered paradise, and Betty looked like she wasn't going to settle for just a few inches of Peter's long cock inside her. She reached up and grabbed Peter's back before pulling him down into her.

Betty closed her eyes. Her pussy stretched around Peter's engorged cock, when it shoved inside her body. Betty reached up and grabbed Peter's hips, squeezing them together. She could feel the length of Peter drive into her body. The two of them matched each other stroke for stroke.

"Right there, that's good, very good," Betty breathed.

Peter rose up out of Betty's clutching womanhood and pushed into her. He was slowly bringing her to a climax. Every time Peter slid into her, she grew wetter. Peter couldn't help, but bury himself into her sheath. He also moved, seeing her breasts falling out of her bra. Her round, juicy, firm orbs, along with erect nipples. Peter pumped inside her.

"Here, let me help."

Betty guided Peter's face in between her breasts to suck them. His mouth sticking to her nipples increased the pleasure. He also massaged the side of her legs while driving inside of her.

The hot moans Peter earned only resulted in him wanting to hear them more. Betty's body pressed against him when he worked against her inside of the office. Their hips met together, and soon, Peter would have her. He couldn't hold back.

Betty couldn't hold back any more either. Her loins stretched for Peter, when he drove the throbbing cock inside of her. He buried deeper inside of her body with multiple thrusts. He rocked and rode inside of her.

"More," Betty encouraged him. "You make me feel so good."

Peter sought out the pleasure spots, touching every inch of Betty. Her legs wrapped around him and she encouraged Peter to work his way inside of her.

The young man pushed his cock inside of the wet center of the hot reporter. Her scorching hot center spread out.

"You've come a long way," Betty breathed.

Peter was glad he met her standards. He pushed inside her unbelievable tight pussy which contracted around them. Betty breathed in his ear.

"I wish I could bounce on that big cock, but it might injure my ankle further. I guess we're going to have to make do with what we have here."

He guessed about as much. Peter caressed her juice orbs, squeezing them. Betty moaned underneath Peter and he leaned closer, nibbling the side of the brunette woman's neck. Betty pushed her hips up further to meet Peter when he buried his stiffing rod inside of her body.

Betty thought the two of them should have fucked in the back room a long time ago. The thought of anyone walking in on them, if they needed a pencil or some staples, well it made Betty really excited. She stretched around Peter's hard cock when he pounded inside of her.

"I can take you all day, just harder, please."

Peter's greedy hands rubbed over Betty's body. Desire swam through his body, and he reached forward to rub her clit when driving down into her. Betty breathed in to take more of Peter's long throbbing manhood in between her thighs.

"Feel them, feel my soft thighs, feel how wet I am for you. And I know can feel how hard you are for me."

One long throbbing cock shoved deep inside of Betty. She moved up, with Peter gripping her leg and playing with the soft gams. Betty panted underneath Peter's probing prick.

Multiple orgasms flooded over Betty the deeper Peter slammed into her. She thought he was the gift which kept on giving. Peter buried deeper inside of her.

Every single thrust inside of Betty's warm sheath made Peter twitch. He held back, wanting to feel her convulse around him. Betty sat up so he could get access to her breasts. Peter jack hammered her tight pussy, and Betty kept caressing his hair, making sure he sucked on her nipples.

"You know what I like," Betty said. "Come on, baby, give me some of your warm juicy batter."

"I'm going to fill you up with so much, you won't know what to do with it," Peter said.

Betty could hardly wait Peter's heavy swollen balls to release their load inside of her. She was more than ready to receive the full bounty inside her. Betty lifted her hips up off the bed and took more of Peter inside, stretching her inner muscles. Her core squeezed him.

"They have more than enough," Betty said. "You won't mind sharing some, would, you, please?"

Peter groaned at how dead sexy she look with her bangs draped over like that. Betty biting down on her lip made Peter just penetrate her depths deeper.

All good things would come to an end, and Betty enjoyed these last few pumps, as she sure Peter did.

"You're so hot, I can't help but cum," Peter said.

"I know, I'm pretty good, but you're sexy as well," Betty said. "Why don't we make something great, Peter, cum inside me….pull out, and I'll be upset."

Peter had no intention of pulling out of her constricting cunt and not just because she held onto him. The young man sawed his way deeper inside Betty, feeling the moisture of a stretching cunt grabbing around him. Peter breathed heavily and hungrily, gripping Betty's large breasts in hand and clenching them.

"Yes, right there, perfect spot," Betty murmured.

Peter nibbled Betty's neck as well, before moving down to suck on her heathy orbs. They bounced as perky as they did ten years ago, and they were even better than age.

The two of them exchanged their fluid passions. Peter grabbed Betty and slammed into her. His balls were about ready to release their seed inside of her. He worked inside her for a few more minutes.

Betty gripped Peter, and moaned hungrily in his ear.

"More, baby, more," Betty said. "Give me your seed….fill me full of your sweet, juicy….cum!"

Peter held Betty tight and slammed his thick prick inside of her pussy. She engulfed and released Peter numerous times, before he pumped his seed into her body.

The feeling of being drained in such a sheath of womanhood was a feeling. Peter's body tingled and Betty kept feeling up his muscles. She squeezed his hips with those gorgeous thighs to pump him.

"Every last drop," Betty said. "Good, very good."

The two shuddered on the desk when Peter finished emptying his load into Betty. He pulled away from her. Betty sat up on the desk and smiled. She brushed Peter's hair out of his eyes and leaned in to give him one more passionate kis.s

"My place after work for…coffee."

Betty squeezed his package one more time. Her ankle felt much better, but there was always a chance for a relapse.

"I won't turn down…coffee," Peter said, winking at that last word.



Chapter Text

Up and Early(Natasha Romanova/Black Widow.)


Peter Parker crashed early the previous night, which caused him to get up later in the morning and move around. He thought he might get some breakfast, but first, it was time to see what the gym of Avengers Tower had to offer. He was the newest recruit of the Avengers, although on a trial basis for both he and the team. Peter figured it would be a good time to get some perks and benefits.

The moment he made his way into the room, he came face to….nearly ass, with Natasha Romanova, better known as the Black Widow. She bent over, doing her stretches, and Peter found it borderline difficult not to focus on a certain part of her body as those skin tight black pants stretched over her ample ass. The white top clung to her breasts, slightly worn with sweat.

Peter tried to throw himself away from Natasha's workout, namely her ass stretched nice and tight in those stretching pants. He wondered what she wore underneath, although Natasha really didn't seem like the type of woman who wore anything underneath, unless it was lingerie for seduction.

His eyes followed Natasha's progress, and she seemed to be so into her workout. Natasha did some squats on the ground, her legs spread. These actions caused Peter's mind to go on a trip where he imagined being underneath Natasha when she did her squats.

'Okay, she's going to kill you, so you better….'

"Come in."

Natasha turned around to face Peter while doing her squats. The fact Peter could now see her cleavage down the tight top was not helping him, not to mention his slightly diminishing real estate inside his own pants.

"I'm not going to bite."

His spider sense didn't go off, which was a relief. Nothing else went off either, which was even more of a relief. Peter took a step and Natasha looked him over for a moment.


"No ,you have nothing to be sorry about."

Was it just Peter's wishful thinking, or was she staring at his hardening cock through his pants? Natasha looked him up and down before going back to her workout. She did pushups, going up and going down. Her toned body showed how much she worked out.

"I'm glad you're here, actually."

Peter almost was surprised by what she said. Natasha finished her work out routine and turned over onto her back sliding on the mat. She expanded her legs, spreading them wide before closing them. She did a few more stretching exercises.

"I need someone to hold my feet down why I do sit ups….just…..sit between my legs, and hold them down."

Peter walked forward. Natasha also kicked her shoes and socks during the workout. He leaned down and was surprised by how soft her feet and toes felt. The arches were elegant as well.

Natasha hit the smirk very well. She started to do her sit ups.

Peter watched as Natasha counted out the sit ups. Her toned abs crunched when going up and down. Every ten or so sit ups, Natasha brushed up against Peter's crotch for a split second which caused a tingle. She acted like nothing was the matter when doing so.

Natasha kept working forward, and she casually slipped her top down a little bit, giving Peter a hint of her breast. She watched his eyes when her breast slipped from her top.

Five hundred sit ups, and Peter's pants were really constricted. On the count of five hundred, Natasha rose up from her bag, grabbed Peter's pants and slid them down to expose his throbbing hard cock. Without any warning, Natasha started to lick around the head of Peter's tool.

Peter could not believe what happened, this was the Black Widow, and she started to lick his cock.

"Guess, the rumors were true," Natasha said, when she slowly trailed a finger down his cock.

What rumors ,who was talking about him, who was talking about his cock? Peter didn't really know the answers, when he could feel Natasha's lips part and they slowly slipped his throbbing prick in between her soft lips.

Peter leaned back and allowed this wonderful thing to happen. Natasha drew her mouth around him and stimulated every inch of his cock around inside her mouth. Not a motion had been wasted, each motion had showed him.

Natasha finally thought Peter got the hint and gripped the side of her face. The young man drove his hard cock inside of Natasha's warm, hot throat. She raked her fingers over Peter's throbbing balls the more he shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Damn, I guess the rumors about you were true…"

Peter blurted this out before thinking about it. Natasha didn't stop sucking him off, rather she sucked him faster, and harder. Her warm fingers caressed Peter's balls and she really knew how to stimulate his nerve endings.

It wasn't too long before Natasha was rewarded with a nice, warm load of cum inside of her mouth. She squeezed in and milked Peter's balls. She took him down, several mouths full of seed, smiling when it poured down her through. Natasha pulled away, licking her lips.

"I'd like to think I'm just a little bit better," Natasha said.

Natasha reached for her top and pulled her top off. Her nice round tits popped out. She grabbed one of Peter's hands and put them on her breast.

Peter didn't need to be asked twice. He squeezed the succulent orb of fleshy goodness. Natasha rocked up, feeling Peter's nice strong hand caressing her breast, and squeezing it. Natasha closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of how hard and how strong he could grip her breast.

"So good," Natasha remarked.

Peter was glad it was so good. He kept squeezing Natasha's supple breast, making the flesh mold within his hand when doing so. His fingers twisted her nipple and she smiled when he played with those round breasts. His hands stroked the wonderful tit flesh, making his cock harden.

Natasha almost had been surprised about how quick he rose to the occasion. She could only think one thing.

'Good, I'm glad.'

The Black Widow took ahold of the juicy, thick prick and pumped it a few times. She positioned herself on her back, legs spread.

"I just was about to do my chest workout when you interrupted," Natasha. "Why don't you show me how hard you can work a woman's chest?"

Peter realized what Natasha requested. She held out her large breasts, ready for the taking. Peter climbed on top of Natasha and slid his throbbing hard manhood between her warm tits. She engulfed Peter in one fell swoop between her breasts.

Pure heaven, her breasts squeezing him. Natasha rose up, to slide more of Peter's thick juicy prick in between her large melons and squeezed them. Her firm body, without an ounce of fat, was ripe for the taking.

Natasha enjoyed his cock pumping between her. She leaned up and swirled her tongue around his cock to taste the sweaty heat, with pre-cum trickling out. She pulled back and licked Peter again, tasting him for everything he was worth.

'I need more,' she managed, tasting Peter a little bit more.

Natasha leaned in and took Peter's hard cock between her lips, sucking on the head. A smile crossed over the face of the devious woman when going further down on him.

Peter gained a bit of momentum and drove the point home. Her warm tits wrapped around him and she was about to coax the second load of the evening. She squeezed them together while Peter pushed into them. Her flesh bounced and showed they were one hundred percent natural.

"I'm sure you have plenty more, just cum over my face and my tits," Natasha said.

She burned with excitement about the thought of having her face covered the juicy, gooey spunk, along with her breasts.

Peter tried to hold back, but the temptation of this red-haired goddess beneath him made it very hard to. He grabbed her breasts and started to hammer them. He clenched them when working inside.

Natasha could not believe how into this he was getting to it, and the more he got into it, the more she got into it. She craved rough sex. Granted, a little gentle love making could be nice every now and again, but what really got her motor running was a man who could pin her down and take her sideways.

Peter grunted, he might have burned himself up. He shot his load. The amount of cum coming from his balls looked like they came from three men, maybe more, as opposed to one. Not Natasha minded, as she moaned and lapped his cum up like a starving animal.

Natasha collected some of the dripping seed from her breasts and stuck them into her mouth, sucking on the digits. Her eyes glazed over with pleasure when sucking those finger tips dry.

"Turn around."

Natasha had been surprised, but coincided. She was down on her hands and knees once again. Peter grabbed her pants and pulled them down slowly.

Peter wasn't surprised she didn't wear any panties. The fact her pussy dripped very well showed they would have been moving. Peter traced one finger down her pink wet lip and another finger down her asshole. It was tight, the ultimate forbidden fruit.

"If you have enough left over after you fuck my pussy raw, I'll let you have it," Natasha told him.

Peter cupped her breasts and closed in behind her. He leaned in about as close as possible. One of her strands of hair needed to brushed away so he could talk to her properly.

"Well, I see that as an offer I'd be pretty dense to refuse."

First, Peter lined up his throbbing cock along side Natasha's pussy. He slowly worked her muscles, running down her body. His throbbing cock almost had been sucked inside of her moist womanhood. Peter moved closer to her about ready to get in.

The first inch inside of her made Natasha feel intense. It really put in perspective how big it was inside of her. His cock shoved deep inside of her.

"Damn, you're tighter than I thought you'd be!" Peter groaned.

Natasha smiled, she got that a lot. Her workouts left her in pretty good shape. His cock was a pretty tight fit and stuffed Natasha completely full.

Peter didn't want to come undone at the first volley, even though it was very tempting. Her warm velvety walls caressed his throbbing hard manhood, pushing deeper inside of her. Peter gripped the side of Natasha's backside and worked into her.

Natasha closed her eyes.

"Harder, don't slow down for anything."

The force of Peter's cock buried inside of her warm, willing pussy made Natasha very nearly lose it. His hands now were off of her hips and all over her body. He started to rock inside of her. Those swollen balls ,filled with yet another load, caressed inside of her.

Peter knew his stamina was top notch. The Black Widow tested him even more than the Black Cat did during their frequent chases. Then there was the threesome with Mary-Jane and Gwen which was exciting, and his "tutoring" sessions with Liz Allan. Regardless, no matter how lovely those women were, the Black Widow should and would be put in a class.

The first orgasm Natasha felt in a very long time of another man's cock inside her cascaded through her body. Peter found her G-Spot and assaulted it with a force. Natasha's warmth caressed Peter when he pushed inside of her, rocking inside of her. Every time he bottomed out, Natasha had been reminded how much cum would be in those balls, and there might be more to come.

SHIELD wanted to test his capabilities, and Natasha may have to recommend to Maria and Daisy about how this was the most optimal way of doing so.

Right after she conducted some tests of her own. He latest in her pussy already longer than any in living memory, and he hammered inside of her.

Peter could not believe the force which Natasha gripped him. Her silky walls rubbed him. He could feel her stretch.

"Baby, so good, fuck me all night," Natasha said, looking back at her.

Her bedroom eyes combined with biting down on her lip made his cock twitch.

"You're driving me nuts," Peter said. "If you can't walk later, it's your fault!"

"I'd accept full responsibility," Natasha commented.

Her warm insides stretched and worked Peter's hardening love muscle inside of her. He pushed in and plunged out of her. His balls throbbed with desire the deeper he pushed inside of Natasha.

Peter knew many wouldn't survive an encounter with the Black Widow. She would have worn out a normal man, but Peter thanked himself for his enhanced ability. He pushed into her when stretching her pussy on his hard cock. He reached in and caressed her body.

Natasha appreciated Peter paying extra attention to the different parts of her body. Most men just hammered her and maybe groped her breasts. Peter's fingers stuck to her body with a fluid motion. Tingles kept firing down Natasha's spine just as his manhood penetrated her.

'Yes, he's a keeper,' she thought. 'And naturally, we're going to have to assess his full…potential.'

Natasha's thoughts became less coherent when an orgasm won the day. She started to shout out in frantic Russian, not realizing she did so because of being in the moment.

Peter would have to admit, while he didn't understand a word coming out of Natasha's mouth, it sounded pretty hot. He drove himself further into her. Every time he went into her, Natasha squeezed his manhood. He pulled almost out of her and slammed into her again.

Every single time, Peter's balls twitched. Natasha flexed her inner muscles on his throbbing hard manhood. He ran his fingers up her, squeezing her, while also nibbling on the side of her neck. The light bites on the side of her neck caused Natasha to pant in pleasure.

"Is it possible I found the Black Widow's weakness?" Peter asked.

Natasha didn't even bother to answer. The state of her answered all of Peter's answers. He plunged deeper into Natasha. Her smoldering wet sheath clamped down on him.

The end would come, when Peter kept working over Natasha. Her moist center squeezed him hard and intended to milk all of the seed from his balls. Why would Peter be rude enough to deny the beauty what she wanted?

His balls contracted and released their seed inside of her. Natasha closed her eyes. The warm rush of seed spilling inside her made the Black Widow's breathing heighten. Peter didn't finish after a couple of thrusts, no, there were at least a couple of dozen.

Peter rode out both his orgasm and Natasha. The pleasure of releasing his seed inside of Natasha's warm pussy made Peter release.

He would be remiss though if he neglected one more part of her body. Peter slid out of Natasha and slipped a finger deep inside of her tight rectum.

Natasha barely came down from her orgasm. Peter flickered her ass and stuck his finger to her clit, stimulating the nerve endings better than she should have hoped. Natasha's body shook.

"You didn't think I would forget about your ass, did you?"

"No," Natasha managed.

She wouldn't beg, although her ass did sway while in his grip for the encouragement needed. Peter swatted her rear and leaned in. His tongue slid inside of her tender rose bud and lubricated it nice. It would feel so nice to be buried inside of Natasha's toned ass. Her muscles looked like they could bend steel.

Natasha smiled when shifting backwards towards Peter. She ensured her ass had been lined up, so Peter's thick cock was in position for her. Natasha ran her asshole against Peter's thick, throbbing cock.

"Get ready," Natasha said.

"I am,"

Natasha's cheeks spread, when Peter grabbed a hold of her breast with one hand and her ass with the other hand. She lined him up for her tight asshole. The redhead worked her asshole against Peter's throbbing hard cock.

His cock stretched her tightest hole better than anything else. Peter groped her, trying to grab every inch of her toned body. The sweat drilling down Natasha increased when her ass slid down Peter's love muscle and pushed him deep inside of her ass.

Peter closed his eyes. Damn, her ass felt so good. It was a heat which was ten times more intense than her pussy, and it was ten times tighter. Therefore, it felt ten times better than normal. Natasha rose up and pushed her asshole down onto his throbbing hard cock.

Natasha worked Peter inside of her hole, going up and down on him. She wanted to make sure those throbbing hot balls spilled their fluids inside of her. Natasha took a hold of her nipple and pinched it, before running her finger down.

"Fuck my ass."

Every time Natasha sat down, she wanted to think of Peter. She planted her hands on the ground and allowed Peter full access to her ass. He spanked it while fucking it.

Natasha loved the feeling of a huge cock rammed in her ass, splitting it open. She flexed her ass cheeks to encourage him to go into her.

Peter rose up, barely able to hold himself up and down. Twelve inches pushed into the hot ass of the Black Widow. Peter grabbed onto her flesh rear entry to give him momentum. He slid almost all the way from Natasha's back entrance only to feel Peter pumping inside of her one more time.

Natasha's nipples hardened even more. Peter found them soon enough. She could not give enough of Peter's fingers sticking and releasing them. The young man slammed into her ass.

"I could fuck this ass all day," Peter said.

"Maybe, if you're lucky," Natasha said. "But, even you have your limits."

Peter wanted to hold on. He stimulated Natasha's pussy when also pounding her ass. It was so tight, sliding inside of her molten hot hole. It almost was like it tightened around him every time.

'She trained her ass muscles to drive men nuts, it's the only way,' Peter thought. 'Not that I'm complaining, who would complain, when something feels this good.'

It felt good, it felt beyond good to feel Natasha work her way up and down Peter, pumping his throbbing hard cock deeper inside of her ass. Peter knew sooner or later, something would have to give.

Natasha could feel the edge coming, but those balls, despite being drained by her pussy earlier, carried a huge load. She wanted to feel it in her ass.

"Do it, shove your big cock in my ass and spill your seed in it," Natasha said. "You have enough for a big huge load, so do it?"

Peter wanted to release the huge load inside of Natasha. He slipped in and out of her ass, riding all the way to the end. Peter's fingers pushed against her nipples and squeezed them.

"You just know how to rile a guy up."

Natasha smiled. She liked her ass work outs as well, and it was a big piece of equipment. Their bodies combined with sweat and the musk of sex showed this would be a pretty good work out indeed. Peter's cock throbbed and Natasha could feel the veiny goodness about ready to explode inside of her tight, hole.

Peter knew it would be the end soon. He rose up, slamming inside of her, and then almost pulled out, before pushing back in. His balls twitched, and would soon release their warm juices inside her. Natasha clamped down on him and he knew the end would be here.

"I can't hold back any more."

Natasha didn't really care. His fingers dug into her cunt and she came, very hard. His sticky fingers coated with Natasha's trickling juices.

Peter pumped her ass a few more times, before spilling his seed inside her. Natasha's ass stretched around him, to milk in his seed. He just kept riding her round, firm rear, digging his fingers into the plump flesh.

Natasha slipped away from Peter, and he splattered more cum on her round ass. The thick fluids just dripped from it, with Natasha catching the falling cum on her finger. It wrapped around her finger like a treat.

The seductress slipped a finger inside her mouth and sucked it. Natasha maintained eye contact.

"My room tonight….as a senior member of this team, it's my job to perform a full assessment of the other members of the group."

Natasha roughly squeezed Peter's package and pulled away from him.

Tonight could not come soon enough.



Chapter Text

Release(Kitty Pryde)


Peter Parker hunched over the desk making up a new and fresh batch of webbing which would cause him to be able to secure the criminals for much longer until the police got there. Two criminals managed to slip out of his webbing in the last couple of months, and in Peter's mind, it was about two criminals too many.

He looked over towards the wall, frowning. He thought he saw something behind him.

'Okay, you're working way too hard, Pete,' he thought. 'Maybe you should just sit down, relax for a little bit. After you get this last batch of webbing done, you should take a break.'

Peter's spider sense left him alone which showed him there was not anyone who threatened him. Yet, he sensed there was someone there right close to him. The question was not only who, but the question was why and how. Peter turned his attention towards the wall and frowned.

He turned back to the webbing and adjusted the mirror on his desk. He noticed a flicker of brown hair moving through the wall on the other side.

"Okay, Kitty, you can come out now."

The surprise caused the girl to stagger and fall to the ground outside of the wall. Kitty almost fell down on the ground. She just barely managed to avoid anything embarrassing. She shook her head for a second.

The brunette girl wore a black tank top which rode up an inch to show her toned midsection. Her jean shorts came up to a little bit past her knees. She had one shoe on and one shoe off. Kitty shook her head.

"How did you know it was me?" Kitty asked.

Peter rose to his feet and walked over towards the brunette mutant. She looked down to realize one of her shoes fell off when climbing up the tree and going into Peter's room the long way.

"How many brunettes do I know who can shift through walls?" Peter asked. "Why are you here? Did you ever hear of the front door?"

Kitty put her hands on her hips and smiled before moving close towards Peter. "What, can't a girl visit her boyfriend whenever she wants?"

The mutant wrapped her arms around Peter. Peter leaned in and kissed her on the lips. The two of them parted away from each other. Peter raised his eyebrow.

"Any time you want, you can," Peter said. "Although most normal people use the front door."

"Hey, I'm not normal," Kitty said.

Peter was going to let this one pass without a comment. Kitty made her way over to the chair next to Peter, and casually made herself at home.

"Okay, the truth is, remember those Friends of Humanity assholes?" Kitty asked. "They're pretty hard to forget, but at the same time, I ran into one of their peaceful protests."

The way Kitty said this indicated their protest was anything but peaceful, and Peter doubted she was anything but vocal in stating her opinions.

"And would you believe the cops were after me, instead of the jackass Friends of Humanity," Kitty said. "Not all of the cops are bad, granted, but…you know, I've run into some pretty bad ones today. They must have been Creed's poker buddies."

"Yeah, that could be a problem," Peter said. "Sorry, I'm working on an extra-sticky batch of webbing."

Peter put a wooden handle into the vial and pulled it out. A glop of webbing stuck to it. It took Peter some effort to tear it up.

"Careful, don't want to get any of that in my hair," Kitty said. "Although, I wouldn't say no to having something else sticky in my hair."

Peter took the suggestive comment, and watched when Kitty slipped back outside for a moment, likely to get her shoe which dropped down to the ground. She showed up just in time. The two of them made tentative plans to go to the movies, but given Kitty's escapades with the Friends of Humanity, Peter somehow doubted it was going to quite happen like this.

Kitty slipped back inside, and Peter noticed her attire changed ever so slightly. She had her hair clipped up and wore a pair of glasses balanced on the bridge of her nose. She wore a white lab coat which flipped a little bit to show she was wearing not much else underneath.

"Okay, you've got my full attention," Peter said.

The mutant smiled and practically melted into Peter's arms. He had now been put away, and could use some time to unwind. And given how Kitty had to deal with those jerks yet again, she could use some time to unwind either.

Kitty moaned underneath the attention of Peter. His strong hands felt up her slender body. He reached down to cup her ass through her panties.

"Mr. Parker, it appears your pants are getting rather constricted," Kitty said. "For the purpose of promoting good circulation, I think it would be best to get these pants off of you."

Kitty slowly pulled Peter's pants down and then worked his boxer shorts down. Her slender fingers wrapped around the base of his throbbing hard cock, pulling up and down on it. It swelled up underneath Kitty's attentions, growing even larger.

Peter leaned in for her warm tongue to gain further access. Kitty swirled her tongue around the head, and slowly worked down to the base. She paid close attention to every inch of his cock. Her tongue drifted every now and then, becoming half-intangible which allowed her to stimulate the nerve endings like no other woman could.

She looked up with a sultry smile, looking rather hot in those glasses. Peter looked down just in time to see the lovely vision of Kitty's warm lips wrapping around his pulsing shaft. He held onto the back of her head.

"I think we should continue this little experiment to reach optimal performance," Peter said.

Peter leaned in closer, with the brunette vixen sucking on him. She playfully rubbed what little bit couldn't go in her throat. Then Kitty moved down to caress Peter's throbbing hard balls.

The warmth of her mouth wrapping around his hardening prick made it very hard to hold back from the pleasure. Peter held onto her head and rocked back into her mouth. Her brown eyes on the other side of those glasses made Peter become very close to becoming undone.

Kitty's fingers brushed against Peter's hard balls and she wanted the cum stored inside of them. She showed her neck strength by deep throating Peter extremely hard.

"Kitty, I'm close."

Peter didn't hold up in fucking Kitty's tight little mouth, and Kitty didn't respond other than twirling her tongue around Peter's hardening tool. She brought more of Peter inside of her mouth, leaning back all the way to take him.

'This is so good,' Kitty thought in a haze. 'I need to have more, so much more. I'll die without…..'

His balls sized up and released their load into her. Kitty dug her hands into Peter's balls and stroked them in a feverish manner. Peter held onto Kitty and plunged his thick length into the back of her throat. He just held on, further burying more of his thick load inside her throat.

Kitty kept sucking Peter's delicious seed down like there was no tomorrow. She held onto his thighs, working her tongue down his length when going down on him.

She pulled away from Peter and showed cum on her tongue. Kitty swallowed it front of Peter and gave him a wicked little smile. She slipped out of the lab coat, letting it drop down to the ground.

Peter looked at his girlfriend's body. She had a pair of nice perky breasts with erect nipples. Her smooth skin made Peter long to touch it and so he did, running his hands down to her trim stomach. Her pussy lips were very smooth and dripping for Peter. He grabbed onto her firm ass, before running down towards her shapely legs and elegant feet.

"Peter, I need you to take me," Kitty said. "Show me what you got…..fuck me through the floor."

"Hopefully not literally this time," Peter teased.

Kitty shook her head, grinning. "I swear, I'm not going to ever live it down."

It was only a rare bit of good luck on Peter's part was the encounter occurred when Aunt May was out working. Otherwise, it would have been extremely awkward to try and explain what happened, and raise way too many questions.

Peter guided Kitty over towards the bed. The beautiful brunette closed her eyes and just felt Peter's fingers dance all over her body. He drummed up against her rib cage, brushing down.

"Leave the glasses," Peter told her. "They make you look hot."

"You mean I don't look hot already?" Kitty asked him.

"More so than usual."

Kitty smiled and could only have a second to register what Peter said when he started to kiss the side of her neck. His hand ran down her front, slowly edging towards her. Her pussy lips pulsed when Peter worked his way down her. Those skilled fingers were made for pleasing, and now they pleased her.

Peter smiled, it wasn't his sticky fingers which held him into place in Kitty's pussy. She clenched him hard, almost afraid what might happened if Peter pulled out. Peter slid his digit down into her very moist canal, burying himself finger first down into he.

"I wonder what happens if I pulled out," Peter said. "Would you lose your mind?"

"You better not pull out," Kitty warned him.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't, just testing to see how you would react."

Peter kissed all the way down Kitty, exploring every glorious inch of flesh. Her nipple stood erect and needed attention. What kind of boyfriend would Peter be if he didn't give her the proper attention.

Kitty's body buzzed. She had gotten a lot better at control, so the smallest orgasm didn't cause her to be driven through the bed. Peter's fingers dug into her to caress her insides. She squeezed him, releasing an orgasm. Kitty softly moaned at the pleasure.

Peter decided to continue his tour down Kitty's body. He stopped at her navel for a moment.

"Peter, that's….unfair!"

He knew her navel was a sensitive spot! Peter knew it and tormented her. He was secretly an evil mastermind.

Peter found his next tour between Kitty's warm thighs. He went down on the beautiful mutant, hopefully this time, they wouldn't literally go down.

Kitty squeezed and released Peter. The build-up increased through her body. She was cumming and cumming hard. Peter rubbed her thighs in time with going down. His tongue pushed deeper inside of her before pulling away and then licking her belly button one more time.

Peter drank in the trickle of sweat going down her before going back down between Kitty. He drank in her sweet nectar. The honey coming down her thighs encouraged Peter to dive down for more.

"You're….I need you….badly!" Kitty moaned.

Peter smiled when pulling up from Kitty. He planted one more kiss on her nether lips and slowly nibbled it. Kitty gasped the second Peter pulled himself up.

"If you want me to, I'll be there," Peter said.

He climbed up towards Kitty to straddle her body. Kitty could feel Peter's long cock tickle her body. It always stuffed her so full and made her feel so good.

"I want you to fuck me, fuck me so hard I'll lose control," Kitty said.

Peter leaned in closer towards Kitty's hot, smoldering snatch, brushing his length against her wet lips. It coaxed him inside. Her soft, but at the same time deceptively strong thighs, toned because of her Danger Room sessions, brushed up against Peter's ribs. She pushed him closer to her insides.

His cock touched Kitty's warm lips and slid closer in to her. Her central core pushed him in. Kitty rose her hips up off of the bed, but Peter stopped her.

"No," Peter said. "Good things come to those who wait."

Kitty bit down on her lip, upping the hotness factor by tenfold. "I don't want to!"

Peter smiled and each brush at her entrance got Kitty slightly more excited with what would happen for him. Hell, it got him excited.

He eased more of his throbbing length in and Kitty managed not to drop through the bed this time. She held onto Peter to encourage his thrusts to bury slowly into her body. His hard balls slapped against Kitty's warm thighs. He rose almost all the way up and slapped down into her moist, gripping pussy.

"Good," Kitty mewled.

Peter smiled when feeling Kitty grip him tightly with her warm pussy. He hung onto the legs of the brunette beneath him and rose up before pushing his manhood deeper into her. The two of them met each other, stroke by stroke with Peter gaining a significant amount of momentum.

Kitty almost lost it with Peter nibble on the side of her neck. She held him close to her, her warm pussy grinding against his intruding cock. The two of them met each other, going hip to hip with each other. Kitty let out a pleasurable scream when Peter rose up and dropped down onto her.

Those throbbing hard balls struck Kitty in her wet core. She grabbed onto the back of Peter and he worked into even harder. Their warm bodies connected together with a passionate display. Peter held onto her hips and kept working his way inside of her tight body.

"Yes," Kitty said.

He could feel her orgasm rise up and squeeze him. Peter worked into her, feeling up her body. How soft it felt underneath his hand. Her perky breasts reacted to his touch. Every time Peter squeezed her nipples, Kitty looked to be coming close to losing it. Peter rose almost all the way up and rocked his hard cock down into her moist center.

Kitty arched onto the bed and scissored her legs around Peter. Peter responded by massaging them which sent Kitty into a fit of passion. Her latest orgasm hit her hard. Peter rose up and dropped into her. Every time those throbbing balls struck her, Kitty wrapped her tight walls around him. She milked Peter's incoming thrusts.

"More, please, more," Kitty said.

Her body shook underneath Peter from the latest orgasm. Peter kicked up the pace and dropped his hard cock inside of Kitty's gripping body. She took him inside of her. Her legs wrapped tighter around Peter, the deeper he pushed himself into her body.

"Yes, right there, baby, hit me hard," Kitty breathed.

Peter could tell she received a hell of an orgasm. He down and kissed her. Kitty returned the kiss, working her tongue around Peter's gums and them sticking it down his throat. She tried to fuck his tonsils with her tongue just like Peter rammed into her.

He pulled out of Kitty and she whined.


Peter motioned for Kitty to roll over onto the bed. The tantalizing beauty settled herself hands and knees down on the bed. She put them down on the bed, smiling when setting herself up. Her wet cunt opened for Peter's consumption. All he could do was push his hard cock into her.

He did, slipping his massive rod inside Kitty's clenching womanhood. Peter grabbed Kitty's hips and started to work back and forth against her. Kitty held onto the bed, closing her eyes. The more Peter worked into her, the better she felt. It was so amazing to be hit so hard with such a great feeling.

"Just say with me, and be careful."

Kitty realized her hands started to slid underneath the bed. Flushing, Kitty pulled back out, just in time for Peter to test her resolve by slamming back into her with a huge thrust. His long cock shoved deep inside of her.

Peter rode Kitty's wet pussy a little bit longer, before stopping. He ran his hands down Kitty's back and made her shiver. He acted like he was going to reach for her breasts, but he decided not to. Instead, he pulled back and cupped Kitty's ass, squeezing it.

"Damn!" Kitty breathed.

She could feel a finger slip inside of her tight rectum. Peter pumped her in time with slamming himself into Kitty. His throbbing cock buried deeper inside of her and with it, his finger slipped all around the sensitive surface of her rosebud. Peter pushed into her and pulled out of her with a fluid series of motions.

"Peter, Peter, yes," Kitty breathed at the top of her lungs.

Peter just worked her over with a faster sped. He could tell the end would come sooner or later, just hopefully Kitty would be in one piece when it did.

The brunette's hair came undone and Peter slowly stroked it before pulling on it. He pushed up and through into Kitty's quivering cunt. He rocked himself inside of her with a series of fluid thrusts, each of them burying more of his hard rod inside of her body.

"Go ahead," Peter told her. "Cum for me, cum for me hard."

Kitty wasn't going to argue. Her body betrayed her and almost sank through the bed. She had been drilled through the mattress, quite literally. She stopped herself with Peter still driving his cock through her. He rapidly picked up the pace.

"I thought you had better control," Peter told her.

"I can't help it, you make me feel so good!"

Kitty didn't even bother to try and get out, because likely an attempt to extract herself from the mattress while in the state of an orgasm would not be a good idea. Peter could reach her, and to Kitty, that was all that mattered to her. His hard manhood shoved into her.

Peter rode her out to one huge climax and chained it together with another. He was almost done.

"Try not to fall through the floor."

Kitty had been excited by the possibility, and at the same time, very scared. Some people broke the bed, she just merely slipped through the sheets and had been half trapped in the mattress. Thankfully, Peter didn't have a spring mattress, otherwise it would have been more uncomfortable.

Peter enjoyed the warm gripping of Kitty around him. He pushed back and forth against her, ramming himself into her warm, gripping depths. Kitty squeezed Peter hard.

Kitty thought she was going to die of so much pleasure. Peter worked her tight body out. And they might just be warming up.

"Don't hold back," Kitty said.

"Just try and hold back," Peter joked.

Peter sped up the thrusts until he reached his final climax. Kitty screamed and Peter just barely grabbed onto her before she slipped all the way through.

Kitty found herself back on the bed, dripping with sweat. Peter still injected his fluids inside her wet pussy. He held onto Kitty, shoving more of himself into her womanly depths.

Seconds passed before Peter pulled away from Kitty, smiling in the process. He allowed her to drop on the bed.

"How was that?" Peter asked.

Kitty managed to sit up, wrapping her arms around Peter and kissed him.

"Great," Kitty said. "I really needed it….but I hope you're ready for more."

The beautiful brunette mutant writhed on Peter's lap and his engorged prick showed Kitty how much more he wanted. She smiled and shifted closer towards him.

"What do you think?" Peter asked.

She grinned and grabbed him before pinning him down on the bed and kissed the daylights out of him. Peter grabbed the back of her head and the two had a feverish makeout session, while caressing each other's body.

Kitty found Peter's love muscle and prepared to get it to full mast. Their kissing continued a moment later, before Kitty pulled away from him and kissed down his muscular body.

Her warm lips really were a treat coming down his body, and she edged closer towards his engorged rod. After kissing all over his rod, Kitty pulled completely up and prepared to mount him.

'Round two.'

This time, Kitty would be on top, and would hopefully have a little bit more control. She lowered herself down onto Peter.

Peter leaned back to enjoy the feeling of her tight pussy wrapping around his hard rod. Kitty started to ride up and down, slow at first, and gaining momentum.

Without another word, Peter grabbed Kitty and the fun continued throughout this afternoon.

Thankfully, nothing interrupted them until they were finished. Peter spent the afternoon balls deep in his girlfriend as she rode him like there was no tomorrow.

'Sure beats fighting Shocker.'



Chapter Text

Once Bitten(Mary-Jane Watson)


Peter Parker took a very deep breath when sitting down in front of a large amount of notes. He recalled how he got here on this night. It was during the latest scheme of Doctor Michael Morbius, know known simply as Morbius the Living Vampire, who tried to release a plague into New York, for reasons which were lost on Peter. Peter thought Moribius's time spent as a blood sucking creature of the night twisted his mind and the man lost the plot a very long time ago.

He sighed, the plague created several vampires, and sent them on a rampage through New York City. SHIELD rounded up most of the vampires, but there was no cure. Peter went through Morbius's research in an attempt to reverse the curse. He knew Morbius was a brilliant man, so it wasn't going to be easy.

Peter thumbed through pages and pages of notes.

'Well, you can tell Morbius flunked Pensmanship classes.'

The prodigy would have to redefine the term "burning the midnight oil." He flipped through the papers and saw something moving in the shadows. What alarmed Peter most of all was not the fact something moved in the shadows. His spider sense didn't go off.


A very familiar voice called out to him and sent chills. Peter looked over towards the window and then looked around the room. So far, no one was around, which really didn't mean anything. The hairs on the back of Peter's neck prickled.

'Okay, why do I feel like I'm an extra out of a horror movie?'

Peter turned around just in time to see a very familiar figure sitting at the edge of his bed. He stepped back in surprise.


Peter's heart sank somewhere into the pit of his stomach. Mary-Jane Watson sat on the bed with a smile on her face. Her red hair hung down over her pale face with glowing red eyes, her lips coated with black lipstick, and a small black choker containing a small bat tightened around the neck of her. She wore a black top which only came down to slightly below her breasts.

The top showed off a lot of cleavage and also put Mary-Janes trim stomach on display. She worked for her body. Hell, even her navel was beautiful, and Peter wanted to lean in to lick and kiss it. A pair of hip hugging black pants covered her lower body. They melded to Mary-Jane like a second skin. She wore no shoes, her feet bare, with perfect elegant arches, and beautiful toes with black nail polish on them.

"Hello, Peter," Mary-Jane. "You seem lonely."

She smiled and got off the bed. Peter saw the hungry, predatory look in her eyes and took a half of a step back.

"Relax, I won't bite, much."

Given what she had been infected with, Peter saw little humor in her statement. He took a step back and Mary-Jane zipped to the end of the room and wrapped her arms around Peter. The vampire vixen unbuttoned Peter's shirt, slowly working it down him while feeling him up. Mary-Jane pressed her round, soft breasts against Peter's back.

"Mmm, you're so sexy," Mary-Jane said. "I can just eat you up."

Exactly what Peter was afraid of, if he was perfectly honest. He slid Mary-Jane's hands off of him and turned around. Their fingers locked together.

'Have to be firm, but gentle with her.'

"You were infected by the vampire virus," Peter said to her.

"Oh, yes, but….I think this will be better for both of us," Mary-Jane said. "Most of them went insane because they don't have a nice firm body to keep them warm."

Mary-Jane let go of his hands and felt up Peter's body. Peter enjoyed the softness of Mary-Jane's hands. She knew what spots make him crazy, by the looks of things. Her fingers brushed against his abs.

The redhead vampire smiled, the primal urge inside of her needed to mate, and Peter was her mate. Therefore, she would take what was hers.

"Not all vampires hunger for blood," Mary-Jane said. "Other….life bringing fluids will work just as well."

Mary-Jane undid Peter's pants and pushed them down.

"What are you doing?"

Peter knew exactly what she was doing, but he couldn't bring himself not to ask. Mary-Jane sank down before him, with a smile. She almost unveiled him to the world, but not quite.

"Helping along the evolutionary process."

She leaned in and her tongue wrapped around Peter's head. Her ministrations made Peter feel really good, he wasn't going to lie about that much. Her mouth and tongue slipped further down Peter's aching rod.

Peter leaned back to feel Mary-Jane wrap her mouth down her. Her throat felt surprisingly warm and just made his cock extend just a little bit more so he could get into the back of her throat. He grabbed the back of the sultry red-head's hair and pushed his rod into her mouth.

Mary-Jane sucked on his rod very hard. She enclosed him in a pure seal. She almost pulled all the way out of her. The fiery beauty planted a kiss on the tip of Peter's head before pushing back down into him. She closed her tight mouth around his.

The thought they shouldn't do this crossed Peter's head, although he didn't really know why. Mary-Jane went to town on him like a champ. He threaded the back of Mary-Jane's head.

The oral fun continued, each suck bringing more pleasure to Peter and also to Mary-Jane. Mary-Jane rocked her mouth to the base of his cock, pulled him slowly up, tasting his manhood with each lick. Her tongue wrapped around him, before sliding back down on the engorged length. The cycle continued anew.

"MJ, I won't last much longer if you keep doing…"

Mary-Jane didn't even bother to let up on her deep-throating. Peter's aching rod shoved deep inside Mary-Jane's moist throat hole. She leaned back a fraction of an inch to take Peter inside her mouth.

She wanted Peter to cum inside of her. Those balls would release, to shoot loads of cum into her, where Mary-Jane would drain them completely dry.

A squeeze brought Peter even further to the edge. The aggressive fondling of his balls made Peter increasingly go closer to the edge. Only a few more thrusts, and Mary-Jane would have Peter right where she wanted him.

Mary-Jane drew Peter deeper into her mouth with a long, hungry, and passionate suck. Her lips encircled him before pulling completely away from him.

"Too much, going to….."

Peter shoved as much of his cock into Mary-Jane's mouth as he could. She didn't even complain about it, sucking Peter down all the way. His manhood spurted a rush of fluids into the back of her throat. A never ending barrage fired deep into the back of her throat.

Mary-Jane's energetic sucking continued. She pulled back from him, cleaned him off, and smiled. The next move indicated her to scoot back.

"Relax, we're going to both have some fun."

The redhead's hips swayed back and forth to an imaginary beat. She moved closer towards Peter, straddled him, and grinded up and down against him. Mary-Jane bared her fangs with a wicked smile.

Mary-Jane slipped her top off to bare a pair of round breasts. The nice, round breasts bounced out into Peter's face. They rested firmly on her chest.

"Feel those," Mary-Jane said. "Go, ahead, Tiger, feel them. Feel how soft and warm they are. Feel them like you want to feel them!"

Peter wasn't going to argue. He clutched Mary-Jane's generous chest pillows in his hand and squeezed them. Peter rested his face down on them to feel the soft warmth.

Mary-Jane bounced on his lap, guided his face into her breasts, and reared back. His mouth came close to engulfing her nipples. Mary-Jane didn't really mind, in fact her moans encouraged it.

The redhead pulled back away from Peter and swayed back and forth. She pealed the black pants off of her, exposed more of her tight ass when she bent over. Her panty clad body exposed towards him. The lacy black undergarment made Peter want to touch them.

"Touch me," Mary-Jane breathed in a sultry voice.

Her round ass bounced off of his lap a couple of times to drive home the point. Peter reached towards her and slowly pulled down her panties. He clenched her ass, squeezed it hard in his hands. Mary-Jane looked over her shoulder, biting down on her lips.

"You want me?" Mary-Jane asked. "I'm all yours, Tiger."

Mary-Jane wanted to please her mate in every way possible. He was a true Alpha, and she hoped to be the beginning of a new pack which would show his strength. Speaking of strength, he gripped her waist and pulled her towards him.

She fell back on the bed.

"It's your fault I'm being driven insane," Peter said.

"Yes, I'm so hot," Mary-Jane said. " I bet you want to fuck me all day and all night long….make me yours…'re the only man who can do it."

Peter kissed the side of her neck, moved down slowly to capture her breasts, and started to suck those too. His mouth against the warm tips made Mary-Jane come undone. He moved closer down her body, ran a finger down her, and then kissed down her.

Mary-Jane smiled, knowing Peter could not resist her navel. He stared at it often enough. Mary-Jane guided the back of Peter's head further down her body so he could make love to her belly button with his tongue. Her body tingled when Peter got ever so closer towards her pussy.

"Right there."

The sexy vampire wrapped her warm thighs around Peter's head.

"We're going to have so much fun together, I know it. Just think, your face buried between my wet thighs, eating me out. It feels so good, doesn't it, honey?"

Peter only answered by drinking in Mary-Jane's juices. The womanly thighs wrapped around Peter. He leaned closer into her, sucking on her womanhood.

"Baby, so good," Mary-Jane breathed in. "Eat my pussy, make it feel really good. I want your mouth, oh suck my cunt. Lick it fast, lick it hard."

Peter drove his tongue into her to the spot where he knew it would drive Mary-Jane the most insane. He ate her out. The further he licked into her, the more the sultry vixen held onto the back of Peter's head.

Constant orgasms rattled the vampire vixen. She knew he would be amazing, but what Peter did defied all pleasure. Mary-Jane wrapped her legs around him, pumping him.

She wondered if this gift should be shared with some of the other girls. Liz, Gwen, maybe she could make Felicia her personal pet. Slap a lash and a collar on her and everything, although that kinky slut would get off on it.

"Please, I need you inside me."

Peter decided now he was in control to relish the moment. He licked her inner lips a few more times. Mary-Jane's moisture exploded into his mouth. He sucked her womanly juices down, drinking up every single last drop of them.

He pulled away from her and climbed on top of the vampire. Her skin burned up underneath his. Peter leaned in, captured Mary-Jane's neck, and bit her.

Mary-Jane was about ready to make a comment about how she was supposed to be the one who was going to do the biting. Her thoughts faded when the pleasure increased. Peter leaned in to her neck and sucked the side of it. Mary-Jane leaned in and grabbed the back of his head.

Now, he moved in for the kill. Her warm thighs opened up for Peter. All he had to do was push himself into her.

"Don't hold back," Mary-Jane said.

Her durable body underneath him felt so nice. Peter wasn't going to hold back. He held onto her hips, rose up, and jammed his entire length inside of Mary-Jane's body.

Peter Parker filled up Mary-Jane so much, stretching her fully. Mary-Jane reached up and dug her black panted nails in the back of his head.

MJ sank her fangs into the side of Peter's neck when he drilled into her. It wasn't for any malicious reason, she just wanted to increase the pleasure for both of them. And since he was her mate, it wouldn't turn them.

She drew a little blood, and pulse of energy spread through Mary-Jane. Peter was surprised to see Mary-Jane flexing her vaginal walls against him. Her pussy pumped him with a force similar to his spider strength.

"Guess, that blood had some interesting side effects."

She worked him over with several tight squeezes. Peter held back and buried himself balls deep inside of Mary-Jane. The clenching of her pussy grew even better the more Peter buried himself balls deep into the sexy redhead beneath him. Mary-Jane reached up and pushed more of Peter inside of her.

"Make me feel really good," Mary-Jane begged him. "Please, don't hold back on me, don't hold back."

Peter had a bit of control, which he always thought was a good thing. Vampire or not, Mary-Jane succumbed to his tender passions and she shifted underneath him.

Mary-Jane burned with more pleasure than she could ever describe. Peter rose up and drove himself down into her. Her wet pussy closed around Peter and released him with a fluid motion. Peter held onto Mary-Jane and drove him down into her one more time. The ritual repeated every time Peter drove his throbbing hard cock inside her.

"You're making me feel whole again," Mary-Jane said.

Peter could feel her grabbing into him, almost afraid to let Peter go. Peter pushed deep into her body and leaned up down onto her. He kissed the side of the sultry redhead's neck. Mary-Jane held Peter into place and encouraged him to keep up the pace.

"So good, I'm so good, and so whole," Mary-Jane breathed.

The moisture coming through her loins made Mary-Jane feel better than great. Peter held onto her and slammed his hard rod in between her moist, waiting walls. She clenched and released Peter when he picked up the pace. He was inside her, just like she wanted it.

"Yes, you're welcome," Peter told her.

Mary-Jane pushed herself to the brink. The latest orgasm inspired her, to say the very least. She wanted more, needed more, and wanted to go for another angle.

Her enhanced strength pulled her body away from Peter. Peter sliding out of her was almost as hard as removing a part from her body. It was all part of the plan, as far as Mary-Jane had been concerned. She flipped him over onto the bed.

"Don't worry, just relax, "Mary-Jane said. "Let' me make you feel really good.'

Peter relaxed already, and the warmth of Mary-Jane guided him in. Harry held her lower back and pushed Mary-Jane closer down onto him. Her moist center closed around Peter when riding down on him.

Mary-Jane bounced on the protruding member. Every time the thick fleshy organ spread her out, Mary-Jane felt blown away because of the pleasure. She encouraged Peter's hands to roam aimlessly, and boy did they ever. They touched, teased her breasts. It only lit up Mary-Jane in excitement.

Pure, unbridled warmth spread around Peter's thick manhood. Mary-Jane kept rocking her body down onto Peter. Her thighs smacked against Peter's. The redhead rose completely up and sank completely down. Her timing increased, and increased nicely.

Their limbs entangled in each other. Mary-Jane grew even more heated the more she pushed down onto Peter. Their thighs clamped together harder and harder. She could feel his balls filling up.

Despite how much Peter wanted to stay buried inside her a little bit longer, it would be borderline impossible to hold back when Mary-Jane's moist center caressed him so good. Her tight, juicy walls rubbed down on Peter, encasing his manhood deep inside her.

"Baby, you treat me so good," Mary-Jane said. "But, I think it's time for you to get your release. Go ahead…"

Mary-Jane smiled and closed her eyes.

"Face it, Tiger, I just hit the jackpot."

No sooner than those words pass out of Mary-Jane's mouth, Peter's release was pretty much at hand. The sexy vampire pumped herself down onto Peter and milked him completely.

Those balls shot their load inside of her body. Mary-Jane drew the life fluids from Peter, they replenished, but it left him in a state of bliss. She bent down and gave Peter an aggressive kiss while at the same time, pumping his rod deeper between her smoldering hot thighs.

Mary-Jane rose and fell, looking dead sexy when she finished draining Peter of his seed. The redhead temptress pulled away from Peter and turned around on the bed, situating herself in position for Peter. Her ass stuck up in the air, ready for Peter.

Despite being drained, Peter was harder than ever before. Mary-Jane's beautiful body, her legs spread and ass exposed, and Peter just had to dive into it. He grabbed her cheeks and sank into her one more time from behind.

Bliss filled the bodies of both young lovers. Peter worked over Mary-Jane.

"You're impossible, insatiable, "Peter groaned.

The vampire's moist walls caressed Peter's rock hard manhood. His fingers ran over Mary-Jane's hardening nipples, and squeezed them. He pushed into her.

Mary-Jane closed her eyes. All parts of her, human and supernatural, appreciated Peter doing this with her, and driving himself into her until they both could not take no more.

"I'm going to drive into you, until you scream my name in pleasure, and keep cumming over my cock, "he said. "Then, I'm going to shoot my seed in you until you're dripping full of it."

"Sounds like a plan."

The large cock shoved deeper inside Mary-Jane's warm and inviting snatch. Peter kept working over her body, touching, feeling how soft and firm she was. He could be buried balls deep inside her for a very long time.

The sex kept her docile, which hopefully made her helpful to get anything he needed for a cure. Thankfully, Mary-Jane left no shortage of bodily fluids which Peter could use to help him finish up an antidote.

Mary-Jane rocked herself back against Peter.

"PETER, OH, GOD…..SO STRETCHED!" Mary-Jane yelled.

She ripped up Peter's bedding, not caring about the consequences. Peter punished her by hammering her pussy very hard, although she doubted it was much of a punishment.

The feeling of her warm pussy wrapped around Peter made it very hard for him to concentrate. Peter continuously worked over her while also feeling every inch of Mary-Jane's deliciously sexy body.

"You keep this up, and I'll have no choice but to cum inside you."

Mary-Jane smiled and flexed her inner muscles. She brought an increased amount of pleasure around Peter. Peter held onto her and sawed away inside of her.

'Well, I really liked those sheets,' Peter thought.

Mary-Jane was like a wild animal, craving for more sex. Peter had to give it to her, his balls reached their full mass and it wouldn't be too long now before he released himself.

"Used me, any way you want to," Mary-Jane said. "Cum in me."

Peter speared into her one more time, sending the contents of his balls splashing inside of her. Peter took his hard cock into Mary-Jane and rode her out to the finish. Multiple orgasms on her end occurred before Peter finished off completely inside of her.

He pulled out of Mary-Jane and left her down on the bed. No sooner did he try and move around the head, Mary-Jane's mouth latched around his cock and sucked it back to full strength. Her eyes glowed with passion when bringing her mouth.

'No problem, just have to outlast her.'



Chapter Text

Trading Up(Felicia Hardy/Black Cat)


Felicia's pulse quickened, her blood pumped, and just general excitement went through her body. Tonight, she pulled off of the heist of the century, or at least the best heist anyone ever did in city for a very long time. She snatched a priceless gold statue from a very eccentric millionaire. The millionaire claimed his security was foolproof and no one could get around it.

Anyone who thought their security was foolproof was constantly and completely proven to be nothing other than a fool. Felicia picked up the pace and looked over her shoulder, just in time to see the person who persued her. It wasn't the police, the man's security, or even an army of ninja assassins out to collect a bounty someone put on her head. Well, not this time at least.

No, Spider-Man followed Felicia and he was catching up past. No doubt he was out doing his nightly patrol when he saw Felicia had just came out with a bag over her shoulder, of a supposedly secure location.

Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, grew more excited. Either she was going to get away with this theft or she would get caught by Spider-Man. She had a lot of fun every time Spider-Man caught up to her.

The platinum blonde moved, her spine tingling. The black mask came over her face, covering it. Her black bodysuit left little the imagination and poured into her immense amount of curves. Spider-Man closed in on her, and he got a pretty good view of her ass when closing in.

She slapped her ass before making an attempt to ditch him. Okay, it was not the most subtle way to get a man's attention. She both meant it to be a taunt and also a way to entice him at the same time. Felicia slowed down to slowly work down the zipper of her costume a little bit. She watched when Spider-Man closed on her.

'Oh, he looks so yummy tonight,' Felicia thought. 'Time for the real score.'

Felicia turned around and waited for the web slinger to come up to her. She moved back and landed against a wall. Spider-Man dropped down to the ground in front of Black Cat.

"End of the line, Cat."

"Hey, Spider, fancy meeting you out here tonight?"

The bag had been set down on the ground. Felicia bent over to pick up the bag.

Spider-Man stepped back and realized Felicia put her cleavage on display. It deserved to be on display. Peter saw a hint of her breast almost falling out of her suit, before she casually slipped it back in

'Whoa easy there, Spider-Man…just… to keep it calm….don't let her trick you again. You remember what happened the last time.'

Felicia put her hands down on her hips and smiled.

"He was all over the news, telling everyone how no one could break through his state of the art security system," Felicia said. "I just showed him how he had a few holes which needed to be filled."

Felicia move closer towards Peter. The beautiful criminal put her hands on the back of Peter's head and smiled before moving closer towards him.

"But, he wasn't the only one who needs a few holes which need filled," Felicia said.

"Cat, we've been through this…"

"Oh, you're mad about the time I left you hanging," Felicia said. "Literally and figuratively…..I've been a very bad girl, maybe, I deserve a spanking?"

Peter thought it was very tempting to bend Felicia over her knee and spank her ass until raw. Tempting, but he held back from his very real desire to do so. Felicia stepped closer towards him and put a hand on his crotch.

"So, tell me, Spider, do you have a Mrs. Spider-Man you go home too?" Felicia asked.

"I think that's a personal question…"

"Well, sorry, but I can get very personal," Felicia said. "The thing is, there's a lot of men out there who…can't handle all of this."

Felicia stepped back and ran her hands over her skin-tight catsuit. Peter's eyes had been drawn to her cleavage, crotch, and ass. Most men, and many women would be in a similar situation.

"I know you can. I know you can handle all of this."

She stepped closer towards them, smiling. She placed the back down on the ground. One of her hands ran down Peter's front while the other took a handful of his ass. Peter could feel her warm hands caressing him and his spider suit tightened a little bit.

"Oh, sorry, my hot body, poured in this nice tight latex suit which is like a second skin might have made you hard," Felicia said. "My beautiful face, my gorgeous hair… large, round breasts which are firm and very real."

"Are they?" he asked.

She unzipped her suit a little bit more and pushed one of the breasts out. She grabbed the web slinger's hand and placed it on the front of her breast. Peter squeezed it, and Felicia closed her eyes, breathing in pleasure. He rubbed her nipple a few seconds later.

"Very real," Felicia said. "But, the proof is in the pudding. And you're distracted by the way my tight suit wraps around my hips, my real curvy hips, which were made to be squeezed around her waist. My nice plump thighs, which fit a nice juicy cock."

Felicia slid down Peter's pants and exposed his erection to the spring air. The beautiful woman wrapped her fingertips about Peter's length Peter closed his eyes at the feeling of Felicia working her fingertips around him.

"My long legs, they're very nice as well, and….you can see the outline of my pussy lips. See them…..see them right here…that's where you want to be?"

Felicia ran her thumb down the crotch of her suit. Her hand held onto Peter and stroked him. The swelling increased with Felicia bringing her grip up and down, several times. She put Peter in the palm of her hand, in more ways than one.

"It's where you want to be," Felicia said. "It's where you need to be, Spider."

Felicia dipped down a fraction of an inch and looked head long into his cock. Such a nice cock throbbed in front of her lips. Felicia knew where she wanted her mouth.

"I can suck on it, if you want," Felicia said.

"Do it," Peter said.

"Let's make a deal," Felicia said. "You give me what I want, and I'll let you take the statue back."

Peter gripped on the back of her head. Felicia opened her mouth wide and flicked her tongue against his long rod.

"I'm going to make sure you don't try anything," Peter said.

Felicia gave a "who me?" type smile. The web slinger wasn't going to buy it for a minute.

"Hands on your head."

Felicia smiled when placing her hands on the top of her head. Spider-Man made some make-shift handcuffs with webbing.

"Hope that comes out," Felicia said. "Not that I mind getting some of my goop in your hair, just not this goop."

"Dissolves in about an hour," Peter said.

"Which I hope you'll still be fucking me raw,' Felicia said.

"Just open your mouth wide."

Felicia opened her mouth and accept Peter's long throbbing cock. He grabbed onto her face and pushed himself into the back of her throat.

Finally, all of those months are teasing were over, and Peter was going to finally get the frustration. It had been a game of cat and mouse, no pun intended, and the web slinger finally got his hands on the Black Bat. And she really could suck a cock. She sucked him like a pro.

The taste of his long throbbing cock in her mouth made Felicia all light up with pleasure. Being a good sport and allowing him to web her hands to the back of her head might have backfired for her. Peter held the side of Felicia's face and rocked into her mouth.

'He's good,' Felicia thought. 'Worth the wait.

Felicia's tongue reached as much as Peter it could. She licked Peter's length and pushed it deeper into her mouth. Felicia bent down.

"Oh you want to go deeper," Peter said. "Well, I've never been one to turn down a later."

Peter held the back of Felicia's head and pushed her down on his crotch. His rod filled the back of her throat. She backed off and came down around him.

'And they say chivalry is dead,' she thought.

Felicia inhaled Peter's throbbing member. Every moment it buried into the back of her throat, she just became more wound up. She wanted his cum and would go to lengths.

Peter marveled at her neck strength and the rate Felicia deep throated him. He held onto the back of the woman's head and plowed into her mouth. His balls sized up and were getting very close to injecting their load inside of her.

"I'm getting close, and this is all your fault," Peter said.

Felicia was pleased with the fact she was responsible for it. Those balls cradling against her chin gave Felicia a thought of what was to come. The horniness spread through her body all the way. Peter grabbed Felicia's head and slammed inside of her.

His balls released and sent a blast of cum into her waiting mouth. Peter gripped the side of Felicia's face and shot into her, injecting the back of her throat with a never ending rush of seed.

The dust settled, and Felicia stuck out her tongue for Peter. She swallowed his cum.

"Now, you're mine."

Peter undid Felicia the rest of the way and unveiled her sexy body to the world. Her nice slender neck and a body with a great deal of muscle tone was exposed. Her round breasts popped out in front of Peter and they were so gorgeous, Peter ran his hands down them and squeezed them. He grabbed and released them several times.

"Don't tease me…"

"Oh, that's really rich coming from you."

He sampled the delights of Felicia's warm and bountiful chest. He took a nipple into his mouth and kissed it.

Felicia could not believe, she had almost outsmarted herself. He managed to have her in a compromising position, where Felicia couldn't escape even if her life depended on it.

One of Peter's hands along with his mouth sucked Felicia's nipple, making it harder. He worked the bottom of the cat suit down over her slender hips. Just as Peter expected, she didn't wear a single article of underwear underneath her cat suit, which made things a bit more enticing.

Peter slowly rubbed Felicia's moist lips and smiled. He shifted a finger inside Felicia and pumped deeper into her body. Felicia worked her hips up.

Her smooth pussy lips molded over Peter's eager fingers. Felicia gasped when he moved down, going between her thighs.

"I bet you want me here, don't you?"

Peter pumped inside of her. She gripped Peter hard. His finger had been ensnared in her womanhood, it was almost like she would lose it if Peter slid out of her.

"I want you wherever you'd take me, Spider," Felicia panted. "Don't hold back on me, never hold back on me."

Peter slipped a second finger inside her and a third followed. He pushed deep into Felicia and manipulated the centers of her walls.

Felicia's eyes rolled back and she didn't even bother to disguise the moans of pleasure. No man ever made her feel this good. A few women came close. Felicia wasn't sure what point she made, other than Peter fingering her to a constant state of orgasm.

"Stand up."

Peter released Felicia. Felicia stood to her feet on shaky legs and turned around to face the wall. Her pump ass stuck out. Peter gripped one of his hands on her ass.

It was almost too easy. Peter never thought a situation like this would happen. Yet, he had the Black Cat pressed against the wall. His cock pushed against her lower back and came dangerously close to come down.

"Tell me what you want."

Felicia breathed heavily when she could feel her lover's cock against her entrance. It tapped on the door, but pulled away before it slipped inside.

"You know what I want."

Peter leaned in and nibbled on Felicia's neck. He slowly made his way up closer towards her and kissed the side of her ear.

"Maybe, but I want to hear it. Sexily as only the Black Cat can say it. Go ahead, say it, tell me what you want."

Slowly, Peter tormented every inch of her body. Every one of those glorious curves molded into Peter's hands, so much he could see her panting, sounding more like a dog, amusedly enough. Peter reached up and caressed her breasts, slowing working his way down.

The point of this throbbing long cock pushed against Felicia's lower back. She rose up, eyes closed shut in pleasure. Peter's hands caressed her womanhood a little bit.

"I want you to fuck me," Felicia whispered.

"Louder," Peter said.

He got off on tormenting her much more than he would have thought before. Her wet thighs rubbed against Peter's extended cock and it came an inch. He moved his hands all over her bod. It was obvious how much she wanted this, she wanted it so much, Peter thought Felicia would lsoe her mind.

"I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!" Felicia screamed. "I want you to take your long, throbbing cock, and batter my tight pussy until I can't take any more. I want you to push me against the wall, and batter my slutty cunt until I can take no more, and I want you to fill me completely up."

Peter's strong hands clamped Felicia's ass, and spread her apart. The tip of his cock edged ever so close to Felicia's wet womanhood. Her wet lips ground against him, with Peter slipping his lengthy rod inside her tightening womanhood. The feeling of his cock being surrounded by such a wonderful sheath of warm female flesh made Peter throb even more. He slid a little bit back and shoved deeper into her.

Pleasure shot through Felicia's body and had been centered all the way down through her loins. He leaned in, twisting Felicia's nipple. He stuck it between his fingers. And rocked her against the wall.

"More, deeper, more, please ,more!" Felicia yelled.

Peter held onto her, squeezing her delicious body in his hands. The way her curves molded in his hands made him just want to fuck her even harder.

"I bet when you give me the slip, you return to your lair, and get off," Peter said.

It wasn't a lair as much as a penthouse, but Felicia would be lying if she said she didn't return to home to masturbate raw to the thought of Spider-Man catching up on her and treating her as his personal sex slave. The very thought made her cunt gush.

"And now, I have you, and I'm not going to let you go," Peter said. "And you're going to be coming back for more, aren't you? You've been teasing me for months, and now I finally have you."

"Teasing makes things more fun," Felicia breathed.

Peter pulled out of her and denied her an orgasm. He turned the blonde beauty around. Her tits smashed against his muscular chest when pushing her against the rod. The length of his cock tickled her wet lips. The pure warmth came a few inches away from sucking Peter inside of her cavern.

"Don't hold back," Felicia said.

"Don't worry, I won't," Peter said.

He grabbed the hips of the goddess who begged for him, craved him. If this little encounter didn't give anyone a boot of confidence, Peter didn't know what would. He pushed his cock in between her waiting pussy lips. Felicia rolled closer towards her, her wet lips kissing his lengthy cop.

The two of them joined together one more time. Felicia's soft legs wrapped around Peter's body, with the two of them working back and forth against each other. He just had to play with those soft legs, even more so when they caused Felicia to grow wild.

"Baby, you're the best," Felicia said. "You make me feel so good….."

Peter held onto her and plowed into her body. Her breasts bounced with every thrust. Peter told them in hand, squeezed them together, and buried his face. Peter attacked Felicia's juicy nipples with his mouth. His tongue turned around, twisting closer.

The webbing on the back of her hands gave way, which showed how long they had been at this with each other. The Black Cat slowly, casually slipped her now free hands down, Felicia grabbed the back of his head.

The eager sucking and worshipping of her breasts increased. Spider-Man closed his eyes, and sucked her. Spider-Man sucked the tits of the Black Cat and it felt fucking amazing to her. Felicia tapped a gusher with his warm, powerful mouth working her over.

"Yes, oh baby, hit right a spot….."

Peter buried his face between Felicia's tits while another part buried inside of her tight cunt. The woman's walls closed and released him. Every time those balls hit her, he wanted to lose it, but he couldn't, not just yet. He held on to slam inside of Felicia's warm, willing depths.

"You're amazing….." Felicia said. "Simply amazing, I can't even…..mmmm, it's so good."

Felicia pushed her lovers face deeper between her chest pillows. She released him enough to get some air, not wanting him to smother to death.

'What a way to go.'

The web slinger increased his burst of adrenaline, pushing deeper inside of the Black Cat's amazingly tight pussy. She fit nicely around his manhood. She squeezed his hips and encouraged him to go in.

"I wonder how much you can last," Felicia said. "There's no place like home, and there's no place like home, than a nice, warm, tight, pussy."

Felicia pumped her lover's rod. He looked up in a daze. The webbing around her hands dissolved, which showed Peter how long they went at it. Perhaps he should have realized so. He had been a tad bit of reoccupied, with everything. Tits, ass, legs, everything. Her plump lips which now kissed his and sucked sexily on his lower lip.

"You want to cum, Spider?"

The hot blonde temptress flexed her inner thigh muscles around Peter. She gave his love muscle an intense workout. Peter tried to regain some level of control and pounded her pussy harder.

This type of pleasure, the hard pounding, it was exactly what Felicia craved. Her warm body sized up, and sent a cascading amount of cum down Peter's invading rod. He held onto her tightly, and planted himself deep inside her.

"I know you want to cum so badly," Felicia said. "I've cum so many times, it would be unfair if you had been denied the pleasure of shooting your seed into me, spurting it inside me until I can't take any more."

Felicia clamped her core down on Peter and milked his incoming rod for everything it was worth. Peter held onto her hips and slowly worked his way between her gorgeous thighs.

"This kitty's going to get a lot of milk," Felicia said. "And who knows, maybe someday, you can get a lot of milk from this kitty."

The long throbbing length jammed into Felicia. She felt him buried inside her womb. While, she had been on the pill, just in case, taunting him with the possibility made her hot. Felicia wrapped her legs around her sexy love, making him go into her.

"It will be your own fault if it happens," Peter said. "Maybe I should….."

"No," Felicia said.

A small voice in the back of Peter's head told him he could pull out. The lust spreading through her loins increased the deeper Peter buried himself into the Black Cat's moist body, feeling her pussy clamp down onto him.

Felicia rolled her head back, realizing she was going to be feeling this one all the way home. Good though, her pussy deserved a good, hard pounding, all the way to the end.

The two connected with each other. Peter buried himself inside her warm, inviting pussy numerous times. She worked his love muscle all the way.

Peter's balls twitched and released the seed into her body. The flood of cum rushed into Felicia's body. She held them tightly against each other, making sure Peter pushed inside of her.

The two of them connected with each other. The loins of Spider-Man and the Black Cat connected with each other, a huge amount of cum spilled into her.

The two of them pulled away from each other. Felicia picked up her cat suit and slipped it back on, cum dripping to the ground when she did. She looked at her lover, who was slipping his tights back on.

The bag had been left on the rooftop, as their agreement. Felicia limped off to the edge of the roof, blew her lover a kiss, and jumped elsewhere.

Peter decided it would be best to discreetly drop this off where the police could find it, before heading on home. What a night tonight had been.



Chapter Text

Amazing Friends(Angelica Jones/Firestar)

Angelica Jones waited in the staff room of the Emma Frost Academy to meet up with an old friend, who just gave a lecture to the students. The twenty-two-year-old former student, now current student teacher, leaned back against the wall. She dressed in a button up red blouse which covered her ample breasts, a nice skirt which fit around her hips, and with the slightest shift, she could see her lacy red panties. She topped off the outfit with a pair of stockings. Angelica put her hair up, so her face could be on display.

The door opened, and Angelica turned to Peter Parker. He looked delicious, Angelica wasn't going to lie. She teamed up with him several years ago, and she always had a thing for him, but really didn't make a move on him.

"Peter, hey," Angelica said. "It's really good to see you ago."

Angelica threw her arms around Peter's waist and pulled him into a hug. Peter wrapped his arms around Angelica's waist and pulled her in closer.

The feeling of her warm body pushing against Peter's body made him smile. Peter realized his hand slipped to the small of Angelica's back, and he slowly slipped away from her.

"It's good to see you as well," Peter said. "So, you got a spot at the Frost Academy? You must have impressed Emma, and she's very hard to impress."

"Well, you must have impressed her enough to invite you to give a lecture," Angelica said. "So, what did you do?"

"Emma's a rather savvy woman, and she made it worth my while," Peter said. "So, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing well, thank you," Angelica said. "It's been a long time since we've had a chance to get together, and you're…well, you're looking good, have you been working out?"

Angelica leaned to Peter and placed a hand on his bicep, giving it a nice squeeze. Peter turned his attention towards Angelica a few seconds later.

"A little bit, I have to keep in good shape," Peter said. "I'm running all over the city, fighting…last week, I had to take on the Juggernaut."

Angelica cringed, oh boy, she never wanted to deal with the Juggernaut.

"And you beat him?" Angelica asked.

"Well, I'm not sure if I beat him, as much as outlasted him, at least long enough for the X-Men to show up, and Jean to shut down his mind," Peter said. "And he's currently in a government cell, which hopefully he would stay there."

"Yeah," Angelica said. "I'm glad to see you again…and…..I hope you're not mad at me. There's something I wanted to do a long time ago, and since you're here…."

'Do it,' a voice said in Angelica's head.

It sounded like her, but it was a lot bolder than she did. Angelica finally leaned closer towards Peter and took his face in her hands. The young woman leaned closer towards Peter and kissed him on the lips completely.

Peter had been surprised by the kiss. He grabbed the back of Angelica's head and returned the kiss with as much fire in response. He reached behind the woman and kissed her. The two of them exchanged some tongue action, before the two of them moved away from each other.

"Wow, I didn't have any idea….."

"Really?" Angelica asked. "You really didn't notice? All of the times I flirted with you?"

Angelica leaned closer towards Peter, and slowly undid the buttons of his shirt before pushing him back. The redhead slowly rubbed her fingers down Peter's chest and started to stroke his abdomen. She undid Peter's pants and pulled them down.

Peter closed his eyes, with Angelica squeezed his manhood. She could feel it growing on the inside of his boxer shorts. The redhead's tongue delved into his mouth, and started to kiss the side of Peter's neck. She moved down and kissed down his body.

The web slinger ended up on the couch, and Angelica had Peter's long cock out. It throbbed in her hands.

"Angelica," Peter groaned.

Angelica slowly swirled her tongue around the throbbing head from her. She leaned closer towards Peter and maneuvered the throbbing head closer to the edge of her mouth. Angelica ran her hands up and down Peter, and slowly made him grow.

One swift motion resulted in Peter entering the hot mouth of the beauty above his cock. She grabbed the edge of his thighs and slowly brought her mouth down onto him. Angelica leaned further down and engulfed Peter's cock, before releasing it, in one fluid motion. She sucked and released Peter, bobbing her head up and down.

Peter held onto the back of Angelica's head and the warmth surrounding him made him feel really good. He could hardly hold back. Every time she moved down on him, Peter wanted to take the back of her tight throat even more.

Angelica cupped Peter's balls to feel the heavy load in them. She rubbed the balls, fondling them with great skill. Angelica came down onto Peter.

"You keep that up, and I don't know how long I can hold out."

Angelica just pulled back long enough to grip, dove forward, and sucked Peter's throbbing length within her manhood. She needed more of him, needed the seed flowing freely down her throat.

Peter held onto the back of Angelica's head. Her mouth was a nice home for his throbbing manhood. Peter closed his eyes, feeling the warmth wrapping constantly around his cock. She pushed in and released Peter with a fluid motion. Peter grabbed Angelica's head and slammed more of his length down her throat.

The spewing of cum followed to give Peter the release he craved. The warm sticky juices shot down Angelica's throat. Peter pushed his rod down her throat and caused the cum to flow down Angelica's throat. Angelica tilted back and sucked his manhood deeper down her throat.

Angelica took his cum down her throat like a pro, and climbed up to a standing position. She flashed Peter a sultry little smile, and in response, Peter lifted her up and threw her down on the couch.

Peter now wanted her, she was so hot, in more ways than one. Angelica's blouse buttons came undone, and Peter saw the lacy red bra revealed to him. Her gorgeous breasts were more than a handful for Peter to take, and he took them in hand, slowly squeezing them.

Angelica rolled her eyes back with a soft moan. Peter kept squeezing away at her breasts. She moved back and unclipped her bra to give him more access to those soft mounds. Peter did as she thought he might, burying his face between her gorgeous orbs.

"Yes, yes, oh god, Peter, right there!"

Peter kissed down Angelica's body, slowly licking her sweaty belly button all the way down to the edge of her panties. He put his fingers down at the edge of her lacy panties and pulled them off. The womanhood exposed, with a strip of red-hair. Peter continued to lavish every inch of the body of the beautiful woman.

The mutant's nipples grew harder the more Peter pleasured her all the way down. His tongue reached closer towards her womanhood. Angelica spread her thighs for Peter, inviting him to go down between them. Peter wasn't going to deny Angelica any kind of pleasure.

Angelica rolled her hips back, and closed her eyes. A soft moan escaped from the back of her throat. Another moan and Peter went down on her all the way. He pleasured her pussy and got it all nice and wet.

The delicious taste coming from Angelica's body made Peter rock hard. He rewarded her with one more orgasm.

"Tell, me, did you dream want this for years?"

The mutant gasped in pleasure. Peter climbed on top of Angelica and held her hips. He slowly ran his hands down her legs. Angelica lifted herself off of the bed. Peter brushed his head against the side of her pussy walls. She wanted this bad, his hands were everywhere, and caused her a fit of pleasure. She needed Peter's cock inside of her in the worst way.

"You're going to torment me, aren't you?"

Peter smiled and leaned down. He captured one of those nipples in his mouth and gave them a hungry little suck. Angelica rose up off of the bed, accepting Peter's talented mouth wrapped around them. He alternated between nipples.

Then, when Angelica had been put in a heightened state of arousal, Peter slowly spread her thighs. Her pussy invited him inside, and Peter would be rude not to accept. He pushed his manhood inside of her tight body.

Angelica's dreams came true all at once. Peter filled her up so much. She cooed in delight the second Peter entered her body. Angelica rose her hips off of the bed to take Peter deep inside of her womanly depths. She rose almost all the way up off of the bed, and pulled Peter deeper inside of her.

"You're amazing," Angelica said. "You're really amazing."

"And really, I thought I was spectacular."

Angelica forgave the quip form Peter due to pleasure cascading through her body. The pleasure inflamed her loins. Peter rose up and pushed himself down into Angelica. The feeling of his cock made her walls drip with pleasure. All she could do was push him deep inside of her.

Peter slid into her with ease. Her pussy formed a hot, tight seal around him. Every time Peter rose up out of her, his balls slapped down onto her. Angelica scissored a leg around Peter's back and encouraged him to keep going. Those soft, delicious moans made Peter feel really good.

"We're getting closer, aren't we?" Peter asked. "Don't hold back."

Angelica didn't hold back. Her pleasure hit the wall instantly. Peter pushed deep inside, with those balls slapping her tight pussy on the way. They filled with so much seed for her.

Peter worshipped her body, starting on the side of her neck, and moving towards her breast. He pumped inside of Angelica's tight vice of a center even deeper. Angelica rose up off of the bed, legs wrapped around Peter. His fingers danced all over her legs.

Angelica could feel Peter sticking to her when pumping inside of her. His hands gripped her breasts about as tightly as they would grip a wall. It sent pleasurable blasts of pleasure through her body. Peter leaned closer towards her and bit the side of her neck to send a never ending flow of pleasure through her body. Angelica grabbed Peter's back and worked herself around his tool.

"You don't….you make me feel so good," Angelica said.

"I'm glad," Peter said. "Just keep going, you're almost there"

Peter dragged Angelica over the edge with the latest and greatest orgasm ever. He rode out the orgasm and guided Angelica to the next one. His fingers kept caressing her legs, so amazing, so soft, he had to feel them up. The fact feeling them up left Angelica panting, and scratching at his back, wanting more, increased his desire.

"Yes, give me more."

One large breast pushed into Peter's mouth and he sucked on it. Angelica's eyes glazed over when he sucked from her nipple. The increased worshipping brought more pleasure through Angelica's body.

Peter sped up his thrusts to lead Angelica all the way to the next orgasm. Her body lifted off of the bed, and shoved more of Peter inside of her. Peter took a nipple and sucked it hard. Angelica lifted herself halfway off of the bed, and wanted more.

Constant, never-ending orgasms flooded through Angelica. Peter pushed himself deep inside of her. Her thighs clenched around him when she had been released.

Angelica's dreams all came true in one night. She was glad something gave her a nudge of encouragement. Peter worked himself into her body and made all of her pleasure points. Her body rose up off of the bed and took him.

"How does this make you feel?"

Peter attacked a spot behind her ear and the side of the neck. Some whim caused Peter to attack these spots. He pushed up and down into her, sucking on her neck.

"You're going to make me lose it!" Angelica yelled.

Peter thought it was the idea to make her lose it. The beautiful redhead beneath him started to gush. Her walls clamped down onto him. He picked up the pace, and worked inside of her.

"Yes, I think it's the idea, if I made you lose it."

Angelica's intense feelings reached a fever pitch the second Peter came down into her. Their loins met together with a fiery meeting. He worked inside her with a never ending temper.

The warmth of her willing walls rubbed against Peter. She lifted off of the couch and gave Peter access to her firm ass. He squeezed it hard. Angelica worked her walls around Peter's massive tool rod.

The moments ticked up, and Angelica lost count of the number of orgasms she experienced. Which, she considered a good thing, because if you could keep track, she wasn't getting fucked harder enough.

"You want to come again," Peter said.

"Do you?" Angelica asked.

"Are you getting tired?" Peter asked.

Angelica shook her head furiously, and with a renewed vigor worked over Peter's love organ with her inner walls. She felt him inside her body, buried to the absolute depths. Angelica wanted him deeper inside of her, all the way inside her.

Peter smiled, he managed to show how much stamina he had. His balls reached mass, but he wanted to ride this sweet, warm, pussy for all of its worth. Angelica wasn't the only one who had their share of fantasy during their team up days. The wet womanhood slid around Peter's mighty rode when he rose almost all the way up and slammed all the way down on her.

"I can see you still want more," Peter said. "Your wet enough to flood a desert."

Angelica took his comments as a compliment. Her body heated up in more ways than one. The sexy mutant wrapped her body around Peter, and pulled him into her tighter. They joined each other in a rather excellent dance of pleasure.

Peter thought his durability was a good thing in these cases. It did give a more pleasurable experience when driving his cock inside of the pussy of the beautiful redhead. Most would have broken by now. Peter would continue the dance. He grabbed her by the hips and slowly elevated her off of the couch. His hands gripped her and descended back on the couch.

Angelica didn't know what Peter was doing with her, only it felt so good, and she was so wet because of it. Her hands gripped any part of body it could. She got a hold of Peter's firm ass. The young man pushed deeper inside of her womanhood, which stretched around him.

Her heart beat faster, with Peter's hard thrusting inside of her. He reached the edge, big balls pushing against the edge of her entrance.

"Cum, please, I'm dying without your seeds."

'Never patient,' the voice in Angelica's head said.

Suddenly, something tripped all of her pleasure centers at once. Angelica's womanhood gushed the second Peter buried himself inside of her. Angelica leaned up, her body tripping over with so much pleasure she could barely even hold onto him. Peter made her feel good, better than good.

Peter slid into her gushing core, with a few more thrusts. Angelica held onto him, moaning in his ear. She made it beyond impossible to hold on, for too much longer. Peter held himself back and then shoved himself into her depths one more time.

The final orgasm Peter rode out made his cock throb. His balls tightened, and released a hell of load inside of Angelica's body.

Angelica closed her eyes, thanking whatever force compelled her for the pleasure. The never ending flood of cum fired into her body. Angelica rose up off of the bed and took Peter inside of her.

Peter unloaded inside of her body. The warmth of her walls clamped down and released him in a very fluid and never ending motion. Peter pulled back, and took in a deep breath.

Angelica smiled, pulling Peter close to her. The two snuggled together on the office couch for a moment.

"Thank God I finally summoned up the nerve," Angelica said.

'Oh, don't be thanking him, thank the White Queen,' Emma's telepathically stated to her protégé.

Emma Frost had done her one selfless deed for the year in hooking those two up. Now it was back to business as usual.


Chapter Text

Thanks for the Tutoring(Liz Allan).


Peter Parker prepared himself for a long, relaxing night, and a rare night of downtime. One really had to enjoy these moments of downtime whenever he could, especially when this particular person was everyone's favorite neighborhood web slinger, the spectacular, the amazing, the one and only Spider-Man. He had the entire run in the place, with Aunt May out shopping with Anna Watson.

He thought about a couple of things he might do in the night. However, any plans this night were thrown completely out the window. He moved over, and opened the door open to see Liz Allan standing on the door. The beautiful, Latina cheerleader stood on the doorstep, dressed in a black button up top and a nice skirt which came down to just a little bit beneath her knees. She wore a pair of stockings which drew Peter's attention towards her legs.

"Hey, Petey!" Liz cheered. "I'm so happy to see you, and I can't thank you enough."

"Right, you took the test today, and how did they go….."

"Great, thanks to you," Liz said. "I've done better than I ever have in class, thanks to your tutoring. I mean, at first, I didn't think it was a good idea, but it's….it was a very good idea."

Liz threw herself Peter's neck and gave him a warm hug. Peter felt her sexy body press against him, and he just had to return the hug.

"It wasn't a problem," Peter responded.

"Oh, I'm sure it wasn't a problem for someone brilliant like you," Liz said. "But…..I guess I've always had a little bit of trouble focusing on school. Guess I'm not as smart as you, or Gwen…."

Peter shook his head and looked towards her.

"You're pretty smart, don't sell yourself short," Peter told her. "You just need to find a way to focus, and have things explained to you a bit better."

"Yeah, I guess, and you're just the guy to do it," Liz said. "You're amazing, I can't even thank you enough."

Liz realized she had her arms wrapped around Peter's body. She never realized how firm he was, and it made her smile. Liz pulled him away.

"Are you going to invite me in?" Liz asked.

"You want to come in, to my house?" Peter asked. "You, Liz Allan, want to come in my house, Peter Parker…the resident nerd of Midtown high?"

"Yes, I do," Liz said. "I'll be honest, tonight's been pretty boring….one of those down nights, and I hope to spice it up…besides just because you're a nerd, it doesn't mean you don't have any redeeming qualities."

Peter gave her a raised eyebrow at the way she said it.

"Oh, I didn't mean it like that," Liz said. "It's just, nerds can be pretty sexy sometimes."

A few seconds passed when Peter didn't really know what to say about this. He led Liz inside the living room. She looked around and smiled.

"Pretty much place you have here," Liz said.

"It's just me and Aunt May, so it's nothing too extraordinary," Peter responded. "After Uncle Ben….."

"Oh right, I….sorry about that," Liz said, frowning. "I think we forget sometimes you lost him, what, about six months ago now?"

"Yes," Peter responded.

Liz couldn't imagine how it was like. Peter stood strong, stronger than she might have been, had she lost a loved one. Peter moved over to the fridge, to get them a soda. Liz took it, frowning when she looked at it.

"I can get you something else, if you don't like it," Peter said.

"No, it's fine," Liz said. "I'm just thinking how weird it is, I'm here, with you, having a drink."

"Yeah, I think you would be out with Flash and his friends, or something…you know with the popular social crowd….."

Liz frowned when looking towards Peter. Peter wondered if he said something wrong.

"Liz, is there something wrong?"

"No, nothing you did wrong," Liz said. "Flash and I…well we called it off. We just wanted different things in life…and I guess it was better we just parted ways right now, while we were still mostly friends. It's not….well….we're over…and I'm ready to move on with my life."

"You two have been together forever, and it was just over like that," Peter said.

"Guess, I grew up, and Flash…well he still has some growing to do," Liz said, with a shrug. "Anyway, I think I can move on…maybe trade on for something better. The field's wide open, but….I have to be careful."

Liz smiled and shook her head in response. She moved closer towards Peter, looking in his hand. She balanced the soda in one hand and also slipped the other hand subconsciously on his lap. She smiled.

"I really do want to thank you for helping me out," Liz said. "I'm now going to pass my classes, and I might graduate high school, go to college, do something with my life. Also, my mother won't cut off my credit cards like she threatened, if I didn't do well in school."

Peter almost inhaled a nostril full of soda at the way she said that casual statement.

To be honest, Liz was glad Peter helped her out. She might have went the way of her brother, who had gambling debts, and also several other petty crimes. He dropped out of high school before his junior year, and it had just been one misfortune after the other for him.

"I really can't thank you enough," Liz said. "I really need to thank you….."

"There's no need to thank me, I'm just doing what any decent guy would have done."

"Oh, there aren't too many decent guys out there these days, some…but most are too soft," Liz said. "It's hard to find the happy medium these days. But, I think there's a need, I think there's a need."

Liz put her hand on Peter's bulge and started to feel it. Peter looked at her.

"Just let me thank you, Petey," Liz said in a breathy voice. "Let me thank you nice and hard."

She moved over onto Peter's lap. Peter never thought this could happen. Even though his confidence spiked thanks to a close encounter with a spider, having a cheerleader, the head cheerleader, straddle his lap in the middle of his living room, was something entirely new.

Liz leaned closer towards Peter and kissed her on the lips. She gripped the back of Peter's head and kissed deeper into his mouth. She attacked him, returning the kiss with hunger. Peter's hand roamed, Liz encouraged further roaming, so Peter roamed further. He cupped her from behind. Liz rocked her hips up and down about Peter's crotch.

The two pulled away, and Liz slowly undid Peter's shirt, running her nail down his chest. She leaned in closer and started to kiss the side of his neck, before moving down his chest.

"I want your cock."

Peter swelled at these words, from such a beautiful, attractive, and a girl he thought was out of his range. Liz dropped down onto the ground and pulled Peter's pants down. The beauty studied his cock.

Liz wrapped her mouth around Peter's throbbing head, sucking him. She used her hand to stroke the base of his cock. Down to the base and then she pumped the length. She eased more of his manhood into her mouth. Liz rocked her head back and force on them.

The young man closed his eyes, and could feel Liz's mouth down onto him. Liz released him with a smile. She kissed a couple of times around the head of his cock, and flicked her tongue down onto his cock head.

"First, I'm going to suck your cock," Liz said. "And then, I'm going to ride you all night long, baby."

Liz wanted this so bad, she could taste it. He tasted so good and the scent made her wonderful. Peter held his hands on the back of Liz's head and guided her mouth further down onto the base. Liz pushed her mouth around him.

"Damn, Liz, you're so great," Peter said.

Peter held on the back of Liz's head and pumped deeper into her throat. The two of them connected with each other. Peter's manhood pushed deep inside of Liz's warm, willing mouth. Her throat clenched and released him a few times. She gagged for a moment, and decided to take a more manageable length of his cock.

She stroked Peter's balls, wanting his load so badly, fired into her throat. Liz swirled her tongue around the length and brought it down to the base. She sucked him hard, and released Peter. A few more sucks before Liz kept bringing the manhood deep inside of her mouth.

"Yes, oh, Liz, yes," Peter breathed, holding onto the back of her head.

Peter pumped his manhood into her warm and wet mouth. Liz released his cock.

"You've made me so hot, Petey," Liz said. "I need your cock inside me, right now."

Liz slowly unbuttoned her blouse and showed her bra clad breasts at Peter. Peter saw her dark breasts revealed, with a pair of nipples. He extended a hand and squeezed Liz's breast.

"Touch them, baby," Liz breathed. "They're yours, they all belong to you."

Peter kept working his fingers against her stiff nipples, pushing it between his fingers. Liz pulled her skirt back, and dropped it to the ground.

"Leave the stockings," Peter said. "They make your legs look great."

"Thank you," Liz responded. She leaned closer towards Peter and slipped her panties down. "Is this your first time?"

"Yes," Peter said.

"Mine, too," Liz said. "Although it wasn't for any lack of trying…"

Liz decided to leave her words hanging. She moved closer towards Peter's extended cock. Her warm lips pushed down against him. She took his cock closer to her slit which dripped, it dripped ever since she sucked Peter off.

"Easy," Peter said.

"Good thing I'm flexible," Liz joked.

Liz pushed her womanhood down around the objection of her lust. A cock entered her body the first time. Her hymen already broke thanks to her activities, but she was still extremely tight, and Peter was bigger, and thick.

'Guess they're right, nerds do it better.'

She pushed her womanhood down onto him.

"Damn, Liz, I like your pussy, it feels so tight," Peter said.

"It's the first one you ever had," Liz said.

"True, but…"

Liz pushed her womanhood down onto Peter's throbbing cock. She pushed her hands onto Peter and rose almost up off of his hips and then slid all the way down onto him. Liz's legs wrapped around Peter's waist.

"Touch them, you like my legs so much."

Peter thought Liz's legs were amazing, smooth, and ready to touch. He had been watching them when she walked around in her cheerleader skirt, and they looked beautiful. He now hand his hands all over him, with Liz using her inner muscles to work him over.

Liz bent back to slide her cunt all the way down onto Peter. Her legs scissored around him. Peter bottomed his way out inside Liz's side.

"Peter, this is great," Liz breathed. "It's so good…I think I'm going to cum."

Peter ran his hands over her beautiful legs. Liz breathed heavily. Her ample chest rose and fell. Peter leaned in and buried his face to her chest.

"My nipples, they're really sensitive."

Peter thought this was handy information to have. His mouth wrapped around the nipple, sucking them hard. Liz brought the point of her hips down onto him, quickly bouncing up and down onto him.

Sexual bliss spread through Liz's body. Peter cupped the underside of her breast when he sucked. His fingers started to rub down Liz's stocking clad leg. He pushed the leg around Peter's lower back and shoved more of him inside of her. Liz breathed heavily and released Peter with a few more pumps. She was still feeling good, amazing, beyond amazing in fact.

"Peter, baby, it's so good!" Liz yelled. "You're making me cum so much!"

Liz's gushing pushing ensnared Peter. Peter held onto her hips and allowed them to sink down onto him. Liz clenched and released him with a couple more pumps. Liz slid almost all the way down onto him, and then released him several more times.

A clear amount of cum lubricated his cock, and opened the way for Peter to bury himself further inside of her. Liz closed her eyes, grabbing onto him. Peter heard the sounds of pleasure coming through them.

The cheerleader impaled herself down onto the throbbing cock a couple more times. Her womanhood clenched Peter as hard as possible and released him. She did it several more times, wrapping around Peter, and then releasing him. Her womanhood slapped against Peter's hard balls.

'They're so full, I can't wait to have them inside m.'

Peter attacked her breasts with a feverish fury. Liz extended herself back, bending so Peter could have the full access of her breasts. He clutched Liz's ass and then ran down her legs.

"Damn," Liz breathed.

"You like that?" Peter asked.

"Yes, keep doing it," Liz said.

He gripped her breast and released them to send waves of pleasure through Liz's body. He licked around her nipples and more clear juices dribbled on her. Peter extended his manhood up to bury into the depths of Liz, and her depths were very warm and very nice. She came down around his body.

"Yes, keep doing it," Liz encouraged him. "You're making me cum, so hard… feels so good."

Every time a burst of pleasure cascaded through her body, Liz felt good. Her thighs turned pretty sore and her insides were stretched out every time from Peter.

"You want a break, you want me to take over?"

Liz slid away from Peter. The moment her pussy left his cock, it felt really empty. Liz doubted she would feel the same again, without having it inside of her.

She crawled over onto the crouch, on her hands and knees. Her tight ass and dripping pussy showed, ready for the taking for Peter.

The nerd entered the cheerleader swift and fast. He worked inside of her tight pussy which was so very well. Liz's warmth took him deep inside of her. Every time Peter pushed into her, her body clamped down onto him. Peter held onto Liz's hips and slammed into her.

"Baby, it's so good," Liz breathed. "Baby, I want more, please, baby."

Peter held onto her hips and hammered inside her tight body one more time. Liz was mewling hotly, craving his cock. It just made him throb even more.

Every time he entered her, pleasure increased through Liz. Peter leaned closer and grabbed Liz's nice breasts, squeezing them. His hands ran up towards Liz's body and grabbed her hips. He spanked her tight ass and slammed into her.

"I like that, I really like that," Liz said. "Take charge of me, Petey!"

Peter smiled, his confidence increased the second a sexy cheerleader, one of the popular students, started screaming about how much she wanted his cock.

"You're addicted to me, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am," Liz said. "I'm really good….I want your cock….we need more tutoring sessions….and then…you can reward me for doing good in them, and I can…thank you!"

Liz's hot body was drilled away with Peter. Peter grabbed onto the side of her hips and rode her into submission. His cock throbbed and swelled inside of her body.

"Do you want me to….."

"No," Liz said. "It's safe, don't worry."

Peter trusted she was smart enough to prepare for this, because it was obvious she came here, intentionally wanting to have sex with him. So, she prepared to deal with all of the consequences. Peter held his hands on Liz's hips. He pulled halfway away from her and then spiked inside of her.

"Here it comes."

More pleasure cascaded through Liz when Peter slammed into her. He rode her pussy as much as possible. Liz buried her face into the pillow on the couch, screaming into it.

Liz never thought she would feel this much pleasure again. His throbbing hard cock entered her warm body, and had been released from her. Peter pumped his way inside of her tight body, being rammed into her deeper and faster.

"Please, I need it," Liz said. "My body can't take it anymore, it needs your cum!"

Peter's cock twitched at the cheerleader's words. He was about to burying a load of cum inside of Liz Allan of all people. No one would believe this happened, hell he didn't believe it happened. Peter gripped the side of her hips and worked his manhood into her.

His balls clenched and released, firing a nice load inside of Liz's body. His balls discharged several long ropes of cum inside of her body. Peter held onto Liz and unloaded inside of her body.

Peter pulled away from her, and Liz smiled, her pussy filled with so much cum. Liz rolled over, and rubbed her pussy, it was still tender. She sat up on the couch, wrapped her arms around Peter's neck and kissed him on the cheek.

"That was great, you really taught me something again tonight," Liz said. "So….my parents are gone tomorrow night. How about you come to my house for a little bit more…tutoring?"

Peter had been surprised she had invited him over and this was going to be a regular event.

"If you want to, and if you're not busy, if you can't make it, I understand," Liz said.

"I'll check my calendar, and let you know," Peter said. "But, I think we can work something out."

"Great, I can show you around," Liz said.

'And you can fuck me in every room of my house,' Liz thought, with a wicked grin.

She realized Peter's cock wasn't completely deflated, and she looked over her shoulder.

"So, Petey, is your Aunt coming back any time soon?"



Chapter Text

Instincts(Ava Ayala/White Tiger).


Ava pushed herself to the limits. If you weren't sweating, you weren't working. She reared back and hammered away at a bag with a series of punches. Her hair, which she clipped back, threatened to come undone when walking. Ava reared back and nailed the side of the bag with a series of rapid fire punches. She pulled back and hammered the edge of the bag, before stepping back. She reared back and nailed it with a huge roundhouse kick which rocked the bag from its position.

"Still, in there?"

Peter wasn't the only one to call it a day, although he did leave to get a drink of water. Ava smiled, catching a glimpse of him in a tank top. She dressed in a tank top of her own and a pair of tight spandex shorts.

"I have to push myself to the limit."

"As long as you don't push yourself into heat exhaustion."

Ava let this particular comment slide. She worked over and did a series of exercises. She could feel the burn and the muscles. Peter moved off to do his own thing. It had been a quiet last couple of days, which made Ava very anxious. She wanted some actions, any action she could get.

Another twenty more minutes of a workout, Ava turned the wrong way. Something shot up from her leg all the way from her back. Ava leaned back a couple of seconds later.

"Is there a problem?"

"I'm fine," Ava said. "I just….little back spasm."

"You pushed yourself too hard, didn't you?"

Ava Ayala turned around to look Peter in the eyes. No, she didn't push herself too far. If anything, she didn't push herself far enough. Ava leaned back a fraction of an inch and stretched out. She leaned back and could feel a little bit of pain.

"Yeah, you must have pulled something."

Ava closed her eyes, hating it when he was right, but he was right. Peter guided her over towards the bench and allowed her to sit down. Ava turned over onto the bench.

"I learned a technique which might help….."

"Yes, please," Ava said.

Peter looked at Ava, her ass arched at the mid-way point. He justified he was helping a teammate and not trying to feel up an attractive girl. Who looked really good in a pair of tight shorts and a tank top. Peter moved closer towards her and placed his hand on the small of her back.

Ava closed her eyes a couple of seconds later. She could feel his hands gently work over her back. In an instant, the pain slowly began to fade.

"Whatever, you're doing, it's working," Ava said.

The animal instincts rooted deep inside of Ava had a very naughty thought of what those hands could do. She tried to keep it together. Her breathing became a bit more heavier when Peter's hands moved towards her lower back. They were just a centimeter away from cupping her ass, but it didn't make it.

"Just a little bit lower," Ava muttered.

"Beg your pardon?"

"Lower," Ava said more forcefully. "Just pull down my shorts if need to."

Peter had been surprised by the boldness coming from her. He pulled down Ava's shorts. The Latina beauty's curved ass had been on display in nothing other than a thong. Peter moved down as low as he could, rubbing her. He thought about what laid underneath the thong.

Was it his imagination? Or was Ava breathing even more intensely?

It wasn't Peter Parker's imagination, Ava was getting turned on by his fingers brushing close. Ava mentally schemed to try and get those fingers inside of her.

"There's…a shooting on my thighs," Ava said.

Peter started to rub Ava's thighs and just barely stopped short from brushing his fingers onto the crotch the panties. For a brief second, Peter's fingers stuck to the edge of her panties. He pulled them away pretty quickly, not ripping them completely off. He started to rub Ava and her moans were increasing.

"Take off my panties, if you need to."

He thought he was going to pass out at the wonders. He slid Ava's panties gently down her legs and revealed her shaven, dripping pussy towards him. Those lips looked so inviting, and Peter could barely stand up straight. He imagined ripping off of his pants and ramming himself deep inside of her. He didn't do so right now though, but it was very tempting. He tried to ignore the rush of blood going from his head.

'Okay, down, Peter, it's just….a team building exercise.'

"Rub my inner thighs," Ava moaned. "Rub them….harder….a little bit further in….don't you dare pull your fingers away, that's perfect."

The finger inched closer towards Ava's dripping entrance to suck his finger inside of her. Ava's wet pussy lips stroked against Peter's finger. Peter started to slowly circle around her. Ava screamed in pleasure and Peter slowly pulled away, until she clenched her thighs around his hand to prevent him from pulling out.

"Oh no, I didn't tell you to stop," Ava said.

"You can be bossy sometimes," Peter said.

"I don't think I'm bossy, I'm more like assertive…"

Peter pushed a finger inside of Ava and stroked her. Her wet thighs closed around Peter and released it. She squeezed and released his finger with a series of pumps. Peter worked deeper inside of her and was starting to grow even more pleasure. His other hand moved to stroke her lover leg. All three fingers slipped down into them.

Ava's nipples hardened the more Peter pushed his fingers inside of her. Finally, and it was about time, if she was perfectly honest. Peter worked his fingers deeper inside of the dark skinned goddess. He pushed into her and shoved out of her. Every single time his fingers touched her insides, Ava clenched him harder. Her wet pussy squired him and it throbbed with desire.

"Almost there," Ava said. "Don't stop, don't you dare stop!"

The web slinger didn't dare stop, although his pants were pretty tight. Her warm, inviting snatch squeezed him. Her pussy was like a furnace, pumping out so much heat it was hard. Peter gripped her womanhood and shoved inside of her womanhood. His fingers shoved deeper inside of her and rode out a constant orgasm from her body.

The sweet sensation of release struck the White Tiger very nicely. Peter pulled his fingers away from her when she shuddered to stop. He dared taste the juices from her. Her sweet taste made Peter tempted to dive more into the source.

Ava sat up with a smile, and grabbed Peter's pants. She pulled them off with one tug, almost ripping them. The White Tiger's animal instincts wanted him and wanted him bad.

"You relieved my tension," Ava told him. "It's only fair I return the favor."

Peter didn't have much time to argue, not that he would want to. Ava leaned closer towards Peter and wrapped her warm mouth around Peter's throbbing hard cock. Her mouth encircled Peter's hard cock and sucked him completely in. Her hands reached behind Peter and pushed more of his rod inside of her.

"Fuck me," Peter groaned.

Ava pushed her lips around him. She created a vacuum tight seal around his cock and sucked the hardest, thickest piece of meat she ever had between her lips. Ava reached behind him and squeezed his hips. She shoved more of Peter's manhood deep inside of her mouth and released it with a couple of long pumps.

"Damn, right there, it feels so good.

She was so sure it felt good, it tasted very good as well. Ava grabbed onto Peter and shoved more of his manhood into the depths of her mouth. Her mouth gripped and released Peter. She attacked his manhood with everything she could. His hands gripping the back of her head made her feel really good.

Peter leaned back a few seconds. His balls dribbled against Ava's chin. Peter held onto the back of her head to pump inside of her. Ava slurped him deep into her throat.

"I'm almost there."

Ava sucked his cock very hard and fast. She worked her mouth around Peter's throbbing hard length and brought him deeper inside of her. Peter leaned in closer, his balls slapping against Ava's waiting chin. She slurped him down with hunger dancing in her eyes.

"Yes, right there, come on Ava, we're so close," Peter breathed. "Suck my cock, I'm going to cum inside of your mouth."

The beautiful heroine drew her tongue around him and fondled his balls to encourage Peter. Peter held onto her and shot his load down Ava's waiting throat. She drank up his cum like it was the lifeblood she needed.

Ava swallowed his cum and rose up, with a dirty smile and a smoldering hot look. She took her tank top off and brought her round chocolate orbs out. Her nipples stuck out, tempting. Peter leaned in to hold one of Ava's nipples between his fingers. He squeezed it and Ava threw her head back.

"I want you badly," Ava said. "I hope you know that….I hope you know how badly I want you."

Peter leaned towards her neck and kissed the side of her neck. Ava leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of Peter's mouth lavishing her. Ava's finger pushed down against the back of Peter's head and just encouraged him to keep sucking on the back of her neck.

"Don't worry, I know," Peter said. "How do you like that?"

The dark haired woman's breathing continued, and she smiled. Ava crawled onto Peter's lap and straddled the top of him. His extending cock brushed against the edge of her stomach. Ava wrapped her legs around Peter's thighs and slid closer towards going around him.

"I like it," Ava said. "I want it. And I need it."

The last it had been empathized by Ava bringing her dripping hot pussy down onto Peter's manhood. He grabbed her and squeezed her ass. Ava shifted herself going up and sliding down onto him. It took a couple of minutes for her to establish some sort of momentum.

Ava grabbed the back of Peter's head and squeezed his shoulder. She dug her fingernails into his shoulder and practically purred in his ear.

"Peter, feels so good, I don't think I want…..I don't…..I can't handle it," Ava breathed. "Give me more, give me your cock."

Peter gave her his cock, and it buried further inside of her. Their loins pushed together in a very heated and passionate encounter. Peter picked up closer inside of her, his rod rocking inside of her. Ava gripped him and released her a second later.

The warm grip around his manhood made Peter hungrily work into her. Ava allowed him access to her neck and breasts. He squeezed and nibbled on them. Ava panted in response and rode him.

Pleasure cascaded through every inch of Ava's body. She slammed her hips down onto him. Her moist pussy slip down his aching rod.

"You're going to make me cum," Ava said.

She really didn't have any description of the pleasure. Ava's legs scissored him, she rocked her body up and down of his manhood. His throbbing hard balls slapped against Ava's moist pussy. Harry held her back, and he pushed deep inside of her body.

"I hope I make you cum, I hope you cum harder than you've ever come before," Peter said.

Ava milked his rod through her latest orgasm. Peter's hands brushed down to her.

The pain she felt after overdoing her workout was very good. Peter plowed Ava underneath her. Her wet womanhood squeezed around him. Every single second added to the momentum. Ava clamped down and released him with a couple of pleasurable pumps. Her moisture lubricated him on the way down.

Peter got a hell of a workout, but he was going to hold on. He pushed into her. She came down onto his throbbing hard rod. His balls clenched for a second. Peter held out and redoubled his pleasure.

"You know you want to, and I'm going to get your cum."

"Oh, you think you can," Peter said. "Bring it on."

Peter challenged Ava in response. Ava's walls slid down onto Peter's hard cock. She clamped down onto him hard, flexing her inner muscles around him.

The web slinger wasn't about to break, at least not yet. Peter grabbed Ava's back and shoved her down onto him. He pushed further inside of her womanhood and hammered it. They matched each other, with growing pleasure. Ava arched herself back as possible.

Peter dove into her chest one more time and took the sweaty orbs with a few pleasurable sucks. Ava closed her eyes and panted heavily. Ava rocked her hips down onto him with a couple of fluid pumps. Peter grabbed onto her hips and guided her down onto him.

"More, baby, more, it feels so good," Ava breathed. "You're going to make me cum again, so hard."

Ava came unloaded all over Peter's mighty rod. He pushed deep inside of Ava and pushed into her.

"I can feel you in my womb," Ava said. "Breed me, Peter, make me yours."

Peter tried to pull a bit away from her. Ava was not going to have any of it. She wanted to ride this one out, no matter how many orgasms.

"I guess your back pain's finally gone away."

"Oh, I'm not going to be able to walk right, anyway, but it's so worth it," Ava said.

Ava took a pleasurable pounding with her. The two of them matched each other. Her walls wrapped down around Peter and clamped down onto him. She clamped and released him. Peter tightened his grip and spanked her ass. Ava gave a gasp.

Peter squeezed and spanked her ass one more time. He always wanted to do it, and now Ava was letting him down it. She moaned in his ear when riding Peter's cock.

"I think you've worked up more of a sweat here than your entire workout."

The White Tiger took a second to close her eyes and gave a hearty moan in confirmation. Peter's fingers twisted around her and worked her nipple between his fingers.

"If you're not sweating…you're not working out."

Peter wasn't going to argue with her for a second. Ava pumped herself down onto him. Peter held onto her, leaning into her. His kisses grew more frantic, and she responded by kissing him fully on the lips and shoving her tongue down his throat.

Ava slammed down onto Peter's rod hard cock. The moisture lubricate him inside of her.

"Time for you to cum," Ava said. "You're not getting away without giving me your seed."

She demanded to finish this to this logical conclusion. She kept riding him, slowly down a little bit. Peter held Ava in close to him and kissed her nipple. He sucked it and licked her.

"No, I don't think I'm going to let you get away," Peter said. "But, even you have your limits."

Ava thought it would remain to be seen where her limits were. If she had it. Peter tested them and she appreciated it as much. Her body faded from the pain and received an unlimited amount of pleasure.

Both connected with each other at the loins. Ava scissored her way around Peter and squeezed him deep inside of her body.

"Mmm, give these kitty her cream," Ava breathed.

Peter hoped she and Felicia never got together. No matter how enticing it would seem. He grabbed Ava's hips and buried his manhood deep inside of her. His balls slapped against her, and batted around her center. They were so ful land they were going to be released.

"One more time. Lady's first."

Ava's comment about chivalry faded in the back of her throat, giving way to a moan. She held onto Peter's shoulder and bounced down onto his rod. She clenched around Peter and released him a couple of times. Her wet walls held onto him with a pumping pleasurable motion. Peter pushed deep inside of her.

"Yes, oh, yes, oh more," Ava breathed. "Give me your seed, I need want it, I want you to bury your nasty seed in my womb…..web me on the inside, Spider-Man."

She must have been bound with so much lust. Ava rode his cock and used her strengthen muscles to give him a workout. Peter held onto her and buried himself into her. He tried to slow down, but something drew him deeper inside of her. And inside her much faster, Peter pushing deeper inside of her body. Her moist lips touched on on the inside.

"I'm going to break, Ava, I can't hold on, are you sure you're ready?"

"I've been dreaming about this for a long time," she admitted.

Ava felt Peter's sizeable balls against her. She came again at the thought of the big load inside of her body. She slid down onto his tool and squeezed him. She worked him slowly, sensually, and could feel the constraining coming inside of her.

"Yes, I'm sure you've been waiting for this one for a very long time," Peter agreed.

Peter slid inside of Ava's wet center and impacted his seed inside of her body. He buried a constant barrage of warm, sticky seed inside Ava's center. He tightened and released, impacting inside of her.

The two of them mutually pleasured each other with a shared orgasm. Their bodies tangled with each other the second Ava worked Peter all of the way to a sticky conclusion.

Ava pulled away from Peter, and smiled. Her pussy oozed with cum, both hers and Peters. She leaned down and kissed his still twitching cock. Ava licked her lips and placed a hand on Peter's lap.

"So, shower?" Ava asked. "Fury's always getting on us about using too much water. I think we should do our part to conserve SHIELD's resources."

Ava swayed her hips when moving towards the shower.

"Well, it would be rude to say no."

Peter followed her to the shadow, and he had a feeling they might end up using as much water with a share shower, than with two separate showers. It was just a funny feeling he had.



Chapter Text

Marvelous Morning(Carol Danvers)


Peter waked up and the second he woke up, he felt a curvy body pressed up against him. His mind had been distracted from remembering exactly how he got here in bed with Carol Danvers. His hands roamed and touched her breasts in his sleep. Peter tried to discreetly pull them away in the middle of sleep. It took him a moment to realize the tent he pitched in his pants and where it was pushing.

'Oh, this could get awkward pretty soon.'

He remembered the day before, a battle against the Vulture, who upgraded his tech, and gave Peter the hell of a runaround. Including Peter nearly taking a nasty spill into the concrete from several stories above, which would have been one of the most awful things he could imagine. Thankfully, Carol plucked him from the sky, and saved them. Peter's injuries were strong, but the two of them teamed up and took down the Vulture.

Carol returned Peter to her apartment to patch him up, and they must have fallen asleep. Peter didn't quite remember how he ended up with Carol's bed, and his body pressed against her firm body. He tried to completely pull away from her.

A nice hand grabbed Peter by the shoulder. Carol turned over her shoulder, eyes opening with a smile on her face.

"Good morning," Carol said.

"Good morning," Peter said.

Carol shifted a little bit. It was obvious Peter got excited during the course of the night, but she didn't say anything, at least not now. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine."

A mischievous thought entered Carol's mind. "Are you sure? Don't you feel a little stiff after last night?"

Carol rolled away from Peter. She wore a nightshirt which flipped up to show her panties. Her black panties covered her firm ass and made something rise form Peter.


The blonde woman decided to take the plunge and see what happened. To be honest, she had her eye on Peter for a long time. Sure, he was younger than her by about five or six years, or so, but still, the men closer to her age did not light Carol's world on fire.

Carol pulled back the covers and saw Peter wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts from the waist up. She leaned in and put a hand on the side of Peter's face.

"Sorry about that," Peter said.

Carol leaned closer towards him. Her breath was in his face. "No problem, it happens. It's perfectly normal, and trust me, I'm flattered."

She cupped Peter's face with one hand and kissed him. Peter had been shocked at this hot, older woman kissing him, but he returned the kiss. Carol's hand drifted down Peter.

Her hand slowly reached the area towards Peter's crotch. She cupped him and squeezed Peter a few seconds later. His bulge throbbed in his pants. Carol rubbed through his pants and rolled him down. His hard cock popped out for the air.

"Carol," Peter said.

"Just relax, you deserve some fun after all you've been through," Carol said. "And I think it's a shame a guy doesn't get nearly the respect you deserved."

Peter laid back on the bed to allow Carol to kiss his body. Her warm lips coursed all the way down his body, and reached the area of his crotch. Her warm mouth approached closer towards him. Peter's massive rod stretched further and came very close to reaching the edge of her lips. Carol gripped his length and squeezed it hard. His cock swelled in her hand.

Carol leaned forward, heart beating in response. Her mouth reached the edge of Peter's cock. It touched her lips and Carol swirled her tongue around him. She brushed her tongue around him, encircling his entire length with her tongue.

"Damn, Carol."

"Let's see how much better I can make you feel."

Carol reached on the underside of her shirt and pulled it up. Her bra clad breasts had been exposed for Peter. Carol reached behind her and pulled her bra strap off. Her round, juicy breasts came out. They were beautiful pillowy goodness, well beyond DD-Cups, resting high on her chest. They were large and firm. Peter looked at those juicy nipples and his blood boiled.

"Don't worry, baby, I'll take really good care of you," Carol said.

Her breasts encircled Peter's throbbing hard cock. Carol slid all the way down to the base of his cock and squeezed him. Peter grabbed Carol's breasts and squeezed it.

She gasped at the sensation of Peter's hands squeezing her breasts. His long, throbbing hard cock pushed between her breasts. Carol rose all the way up and brought herself down.

Peter entered pure, glorious heaven. His fingers pushed against Carol's nipples. The manhood worked deep inside of her. Carol's warm breasts encased him.

"I love your breasts," Peter said. "They're so soft, and nice…and very big."

"I know, I know you love them, I can feel how much you love them, baby," Carol said. "And I know you like your big cock squeezed between my big tits. Do you feel how much this is…do you feel how good it is?"

Carol slid her breasts down to the base of Peter's cock and reached underneath to squeeze Peter's balls. She squeezed Peter a couple times and weighed the glorious weight inside of her balls. She stroked him a couple of times.

The grip around Peter had been released. Carol smiled and kissed the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around him. She pulled up and watched Peter twitch.

The sensation of her mouth around him made Peter almost burst inside of her mouth. Carol stroked him from the base all the way to the head of his cock. She squeezed him hard and pushed deep around her mouth. Carol slurped him extremely hard and sucked him for a couple more minutes.

"Want a taste?"

Carol slid her panties off and exposed her beautiful, shaven pussy. She stood up on the bed, her pussy lowering towards Peter. He reached up to grab her.

The moist womanhood of the Kree-empowered superheroine pushed over Peter's mouth. He nibbled on her lower lips. He was doing something right given how much the older woman moaned around him. Peter shifted his tongue in her inner lips, and swirled around him.

Carol wrapped her hand around the base of Peter's cock and jerked him. She bounced up and down on Peter's face. His hands grabbed her ass which sent sparks of pleasure spreading through her body. His tongue touched every part of the inside of her.

She reached up and cupped her breasts with her hands. Carol squeezed her breasts, threw her head back and gave a passionate moan. He really touched every part on the inside of her.

Peter drank up the juices dripping down from between Carol's legs. He rubbed her from behind with Peter sending his tongue deeper inside of her. Peter licked her insides, hungrily munching on her pussy. Carol shifted her womanhood down onto him.

"Mmm, Peter, it's so good, I can't wait to have this nice big cock inside of my warm wet pussy."

He throbbed in her hand. Carol rubbed him, careful not to bring him too soon. She gripped the base of his cock lightly. The warm tongue of the busty blonde sucked Peter.

She squirted her juices all over his face. Carol bucked her hips down onto him and ground down onto him.

Peter fell back on the bed, watching Carol's firm ass pull away from him. He gave it a parting squeeze and spank. Carol turned around with a sultry smile on her face.

"I want you so bad."

"I do too," Carol said. "But, good things come to those who wait."

Carol climbed on top of Peter and mounted his hips. Her womanhood touched the edge of his throbbing cock. Her slit dragged down the manhood and shoved a little bit of him inside of her. Her pussy lips came close to pushing into her.

Peter closed his eyes, feeling Carol's hands gripping his face by the side. She kissed Peter furiously, madly, passionately. Her mouth slurped the edge of Peter's mouth and sucked him. Carol leaned closer towards him and kissed him hard on the edge of the mouth. Her tongue touched the edge of Peter's mouth and went inside of his mouth.

The moment their loins connected, pure electricity flowed through the bodies of the both of the soon to be lowers. Carol wrapped a hand around Peter's hard cock and guided it towards her.

The warm, lustful grip of Carol ensnared Peter all of the way. The two powerful lovers.

"Don't hold back."

Peter smiled, he was glad she didn't hold back. His fingers pushed against her. His hips bucked and slammed his hard manhood into her wet pussy. Carol gripped him and rubbed her womanhood down onto him. Peter reached up and cupped Carol's firm breasts. He grabbed them, released them.

The sensations rushing through Carol's body made her feel really good. Peter plowed his manhood deep inside of her body. He rose almost all the way out of her and stuck his cock inside her warm depths. The smoldering womanhood took Peter inside of her. Carol rose up and pushed deep inside of her with a few more shoves.

"Yes, yes, Peter, please," Carol mewled in pleasure. Her nails dug into his back. "Take them, squeeze them, use them any way you want."

Peter leaned into her chest and lavished it. Those nipples stuck inside of Peter's mouth when he stuck them in and released them. He sucked and licked Carol's aching nipples. Carol pushed more of her womanhood down onto Peter's hard manhood with a few more pushes.

"Mmm, baby, harder," Carol breathed. "Pound my pussy, pound it very hard!"

Peter held onto her with a few more thrusts, working her body. Her hips clamped down onto Peter and released it. Carol clenched around him a few times and released it. She wanted every inch of his love organ into her.

The pleasure coursing through the body of Peter made him feel excitement. Her hips clenched onto him.

"Does it feel good?" Carol asked.

"Good?" Peter asked. "It feels marvelous!"

Carol seductively sucked his fingers after they had been pulled from her breasts. It was a good thing he was a good lay, otherwise she would have been annoyed by such a pun. Her hips clamped around Peter's and milked him. She took him deep inside of her body.

The rush of pleasure coursed through Carol's body. She slammed down onto him and rode out her orgasm. Her body shook in pleasure.

Peter didn't know how much it was better. The blonde goddess rose up and down onto him. His hands found her breasts again. The more he squeezed them, the more Carol brought herself down onto him. She slowed down her tempo just enough to ensure Peter didn't cum too soon.

He put his hand on the back of Carol's neck and rubbed it. She threw her head back and moaned. Peter touched a very sensitive spot on the back of her neck. Coupled with his fingers pushing against Carol's nipples, she panted and moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck," Carol said. "You're so amazing."

The beautiful superheroine guided Peter's head deep into her cleavage. His hands pushed around Carol's breasts and he lavished on her. Carol's fingers pushed deep against the back of his head.

Peter lavished her breasts the more she rode down into him. Her breasts pushed against his face. A brief moment to come up with air followed with Peter shoving his face back between Carol's glorious chest mountains. Her womanhood slid down onto him.

"Yes, it's so amazing, better than amazing, it's so great," Carol panted. "Are you going to cum for me…"

The sticky fingers gripping her nipples and the sides of her breasts sent a series of miniature orgasms over Carol's being. These little orgasms all lead up to the big one.

"Getting close."

Carol smiled and felt Peter's engorged organ thrusting into her. He brought so much pleasure through her body, it was time for her to bring pleasure. Carol pumped her warm love box down his organ. She needed to give him the best orgasm of his life and drain those balls until they were fucked raw. Carol slipped down on Peter's hard cock.

The web slinger leaned back for a second and then buried his face back into Carol's breasts one more time. His hands touched her ass as well, when it had been brought down onto Peter. The moist center squeezed and released Peter a few more times.

He splattered inside of her womanhood. Peter unleashed a steady supply of wet cum into her body. He shoved more of his rod inside of her with every second of the way.

"Mmm," Carol said.

Carol pulled away from Peter on the bed. The marvelous heroine spanked her rear. She dragged her finger into her mouth and sucked it. Carol pushed her finger into her asshole and fingered herself, making sure her eyes were Peter.

"I know your eyes and hands won't leave it…but do you think your cock can handle it?" Carol asked.

"You want me…"

Carol pushed herself onto Peter's hand, and took his fingers into her mouth. She lustfully sucked them. Carol's ass grinded on Peter's hard cock when it brushed against her tight, back entrance.

"I want you to fuck my ass and fuck it hard."

Peter's cock strengthened to full strength. Carol's lubricated hole pushed against his cock, and slowly slipped it inside of her. The unbelievable tightness of Carol's ass made Peter almost come undone. He managed to hold it together when he guided himself inside of her. His fingers touched her clit and had been rewarded with moans of pleasure.

Carol bit down on her lip. So much cock extended her tight asshole and made her feel marvelous, no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little bit of a pun intended. Peter's strong hands held onto Carol's hips. He shifted inside of her with his balls pushing deep against her. He bounced back and forth against her.

The two of them met together. Peter steadied himself with a bit of momentum to go into her back entrance. His fingers touched the side of Carol's hips and she worked down onto him. Carol's breasts bounced each time she came down onto his cock. He touched, squeezed, fondled, twisted those juicy nipples. Hunger spread over Carol's tight ass a few seconds later.

"Mmmm, right there, right in my ass!"

Peter could feel the lust burning through her. His hands cupped and released her breasts several times before moving down. He kissed the side of Carol's neck and she gave him a dirty smile. She turned her head so her lustful expression reflected in the mirror right where Peter could feel it.

The sensation of his hard balls slapping against her ass made him want this even more. Carol was one of the most beautiful women he knew, and that was saying something, given he knew a lot of beautiful women. He lived his dream and the dream of many others by slamming her ass. He lavished further attention on her, squeezing Carol's firm ass and giving it a nice little spank. He pushed deep into her with a fluid series of pumps.

The feeling of having Carol's tight ass squeezing down on Peter almost made him come undone at him. Peter squeezed her all of the way.

"Feel my wet pussy," Carol said. "How wet I am with your cock in my ass?"

"Very wet."

Peter rubbed his fingers over Carol. He clenched her clit and squeezed her. The nerve endings came over her body. Carol shifted her ass down onto him with a few fluid pumps.

"Going to make you cum soon, you can't hold out forever," Carol said. "Feel how nice….this is a booty that can stop traffic, isn't it?"

She did have a nice, round, perfectly firm butt. Peter's hands quested on it when he drilled his rod inside of it. Carol lusted for him and the sensation of his balls ached even harder. He knew she was right, and he knew there wasn't much longer. He enjoyed every single moment of her ass.

The Kree empowered heroine's lust levels increased. She needed to do this more often, Peter touched her in all of the right spots. He gave her enough of a taste to set Carol's pleasure levels to a new degree. His fingers touched Carol's nipples and squeezed them very hard. Carol's mouth dripped with drool. Her hunger increased.

"Getting close."

His balls throbbed and the sensation of a good release brought a pleasurable sensation through Peter's body. He injected his burning hot seed inside of Carol's taboo hole.

Carol rubbed herself raw at the feeling of this man, this beautiful, strong, man, pounding her ass into submission and filling him with his seed. Both of her holes were dribbling now, and the fact Peter made her feel this good turned her on any more.

"Oh, you're a keeper," Carol breathed.

"Good to see you think so."

Peter's balls strained and released a thick load of cum inside of her. This little encounter would not be a one-time event and Peter was perfectly happy, beyond perfectly happy in fact. He filled Carol's warm hole with his seed, dribbling inside of her back entrance.

"Yes, I do."

He finished up in her ass and left both of them with the sweet pleasure of a release. Carol rubbed herself through the last few seconds of an orgasm before coming back down to Earth.

The two of them settled down on the bed. Carol sat herself over, and draped her head lazily on Peter's shoulder. She closed her eyes, thinking this would be the beginning of a very fulfilling relationship.

"Well, I should get almost killed by the Vulture more often," Peter said. "If it leads to this."

"Oh, I think you don't have to go that drastic to get my attention."

Carol gave Peter a very passionate kiss, and the two hot blooded heroes decided to go for one more round with each other on this very marvelous morning.



Chapter Text

Friendly Neighborhood Booty Call(Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman)


Peter Parker returned to his apartment after a nice night of doing his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man thing. Some people may have speculated he returned to a secret lair of some sort, maybe a Spider-Cave, or something. However, unless one counted the storage room across from the living room area as a secret lair, no it wasn't a real secret lair.

Sandman's last plot to steal some priceless artwork had been stopped cold by Spider-Man, quite literally given he used the museum's air vents to bombard Sandman with cold air and freeze him in place. Spider-Man didn't seen Flint Marko as the most cultured type in the world, but he supposed if the price was right, then he would be willing to steal some art work.

Peter thought tonight would be a TV dinner night, perhaps binge watch some things on Netflix. However, he heard a knock on the door which made him very curious. He made his way to the door. No spider sense went off, always a good sign.

A super hero always had to wonder about the potential for one of their many enemies following them back to their secret lair, even though said secret lair wasn't really much of a lair. He opened the door and the sight on the other side of the door blew him away.

Jessica Drew stood on the other end of the door and she looked stunning. His fellow spider-themed super hero stood dressed in the classic red dress which snug her hips. Sheer stockings covered her legs and she wore a pair of high-heel shoes which made her legs extended several feet up and make her look really stunning.

"Are you just going to gawk, or are you going to invite me in?" Jessica asked.

"Right, come in, wow, you look beautiful….."

"Thanks, you look pretty nice yourself," Jessica said.

"So, whose the lucky guy?"

"Oh, you know him," Jessica said with a smile. "I've decided to stay in to eat tonight, instead of going out because I see something that I like on the menu."

Peter opened his mouth to ask her what she liked. Jessica shut him up by attacking him with a kiss. Peter had been surprised, but much appreciated. Her pheromones drove any questions out of his mind about returning the kiss. Not that Jessica coming in here and shoving her tongue down his throat didn't drive any sense. And her hands, her hands were very grabby, and her crotch ground against Peter's.

Jessica attack the mouth of her soon to be lover. Her tongue shifted deeper inside Peter's mouth. She decided tonight was the night to take the plunge. She didn't think about it, she just put on her best dress, and drove over to Peter's apartment. Whatever happened, happened, at least in her mind.

"Someone's excited," Jessica said.


"Don't think, and you're ruin the moment," Jessica said.

Jessica dropped down onto her knees, pulled Peter's cock out. She waited a long time of this, and Carol gave her blessing to take a crack at Peter. Jessica's warm hand wrapped out Peter's thick shaft and she squeezed him.

"Your cock is so big," Jessica said. "I just have to put it in my mouth. May I?"

"Help yourself."

Was he going to say no, now a raven-haired goddess kissed the hell out of him and then came into his apartment, ready and willing to suck his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then worked down the base. Jessica traveled down his manhood a couple of times before she kissed the tip of his head.

Warmth engulfed Peter Parker in a blink of an eye. He held the back of Jessica's head. Her tongue shifted and rotated on the underside of Peter's manhood. The engorged prick filled him up. Peter held onto the back of her head and pushed into her mouth. Those green eyes burned with passion when looking up at him. Peter's throbbing manhood inched to the back of her throat.

"Yes, Jess, it feels so good," Peter said.

Jessica stroked him with the part of cock not jammed into her mouth. She dreamed about how his cum would taste. The animal instincts rooted deep inside of her body longed to mate with Peter for a long time. She made all of the excuses not to, but now she had him, she wasn't going to let go.

Peter pushed his fingers down onto the back of Jessica's head and sawed his way into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth engulfed and released him.

"Damn it, I'm going to cum if you keep it up."

Jessica smiled, and just pushed back onto him. Her cheeks bulged, filling up with so much of his cock. Peter ran his fingers down across the back of her head. The young man shoved more of his engorged cock inside Jessica's willing, tight, and very wet throat. The raven-haired goddess slurped him and brought his cock out.

Peter shoved himself inside Jessica's throat and unleashed a flood of cum. The sticky seed spilled into the back of her throat ,and coated it. Peter held onto Jessica's cheeks and drilled her until her mouth filled up with more cum than she could handle.

The moment Peter filled her mouth, Jess slowly slid away. She rose up to a standing position and stuck her tongue out. Slowly, the cum stood on Jessica's tongue before she made a production out of swallowing it. Her hands moved towards the straps of her dress and she slowly slid them down.

"No bra?"

Jessica smiled and cupped her large breasts in hand, showing Peter how they looked. She passed them off to her fellow spider-themed hero. Those strong hands cupped her big juicy melons in hand.

"I was feeling naughty," Jessica said.

Peter smiled when squeezing them. She did have a pair of panties on, but they were barely quilfied as such. The thin strip of fabric just barely covered Jessica's pussy lips and a small strip went up behind her.

Jess turned around, never once allowing Peter's grip from her chest to break. Peter leaned closer towards Jessica and kissed the back of her neck. She smiled and shivered.

"I guess this is what they call a booty call," Peter said.

"Why, is my booty calling for you?" Jessica saucily asked. "Go ahead and touch it, you know you want to."

Peter did touch it. His finger detached away from Jessica's breast. The sultry moan she gave made Peter harden even more. The only thing which separated Jessica's pussy from his cock was a very small strip of fabric. Dental floss may have had more fabric. Peter touched her, squeezing Jess's firm bum. It melded nicely in his hands, and Peter squeezed her thick rear end one more time.

"Yes, I do want to, and I will, as many times as you want me to."

"And if you want to fuck me, then take that big cock, and show me what you go."

Jessica's tone dripped with pure sex. Peter's questing fingers made their way near her womanhood, her thighs spreading to invite Peter inside of her. He felt how wet it was, and tried to line her up for the intrusion.

Every time Peter touched the side of Jessica, her horniness accelerated to a new level. Peter's fingers brushed against her toned stomach, sending a moan of the deepest most delicate passion, and desire coming from her. Peter inched very much closer towards her, his hard cock almost up against her entrance.

"Inside me," Jessica said.

She closed her eyes, curling her fingers against the wall where Peter had her right where he wanted her, and she was in a pretty good position, at least in her mind. Peter filled her all the way to the brim with his huge cock and then pulled almost all the way out of her. His balls slapped against Jessica. He filled her up once again.

Peter enjoyed the strength of Jessica's inner walls squeezing him. He responded by doing some squeezing of her own. Breasts, hips, everything Peter could get. He situated against her and rammed into her.

Jessica's toes curled with each succession thrust. Peter had her pinned against the wall, without anywhere to go. Peter picked up the pace and drilled her further inside. Her nails dug against the wall with each thrust.

"There goes my new paint job," Peter said

"Oh, you can make up for it by giving my womb a fresh coat of paint," Jessica answered.

Peter smiled and ran his fingers down the side of her neck. Her sultry, sexy, body intoxicated Peter. He stuck his hands to her nipples and them released them. Every time he performed this ritual, Jessica's hot pussy tightened around him and released his rod.

"I just might," Peter said. "Hang on, you're almost done."

Jessica's lips pressed together with each other. She hummed, hungrily. Peter squeezed her ass and spanked it one more time.

"Go ahead, cum for me, Jess. Cum for me hard…..what's a little webbing between two spiders?"

Her wet pussy squeezed down. Jessica's feet pressed against the wall along with her hands. Peter was directly underneath her, thrusting his cock into her tight cavern. Each thrust brought more pleasure from her body.

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man took his cock inside of Jessica's inviting snatch. Every time she tightened the grip. The position they were in made it very hard to gain some kind of grip. She tightened around him.

"Just cum," Jessica said.

She came one more time. Her pheromones mixed in the bodily fluids coming in the air. Peter tightened his grip and started to slam into her pussy so hard. He rammed into her so hard, with a concussive force. Jess didn't bother to tell him to stop, she just moaned heavily and loudly.

"I need it….my body craves it, I can't hold back any more," Jessica said. "Oh, your cum, oh I want it, so bad….soooo bad…..SO BAD!"

Peter slammed into her, the feeling of his balls clenching grew with more prominence. She milked Peter deep inside of her center. The biological impulse ruled Peter, his spider side needed to breed this sexy beauty beneath him. His balls slapped against her.

The constriction of his balls happened, and no matter what, Peter could not hold back for much longer.

The beautiful bombshell underneath Peter closed her eyes, and felt the strength of his large cock going deep inside of her tight body. Peter slammed inside of her and started to fill her up with cum. Jessica's body sized up with pleasure with the juices shoved into her body.

The two of them exchanged their juices and then a second later, Peter turned around a second later. Jessica turned off of the wall and shoved Peter back. Peter landed on the edge of the couch and just avoided dropping down to the ground.

"Not done?" Peter asked.

"No, I'm just getting warmed up," Jessica said.

She decided to help Peter back to full strength by dropping down to the ground. Her warm breasts encased Peter's long throbbing cock. Jessica slid herself all the way down Peter's shaft. Peter held his hands on either side of her breasts.

"Yes," Jessica said. "Fuck my big tits, fuck them hard!"

Peter didn't really have any argument with her. Her breasts squeezed and released him several times. His cock swelled to full strength the second he enjoyed having his cock buried deep inside of her. Jessica pulled away from him.

"Nice and hard, just like I love it."

Jess's warm lips touched his cock. She tasted the combination of fluids coating Peter's cock. She licked him and rose to a standing position. Jessica stretched herself out and showed her flexibility. Her warmth surrounded Peter's hard cock and pushed down onto him.

The warmth of her tight cunt pushed up and down on Peter. She stretched around him with Peter's hands gripping Jessica's firm rear end. He squeezed it. Jessica bounced up and down on his engorged rod.

"You're making me so hot!" Jessica moaned.

Peter pushed his hands against her and squeezed her. The raven-haired beauty dropping up and down on his throbbing hard cock made Peter push his way deep inside of her. His rod swelled every second of the way. He buried deep inside of her.

The young man leaned in and she engulfed his head with a tight hug. Peter pressed his face into Jessica's warm cleavage. She leaned back to enjoy him sucking her chest.

"You're going to make me cum, oh right there, honey, there's a good spot!"

Jessica worked her hips up and down on Peter. Every single second her womanhood squeezed up and down on him. She milked the engorged manhood.

Peter felt her warm mouth latched on the side of his neck. Jessica marked his neck with a series of love bites. She rubbed the back of his neck and guided more of his neck into her mouth. Jessica leaned back a second later and Peter's suction increased around her nipple.

"You have such nice tits."

"I know I do," Jessica said. "Worship them….show me how much you love them."

Jessica also kissed Peter on the top of the head, the side of his neck, and behind his ear. She suckled his ear lobe, and shoved her womanhood down around Peter's hard cock. Her wet pussy tightened up and around Peter's massive rod. It pushed deep inside of her.

The two of them connected with each other in a passionate dance. Their lust refilled with each motion into each other. Jessica's pussy throbbed and sent a pleasurable rush of sticky warm juices onto her. Peter reached behind her and pinched Jessica's pleasantly juicy ass. His hands rubbed all over her and touched her legs.

Miniature electrical shocks spread deep inside of her body. Jessica rose halfway up, dropping down onto her. Jessica bounced her breasts against Peter's face. He took them and kissed them. He leaned closer towards her face and sucked it.

"Fuck," Jessica moaned. "Keep it up….cum for me, Spider-Man, cum for me."

"You first, Spider-Woman."

Jess squeezed and released him. Her rushing cum spilled all the way down Peter's aching rod, with Jessica sliding down his manhood. The two of them rocked each other, their hips coming down against each other.

Every last minute, Peter filled Jessica. Her snatch released him and then allowed him to fill her once again. His balls threatened to burst with pleasure. Peter's fingers groped her legs and pinched the tanned firm flesh. Peter leaned closer into her and sucked her aching nipples.

"Suck my tits!" Jessica yelled. "Suck those big….juicy…tits!"

The sweet sensation of lust made Jessica size up and drive down onto Peter. Those thick balls came closer to reach them.

"Go ahead, stud, let it go," Jessica said.

"Yes," Peter murmured. "I'm not going to hold back….I hope you're ready."

She gave him an encouraging smile. Peter picked up with multiple thrusts inside of her body. He worked her sticky insides to the point of her cumming all over his hard rod. Peter slid himself into her. Those balls contracted and fired inside of her.

Jessica growled in pleasure and pushing those nails into his back. The sticky barrage of cum spilled deep inside of her body. Jessica had been filled up for the second time, leaving her pussy sticky, battered, and sacrificed.

"That was amazing," Peter said.

"And spectacular?" Jessica asked. "Don't worry, I've got all night, and I think you do as well."

Jessica kissed Peter's body from his face, to his lips, his neck, chest, and then she made her way down to his pole which grew erect for one more round.

Peter appreciated how much a rather mundane night spiced up in a hurry. And he wasn't complaining in the slightest.



Chapter Text

In Peter Parker's Pants(Janet Van Dyne/Wasp)


Peter Parker got changed out of his costume as the Amazing Spider-Man, after a nice night on the town. He stripped off his spider man costume. Nothing, but your usual run of the mill thugs tonight, so it was a rather quiet night. Peter stripped off his costume, leaving nothing but his under clothes on and entered the changing room at Avenger's Tower.

He paused and frowned. He heard a buzzing sound and there was something in his pants. Peter looked down and saw, Janet Van Dyne, better known as the superheroine the Wasp, who had literally gotten into his pants. Why she literally got into his pants, well it was a mystery to Peter.

"Peter!" Jan squeaked.

"Jan," Peter said.

"Okay, there's a perfectly good reason why I am trying to get into your pants."

Peter smiled and Jan floated up and rested in the palm of his hand. The smaller woman looked towards him. She had shrunk down to the size of the Wasp. Peter amused himself to think she had the perfect powers to be a voyeur, just shrinking down and hiding behind something.

Well, it was either her or Susan Storm, who could turn invisible.

"I'm pretty sure it is," Peter said. "And normally, I wouldn't object to a pretty lady trying to get in my pants, but at the same time, I'm pretty curious to what you're doing here."

"Right, you're curious, fair enough," Jan said. Her head bobbed about in excitement. "The truth is, I'm looking for a stray Pym particle, and it floated somewhere in here….and I hoped it didn't land in your pants. Otherwise, you'd get a surprise when it…well when it causes you to shrink."

Peter blinked a half of a second later. Jan's tiny shoulders responded with a shrug.

"Or I guess it causes you to grow…but either wouldn't be good for different reasons," Jan said. "Unstable Pym Particles aren't a good thing though….and after Hank….left…."

Jan shook her head. That was in the past though, and she had moved on with what happened. She tried to keep an upbeat attitude. The Ultron thing really did affect him.

"After he's gone, he left a few of his pieces of equipment behind in a hurry, and there was some Pym Particles," Jan said. "I encountered all of them, except one and….well, I think I lost the trail."

Jan really had no choice but to grow to be honest. However, the moment she activated the growth part of her powers, something very interesting happened. Her body grew, but her suit shrunk.

Peter's eyes widened when he saw Janet Van Dyne standing before him in all of her glory. Her silky dark hair and beautiful face were always known. She had a toned body, with large breasts which stood firm and proud. She was fit and tanned as well, with the perfect hour glass shaped body, wide hips, and a nice pussy with a small strip of black hair down it. She had long perfectly formed legs as well to go with her body.

"Shit, I think I found it!" Jan yelled. "Peter could you…"

Peter saw the Pym particle and webbed it out of thin air, before he placed it into a vial. It should be held.

Jan flushed when she realized she stood naked in front of Peter. She looked over at him and was about to mutter an apology. However, Jan's mind faded and had been distracted very a certain part of his body. Peter dressed in nothing but his boxer shorts and undershirt and said boxer shorts formed a tent.

It took Peter a moment to realize where Jan's eager eyes were looking.

"I had no idea," Jan muttered.

"Jan, I'm…"

"No, it's my fault," Jan said. "And we're part of the Avengers, we're a team, and we should help each other."

Jan had been pretty stressed out to be honest. The woman's eyes traveled down Peter's body.

"Jan, I don't know."

His words had been cut off by Jan's fingers working their way down his boxer shorts. She leaned in and kissed Peter on the lips. Their tongues tangled together and met with a passionate kiss, which increased. Peter could feel her large breasts press against his chest.

"Sometimes, sex is just sex, Peter," Jan said. "Two friends, two teammates, helping each other out. And it's better to go to someone I trust…than to try and hook up with some random asshole at a club, isn't it?"

"Of course," Peter said. "If you're sure….."

"I wouldn't be groping you if I wasn't sure."

Peter laughed, fair enough. He leaned in and this time he kissed Jan. Her hungry moans increased with Peter pushing himself onto her mouth. Jan's mouth opened wide to accept Peter's tongue going deep inside of her mouth, to the point where it pushed into the back of her throat.

He backed Jan up against the lockers and kissed her fiercely some more. One of her legs wrapped firmly around him. Peter decided to feel her leg and marveled how soft it was. Jan's legs were smooth. She was beautiful enough to model her own clothing she designed as well.

Jan closed her eyes. She didn't intend to have sex with Peter today, but she would be lying if she didn't think it. Hell, most of the women in the Avengers thought about it. Jen did, Jessica did, Carol did, hell, even Natasha did. And now she was pinned against the lower, feeling his boxer clothed erect pressed up against her.

"Let me take your friend out, he seems cooped up."

Jan pushed Peter back a couple of inches and tugged down his boxer shorts to reveal his throbbing, long cock. It looked thick and juicy to her. Jan bent down and kissed Peter on the tip of his head. She pulled back, but not before swirling her tongue around it.

She turned around and pressed her hands to the lockers. Peter made his way behind her and started to feel her up. Jan's breathing continued when Peter's hands clutched her breasts and gave Jan a nice little squeeze. Her heart picked up, racing even faster.

Jan's eyes glazed over with a smile and a blast of pleasure. Peter squeezed Jan's beautiful globes in response. Jan panted at the pleasure. He gripped and released Jan's breasts before pulling away from her and running down her body.

"Don't tease me, I need to get fucked, and fucked badly."

One feel of Jan's dripping wet pussy showed Peter pretty much all he needed to know. Jan's hungry pussy lips came very close to gobbling Peter's fingers up. He smiled and almost pulled away from them.

"Yes, I can tell. Your pussy is hungry….so wet as well. I bet it's tight."

Jan smiled and spread her thighs in response, as far as they could go. Peter's throbbing cock danced at the edge of Jan's door. His hands balanced preciously on Jan's hips and he reared back before pushing himself deep inside of her. He stuck his cock inside of Jan's warm body.

Peter held himself back from slamming into Jan's willing and wet pussy. Her warm body pumped around Peter a few inches. He pushed deep inside of her and then pulled out of her all of the way. Peter pushed into her one more time and stretched her out.

'She's so tight.'

The breasts of the brunette beauty bounced and Peter cupped them. He pounded inside of her from behind. Jan closed her eyes in pleasure. Her lip bit down, nipple hardening. Peter gripped her nipple and squeezed it to cause her to come undone.

"Mmm, yes, mmm…ah…..yes!"

The first of what Jan hoped to be many orgasms passed through her body. Peter buried his cock hard between her clenching walls. Those balls slapped against her body. Peter rested his hands on either side of Jan's hips and pushed into her.

"You really must have wanted this for a long time, didn't you?"

Jan answered with a feverish nod. Was she that blatant to be honest? Peter almost pulled out of Jan and drove deep inside of her body hard. Jan's breasts bounced when he plowed her into the wall of the Avengers' dressing room.

The thought anyone could walk in at any time and see Jan being drilled hard excited her. Peter's fingers danced all over her body.

"You're a gift….if all of the other women thought…."

Jan faded away with Peter pounded her center hard. Her gushing center clamped down around Peter's love muscle.

Peter worked himself hard inside of Jan. He bounced hard against her. The beautiful Wasp squirmed underneath his manhood. He ran his hands down her upper head.

"Are you feeling good?" Peter asked.

Jan bit down on her lip and nodded in response. Peter's hands grabbed Jan's nipples and twisted them. Her body tensed up and released a flood of cum around Peter's engorged prick. She pushed her hips all the way down Peter's hard rod and released a gushing amount of cum down on his rod.

"Yes," Jan said. "Pound me, fuck me harder."

Her juicy ass stuck out enticingly for Peter's hands. He grabbed the ass of Jan and squeezed them. The engorged rod pushed deep inside of her clenching womanhood. Peter pushed his rod inside of her body and almost pulled out of her. He pushed inside of her, stretching her out.

Jan's body tensed up with more pleasure. Peter bottomed out deep inside of her. Jan really wanted him to push himself into her. Her body shook and Peter held himself against her. He pushed into her body and buried himself into her. His balls tensed up about ready to give and Jan was ready to receive.

"Put that juicy cum in me," Jan breathed.

Peter really tried to hold on, and tried not to lose himself inside of Jan. Her sweet pussy was such a temptation though he couldn't hold himself back. He closed his eyes and drilled deep inside of Jan's body. The first blast of cum fired inside of her body. More cum flooded inside of her body.

The two heroes achieved mutual release together with each other. Peter injected his burning seed into Jan's wet pussy, and filled her completely up.

Peter pulled away from Jan and dropped down onto the bench. Jan turned around a few seconds later, and smiled.

"Oh, we're not done yet, Petey."

Jan gave a wicked grin which made Peter wonder if she ever moonlighted as supervillain. The Wasp closed her eyes and shrank down to the size of a few inches tall.

She fluttered over against Peter's cock and wrapped her feet around the base of his cock, before grabbing onto the top of his head. Jan rubbed tiny body up and down Peter's hard cock. She leaned up and batted her tongue over his cock.

Peter groaned. He couldn't believe how much pleasure Jan's tiny body gave him when she ran herself against his cock. She could get in deep, and simulate the nerve endings better. Jan's finger's pushed around the tip of his head. Her tongue licked his body.

"Damn, Jan."

His cock looked particularly massive from Jan's point of view and kept dropping down to the ground. Jan went between legs and went in deep to suck on his balls. Her lips kissed and sucked his manhood.

Jan shimmied up the pole a second later and sat on the tip of Peter's cock. It pushed against her tiny pussy and Jan spread her legs.

Peter saw Jan's body grow even more. The more she grew, the further her tight pussy took his cock into her. Jan's body returned to full size, although her breasts might have been a little larger. And breasted in Peter's face. Peter reached around and took her ass.

"I'm going to ride you and drain your balls," Jan said. "They needed to be emptied for a long time, didn't they?"

The answer didn't come when Peter had his mouth wrapped firmly around Jan's aching nipple. Jan pushed her nipple deeper inside Peter's mouth and sucked them hard.

It was true, Peter needed his balls drained. Especially when such a pinnacle of womanhood rode his cock, and worshipped his manhood with her tight, gripping pussy, it was very good. Jan rose up and dropped down on Peter's throbbing cock. Her body pushed down into his.

Jan closed her eyes and leaned back to ensure Peter's face buried into her breasts. He sucked her chest, and she smiled the further she drove herself up and down. Jan's wet pussy clamped down on Peter's throbbing hard cock.

"Oh, Peter, I want more," Jan breathed.

The Wasp drove herself down onto the engorged cock of the web slinger. Her pussy ached with the thought of being filled up with so much of his cum. Her ass bounced and connected with Peter's thighs. Peter reached underneath her and gripped her ass.

The web slinger's mouth stuck to Jan's breasts. He buried his face in between the large mountains of breasts. After numerous scientific analysis, Peter realized Jan made her tits larger. Not he complained, more soft, firm flesh to bury his face in and sucked.

Jan dropped her tanned body down onto Peter's encouraged cock. The hands stuck towards Jan's ass and released the pole.

She came so hard and her pussy grew even tighter around Peter. The milking of his love muscle shove deep inside of Jan's dripping hot pussy. The woman planted herself deep down onto Peter and dropped him deep inside of her body.

Peter closed his eyes and found more of Jan's breasts pushed deep into her face. Those breasts were so wonderful, Peter wanted to bury himself into her. She bounced onto him harder. An aching feeling spread through Peter's hard cock when pushing them into his body.

"It's coming, I'm getting close," Jan said. "And you're getting close as well….I can't wait to drain your balls."

A few more pumps and Jan came undone in response. Jan's wet pussy dropped down onto Peter's engorged cock and filled her completely up and then released him. She dropped down onto him and released him with a few more pumps of her pussy going down ono them.

"I can't wait either," Peter responded to her. "It's going to feel so good."

Jan nodded in confirmation; it was going to feel beyond good. His head resting on her breasts, worshipping them, it made her feel really good.

Her tight vice squeezed him. Peter held onto her hips and shoved deep inside of her body. The manhood clenched and fired deep inside of her body. The warm seed spewed into her body and splattered her insides. Jan clenched him hard and released him.

Peter enjoyed her warm pussy sliding all the way down on his cock. She drained every single drop of his cock.

"Wonderful," Jan said. "You're amazing…..and spectacular as well."

Jan pulled away from Peter and kissed him in response.

"So, feel free to come by my penthouse for coffee in the morning," Jan said, winking at him.

Peter wasn't about to say no to an invitation like that. It was obvious she wanted more, and Peter wasn't about to turn her down.



Chapter Text

Fruits of Victory(Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird).


"Are you sure about this?"

Peter Parker had been led up a set of stairs up to a very expensive hotel suite by Bobbi Morse, better known as the superheroine, Mockingbird. The blonde wore a smile on her face, along with a tank top and a casual pair of blue jeans when she lead him up the stairs.

"Hey, you helped me take down HYDRA," Bobbi responded. "Well, a part of HYDRA, you know, the entire one head go off, two more grow back thing which has been happening as long as HYDRA has been around. But, still, we really kicked Strucker's ass and stopped his doomsday plan."

The night started so innocently, Bobbi and Peter went out for a drink after defeating HYDRA. The night went on, and she got a bit touchy feely, until she invited him upstairs, to a hotel suite she was staying in while on the West Coast.

"I just don't want Barton to come after me and use me to test his new trick arrows," Peter said.

"You don't have to worry about, Clint," Bobbi said. "We've both moved on."

Bobbi guided Peter into the room with a smile on her face.

"Just let me change, and if you still want to say no, then I'll let you leave," Bobbi said. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable…but just give me a chance to rock your world."

She offered Peter a seat in a little area next to the bedroom, and Bobbi draped her bag over her shoulder before disappearing into the next room. Peter smiled.

'Well, you have to give the girl credit for trying to get what she wants. Although, I can't help, but think I'm a glorified rebound after that messy divorce she went through.'

Peter wondered if that was entirely a bad thing. Tension relief was very important in his line of work, and he spent a lot of his nights relieving the tension by beating on the bad guys, webbing them up, and leaving them for the police. Despite it working to relieve his stress most nights, there was only so many times where you could beat up Shocker, Rhino, Electro, and the rest of his colorful rogues gallery before things got boring.

"Hello, here comes the Spider-Man."

Bobbi was slightly drunk, but more functional than most would be with the number of drinks she knocked back tonight. Bobbi stepped into the room, dressed in a very lacy black teddy with white trip. The lingerie did a good job in showcasing her large breasts and firm body. The material bunched up against her crotch and ass. She wore a nice pair of thigh high stockings as well, and a pair of fingerless black gloves. She had a choker on her neck, and Peter blinked.

'Is she wearing a choker with a leash on it?'

The Avenger, and part time SHIELD agent, walked towards Peter.

"So, tell me, web slinger?" Bobbi asked. "Are you still going to say no, because my ex-husband, or are you going to tap this?"

Bobbi turned around and slapped herself on the ass. She turned back towards Peter, and smiled.

"Maybe I should give you further incentive."

Bobbi motioned Peter towards her, and the two wrapped their arms around her. Peter was the first to kiss Bobbi, which surprised the blonde. His hands reached around to grab her ass and squeeze it. Bobbi pulled away from the kiss, smiled.

"So the Amazing Spider-Man is really the Amazing Ass Man? Who knew?"

"Hey, you have one worthy of worshipping," Peter said, pulling her in for another kiss, what little reluctance he had, failing. The hot blonde grinding her body against his and pushing her breasts in his face making it hard.

"I can't deny that, and it gets me excited to see you were watching it when we were in the air vent tonight," Bobbi responded.

Their tongues met in the middle with each other. Peter moved her towards the bed, their embrace becoming entangled, their passions becoming more heated. Both of them stuck their tongues into each other's throat, both of them trying to gain some level of an advantage over each other.

Peter Parker parted the smooth thighs of the blonde beauty underneath him.

"Just rip the crotch if you need to," Bobbi said. "That would be sexy."

He stuck his fingers to the crotch of Bobbi's lingerie and ripped it off. She gasped when Peter removed it, and exposed her dripping lips. Peter's fingers raked over Bobbi's gorgeous slit and he marveled at how wet it was.

Peter kissed down her body, marveling at how toned and firmed those thighs are, how flat her stomach was. Bobbi worked out, achieving the perfection of an Amazonian beauty, and it really showed. Those large breasts, tight ass, and rocking body made Peter extremely hard.

"So, am I about to see that mouth of yours is not just for cracking wise?"

A smile spread across the web slinger's face when he leaned down and planted a series of kisses all over Bobbi's thighs. His finally destination came between her thighs, on that sweet little peach located between the legs. His tongue shoved deep inside of Bobbi's wet slit.

"Damn," Bobbi breathed at the top of her lungs.

Her thighs shifted apart and squeezed Peter's neck the second he pushed into her. His tongue danced against her insides, and almost extended. His hands gripped her legs and the sensation given with his fingers sticking to all parts of her leg made Bobbi's heart skip several beats.

Bobbi shifted her hips up and met Peter's tongue. He pulled away from her and nibbled on Bobbi's lips before shifting deep into her again.

"It's so good. It's good….really good!"

The Avenger's body shifted up and down. Peter grabbed every inch of her lower body, feeling up on her legs. He tasted her pussy, and it tasted good.

Bobbi could not believe it.

'No man has ever gone done on me this good before. Oooh, and it's really good….and he's going to make me lose my mind.'

A few pushes of her hips up. Bobbi shifted herself up against him. She grabbed Peter's scalp and shuffled his face in between her legs. Peter went further down on her and sucked the juices deep inside his mouth. Bobbi's hips grinded back and up in response.

"Fuck, fuck me!"

Bobbi exploded into a lustful moan. Peter's fingers reached underneath her and played with her ass as well. Bobbi shifted up again, allowing Peter to access her pussy with his mouth, and ass with his fingers. Peter shifted a finger inside of Bobbi's tight asshole and fingered her, increasing the pleasure.

"I love it how you're so naughty!"

The young man pulled away from Bobbi and smiled. He pulled himself up, and she saw a bulge in his pants. Bobbi's mouth dripped with drool.

"Why don't I return the favor?"

Bobbi tugged down Peter's pants and revealed his large cock to her. The fact he went commando underneath his pants just made Bobbi smile. Bobbi leaned closer towards him.

"I want your cock, I want it in my mouth."

Peter wasn't going to argue with it. Bobbi's lustful eyes looked up at him and she took twelve inches of thick, throbbing meat into her mouth. Bobbi reached behind Peter to squeeze on his hips. The throbbing cock shoved deeper between her lips. Bobbi hummed hungrily around him and sucked him very hard.

"Oh, that's really good," Peter murmured. "You suck such a good cock."

Bobbi was glad her skills were enough to please such a brilliant hero. She grabbed onto his ass, and smiled.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who has an ass fetish," Peter said.

She grabbed onto Peter's firm rear for leverage when sucking his cock down her throat. The series of pops around Peter's throbbing hard pole made him feel really good. The series of lewd sounds she made, resulted in Peter's hard cock inside of her mouth.

"Damn, Bobbi, you're going to make me explode."

Bobbi pulled away from his throbbing cock. She tugged on his cock and licked the underside of his cock, tasting every single inch of it. Bobbi kissed down on Peter's cock and sucked down his cock one more time.

It was almost too much. Peter grabbed onto the back of Bobbi's hair, and pushed him into her mouth. The young man shoved his thick meat into the back of her throat and it released a steady amount of cum inside of her body.

The blonde drank up of the cum from his balls, squeezing them, and making sure they were milked dry of every single last drop. She sucked him down to the base and didn't stop sucking on his cock even though it had deflated.

Bobbi pushed back from him with a smile. She licked her lips, and then dropped down on her bed. Her legs spread for Peter.

"You know where to put that big cock, don't you?" Bobbi asked. "You wouldn't want to let me down?"

The wet finger pushing in her slit and showing Peter how tight it was made his cock grow hard. It stuck out and brushed against Bobbi's trim stomach. Bobbi smiled and shifted a little bit, making sure their crotches were lined completely up.

Peter pushed deep inside of Bobbi and filled her up with the first few inches. Bobbi put her heels on the small of Peter's back and pushed her deep inside of her.

"Please, Peter," Bobbi breathed. "Put in all inside me….I need every single inch of your big cock inside of me."

The goddess beneath him took his cock inside of her tight body without little protest.

"I can't believe how tight you are."

"Thanks, I try," Bobbi said.

Her pussy muscles flexed in and took Peter's hard cock inside of her. Now she sucked him dry, he was nice and warmed up, and ready to give her this hard cock. She reached up to dig her nails onto the back of his neck.

"Peter, suck my tits."

One of her breasts were out for Peter. The bronzed, delicious skin with Bobbi's thick juicy nipple made Peter groan. He pushed into her depths, bringing his hard cock inside of her body. Peter pushed almost out of her body and shoved into her.

Then, he dove down to attack her sweaty chest. Peter grabbed underneath Bobbi's breast and pushed it into her body. He sucked Bobbi's nipple and sucked it hard. Bobbi's breathing increased when her wet pussy walls clamped around his body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me!"

Peter smiled. She was so horny, he could feel how dripping wet she was. He alternated between breasts and caused her pleasure to increase. The beautiful blonde beneath him clenched and released his rod. The length of his rod sliding inside of her body stretched Bobbi out.

Bobbi entered an amazing orgasm with Peter inside of her. Her body shook underneath him. Her walls clenched around him, with her legs also wrapping around his body. They shifted up, and balanced on Peter's shoulders.

The leverage allowed Peter to slam into Bobbi even harder. Bobbi's wet center clenched around Peter and released him with a steady amount. Bobbi's wet walls slid down around Peter and took each inch of him inside of her warm body.

"Are you still with me?" Peter asked.

"Yes, you just…you're so good."

"Thanks, I try."

Peter held a tight grip on her right breast, releasing the juicy globe and squeezing it. He applied the suction on the breast. Bobbi moved her hand up to the back of his head and encouraged him to suck, lick, and bite on her nipple.

The two of them increased their pleasure with each other. Their loins met together in a passion with each other. Bobbi's wet vice lubricated Peter all the way to her core. Bobbi shifted up over him.

"You're doing so good, baby, so good at stretching me out," Bobbi said. "Fuck me cross-eyed."

Bobbi moaned deep inside of Peter's ear. The temptress underneath him made Peter's balls throb even harder. He tried to enjoy the tightness of her center the most he could. His hands tried not to feel up her body, but Bobbi would have none of that. She took a hand into hers and sucks Peter's fingers with her dripping digits in response.

Peter pulled her up off of the bed and drove himself deep into her. His pleasure increased, with a solid tingling erupting through his balls. He was almost close to coming undone, just one more thrust, and he would have her.

Another orgasm coming from Bobbi followed.

"Don't hold out on me, I know there's more, just cum in me now," Bobbi said.

Peter shifted his hard rod inside of the blonde underneath the bed. She shifted all the way up towards him, and squeezed her waist. Peter's throbbing cock slammed inside of her body.

"I'm close, but one more time, I want to feel you cum one more times."

"How sweet," Bobbi muttered.

She enjoyed the feeling of pleasure doubling through her body. Peter picked himself up and planted his rod into her body. The two of them melded together with each other. Their hips pushed back and forth against each other.

The orgasm fired through Bobbi. She milked Peter's engorged rod all through the orgasm. Peter pushed deep inside of Bobbi and bottomed out inside of her.

The sensation of his balls clenching and releasing brought the warm cum inside of Bobbi's body. The two of them joined each other with Peter emptying every blast of seed inside of her.

Bobbi smiled and pulled away from Peter. She rolled over onto the bed, making sure Peter saw her toned ass and her pussy, which dripped with the contents of their shared orgasms. Bobbi wrapped her fist around the chain which still dangled from her.

The eyes of the web slinger looked towards Bobbi. She spanked her own bottom with the chain. Her moans got louder when Bobbi spanked herself over and over again. His cock was hard.

"Peter, I can't last much longer, I need you in me, one more time."

Peter wondered what he started, but sure enough, his cock was harder once more. And there was only one place where he could put it which would give him any kind of relief.

The two of them connected with each other. Peter's long hard cock slid inside of her body, and she clenched him even harder the second time. He pushed inside her and drove himself down into her. Those hard balls throbbed in response. Peter leaned towards Bobbi and squeezed the underside of her breast.

"Pull my chain."

Peter looked towards Bobbi, almost stopping fucking her at the thought.

"You heard me."

Peter held her chain and pulled on it, while driving it onto her. Bobbi screamed in a passionate orgasm. He was careful not to pull it too hard, the last thing he needed was a death of an Avenger on his hand.

"Oh, I'm such a bitch, you're going to have to keep me on a leash!" Bobbi screamed.

He pounded her, doggy style, oddly enough. Those wet pussy lips squeezed around Peter's hard cock and clenched her. Peter pulled himself almost away from her and shoved deep inside her. He pounded her tight pussy, while also pleasuring her ass with his fingers.

Bobbi's nipples grew harder. He lightly pulled the chain from behind her while fucking her. It turned her on, because she loved being dominated like this. That long throbbing cock entered her for the second time tonight.

"Well, I'm sure you could use some obedience training."

She twitched at Peter's words.

"You're going to have to correct me," Bobbi said. "You should see some of the tricks I've learned though."

The saucy smile made Peter want to drill her even harder. He pushed inside of Bobbi, and felt her tighten around her. Bobbi held onto the bed and mewled in pleasure. The sexy wonderful woman underneath him was taking Peter's hard cock inside of her.

"But, let's see how well you take commands," Peter said. "Cum for me."

He tugged the chain for emphasis, unable to believe Bobbi talked him into this. But, to be fair, he was enjoying it. Her walls clenched around Peter's intruding manhood.

"Good, girl."

Bobbi's tongue hung out in a cheeky manner, before she clutched onto the bed. She breathed heavily when Peter buried into her all of the way. He knew the end would be coming, but he was going to ride her all the way to the end, and then beyond the end.

"Here you go, cum for me again."

Bobbi came one more time. His cock slid into her, and buried deep inside of her body. The feeling of his balls slapping her made Bobbi become very horny, she could feel how full they were, hell they were even fuller than they were the first time.

'This is going to be good.'

The balls drove into Bobbi and emptied the contents inside of her body. He splashed inside of her body, and filled her completely up. She came two more times before Peter was completely done pouring his cum inside of her body.

Bobbi dropped down onto the bed. Peter pulled out of her body and rolled over onto the bed. She crawled over on top of her, and pressed her body against Peter's body.

"We should do the team up thing more often."

"That we should."

Bobbi's expression told Peter this team up aftermath was far from over.



Chapter Text

Going Green(Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk)


Peter Parker returned from a day of web slinging activities to find a very interesting surprise reclining on his bed. It didn't make his spider sense tingle, but rather, it made other things tingle.

Jennifer Walters, the super heroine known as the She-Hulk, was casually waiting for Peter when he got home. She dressed purple bra and a pair of see-through purple panties which covered her green frame nicely. The beautiful woman sat up and looked towards him with a smile.

The web slinger took a second to try and recover from the sight of She-Hulk waiting for him, with barely more clothes on than the day she was born. Peter didn't know what god or goddess he pleased for once in his life, but he would thank him or her every single day.

"Hey, Jen."

Jen smiled and rose to her feet before inviting Peter close towards the bed. "Hey, yourself. I've been waiting for you all day."

"So, what can I do for you?" Peter asked.

"All sorts," Jen said. "You can start by bringing your big cock over here, and making my day by fucking my brains out.

Jen bounced off of the bed and attacked Peter with a huge kiss. She forced her tongue down Peter's throat and ran up his arms with those fingers. She caressed his body. Despite her strength, Jen's ministrations were gentle, although almost forceful. She was assertive when she needed to be, but not too much where it would scare her partner away and cause some problems.

The manhood stuck outside of Peter's uniform. She wrapped a hand around Peter's throbbing cock and slowly squeezed it. The gorgeous green vixen dropped down to her knees and took Peter's head into her mouth. Jen sucking it made Peter grab the back of her head, exerting the force he needed. He couldn't hold back from the very obvious face-fucking like situation.

Jen swirled her tongue around Peter's hard manhood. He was taking her mouth, and Jen couldn't be happier. The back of her head had been grabbed. She looked up at him with a sultry look dancing in her eyes. Peter held onto the back of her head.

Peter groaned when he drove himself into the tight mouth of the woman on her knees before him. He groaned when almost pulling out of her and then sliding into Jen's mouth. Her wet mouth enveloped him all of the way inside of her mouth.

"Damn, you're going to make me lose it."

Jen's mischief increased when her hand cupped Peter's balls and squeezed it. The heavy amount of cum stored in those swollen balls excited her. She looked up towards Peter, taunting him, and encouraging him to keep it going.

Would Peter let a lady down? No, absolutely not. He shoved a length of rod inside of Jen's gripping mouth. She released Peter and then sucked him down into her mouth. Peter picked up the pace and shoved more of his long, impressive rod inside of Jen's waiting mouth.

"Oh, I'm going to lose it now," Peter groaned. "Right in your tight, perfect mouth. How do you like that, Jenny? Would you like to drink the cum from my balls?"

The Sensational She-Hulk squeezed Peter's hard balls and brought his rod deeper down her throat. The feeling of Peter tensing up made Jen grow very excited, he was growing close, and it wouldn't be too long before he sent the cum firing down her throat.

"Mmm," Jen breathed. "Mmm, mmm, mmm!"

The sounds she made encouraged Peter to drill her deeper and faster. The young man switched his tactics and kept driving inside of her.

"Oh, you're about to get your treat," Peter said. "I hope you're ready for it."

Jen opened her mouth wide and received a heavy blast of cum deep inside of her mouth. Peter held onto the back of Jen's head and emptied his rod into her. The splattering of cum in her throat was intense, even more intense though was the goddess sucking down his manhood.

The She-Hulk pulled herself up. Now, she had some cock sucking under her belt, Jen wanted to move to the next level. She ripped off her panties, and showed Peter her swollen womanhood. She made sure the web slinger could see it from this particular position.

"I need you, badly," Jen breathed.

Peter cupped Jen's tight ass and gave it a nice little squeeze. His fingers shifted down between Jen's legs and massaged her heat. Jen's breathing increased the further Peter shifted one finger down in her.

"Don't worry," Peter said. "You're going to get nice and warmed up. And then and only then…"

The prodigal young man trailed off and pushed his finger deep inside of Jen. Her wet womanhood stretched around Peter's probing finger. He pumped inside of her and gave her ass a delicious little squeeze. He spanked Jen and slid all the way out of her.

"You're going to get what you really want," Peter said. "How do you like that?"

Jen wasn't going to lie, she was excited about the potential fact of Peter fingering her into submission. His finger shifted inside of her. The sticky finger stuck to Jen's insides and further manipulated her. Her breasts ached, demanding attention for Peter.

The attention had to be given by Peter squeezing them and releasing the large green melons. He wanted to drive his cock in between those large breasts, feeling her green skin wrapped around his pulsing too. Cooler heads prevailed, and Peter decided to tease Jen some more.

The teasing increased with Peter pushing a finger inside of Jen's wet vice. She closed her thighs against Peter's finger and released him. Peter rubbed her womanhood and spanked her.

"I bet you'd like my cock?"

Jen barely held back from rolling her eyes. Of course, she wanted his cock.

"Yes, Swinger, I need your cock bad," Jen said

Jen wanted to take Peter Parker's amazing cock inside of her. She knew it wouldn't be that easy, but it not being that easy was half of the fun.

"Good things come to those who wait….even She-Hulks have to be patient sometimes."

Jen didn't know what to make of what Peter was doing to her, she only could have clamped her thighs down around him and pushed Peter deep inside of her.

"Yes, it appears so," Jen breathed.

Her patience was going to be running out soon. Peter pumped her pussy to a conclusion, well near to a conclusion. He pulled back.

Peter smiled, he could tell Jen was about ten seconds way from ripping his fingers from her cunt, shoving him down onto the bed, and riding his cock until his balls were completely empty. Enticing as it may seem, Peter wanted to gain control of the sex.

'Besides, how many people end up getting the better of She-Hulk?'

Peter could think of the people on one hand who could get the better of the woman underneath him, and still have a few fingers to spare.

"Today's your lucky day, because I'm ready."

Jen pushed her thighs apart and received Peter inside of her. The first few inches of his manhood penetrated her. The two of them joined together.

"Damn, you're so tight!" Peter grunted.

Jen smiled, she would take it as praise. Not to mention Peter's hands exploring all over her body, one of the places he explored was the underside of her breasts. Jen tried to keep herself from exploding, even though Peter buried himself deep into her body.

"All for you," Jen breathed. "Good, keep it up!"

That tight ass was tempting. Peter decided to only give it a passing amount of attention, at least not yet. He could hear Jen's breathing every time his fingers cupped her ass and knew it was good.

"Let's see how hard I can make you cum."

The green woman's inhibitions just faded away underneath the throbbing hard cock. He pushed deeper inside of Jen with a series of hard pumps inside of her. Peter held onto the side of Jen's hips and rocked deep inside of her. The long manhood slammed deep inside of her!

"Harder, harder than anyone's ever made me cum before."

The tight womanhood closing around Peter's exploring rod showed him how tight Jen was and how horny she was. Peter picked up the pace and rammed inside of her, burying his rod inside of her womanhood.

Jen flashed through more pleasurable motions. Peter's fingers touched the back of her neck and danced down her back. All of those actions made Jen feel extremely horny with Peter driving his cock inside of her. Those balls slapped against Jen's wet pussy with a long push inside of her.

"Fuck," Peter groaned. "You're going to cum again?"

The green skinned bombshell's body tensed up around Peter's throbbing hard rod and milked him. Peter pushed deeper into her.

"I think it's about your turn. Isn't it?"

Peter could not deny it was about his turn to finish inside of the beautiful woman who was beneath him. He tried as he might to finish u inside of the lovely green skinned woman. He tried to pull it back.

"You can't deny what you want!" Jen yelled. "Once you go green, you never go back."

Peter smiled at the quip and pushed his rod inside of Jen's gripping hot pussy. She squeezed around Peter with a couple more pumps inside of her. The green skinned bombshell underneath him gripped and released Peter's hard cock. He rode her out all the way to the end.

Jen's hands digging into the bed showed her how much she wanted Peter to push his hard throbbing cock inside of her body. The young man slid almost all the way out of her and then shoved deep inside of her.

"Here it comes," Peter breathed. "I hope you're ready."

One hand cupped the underside of Jen's breast and squeezed it. She responded with a very hungry moan the second Peter buried his cock inside of her.

"Oh, I'm more than ready for you!" Jen yelled. "Cum inside me, Peter, fill up my pussy with your thick cum. I want to be swimming in it!"

Peter held his hands on Jen's ass and gave himself some momentum while burying his hard cock inside of the tight green-skinned woman underneath him. He knew the end would be coming sooner than later. All he could do was sit back and enjoy the ride.

The first orgasm came from the She-Hulk, and she held onto Peter. Peter buried his throbbing cock inside of Jen. Her wet walls milked his rod and eventually, Peter came undone. He fired a steady amount of cum deep inside of her womanhood and buried his seed completely inside of her!

Here came Spider-Man and he buried his seed inside of Jen's body. The green skinned beauty writhed and screamed with the impact of Peter driving his hard cock inside of her. He pulled almost all the way out of her and shoved his throbbing hard rod into her one more time.

Peter rolled over onto the bed. His cock wilted a little bit, but still throbbed. Jen's sexy green body climbing on top of Peter and straddling him at the race made it very hard for Peter to hold his concentration. Peter reached up and gripped the back of Jen's head, smiling when he cupped her ass for him.

"Did you really think we were done?"

Both lovers doubted they were done to be perfectly honest. Jen spread her legs and worked her way down against Peter. Her warm lips brought Peter inside of her.

The slow descent on Peter's rod caused Jen to tease both herself and Peter. A sultry gaze danced in Jen's eye when she leaned closer towards Peter. Her lips puckered together.

"No, we weren't done," Peter said.

Jen pushed herself down onto Peter and bottomed out on his cock. Her wet pussy slid all the way down on Peter and enveloped him inside of her.

"I figured about as much," Jen said. "Oh, you're not done. And I can feel your cock inside of me. I enjoy feeling how much it stretches me in new ways."

She descended down on Peter and slowly teased him with her wet womanhood. Peter cupped Jen's breasts to gave her more encouragement.

"I can't help myself. Once I get a taste, I need to get it all. I need to ride you to the end, and drain your balls."

The Green Amazon pushed down onto Peter's throbbing rod. Her pulsing womanhood dropping down on Peter made him hunger for even more. Those bouncing breasts came very close to lingering in front of Peter's face. He lifted up and cupped them, giving them a squeeze.

"I'm going to drain them, drain your thick balls," Jen said. "They're going to feel so good when I put your warm, sticky cum between my legs!"

Jen rocked herself up and down on Peter. She looked as good as she promised. Peter couldn't do anything other than lay back and enjoy the ride. He was pretty certain Jen enjoyed the ride to be honest.

"You're having fun."

"Always have to have fun," Jen said. "It's the only way to deal with this crazy world."

The spider empowered heroes eyes drifted towards Jen's bouncing breasts. They enchanted him and made Peter want to bury his face between them. Those juicy, milky orbs were really good looking. He leaned up towards Jen and took a mouth full of her nipple. Jen locked a hand on the back of Peter's head, and guided her into him.

"And we're having a lot of fun now, aren't we?"

Peter couldn't have enough of her breasts. The green skin made Jen even more delicious, and encouraged Peter to bury his face in between her. Those heaving breasts came into Peter's mouth. He squeezed them and sucked down on those nipples.

"Yes, a lot of fun," Peter responded. "Are you about ready to cum?"

The tight gripping cunt showed Peter all he needed to know. Jen had the time of her life. As promised, she rode Peter and as promised, she intended to drain those thick, throbbing balls with everything they were worth.

Jen promised herself the ride of her life, and both herself and Peter delivered. The burst of pleasure slammed through her body the second Je bounced on top of Peter. Her moist womanhood clenched Peter and released him numerous times. She could feel the tingling.

"No, not yet," Jen said.

The green skinned beauty leaned down and planted multiple kisses on Peter. Her breasts bumped against his chest and those lips, they attacked the side of Peter's face. Her questing tongue pushed deep inside of Peter's mouth. Peter returned the kiss.

Lips met parts of Peter's body in more way than one. Jen came, boy did she ever come very hard. She bounced down on Peter and drove him into her.

"Are you feeling good?" Jen asked. "Because, I can make you feel better."

Jen took advantage of Peter's own sticky powers to clamp her cunt down hard onto him. She squeezed Peter and released him. Her warm center slid pretty much all the way down onto Peter.

"Yes, it's so much better," Peter said.

The suction around her nipple only resulted in Jen riding Peter even harder and faster. She hoped for both of their sake, the bed could take the punishment. Otherwise, it would be pretty embarrassing all things considered. Jen rose almost all the way up and pumped her womanhood down on him.

Jen smiled when impaling herself down onto him. Another miniature orgasm shot through her body. She clenched Peter and made sure he didn't cum, just yet.

The teasing this beauty gave him nearly drove Peter over the edge. He needed to drive his thick, throbbing cock inside of her perfect womanhood. Jen's pussy tightened around Peter and released him with a series of fluid movements. She ascended and descended down onto him, going further.

"Damn, Jen, you're too much!"

Jen gifted her chest to the handsome young man which she rode. Peter grabbed her by the back and dove in between her chest. He sucked her nipples and brought further pleasure.

"You're something yourself, as well," Jen said.

The womanhood tightened deep into Peter. Those balls came closer to unleashing inside of her. The exotic look of a green love box tightening around a white love muscle made Peter throat even more. Those nipples begged to be touched.


Jen shifted her womanhood down onto Peter's hard throbbing cock. Those walls tightened around him, and released him. She knew it would be only a matter of time before the cum would have been pumped inside of her. Jen cradled his balls and felt.

"You have a nice big load for me, stud," Jen murmured. "I like it."

Peter closed his eyes to feel Jen drop down onto him. Her moisture cascading down on Peter and filled him completely up with a few drops.

"Oh, you're too much."

"I think we already established that, honey."

The first few blasts of Peter's balls filled Jen up. The impact of cum splattering inside of her made Jen come harder. As a result, Peter came even harder inside of her.

Peter looked at the temptress riding up and down on him. Jen's beautiful body descended on his cock, milked his balls, and just looked pretty good.

The green skinned beauty pulled Peter off of the bed and drove her pussy down onto him. Jen finished milking him to the end and filled herself up with Peter's cum. The force of the orgasm resulted in both of them seeing stars.

Jen finally pulled off of Peter rod which finally deflated. She knew it would be ready to go where it wanted.

"Thanks for the fuck," Jen said. "Sometimes, you just really need a good fuck."

"Anything for a friend," Peter said.

"Well, you looked like you needed it too," Jen said.

Jen debated her next move. She could stick around and maybe both of them could recover and they could go into round three.

Another round of sex was very enticing for Jen. Her pussy ached with the thought of Peter taking advantage of her this time, shoving her down on the bed, and riding her womanhood.

'Well, we'll see what happens.'



Final chapter of this year for this anthology, but I'll be back in more January, with Spider-Man's adventures with Marvel and DC Comics females.

Chapter Text

In with a Bang(Lana and Lori Baumgartner)


"Lana, don't talk with your mouth full!"

Lana Baumgartner sucked the large cock of the young man who was resting on the bed in the apartment her and her mother shared. The man dressed in a black and white suit which retracted, to allow her full access to his crotch. She had never seen a cock so big, and she wanted it in her mouth. Unfortunately, Lana didn't have the precision, so she took half of the cock into her mouth and had to stroke the base with her hand.

It was funny how things worked in life sometimes. Lana and her mother, Lori, pulled a job, a nice little bank heist. The cops were about as thick as bricks and dumb as mud in this city, which made outsmarting them easy. Then, they ran into everyone's favorite neighborhood do-gooder, Spider-Man, who chased them out, and tracked them back to the apartment.

Lori managed to convince Spider-Man she was just a poor mother trying to make it in life, and that she was just trying to provide for her daughter. Lana had to struggle not to roll her eyes through the entire act. She managed to convince Spider-Man if he took it easy on them, she would make it worth his while.

Now, Lana had been dragged into this situation, sucking on Spider-Man's hard cock. She didn't think the do-gooder would take advantage of a situation like this. But then again, she thought he wore red and blue, and not a black suit.

Peter Parker, everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man, buried his face between two large pillowy MILF tilts. He sucked on the large nipples, which made him throb with desire. He just happened to throb in desire with the mouth of the woman's daughter. It made the situation very kinky to be perfectly honest.

"Let me show you how to really pleasure a man," Lori said.

Lana rolled her eyes. Obviously, her mother's version of giving her "the talk." Lori pulled Spider-Man gently away from her chest and moved down.

She kissed the man's chest on the way down, the suit opening. The only part of him which was covered down, was his face. Lori felt his firm toned abs, and chest, and kissed down before going between his legs. She took her young lover's balls into her mouth and sucked them very hard.

Peter could not believe it. She performed an air tight seal around his balls when sucking them. Lana, meanwhile, was trying not to be undone by her mother when sucking Peter's throbbing hard cock. She looked at him with an intense glare in his eyes, both challenging and sex. The two women tag-teamed Peter's throbbing hard prick, and ensured he would be feeling very good sooner rather than later.

Lana pulled away from the young man's organ.

"Both of you are good, sucking my cock," Spider-Man said. "Remember, you do the crime, you do the time."

"Oh, believe me, Spider-Man, we'll do the time," Lori said. "We'll do hard times."

Lana released away from Spider-Man's cock and gave her mother a look of absolute disgust. "Seriously, do you really have to talk like a fucking extra from a porno? You're a shameless slut!"

"You shouldn't talk to your mother like that," Spider-Man sternly said.

"You can stay the fuck out of this!" Lana yelled.

Black tendrils retracted from Spider-Man's suit and held Lana into place. It wrapped around her inner thighs and also around her nipples which grew harder despite her best efforts. Her body betrayed her.

"Maybe you should give your daughter the spanking she should have gotten a long time ago, Ms. Baumgartner?"

"Maybe, I should," Lori said with a wicked grin. "And call me, Lori. You'll be banging me later with that huge fucking piece of meat, you've earned the right."

Lana struggled, and realized you couldn't move.

"You son of a bitch, you son of a bitch, this really isn't fucking right," Lana said.

"If it isn't right, why are your nipples as hard as ice?" Spider-Man asked "And why is your pussy wet?"

Spider-Man rubbed his fingers down Lana's slit.

"I didn't give you the consent to do that," Lana said, but she whimpered in pleasure.

"You know," Lori said. "Back in my day, a wet cunt was all the consent a woman needed."

Lori exposed her daughters round ass and smiled. If she knew her daughter had such a nice ass, she would have spanked her sooner. Lori raised a hand and slapped Lana on her plump ass. She spanked her twice, three times, four times, in succession. She blistered Lana's warm ass.

Every moan coming from Lana hardened Peter's cock. Watching a mother spank her teenage daughter was hotter than he expected. The fact Peter rubbed the tendrils down her body increased the naughty effect. Lana's moans increased.

"You're a bad girl talking to your mother like that," Lori said. "And you're the one who is the naughty slut for having a wet pussy when your mother is spanking you. There's something wrong with you, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mommy," Lana moaned.

Lori smiled and took her eyes on the large throbbing cock of the web slinger. No wonder bitches loved Spider-Man, if he was packing a piece of meat like that. Lori moved over and positioned her moist cunt over his throbbing cock.

"Ah, did me spanking my kinky little girl get you all hard, Spidey?" Lori asked. "Don't worry, Mommy will make it feel all good."

Lori pushed her pussy down on Peter's hard cock and encased him in a sheath which was surprisingly tight. Not that Peter was complaining about it at all. She worked Peter's pole with precision.

The Bombshell drove her hips down on Spider-Man, with the little moans from Lana becoming more obvious. It was obvious those tendrils worked into parts of her body, further between her thighs. Lori busied herself with the cock buried inside of her body.

The woman rose up and bounced on Peter's aching pole. Her lubricated center bounced up and down on Peter's cock and brought his pole deep inside of her. She descended and ascended upon his large pole.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me hard," Peter breathed when reaching up and grabbing Lori's large breasts, giving them a firm squeeze.

"Oh, don't worry, honey, I'll show you a really good time," Lori said. "It's the least I can do for taking it easy on me and my little girl….even though you're going to give it to us hard a couple of ways."

Peter breathed heavily, and pushed his manhood deep inside of her body. The rod buried deep inside of Lori and stretched her city. It was always the naughty ones who could do it better, to be perfectly honest. Lori stretched herself down on Peter's hard pole and released him.

The moans coming from Lana made things even more pleasurable.

It turned out, Lana was really craving his big cock inside of her, splitting her in half like it did her mother. Lana frowned, wondering if she could take his hard cock inside her the same way. Her mother had been properly loosened up.

"Always the naughty ones," Peter said. "Always the bad girls who were the best."

Elektra, Black Cat, Emma Frost, Viper, Mystique were among the beauties which Peter encountered as soon as he had this black suit. It seemed to attract the naughtiest, bad girls, and they were always the most wild in sexy. They were the most naughty.

"Yes," Lori said. "Do you think you can anally violate me with those tendrils?"

Peter smiled, and he decided to give her wish. One of the tendrils reached up and buried its slimy tendril pushing into her. The woman's asshole clenched against the intrusion. The duel force made her breathing pleasure inside of her. Those woman's breathing increased.

She leaned down and allowed Spider-Man to attack her nipples with fever. Those breasts, were always sensitive, and made Lori scream in pleasure when he nibbled, and sucked on the nipples. He drew her to another orgasm which came down onto the web slinger's hard cock. She bounced up and down, slamming her slick walls onto him.

"Damn, it's making me feel so good, so good," Lori said. "Make me cum, and then make me your dirty little cum slut, your dirty, filthy, little cum slut!"

The woman bounced up and down Peter's throbbing cock to push Lori's wet walls around him. She pumped and released him several times. Peter groaned when feeling the woman's tight walls squeezing down onto his hard rod. She bounced up and drove down on him.

"Fill me with your cum," Lori breathed. "You know you want it to. You know you want to fill my naughty, dirty, filthy, slutty pussy with your love juice. Oh, it feels really good….it feels really good to be filled up with seed!"

Peter could feel her ass bounce in the air. He squeezed Lori's tight ass and she bounced onto him one more time. The feeling constricting his balls made him want to push into her. Those balls tightened up and were about ready to spill his seed inside of her.

The MILF on top of her lover could feel her lover's cock swell. She came one more time at the thought of being filled which so much, young virile cum deep inside her body. Lori squeezed his cock all the way down and waited for her to release it.

"Jesus, Lori, you're way too much. I can't help and cum inside you."

Lori was glad he couldn't help it. She shoved the web slinger's rod inside of her. Those naughty tendrils molesting both her and her daughter all of the way, in a way which inflamed Lori's desires, inflamed them beyond pretty much anything else in her life.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Lori panted. "Right there, bury your cum inside of me."

The tension released and the cum spilled inside of her body. Peter's balls pushed deep inside of Lori's body and filled her completely. Lori bounced up and down on him, taking Peter's hard cock inside of her body.

Lana watched in awe about how shameless her mother was taking his cock and then his cum. And she flushed when realizing how much the very process turned her on. She dropped down as much as possible.

"Fuck, it's really good," Lori breathed.

She slid away from the young man's cock. Lana looked at her mother's pussy, which overflowed which so much white spunk she looked pretty shameless.

The neck thing she knew, Spider-Man went behind her, those tendrils around her nipples squeezing her tightly. He moved closer towards Lana and whispered in her ear.

"Clean her."

Lana couldn't believe he ordered to do this, and how much she complied with doing this. She crawled over towards her mother's pussy. The place which she came from sixteen years ago was underneath her. Lana put her hands on either side of Lori's thighs and licked her.

The gaze of Peter moved from Lana burying her face between Lori's thighs and to her ass and opened up pussy. He wanted nothing better to bury his rod inside of her body and fuck her brains out. But, Peter decided not to do that just yet. He took his hands and ran them over her body. The toned, delightful skin didn't have an ounce of fat on it. Lana's pussy was obviously tighter than her mother.

The young man shifted Lana's lips apart and slowly dragged a finger down the walls.

"Let's see how wet I can get you," Peter said. "And then, it's time for you to take your medicine."

Lana could feel his lips push against her wet pussy, and sucking on the outer lips. Her eyes closed shut with Peter suckling on her nether lips. She breathed in heavily and breathed out. The web slinger proved he could stick to many surfaces, no matter how slick, and not just with his hands either.

The feeling of her daughter eating her out and sucking another man's cum from her womanhood made her feel really good. It brought her and her daughter closer together.

"Eat your mother, make your mother cum," Peter said. "When you make your mother cum nice and good, I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve."

Lana had been inspired to eat her mother out. Those fingers teased her along with Peter's tongue. She never once broke the strike with attacking her mother's pussy. She stroked Lori's thighs and briefly turned her attention to her mother's clit.

"Baby girl, I've taught you so well," Lori said. "Let's face it, you're a born slut, just like me. You're getting so hot from eating Mommy's nasty cunt out, aren't you?"

The younger Bombshell buried herself into her mother's cunt. The screams had been her own reward. The relationship with her mother had been more like antagonistic sisters most of the time. Lori got herself knocked up when she was fourteen, maybe fifteen, Lana couldn't quite due the math given how she was the midst of an organism.

Lori came hard, and screamed to the heavens. Lana came up, face covered in her mother's seed when Spider-Man came her again.

"Good to see you've cum."

Lana turned around, ready to jump Spider-Man. Only to realize the tendrils pinned her down onto the bed and forced her legs open for intrusion.

"Now I have you," Spider-Man said.

There was something about that black suit that made him Lana's pussy very wet. Peter climbed on top of her and aimed his throbbing hard cock against Lana's wet entrance. Her wet thighs came close to hip. The tip of his cock brushed against her entrance and pushed past Lana's entrance.

"OOOOH, IT'S SO FUCKING BIG!" Lana yelled at the top of her lungs. "IT'S WAY TOO FUCKING BIG!"

"Just take it, and deal with it," Lori said. "I would like to think my daughter could take a real man's cock properly. Unless, you prefer to take little boy dick in you?"

Lana spread her thighs out and tried to woman up, because she would never hear the end of it from her slut of a mother. Her excitement increased and she got wetter and wetter the more Spider-Man pushed his manhood inside of her. She had to have a hardened exterior, trying to convince herself how she didn't want this, but she did want this, and she did need it.

Peter kissed the side of her neck, and her face, and then moved down to kiss the valley between her breasts. Lana was not as big as Lori was, but they were still a respectable size, and more than enough for Peter to take into his hands.

Lana breathed in hunger. She took his hard rod inside of her body. The woman's thighs pumped deep around Peter and shoved his rod inside of her body. The teenager's eyes blazed over.

"Just let it go," Peter said. "You like big bangs? Well you're about to get a really big bang."

That much was for damn sure. Peter rammed his throbbing hard cock inside of Lana's tight body. He pushed inside of her and could feel the orgasm shake Lana's body underneath her. It gave his cock a pleasurable tug and now his cock slid into Lana's well lubricated and broken in center with a series of thrusts.

"Fuck my daughter," Lori breathed when she diddled herself. "Fuck her hard. Fuck her brains out. KNOCK MY DAUGHTER THE FUCK UP AND GIVE ME A GRAND CHILD!"

"No, not that," Lana begged, even though she clenched her lover hard at the thought of being fucked hard. "I'm too young."

"You're older than I was, "Lori said simply.

Lana hated to argue with the logic. She was pinned down against the bed and drilled deep inside of her body. Every time Peter's hard cock struck her center, she lifted her hips up a few inches above the bed. The two of them connected with each other.

"I have you, and soon, I'm going to fill you," Peter said.

She had been stuffed full of Peter's hard cock, and she couldn't hold back. His hard cock rammed inside of her body and rode her all the way to the edge. Lana's wet walls tightened around Peter and pushed him deep inside of her with a few hard thrusts which buried deeper inside of her body.

"Yes, you have me, and you're filling me up, you're filling me up good!" Lana breathed. "You're making me feel good…don't just wait, cum in me. Cum in my fucking pussy, you do-gooder! Fill my cunt up with your cum! I want to feel your fucking seed inside me…..make me your bitch!"

"You sure her father wasn't a sailor?" Peter asked.

Lori gave a shrug. She watched the end of the show, which was her daughter being drilled with hard cock and filled up with so much cum it would still be dripping out of her a week later. Lori couldn't wait for the grand finale, for the ultimate climax.

Peter buried himself into Lana and splattered his seed into her vice of a pussy. Lana clamped around him and milked the seed out of his throbbing rod inside of her pussy.

"So much cum," Lana said, practically drooling in more ways than one.

He pinned her down and fucked her to their mutual orgasm. Lana's pussy oozed full of the combination of cum from both of them. Lori also reached an orgasm after playing with her pussy.

Finally, after several minutes, and a couple of really intense orgasms on Lana's part, Peter pulled away from her.

Lana rubbed her swollen belly, breathing heavily from being filled up.

"This is all your fault," Lana moaned, feeling so good, and pretty sure they would have another mouth to feed in about nine months.

"No, you just take after your mother."



Chapter Text

Chapter Seventeen: Scarlet Conception(Wanda Maxmioff/Scarlet Witch).


A warm and very pleasurable sensation jerked Peter away from his midnight slumber. The sensation centered around the area of the groin and it got more prominent. Soft silky fingernails tickled the feelings underneath his balls and rubbed them.

The web slinger pulled back the cover and saw the dark locks of his wife, Wanda, formerly of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, now of the Avengers. He could see the dark haired woman's mouth work hungrily on his rod. Peter smiled when he looked down at her.

"Good morning, love," Peter said.

Wanda popped her mouth off of Peter's rod and smiled. "Good morning, honey."

She pumped his cock a few more times and resumed her blowjob to Peter for a few more minutes. Wanda stimulated his pleasure centers like no one else. Peter took the back of her head, and thought back to how the two of them had met.

Peter escaped to the Savage Land, as the grotesque Man Spider creature, where he was hunted by Kraven the Hunter. Wanda had joined her father, everyone's favorite Master of Magnetism, Magneto, and his team of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She happened upon Peter, and Kraven, and blasted Kraven away, saving Peter from a horrible fate. She realized the spider monster was a human and she helped him return from Man-Spider to Spider-Man.

The two started dating ever since then, with Wanda leaving the Brotherhood, after a conflict of interest with her father, and his goals. She didn't want to join the X-Men, because she didn't full trust Charles Xavier either, so she decided to join up with the Avengers, as did Peter. And then got married about six months ago, and had been together ever since.

The hungry sucking continued as Peter pulled himself out of memory lane. Wanda pushed herself onto Peter and climbed onto his chest, staring lovingly into his eyes.

"Peter, I want you," Wanda said.

Peter looked up at Wanda and she looked like a vision, wearing a lacy red bra which she filled out nicely. Her always smooth stomach was on display with her perfect navel. Peter rolled her over onto the bed and saw she wore a pair of crotchless red panties to show how aroused she was. The thigh high stockings made Wanda's legs look divine.

A few kisses started on Wanda's face, and then on the side of his neck. The beautiful mutant breathed heavily when Peter moved down her body, marking his territory on the side of her neck.

"What, the ring on my finger isn't enough proof to know I'm yours?" Wanda joked.

"Never can hurt to have a little extra insurance."

He stopped short of worshipping her breasts which made Wanda whine. Peter kissed every other inch of flesh, and then stopped short. He pushed a finger into the edge of her belly button and tickled it, which caused Wanda to gasp.

"You and your sensitive navel," Peter joked. "I always know how to push all of the right buttons, especially when those right buttons is right here, in your belly button."

Wanda answered with another prominent gasp. Peter really did know to make her feel really good. Her heart raced with more prominent with Peter going down, and slowly making his way to kiss her inner thighs.

He was her rock, and made Wanda stable. She didn't know what she would do without Peter.

'Likely go mad, and try and rewrite all of reality, which would be….bad.'

Wanda drew herself away from thoughts of what might have been, and rather towards thoughts of what was, and what was happening was Peter Parker going down between her legs and eating her perfect pussy out. Wanda's shifted out, and he got her nice and wet.

"At least you can put that mouth of yours for use for something a quip," Wanda said.

The wicked tongue he normally used to mock his super villains made Wanda's hips shift up in pleasure. She closed her thighs around Peter's head. He felt the softness and the smoothness of every inch of her legs. The beautiful dark-haired woman's hips shoved into the air and pushed Peter deeper between her thighs.

Wanda had been released from her orgasm. Peter pulled up and unclipped Wanda's top. Her breasts had been bounced out. He cupped the underside of them and squeezed them. Wanda threw her head back and gave a whimper of pleasure. Another pleasure coo when Peter used his sticky fingers to pleasure the underside of her breasts.

"I like you playing with my breasts, but I think I need your big cock inside of me," Wanda said. "So, do you want to take me here, or do you want me to ride you? I know how you like to watch my big tits bounce when I drive myself down on your cock."

Wanda playfully squeezed Peter's waist with her legs, and tried to roll him over onto the bed. Peter decided to allow her to do so. The beautiful mutant pressed herself down on Peter, those breasts pushed against his chest. Wanda rose all the way up and stood up on the bed. Her head brushed against the ceiling.

She was gorgeous beyond belief. Her hair came down about her face. Wanda took a few steps ahead and crouched down, moving ever so closer to taking Peter inside of her body.

The tip of Peter's cock teased Wanda's warm slit. She grinded it against her, and then shoved her pussy down inch by inch. Peter filled Wanda completely up.

"Damn, you're really wet," Peter groaned.

The warmth surrounding Peter's cock made him stretch a little bit more, making sure he could get inside of this divine goddess. The said divine goddess gave him a naughty smile when coming down on the point of Peter's cock. She had half of the length in him and then almost pulled out of him the tip was almost inside the empowered woman's dripping slit.

"You made me this way."

"No, you're just a naughty witch."

A wicked grin spread over the face of said naughty witch when she rose almost up into the air and came down onto Peter's throbbing hard cock one more time.

"I'm your naughty witch."

Wanda bent down and kissed Peter on the lips, before she rose up from him. The glow coming from around her body enhanced her natural beauty. She pushed herself up and down on Peter's large, throbbing cock.

"Peter, oh Peter, your cock feels bigger every time it enters my body!" Wanda moaned.

"And you are better every time," Peter groaned.

Wanda smiled, she pushed herself up and down onto Peter's magnificent piece of equipment. She buried him into her, making sure her ass bounced down upon his thighs when coming down onto him.

Her ass, Peter almost neglected it when worshipping the rest of her. Wanda's not so subtle hint had been given. Peter took one of those glorious gluts in hand and squeezed it. The dark haired woman breathed when bouncing up and down on him

"Take my ass, spank that naughty thing!" Wanda yelled.

Peter slapped her ass and it only made Wanda ride his cock more vigorously. Her wet walls pumped his aching rod between her eager thighs. The dark haired beauty kept rising and falling on Peter's engorged cock. She sucked more of Peter into her with each passing drop, lowering almost onto his pelvis.

She always came hard and it was no exception. Wanda released her fluids down on Peter's rod. The two of them joined at the hip.

The view of the beautiful brunette mutant enticed Peter. Her round breasts bounced up and down for Peter. His manhood shoved deep inside Wanda's gripping pussy. Those walls pushed against Peter and released him with several more pushes.

Wanda could feel her husband's eager hands on her breasts.

"Play with them, honey," Wanda said. "Oooh, I love how you rub my nipples like that. You know how they get all sensitive and hard….and you want to put my beautiful tit in your mouth and suckle on it, don't you?"

Peter grabbed Wanda's breast and pushed it into her mouth. There had been many studies which indicated breast size were among one of the highest indictors of power in among superheroines. She-Hulk was the most commonly used example, and with such a citation, it was hard to argue.

Still, Peter would also put his wife's beautiful round breasts. The breasts where he could motorboard them all day long and he did with Wanda's encouragement.

"Some days I think you're a breast man, and other days, you might be an ass man, or a leg man," Wanda said, coming down from her latest orgasm. She wasted little time working herself up for another one. "And I just think you just can't get enough of me."

Peter came up from air briefly, still pawing at the underside of her breasts. He squeezed them and Wanda looked down into his eyes, smiling and licking her crimson lips.

"All of the above?"

Wanda sped up the riding on Peter. The energy surrounding her loins made her crave what Peter had inside of his balls. They had been married for a long time, and they had touched on the subject of children. Money wasn't an issue, Tony Stark started paying the Avengers to avoid the PR nightmare of not paying them, and being branded as a slave master.

Bringing children into the world was a concern both shared, especially with all of the dangerous people, but the world would always be dangerous.

"Good answer," Wanda said. "Peter….I'm…..I want you to cum inside me, please…..I'm very fertile….and I think it's time."

"Are you sure?" Peter asked.

"I wouldn't be riding you like a bull if I wasn't," Wanda said. "And you're my bull, Peter Parker, and it's time for you to come to stud. Just think about how beautiful our children would be."

Children were the missing piece of the puzzle to Wanda's ideal home. And she knew Peter wanted to have them, even though there were though.

Peter grabbed Wanda's hips from above and ran his hands down her thighs, groaning when feeling them up. He would not be lying if he had a case of Scarlet Fever, but the good kind. The kind which made him want to fuck this goddess riding his huge breeding rode until she was good and pregnant with his baby.

"Well, I vowed to make you happy," Peter said.

"Yes, and Aunt May will be thrilled to have some grand-nieces or nephews to spoil rotten," Wanda said.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Peter said.

Wanda took herself down and pushed her breasts down into Peter's face.

"And now, I'm going to take your cum and put it into my womb," Wanda said. "Oh, Peter, just think about how big my breasts are going to swell when I am pregnant with your baby."

Peter was thinking about it and he pushed himself into Wanda few more times. Her warm center tugged around the edge of Peter's engorged rod. She pressed against him to make sure the rod didn't accidentally slid out of her in the crucial moment. Not that she needed any help with Peter's powers to stick to pretty much any surface. Still, she would rather be safe than sorry.

The gorgeous mutant brought herself to his throbbing hard rod down into her body. Wanda was excited to bring joy into Peter's life as much as hers, to give him a family. After all of the shit he had been given, he deserved a better life. And Wanda was glad to bring it to her.

Peter watched her, she was divine. His balls throbbed when looking up upon Wanda. He indulged into her body, feeling up her curves, which might only grow more prominent. They ran some tests to see if he could have children.

"Give me your baby, Peter, make me a Mommy!" Wanda yelled at the top of her lungs.

The only man she would feel worthy enough to father her children were about ready to give way underneath her. The throbbing balls launched into Wanda and splattered the insides of her with cum. The first few blasts of cum fire.

Peter's balls reached full release and injected their milky contents into Wanda's womb. It was almost like her womb opened up, her eggs ready to be fertilized with Peter's cum. She worked her walls up and down on Peter, twisting his rod and milking seed into his body.

The two of them finally collapsed on the bed, feeling the pleasure of release, divine as it was. Wanda pulled away from Peter and dropped onto his chest, smiling.

"I could feel myself being impregnated," Wanda said. "And yes, this is what I wanted, and this is what you wanted as well."

"So, are you going to tell your father?" Peter asked.

"Well, I have to, and you know he does like you," Wanda said. "He might not completely understand your methods half of the time, but he respects what you're doing, trust me."

"It took a while though," Peter said.

"My father is guarded for a reason, we….I think our relationship is better now that I'm not working with him," Wanda said, lazily snuggling her head against her husband's shoulder. "Besides, do you think Jonah's jumbo tron flipped into the air on its own accord when he was really railing into you the other day?"

"I thought that was you?"

"No, that was the Master of Magnetism," Wanda said.

"Well, to be fair, the times when we go out together, you end up making one of my villains cry."

Wanda gave her husband a teasing smile. "You know, you might be taking this too seriously if you refer to those nutcases as your villains."

"Look what you did to poor Herman last week," Peter said.

"He started it," Wanda said. She turned to face Peter properly. "And you know….mentioning Shocker gives me an idea."

The wicked grin on Wanda's face brought Peter back to life.



Chapter Text

Tending to Wounds(Laura Kinney/X-23)


Genetically altered spider themed heroes tended to heal pretty well under even the most dangerous of circumstances. One of the circumstances these heroes did not heal was when they had to take a piece of shrapnel to the thigh when trying to protect two children who the Friends of Humanity were attacking. Two children the friends of humanity thought to be mutants.

Peter detested Creed and the rest of those assholes. His companion, Laura Kinney, the clone-daughter of the legendary Wolverine, escorted him over to the operating table. Peter slumped over Laura's shoulder in an attempt to hold himself up. Laura did her part to make sure he didn't collapse in agony.

"Sit down," Laura said.

Peter gimped over to the table with Laura's assistance. Every single step felt like there was a knife. Healing factors could make sure you didn't spend time on the shelf. All well a good.

'A healing factor is pretty nice. It can't stop you from feeling every single ounce of pain. You know, like the pain I'm feeling now. Oh god.'

"Take off your pants," Laura said.

Peter heard this particular request from Laura and complied with doing so. He didn't even make a wise ass quip about there being much better ways for Laura to get those pants off. Also because he knew Laura would remove Peter's favorite pair of pants with her claws.

'And I really like these pants.'

Laura felt around on the inside of Peter's thigh. Thankfully, the metal did not cut into anything vital. Laura thanked herself for small favors. Fortunately, perhaps so, the metal caught Peter flush on the thigh and made him ride in agony. Laura handed Peter a piece of gauze.

"Bite down on this."

The agonized Spider-Man did as the pretty lady with the sharp metal claws asked him. The sound of one of those claws retracting made Peter ride up nervously. The sound of the piece of metal being ripped out of his thigh could be heard. He thought having his wisdom teeth pulled was the worst pain he ever felt. No, this was the worst pain he ever felt, oh sweet Spider savior, the agony of it all.

"Relax, it's out," Laura said. "Can I get you anything."

"I don't suppose you checking me up in a sexy nurse's uniform would be something you'd mind," Peter said. Laura gave Peter one of those burning glares. "Yeah, pushing it a bit much."

"Nice to see you're feeling better."

Laura slipped into the next room. Peter assumed to get some medical supplies to further clean up his wounds. He doubted it would even scar now to be honest. And now after the ripping solid steel out of his flesh part finally was over, Peter felt much better and a little bit healthier than he was. He still wanted to put a stop to those Friends of Humanity, but they scurried underneath ground.

'They're cockroaches, always scurrying about. And someone is funding them.'

A long moment passed. Peter leaned back and was about to test his leg, but didn't dare chance it. If he left without Laura's go ahead, he didn't think she would be too thrilled. You could be as strong as the Hulk, as smart as Iron Man, and have great hair like Thor, but you did not piss off a pretty lady who had razor sharp claws. Hell, even without the razor sharp claws, she was pretty dangerous.

'Best in the world at what she does and she looks….pretty good at doing it?'

Laura stepped back into the room. Peter's eyes nearly bulged out when he realized the raven-haired beauty dressed in a tight nurse's uniform. The stethoscope drew extra attention to the valley between her breasts. The skirt rode up to show the very beginning of Laura's lacy white stockings. Every single step she took only further empathized how much Laura poured into the close.

"Um, hello nurse," Peter muttered.

"I need to check to see your temperature," Laura said.

Laura grabbed Peter by the cheeks and made him open up. The next play ended up with Laura sticking her tongue into Peter's mouth. She had been pretty bold, and grabbed Peter's face. He wasn't going to sit there like a bump on a log when he could return the kiss. And Peter returned it without any problems whatsoever. Tongues danced back and forth which each other.

The only piece of clothing Peter wore was his boxer shorts, but not for long. Laura bent down and pulled away from him.

"I need to see if you have any swelling," Laura said.

She cupped Peter's balls and felt around on them. A groan came from the web slinger when she edged closer to stroking Peter. The grip tightened around Peter's long throbbing cock. Laura pushed her hand all the way down onto him and then pulled it all the way up.

Laura barely could hold back a smirk. She wanted a piece of Spider-Man for a long time, and now she had Peter in a position. It might have been like something out of a pornography, but Laura didn't really give a fuck. Her biology mandated to mate with a strong man and there was few people who were stronger and more durable than Peter Parker.

"Swelling will have to go down through constant application of moisture," Laura said.

The wet, slippery tongue of Laura started at Peter's cock head and went down to the base. Peter thought he was going to die. She was so sexy licking his cock and beating the web slinger's meat. The distaff version of Wolverine pushed a hand down to the base of Peter's cock and then squeezed him.

Pre-cum bubbled from the top of the cock head. Laura encased Peter into her mouth.

"Jesus, Laura, are you trying to suck me dry?"

Laura's only response involved swallowing more of Peter's cock. She went down on his manhood with all of the well-practiced nature of someone who really wanted a big cock into her mouth.

"Very good," Laura said.

Peter had been left with a very strong case of blue balls. He didn't know whether or not it would be considered that good.

Breasts in his face, okay, that was good. Laura undid her top and pulled out her perfectly formed breasts. She had the thickest nipples which jutted out for Peter.

"Now, your reflexes."

Laura put two tits on either side of Peter and made a sandwich with his tits and her cock. The feeling of such an enhanced and throbbing pinnacle of flesh could be good. It reacted the moment Laura's flesh bangs surrounded the meat missile.

Death by pleasure, sweet pillowy pleasure awaited the Aroused Spider-Man. Her breasts were so perfect, and Peter throbbed when thinking about how they would always remain perky and firm thanks to the healing factory.

A vigorous tit-fucking continued. Laura canvased every single inch of Peter's cock. The girl smiled at the thought of having Peter's cock buried between her breasts and also the reaction he had to such an arrangement. Reactions of pleasure made Laura even more excited. She slid her breasts down the pole, all the way to the base of his cock, and then released him.

Laura repeated the ritual a few more times before she pulled completely away from Peter. She mounted his hips and shoved her breasts in Peter's face. She grinded on his lap.

"Laura," Peter groaned.

"Inside me," Laura said. "Your staying power."

Her panties pushed aside and Peter could feel her wetness slide against his hard cock. A second passed while Laura pushed her lips down onto the tip of his cock. Said lips caressed Peter's manhood when coming close to entering her. Peter groaned at the pleasurable feeling he felt from the near intrusion inside Laura's body.

"Yes," Peter groaned.

Both sets of loins met in a very pleasurable encounter. Laura dropped down all the way to Peter's base and encased much of his cock inside of her body. Laura rose and dropped onto Peter's throbbing hard tool. She took Peter inside and dropped down onto him. The feeling of pleasure cascaded through both of their bodies.

Waves of pleasure entered Peter's body. He did what any other man in his position would do. He reached in and grabbed Laura's firm, round breasts. He encouraged the stunning mutant to push herself up and drop herself down. Laura did as was respected.

Several rock hard inches of man flesh swelled the second Laura rose and dropped. Peter's hands finally left her breasts and touched other spots of Laura. The little spot at the base of her back, he took note of it. And Laura praised the heavens he did. That particular spot drove her completely wild. It made her bounce high and drive more of Peter's firm flesh rod.

She lost it on Peter. Juices spilled down Peter's throbbing hard pole. Laura tightened her grip around Peter with each pump, wanting him, and needing him even more.

"Peter," Laura said.

A harder grip on her hips allowed Peter to bury his massive rod inside of Laura's tight body. Laura waited for Peter to fill her completely up. The moment he bottomed out of her body.

"Tightest pussy I've ever fucked," Peter groaned.

Two firm young bodies melded with each other in a never ending combination of lust. Laura rode out her latest orgasm, a thought of how to prologue this reaching the horny mutant's head. Peter's worshipping made it hard to pull away from the latest orgasm. For the good of all things pleasurable, Laura must, she must, pull away and pull away she did.

Peter collapsed, and he was more sexually frustrated. He thought Laura was really going to roll over.

"To test to see how recovered you are."

Laura walked over to the other end of the room, positioned herself on the bed. Legs spread, on her hands and knees, with ass presented firmly in the air, Laura presented a treat. Peter rose to his feet, swollen cock just throbbing to enter this tight, ageless piece of snatch.

Peter walked over towards Laura and put his hands on either side of her hips. He positioned twelve massive inches, ready to piece Laura's walls with his hard breeding rod. Peter inched close and then, with one fluid maneuver, shoved his entire length inside of Laura.

"Oh, yes!" Laura moaned.

Firm flesh pounded against each other. Peter moved his hands all over Laura's body. Those breasts were felt completely up and cupped, cupped hard. Peter buried his full length penis into Laura's waiting, eager, accepting womanhood. His hands pushed around her hips and rocked her body completely. More cock rammed inside of Laura, burying her completely to the hilt.

"Peter, fuck me!"

"Don't worry, I will," Peter said. "I'm going to hammer you so hard, you'll forget your name."

"I sure hope so," Laura said. "Harder, faster, really hammer me until I cum!"

Peter slammed into Laura as hard a she could. Most of his length found itself inside of a sheath of the tightest, wettest, cunt he ever had a pleasure of being inside. Peter hammered home the point, most of the point being his immense cock, inside of Laura's wet, gripping sheath. She pulled on Peter, and he pushed back.

Attempts to rip up the bedding could not be avoided given how horny Laura was with this.

"So, what's your medical diagnosis?"

"You are about to make a firm…a full recovery," Laura panted. "But, I think we need to make sure you're completely healthy by giving me a nice, full sperm sample."

Warm tight pussy muscles flexed around Peter's rod to ensure it would spill all of the contents of the web-slinging male's swollen balls. Those inner walls made it very harder for Peter to reinforce his stamina, but he had to give it the good college effort to do so. He picked up a steadier pace.

"Well, if that's your medical opinion, Nurse Kinney?"

He spanked Laura's ass one time, paused, and when she moaned, did it again. Peter kept hammering away inside of Laura. He wanted inside her sweet pussy for a long time. It felt tight, not that her firm teenage breasts, nice toned buttock, and just overall rocking body didn't feel.

Laura let loose and enjoyed the heavy pounding. Her desires were being fulfilled, and Peter was sure spending a lot of time fulfilling them. And she was hoping this performance would be one which would be repeated.

"I could use that sperm sample, Mr. Parker," Laura said.

Peter groaned, Laura flexing those tight walls around him made it very hard to concentrate, very hard indeed. She slid warm, womanly flesh around Peter's aching hard rod.

"Yes, right inside me," Laura told him.

A nice healthy dose of seed spilled directly into her body was nice.

"I'm getting close."

"Then do it, there's going to be more, much more later," Laura said. "A healthy man such as yourself will have plenty of sperm, more than he can handle."

Warm velvety pleasure enveloped Peter's throbbing cock. The tension in his cock continued to heighten and then he pushed deeper inside of Laura's wet pussy. He spilled the contents of his cock inside of her warm body. Every single blast of seed fired inside Laura very quickly. Peter emptied his balls hard and fast inside of Laura.

Laura slumped down onto the bed when Peter finished pounded her. It did not escape Laura's attention she had at least two full orgasms, and good ones, and was working on a third, before Peter finished at her. Instincts rarely served Laura wrong, and hers were well on the mark.

'I'm not fucking letting this one get away from me.'

The two settled on the bed, and Peter pulled up. Laura climbed up to face Peter.

"It's my professional opinion you should come back in the next couple of days for a follow up, as soon as possible."

"Well, who am I to argue?" Peter asked.

The two kissed each other one more time, and it looked like things were about to get heated in a less than professional manner.

She was the best in the world at what she did. And what Laura did was Peter Parker.



Chapter Text

First non Marvel girl to pop up on the randomizer, so we head to the wonderful world of DC Comics for this chapter.

Seducing of a Stunning Siren(Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary).

The luscious bed pressed against Peter Parker when he dropped onto the bed. Long hard night of swinging on webs, wrapping up bad guys, and all of the work which went along with it finally passed. Peter was more than ready to get in some good old fashioned rest and relaxation.

Silence lasted only for a moment, when the door opened up. A beautiful sexy blonde stepped her way into the way. Her golden blonde hair came down on her angelic face, with those shining blue eyes. Her body seduced many men to their doom, but also proved she could kick a lot of ass.

Now, she only wore a leather jacket, and a pair of fishnet stockings. Peter's eyes followed when Dinah Laurel Lance, the crime fighter known as the Black Canary, stepped in. They had been dating for a little bit now, when they teamed up to stop a group of smugglers working for a high level crime boss. They went out, fought the bad guys, got a couple of drinks, and returned back to Dinah's apartment.

Dinah crossed the room and an impish smile spread over her face. "So, do you see something you like."

"All of the above?"

A gap closed between the two of them. Dinah climbed on top of the bed next to Peter and kissed him fiercely. Their tongues danced together with Dinah holding the back of Peter's head into place. A nice, wet path had been mapped out.

Dinah sighed when the kissing increased, she longed for these nights. Passion flowed through the body of the fishnet clad crime fighter when pushing Peter back onto the pillows. She got on top of him and kissed him. There were numerous ways to put a much stronger man down, and Dinah knew all of them. Their lips touched together and kissed each other.

They parted ways with Dinah playfully nibbling on Peter's lip. She perched at the end of the bed and put her fishnet clad feet on Peter's crotch. She rubbed through his pants and he could feel his erection throb underneath the glorious ministrations of Dinah's foot. She grinded up and down.

"That seems swollen," Dinah said. "Let's take a good look at it?"

She worked Peter's cock out of his pants. It stood up, tall and proud. Dinah balanced herself on the bed. Her soft toes wrapped Peter's cock in between them. She lifted her leg up and down to jack Peter off with her foot. Not to be outdone, Peter grabbed the back of her leg and started to massage it, feeling the firm tender flesh underneath it.

"Damn, your feet feel so good, so soft," Peter said.

Dinah had been pleased to see Peter approved of the feeling of her foot. It slid down Peter's pole and made his balls tense up. The delicate movement over toes going up and down upon him made more flow in his cock.

"How would you like both my feet?"

"Are you kidding? I'd love to be between your soft, perfect soles."

Dinah smiled and balanced, so Peter could see her pussy through the fishnets bodystocking crotch while jerking him off with her feet. Hips rose to meet the incoming movement of the feet up and down. The Canary had the Spider right where she wanted him. Throbbing hard meat got even harder.

Desire ran through every fiber of Peter. Soon, it could be lost. Soon the pleasure would hit a high point. Soon, he might cum all over her feet, ankles, legs, and any part of it, his cum might reach.

The only thing better was for her to speed up. Dinah did and showed her immense leg strength to pump Peter as far between her feet as possible. He groaned and enjoyed the soft feeling of firm feet and very firm ankles which rubbed down on him. He was almost done, almost there.

"Dinah, I'm….."

The heels of Dinah's feet now pressed down on Peter's balls. He jerked up his crotch and released cum from some very swollen balls. The cum started to splatter up into the air and struck the ceiling with a fluid motion. Dinah jerked Peter all the way to the end of the road, all the way to his completion. Her legs lifted and dropped to take more of Peter in between her soft feet.

"Damn, damn."

"Yes, damn," Dinah said. She relaxed the grip around Peter's cock. She leaned around and slowly undid the zipper of the top. "I got you so hard you hit the ceiling. That's not too bad, is it?"

All Peter could do was stop and stare at the sight of Dinah taking off her jacket. He saw her in that fishnet bodystocking which was the subject of many fantasies. Her toned body poured into it. Peter locked onto Dinah's round, juicy breasts, with a nipple pressing out of the front of the suit. All Peter had to do was reach in, touch it, take it, and it would be his. He couldn't wait a second more ,he just had to, he couldn't hold back.

"Yeah, Peter," Dinah moaned heavily. "Take my nipple, take it, pinch it, give it life."

Sticky fingers proved to be able moment. Peter ripped the front of Dinah's body stocking off.

"Don't worry, I got more in the closet," Dinah said. "Help….yourself….."

Peter attacked Dinah's breasts with all of the vigor and fury one expected from someone like him. He moved closer and pulled down the material.

"Now, I have you right where I want you."

Shudders spread from Dinah's body. Peter ran his cock down the front of Dinah's toned and flat stomach, slowly reaching her pussy. Strong powerful thighs had been spread, just waiting to receive what Peter had to offer. Dinah took a hand and pushed Peter closer towards her.

"Peter, fuck me," Dinah begged him.

"Oh, you want inside of her."

Gentle teasing followed and talented fingers danced down the front of Dinah's welcoming, opening slit. She shifted underneath Peter. An inch later, and he would have those fingers jammed inside of her. Only if Dinah would allow it though.

"Yes, I need you inside me ,inside me now!" Dinah yelled.

Peter came close to sliding inside of Dinah. He pulled back and left her hanging, wanting even more from him. A couple more teases where he almost slipped inside of her.

"PETER!" Dinah yelled.

"Relax, we all know you're a screamer."

Time to take the plunge, and what a plunge it was. Peter went into Dinah, with all of his might. His hard cock entered the body of the woman.

"You know how I like something big, powerful and strong between my thighs," Dinah said. "Show me why I fell in love in you all over again."

Peter danced down Dinah's neck with his fingers. A satisfied little smirk spread over his face.

"I don't know, did it have anything to do with something like this?"

One squeeze and one release with Peter allowing her tit to bounce back. Peter lowered down into Dinah's central core as well. Those legs found a home against Peter.

"Some days, I wish I had eight arms," Peter said.

"Oh, you and me both," Dinah joked. "And yes, something like that!"

The web slinger pushed deep inside of Dinah and stretched her completely out. The firmness of the blonde's thighs wrapped around him feel really good. A hand grabbed Dinah's breast and handled them with pleasure. Steady manipulations of her breasts made Dinah's breathing to increase.

Dinah reached the peak with a raging climax going inside of her. Peter rose almost all the way up out of Dinah's moist center and slid inside of her into the depths. The web head pushed deep into Dinah into the body. Balls slapped deep against Dinah's thighs when being rammed into her.

"Time to see how much I can really make you scream."

Peter propped Dinah's legs out by his shoulders and pumped into her with the leverage. Dinah just managed to bite down on her lip. Peter rose almost all the way up and slammed deep inside of her tight body. Her inner muscles squeezed around Peter and pumped him.

Screams of passion filled the air. Peter kissed the back of Dinah's legs, positioned in the perfect position for worship. The stunning golden haired lover in beneath Peter made him am into her. The tightening of the song bird's center muscles around him before Peter rose almost all the way out of her. He shoved deep inside of Dinah's wet vice. She held around Peter's rod.

"YES!" Dinah yelled.

Peter avoided the full blast and the walls cracked, along with the vase on a nearby table exploded. She pushed up against Peter.

"Wow, you're ready to go."

Increased squeezes of Dinah's breasts made her pant even more. She really was going for another, higher, and harder peak. And speaking of hard, Peter drove into her very hard. He stretched out her body. Slowing down at first, and then pumping into her hard. Every time Dinah hit a point, Peter pulled her back down to Earth. Then the minute she held her breath, Peter returned to pounding her in response.

Peter grinded himself down inside of Dinah. Cum-loaded sacs of flesh slapped down onto Dinah. Her hands moved to Peter's back and she scratched up the man's back. Dinah's hips grabbed Peter's throbbing rod and pushed inside. Deeper and more of a pleasurable drop into her, the grip tightening. She milked Peter's deepening rod.

"Mmm, yeah, baby, make me cum again," Dinah said.

"I wonder if you can last much longer."

Peter slid into the depths of Dinah. The glorious tightness worked Peter's love muscle out. He held onto Dinah, lowered into her, rose out, and lowered back in with a few pushes. All while worshipping the back of the stunning siren's ears.

Black Canary and Spider-Man heightened up a pleasurable encounter. The stunning blonde crime fighter pushed her hands on the back of Peter's head. He touched all of the buttons which drove her nuts, and made Peter to drop down into the depths. Her body all centered into one large G-Spot and heightened the pleasure.

"You're just the gift who keeps on giving," Dinah said.

One full cock shoved into Dinah all of the way. She felt like being split in half. Dinah shifted around Peter's intruding organ. Those balls rocked and dropped inside of her.

"I know, but you haven't gotten your real lift, my pretty bird."

Dinah shifted up around Peter's hard rod. The two of them met at the middle with the dance of pleasure increasing. He returned attention and back to her breasts. Dinah leaned into Peter's eager and grabbing hands.

"You're insatiable," Dinah said.

"Then we match," Peter said.

Dinah didn't argue. All she could do was feel Peter pressed against her. He was deep inside of Dinah, deep inside of her womb. Those swollen balls bounced hard and fast as well to encourage her. Dinah lifted almost off of the bed to get Peter inside of her.

"Yes, we do."

Another orgasm released through the inner chambers. The sexy Bird of Prey gave a cry, not her Canary cry fortunately, but a cry of passion. Peter drove pleasure through the hottest, sexiest point in her. The sexy siren squeezed down onto Peter. He kissed Dinah's nipples, alternating from the right, to the left.

"Mmm," Dinah breathed. "Take me, take me…..harder…..make me cum!"

Peter's balls throbbed even more. He slowed down the pace, and made Dinah beg for more. He then picked up a heavier pace and bottomed out inside of her. The stunning siren's slick center enveloped Peter in a tight grip. Peter almost pulled almost out of her and then pushed down into her. Dinah stretched around Peter, and allowed him to drive down inside of her.

"Only a little bit longer," Peter said.

Anticipation reached a high amount. Dinah dug her heels into Peter's backside and ensured he would stay very close to her. He answered those attempts by caressing Dinah and feeling her up. He caught the spot underneath her right knee which drove her even more nuts.

"Yes, don't hold out on me," Dinah said.

"I'll let you cum first," Peter said.

"Such a gentleman," Dinah said.

Peter used precision to strike out another orgasm inside his sexy blonde lover. Dinah held onto Peter with the two of them locking up together. The feeling of those balls about ready to discharge set the chain reaction off. Dinah held around Peter and sent Peter inside of her.

The web slinger groaned at the sensation of her tight wet center milking him. Peter buried himself deep inside of Dinah and hammered out the end. He rode out her orgasm and moved closer towards him. Those warm, firm melons also leaned up towards Peter, and begged to be worshipped. He did, he did it so nicely, and so handily.

Everything, no matter how good, tended to draw to an end sooner than later. This very intense coupling increased and Peter pushed deep inside of her. Her slick center milked Peter, and worked through one more orgasm. His balls clenched and he was this close to erupting inside of her.

"Go ahead, lose it, lose yourself," Dinah said.

Peter pushed inside of her and spilled the contents of his balls inside of Dinah's wet center. He pumped into her sticky center. Dinah held around Peter and pushed his massive rod into her tight body. His body reached the peak and injected her insides with his fluids.

Dinah bucked up and appreciated the heavy volume. She twisted around Peter and ensured every single last drop spilled into her insides. Peter picked up the pace and hammered inside of her.

They exchanged fluids, swapping them together when their loins met. Peter picked up the pace, and hammered deep inside of Dinah.

The two of them pulled apart. The second Peter pulled out of Dinah, he could see her sitting up and turning around on her hands and knees in an inviting manner.

"Ready for more?"

She didn't even need to ask the question. Dinah's firm ass shaking in Peter's face prompted him to dive on in for one more round.

Okay, maybe a little bit more than one round.


Chapter Text

Standard Procedure(Maria Hill).


Maria Hill flipped through a never ending stack of paperwork on the newest Avenger, Spider-Man. The Black Widow recommended him for the latest round of SHIELD medical tests and put a note down on the piece of paper which caught Maria's eye. She heard rumors about the young man.

"Agent Hill?"

Just on time, the young man in question walked through the door. Maria wasn't going to lie, he looked rather fetching on the eyes. She found herself giving him a very through and full visual examination when entering the room. She pulled back, admonishing herself. The rigors of being the number two person in SHIELD was starting to get to her at the worst possible time.

"Yes, Mr. Parker," Maria said. "I do apologize for the long wait. As Agent Romanova may have told you, SHIELD has regular and randomized tests for its field agents."

"And since I'm a member of the Avengers, I'm officially a junior agent of SHIELD," Peter said.

Giving all of the Avengers at the very least Level Three status was the compromise SHIELD reached for them registering their powers with SHIELD's database. Only a select number of agents new the location of the full database, and it required all twelve verification codes to access it. If one or two parties had been compromised, the full database would not have been compromised. In fact, without the verification codes all being input within a fifteen minute period, shutdown protocols would be involved.

"Mr. Parker, do you think you could remove your shirt, and take a seat so we can begin?"

He took off his shirt and revealed a sculpted physique. Maria knew from her files she had the proportional strength of a spider. Maria stepped into the room.

Peter watched as Maria Hill. One could be fooled by her stern demeanor, but that was just the façade she had to put on when babysitting SHIELD agents all day and every day. SHIELD was a well oiled machine, far better than most, but anyone could see how someone could go completely insane.

Regardless, she looked stunning, with her shoulder length brown hair framing a beautiful face and a stunning, if not slightly icy, pair of brown eyes. The standard issued SHIELD uniform stretched nicely around her curves, a decent sized chest, but the best part of her was her firm round ass.

Peter wouldn't lie, he had been catching a look at her ass.

"I'll be conducting this examination," Maria said. "Relax, I'm qualified."

"I don't think no one doubted your qualifications."

Maria made sure everything was in order. SHIELD agents, no matter what level, needed to be in tip-top shape to achieve what they needed to achieve. She did a series of reflex tests, and ensured Peter didn't have any bumps or bruises which could be a problem.

"And now, we go for the lower body work."

An unzipping announced a pair of pants dropping to the ground. Maria slowly ran her hands down Peter and turned him around.

"Bend over as far as you can, Mr. Parker."

Maria watched when Peter bent down and she marveled at the young man's flexibility. The eyes of the SHIELD agent traveled down every inch of his body. She eyed him like a piece of dessert which she would devour.

"Stand tight, and I'll prepare for the next round of the tests."

Maria journeyed over to the other end of the ground and dipped down, bending slightly. Peter caught a glimpse of her tight ass from all the way across the room, pouring into that SHIELD uniform. It was very hard not to take his eyes off of her glorious backside.

She turned around and frowned. A small tent rose on Peter's pants. Actually more than a small tent, a full blown one.


"No, don't apologize," Maria said. "A healthy young man like you, you were going to react to certain stimulation. It's part of the test, and I'm glad you've had such a visible reaction. You rank among the top percentage of SHIELD agents."

"Wait, you…you….classify us by endowment?" Peter asked.

"There are certain missions which require seduction," Maria said. "Not on your level, not yet, but you can move up, and I'm sure someone of your level will move up very soon."

Peter made himself well aware of where her hand touched. Maria stepped closer towards Peter and slowly started to close the gap between the two of them. Peter groaned when Maria's hand cupped around his crotch and the warmth of her hand.

"Some of my fellow agents remark, when they think I'm not listening, that I need to get laid," Maria said. "What do you think about that, Peter?"

A tight grip closed around his cock through his pants. Peter closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her fingers working around him. Every single time her palm pressed against him, Peter thought he was going to rip out of his trousers.

"Is there any way I can answer that question that won't get me in trouble?"

Maria pealed down his pants and took a closer look at the equipment she had to work with. Her hand touched his bare cock, and she smiled. "No, they're right. I could use with a good lay, and as your direct supervisor, I recommend you assist me. It's for the good of SHIELD, and it's for the good of the Avengers."

The web slinger caught the hint and caught the back of Maria's head before pulling her into a kiss. The beautiful, if a bit stern, government agent kissed Peter furiously. Their mouths melted together in a passionate exchange of salvia. Maria bumped her hips against his and slowly brushed up against him.

Maria took her tongue and mapped out the inside of the map. So far, Natasha's recommendation was working out well. The man could kiss, and he was slowly managing to grip her in the right spots. One of those right spots was her ass, what man wouldn't dare touch her firm, round backside.

"Mmm," Maria said. "Why don't we move over on the table so you can get me ready to get laid?"

Peter held onto Maria Hill's wrists and shoved her back onto the table. He leaned towards her and kissed the woman on the inside of her mouth. Her uniform had been undone with her breasts begging to pop out. Peter assisted her the rest of the way out of the inform.

Two nice round breasts capped off with dark nipples exposed. Peter put his mouth on one of them and sucked one. He lavished Maria's right nipple with enough attention before moving around.

Maria breathed heavily and stroked the back of Peter's head. She made sure to feel his mouth keep going down on her.

"Remember, no good deed goes unpunished."

Peter kissed her flat belly, and moved down. Her uniform slid down past her thighs and revealed a very wet black thong. Peter pealed it off of her and started to nibble on her pussy. He slowly worked his way inside of that sweet, dripping center.

"Eat my pussy," Maria said. "Good, good, you… do a good job, and you and I will be spending a lot of time building our working relationship!"

The sweet taste of Maria's dripping pussy encouraged Peter to go further down between her thighs. It wasn't too long before Peter had buried his face between Maria's sweet, sweet thighs. He rubbed those firm inner thighs, and made her moan before delving down to canvas every second inch.

Moans echoed through the room from the beautiful deputy director of SHIELD. Maria pumped herself up and down into the waiting mouth of her lover. She closed her eyes a few seconds later. He was most certainly exceeding all explanations.

All of the right spots as well, and there were many right spots inside of her pussy. Maria exploded into a sultry moan the very second Peter came down inside of her.

Peter didn't just settle for giving her own orgasm. He did want to make a good first impression after all, and wanted to blow the mind of Maria Hill. He had been with several female Avengers, Natasha being the most prominent. His hunger increased every time Maria pushed those lovely hips into her face.

"Keep it up!" she encouraged him. "Don't stop!"

Maria almost cried out those last couple of words with a feverish passion. Her cumming hard made her eyes water. Maria held onto the back of Peter's head. He didn't need much guidance, but Maria didn't care. She wanted him, deep inside of her pussy. A gushing feeling erupted through her.

Peter marveled out how horny she got, and she seemed like the type how the moment they were done, she would jump on his throbbing cock and ride him all the way through several orgasms. Peter decided to make her pussy nice and wet and make it easier for that to happen. He dove between the lips, biting down on them, and releasing them in a fluid motion. Maria bucked up completely, drawing more of Peter's able tongue inside of her body. She panted in pleasure.

"Fuck,' Maria mewled. "You're so good. I can't have enough of you!"

More was on the way in the form of Peter biting down and releasing her nether lips. He slipped her tongue inside of her, using his fingers to caress the outside as well. Maria screamed in pleasure. The dark haired vixen beneath him writhing and succumbing to his actions just made Peter throb.

Peter pulled himself up. Maria grabbed Peter by the wrist, and pulled him over.

"I can't wait any longer," Maria said. She straddled Peter's lap. Those nice, firm, toned legs wrapped around Peter's waist. All Peter could do was grab them and marvel about how firm they are. "You have a cock which is above average. I need it inside me…..for purposes of testing for SHIELD."

Bless her, she managed to maintain a somewhat professional reasoning, even though lust burned through her eyes. Those ample breasts shoved into Peter's face and all he could do was taste and feel the warmth.

Maria tried not to get too wrapped up in what he was doing to her breasts, even though he was doing a very wonderful thing to her breasts. His hand wrapped around one and kneaded it in time with his mouth sucking on the swollen nipple. All of the pleasures exploded over Maria's mind, and she tried extremely hard not to lose it.

Still, she recalled the reason for the dance. A nice hunk of meat prepared to fill her pussy, and allow her to work out frustrations of a long days work.

"Let's focus on what the other agents say should happen," Maria said. "The me getting laid part…..none of them are up for the task. But I think it's safe to say you are, Spider-Man."

Maria picked herself up and brought her slit down onto Peter's enormous rod. The throbbing meat filled her warm sheath. She felt every single inch of it move inside of her and made tingles goes go down her body. The fact Peter wasn't idle when this happened, and his hands also felt.

"Damn, Hill, it's been a long time for you, hasn't it?" Peter asked.

"Way too long," Maria said. "But, I think we can have a nice little working relationship….off to the side….it's healthy to have sex….keeps you focused throughout the day."

Peter pushed his hard rod into Maria's body. He was focusing on the tight, lovely body of the Deputy Director of SHIELD. Every few seconds, she bounced on his hard rod and filled him up even further. Peter groaned, and felt the ample backside which pushed on him.

"Just think of my pussy, and think about how good it feels wrapped around your big, cock," Maria told him. She smiled and bounced down on him, before releasing his cock inside of her. "You can't have enough of me, can you, big boy?"

Peter shook his head. He couldn't and shouldn't have enough of Maria Hill who slid down his throbbing hard pole and wrapped herself around him. It felt amazing for her to be wrapped around him, in ways which he couldn't even describe. He leaned back and enjoyed the rush of a nice, warm pussy pumping up and down on his rod. He filled Maria up and emptied her.

"No, I can't," Peter said. "Damn, Agent Hill….."

"Call me, Maria, when you're fucking me!" Maria yelled.

The feeling of such a huge amount of cock filling her made Maria stretch out on his large, meaty cock, and it really slammed inside of her hard.

"Damn, Maria, you're so hot," Peter said.

Maria just smiled at the compliments. Her round ass bounced, and Peter paid attention to the marvel when she drove herself down onto his throbbing hard rod. Maria pushed around him and released Peter with a fluid motion.

The web slinger leaned in and submerged himself in the sweaty chest of the SHIELD agent. His hands moved around her body so fast. She encouraged Peter's behavior, and how much he pushed inside of her tight body. Maria rose up and bounced down onto him.

"That cock can last a long time, can't it?" Maria asked. "We're going to have to run more tests to see how durable, and how many times it can recharge."

Maria would need some help in doing so, but business can wait. Her body sized up and release an orgasm for the ages onto his breeding rod. Her body continued to shake, breasts in time with it. Peter nuzzled into her chest, cupping the underside of it briefly and released it.

The feeling of her inner muscles milking him, and her body just driving down on him made Peter's love organ stretch out inside of her. He buried himself inside of Maria's warm, wet pussy. The feeling of her going up and driving down on her worked his cock over.

"So, hot," Peter breathed.

Maria smiled at the compliment and endeavored to make his orgasm one of the best. She tingled, and received another orgasm, this one even more powerful. The newest recruit worked his cock into the depths of her body.

The sexy older woman riding Peter made his muscles tense up. He knew something tingled inside of him, and it most certainly wasn't his spider sense. His groin felt sensations from her mature body that he didn't feel for a very long time. And the fact she was not done testing him made Peter really excited what she could do with him, and more importantly, what she could do for him.

"I need you to cum with me, Peter" Maria said. "It's our time to cum together."

She purred in his ear, and pushed down onto his hips, grabbing his cock in between her hot thigh muscles and releasing him. She deviously pumped Peter inside of her.

Peter could no longer ignore the beautiful temptress bouncing on his lap. She pushed hard, and Peter had to push back. He buried his cock. Balls deep inside of Maria Hill, he never thought he would see the day.

"Don't worry, this won't be the last time," Maria said. "Now, I believe I need to get a sperm sample to test….how strong you are. And there's only one way to get that."

The wet center of the SHIELD Deputy director drove down on Peter's mighty breeding rod. It pushed into her and filled Maria up to the hilt. Peter shifted underneath Maria and buried his rod into her. The sensation of his muscles clenching followed by the release.

Maria got her sperm sample alright, and then some more. The thick, creamy blasts of man juices drilled inside of her body. The sheer force and volume of what he put inside of her resulted in Maria closing her eyes and moaning in delight. She enjoyed the feeling.

The two of them swapped juices, and also were in the midst of a heated liplock. Maria rode Peter all the way home to the station and drained every drop of cum she could get out of those swollen balls.

Maria pulled away from Peter. She wobbled off of the table, her inner thighs feeling the burn of some very satisfying sex. It took a moment for her to drop back against the wall.

Peter looked towards her, and she smiled. Maria turned and looked at the clock.

'Never enough time in the day to really get laid,' Maria thought. 'Got a briefing in ten minutes.'

She made a brief thought.

"Report to my office tomorrow for a follow up," Maria said.

Maria squeezed his cock and kissed him before leaving. Her ass bouncing allowed Peter quite a nice show when he left.

Peter knew what he wanted to follow up on, but he wondered if Maria would permit him to go that far.

'You don't know unless you try.'



Chapter Text

Running Tests(Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman)

Reed Richards wasn't the only member of the Fantastic Four who could get excited by amazing science. Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman stood in the back of the lab. She pulled on a lab coat, put her hair back, and got to work. She dressed a casual button up blue blouse, with a couple of buttons tastefully undone. She topped off the outfit with a pair of tight pants.

She turned towards The Amazing Spider-Man, who made his way to the Baxter Building, and he had been dressed in a new suit. Sue wasn't going lie, it looked rather fetching on him. Him in a black suit which looked particular skin tight made her appreciate him in an entirely new way.

"So, I found this suit just a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to have bonded to my body," Peter said. "I was going to swing by, to see if Reed could take a look at it."

"Reed's not here right now, he's away on a conference," Sue said. "But, don't worry, he's not the only set of brains in the Fantastic Four who could run a few tests."

Peter smiled, he knew Susan Storm was beautiful, and any red-blooded male would have a crush on the beautiful heroine. She was amazing, smart, and sexy as all hell. The fact she poured into that tight blue uniform made Peter excited to even think about.

"Would really do that?" Peter asked. "Thanks, Sue, I owe you one…it's just, it's odd….it's almost like sometimes the suit has a mind of it's own."

Sue frowned, that was very odd. She wanted to get a closer look at the suit to serve her own scientific curiosity to be honest. Sue pressed a dial on the edge of the console to run a full scan. The brilliant blonde bit down on her lip, waiting for the results of the scans to come on through.

"It's very interesting," Susan said. "Very, very, interesting."

Peter wondered what was very interesting.

"The suit is becoming one with you, it's like a symbiotic relationship," Susan said. "I'd like to try and take a sample of it to study it even further."

She pushed a button and a metal arm retracted. Sue gently tugged off a piece of the suit.

"It creates its own webbing," Peter said. "And it looks like the suit doesn't appreciate you trying to pick a piece off of it."

"Yes, I figured as much," Sue said, watching the tendrils on the suit appear. It brought certain devious thoughts into her mind. Sue shook her head to avoid those thoughts from overwhelming her mind. "So, it's able to create mass? Can you create more than webbing for instance?"

Peter racked his mind.

"I was able to create a miniature wrecking ball to take out Sandman when I fought him the other day," Peter said. "Oh, and I seem to have this strong craving for chocolate every time after I wake up from wearing the suit."

"Might be a side effect," Sue said. "I'm not even sure if this suit is from this world. Where did you find it?"

"It was attached the shuttle, you know the one that crashed last week in the middle of New York?" Peter asked.

"The one with John Jameson on it?" Sue asked. "I might have heard about it a couple of times, yes, Jonah was pretty proud about his son being on that trip."

Peter heard about it more than that.

"I just thought, maybe wrongly, it was just some ordinary gunk which attached to the ship when it landed in the harbor," Peter said. "But, the ship had been struck by a meteor, and I got this suit afterwards. I thinking whatever this thing, this symbiote is, it came from the meteor which crashed into the ship."

Sue nodded in confirmation. "It's very possible."

Her frown deepened when studying the message.

"Is that a good mmm, or a bad mmm?" Peter asked. "Because, seriously, Sue, I don't like the look on your face. You look like you're severely weirded out about something. And I don't want to know what it us."

"Just seeing something interesting, it releases miniature spores," Sue said. "They contain pheromones which are meant to attract mates for the host body."

One of the spores floated in mid-air and broke open. Sue closed her eyes and inhaled the scent, the scent which reminded her of Spider-Man. It reminded her how she spent a few times fantasizing about him, fantasizing what he could do. Being webbed up by him, and having her brains fucked out, oh god, Sue would want it.

Peter looked at her and realized she had been caught with something, some kind of side effect of the symbiote.

"Susan? Sue? Doctor Storm? Are you there?"

Susan took a sultry step forward and unbuttoned her blouse. She revealed a nice set of breasts contained inside of a black bra. She slid the blouse down her shoulders and allowed it to drop down onto the ground, underneath the lab coat.

"Spider-Man, it's my recommendation you have an uptake in your sexual intercourse, for your health and the health of your companion."

Sue took down her pants, slowly showing Peter her panties. She looked very beautiful. Susan Storm had a look of lust burning through your eyes.

"You're becoming unraveled she said."

Peter realized the costume around the symbiote retracted, and left him wearing nothing by a black spider symbol on his chest. Sue walked over towards him, pressing her warm body against Peter's. Several long inches of primed, ready cock stuck out and caught Sue in her lower belly.

"Mmm, you're so hard," Susan said. "I'm going to suck your cock, honey. But, you wanted me. I can tell you wanted me. Every time we team up, I see you watching my ass, my legs, my breasts, wondering what it would be like to have the Invisible Woman get down on her knees and worship your big, cock."

He dreamed about it, and now it actually happened. Susan worshipped Peter with her mouth and also her hands which stroked at the base and the balls as well. Sue leaned down to take the head between her lips, perfect for cock sucking. Peter didn't know anything to do, other than to grab the back of her head.

Sexual hunger spread through Peter's body. He could feel Sue work her mouth down his enroged pole. The heat of Sue's warm mouth engulfed him all the way down to the base. The tip of his cock had been held into her throat. She pulled out and released him with a pop.

"Sue," Peter said.

The Invisible Woman's blowjob was anything but invisible. Peter leaned down towards her and watched the second he disappeared into Sue's waiting mouth. He hungered for her. The side of her face had been grabbed, and Peter rammed his massive rod into the back of Sue's waiting throat. Sue leaned back and sucked him into her mouth. Hunger danced through her dazzling blue eyes.

"Fuck, Sue, damn it, Sue, you're so good," Peter breathed. "You're going to make me cum so hard."

The brilliant blonde beauty's cheeks hallowed out and stretched into the back of her throat. Sue pushed down onto Peter and sucked him very hard and fast. The lewd sounds she made resulted in Peter feeling a throbbing sensation. He held the back of Sue's head.

Sue thought she hit the jackpot. Twelve inches of thick meat which seemed to be growing the more she sucked. It was going to be hers. Sue wanted to experiment with how hard and how much of this cock she could get. The parts the Invisible Woman couldn't grab, she pushed down it.

"I'm going to cum," Peter said.

The Invisible Woman tripled her already tense efforts around the throbbing cock underneath her. Her hands cupped Peter's hard balls and pushed her lips deep as possible around him. She formed a vacuum seal around him.

Peter released a huge amount of cum inside of her tight throat. The flood of thick juices spilled inside of Sue's waiting mouth. She sucked Peter down all the way to the edge, draining his balls with her mouth. Sue moaned around Peter's hard tool the very second he shoved himself into her mouth.

"Yes, oh that feels good," Peter said. "Suck me, suck me harder."

Sue shoved his cock inside of her mouth and proceeded to drain every last drop of cum from those balls. They seemed very swollen and what kind of doctor would she be not to drain every single last drop of cum.

An immense amount of cum spilled into Sue's mouth. She swallowed it like the perfect sex goddess she was and ascended to her feet.

A few tendrils shot out and wrapped around Sue's wrists. Sue looked up with a hungry look, which had only been matched by Peter's gaze which looked like he wanted to devour her. More tendrils moved down between her legs, and Peter held her close towards him.


A sound of shredding panties brought Sue into greater prominence. The tendrils balanced Sue up into the air and made sure her legs spread. The feeling of the soft, but squish parts of the suit.

"I want to eat your pussy," Peter said.

Sue had no choice but to comply, not she was going to argue. Peter pushed himself closer between Sue's legs and suckled on her womanhood. The first time he touched her, Sue almost came undone. It was like after he came in her mouth, her body grew more sensitive and more responsive to his touch.

Sweet juices urged Peter on. Sue slid her thighs around Peter's head. She balanced in the air, allowing Peter to get full access to her. He needed to grab that sweet ass.

"I like you playing with my ass," Sue said. "Spank me, I've been a bad little bitch! Oh, then I want you to pin me down on Reed's lab table and fuck the ever living daylights out of me."

Peter spanked Sue's tight ass while eating her pussy. His tendril friends worked open her bra and eased their way around Sue's perfect, perky nipples. Sue moaned hungrily underneath what Peter was doing. Peter drove his tongue deep inside of her.

"Fuck me, lick my pussy," Sue begged him. "Oooh, you're making me feel so good. I'm so horny, I can't wait for your cock to be inside of me."

The moans coming from the needy blonde only made Peter want to bury his face between her legs. He could feel the soft, smooth firmness of Sue's delightful legs. Her pussy gushed underneath Peter's attacks. He only could grab her and push his face down into it again.

Sue's erotic enjoyment heightened up. She was being held into place by tentacles and being eaten out by a very skilled young man, one she had several erotic dreams. Neither would dare act on them, but now all social formalities were off. Sue was wet and needed to fuck, and she needed to fuck bad.

Another orgasm allowed Peter to absorb the taste of Sue's nectar. He could feast on her needy pussy all day long and in fact, he was going to do just that. He wasn't going to step down, not for a second.

Peter showed Sue a new meaning to the phrase of going down on someone. The web slinger kneaded her tight ass, an object of his long time lust towards the woman. She released and spread her legs further in the air. Peter shoved a probing tongue deeper inside of her and also stroked her clit with a tendril.

Pleasure beyond everything Sue ever experienced exploded through her body. Her latest orgasm proved to be the most amazing.

The second after Sue came back to Earth, Peter guided her over towards the lab table. A horny, pleased, and ready to go Susan Storm propped herself up against the table. Her womanly thighs pushed apart and were ready for a heavy pounding.

"I'm going to die if I don't get your cock."

Peter smiled when he marveled at the sexy body beneath him. Golden blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, sexy face, a body which could stop traffic, large breasts, a flat tummy, wide hips, and long dazzling legs. Sue Storm was quite the babe, and she only craved one man now.

He couldn't help, but feel a small swell of desire.

"We don't want it to happen."

Sue's pussy called for Peter, and he would be damned if he let her down. Peter closed the gap between both of them. Her soft center pushed closer towards Peter and started to take him inside of her. Peter held onto Sue and then with one fluid punch, shoved down onto her.

A good hard thrust was all Sue needed. Her hands had been tied back when Peter drove her against the lab table. The fact it was a table which Reed conducted many experiments only made her feel wet and naughty.

'Then again, he wouldn't notice me if I danced in here naked, holding up the periodic table,' Sue thought to herself.

No time to think about the man she pined after for years, and had ignored her very obvious signals. It was time for Sue to experience the sex god in front of her. The man who would drive his hard cock inside of her.

Peter could feel her vaginal muscles respond to him. Every time he rose up and slammed into Sue, her womanhood tightened around him. Peter held onto her and shoved more of his length inside of her.

"Damn, Sue, you're so good," Peter said. "I think I'll have you after tonight forever."

"You can fuck me as often as you want," Sue said. "I want you, so bad, so bad….pin me down, and fuck my brains out."

"It might take a while," Peter quipped.

Sue smiled and rolled her hips to engulf more of Peter's massive throbbing meat inside of her. The roller coaster ride of pleasure reached the top and crashed all the way to the bottom. He paid attention to her breasts, and every single inch of her body. Lots of touching, lots of sensual touching, and a little of the rough stuff as well, which got Sue's motor running.

She enslaved herself between Peter's cock.

"You're the master, and I'm the pet," Sue said. "And your pet should be on her hands and knees why you fuck her!"

The dark lust spreading through Sue's eyes made Peter lose it. He had a whole lot of stamina. Another minute submerged into Sue's pussy before Peter pulled out and invited her to turn over. It gave him a perfect look at her ass, which he needed to grab and spank.

"Don't worry about my pussy," Sue said. "Just fuck my ass."

Peter didn't want to do anything more in the entire world. Sue's puckered hole had been held open by Peter's new found tendrils. It sent a lubricate down Sue's hole which caused her to twitch and thrash. It opened the door for Peter to enter her back passage.

He wondered if he could create a second cock with this suit, or if that went too far into hentai territory.

'Then again, you're already doing the tentacle thing so much, Doc Ock's likely going to send you a cease and desist.'

One of those tendrils shifted into a large, throbbing cock, which was a darker, black carbon copy of Peter's own massive rod.

Susan relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure of Peter burying his massive, pulsing cock inside of her tight asshole. His hands grabbed on her firm, sexy rear as well. The Invisible Woman appreciated the feeling of a nice hard cock inside of her, but then, something brushed against her wet lips. A second cock shoved inside of her.

"Well, that's an interesting…..oh god!" Sue yelled.

She experienced so much swelling pleasure, it was hard to make an informed scientific analysis. Peter fucked her ass and pussy very furiously as well. His hands moved in to cup her ample breasts as well and get a good handle on them. Peter pushed deep inside of her.

"Damn, Sue, you're ass is the best," Peter said. "I don't think you're going to be able to sit down on it."

"It's okay," Sue said. "Don't hold back. Pound that ass! Pound it like it owes you money!"

Sue didn't know how much she enjoyed anal until now. A big cock violated her asshole and stretched her out beyond the pale. Peter pulled almost all the way out of Sue and then pushed into her with another series of huge thrusts.

Peter heard her moans and the double penetration caused more of her juices to flow out. The symbiote sucked out the juices and it seemed to be satisfied with the taste. Peter didn't blame it, he could drink from Sue's pussy as well for days.

The coupling increased, with Peter riding Sue's ass all the way to the station. He joined his second cock with his fingers, and so much sticky juices covered his fingers, it was almost obscene.

Three tendrils broke open inside of the cock and shoved deep inside of Sue's womb.

"It's tickling my womb," Sue screamed.

She had felt so much pleasure, it was almost unbearable. The feeling of those warm tendrils scissoring around her womb made Sue almost lose it completely.

Peter could feel his balls be loaded. The symboite's cock swelled up in time of his balls, which were about ready to release its juices.

The suit prepared the latest of its new host's mates for injection, her eggs were perfectly fertile, and at the prime for bearing children.

Sue could feel it inside of her, and something was swelling inside of her.

"It feels like your suit is knocking me up, or it's injecting your seed straight into…my womb!" Sue moaned.

The hot fluids sprayed Sue in the inside. She body swelled completely up from her body.

"Mmm, knock me, up, Spider-Man," Sue said. "I'll be yours forever."

Peter drove himself deep inside of her ass, and could feel his balls right about ready to give Sue. He pounded her ass, not focusing on anything other than completing, and assisting the symbiote in its job in completing inside of Sue.

An obscene amount of seed sprayed inside of Sue's legs, but none more was more obscene then the dripping seed spilling in between her ass cheeks. Peter held onto her and plowed inside, emptying the heavy load inside of Sue's ass.

The two pulled apart from each other. Sue turned around, chewing on her lip in the most sexy manner, and giving Peter those come hitcher eyes which made him throbbed.

"I'm yours, master," Susan said.

Peter could feel a strong feeling of power, control coming through him. He wasn't sure he completely agreed on it, but it did have certain fringe benefits. Namely, the sexy blonde snuggling on his lap was a point in the favor of keeping the suit.


Chapter Text

Bathed By Flames(Angela)


Spider-Man flipped over and crashed onto the ground. Who better than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to fight some kind of interdimensional spider demon type creature. Actually, the web slinger could think of a few better people given that the creature rose up on its legs and slammed down onto the ground in an attempt to get after Spider-Man. The web slinger avoided its webbing from wrapping around him.

'Okay, just take a deep breath, and wait for it,' Spider-Man thought.

The web slinger was not alone. A gorgeous, tall, goddess with red hair slammed down onto the ground. She wore a helmet which partially obscured her facial features, which was a shame. She dressed in a golden top which drew attention to her divine chest, and her body curved, very toned. The lower half of the outfit drew attention to the woman's long, dazzling legs, something which Peter paid just as much attention towards.

Angela, the long-lost sister of Thor and Loki who wasn't too long lost at all, joined Spider-Man in fighting these demonic creatures. The redhead woman wielded a glowing sword in her hand.

'It makes me very glad I'm on her side, and not on the wrong side of that sword.'

"Help me herd than through the portal, Spider-Man!" Angela called.

"Don't worry, lady, I don't know if you heard, but herding is what I do the best."

One really bad pun later, Spider-Man moved over. The creature and several of its younger spawn rushed towards him. Spider-Man avoided becoming the next course.

"You know, I don't think you want to eat me," Spider-Man said. He bounced away and led the queen of the demonic spider creatures towards him. "You don't know where I've been, and if you did, I don't think you've want me. Trust me on this one."

The creature charged Spider-Man, the webbing clicking together in an attempt to wrap around the friendly neighborhood web slinger. Spider-Man veered off to one side to avoid the creature from gripping onto him.

"Head's up!"

Spider-Man had to go heads up, otherwise it would have been heads off. Angela shoved her sword through the underside of the belly of the creature. A shower of green blood followed from the red head warrior. She moved forward with a fierceness and a brutality which could not be matched. Said qualities made Spider-Man want to take more of an advisory role to supervise the battle.

'No can do, got to get these things back through the portal.'

"The portal will shut when the queen is through!" Angela yelled.

Spider-Man locked his eyes on the Queen. He herded the miniature spiders over while locking onto the Queen. It was no surprise the Queen was the biggest, and most dangerous spider demon creature of the all. Peter saw the deadly claws and the fangs on her.

"Hey, Queenie, you want a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man snack for your collection?" Spider-Man asked. "Come on, so close, yet so far. Come on, you can't touch this."

The web slinger avoided the Queen's attempts to ensnare a spider snack for her children. The second Spider-Man had almost been ensnared, Angela came out from underneath the queen. The stabbing of the sword followed with the creature being lifted up into the portal.

Spider-Man almost felt bad because of the creature's agonizing howl. He felt less bad when recalling how the creature tried to eat him. He dropped down on the ground for a second before pulling himself back up. Angela reached over and helped steady him.

"You make good bait."

Spider-Man raised his eyebrow. "Okay, should I take that as a compliment, or should I…."

The web slinger didn't say anything, he couldn't say anything, on the account of Angela pushing his mask up and giving him one of the most mind blowing kisses he had ever received. He wondered where it came from, but he wasn't about to challenge it, well too much.

"Well, that escalated quick," Peter said.

"You are attracted to me, and I think you may be a good match," Angela said. "And it's customary after a victory to celebrate, or am I getting customs mixed up? I don't want to offend you."

A smile formed on Peter's lips, just where Angela's had been a second later. "No, you didn't offend me. I was just catching my bearings after the battle."

"Yes, I'm sorry, I forget, some of us recover much faster than others," Angela said. "If you would like me to slow down, I'd understand, but….I was hoping that the two of us could…"

Peter decided he felt bad about embarrassing the poor goddess. He grabbed her and gave Angela a kiss. The two of them exchanged that very passionate lip-lock with each other. Angela closed the distance between herself and her lover. The flames shot around them and transported them off.

Both dropped down on the bedroom, and Peter dressed in some elegant silk robes. His spider man uniform rested firmly on the chair. The redhead next to him dressed in nothing other than a transparent silk nightie. Her red hair came down past her face.

"I've had my eye on you a long time, Man of Spiders," Angela said. "And I don't know if you've learned, but when I have my eye on something, I seek it."

She pushed him down on the bed. Angela mounted the top of him and kissed him fiercely. Peter returned with the kiss. Their arms tangled around each other. Angela's sexually aggressive kiss brought fire through Peter's body. She brought no small amounts of pleasure through him.

"And I can feel you're excited about this encounter, nearly as much as I am," Angela said. "Are you ready?"

She knew her lover felt ready, but Angela wasn't about to leave anything to chance. She watched his male endowment stick up in the air. Angela put her finger around the edge of the base and slowly pushed back and forth down on his manhood. The throbbing against her hand pushed the fullness of Peter's length up and lowered it down on the bed.

"Yes, I knew you were ready," Angela said. "Does this excite you, lover?"

Angela latched Peter's cock with her warm mouth. And it was warm alright, Peter could barely even stand the warmth. Eventually though he got used to it, and he loved it. The mouth of the goddess pushed all the way down on Peter. Angela worshipped his divine rod with her mouth.

"Yes!" Peter yelled. "That feels so good. I don't even…"

A popping sound showed Peter's hard cock being released from between her lips. Something a million times better than Angela's mouth wrapped around Peter's hard throbbing cock, and it was her breasts, her breasts took Peter in between them. Peter could not believe the feel of them, but there was no denying how much he was glad to have Angela wrap her breasts of them.

So soft, so warm, and so very good, and so very skilled with them, Peter enjoyed the good combination. Angela drove down onto the base of his cock and engulfed him in between her supple wonders. Peter held onto her round orbs of fun and squeezed them.

"You're impressive," Angela purred.

"You're not too bad yourself."

Angela slid her orbs all the way down to the base of Peter's cock and engulfed his manhood inside of them. He pushed his cock almost all the way up, filling the insides of her breasts. Peter gained a little bit more momentum, holding into the side of the beautiful round breasts around him.

"Mmm, right there."

The goddess could feel this manhood shoved between her breasts. The swelling of this love organ got her very excited and made her want even more. She wanted more, she needed more, and Angela would have more. She would have far more than she could ever desire. Those throbbing balls danced, ready to release their bounty all over her face and chest. Angela bent down and kissed the tip of Peter's cock the second it would go into her.

The web slinger on the bed groaned at the feeling of the never ending warm wrapped around his hard, throbbing cock. Angela brought her breasts down onto the base and released him. The feeling of energy swelling through his loins felt very good, and it would not be too long before he came.

Came he did, Peter sent a shower of cum all over Angela's perfect, round breasts. The blasts of white hot fluids coated her breasts .

Angela rode out the orgasm all of the way, sliding her breasts down to the base. She pushed all the way down and released Peter's hard cock. The sensation of his cum made her just want more.

"I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from."

Peter appreciated the woman's confidence. Angela turned herself around and got on her hands and knees away from Peter. She scooped up her large, round orbs and licked the juices off of them. Her dripping, hungry slit exposed itself to Peter and tempted him to come over.

No choice really, and it was no surprise Peter's hard throbbing cock came to life. He made his way closer to Angela, just inches away from taking the plunge inside of her. Her depths called to him. There was really no option other than to shove his big cock inside of her.

"I'm ready."

"So, am I," Angela said. "You don't want to know how long I've wanted this."

Peter lined himself up with Angela and pushed his cock inside of her. The tightness of her pussy gripped him the very second he slid into her. It was almost too much for any normal man to bare, never mind a web slinging spider man. He held the edge of Angela's hips and pushed into the depths of her body.

Twelve inches of thick throbbing meat entered Angela's hot cavern. He pushed almost all the way, and pulled out, before coming in. The balls, rich and full of his seed, slapped against Angela's slit. Peter gained some momentum and drilled into her.

"Mmm, take me, take me hard," Angela said.

Angela gripped onto the side of the head, moaning in pleasure. Peter really was making sure she could feel the point of his cock sliding inside of her. He held onto her hips and pulled almost all the way back, before shoving his length inside of her.

"It's good, it feels so good," Angela said.

"Yeah, you feel good alright," Peter said. "Are you about ready to cum?"

Peter took inventory on the sexy body beneath him. His fingers pushed against Angela's firm, ample backside. Her walls tightened around Peter and released him. Peter gained a bit of a fluid momentum and shoved himself deep inside of Angela.

"Yes, make me cum, make me cum hard," Angela said.

More momentum had been gained. Peter stretched the inner vaginal muscles as hard as he could. Her warmth wrapped around his cock stimulated every inch of Peter. All of those thick, juicy throbbing inches. He buried his length inside of Angela with a few fluid thrusts.

Sticky fingers became to caress the back of Angela, and dance down her ribcage. The goddess sighed at the feeling of Peter burying his huge length inside of her body and then pulling it completely out of her. The thrusting increased with every last second. Angela was feeling him buried inside of her depths all the way. She could also feel those heavy throbbing balls.

Peter held her breasts in hand, cupped them hard, and slowly released them. Angela liked it, judging by the passionate moans. Her climax reached a fever pitch, and slowly gripped Peter hard.

An energy cascaded through Peter, and prompted him to bury more of himself into her. He wanted to be as deep inside of this goddess as possible. The sultry, but devious, redhead underneath him writhing in pleasure only served to make his balls throb with more delight. Peter picked up the pace and rocked her world, rocked into her depths as deep as he could allow himself to go.

"You're so hot," Peter told her.

"Yes, I know you know it," Angela said. "And you're….oooh, you're making me cum even more than I have ever by my own fingers. So thank you, thank you for that."

Peter took this as the compliment it was. His hands rested on Angela's hips and firmly buried his rod inside of her tight body. He worked her up to a fever pitch and allowed her to release all over his cock.

"It's not a problem, you deserved it."

Angela tried not to seem too pleased. Many in Asgard had their eyes on Spider-Man, and many in other realms also had their eye on Spider-Man. She was glad to have gotten a piece of him, and it wasn't like she didn't give a piece of herself up in return. Those handsome hands gripped the underside of her breasts and squeezed them tight.

Another orgasm on the part of the goddess put Peter closer to his own end. He had been hammering away at this pussy for a very long time, for several minutes in fact. Peter shoved twelve throbbing inches of length inside of Angela's body and then almost pulled out of her.

"Don't pull out," Angela begged him. "I want your full essence inside me…..don't worry, nothing will happen of it, unless you want it to."

Those assuring words out of the way made Peter ram his rod inside of Angela's gripping center. He held Angela down on the bed and hammered away at her. His balls swelled and were ready for a release. Her pussy presented itself as a release.

One more sweet release on the part of Angela made Peter bury his rod deep inside of her. His balls danced against her wet entrance and started to fire.

Angela's body prepared itself to receive this gift inside of her. Peter discharged a fair amount of cum inside of her. He buried himself to the hilt and drilled her body with more than she could every anticipation. And it wasn't a bad thing, by any means. Angela accepted the gift of Peter Parker inside of her womb.

He rode out the orgasm all the way to the end, while indulging in her sexy, sweaty, body one more time. The fact Angela came twice more before Peter was finished made him feel really good.

The web slinger pulled out of his lover. Angela rolled over, and draped herself on Peter's waist. She ran one finger down his chest, and the other down the area of his crotch.

"So, do you still have one more round left in you?" Angela asked.

"Well, I'm sure anything is possible with the proper motivation."

Angela straddled Peter and grinded herself against his cock which rose up to attention. The beautiful Asgardian slid her hips down onto Peter and engulfed him with one fluid drop.

'And I'm left with the proper motivation.'



Chapter Text

Magical Build Up(Zatanna Zatara)


Zatanna Zatara came off of a very long, extremely grueling, thirty-eight day straight tour of magic shows. She loved performing, and this tour put her all over the United States. She ended the night with a big grand finale in New York City which was where she was going to meet up with an old friend of hers.

No matter how many tours she had, no matter how many shows she had, Zatanna always enjoyed the aftermath the most of all. She planned to change up the act slightly. It always amused her how people wondered how she did it, tried to expose her of slight of hand, or find the mirrors, or trick wires. Little did they know the tricks she performed had to do with actual tangible magic.

"I saw the show, you did great!"

Zatanna turned around towards a handsome young man who had dropped down pretty much from the hallway.

"Hey, Peter, glad to see you can make it," Zatanna said. "I know you're busy getting pictures….pictures of Spider-Man!"

Both of them exchanged a smile. Zatanna took Peter by the hand and moved in back up the stairs towards the hotel lobby of the hotel/casino she was performing at.

"So, how did you get inside?" Zatanna asked.

"For once, Jameson didn't want pictures of Spider-Man, he wanted pictures of your grand finale," Peter said. "And I've got a couple of good shots as well."

Zatanna's lips curled into a playful smirk. "So, did you get any shots for your private collection?"

The look on his face was very priceless. Zatanna smiled and the two of them moved further up the stairs. She was excited to see him, and it had been a long time since the two of them had to get together.

"I'm really glad you're here, and I mean that," Zatanna said. "You see, I've had a long, hard tour, and it's been hard for me. I need something to keep my mind off of it, and in about three weeks, I'm back on the road for another deathtour, and this one is going to be international."

"Isn't the international community a bit…anxious about magic?"

Zatanna smiled and opened up the motel room she was staying in. Her manager got a private suite, which was nice, and overlooked the balcony. She moved Peter onto the bed.

Peter chuckled, she wasn't being subtle at all with her intentions. Not Peter minded, naturally, he appreciated a nice girl who was completely there. Zatanna bounced down onto the bed in front of Peter. The first few buttons of her uniform came undone.

"So, are you trying to perform a hypnotic charm on me, Zee?"

Zatanna looked up with a smile and leaned closer towards Peter.

"Well, wouldn't you like to know?" Zatanna asked. "Thank you for helping me out a few months ago, and getting that book back."

"Hey, it was no problem," Peter said. "And I think you thanked me pretty explicitly the first time around."

The enchanting magician leaned closer towards Peter. It was obvious by the look of mischief dancing through her eyes, she wanted to thank Peter one more time. Their lips met together with a very hungry, and very passionate kiss. Peter gripped the back of Zatanna's head and slowly slid his tongue into her mouth.

Zatanna tilted back to enjoy Peter's kiss and it had been a long time she received a kiss like this. The kiss set her loins on fire with more passion than she could really describe. The web slinger held the back of Zatanna's head and gave her a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues clashed together, neither backing off from where they were.

"Mmm," Zatanna mewled hungrily.

Peter pushed his lips away from hers. The second he looked up, Zatanna had his pants all the way up, and his cock exposed.

"So, are you going to perform my favorite magic trick?"

"What?" Zatanna asked. "Making your cock disappear into my mouth?"

Peter smiled, that was the one. Zatanna bent down and captured Peter's massive tool in between her plump lips. She slid down Peter's pole and engulfed his manhood into her mouth. Zatanna rose up and shoved more of Peter's meaty tool between her lips.

"Yep, that's the one!" Peter groaned.

Warm joy surrounded Peter's hard cock. He pushed his hands on the back of Zatanna's raven black hair. She pushed further down Peter's mighty rod. She took Peter inside of her mouth and suckled on him very hard. She sucked Peter deep and released him with a few fluid pumps. The heavy rod pushed deep into her mouth.

"Zee, you're going to make me lose it."

The only response she could get was her hands stroking Peter's balls. This temptress really knew how to make him feel really good, and introduced sensations around the area of his groin which he could hardly describe. He grabbed the back of Zee's head and pushed his rod into her.

The sorceress pushed her mouth down to the base of his cock. She decided to briefly release him only to wrap her warm breasts around his tool.

"That's my other magic trick, "Zatanna said with a wink.

Peter would have to agree, it was one of her better tricks. The roundness of Zatanna's breasts pushing all the way down Peter Parker's pulsing penis. The soft pillows squeezed and bounced down on him. Peter gripped her round chest orbs and pushed into it.

"Damn, you're going to conjure a whole bunch of cum."

One kiss to the tip of Peter's cock showed him she wanted just that. All Peter could do was lean back and accept the pleasure of her bouncing breasts when it caressed his throbbing manhood. Peter held onto her and shoved more of his pulsing rod between her breasts.

"Fuck," Peter breathed. "I'm going to cum soon."

Zatanna released him from her breasts. Peter couldn't even be disappointed because the goddess before him deep throated him very hard. Peter looked into Zatanna's brilliant eyes with her immense cock-sucking. The witch beneath him suckled his throbbing hard rod.

"Cum hard, and cum for me," Zatanna informed him. "Mmm, I can suck your cock all day long. It feels so good, so hard in my mouth."

Peter once again thought he was going to blow himself if it wasn't hard. She released him only briefly to say these words before bringing it down onto him. Peter held onto the side of her face. Zatanna's eyes burned with lust when shoving more cock into her inviting mouth.

Thick seed spilled down her throat. The witch kept up with the sucking, and the pleasure through her eyes continued to grow. More cum flooded down her gullet the deeper Peter pushed himself into her. Those balls struck her chin at an immense rate. Zatanna was getting hungrier and the only way the hunger could be satisfied, was an immense load being spilled down her throat.

"Mmm," Zatanna mewled.

Zatanna rubbed his balls and made sure they released their bounty into her warm, waiting mouth. The sorceress bombarded his cock with a series of soft, socks and drained him.

Peter drained himself deep and fast into Zatanna's mouth. The final few blasts of cum entered her mouth. No sooner did Peter pull himself away, he ripped the crotch of her panties off and also her fishnets. He shoved three fingers into them.

"Seems like you have a couple of magic tricks of your own, don't you?" Zatanna asked.

The handsome young man in front of her shoved his fingers inside of Zatanna's gushing wet snatch. The beautiful woman underneath Peter received a good, hard, fingering. She breathed heavily with pleasure spreading through her body. Peter shifted one, two, and three fingers, pulled them out and repeated the ritual.

A surprising warmth spread around Peter's cock from Zatanna's touch. He looked at her, after fingering the raven-haired magician to an orgasm.

"It's a surprise, don't worry, it's going to feel really good."

Peter's cock throbbed, and he wanted to be inside of Zatanna. She crawled back on the bed and positioned herself, ready to receive.

The sorceress smiled, it was going to feel really good, for the both of them. Peter attacked Zatanna's ample breasts before slipping inside of her. The length of the cock spread out her walls and submerged himself deep inside of her. Zatanna could feel him enter her, and put her hands on the back of Peter's neck to steer him properly.

Peter Parker was now inside of one of the most beautiful women in the world. And her legs, they couldn't be neglected, wrapped in fishnets.

"Damn, this feels really good," Peter said.

"Oh, you're only just beginning to feel good," Zatanna said. "Just, keep going, keep putting that big cock in me, and see how good you can make me feel, and make yourself feel!"

The encouragement of her soft legs wrapping around his hips only proved to spur Peter on. His balls throbbed and the only release was through her womanhood. He rose up and pushed deep inside of Zatanna. Her soft pussy walls caressed him inside of her, just as much as her fishnet clad legs caressed Peter on the outside of her.

"I'm going to lose it, if you're not careful with me," Peter said. "Do you hear me, Zee? You're going to make me lose it, and it's going to be all your fault?"

"I hope you lose it," Zatanna said. "Just push that big cock inside of me ,and ride me hard. You're going to see how this is going to feel good in a minute."

Peter felt the tension rising up from his body. He didn't want to go too far or too fest. Yet, Zatanna's pussy called for him. He just pushed himself inside of the temptress beneath him. Their hips met, clashing in pleasure with each other.

The softness of her thighs clenched around him. Zatanna's round breasts pushed deep inside of Peter's clutching hands. He squeezed her ample mammaries and released them.

"I'm about ready to cum."

Zee's devious smile made Peter wonder what precisely she had in store for him. Those slick womanly walls gripped Peter into her. He bottomed out inside of Zatanna's warm, precious cunt. Then rose up into her and pushed into her, pushing very hard.

He had the sensation of cumming, his balls swelling with it, but nothing came out.

"Seven is the magic number, Mr. Parker," Zatanna said.

Zatanna smiled and used her sensual legs to turn the tables. Peter ended up on his back, on the bed, with Zatanna hovering over him. Her wet pussy grinded over his cock, and the juices dripped onto him. Zatanna bounced herself up high and came down onto the base of Peter's cock.

The hint of what this spell was going to do, made Peter harden even more. He pushed himself inside of the woman underneath him, the second orgasm building up inside of him. It was proving to be more intense than the first. All Peter could do was watch this divine goddess rise into the air and slam down onto his cock. She gave a very interesting glow around her when bouncing up and down.

Another orgasm passed through Zatanna's body and lubricated the pole. She looked down to see the pleasure in his eyes. She worked his meat pole towards another orgasm and leaned down. She kissed the side of Peter's neck and suckled on the side of his ear. She bounced back up and allowed him perfect access to her breasts.

Squeezing those round, succulent orbs gave Peter some measure of relief. His balls swelled up and he realized it was number two, only it just made him swollen. He dropped his hands to Zatanna's hips and grabbed her, before slamming inside of her.

"Holding back will only just make things more frustrating," Zee said. "Really work my pussy, work it hard! Work it like it owes you money1"

Peter was way ahead of her on that particular point. His massive tool pushed between Zatanna's gripping warm thighs. She rose up and slammed down onto him with a few fluid pumps.

Zatanna wasn't going to lie, she had been feeling more pleasure bursts than she expected. The expert manipulation of the woman's round, bouncing breasts had something to do with it, at least she suspected. Zatanna never had been one for rapid speculation.

The second Peter drilled his swelling cock into her, it brought Zatanna back to life. She didn't take everything, she gived. Zatanna closed her eyes and tightened her pussy muscles. They massaged Peter's swollen, aching length.

"Jesus, Zee," Peter breathed.

"You like that?" Zatanna asked.

All Peter could do was laying back and enjoy the soft sensations of her pussy muscles sliding down his mighty pole. The young man's manhood received a good, solid working out.

"Love it, can't get enough of it."

Zatanna gave him more of it. She showed flexibility by taking his cock inside to the depths. It buried into her and Zatanna could feel the semen just building up after three blocked up ejaculations, or was it four from this point.

The temptress kept riding him, and Peter knew seven was the magic number. His stamina may have made this last even longer, but the payoff was going to be amazing. Just like her pussy, always tight and responsive from her. She moaned hungrily.

"You know how sensitive I am," Zatanna said. "And you know how much I want you. You know how much I want this, this big throbbing cock. Why don't you rest your head on my big tits?"

Peter didn't think of a better idea. He did more than rest his head though, he nibbled, sucked, and pretty much worshipped every square inch of Zatanna's aching nipples. The tender flesh stuck in his mouth and Peter sucked on it.

Zatanna drove the point of her hips down onto his massive throbbing cock. She mentally thanked herself for using this spell, because it was a necessity for him, her, and a huge necessity for her pleasure. Zatanna pushed her womanhood up and came down onto the point of Peter's throbbing manhood.

"Keep it up, don't stop."

Zatanna smiled, she had no intention of stopping. She rode Peter like a prized bronco all the way to the station. Those hands were very busy and showed they were better for a lot better than climbing walls. Peter molded those bouncing breasts into whatever he wanted. He gripped and released Zatanna, to release the ample flesh into his hand. She rebounded down on him without any problem whatsoever.

"Yes, mmm, that's really good," Zatanna moaned. "I have to have your big cock, buried inside of my sweet pussy. I have to have it, I have to have it now. Only a couple more times."

Peter thought it was a relief. He didn't know a man's testicles could store this much. He doubted very much standing up would be practical in this situation, which was a good thing Zatanna bounced on him.

"I wonder," Peter said. "How many times I can make you cum before we're done?"

Zatanna smiled when pushing down onto Peter. His hands touched a very sensitive spot on her legs, and then moved down to trace patterns down her belly button. It was flat and toned right now, but soon it would be filled with so much cum, Zatanna was kind of glad she cast a very powerful contraceptive spell before going here.

'Always be prepared.'

Peter pushed up inside of her tightness. Zatanna clenched and released Peter to establish a momentum. He pushed himself and found her G-Spot once more. He attacked the insides of her, using his spider sense as a guide to really bring pleasure.

The mewling sorceress could feel the end. Peter clenched and released nothing for the sixth time in a row. Six orgasms worth of stored cum rested in his balls.

"You're fit to explode, aren't you?" Zatanna asked.

"Yes, but you're exploding right now," Peter said.

Zatanna didn't dare deny it. All she could do was bring her soft thighs down around Peter. She squeezed and released Peter with a descent and then a fall. Their loins connected together with each other. Zatanna brought herself down onto Peter's hard rod.

The sands of time spun around. Peter observed Zatanna's splendors, breasts which kept bouncing, and calling to him. All he could do was cup those round orbs and give them a nice solid squeeze. Zatanna bounced higher onto him and drove more of his rod."

"Yes, exploding, can't wait any longer," Zatanna breathed. "And I know you can't wait any longer."

The heavy pumping inside of her followed by Zatanna cumming. Peter held on for the ride and knew it would happen, unless he miscounted.

It turned out he didn't. The first orgasm knocked all of the others outside. Zatanna wrapped her legs around Peter and took as much of his cum inside of her. Her warm, gripping central core encouraged Peter to spill as much seed inside of her as those balls could manage.

Zatanna rocked down onto Peter. She got far more than she bargained for. It appeared the spell didn't just store his cum, but slightly amplified it. Many orgasms exploded through Zatanna. Her entire body was set on fire with some pure sexual bliss when bouncing up and down on him.

Peter didn't even think he had that much cum.

"Turns out the spell is more potent than I thought it was."

Anyone figured as much. Peter came and kept cumming for a very long time. And in another twist, he didn't felt fatigued. He wanted to bury his seed into Zatanna's body all the way until she was filled up with it. Peter held Zatanna's bouncing ass cheeks and squeezed their bodies together tightly. A never ending barrage of cum entered her.

Zatanna started the spell, damn she was going to ride it to the conclusion even though she was in danger of looking like a used condom afterwards.

The warmth of her descending down on them never was ending, and Peter liked it. He spent all of his seemingly never ending ejaculation just tempting Zatanna's curves, and himself. Her body was a wonderland to make him cum harder.

The draining concluded about thirty minutes after it started. Now it was Zatanna's turn to be weighed down.

"Guess that's what they call a grand finale."

Zatanna smiled and pulled herself over to Peter. She nuzzled towards him and gave him a half exasperated smile.




Chapter Text

Moments of Triumph(Barbara Gordon/Batgirl)


An attack from Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow, left Gotham City infected and in a state of paralyzing fear. No one knew what to do when the gas came in and there appeared to have been no cure. With Batman out of town, doing god only knows what, it was the perfect time for the Scarecrow to strike.

Not exactly the most perfect moment though, for Barbara Gordon, better known as Batgirl, jumped onto the scene in an attempt to stop Crane's virus from spreading. She thanked all of the gods above that she had some help, in the form of a young man who happened to be tracking down some stolen chemicals from New York City. Batgirl and Spider-Man worked together to stop the chemicals and make sure Crane's scheme did not work out right.

"So, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Hey, I'm one hundred and ten percent sure," Spider-Man said. "The toxin elevates the adrenaline of the person. We need to reverse course and sedate the person. Therefore, they will be able to calm down and the toxin slowly works out of the body."

Crane might have been taken down and locked up, and the source of the toxin had been found, but it still didn't prevent the people of Gotham City from reaching an infection. Peter had cured people from plagues before, but this had been different somehow.

"I'm just glad you were here," Batgirl said.

"No problem," the web slinger said. "I'm just doing what any normal good guy would do. We all want to help the people in Gotham City."

Batgirl smiled and looked at him. Brilliant as he was brave. This particular combination set Barbara's heart afutter with thoughts. She could pretty much figure out who was underneath the mask without any problems whatsoever, but what would the fun in that be?

'He is certainly something.'

Peter Parker never knew a simple stolen chemical truck would lead him down the rabbit hole and straight into the madness in Gotham City. He had almost missed the somewhat bland nature of a New York City Night.

He frowned, the air around them appeared to be clean. At least he didn't have to worry about the virus spreading, but wait, something happened.

"What, is there something on my cowl?" Batgirl asked.

"And according to the scanners, you've been infected."

Batgirl's lips curled into a frown. It should have been impossible given how the gas mask on her cowl blocked out many toxins. She couldn't argue though with the young man in front of him.

"I'm not seeing my worst fears come to life," Batgirl argued.

"Well, the toxin effects different people different ways," Spider-Man said. "I'm guessing you've been subjected to one of the Scarecrow's fear toxins before."

Batgirl responded with a nod. She had been unfortunately exposed to that particular trip.

"My adrenaline, when it starts pumping, it's when I see things," Batgirl said. She rolled up the sleeve of her uniform. "So, I guess you need to inject me with the cure."

"Okay, the cure also effects different people in different ways," Spider-Man said. "But, it's just it purging the toxins from your body."

Batgirl gave him a long look and pointed at the side of her arm. Peter decided to press forward.

"Some people, they're pretty happy. While others, they're upset, or depressed, or cold or….."

"Just give me my medicine," Batgirl said. "I don't like shots to begin with, and you talking about what could happen is not going to put me a very happy mood. So prick me, you prick."

The two of them exchanged a smile. Spider-Man injected the counter-agent into her arm. Batgirl responded with a shuddering sound. Several seconds passed, until the very moment where it looked whatever he had done to her, it had worked its way from her body.

The next thing Spider-Man knew, Batgirl started to run her fingers down her sultry body. She moved where the uniform unclipped at the bottom of the cowl. The smoldering look in her eyes made Peter's pants real estate become uncomfortable.

"I guess this is a side effect," Batgirl said. "I wonder if I can do anything about this."

The top half of the uniform came off, and Peter received an unrestricted view of her breasts contained in a black bra. Those round orbs were so succulent, with a small amount of sweat rolling down her body. He moved down to take a look at her sexy abs, toned from hours of working out. She undid her belt and worked her pants down to show Peter her panties as well. A pair of sexy legs had been underneath the uniform, and they stretched on for miles.

"That looks uncomfortable," Batgirl said. "Why don't we get you out of that nice uniform, into something a bit warmer?"

Horniness had not been a side effect Peter prepared for. The sexy crime fighter moved over, dressed in nothing but her bra, panties, gloves, boots, cape, and cowl. She slowly pulled up his mask and revealed his jaw. The feisty redhead planted more kisses onto the side of his mouth.

Barbara Gordon had been frustrated for a very long time and these frustrations finally managed to boil up inside of her. She made quick work of the top of Spider-Man's uniform. The treat revealed of his muscular physique increased Barbara's lust. She pushed her hands over him.

"You're so hot you can melt butter on these abs," Batgirl said.

"Damn, Batgirl, you're pretty sexy yourself."

"Call me, Barbara, no need to be so formal," Barbara said. She squeezed Peter's hard cock.

The stunning beauty dropped down to the ground and was about to blow Peter's mind, without even removing the cowl. Her warm lips found their way around the head and sucked more of Peter into her mouth. She tasted the treat which was to cum.

"Damn," Peter managed.

The sultry redhead temptress worked a few more inches into her mouth and came down onto him. She sucked him, hard. The sounds of a tight suction made Peter feel really good. He rested those hands on the back of Batgirl's head and guided the path into her warm mouth and throat.

A hungry sucking followed, with Barbara craving every last drop of cum inside of those balls. She kissed the length of his cock, using her tongue and lips to the fullest. A second passed before Barbara pushed the full length into the back of her mouth. She held onto Peter's thighs and sucked him hard, craving more of his cock inside of her mouth.

Peter closed his eyes and leaned back against the desk. The redhead on her knees went to town on him and there was never a better feeling in his life. The slow build up inside of his balls made it feel really good.

She sucked, slurping and making lewd, sexy noises around the base of his cock. Peter held onto her head and shoved more of a length down her waiting mouth and throat. Barbara leaned back slightly to accept more cock into her waiting mouth, hungrily sucking on her charge.

"I'm going to explode."

The cowled creimfighter increased her suction around the throbbing rod of her partner. He reached down and shoved more of his length inside of her waiting mouth. The redhead slid all the way down onto his pole and sucked him about as hard as she could.

The first few blasts of cum fired inside of Barbara's mouth. The redhead stayed the course and sucked him extremely hard. Those balls were full and ready to go. She coaxed all of the cum out of his mouth.

The web slinger had been put at the mercy of her very talented mouth. She sucked him until completion. This action left Peter in a very pleased state.

Batgirl rose to a standing position and licked her lips. She made quite the production of swallowing the cum from the young man.


The crime fighter balanced herself on the edge of table with ease. She ensured Spider-Man's eyes locked onto her before pulling the next play. She slowly slipped down her lacy black panties and exposed a dripping slit in front of the face of Spider-Man. Batgirl's carpet most certainly matched the drapes. She slowly tickled her slit and brought a pleasurable moan.

Spider-Man looked at her. His mask pulled up and his mouth moistened with desire. Batgirl spread her legs out for him and the web head only could go forward.

"I'm hungry now."

"Don't just stand there," Batgirl said with a sultry smile. "Dig in."

Peter lowered his face in between Batgirl's able thighs and started to suckle on her womanhood. She worked those thighs up to get his face pressed between them. All Peter could do was hold onto those plump thighs and bury his face into them.

"Mmm, right there!" Batgirl yelled.

She had been lit on fire with a lustful feeling through her loins. Spider-Man touched her spots and really caused the pleasure to flow freely through the woman's loins. She held her hips off of the table and made sure the back of his head had been guided inside of those thighs.

Spider-Man captured her nether lips and released them. He wanted to taste the full feeling of those tender, lower lips. The taste coming between them made him just hunger for more. His lust increased and he went down further onto them. His cock, sucked dry, started to rise up.

"Get me nice and wet!" the beautiful redhead screamed. "I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel it stretching out my tight, pussy, when you fuck the ever living daylights. Fuck me, make me cum, only as a Spider-Man can."

Spider-Man pulled up from her lips and gave it a small kiss. He started to rub on her love button and caused the redhead nymphomaniac to scream.

"Don't start breaking out into song and we wouldn't have the problem."

He went down on Batgirl one more time and ate her pussy. Those hands clutched the back of his mask, slightly tearing at it. It was a good thing Peter had a few extra masks, not that he could ever prepare for an encounter like this.

Batgirl came and came hard. She thought they would have to do the team up thing more often. Spider-Man's mask and the uncovered part of his face just had been splattered with her juices. The very thought excited Barbara and made her tingle with pleasure.

Spider-Man went down on her. He touched the edge of her lips and retracted his tongue from them. A splattering of juices followed. He drank them up like there was no tomorrow.

Her latest orgasm faded, and Batgirl laid on the bed, legs spread. Spider-Man reached behind her and unclipped her, unleashing her round breasts to the world. The redhead squirmed underneath his hands.

"You want me, don't you?"

Batgirl answered with a feverish nod. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation for him. The crime fighter wanted nothing more than to receive his throbbing cock inside of her.

The web slinger lowered himself at the edge of her entrance. The stunning redhead beneath him put her legs up and scissored them around his hips. She encouraged him to take the plunge, so take the plunge he did. The plunge into so much warm, delicious tightness, he couldn't really even describe how good it felt, other than it felt beyond great to be buried inside of her.

"Yes, mmm, yes," Barbara breathed.

Half of the length had been inside of her, but if Barbara won the day, she would have slightly more than half buried inside of her welcoming sheath. She pushed up and had received the full length of his rod, submerged inside of her body. The two connected with each other, the feverish encounter increasing.

"I hope you're willing to last the distance."

Her hands found their way on Peter's back.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to need a bigger prick to undo the side effects of that little prick you gave me."

The teasing in her eyes and the promise only made Peter drive down into her as far as possible. He expanded her walls and they retracted around him. Peter kept shoving more of his ample length inside of her. Her lovely breasts bouncing every time he slammed down into her was just an excellent bonus. A bonus which he dove forward and savored with every fiber of his being.

Peter kept shoving his immense length deep inside of Barbara's gripping womanhood. She slid halfway up to his intruding phallus and enjoyed the feeling of being brought deep inside of Peter.

"Go ahead, and give it to me," Barbara said to him. "Harder, inside me, please!"

Peter gave it to her, hard and fast as humanly possible. Barbara stretching underneath his rising and falling cock was a beautiful sight to see. This encounter was really reaching a fever pitch. He could feel her expand inside of him.

Deeper he went between Batgirl's warm and willing thighs. He filled her all the way up, and made her passionate moans accelerate like no one ever before. Those breasts pushed up into Peter's hands and he squeezed them, making them his for the most part.

"You're going to make me lose it!" Batgirl yelled.

"Isn't that the idea?"

His easy going demeanor caused Barbara's gushing to increase around his rod. He stuck her with his immense length. He rose up and fell down within her tight vice of a pussy.

"Yes, I suppose so!" Barbara mewled. "Just give it to me, give it to me hard! Give it to me faster!"

Peter wasn't one to deny a beautiful woman what she wanted. Said beautiful woman's tight walls were squeezing him tight and ensuring he didn't stray a second from her body. Peter lifted himself up to a certain point and shoved his throbbing hard cock inside of her. Barbara pushed her hips off of the bed, and took a deep breath, pushing in the pleasure through her loins.

"Yes, mmm, yes," Barbara moaned. "Give it to me, nice and hard! Hard and fast! Make sure I really feel it. I want to really feel what you're giving me, Spider-Man!"

The thrusting increased and he further buried himself into the redhead goddess underneath him. Barbara shifted her hips a certain point off of the bed and took his huge cock into her welcoming body. The beautiful woman clutched onto Peter and received a huge thrust into her body.

"You're really feeling it alright," Peter said.

He danced down her body with those fingers, like a spider trying to find the right point to wrap his webbing around. Barbara shoved more of her tight vice around Peter's incoming, throbbing cock. She hung onto Peter with everything he was worth and in her mind, with the pleasure burning through her eyes, dancing through her body, he was worth more than a lot.

"Yes, I'm feeling it," Barbara said. "Now, drill me harder. Really push that cock into me! I want to feel it, I want to feel it stretch me!"

The hard cock stretched her tight vice. Barbara held her legs against his incoming manhood. The sensation of those thick balls slamming against her made Barbara gush. It made a feeling of pure pleasure just rock throughout her body. Those hips just kept wrapping around Peter and pushing more of his thick length inside of her body. Barbara squeezed him hard and released him just about as hard.

Peter worked himself over the edge. He molded her tight ass. The encounter excited him just as much as it did her. His cock swelled when entering her body.

"Don't pull out," Barbara begged him.

She wrapped her legs around him. The firm flesh felt good exerting so much force on Peter's waist. He noticed she had gasped extra hard the second Peter's fingers danced down the side of her legs, and made a travel around her thighs. So, Peter did this to really drive Barbara completely mad.

The crime fighter was glad this team up happened. Not only did they succeed in stopping the bad guy's evil plan, but she was getting a pounding the likes of which she hadn't gotten in a very long time. The web-slinger filled the inside of her body, almost emptied her, and filled her up again. The sensations spread out.

"Getting close."

"Don't slow down, now," Barbara begged him. "Keep it up. Keep hammering my pussy. Cum inside me. Please, cum inside of me!"

She practically begged the handsome hero in front of her. The masks might have been still on, but it added to an erotic appeal to this encounter. It just made it that much more hotter. And speaking of hotter, Barbara Gordon's pussy was throbbing hot for his hard cock to be buried inside of her. Those balls, filling up, just as much as they filled her up, made her gush.

Peter rode her all the way to the edge. He indulged in that great body pressed underneath her. Those round succulent breasts were ripe for the squeezing so he squeezed them. The action made her tighten around her.

"Almost there."

Barbara came on the spot with the rapid fire pounding. She maneuvered her muscles around his love organ and squeezed it. She wanted him to have the greatest explosion ever inside of her.

'Only fair for giving me such a good, and satisfying night of sex. Oh, I'm going to be feeling this one in the morning. But, It's going to be worth it.'

The immense length buried inside of Barbara. She milked him to the point where his rod was being tensed up. The feeling of pleasure bursting from those balls followed.

Peter rode out her sweet orgasm and turned it into one of his own. His cum splattered inside of her pussy. His balls drained inside of her.


He rode all the way to the end, and could feel her body tense up underneath him. The redhead's sweaty, sexy body made him just hammer her faster until his climax followed out. He clutched her breasts for emphasis when driving into her.

Their orgasms faded, and Peter pulled out of Barbara. Barbara gingerly sat up, her thighs a bit battered, but damn, if it wasn't worth it to feel a good hard fucking.

The cowled crime fighter reached over to the bag, and jotted down something.

"Feel free to swing by whenever you're in Gotham City. I could use a good pick me up."

She handed Spider-Man the piece of paper with an address. Barbara leaned in and gave him one more kiss on the cheek, which slowly delved into something more.

Okay, it turned out the effects of the fear toxin antidote weren't completely worked out. Good thing he was ready to go again.


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Up Close and Personal(Betsy Braddock/Psylocke)

All relationships had to start somewhere. And Betsy Braddock, the X-Men member known as Psylocke, started her relationship with Peter Parker, better known as everyone's favorite Amazing Spider-Man, fighting a group of ninjas. She never thought a team up where she had to fight ninjas over some mystical artifact which could bring about the end of days, would actually lead to a healthy and stable relationship, but there you go. Betsy smiled when thinking about it.

Currently, she dressed in a purple dress clinging to her curves. They had made their way out to the night club. Peter cleaned up just as nicely as well, dressed in a button up shirt, a suit jacket, and a pair of nice dress pants. It suited him nicely. Maybe not the fanciest, most expensive attire, but Betsy oogled the eye candy never the less.

Peter could not believe his luck. He started out on a normal team up, and then boom, ninjas. Ninjas happened without any warning, but Peter had help. Betsy was amazing, and the two of them stopped the ninjas, saved the world, shared a kiss, and they had been going out on dates ever since. And not every single date ended up with them fighting criminals, maybe about every third date.

"You look beautiful," Peter said. "I don't know if I've told you that."

"Every time we go out," Betsy said with a playful smile. "But the thought is appreciated, you know. And you looked like delicious yourself as well."

Betsy ensnared Peter in her grip. Peter looked at every inch of her body. A beautiful woman, with Japanese features thanks to a mind swap. She seemed so much sexy with those features, beyond a British accent. The purple hair also drew Peter's attention to her figure, just as much as her long breasts, sexy legs which could be used to bring an opponent to their doom just as much as entice. The most delicious part of Betsy was that ass, which most of the time had been put into tight leather.

The dress rode up, and Peter could feel she was being daring enough not to wear any panties tonight. The two of them danced for a little bit longer. Betsy smiled.

"Let's hope our date doesn't get cut off prematurely," Betsy said. "Because, when I get going, I don't think either of us are going to want to stop. I rented a private room for us, after we're done having dinner and dancing."

Peter looked at her.

"I know, I'm spoiling you, love," Betsy said. "But, after all the ways you've helped me out, the least I can do is give us a nice night, devoid of any attention."

She swooped down and kissed Peter. Those warm lips meeting his intoxicated the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. All he could do was kiss back, and their bodies molded together. One of her legs rested on his hip and Peter's fingers danced up of them.

"Mmm, getting a little frisky tonight, aren't we?" Betsy teased him.

"You're the one grinding up against me, you tell me."

Betsy offered him a smile and a shrug in response. "Guilty as charged."

She decided to finish the dance at the very least before taking Peter to the back room and shagging his brains out. And it would take a while given how intelligent he was.

'Brains and looks, you just hit the jackpot,' Betsy thought to herself.

Peter was well aware of Betsy pinching his ass. He found the real estate in his pants to be quite constricted as well. The stunning beauty backed Peter into the next room after the dance had been done.

"Just sit down, and enjoy the show," Betsy said. "We have some much more intimate music back there."

Betsy swayed her hips back and forth. The beat of the music started, and Betsy grabbed the straps on the dress to slowly pull it down. Those dark breasts exposed, capped off by tapped nipples. Nipples which awaited Peter, which begged him to suck them.

There was more skin to be revealed, as Betsy swayed her hips to the dance. The dress slipped down to reveal her very toned abs. Her belly button shined in the night. Betsy slipped down her dress further and showed her pussy, with a strip of purple hair coming down it as well. That caused Peter's eyes to lock onto her center with lust. She turned herself around.

Those round ass cheeks were out there. Peter looked at them bounce when Betsy rose herself up and then she lifted one hand before slapping that ass. Another slap to the ass and Peter twitched in his pants. He tried to keep himself under control.

Betsy turned around, smiling. Her purple hair flipped over her face and she took a half of a step forward. She walked over and straddled Peter. A smile on her face followed. She leaned down and gave him another sizzling kiss. Peter lifted up and put his hands on the back of Betsy's hair to guide the kiss into his mouth.

His suit jacket slipped off, and Betsy slowly unbuttoned his shirt as well. She planted a series of intense kisses on his collarbone, and went down to kiss away at him some more. Spider-Man watched her, keep kissing away at him. She was getting closer, closer, closer.

"That looks pretty tight."

Betsy undid Peter's pants and slid his belt off. Her hands cupped his crotch through his pants. More passionate kisses peppered Peter's body. Betsy slowly slid his pants. Her warm able lips moved closer, closer to the promise land. She slid Peter's boxers down over his ankles and revealed his thick throbbing slab of meat.

"Oh, we are excited, "Betsy said.

She let the drool from her mouth lubricate her hand and she slowly rubbed Peter up and down.

"I love stroking your big cock," Betsy said. "The only thing I love more than stroking is licking it. It tastes so good….I have to have it in my mouth."

Betsy slowly kissed the base of Peter's cock. She left purple lipstick marks all the way down his cock. Her wet tongue slowly engulfed Peter and wrapped around the tool. He stretched when Betsy rubbed his vein and slowly licked down it. She went from the base all the way to the head. Betsy swirled her tongue around him and kissed him.

The taste of his cock was so good, Betsy was getting so wet, so warm, and so very hot. She needed to have her lips wrapped around his cock.

"Oh, your mouth feels so good!"

Betsy lowered her lips around Peter's throbbing hard cock. He wrapped his fingers around Betsy's hair and guided his cock into her mouth. He pushed into the back of her throat and she leaned back to accept more of his throbbing hard cock entering her throat.

"Mmm, mmm," Betsy moaned with passion.

Peter guided his cock into the back of her throat. She sucked him down, nice and hard, good and fast, making him feel really good every single time those warm lips wrapped around his throbbing meat. Peter looked down into Betsy's stunning eyes and could feel what she was doing to him.

She went all the way down to the base and sucked Peter as hard as possible. She cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze. Her intense sucking continued for several more minutes.

Loud popping sounds around Peter's prick made him stretch into her mouth. Betsy pulled away from Peter's cock and gave him a parting kiss.

"I can't waste a drop of that cum," Betsy said. "I would have to eat me out, but I need your cock now. I need it buried inside of me."

Betsy rose up to straddle Peter's lap. His cock brushed up against her belly, and it made Peter's loins get set on fire with passion.

"Will you do that for me, Peter?"

Peter gripped her ass for leverage, and because what man wouldn't want to grab that ass. Betsy rose up in position. Her thin, wet lips slowly found their way over the base of Peter's aching cock. She took his manhood inside of her with one fluid drop.

"You're always so tight!" Peter groaned.

Betsy's nerve endings had been set on fire. His big, throbbing cock entered her tight body. She rose up and felt his hands palming and squeezing her ass. The fact he worshipped her ass like this made Betsy feel even good. Her toned legs wrapped around his waist and made sure Peter didn't stray too far.

The web slinger could feel her toned body bounce all about his. Every time his cock pushed inside of her slick center, her felt really good. She pushed herself down on Peter's rod. He returned fire by slamming his thick manhood inside of her body. The combination of the two of them going at it, back and forth, was a loving encounter. Peter could not wait for her to ascend and descend on him just like she was.

"Yes, I'm feeling very good," Betsy said. "Oh, right there, Peter, shove your huge cock deep inside of me….really make me cum."

Peter intended to make this goddess cum. Her tight clenching pussy was a joy and Peter could just bury himself inside it all the day long. He rode her to another orgasm, with Betsy clenching on him. Her tight walls came down onto Peter and milked his prick inside of her.

"Mmm, yes, right there," Betsy panted. "Give it to me….hammer my pussy…..make it really feel your love, Peter! It feels so good, I can't stand it!"

Betsy gripped and released him. Peter decided to reluctantly pull away from her ass and deal with other parts of her body. The legs sounded like a good enough spot as any to feel up. Betsy pushed down on Peter's throbbing hard cock. It entered her body with a flourish.

"Peter, Peter….."

"You have nice breasts as well," Peter said.

Betsy smiled, they didn't get enough attention with her ass and legs. The point of this hard cock pushed inside of her. The sexy mutant reframed from using her powers to stimulate Peter's pleasure centers. It might have made the sex better, but that sounded like cheating.

Besides, she wanted to do things the old fashioned way. Peter gripped Betsy's breasts and released them. She kept bouncing up and down on his lap. She never once broke her momentum.

Those balls were filling up very fast. All thanks to the warm, snug grip of Betsy's wonderful pussy. He grabbed Betsy's ass and squeezed it, pushing her into his body. Her wet pussy snugly wrapped around him and released him with a few more fluid pumps.

"Are you cumming yet?" Peter asked.

Betsy nodded feverishly when bouncing up and down on him. She wanted that cock buried inside of her wet snatch. Her body thrashed and came down onto Peter's hard cock. She slid all the way down Peter's hard cock and rammed down onto his manhood.

She came down from an amazing orgasm, and Peter held her ample cheeks one more time. He squeezed and slapped them. Betsy's ass bounced even more when driving her wet pussy down onto her.

Pure sexual nirvana entered her body. Along with a second orgasm, and Peter truly was that gift which kept on giving, and what he kept giving her was multiple orgasms.

"Peter, Peter, harder, please!" Betsy moaned.

She wrapped her tight pussy around his pulsing rod. The latest orgasm had been intense, but she felt those balls bouncing against her. Betsy struggled not to use her telekinesis to stroke his balls, but decided, given the circumstances, she should just throw all caution to the wind.

Invisible fingers began to stroke Peter's balls. He could feel some force gripping it with just as much passion as Betsy gripped his intruding cock.

"Feels good," Peter said. "Don't you stop!"

Betsy decided to give him what would be considered a slight mind screw. She entered his mind and felt the passion in it. Her pleasure sensors had been overloaded, and she just kept bouncing on his throbbing hard member. The length pushed deep inside of Betsy's gushing womanhood. She picked up a steadier pace and dropped down onto his hard cock.

His face rested between her ample, bouncing breasts. Peter sucked them into his mouth. Betsy mewled in desire. Every time he pleasured her, he was full of surprises. And he filled her up with his nice, throbbing hard cock as well. He pushed her closer into him, ass bouncing all the way when he did so.

"More, give me more," Betsy begged him.

"Don't worry," Peter said. "I'll give you everything you want, and then just a little bit more. You're dripping for me, you're dripping for my cock."

Betsy could not deny the fact she was dripping. She dropped her pussy down onto Peter and craved his cum. She leaned back and Peter attacked her breasts with his mouth and kneaded her ass with his hands. He squeezed it the longer Peter pushed his hands all over her ass.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Betsy breathed.

Peter smiled having hit all of her pleasure points. He cupped those round breasts and released them. They bounced in hand with a nice squeeze.

"This feels really good," Betsy said. "I think I'm going to cum again!"

"Then cum hard, cum as often as you want."

He spanked her ass and it only made Betsy ride him even further and even faster. Her sexy body bounced up and down on him. She rode herself raw.

Peter just wasn't sitting there, letting her do all of the work either. He held onto the underside of breasts and squeezed them. He moved down to her hips and shoved his length inside of her. He buried his huge cock inside of her womanly depths.

Betsy's eyes clouded over in an unmistakable amount of lust. She could feel the orgasm to end all orgasms cumming. She didn't dare enter Peter's mind. The passion and love he felt was overwhelming to her, but in a good way. Also, his mouth wrapped around her nipple and suckling it.

"Just make me cum," Betsy said. "But, I need your….my pussy is hungry for you. It's hungry for your cum…hungry for what you can do."

She rose up and bounced down on Peter's throbbing hard rod. Betsy drove herself down to the base and then released Peter. She bounced and raised one more time, working his rod into her.

All good things hand to come to an end. No matter how much Peter wanted to be buried inside of her tight sheath all day long, he had to release himself. His balls throbbed with the sensations, with the pleasure. They rested at the edge of Betsy's womanhood. Peter gripped her and pushed into her body.

"Don't wait, cum."

Peter waited for Betsy to feel her latest orgasm. The gushing warmth wrapped around his cock became the catalyst for Peter's explosion. His balls discharged a heavy amount of cum inside of the body of the mutant goddess who rode him every last way.

Betsy wouldn't dare let up on him. She had to milk these balls for everything they were worth. Her body shuddered the very second she had been filled up.

The two pulled away, pure sexual bliss having been reached. Betsy leaned over and kissed him.

"So, my place for dessert?"

She winked at him, and Peter's cock, after being worked every which way, showed signs of life.

"Are you going to be the tray?" Peter asked her.

"Naughty boy," Betsy said with a giggle. "I guess you're going to have to wait and see, won't you, luv?"


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Chapters 26 through 30 Girls:

Chapter Text

Swinging By(Mari McCabe/Vixen)

Mari McCabe leaned on the balcony, thinking about the night which was. She dressed in a slender transparent black robe which stretched around her ample, curvy body. She sipped on a glass of wine. The African superheroine stretched her legs on the edge of the balcony.

Today, she helped out with Spider-Man against Kraven the Hunter and his army of animal/human hybrids. Her amulet was the key in helping them today. Mari thought about the battle and also meeting Spider-Man for the very first time. She couldn't shake the very real thought she met him before. Exactly where, Mari didn't know.

She could see someone swinging over and dropping down on the balcony in front of Mari. She balanced the glass of wine and downed the rest of it. The crime fighter dressed in blue and red dropped down to the ground.

"Hey," Spider-Man said.

"Hey, yourself," Mari said. "You know, if you wanted to stop by for a visit, you could have tried the elevator. Most people find it a bit more convenient."

Spider-Man walked over towards her. "Hey, you're out here, and there's really no reason for me to disturb the tenants. Although, if they didn't get disturbed after tonight, I don't think there's nothing that will disturb them."

The crime fighter smiled and beckoned Spider-Man to join her on the balcony. She had a couple of drinks of wine and noticed how well he filled that super hero costume. His tight ass was something she watched when he swung away earlier.

"Why don't you come in?" Mari asked. "Unless you have to go for some reason."

"I suppose I have a few minutes to spare," Spider-Man said.

"Great," Mari said. "It's funny….this is the first time we've teamed up, but I swear, I've met you before somewhere. I would have liked to think I would have remembered an encounter with everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

"One would think that," Spider-Man responded.

Mari took a second to look at him. She frowned.

"Peter Parker," she muttered.

"What are you talking about the guy who stalks me and takes photos of me for Jameson for?" Spider-Man asked.

Mari put her hands on her hips and looked the web slinger directly in the face. She slowly looked at her. The woman didn't have any time for bullshit, and it was very obvious.

"It's very clever, and it would throw everyone off of the trail," Mari said. "Well, it's going to throw almost everyone off of the trail. You look about the same size as him, you move the same way as him, and….well, if you're him, then you look as good underneath the mask as you did….you….Peter….took some pictures for Janet Van Dyne and her fashion like a few months ago."

"I was doing a favor for a friend," Peter said.

"Oh, I don't doubt it," Mari said. She moved closer towards him. "But, I do some modeling myself, and I was very impressed with the pictures you took. If you are Peter Parker….are you him? Or did I just accuse you of being some random photographer?"

Mari danced her fingers down Peter's neck and leaned forward towards him. She moved up to grip the bottom of Peter's mask and pulled it up. She kissed away at his jawline and pulled away from him. Mari kissed around the underside of his jawline and kissed him on the lips.

"A good fight always makes me hungry for more action," Mari said. "And if you are who you say you are…..we've met before. When I was having lunch with Jan, she introduced me to you."

"Mari McCabe?" Peter asked her.

"Right, that's me," she said. "I'm surprised you didn't remember, but you were blown away by me. I could see where your eyes were going. I've got a sixth sense about these things. Some kind of animal instincts."

Her hands were caressing his crotch and they felt very warm. Peter closed his eyes.

"And you swung all the way over here," Mari said. "I think I would be a rude guest if I didn't thank you?"

Mari shrugged off her robes. Peter's eyes had been drawn to the leopard print number which she was wearing. It was very exotic and empathized her curves. Her shoulder length black hair, cat-eyes, and plump lips offset a beautiful face. Her elegant neck was begging to be caressed. Peter looked down and saw how toned her body was. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat. She had legs which went on for days.

She was a goddess, wrapped in human flesh. And speaking of being wrapped in flesh, her hand pushed down Peter's pants and started to stroke him.

"I need someone to help me work through all my aggressions," Mari said. "Oooh, not bad."

She fished out Peter's cock and slowly gripped it between her fingers. Mari rubbed the underside of him, caressing his throbbing piece of meat between her fingers. She leaned closer towards Peter and kissed him on the lips. She pumped and released him.

"Mari, you're going to make me lose it."

Mari nudged Peter closer towards the chair. She allowed his cock to slap against the underside of her belly. A predatory smile pushed on the face of the goddess.

"I wonder if you would permit me to look at the handsome face of the man I'm jerking off," Mari said. "I want to see the look on your face when I stroke your big cock. I want to see how good you look when you're about ready to cum. And I want to see your face when I suck your cock and drain your balls dry."

The slow and steady pumping on his tool ensured Peter's full attention was locked on Mari. He looked at her round orbs, straining against the leopard print top she wore.

Peter reached up and slipped off his mask. Mari looked up at his gorgeous face and slipped in. She pumped his hard cock and it tensed within the palm of her hand. She really jerked it off while kissing Peter.

The goddess was going to have his way with him. Peter didn't argue with it. Mari's plump lips left some kissing marks all over Peter's body. She edged closer towards him. The point of his cock came closer towards her warm lips. She shifted down and sucked him in.

Pure bliss entered Mari's mouth. She enjoyed sucking a big, thick cock. And this was the biggest, thickest, juiciest cock she ever seen in her life. Peter rested his hands on the back of Mari's head.

The sensual blowjob continued. Mari worshipped his cock like something divine to be tasted. Peter had many blowjobs from many beautiful women, but he was going to put her very high in the list. The fact her eyes pushed into a beautiful "fuck me" expression. Mari rolled her tongue down him.

"Damn, I wish I got thank yous like this more often," Peter said.

Mari rubbed his balls and released them. She slurped his engorged rod and released it with a another couple of fluid pumps. It had been well lubricated. She shoved his entire length into her mouth and cupped his balls. The deep throating only increased with Mari determined to get the most out of this pleasant encounter.

His balls had been milked, very hard. Mari brought new pleasure into Peter's loins. The sucking increased with the pleasure going through him. He pushed his rod into the gripping mouth of the goddess beneath him. Her mouth sucked him in deep, increasing the suction between the two of them.

"I'm getting close."

Mari did not stop up. Peter held the back of Mari's head and entered her mouth. His balls almost burst from the pleasure. She caressed them, squeezed them, and made them hers. She sucked harder, faster, and hungrily sucked him.

The pleasure finally burst into Peter. He held onto the back of Mari's head and gave him an amazing face fucking. His balls contracted and released the contents in her mouth. She sucked the cum down and squeezed his balls. The young man pushed into her mouth.

She drained his balls and pulled to her feet. Mari swallowed the cum and looked at him. She slipped her bra down and revealed her perfect breasts. Her chocolate nipples stuck out, ready to be tweaked and sucked. Peter reached up and cupped her round orbs. He squeezed and released them.

"That's not all I have to offer," Mari said.

His hands released her breasts and moved down to slide Mari's panties down. Her pussy, shaven and wet, had been revealed to him. His cock extended hard, and he pushed Mari against the wall.

Mari was excited about how the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was up for some fun. She needed to get fucked and pant. His hard cock smacked her in the clit and caused pleasure through her body. Peter's fingers pushed against Mari's wetness and collected the juices.

"Don't wait, fuck me."

Peter pushed her up against the wall. Mari closed her eyes and spread her thighs for him. Peter rolled his fingers down every sultry inch of her flesh. Her body quivered underneath him.

"You want me," Peter said. "You want me so bad."

"Mmm, hmm," Mari breathed.

Peter inched himself in between her thighs. Her warmness was able to take his hard cock. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails into his back. Peter pushed into her tight sheath and hammered into her center.

A steady amount of momentum had been established. Peter pulled almost all the way out of her and caused her to whimper. Peter pushed into her one more time. His balls slapped against her thighs. Peter pulled back out of her and shoved into her. A couple of thrusts brought Mari to the edge. Her fingers dug against his back, scratching him up.

"I want these," Peter said.

He cupped her breasts. Mari looked at him, pleasure coursing through her body. He touched and fondled the beauty's round breasts. They squeezed and released. Peter pushed his manhood deep inside of her body and spread her out. His balls slapped against her tight body.

"Take them, they belong to you," Mari said. "Oh, I'm so glad you swung by. So, good! Fuck me, fuck me raw!"

The strength he gripped her excited Mari. He acted gently as he wanted, and forceful as he needed to be. Mari didn't think there could be a better medium even if she tried. Peter clutched her side and shoved deep inside of her body. A slapping against her pussy increased Mari's pleasure. He pushed her up against the wall and into her.

Peter became buried inside of Mari's pussy. Her legs tightened around Peter and he pushed into her. Her body looked pretty sexy covered in sweat and shining in the light. Peter held onto her hips and slammed into Mari hard from the other side. Her wet pussy clamped up around him and squeezed him hard.

"Mmm, so hot, you're making me cum."

A python style grip grabbed around Peter's pulsing manhood. He pulled almost all the way out of Mari and shoved his hard rod into her tight body. Her pussy clenched around Peter. He picked up the pace and slid into her body. Her wetness clamped around him.

"Good, I'm glad you're cumming," Peter said. "I wonder how much you'd cum if I go a little bit faster."

Peter picked the thrusts inside of her. The woman shoved her clamping hips around Peter. He pushed up and down onto her, riding her to another orgasm.

Mari closed her eyes. Peter caressed her breasts and it sent more pleasure through her body. He squeezed Mari's succulent orbs and made Peter hammer inside of her. His balls slapped against Mari's wet pussy. She could fill how full they were.

He pulled out of her and motioned for Mari to go over to the bed. She sauntered over and crawled on top of the bed. Mari crawled down the bed and swayed her hips in a seductive way.

Peter climbed behind Mari on the bed. His cock lined up with her opening and he aimed it perfectly. He shoved his thick length into her making her scream and shred at the bed.

"It's really been a long time since you've gotten a proper plowing," Peter said to her. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you, I'll take really good care of you!"

Vixen's breathing increased underneath Peter. His hands tensely rubbed over her body. He pleasured her on the outside with Peter hammering away at her on the inside. His balls danced against Mari's moistened slit. He pulled almost all the way out of her and then buried himself into her. The ritual repeated.

Peter built up an immense load inside of his balls with a few more thrusts. He rolled over Mari's nipples and squeezed them. He heard her moans of pleasure.

"Harder, don't you stop!" Mari yelled.

"I wouldn't dream about it."

The web slinger's thrusting inside of her body stretched her all the way. Her pussy gripping him every time she came made Peter feel really good. He picked up the pace and drove deep into her. His cock was almost a blur when driving into the depths of the woman.

Mari's eyes flooded over. Peter shoved his length into her and then emptied her out. She gripped him, craving his cum inside of her. Her body was sizing up when Peter kept hammering in from behind. He performed a firm grip around her backside and stroked the inside of her asshole.

Peter reached the end of his fucking inside of her. His balls clenched and released their seed inside of Mari's wet pussy. He hammered deep inside of her. She gripped and released him with each thrust.

A shared orgasm ended with Peter shoving his rod inside of her. His hands squeezed against Mari and pushed inside of her.

The second Peter pulled out of her, Mari slipped a finger into her mouth and then slid it deep into her ass. A rapid fingering got her ass nice and lubricated. She moved closer towards Peter and lined up with the crime fighter's erected manhood.

"Jesus, Mari, it looks so good," Peter said.

"Yeah, you know you want to fuck it," Mari said.

Mari's ample cheeks slowly engulfed Peter and took him into her asshole. She settled herself down onto Peter's hard cock and shoved into her body. Mari centered her asshole around Peter's cock and shoved her ample ass down onto him one more time.

The web slinger could feel her bouncing body on him. It felt so good to have his cock jammed into her tight, toned ass. Peter held his fingers against her body and clenched her bouncing breasts. The orbs pushed against his hands. Peter rubbed and clenched her nipples.

The next round of bouncing made both of them feel so good. Mari took Peter's hard cock into her ass from behind. She bounced hard, purring with pleasure when bouncing into her.

Peter looked across from Mari's shoulder and could see her face, sized up with pleasure on the other end of the mirror. He picked up the pace and slammed his hard cock into her gripping asshole. He wanted to pound this ass for all of it was worth.

"You couldn't resist, and I knew your cock would feel good in my ass," Mari said. "Oh, make me feel good. Squeeze my breasts, rub my pussy, pound my ass. Make me feel like a real woman!"

The young man underneath Mari hammered the ass of the beautiful woman. Her dark skinned shined in the light with sweat, and other bodily fluids. Peter danced down her body and tweaked her womanhood. She breathed and came down onto him.

Mari was glad he offered the right amount of vaginal stimulation in addition to the heavy ass fucking. She thought she was going to lose it. He inspired a series of miniature organisms through her body, each being more potent and more fulfilling than the last one.

"Baby, ooh, yeah baby," Mari breathed. "It feels so good to be fucked so hard!"

"I know it does, and you feel divine."

Mari smiled and clenched around his invading rod. She clenched his cock the very second he slid into her tightening ass. Peter picked up a heavier pace and rammed into her depths. A tight squeeze only made her aching hole feel even better. Peter picked up the pace and jammed into her thick, gripping hot asshole.

The web slinger buried his engorged rod into her welcoming asshole. No matter how many times he entered it, it was so much tighter. Shivers of pleasure came down his body when slipping inside Mari and shoving his massive rod into her depths.

"Yes, oh yes, it feels really good," Mari agreed. "And it's going to feel even better when you fuck me into a stupor. Go ahead and do it….you know you want to."

Peter did in fact want to do that, he wanted to bring her pleasure to a fever pitch. And his was being brought into her.

"I'm getting close," Peter said. "I want to cum in your ass."

That declaration was responded by Mari's wet walls clutching around him. Peter slipped his fingers into her depths and then slid out of her. Mari panted the more Peter jammed his thick fingers into her. She really wanted this cum buried into her ass.

Peter wasn't lying. He was reaching the end. The end inside of her. The temptress came down onto him. Her asshole might have been a little looser after this pounding, but Mari struck him as the adaptable type. And Peter adapted in pounding her ass all the way to the end.

Mari breathed in and out. Her body tensed up with an orgasm. Her entire body shook and came down onto Peter's fingers. He moved up and allowed Mari to taste it.

Seconds later, Peter saw white and pounded Mari all the way to the end. Her ass gripped him nicely, with Peter impacting her all the way to the end. The contraction and release of his balls inside of her filled up Mari's gripping asshole.

The two shuddered to a stop. Mari crawled away from Peter. She propped herself on her thighs like a cat ready to pounce.

"Make sure to swing by when you have a chance. I'd love to have something nice and strong every now and then."

One look at her sultry body and her smile, dripping with lust, told Peter this would be a regular arrangement.


Chapter Text

Throughout the wide universe, there are many different worlds. Some of those worlds have the characters we know in our native Marvel Universe who are male, are female. This universe is one such universe. Enjoy the ride.


Afterglow(Natasha Victoria Stark/Iron Woman)


"Okay, we just disable this here, and remove that….and it proves I'm still smarter than AIM's supposed greatest creation…the game's over MODOK….and I couldn't have done it without help from my good friend, everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man!"

AIM destroyed her favorite set of armor, and worse, they tried to copy the designs of several others. Natasha Victoria Stark, or Tori as her friends called her(her enemies had several other less polite names to call her), found herself very pleased she crushed AIM. She looked over towards the scene, where several of the bee keepers had been strung up by webbing.

Tori didn't really see eye to eye with SHIELD half of the time, because she was more of an independent spirit. Still, they had their uses, and she could work together. Plus, Peggy Carter was her godmother, so she would have a special connection to SHIELD.

"And I just disabled the last of AIM's bombs. Piece of cake."

Tori turned around and smiled. She stood around the office, dressed in a blouse which her ample chest filled into, and a skirt which had been a bit shorter than normal ware. She had a reputation to uphold, plus these lacy stockings made her legs look fabulous. Her stunning black hair, blue eyes, and gorgeous face, along with her curvy body, made her a sight to see.

She came face to face with a man who made her heart flutter, and that just wasn't because of a power spike in her arc reactor eater. Spider-Man showed up at the office.

"Well, Spidey, you did it," Tori said. "It just goes to show us, the two of us together can't be beat. MODOK and AIM are going to be licking their wounds in a SHIELD holding cell….well at least they find a way out, and they start this all over again…but we can't be beat."

Tori sauntered over towards Spider-Man and gave him a warm smile. The web slinger raised his eyebrow when looking at her.

"And now, we can celebrate," Tori said. "You know, this is the time where we normally have passionate sex because we just teamed together and saved the world."

"Well, you're not one to beat around the bush, are you?" Spider-Man asked.

"You should know by now I don't have much of a bush, I keep that well taken care of," Tori said. "So, how about it, web head? You ready to web me up?"

She reached over and pulled off Spider-Man's mask, revealing his handsome face. Tori smiled, and pushed him back through the open door through an office. Granted, it was Pepper's office, but Tori still counted it as an office. She edged Peter back towards the desk.

'Pepper always did keep her desk the cleanest…works very well. Although, she walked in on me during that one time with the Black Widow….guess I have a thing for spiders.'

Tori pushed Peter onto the desk and made sure work of his outfit.

"You have way too much experience taking me out of my costume," Peter said.

"Hey, you saved my ass so many times, it practically belongs to you," Tori said. She straddled the top of Peter on the desk.

He could feel she wasn't wearing any panties which excited the web slinger. There was no time to talk, as Tori kissed the side of Peter's jaw and then moved down to kiss his neck. Peter held his hands up to cup the ass of the beautiful woman who was working down his body, slowly and sensually. She kissed his abs a few times, slowly working down towards his throbbing rod.

Tori peeled off his boxer shorts and wrapped one hand around the base of his manhood. She pumped it, and caused it to grow before her very eyes. Tori wasn't going to lie, the feeling of a nice, throbbing cock in her hand got her nice and excited. But, there was nothing else better than her mouth wrapped around it as well…well other than her pussy wrapped around it, but it could wait.

Peter's throbbing hard rod stuck up and met Tori's warm lips. They wrapped around the base of his cock and drew him into her mouth. She sucked him, hard as possible. Her lips came down and smacked on the base of him. Tori rose up one more time and gave him another suck.

The inside of her mouth felt really good. She sucked his cock like a pro. Peter pushed his hands on the back of Tori's head.

"Oh, you're going to finish me off way too soon."

Tori did a full service job around Peter's throbbing tool. She slid down and kissed him all the way to the edge before slowly lifting back up. She kissed the side of his cock and made it twitch up against her mouth. She came down and stroked him some more.

"Mmm, maybe I am," Tori responded. "Or maybe I can just save some of that nice, juicy cum for later."

She squeezed the base of Peter's cock and pulled way. Tori slowly slid back off of Pepper's desk and undid her top. Her round breasts came into further prominence. Tori unclipped her lacy black bra and slid down her short skirt to reveal her smooth snatch to Peter.

Peter reached over, grabbed her by the hips, and shoved her back onto the desk. Tori looked up in surprised, and Peter leaned down to attack her with a series of kisses.

"It's my turn to drive you nuts," Peter said.

Shuddering when Peter traveled down her body, Tori looked up at him through glassy eyes. "Oh, it's much too late for that….I think."

Kisses connected with every single inch of Tori Stark's gorgeous body. Peter took her breasts in hand and gave them a heavy squeeze. The fleshy sacks molded in Peter's hand when he continued to travel all the way down her body. He moved closer, closer.

Then, in one fell swoop, his face buried between Tori's warm thighs. The woman lifted her thighs off of the desk and gasped. Peter really pushed his tongue into the depths of her. Not to mention, he stroked her thighs, squeezed them, and made her feel so good.

"Oh, you've always know how to eat my pussy," Tori breathed. "Eat it up, nice a good…warm me up for my big cock."

Peter intended to do just as Tori requested. He buried his face deep between those inviting thighs and licked the juices coming through her. Tori tasted divine.

"Eat my spoiled rich pussy out!" Tori yelled. "Lick me…..lick my cunt…..oooh….you're making me cum, Spider-Man!"

Tori bucked her hips up to meet Peter's intruding tongue. She pushed her hips up and lowered them down in a very fluid motion.

Seconds passed, and Peter rose out. His cock throbbed and needed relief. The only relief he could find was the relief of the pussy underneath him. Tori stretched out her thighs as far as she could. Peter lined himself up and shoved as much of his cock as he could inside of her in one fell swoop.

Screams of pleasure filled the room and Tori reached up, putting her hands on Peter's lower back. She could feel more of him to be pushed inside so she wanted as much of it as he could get inside of her body. Reaching up, Peter cupped her breasts and made Tori's excitement increase.

"That's it, that's fucking it!" Tori yelled. "Fuck me, right here on Pepper's fucking desk!"

Peter held on for the ride and it was quite a ride. Tori managed to hold her legs in a perfect position. Detaching from her breast allowed Peter to find a position on her leg. Her sexy legs, still wearing those stockings, were a sight to behold. Her breasts bouncing in tune with Peter's thrusts, burying his rod deep inside of her clenching womanhood also was very good.

The Stark heiress pushed her hips off of the desk and took Peter's manhood deeper inside of her. God, he stretched her out so much, and she could not get enough of him. He might have been ten years her junior, but Tori had gotten a lot less out of people who were ten or more years older. Some of the creepy old men who tried to get a taste of her, well, Tori had her standards, despite the world thinking she was a shameless slut.

Only towards women, only towards women, but that was beside the point. Still, for the right man, she was willing to spread her legs, but he had to be more than perfect. And Peter Parker excelled at meeting Tori's extremely high standards.

"Making me cum so much," Tori said. "Oh, I like it when you do that….you know how much I like that."

Peter jumped in to nibble behind her ear lobe. Tori's eyes flushed over with so much pleasure it was hard to really describe what she was feelling.

"Mmm, yes, right there," Tori breathed. "That's a good spot….that's better than good actually…that's fucking amazing!"

Peter was glad he had gotten such hide place. Tori wrapped those sensual legs around her. Her dark hair flipped over and gave her such a sensual, and alluring look.

"Oh, pound this drunken slut silly!" Tori moaned underneath him.

Her pussy gripped him tightly, with the orgasm on the way. She gushed and released a fluid of cum around Peter's intruding rod. Peter picked up the pace and jammed his iron rod deep inside of her warm, inviting pussy. Tori held onto him and accepted his rod deep inside.

"Fuck," Tori said. "Oh, fuck me, fuck me so hard."

"What do you think I've been doing?" Peter asked. "You're going to cum harder than you've ever cum more, aren't you?"

"Yes!" Tori yelled.

Release came after, Tori bucked her hips up in time to meet Peter's intruding rod. Her thighs always got a nice workout when Peter swung on buy. Granted, just last night, Black Widow came by for a briefing, which ended with Tori bent over a table and a dildo shoved up her ass, but still, she was craving more action.

"Oh, you feel so good," Peter said. "Are you going to cum again?"

"Yes, and….maybe you should fuck me from behind when I'm done," Tori said. "So you can see my ass?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Peter said. "After all, your ass belongs to me…"

"And Natasha has a time share on the weekends," Tori said.

Peter knew, hell he got dragged into one of Tori's little trysts with the Black Widow, a couple of times. No complaints from him, but it had been very intense. Natasha could get pretty wild in the bedroom, even more so than she normally did in battle.

The latest orgasm shuddered to a stop. Pulling out of her, Peter put Tori into a perfect position to be filled over. He noticed her ass looked a bit raw. Peter put his hands on it and touched it.

"Please….oooh…..son of a bitch, she really overdid it, didn't she?" Tori asked.

"Sure looks like it," Peter said. "Guess, I'll give you a pass…for now."

Peter shoved his rock-hard cock inside of Tori's welcoming sex. He pushed into her from behind, seeing her round, if not slightly blistered, ass, bounce when he pushed into her from behind. Sliding up, Peter cupped the underside of Tori's breasts and squeezed them when he pushed into her body.

The feeling of his throbbing cock entering her body increased Tori's desire. Now, it seemed much bigger from behind. Not as big as it seemed when she was bouncing on top of it, but Tori didn't think she had it within herself to take that kind of control.

"Look, you're cumming," Peter said. "I wonder if you came this hard when the Black Widow fucked your ass raw."

"It was….pretty close," Tori said. "I don't worry about past orgasms….only present….."

She trailed off into babbling incoherence the second Peter drove his hard cock inside of her body. He bounced further into her body, slapping his balls against her warm thighs.

Tori thought she was going to lose every sense of herself. Regardless, it was a hell of a way to get lost. Peter picked up a steadier pace and rode out the latest orgasm.

'Truly, the gift that keeps on giving,' Tori thought. 'And if he keeps on giving me this many orgasms, then I'm not going to fucking complain, oh no, not in the slightest.'

Peter pushed his hard rod inside of Tori's gripping warm center. He knew the end would be coming sooner or later. All he had to do was ride out the ways and bury himself further inside of her.

"I'm about ready."

Tori thought they had been going at it for a very long time. A small part of her memory remembered Pepper was coming back to her office shortly, and they should wrap it up, soon enough.

"Oh, I know you're ready, and those balls, they must be getting pretty heavy, right about now," Tori said. "Shoot them inside me….web up my insides, Spider-Man."

If she wasn't so hot, Peter would have really let her have it. He decided to let Tori have it in a different way. Buried inside of her pussy as deep as possible, Peter pounded her. Each pleasurable scream showed more and more how much Tori wanted to be seeded by Peter's thick cum.

Why would he deny her?"

"Harder, harder, cum inside me….I need it, I'll die without it….please!"

Tori clenched him one more time. Her orgasm drove Peter's over the edge. His balls finally released their cum inside of Tori, injecting warm seed inside of her body.

The feeling of pleasure released from Tori was really good. Tori received a good pussy full of thick, juicy, cum. He injected the contents of his balls into her. Their bodies met for another couple of minutes, her pussy contracting through another orgasm.

Everything shuddered to a stop at the end. Tori looked up and saw Pepper standing in the doorway. Pepper removed her hand from a certain compromising spot, once she saw her boss had caught her.

"I should get going," Peter said, getting dressed. "Pepper."

"Peter," Pepper said, trying not to look at his crotch even though it was very prominent just a moment ago.

"Well, catch you two later….I think Shocker might be doing something…somewhere."

After getting dressed, Spider-Man excused himself. He did hear a few snatches of conversation when climbing outside of the balcony in Stark Tower.

"Oh, it's nothing, it's just the fact you're using my office as your own personal love nest again."

"You don't seem to mind it when I'm giving you your weekly performance reviews."

"That's not the point…never mind, you don't get it, do you?"

"Are you mad at me? If not, great…..because make-up sex is the best."

"You're incorrigible sometimes Tori Stark, you know that!"

"Okay, fine. I get it, you're mad because you didn't get invited….I'll try and remember to wait for you next time!"

Spider-Man shook his head and swung into New York City.



Next Chapter:  3/15/2017.

Chapter Text

Watch For Thorns(Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy)


Peter Parker entered his apartment after dealing with HYDRA's latest scheme to take over the world. And the scheme involved detonating a weapon which would destroy a preserve which would destroy some of the rarest, plants in the world. That plan by HYDRA incurred the wrath of one Poison Ivy, who intended to make HYDRA pay. It was very amazing how troubled situations lead to some pretty strange bedfellows.

Still, they put a stop to HYDRA's latest scheme, and now Peter was home for a nice, relaxing evening, where he hoped to get some rest. Only, when he turned on the light, his walls had been covered with vines, and there was a large red rose which was growing up in the center of his bed.

Wondering what this was all about, Peter approached the side of the wall and frowned. The vines rose up and Peter looked around on the bed.

"Careful for the thorns. They can hurt when you prick them."

The pedals of the powers bloomed and Peter's eyes shifted towards a reclining Poison Ivy in the center of the flower. She had leaves covering her female bits, and not much out. Peter drank in every inch of her body. She was dangerous, and beautiful, which was a combination. A beautiful face, juicy plump lips, red hair which shined in the moonlight, and also a curvy hourglass body. Her breasts drew Peter's attention in.

"Peter Parker," Poison Ivy said. "I'm here to thank you for your help tonight. HYDRA is a nuisance on the world, and they are even worse than the white collar businessmen who claim to be doing good for the world, while causing damage to Mother Nature."

Peter would have liked to say those two options were not mutually exclusive. He saw Pamela stand up and the leave just barely covered her center. Her legs were very look. Gorgeous stems, no pun intended, which drew Peter's attention.

"Pamela, you can still do a lot of good for the world," Peter said.

"I have, less HYDRA operatives on the street, much better everything is," Pamela said.

She sauntered closer towards Peter and began to close the distance between the two of them. Her two breasts stuck out in front of Peter's face, just barely contained her in top. Peter wanted to reach forward and touch them.

A vine handed Pamela a syringe and she took it. Pamela pricked Peter's arm with it and it caused him to turn around, eyes widening when he looked at her.

"It's just a little injection to make you immune to the poisons coursing through my body," Pamela said. "A temporary fix….unless you want to make it a more permanent one… helped me out tonight, and risked life and live to save those poor plants."

Pamela reached closer towards him and ensnared him. The leaves covering her breasts slowly dropped to the ground. Peter looked at her round breasts and Pamela gripped the back of his head before guiding it down.

"Some people think I'm a cruel woman, and they might be right," Pamela said. "Most of the time, I prefer plants over people, but that doesn't mean I don't have my needs."

She needed his face buried between her breasts. Pamela slowly grinded her hips about Peter's hard crotch, with Peter pushing closer towards him.

"And you have your needs as well," Pamela said. "So, tell me, Spider-Man, are you hard for me?"

Pamela cupped his crotch to answer the rheotorical question.

"I'm sure you wondered how I found you," Pamela said, slowly rubbing his cock. "Well, it was just a matter of tagging you with one of my pheromones and tracing you back to the source. After that, it was easy to find what I was looking for."

A tug brought Peter's pants down over his ankle and produced his throbbing cock. Pamela smiled, she normally didn't prefer meat, but here she would have to make an accept. The seductress ran down and slipped her finger down his cock.

"Guess that's what I get for trusting a pretty face," Peter groaned.

"Mmm, yes, but you can't help yourself, you're only human," Pamela said. "You can't be perfect…but you're close enough to do me some good tonight."

She squeezed Peter's balls hard and leaned in. Pam's juicy lips inched closer towards him. His throbbing cock pushed into her mouth. Pamela took the plunge and took the first several inches inside of her mouth. Her warm lips pressed around the throbbing hard rod and sucked in him up.

Peter gripped the back of her hair, feeling how soft her red hair was. Her green eyes burned with passion when going onto him. Peter didn't know what it was, which attracted women to him, especially the really dangerous ones, but he certainly wasn't complaining. He held onto the back of Pamela's hair and started to ram his hard cock into the back of her throat.

"Mmm, mmm," Pamela moaned around him.

The truth was, this thick piece of meat tasted really good to her. Pamela couldn't have enough of it in her mouth. Not all men were worthless, it turned out, and he was certainly proving his worth. Perhaps it had to do with a fact he wasn't completely a man, and part spider.

And then in other ways, he was very much a man. She looked up and took the point of his cock into her throat.

"Too much!" Peter groaned.

Pamela only responded by squeezing his thick balls and cupping them in his hand. Peter held onto the side of her head and slammed himself deep into her mouth. She didn't deny him this pleasure. All Pamela Isley could do was lean back and accept the point of his cock.

She sucked him, very hard and also brought her soft fingers down him. She stimulated the nerve endings like no one's business. Peter pushed himself deep into the throat of the sexy villainess. Pamela held onto him.

The first blast of cum fired down Pamela's throat. The plant controlling woman accepted it, and smiled. The warmth of the cum filled up her mouth with a rush.

Peter brought himself deep into her gripping mouth. Pamela released Peter and allowed the final few shots of cum to splatter directly into her lips. She slowly licked them up for Peter's benefits.

As she rose, Pamela cupped Peter's cock and edged him back onto the bed. The final leaf bloomed and fell to the ground.

"We're going to have a bountiful harvest this year," Peter said.

Pamela rocked her hips down onto Peter's engorged prick and edged more of towards her. She could see her vines moving around and a particularly naughty idea entered her mind.

"Babies, why don't you help hold Mommy in place?"

Vines wrapped around Pamela's arms and legs and held her out in a spread eagle position. One of the vines slowly caressed her nipple as well and made it nice and hard. And speaking of nice and hard, Peter was hard as well.

"Aren't you going to taste the fruits of your labor?" Pamela asked.

Her sweet loins beckoned for Peter. Peter leaned down and first took her breasts in hand. Never had a girl put herself into bondage, sure Mary-Jane and Felicia loved to be webbed up and have their brains fucked out, but he was the one doing it now. Peter kissed Pamela's navel and moved down, getting closer to her sweet, savory center. Peter held onto her hips and moved closer.

"That's it, right there."

Peter planted his lips onto her and nibbled the center. Her pussy lips puffed up and were able to be captured. She was completely smooth, and she tasted like the sweetest things. Peter ran his hands down her thighs.

He would be between them soon and could hardly wait. Pamela hoisted her hips off of the bed, and gave a pleasurable moan. His tongue kept shoving deeper inside of Pamela, and made her more excited.

"Nice and wet, just like you thought I would be, didn't you?" Pamela asked.

Pamela could feel one of her naughty little vines shoving into her back passage, in time with Peter's tongue shoving deep inside of her pussy. Peter pushed his hands between her thighs and started to rub them. He cupped her moist center.

Peter was feeling rather stiff and in need with relief. One look at Pamela's perfectly primed pussy showed Peter what he needed to do. He slowly rolled his hands up between her thighs.

"I want you," Pamela said.

Her voice dripped with seduction which made Peter harder. Her thighs spread out for him and there was only one place for Peter to be. Peter crawled on top of Pamela and lined his manhood up with her dripping hot pussy. He was pretty close to entering her.

"Damn, you're so tight!" Peter groaned.

Peter entered no man's land, Pamela's tight, gripping pussy. Her wet walls closed around him and started to milk Peter for everything he was worth. He pushed his hands on either side of her legs and started to rock up and down into her.

Once the momentum had been established, Pamela had the time of her life. Never had her insides received such a glorious workout. She could hardly stand what was happening next to her. Pamela lifted her hips to a central point and pushed more of Peter inside of her.

"Right there, give me everything you've got!" Pamela yelled. "DEEPER!"

She gushed and it only encouraged Peter to delve deeper inside of her warm center. Her pussy pushed around him, and Peter reached around. His hands cupped her chest and moved underneath her. Her ass was primed and ready for the squeezing.

Peter took extra notice how much Pamela's pussy soaked his cock with her cum when he played with her ass. She did nothing to discourage this particular behavior, so Peter kept it up. He kept lifting almost out of Pamela's warm center and shoved it inside of her.

"Deeper, oh, deeper!" Pamela mewled at the top of her lungs.

Peter's thick balls slapped against her wet vagina. He kept shoving his rod into her warm body, rising into her and then dropping out of her. Pamela took his cock into her wet warmth and allowed him to stretch her out.

"I can't believe it, you're so wet," Peter said.

"Always for you, honey," Pamela said. "I never thought anything would feel this good. Just….make me feel better! Make me feel so good!"

Peter made her feel better alright. His long cock stretched her insides completely out. The velvety center squeezed Peter. She milked him with all the precision possible, trying to drain his heavy balls into her body. Peter held her close, rose up, and pushed deep inside of her.

Round breasts smashed Peter in the face. All he could do to tame them was to grab ahold of them and keep rocking down inside of Pamela. Peter shoved his hard length inside of her body, stretching her completely out. He then pulled all the way out of her.

Pamela breathed heavily at the loss of his cock out of her body. No, she couldn't stand it any longer. She needed Peter inside of her and in the worst way. Thankfully, Peter rose up and drilled himself into her tight vice of a pussy. He stretched her out and continued to hammer her as hard possible.

"Damn, damn, baby, it feels so good!" Pamela yelled.

Peter smiled and kept working inside of her. Her elastic pussy stretched into him and snapped back around Peter when he sheathed firmly inside of her. His cock strained and it was about ready to drain the contents of his balls inside of her.

Despite his orgasm being at hand, and Pamela could sense it, he showed no signs of slowing down. This made Pamela's excitement reach a brand new fever pitch. He just pounded her and sent fire spreading through her body. Finally, someone to please her and scratch all of those itches that she couldn't scratch.

Poor mousey Pamela Isley before the accident didn't get much action, and all of that repression came out, when she became the stunning seductive Poison Ivy. Her vines slackened and Pamela tightened her grip around his intruding rod. The sensation of her pussy being pummeled caused her to moan.

All good things came to an end eventually, or rather, they cum to an end. Peter buried himself inside of Pam and rode out his orgasm. The moans of pleasure coming from Poison Ivy of all people had given Peter an amazing little ego boost, followed by his cum draining inside of her.

Peter held onto her and emptied his balls into Pamela's waiting pussy. She moaned the very second Peter rose up and emptied himself into her.

Time passed, and Pamela found herself turned over by the plant vines. One of the naughty vines grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them open, revealing her snug hole. She squirted onto the bed at the thought.

Peter looked up and saw one of the vines pointing invitingly to Pamela's ass. Two other vines wrapped around her nipples and plucked on them.

"Have you lost control of your plants, Ivy?" Peter asked. "Or all they always that naughty?"

Pamela moaned and the thought of having Peter inside of her ass caused her greatly. That was the one hole which was untapped today.

Peter motioned himself behind Pamela and grabbed her ass cheeks. He aimed the tip of his cock against her puckered opening and slowly worked himself between her ass cheeks. Pamela accepted the immense girth splitting through her body and filling her up from behind.

"God," Pamela mewled.

"I didn't know I was that good," Peter said.

The untamed exploration of Pamela's ass continued. He gripped the cheeks and pushed into her center. The vines helped keep her asshole open for penetration. They must have squirted some kind of lubricant inside as her asshole was nice and slick, and clenched around Peter hard.

Peter rocked his rod back and jammed himself into Pamela from behind. Every time his cock buried into her asshole, Pamela's pleasure increased by tenfold, and she became even more receptive to everything he was doing. And everything he was doing was wonderful.

Her tight rear had been pushed to the brink. Peter's thick balls snapped back and pushed against her.

Pamela gripped onto the edge of the bed. The vines tightened their grip around her to make sure there was nowhere she could go. Not that she wanted to go anywhere, given what Peter was doing to her from behind. He pulled almost out of her and shoved his cock into her.

Touches to her vagina lit Pamela on fire. Peter could feel the sweet honey excreting from her womanhood and he made sure to rub her vaginal lips with assistance from her perfect, pretty plants. Peter rose back and jammed his hard rod inside of her tight asshole.

"Good, you're better than good," Pamela said. "You're fucking amazing!"

Peter hoped she was pleased by her.

"Guess this team up worked out pretty well."

She was sure it did. Peter grabbed ahold of her for the leverage to bury himself as far as he could go. The moment the Spectacular Spider-Man bottomed out in her ass, Pamela saw stars.

"So, on your ass? Or in your ass?"

Peter nipped Pamela's ear and she barely kept her attention.

"In it, please."

The lady requested as much, and Peter wasn't going to die her. His balls strained after a very long time of fucking her ass. Was it a half of an hour by now? Maybe more? With such a great ass, Peter didn't really keep track. All he did was memorize every single inch of Poison Ivy's sweet backside.

No one would ever believe this story if Peter told them. Hell, he was living it, and Peter wasn't sure he believed it. He just decided to kick back and enjoy the ride.

"I can't hold it back any longer," Peter said.

"Then don't, there's going to be plenty more when that comes from," Pamela said. "I know it, just empty your balls into my ass. Fuck me, fuck me tender!"

Peter held two handfuls of Pamela's firm ass and rocked into her. He could feel her pussy grinding as well, and knew there would be no time like the present to cum. Peter pushed his hard rod inside of her body and slammed into her very hard.

His balls unleashed their bounty inside of her. Pamela's bouncing ass looked like a treat and it was milking every single last drop of semen from her. The vine rammed into her ass and finally retracted, allowing Peter to feel the unrestrained tight squeeze of Pamela's perfect ass.

The vine slipped the drops of semen into Pamela's mouth and she tasted both her ass and Peter's cum. She pulled away from him.

"See you soon, lover."

Pamela gave him one more squeeze, and disappeared into the night. Peter turned around and saw a vial of some kind of red dust resting on the bed. A note attached the base of it.

Use in good health. The ladies in your life will thank you for the thrill. A token of my appreciation, of helping me take HYDRA down. See you soon, P.

He was morbidly curious what she gave him. He would find out soon, he suspected.

'Why do I have a feeling things are about to get interesting around her? And also complicated.'



Next Chapter: 3/18/2017.

Chapter Text

Clear Skies(Ororo Munroe/Storm).


New York City's skies shined bright and blue without a cloud in the sky or a sense there was any kind of storm brewing. Peter Parker had to thank his girlfriend for that, and no he was not being hyperbolic this time. He dated Ororo Munroe, better known was Storm of the X-Men, and her powers were able to control the weather. So, thankfully for him and her, no date could be ruined on account of the weather.

Currently, Peter stood on the rooftop in the middle of a bright and sunny day. He dressed in nothing but a pair of swimming trucks. There was a pool on the rooftop of this hotel. It was very lavish, and Peter chuckled, this would be the type of place where you almost got charged to breath the air. The dark haired man got his share of female attention when moving up, wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of swimming trucks.

He came a long way since Puny Parker, who was the butt of every joke during his time at high school. And not just because of the Spider-Man thing, although that did help him gain a little bit of confidence to be honest. He turned his attention and smiled.

"And just when I thought the view couldn't get any more beautiful."

Ororo stepped out with a saunter to her step and a smile on her face. Her white hair contrasted to her dark skin and it was a beautiful contrast. The tall African goddess stepped in with a swagger and a look of confidence. Her large chest mounds, DD cup breasts by Peter's estimates, had been contained in a red bra where the strips only just barely contained Ororo's ample nipples. Her stomach was very toned, and Peter's eyes traveled down to see her red bikini bottoms. Her legs stretched on for miles, with elegant feet with high arches and sexy toes, which had been painted a nice shade of red which matched her bikini.

"Thank you."

And the view got ever better when Ororo turned around. He saw the string of red fabric on the Bikini bottom just threatening to go up her ass. Peter thought he would pass out. Ororo bent down to the table and took her time picking up the suntan lotion.

"Why don't I do you first?" Ororo asked.

"Gladly," Peter said.

He burned very easily, and this was one of the warmest, sunniest days. He stepped over and tried to will the erection which was building up to go away. Thankfully, Ororo set up the bench where there was a hole in to so Peter could slid into it.

Ororo walked over towards Peter and took extra care to make sure her breasts pressed onto his back. Her hands worked out the tension knots in his shoulders and neck first. She took a handful of the lotions and squirted it, before slowly rubbing Peter.

Her hands were so soft, working over Peter's back. He could feel her breasts press against his back and her crotch, when it ground against his ass. He twitched when feeling Ororo on top of him.

"Just relax, and let me take care of you," Ororo said.

Ororo moved down, her finger lightly brushing against Peter's asshole which had been exposed when his shorts came come down. Ororo's fingers danced down his lower back. Then shifted between his legs, and then got very so close. Her fingers almost clasped him briefly.

The weather witch smiled, she was getting very turned on by feeling up Peter's muscular body, almost as much as Peter was getting turned on.

"Turn over."

Peter turned over and the large tent he pitched was obvious. What was even more obvious was Ororo's position. She mounted the top of him, his cock lightly penetrating her through her panties and through his boxer shorts. Ororo rubbed the suntan lotion on the side of Peter's face.

Ororo decided to have some fun by rocking her hips down Peter's pelvis when rubbing the lotion onto him. She could feel how hard he was for her. His size and how gifted he was, never ceased to amaze Ororo. She gushed with delight when running her fingers down him.

His upper body had been pleasured, and now Ororo was working down towards his lower body. Her lips raked him when going down.

"Ororo!" Peter moaned.

The goddess looked up at him with a smile on her face and mischievous intentions in her eyes. She reached between Peter's legs and gave him a squeeze of his balls.

"Now, it's my turn."

Ororo turned around, and unclipped her bra and allowed it to fall to the ground. Peter saw her bare back, but not her breasts. She slid down her panties as well, and got on the bench, crawling backwards. A full view of Ororo's gloriously thick rump had been presented towards Peter and it just made him throb even harder.

Peter grabbed the suntan lotion and took out his aggression by feeling up every single last inch of Ororo's glorious flesh. He moved closer down and judging by Ororo's moans, she was getting very turned on by what he was doing.

'Two can play that game.'

He slid his fingers down Ororo's tight pussy and he could feel her gripping his finger when it entered inside. He pulled it out and rubbed down her inner thighs. She was very smooth down there, and Peter could feel how wet she was getting. He couldn't wait to worship her.

Ororo smiled, everything was feeling very good. Peter winded her up a whole lot. Her pussy hungered for him to be inside of her.

"Peter, finish this, so…"

"So, what?" Peter asked.

He gave her a smile and leaned in. His breath was an inch away from her. His hand slipped to grab onto her breast before pulling away. Ororo whimpered at the feeling of loss, just like Peter hoped. It really was good to have an older woman craving your every touch.

Peter motioned for Ororo to turn over and she did. Her legs were at either side of the bench and her thighs were firmly spread. The weather witch's massive breasts came up to almost push into Peter's face. Peter leaned down and cupped the delicious mound of womanhood and started to rub the suntan lotion all over them.

"Fuck me!" Ororo moaned.

"Wait a minute," Peter teased her.

It was true though, he couldn't hold out any longer. His cock throbbed even harder. Still, Peter had a job to do, and this job was going to be finished, one way or another. His fingers slowly brushed down Ororo's smoldering thighs, and then he pulled back from her.

"We're so close," Peter said.

Ororo nodded. He was down between her legs and for a brief moment, his face buried between them while rubbing suntan lotion all over her legs. Peter proved to be a good multi-tasker, going down on Ororo, while also rubbing suntan lotion all over her legs.

"Peter!" Ororo screamed.

This sexy older babe screaming his name spurred Peter on, going deeper in between her. He tightened his grip around her thighs and shoved his face as far between her legs as he could go. Ororo came up off of the bed and gave a pleasurable pant. Her moans increased the more Peter delved between her thighs.

'I have her right where I want her.'

Ororo watched Peter rise up from between her thighs. Her thighs parted and were ready for sex, ready for an immense pounding. Ororo could not wait to see what Peter had to offer her. He was hard and ready to drive himself deep into her loins.

"Don't hold back on me."

His swimming trunks slid down and Ororo got a full unrestricted view of his immense cock. It throbbed and was in desperate need of relief. Ororo spread her thighs invitingly to give it to her. Peter held his hands and lined himself up with her.

Both lovers connected at the loins with each other. Peter held onto Ororo and pushed himself into her pussy. It was so tight and lovely.

"Oh, I can be in here for hours," Peter said.

"I'm well aware," Ororo said.

Her excitement was at a fever pitch when she realized Peter could in fact be inside her for hours. His heavy balls bounced up against Ororo's womanhood. He rose up and slammed himself deep inside of her multiple times at a rapid fire rate.

Peter pushed himself into her welcoming womanhood as fast as he could. Ororo demanded pleasure, and he was willing to give it to her. Her body shined in the sunlight, and Peter cupped her ample chest for leverage. He pushed into her, feeling the tightness of her warm body.

Ororo closed her eyes heavily and bit down on her lip. Moans increased from her body the deeper Peter delved inside of her. Those thick balls dropped against her body and brought her to the edge. The edge of what, well Ororo didn't know. It was the edge of something amazing though, if she had to say so herself.

"Fuck…fuck me!" Ororo yelled.

"Already doing that," Peter said.

His balls slapped Ororo's smooth thighs. She reached up and those beautiful long legs wrapped their way around Peter. They made him submerge himself further into her. Not that there was that much coercion needed, not with that. Peter picked up his pace and jammed into her.

Ororo held on for the ride and boy, was it a hell of a ride. Every time Peter entered her, a new blast of electricity shot through her loins. Her first orgasm was intense, but every single other orgasm which followed from it escalated in greater intensity. Peter held onto Ororo tightly and pushed his length inside of her. He rose up and slammed his rod into her gushing center.

A beautiful flash of energy spread through her body. Peter squeezed Ororo's breast and caused her to moan. He worked his way into her warm gushing center.

"Harder, deeper," Ororo said. "Faster, please!"

"Never can have enough, can you?"

The rate she squeezed Peter's invading manhood with her loins showed Peter she could never have enough. He was just getting warmed up and judging by how well her body reacted to his touches, so was she. Peter thought it was fair enough and he rose up before driving down into her. He repeated the ritual several times, feeling her pussy tighten around him. It was like elastic which firmly fit around his manhood.

Ororo's eyes shifted back. Those fingers dancing about her body helped set the stage for the pleasure which was coming through her loins. Peter rose completely up and dropped down into her. His balls slapped against Ororo's womanhood.

"Fuck!" Ororo mewled.

"Yes, that's what we're doing," Peter responded. "Are you ready to cum again?"

Not exactly a question which mandated a negative answer, at least that's what Ororo thought. Her body, craving release, did in fact cum again, and it came again hard. Her legs tightened around Peter, and much to his surprise, she rolled him over. They almost rolled off of the bench.

Quick reflexes made sure this little encounter was not messy and awkward. Ororo hovered over the point of his cock and sheathed his throbbing member inside of her one final time.

"Oh, you're so much bigger when I'm on top," Ororo said. "Not that you weren't very big before but….."

Ororo's explanation had been cut off by her moaning. She bounced up and down on Peter. Peter didn't really complain about this sudden change of venues because Ororo's large breasts were bouncing, perilously close to her face when she bounced up and down and his cock. His manhood had been sheathed in her heated loins. Her velvety hot pussy pushed him deep inside of her body.

Seconds passed leading up to Peter grabbing those bouncing orbs of flesh and squeezing them. Her nipples were always very sensitive, and Peter put his fingers between them, tweaking on them. Ororo shifted her head back and moaned very hungrily the second Peter's fingers danced all over them. Her aching nipples were taken in hand and played with.

"Right…right there," Ororo breathed.

Peter leaned into her and performed a vacuum tight seal around Ororo's juicy nipple. He cupped the underside of her breast. So much ample flesh to explore, Peter longed for the days he had six arms. He would have to make do with what he had right now. Her ass bounced rather heavily off of him.

Ororo increased the thrill by leaning back and providing Peter with the access he craved to her breasts. He did not disappoint her. Expectations were already at a high point. Peter cupped the underside of Ororo's chest and squeezed them. Ororo bounced up and pushed her hips down onto him. She impaled herself down onto Peter's engorged prick, filling herself up.

"So, close."

The mutant's slick loins clamped down around Peter and released him. She kept bouncing and firmly hugging the back of his head so it was pushed between her breasts. Peter reached behind to hold onto her ass and it only lead to more pleasure.

Peter was in heaven, as he always was with this goddess. She took her loins down around Peter and rammed her hot loins around him. Ororo stretched around him and pushed Peter's massive rod into her body.

Pure heaven entered Peter's loins, and Ororo was feeling the pleasure as well. Her round ass continued to bounce in tune with the rest of her body. Ororo shoved herself down onto them.

"You're making me gush," Ororo said. "Oh, you're amazing….I wonder would ever do without you?"

Ororo pushed her hips down onto Peter's pelvis and engulfed him all the way inside of her. Her loins pumped him at the usual rhythm. Everything was starting to come Ororo's way, and she couldn't wait.

Peter didn't know how much longer he could hold himself back. The bouncing beauty on his manhood was giving him a nice workout. Her legs tightened around his waist, squeezing him. And her pussy squeezed his rod deep inside. She milked him, milked him.

"I want your seed," Ororo said. "Would you honor me in giving it to me?"

The bouncing increased and Peter realized how hopeless he was here. Ororo had him right where she wanted him and where she wanted him was buried inside of her body. Peter leaned back an inch and she took him inside of her, deeper, at a higher, and more intense speed.

"Ororo!" Peter groaned.

Ororo smiled. She felt very blessed with the feelings going through her. Everything paled in comparison to this huge rod being shoved deep into her tight loins. She pressed down onto Peter.

One more time, she had been blessed with an orgasm. Ororo bottomed out and took Peter's cock as far as she could. Her clenching vaginal cavity shoved Peter inside of her.

Ororo's tight vice milked his cock hard. Peter pushed deeper into Ororo and buried his seed inside of her body. Her womanhood shoved down on his hard cock and allowed herself to be filled up with his seed.

The feeling of her vagina milking him made Peter send an obscene amount of seed into her body. Ororo took every drop of seed from his swollen balls into her. He had been trying to hold back for a long time, and the results were very obvious.

"Oh, I'm going to be full," Ororo said.

Her sensual moans made Peter go the extra mile with Ororo's warm, wet, center snugly fitting around his tool. The engorged manhood made Peter feel like he was about ready to lose it.

Peter shoved his length inside of her and his balls slapped against her womanhood. They emptied, draining in Ororo. He saw stars from an amazing orgasm, and fell back onto the bench. Ororo pumped the last few blasts of cum into him.

The seconds passed with Ororo pulling away from Peter. She turned around and her ass was right in his face when she was on her hands and knees. Peter's cock started to harden again.

Ororo gripped his manhood from behind and gave him a smile.

"So, ready for more?"

As if she needed to ask that question. Peter remained hard and ready to insert into her. Ororo was willing, so they had no problems.



Next Chapter: 3/22/2017.

Chapter Text

Mutual Release(Thea Queen/Speedy)

Up the fire escape went Peter Parker. Oh boy, the things he did to prevent himself from getting ripped something fierce by J. Jonah Jameson. He tried to find a way into the charity banquet for Queen Industries to get pictures, pictures of Oliver Queen. Okay, that didn't have the same ring to it as getting pictures, pictures of Spider-Man, but Jameson wanted something juicy for the front page of the Daily Bugle. PG, PG-13 tops, but he wanted something, and Spider-Man tried to get into the benefit two nights in a row and had been shut down.

He tried to reason, he tried to beg, hell he even tried to plead, but the guards at the front gate pushed him out. His press credentials were not enough to get him through the front door.

'I bet this sort of thing never happens to Jimmy Olsen,' Peter thought. 'Well, to be fair, it all balances out with the giant turtle man thing.'

Then again, he had no room to talk given he had been bitten by a genetically modified spider. Which actually helped him get up the fire escape. What the spider bite didn't help him with, was his pants tearing slightly when he made his way inside.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

Peter thanked his lucky stars that he wasn't wearing his Spider-Man costume underneath his civvies tonight. Otherwise, he might have been exposed, in more ways than one. Peter tried as he might to mend his pants, and took a few seconds to breath.

'Well, these pants are a goner.'

He knew the banquet room had to be around her somewhere, although he didn't know how many pictures could be taken if he spent most of the night trying to keep his pants up.

Suddenly, Peter stopped, and heard a moaning sound coming from the hallway. The moaning sounds increased, and it was a woman's voice.

'Okay, someone's involved in something very private, so if I just walk this way then maybe….'

Wrong turn, and Peter saw a woman sitting on the edge of the couch, her legs spread, and her hair matted against her face. One look at the woman realized Peter Parker just walked in on Thea Queen of all people, indulging herself in a moment of self-pleasure.

The brunette woman dressed in a black dress which fit her nicely, and it had been hiked up to expose her thighs. Her stockings made her legs look completely fabulous and had Peter not been distracted by other things, her legs might have precedence.

"What the hell?"

And now she noticed Peter was there. She slowly looked up. The woman's eyes drifted to the camera and she frowned.

"It isn't what it looks like," Thea said.

"What did it look like?" Peter asked.

"It looked like I was…oh for the love of….you're not going to make me say it, are you?" Thea asked.

"Looks to me you were having a private moment, "Peter said. "Relax, it happens to the best of us."

Thea put one hand on her hip and she slid her dress down. It still betrayed her and rolled up. Peter tried to focus on her eyes, which had an expression of anger and worry. "Yeah, well, I'd worry a lot less if you weren't carrying that camera….just who are you?"

"Peter Parker, I'm from the Daily Bugle," Peter said. "You're going to have been kicked out, aren't you?"

"Peter Parker," Thea said. "You were the guy who tried to get in here the past two nights and were denied….you're pretty persistent, aren't you?"

"No, well, yes, but no," Peter said. "My boss, you know, J. Jonah Jameson, when I don't do what he says, he tends to get really loud. And I don't want to have to hear him yell at me."

"Yeah, I can see where you're coming from," Thea said. "Does he ever lose his voice going on those rants about Spider-Man? It's just the same thing over and over again, Spider-Man is a threat, Spider-Man is a menace, Spider-Man is responsible for the failing standards of the American educational system!"

Peter smiled at Thea. It was refreshing to always hear someone go off on Jameson.

"But, you….you walked in on me at a bad time, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't say it to anyone," Thea said.

"It's nothing to be ashamed about," Peter said.

"Yeah, I know it's nothing, to be ashamed about," Thea said. "But, at the same time, you know how the tabloids are. They jump on everything. I can just see the headlines no. Queen Heiress is caught diddling herself, disgraced by public masturbation. She's a shameless slut who can't keep her panties on for one night."

Peter sighed. Of course they would go down that road. That's what the tabloids existed to do. TMZ was the cancer of journalism, hell even Jameson thought they were trash. One of the few things Peter and the jolly giant of journalism agreed on.

"So, I'd appreciate if you didn't mention this."

Peter was about ready to say he wouldn't. Thea lifted up a finger and pressed it on Peter's lips to silence him. There was a moment where the two of them looked at each other.

"And you ripped your pants," Thea said.

"Really, that's noticeable?" Peter asked.

Thea nodded and motioned for Peter to follow her. They walked across the hallway into a private suite. Thea made sure to lock the door behind her. She looked around, and plugged something into the wall.

"A friend of mine developed a program to disable all security cameras for an hour," Thea said. "Trust me, I don't want what we're going to do to end up online tomorrow."

Peter wondered what Thea was talking about. She invited him to sit down on the couch.

"Let's get you out of those ripped pants," Thea said. "And I'll find a way to mend them, if I can."

Thea pulled the pants and saw his boxer shorts. She locked eyes onto the tent which was slowly growing to them. The Queen Heiress would have been lining if she hadn't been licking her lips.

"Are you sure you ripped your pants when going through the fire escape?" she asked. "Because, you know there could be other options."

Thea leaned closer towards him, hand wrapped around his bulge. She leaned and kissed him on the lips. They pulled away from each other after a brief, but passionate kiss.

"I haven't finished getting off," Thea said. "And since you walked in on me, it's only the honorable thing to help me get off, wouldn't you say?"

Thea leaned closer towards him and straddled his lap. She pealed his boxer shorts off and revealed his throbbing cock which stuck up into the air.

"I think I have to taste this first," Thea said. "To see if it's right to me….you know, I don't let just every random guy who crawls up a fire escape fuck me."

Thea took her hand down the base of Peter's cock and slid down with her mouth. Peter could not believe a billionaire heiress wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked him. All Peter could do was sit back and enjoy the ride, and the ride involved her mouth wrapped around his cock.

It was one of the best blowjobs he ever had, and he could see the sexual frustration bouncing in Thea's eyes. She took him deep into her mouth and sucked on him. She pulled out to lick fully around Peter before shoving the length back into her mouth.

"Damn, you're good," Peter said.

"Only for the best," Thea said. She followed up her words by firmly squeezing Peter's balls. "And you are the best cock I've ever had in my mouth. If I would have know you were hiding this, I would have let you in sooner….and you would have gotten the VIP treatment."

Thea pushed her lips around Peter's hard cock and sucked him hard. Peter held the back of her head and guided his mammoth member into her mouth.

She released him when he was to the edge. Thea squeezed the base of his cock and kissed him on the tip. She left a light lipstick mark on his cock and smiled.

"I wouldn't want you to waste your cum already."

Thea shifted Peter's back out of the way and looked at it suddenly.

"Interesting, do you always walk around with a Spider-Man costume in your bag?" Thea asked.

"I'm…..well, I cosplay as him sometimes," Peter said.

Thea raised her eyebrow and shook her head. She didn't quite buy that story, given you would have to have some incredible agility, almost like a spider to get there. Still, she would play his game.

"Right, well, I support everything Spider-Man does," Thea said. "I wonder what he's like underneath that mask of his? I wonder if he's as handsome as you are?"

She pumped his cock and continued to talk straight into his head. Every now and then, Thea's tongue petted Peter's cock slit.

"I have dreams about him, swinging into my bedroom window, taking me in my bed, making me feel good," Thea said. She continued to pump and lick Peter. "And there are sometimes where he saves me, and I thank him, by wrapping my pussy against his cock. I imagine it to be about as big as yours."

Peter groaned when feeling Thea pumping up and down on him.

"I want that big cock in that pussy," Thea said.

"Mine or his," Peter said.

"Well, consider, he's not here," Thea said. She looked up at him with a smile and not so subtle wink. "I'm going to have to settle for your nice, big cock shoved into my tight pussy. It's not been fucked for a long time, but now it's your time to end the drought."

Thea pulled herself up, and hiked her dress up further. She pulled her panties completely off. Peter got a nice glimpse of her wet pussy. She climbed on top of Peter's cock and lowered her pussy down onto him. The first few inches of his cock pushed inside of her dripping slit.

"Yes, that's going to do nicely!"

The sensation of her stocking clad thighs hooked around his hips made Peter roll his head back. He watched when Thea drove her tight pussy down onto him. His cock throbbed when entering a prime sheath of flesh. All he could do was grab her body, and run his hands over her bare ass.

Thea shoved her pussy down onto his cock. She bounced higher and higher. The billionaire heiress could feel her body shaking underneath Peter's throbbing hard member. Every time he touched the insides of her, more pleasure hit her body. It was just a fever pitch.

"I love riding a big cock," Thea said. "And you're amazing….fuck me….Sp….Peter!"

Her slip of the tongue was not missed. Still, Peter decided to play the game. He had a wet and willing pussy ready to drive itself down onto his rod. She stretched over the top of him and drove down onto Peter's massive rod. Her wet vice drilled down onto him.

"I'm going to make you remember my name is Peter Parker," Peter said. "Do you want my cock?"

"Yes, oh, God, yes!" Thea yelled.

Her screams had been punctuated by an amazing orgasm. Peter slowly pulled her dress down and saw Thea was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were not large, but they were a nice handful, with tanned nipples were erect. Peter squeezed the mounds and suckled on Thea.

Thea was going to lose her mind. Just to think, the only pleasure tonight she thought she might get was going to be from her own fingers. Now, she received a big cock pressed in between her thighs. She clenched Peter and released him with a few steady drops.

"Suck them, make me cum!" Thea breathed.

She soaked Peter's cock. His manhood pushed further inside of her gripping pussy. Thea rode herself over to another orgasm before deciding to switch the play a little bit. She wasn't done riding his cock, not until she had a load of cum inside of her body, and hopefully a few more orgasms.

An emptiness surrounded Peter's cock. He watched with Thea walking over to the edge of a counter and she pushed her hands against the counter. Peter saw Thea's tantalizing ass.

"Come over here, and fucked my spoiled rich cunt!" Thea called to him.

Did Peter need any more of an invitation than that? No, he didn't. He moved closer towards Thea and edged himself closer towards her. Her wet pussy was inches away from taking Peter inside of it. Peter moved closer and then, with one more fluid push, shoved himself inside of her.

Thea held onto the edge of the counter and received the good hard pounding she thought she deserved for a very long time. Her wet walls closed around Peter and pumped him. It was so good, so much better than her fingers. Peter got all of those pleasure spots which drove her completely nuts.

"I'm glad you caught me!" Thea yelled. "Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to do this!"

Thea's eyes closed shot and she just enjoyed the rush. Peter's fingers danced all over her body. He really brought pleasure cascading through her body.

Heat surrounded Peter's engorged rod. He picked up a steadier pace and plowed Thea something fierce from behind. He held onto the woman and kept drilling his rod inside of her. His balls slapped against Thea's warm pussy. She took him inside of her and then released him.

"Believe me, I'm glad to take that wrong turn as well," Peter said. "I'm going to lose it…you're so hot, I'm going to lose it."

"Oh, yes," Thea breathed. "You are going to lose it….you're going to shoot your webbing inside of me!"

Given she was around people who had lame excuses when trying to lie, Thea saw right through the façade. She just hit the jackpot, so to speak.

Peter didn't really reprimand her this time. Warm, wet, pussy invited him inside. Thea's, Thea's tight body. Her dress cost more money than what Peter would make from Jameson in his entire life time, and yet Peter was fucking her. This was great!

Thea closed her eyes. She could feel the pleasure cascading on through her body. Her inner thigh muscles pinched Peter and drew his rod inside of her.

"Yes, lose it!" Thea yelled. "Lose yourself in me."

Her warm body and tight pussy proved to be the lynchpin for Peter. He held on for as long as he could, but every single man had his weakness, and Thea proved to have found his. She milked him with one more orgasm, and that proved to be all she wrote for Peter.

The first blast of Peter's cum made Thea clench down onto him even harder. Peter held onto her and buried his seed into her pussy. There was so much seed, the new seed was pushing the other out. She enjoyed the sticky mess Peter was making inside of her.

Her legs almost collapsed out from underneath each other. Peter grabbed her waist and pulled her back up. He pulled out of Thea after finishing it.

The two of them turned around, and Thea grabbed Peter for a sexually aggressive kiss. Her fingers dug into the side of Peter's face when kissing him very hard. The two pulled away from each other.

"We better get dressed, or we'll never get out of there," Thea said.

Thea moved over and moved towards the wardrobe. She pulled out a pair of pants to replace the one's Peter ripped through the fire escape.

"These should fit you," Thea said. "Not really any time to do any sewing, and I'd like to avoid it if I can."

Thea rummaged through her bag and pulled out something, before slapping it into Peter's hand. Peter looked and saw a press pass in his hand. And with the press pass, there was a key in his hand.

"That's for my private motel room, after tonight's over," Thea said. "Don't think I'm done with you. We're just taking a little break."

She was giving him a visual-eye fuck after he finished actually fucking her. Peter figured they weren't done.

"Yeah, I figured as much," Peter said.

"And we better hurry, if you want a picture of my brother doing something embarrassing for charity," Thea said.

Peter laughed and he got dressed. Well, things did work out well tonight after all.


Next Chapter Posted on 3/25/2017.

Next Set of Women on Tap:

Chapter Text

Stopping By(Kara Zor-El/Supergirl)


Up in the sky, it was not a bird, it was not a plane, it was Supergirl. The Girl of Steel flew faster than a speeding bullet when she started to go to her destination. She dropped down on the roof of the apartment. A very naught grin appeared on her face when Kara focused her X-Ray vision down through the roof, towards the apartment of her boyfriend, Peter Parker.

Peter was currently sleeping in bed, and she smiled when looking at him. He was in the process of having a very pleasant dream, if the tent he pitched in his pants. Kara's super hearing picked up Peter moaning her name in his sleep. It had been way too long since Kara stopped by for a visit. She had spent the last few weeks in space, and it was long overdue she came by and saw Peter.

And she would have a quick change of clothes. Kara stripped out of her clothing after making sure no one saw her. The last thing she wanted was nude photos of Supergirl surfacing over the Internet. She changed into an alternate costume which was not suitable for the wholesome image she wanted to project.

The blue top stretched and made Kara's breasts more prominent and obvious. It was very transparent in places, at the cleavage, and also where her nipples were. It just barely covered her breasts. Kara smiled when adjusting the cape, which had more of a choker like quality on the clasp than the normal clasp. She dressed in a skirt which could be legally classified as a belt more than anything. Her normal boots had been replaced by knee high red stockings, and a garter belt to match. No panties, because Kara found them rather constrictive.

Kara had a key to get inside, but the window was open, and she didn't want to wake Peter, spoiling the surprise.

The superheroic Kryptonian dropped to the ground and walked over to the room. Peter's Spider-Man costume laid on the chair, it was obvious he crashed tonight. Kara moved back and pulled back the sheets, to reveal his erection in boxer shorts.

Slowly, and carefully, Kara pulled his boxer shorts down. She smiled when looking upon his throbbing cock, nice and thick, and long as well. Kara greeted an old friend with a long and passionate kiss to his cockhead. She inched her fingers around the edge of the base and slowly, started stroking it.

She didn't want to wake Peter up too soon, and spoil the surprise. The fact she had a nice cock on in her hand felt more like a livewire. Kara pushed her hand down to the base, squeezed Peter hard, and then pushed him up. She shoved her fingers down to the base and released his cock.

Kara gained some momentum by stroking Peter's hard manhood. His cock rose up and stretched into Kara's hand. She smiled when feeling it, and she could feel him stir a little bit.

"Kara," Peter breathed in his sleep.

He was still in the state of having a dream. Kara decided to make the dream a reality. Her warm mouth wrapped around Peter's hard cock and she took it into her super powerful throat. Her throat muscles contracted around Peter when sliding down to the base. His balls cupped in her hands.

Peter Parker's eyes flashed open. He had been in the middle of a very pleasant dream, and suddenly, he woke up, to see a familiar blonde head bobbing her way down on his cock.

"Kara," Peter said. "You're back."

Kara smiled and pulled away from him. She licked his cock like a popsicle which caused Peter to groan.

"Yes, just got back, figured I should stop by," Kara said. "And just in time to help you deal with your problem."

Peter took one look at Kara, and he realized she had worn the uniform. He caught sight of that stretch latex top over her breasts. Her blue eyes shined brightly, and lovingly when rolling her tongue down Peter's cock. She made several more passes before shoving Peter's ample prick into her mouth.

The only thing to do was sit back and enjoy the feeling. Peter gripped the back of Kara's hair. He missed the feel of her smooth golden hair. She bobbed up against him, and some of that hair tickled his balls.

"So, you missed me?" Kara asked.

"Of course I did," Peter said. "But, I'm really glad your back."

Kara slowly stroked him one more time, and started to kiss down the edge of his cock. "Yeah, I can tell you miss me, you miss me a lot. And I missed this."

She drew her lips around Peter's engorged prick, sliding more of it into her mouth than most normal people should have been able to fit. Peter gripped the back of Kara's head and tried to guide her the best he could down his hardening pole.

The manhood stretched the inside of Kara's mouth. Her lips wrapped around him, and she sucked him, sucked him hard and fast. Peter could see her mouth move up and down, her head practically a blur when she gave him this amazing blowjob.

"Jesus, Kara, I'm going to blow," Peter breathed.

Kara didn't relax her actions, no on the contrary, she sped them up. Her warm lips wrapped around Peter's hardening prick, sucking him into her mouth with each motion. Peter leaned up to meet her mouth, pumping inside of it with everything he had.

Peter's balls were tensing up. It felt really good to have her. She cupped them hard and milked his balls in time with her blowjob. She was a goddess, a sexual goddess, from the heavens. The Kryptonian's throat pushed further down on Peter's massive prick.

His balls exploded and sent his cum rushing into Kara's throat. Kara sucked him harder, and made sure the cum filled the back of her throat.

Kara pulled back from him and licked her lips. She rested one foot at the base of Peter's cock and started to rub on it. She looked towards them with a smile.

"You like my stockings, lover?" Kara asked.

"You know, I do," Peter said.

The Girl of Steel ground her foot up against Peter. She took his re-hardening cock between her toes, and jerked him off. Peter could not believe the thrill of being in between Kara's stocking clad feet.

"You missed me, because no girl could make you feel as good as I do," Kara said. "Even if….we have our friends that we play with…to spice things up."

Kara was out of this world, no pun intended. And her perfect feet now formed an iron tight grip around Peter's hard pole. She rubbed her soles against him. The silky stockings tickled Peter's manhood.

"I don't want you to cum again, not yet," Kara said. "I want you to remind me why I love you so much."

Kara hovered over the bed, her skirt, if it could be called that, flipping up. Peter took one look at her smoldering thighs and he would have to say he was a few inches away from heaven. And heaven came between Kara's thighs, very smooth, without one bit of hair on them.

"Well, I'm hungry now," Peter said.

Kara smiled and invited him to dig in. Her pussy wanted to experience his mouth. It was already wet from the sucking off, but it could get much wetter. Kara beckoned Peter forth and waited for him to lower himself down. His face rested between Kara's thighs, along with his tongue.

"Mmm, yeah," Kara moaned.

Peter slowly licked the inside of Kara's thighs. Her hips bucked up to meet Peter's tongue when it pushed inside of her Kara experienced the heat and the thrill of Peter's tongue petting the inside of her. It delved deeper just as his hands clenched and rubbed her thighs.

Heaven, heaven surrounded Peter's face. Kara's juices tasted very divine and they made him really hard, he wanted to be inside of her, and in the worst way. Peter clenched her thighs and started to suckle her womanhood.

"So good, I've missed this, I've missed this a whole bunch!" Kara yelled. "Make me cum good!"

Peter decided to live up to Kara's request and make her cum really good. Her soaked thighs pushed up against Peter's face. Peter held onto said thighs and munched on Kara's super-heated pussy. He wanted to get it nice and wet so he could be right inside of her.

Kara had fingered herself raw on several cold hard nights on the ship, wanting to go home and experience what Peter could do to her. He reached areas where she could only dream about having made her feel good. Kara's increased pleasure accelerated. She was about to cum hard.

"Peter, Peter, oh Rao, this is amazing!" Kara breathed.

She screamed out something in Kryptonian, Peter wasn't sure what, but he was sure it was hot. The Girl of Steel's legs squeezed the side of his face. Peter only drove his tongue deeper inside of Kara's sweet pussy. He craved more of those juices which came out.

Several moments of a tongue lashing later, and Kara, while rubbing her nipples through her tight top, received one of the best orgasms she had in a long time. And she didn't have any in several weeks. Her hips bucked up ever harder, and made sure Peter sucked her womanhood something fierce.

Peter pulled away from her, and Kara smiled when seeing his cock, throbbing, and ready to go.

"Just relax, and I'll take care of you."

Kara turned over in the air, and made sure her skirt flipped up. She smiled, seeing Peter's eyes were glued on her firm ass and also her dripping slit. The Girl of Steel held onto her ass, squeezed it, and spanked it, to leave a red mark. The red mark healed, and Kara spanked her ass two more times.

The firm sound of flesh made Peter unbearably hard. He looked at Kara, who slowly stroked her inner slit, teasing Peter. Her foot brushed against his hard length. Kara looked over her shoulder, hair half flipping down in her face. She spanked herself one more time while rubbing her perfect toes down Peter's hard cock.

'That woman is going to be the death of me'

Kara turned around in the air, and leaned over. Peter could see that top about ready to reach its limits. It fit around her breasts like a second skin. Kara teased Peter with her stocking clad feet for a few minutes.

"You want to fuck me?" Kara asked.

"Of course, oh, Kara, I want to fuck you so badly," Peter said.

Kara rubbed her feet down Peter's shaft and teased the head before moving away completely. She positioned herself in the air, head bumping against the ceiling. She looked down at the landing point, and boy, she had a pretty good landing point as well. Lots of a space to aim down. Kara rocked her hips down and came down closer, closer towards Peter's engorged, extended prick.

She wrapped her lips around Peter's cock head and slid down a few inches before pulling herself almost all the way back up. Kara's warm pussy slid down another couple of inches before pulling back up and then she hovered in the air, teasing Peter.

Peter groaned, that woman was going to be the death of him. Wait, didn't he experience a sense of deja-vu? Kara pushed her hips down almost around him. She then pulled completely away from Peter, and kept up the teasing of her.

Kara was smiling, she was pretty sure she should take the plunge sooner rather than later. Her warm pussy lips grinded against Peter's engorged cock.

About three or four more times of this, before Peter grabbed Kara and slammed her down onto his cock. His cock disappeared inside of her pussy, and underneath her alleged skirt.

"Oh, yes!" Kara moaned bouncing up and down on Peter.

She positioned herself so Peter could stand up. Peter grabbed the side of her neck and started to kiss it. His mouth made Kara's loins explode with lust. She could feel his hands moving around, to play with her breasts. Said breasts bounced and strained in Kara's very tight top. Peter tugged at them.

A small hole ripped out of the front of Kara's uniform top. The red "S" had been taken out and revealed a hint of her generous cleavage. Peter now was face to face with a boob window of his own creation.

"Great, now Power Girl's going to get me for trademark infringement," Kara said. "And then, she'll hire She-Hulk to be her lawyer, and they'll both be all up in my ass….."

Kara's rant had been cut off by a hell of an orgasm. She rocked down onto his hips, squeezing him. Peter gave as well as she did, which was good. She knew he didn't have to hold back from her, and Kara was glad how much his spider strength made her feel these orgasms.

Peter indulged himself in his alien lover's ample, round breasts, which seemed to be expanding the more powerful she got. Her breasts bounced into his hands. Peter grabbed the ample round wonders of the universe and squeezed them.

"Well, you're catching up to her."

"Of course, I am, I'm her….kind of," Kara said. "Oh, don't…don't fucking make me have to wrap my head around how the multi-verse works when I'm having an orgasm."

Peter thought that was a fair enough assessment. He had an easy access point to indulge himself into Kara's beautiful cleavage and he did. His face could be buried between her breasts for a long time. The Kryptonian rocked her hips up and down Peter's engorged manhood.

He remembered Kara's ass was also in fine form. He reached down and cupped her firm cheeks.

"About time you remembered I had an ass," Kara said. "I only drew attention to it several times earlier."

Peter smiled from behind Kara's cleavage. She drove herself down onto him numerous times, continuing what was going to be an amazing rid. Kara's warmth surrounded his hard cock all the way.

Every single drop down onto him made Peter feel a thrill beyond everything else. He held Kara into him, and further pushed between her nice round breasts.

"Suck them, make me cum."

Peter now started to play with her stocking clad legs. The sensation of his fingers playing with her legs drove Kara absolutely nuts. And she was cumming, cumming hard. And Peter returned fire.

The tight vice grip of a Kryptonian pussy wrapped around him slowly weakened Peter's resolves. He had more than enough cum to spare though. Kara always inspired him, and made sure there was room for more. He squeezed her ass and she responded with a moan.

"Peter, I know you're close," Kara said. "I know how you breathe when you're close."

Peter smiled, and pulled her breast completely out of her top. He sucked the swollen and erect nipple. Kara's fingers dug into Peter's scalp when he sucked in.

"Just, don't make me wait," Kara said. "Cum inside me….it's been a long time since I've had your cum inside of me……do it!"

Kara bounced down onto the point of Peter's cock and ensnared him inside of her depths. She was getting close, at least for him. Peter held onto her hips and guided her down onto him. Kara's warm hot box slid down to the base of Peter's cock and released him.

"Damn," Peter groaned. "You feel so good."

Kara bounced down onto his rod, squeezing him very tight when driving her pussy down onto him. She enjoyed his compliments, and more importantly, his cock, she enjoyed that very much as well.

"And it will feel even better just to lose that cum inside me," Kara said. "Go ahead, you know you want to."

One more time for Kara, and it brought Peter inside of her. His mind exploded. Kara's tight clenching gave him one of the most amazing orgasms ever. His balls burst and sent the rush of cum into Kara's waiting quim, burying even more of it inside of her super-powered womb.

Kara milked every single drop of cum she could out of Peter's balls. Pleasure rushed through her body and she came two more times before Peter was all said than done.

"Oh, that was amazing," Kara said. "So, more?"

Kara pulled away from Peter and got on her hands and knees. A string of cum almost broke from her pussy. Kara caught it, wrapping it around her finger. She shoved the combined juices into her mouth and sucked on it, making sure Peter looked at her.

She really did have her ways of getting him hard. And Peter thought he had a couple more good rounds for her. His throbbing cock proved he had not drained himself completely just yet. He pounced on her and shoved inside of her from behind.



Next Chapter on 3/29/2017.

Chapter Text

Ground Shaking(Daisy Johnson/Quake)

Peter Parker returned to Avengers Tower after joining Earth's mightiest heroes on a mission. It was AIM, this time, last time it was HYDRA, but this time it was AIM and their big headed, short-armed leader. Peter thought about heading to the lunch room, or maybe stopping by the gym for a little bit.

He didn't go that far before he bumped into a figure coming in from the elevator. Peter jumped back, to avoid the figure, his spider sense on point. He caught sight of a dark-haired mixed race beauty with an amazing figure poured into those standard issue SHIELD bodysuits. Peter didn't know why SHIELD had such tight uniforms, but it might serve well as a distraction for the enemy.

"Hey, Daisy," Peter said.

"Oh, hey, Pete," Daisy said with a smile. "I heard the Avengers just got back from stopping MODOK's latest destroy the entire world with science scheme."

Peter laughed and leaned towards her with a smile. "Yeah, that's becoming something that happens about once a week, maybe twice a week. It depends on a couple of things….so, how have you been?"

The beautiful SHIELD agent smiled. "Well, I've drawn the short straw, so I had to deliver the paperwork to Avengers towers. You know standard SHIELD stuff."

"Yeah, I know, top-secret, can't talk about it in polite company," Peter said. "I'm not privy to that kind of stuff."

"Yeah, I forgot, you're just a part-time member," Daisy said. "Funny how the one day you decided to head in to join the team, is the day MODOK tries something."

That really was very funny. Peter looked at Daisy, and her arms folded underneath her chest. This particular action drew Peter's eyes towards her cleavage. Peter flashed a very obvious smile towards the beautiful government agent in front of him.

"So, do you need to go back to SHIELD?" Peter asked.

"No, not unless they need me," Daisy said. "So, I was just thinking….remember that night we had a couple of months ago….where we were stranded out in the middle of nowhere?"

Peter remembered that night very well, how could he forget? It was a very hot night in the desert, in more ways than one. He realized Daisy's hands had been pinned against the wall on either side of him. She was inches away from going up against him. Peter's heart skipped a couple of beats when she moved closer towards him.

"How could I forget?" Peter asked.

"I know, I couldn't get it out of my mind," Daisy said. "I tried to convince myself it was a one night thing, I was frustrated, you were frustrated, but it turns out, we're here now again."

Daisy leaned closer towards Peter and met his lips with a kiss. Peter did appreciate how she didn't waste any time with formalities. He gripped the back of Daisy's head and slowly moved his mouth against hers. The kiss deepened, with Peter spending a long minute exploring the inside of Daisy's mouth.

The SHIELD agent gasped the very second Peter delved his tongue inside of her mouth. Hunger increased, with Daisy being unable to help herself. She needed Peter's touch, she needed it really bad. Peter increased the kiss and deepened it something fierce. Their mouths melded together.

Daisy moved closer towards him and worked her tongue inside of his mouth. The two broke apart, a strand of salvia breaking up between of them.

"You're hot," Daisy said. "And I need some, really badly….."

Daisy pulled the panel back on the wall and started to punch in some numbers. The wall slid open and revealed a private bedroom with a lavish bed.

"I know all of the security in this place," Daisy said. "And I should, because I helped design it."

Daisy guided Peter back into the room. She made sure the door shut behind them. Daisy pushed Peter back onto the bed and slowly pulled down his pants.

"I didn't think this would happen again," Peter said.

"Oh, I didn't either, but maybe it was meant to happen," Daisy said. "Guess, you have to expect anything in my line…..I forgot how big it was."

Daisy's focus had been lost. She fished Peter's massive rod out of his pants. It stood up, large and throbbing. The size of Peter's cock made drool drip from Daisy's mouth. She cupped her hand and collected the drool. It gave her a nice natural lubricate to start rubbing Peter's cock.

The web slinger closed his eyes the moment Daisy grinded her hand up and down Peter's engorged prick. Her warm hand wrapped around Peter, squeezing him. The sensation of Daisy's hand working up and down Peter's engorged pole was something he couldn't describe.

"Damn, Daisy, it's really good," Peter breathed.

Daisy smiled and kept working her hand around Peter. His cock stretched a little bit more in Daisy's grip. She held onto Peter and continued to fondle his growing rod. It extended and grew harder in her hand.

Now, Peter's rod hardened by a great amount. Daisy leaned down and wrapped her plump lips around Peter's throbbing hard cock. She shoved her mouth down the hole.

Peter almost lost his mind. Her throat practically vibrated around his member and stimulated him. Daisy's fingers stroked his balls, playfully batting at them. She gripped and released him with a nice squeeze. Daisy rocked herself down onto him.

The swollen cock shoved into Daisy's mouth. Daisy wrapped her warm mouth around Peter's engorged prick and sucked him, sucked him very hard. She squeezed Peter's throbbing balls some more.

"Damn, Daisy, you've wanted this again," Peter said.

Daisy rubbed on the part of his shaft which was not in her mouth. She felt one of the most beloved heroes becoming butter in her hands. That thought made her feel just a little bit excited. The sensual woman engulfed more of Peter's cock and then released it. Only the head and a little bit of the length slipped into her mouth.

Torture and pleasure at the same time, that's what Peter felt when Daisy teased the length. She had been working hard, and used Peter as an outlet for her release. What man would mind getting pleasured by such a warm mouth? Peter certainly wouldn't mind. He gripped Daisy's head and shoved more of his length inside of her gripping warm mouth. He worked Daisy down onto his tool.

"Daisy, Daisy, you're going to make me lose it," Peter breathed.

Funnily enough, the prospect of tasting Peter's cum didn't slow Daisy down. It just made her speed up, and cup his balls. She milked them with her hands just like she milked Peter's rod with her mouth. The heat coming down from her mouth caused him to twitch and stretch to reach back her throat.

Daisy drove herself down face first onto Peter's love muscle and sent vibrations down him. Peter could not hold back much longer. His loins burst into Daisy's mouth. He filled her mouth and throat with far more cum then he ever thought could be in his balls.

Suck, suck, suck, Daisy drained Peter's balls. Another heavy squeeze milked the contents of Peter's swollen testicles inside Daisy's mouth.

Daisy pulled up from her. Cum dribbled out of her mouth and nose. She moved over to the table, grabbed a tissue, and wiped the excess off his face. She licked her lips one more time.

"You want to see this."

Daisy undid the clasp of her uniform and slowly unzipped it. She made sure every single inch of flesh burned Peter's line of sight. Her round breasts, with perfect nipples, and dark areolas leaned out. Her breasts rested on her toned body. Daisy sensually tugged at her nipples, rolling her neck back with a moan.

Peter observed her body being exposed. His cock hardened when looking at Daisy's round breasts. Far more to take in, even though her nice succulent breasts were something Peter longed to grab on and suck. Her body curved up and Peter drew eyes on her belly button. Her midsection didn't have a single ounce of fat, and she looked time. Her bottom lips slowly had been exposed to Peter.

Daisy teased Peter by sliding the body suit back up and then pushing it back down in the front. Her slit blossomed, with a small strand of dark hair. She kept it nice and trimmed, but not completely shaken. She ran her hands down her body, and then took Peter's hands, to lightly put them on her pussy before gently pushing them way.


"Oh, you poor boy," Daisy said. "I haven't even begun to tease you."

With a grin, the Asian-American beauty positioned herself in front of Peter on all fours. She started to unveil her round ass, with two perfect round cheeks which jutted out. Her ass was so firm you could bounce quarters off of it. Daisy reached behind her and slowly slapped herself on the ass.

Her uniform slid off the rest of the way, and Peter saw the backs of her toned legs. His eyes kept drifting back to Daisy's ass. He reached forward and touched her round cheeks before clenching them hard.

"Oooh, you naughty, naughty, boy," Daisy said. "But, I can't say I blame you….I have a nice ass, don't I?"

"Yes," Peter said.

Peter daringly moved forward and pushed his face between Daisy's warm ass cheeks. He could have gotten smothered to death in her ass and Peter wouldn't complain. He slowly eased one tongue into Daisy's backside and slowly began to lick her.

Daisy never thought having her asshole licked would feel so good. She rubbed her rear into Peter's face, making her feel so good. He went down between her legs."

"Worship my ass!" Daisy yelled. "Worship it really good and I might….get it warmed up!"

The feeling of those cheeks pushing against Peter's face only encouraged him to delve deeper. He could feel Daisy rocking back and forth against him. Eventually, though, he had to come up for air, no matter how good these tight ass cheeks felt pushed against his face.

Seconds passed and Daisy pulled herself away from Peter. She got up slightly off of the bed and reached behind her. Her hand touched Peter's cock which was very hard. Daisy wrapped her hand around him and squeezed Peter, rubbing him hard.

"Oh, your cock feels so good," Daisy said. "It feels so hard, I just have to rub it between my thighs."

Daisy placed Peter between her thighs without sliding inside of him. Her thighs pushed around Peter's long hard cock, squeezing him and released his cock. It slapped against her thighs from one side or the other.

"Do you like how they feel?" Daisy asked.

"Yes!" Peter yelled. "I want to fuck you."

"Well, today is your lucky day, because that's what I want too," Daisy said. "I'm going to take your big cock and rock your world."

Daisy looked over her shoulder with a smile at the very bad pun. She spent another minute or two rubbing her warm lips up and down against Peter's throbbing hard cock.

Torture and pleasure, Peter said it before and he would say it again. Her warm lips caressed Peter over the tip of the head. Daisy lowered down onto him and took Peter inside of her.

Daisy bit down on her lip and started to ride Peter's hard cock, reverse cow-girl style. She kept moving, her ass slapping against Peter's thighs when riding onto him. She made sure Peter could see brief glimpses of her face through the wardrobe mirror on the other end of the room, providing he turned around.

Peter's cock squeezed and released, being shoved inside of her body. Daisy wrapped her thigh walls against him. Peter lifted his hands up off of the bed and gripped Daisy's bouncing breasts. He took those erect nipples and twisted them.

"YES!" Daisy yelled.

She impaled herself down on Peter with each bounce. Every single bounce just brought Peter deeper inside of her body. Daisy rose up completely and dropped down onto Peter. Her ass bounced for him. Peter touched it and prodded at it. Daisy's body lit up with pleasure.

Peter rose up off of the bed just in time to feel Daisy's warm pussy ensnaring his rod. Her pussy grabbed his hard cock and squeezed it inside of her. He was going to lose it if she was not careful.

"Lose it," Daisy said. "I know I can get that cock hard in no time if I really wanted to."

Daisy's pussy clenched down on Peter. Despite that, Peter didn't want to go at the first hurdle, or at least until she had a few orgasms. His hands switched gears from the back of Daisy's body until the front. Both sides were very lovely, in different ways. Peter held the underside of Daisy's bouncing breasts and squeezed her nipple. Daisy brought her hips down onto Peter, with each drop.

"Losing it!"

The bed vibrated underneath both of them when Daisy kept riding Peter. She took his cock inside of her tight body with each drop and each rise. It felt really good to be underneath her quivering pussy, although Peter wondered if the bed could handle it.

Daisy rolled her hips back up and then slid off of Peter. She saw his cock still extended up into the air. Daisy positioned herself and coaxed Peter to a sitting position.

Her next play found Daisy on Peter's lap and shoving his hard cock inside of her moist center. Daisy rose completely up off of the bed and dropped down onto Peter. Her bouncing increased with volume. Peter reached behind her and concluded her.

"I'm going to have your cum," Daisy said. "One way or another, I'll have it, Spider-Man!"

"You almost sound like a super villain like that," Peter said.

The method acting she learned at the SHIELD academy was working a little too ever. She hoped Peter would slap her if she started to make long grand standing monologs about her master plan of getting him to cum inside of her. Regardless, Daisy picked up her rising and falling. She wanted the cum.

The next orgasm shook her in more ways than one. The bed frame creaked underneath them. Daisy didn't slow down her dropping and falling him. All she wanted to do was riding him.

Peter held onto Daisy. He was deep inside of Daisy's perfectly tight pussy, and he hoped to have more chances to fuck it.

"Don't worry, this won't be the last time," Daisy said. "I know that right now."

She used Peter's throbbing hard rod to get herself off with another orgasm. What Daisy wanted, what Daisy really needed, was for Peter's balls to burst. She wanted him to send so much cum inside of her, she wouldn't know what to do with it.

"Oh, Peter, your balls are full," Daisy said. "Why don't you be a gentlemen and empty them out?"

"I think it's about time to let you cum again," Peter said.

Peter had been right, more than right. Daisy picked up her pace, shoving Peter's face in between her chest pillows.

"You're going to force me to use my secret weapon on you," Daisy said.

"Not…too….mmmph…secret," Peter moaned, when sucking her breasts.

The bedframe was being rocked, and Peter marveled at how much it was able to stand up. Then again, Daisy hadn't gone full Quake on them like they had been in the middle of the desert.

Peter's fingers grazed over Daisy's backside. The sultry whisper which followed in his ears stirred his thoughts.

"I bet you want to be inside. Well today's your lucky day…why don't you give my pussy a break, and fuck my nice, big ass?"

He throbbed inside of Daisy. Peter's manhood left one hole and entered another, about as gloriously tight as the one he left. Daisy dropped her ass down onto Peter's engorged tool and took him inside of her.

"Your ass is like a furnace, Daisy," Peter said.

"I know, and you like it like that," Daisy said. "Let's see if my nice, perfect, ass can relieve you of your burden."

Peter marveled at the perfect control Daisy had over her ass muscles. She took them around Peter and milked them something fierce. Her pussy still was exposed, and Peter decided not to let up on that too much. He touched the smooth area between her thighs and rubbed her.

Intensity defined what this was. Daisy tried to hold back, but at the same time she tried to let go. Her loins vibrated, and her hands, which were on the bed, had vibrated of their own. There was a loud crack underneath them, as the bed frame finally gave away, and they slammed to the ground.

Peter fell onto the pile which was once a bed. Daisy looked up at him, smiling. Bodily fluids covered the body of the gorgeous Asian-American agent. Her stunning ability to adapt to any situation caused Peter's motor to run.

And it went without saying her ass adapted to Peter's throbbing hard cock very nicely. Peter would have exploded soon had it not been for his own instincts.

All good things must cum to an end though. Daisy pushed herself down onto Peter and took the full brunt of his invading cock inside of her. Her ass clenched him and milked him. His balls strained. She could feel it and knew Peter's orgasm was very near.

Daisy threw her head back and cried in pleasure. The pleasure increased with Peter slamming his rod inside of Daisy and filling up her backside with an heavy amount of cum. Her pussy exploded, with a gushing feeling as Peter finished up the final few thrusts. His fingers also worked into her in time with his thrusts.

White lights flashed behind Peter's eyes. He picked up a steadier pace, slamming his rod deep inside of Daisy, and stretching her out. Her asshole wrapped around him, tightly gripping him. Peter finished filling her up.

The two parted ways, sticky, and smiling from their share orgasm. Both sat in the wreckage of the bed, flushed, but pleased at what they did. Daisy leaned over towards Peter and crawled on top of his lap. She nuzzled his neck. Daisy lightly kissed Peter before pulling away from him.

"So, ready to find another bed to break?"


Next Chapter: 4/5/2017.

Chapter Text

Dazzling Afternoon(Alison Blaire/Dazzler)

Alison Blaire, the pop superstar mutant known as Dazzler, reclined on the couch in a tight silver dress which showed off a few of her curves. It was teasing, but at the same time, it was not scandalous at all. She blew the camera, and more importantly her photographer, a nice little kiss.

"I wouldn't normally do something like this," Alison said. "But, you know, it's a photoshoot for charity, and it would be good public relations."

Alison's fanbase had been pretty supportive of her coming out as a mutant last year. There were a few nutcases who gave her death threats because of what she was. Alison learned to just not let those people get to her. She turned around towards her photographer, who also happened to be her boyfriend.

"I'm sure there are going to be some people who are going to complain about how they're working for a mutant…"

"To be fair, there are some religious groups who say my music is corrupting the children of America," Alison said, shaking her head. "Let's just get one more shot like this, Peter."

Alison leaned back with a friendly smile and a wave towards the camera. Peter Parker, her boyfriend and photographer, clicked another camera. He also happened to be Spider-Man, which was something Alison learned very quickly. She could have laughed. He got all of those great pictures of Spider-Man, which made her a fan of his work, because he was Spider-Man.

She made sure the agency hired him away from the Bugle, and one thing lead to another and they were dating. And Alison would trust no one else to have a photoshoot.

"So, how do you think the shoot came out?" Alison asked.

"Great, Ali," Peter said. "No, I'm serious, you make everything look great. That ugly sweater you wore that one time….."

"Ugh, don't remind me," Alison said. "That wasn't one of my better fashion choices, but they sponsored my concert. That was when I started out, you know, I could not afford to pick and choose then."

Peter nodded in understanding. He looked towards Alison who rose up from the couch she had been doing the poses on.

"So, do you want to go over the pictures later?" Peter asked.

Alison crossed over the room and moved closer towards her boyfriend with a smile. "No, I trust you got some good shots. And it's for a good cause as well."

Peter found out what Alison wanted in a hurry. It amazed him how she was giving him that wanton stare when the camera was off, but when the camera was on, total pro. One wouldn't know how frustrated, and horny this pop star was.

And speaking of frustrating and horny, Alison grabbed Peter around the head and forced her tongue into his mouth. The hot pop star explored the inside of Peter's mouth. Peter returned the kiss as well. Both of them moved back to the couch.

"It's been a long last couple of weeks," Alison said. "Knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel got me through this photo shoot."

She tore his shirt open and revealed Peter's muscular chest. It never ceased to get her motor revving.

"Maybe we can have a private shoot for when I'm on the road next time," Alison said. "Why don't I give you a little preview?"

Peter was all game for that. Ali showed she was as able and graceful as a dancer as she was a singer. Her silvery dress dropped down from her slowly. Peter looked at her lacy black lingerie, which drew attention to her toned body. Alison's breasts, well they were dazzling, along with her curvy body. She had nice long legs.

The beautiful blonde pop star made sure her hair stayed clip back so Peter could look at her beautiful face.

"You're amazing," Peter said.

"Thank you," Alison said.

Alison decided to help Peter out of his pants. He was more than constricted. Alison started to unloop Peter's belt and pull them down over his ankles. His boxer shorts followed next. Alison came face to face with the most gorgeous sexual organ ever. She wrapped her fingers around the base and stroked him.

"Ali, please," Peter said.

The pop star smiled when her handsome boyfriend was growing in her hand. It was hard for her to keep a boyfriend, because of the insane schedule of being a pop star, and also the mutant thing was very stressful for a lot of people. Then there was the fact that some of her fans, they could be a bit fanatical towards any guy who was rumored to have been dating her.

Ali loved her fans and most of them were pretty cool, and supportive, but there were a few bad apples that unfortunately could spoil things for a lot of people. She missed doing regular meet and greets, because of one weirdo ruining for everyone and her agent putting a stop to these up close and personal events.

Things she did love doing was Peter. His hard cock extended towards the edge of her lips. The hot pop star wrapped her lips around Peter and sucked on him very hard.

Peter held the back of Alison's head and looked into her bright blue eyes. She popped Peter's cock and then slurped his cock ever hard. Her hand cupped Peter's balls and squeezed them very hard.

"Oh, Ali, that feels good!" Peter asked. "It feels good to be in your mouth….you're the best…"

Ali used her excellent throat control which made her such a good singer to really stimulate Peter's manhood. She brought him into the back of her throat. She wanted to make Peter blow, but not yet.

"Relax, stud, we've got a while," Ali said. "I'm sure you want a crack of these."

Alison undid her bra and dropped it to the ground. Her naturally large breasts came down onto the ground. Peter looked at her sunkissed skin, where she was completely devoid of any tanlines on her. The pop sensation lifted her breasts up and wrapped them around Peter.

"I've missed these," Peter said.

"I know you have," Alison said. "I've read people talk about the Internet about how real they are. But….you know what how real they are, don't they?"

Peter grabbed his pop star girlfriend's firm, ample melons and squeezed them. He repeated the ritual a couple more times, before ramming his hard cock between them.

"They feel….pretty really to me," Peter groaned.

And they were very real, and very nice, and warm. Peter thought about spilling his cum all over her chest, and watching Ali eat it off of her chest. That would be so hot.

"Petey, I love your cock!" Alison yelled. "I love how it feels smashed between my nice, big tits. It feels really good….I bet it feels really good to cum, doesn't it?"

Ali pulled away from Peter's hard cock. She grabbed the base of his cock, enclosing around it. Peter groaned, feeling Alison work her fingers up towards him.

"Not yet, baby," Alison said, giving him a not so subtle wink. "Soon, but not yet, trust me."

Peter groaned and watched Alison rise up to her feet. His face drew towards her black panties. The pop sensation slowly slid them down. Her hot pussy exposed towards Peter.

Alison grabbed Peter's hard cock and stroked it. She was having her fun with him, but it would be worth his while soon.

"I know where else you want to me," Alison said. "Oh, these balls are getting pretty swollen….you poor thing. I bet my pussy is going to feel good."

Peter held Alison close towards him, their bodies connecting together. Peter's long cock touched her womanhood and slipped inside of her. He grabbed Alison and lowered her down onto him. Every single inch entering her felt really good.

Alison Blaire's mind had been blown by the thickness of his hard cock entering her body. She had been dazzled to say the very least. Her hot wet walls pushed down on Peter's cock and squeezed him. She had lost her mind and went into deep moans.

"Time for you to hit that high note."

She knew it was coming a mile away. She couldn't help but receive it. All the pop star could do was keep bouncing on Peter. The higher she bounced, the more of his cock driving into her felt good. The handsome man's hands rolled over Ali's body.

Her screams were quite musical. Peter needed to hear them even more. She denied him a couple of times, but now, Peter had the upper hand. And he wasn't going to finish it up, not that easily. He pulled almost out of her body, just when reaching the apex.

"P-P-Peter!" Ali moaned.

He pulled out of her and left the dazzling sensation hanging. She deserved that one. Peter held her back and rolled her over. Alison was on her hands and knees on the couch. Peter climbed behind her. His cock slapped Alison's hips and made her breath heavily.

"Please," Alison said.

"Please, what?"

Was he really going to make her say it? The domination he showed over her, for this brief moment excited Peter. The handsome young man's cock touched her pussy but did not enter inside. That fact alone resulted in the pop star's body combusting with pleasure.

"You're not going to make me say it, are you?" Ali asked. "You're not going to make me tell you how much I want it. You're not going to tell me how much I need it. You're not going to do that, are you?"

Two strong hands caressed every square inch of Ali's body. She breathed heavily with Peter slowly working his fingers down her body. Alison's mewling increased underneath him. His cock danced against her wet walls. Three taps nearly made Ali light up in an explosion of fire.

"You're going to make me beg, aren't you?" Ali asked.

"Maybe a little bit," Peter teased her.

He worked his hard cock inside of her wet vice. Ali could have taken him inside of her with one fell swoop.

"Please, Peter, please, please, I'm sorry for teasing you. Just fuck me, fuck me raw. Make me scream. I need it! I need it really bad!"

His hands cupped the underside of Alison's breasts and slowly worked his manhood towards her. The manhood pushed against her dripping hot opening. Peter came close and pulled out. Not once, not twice, but three times, before taking the plunge.

Peter couldn't deny Alison for very long. Her pussy was like a wonderland and felt rather good wrapped around his cock. His slow thrusts only served to light Ali up. The blonde vixen underneath him gasped.

Ali closed her eyes. She thanked this miracle from above and thanked the orgasm which was about to come soon.

Her hair flipped out of her ponytail from the force of Peter drilling her from behind. His throbbing balls connected against Alison's thighs. He pushed into her, going deeper. Slowly, but sure, the orgasm had been worked up. Alison's nipples begged to be twisted, her ass begged to be spanked.

"You're so hot," Peter said. "I just love seeing your face in that mirror knowing what I'm doing to you."

Alison knew what Peter did to her and had been excited by it. His balls kept slapping her thighs, fluidly working her over. Every time his hands touched her skin, there had been a pure sexual fire exploding through her loins. Peter slowly worked himself into her, working her up to an orgasm.

This time, Peter allowed Alison to cum hard and it had been very amazing. He took Alison's breasts in hand and rammed into her. Her wet walls milked his manhood with each thrust inside of her. He almost pulled out of her and slammed deep inside of her.

Alison dropped down onto the couch, and Peter pulled out of her. The sudden loss of his cock from her body made Alison almost whine. She didn't whine for long the moment Peter flipped her over and crawled between her legs. His long cock pushed against her dripping slit and lit her up. Heat really exploded through Alison's legs.

Their bodies pushed against each other's bodies. Peter cupped her breasts and caused her to moan in pleasure. The manhood slid into her one more time. Her slick, velvety smooth pussy sucked Peter into her. He rose up and jammed himself into her tightness.

"You just can't get enough of me, can you?" Peter asked.

"No," Ali said.

"Well, I can't get enough of you," Peter said. "I want to drive my cock inside of your pussy, stretch you out. Feel your nice, wet center hugging around my cock. It's going to feel really nice when I'm done fucking your nice, tight pussy!"

Each thrust inside of Alison stretched her out completely. Peter worked her body over something fierce. Her pussy got a very nice work out. Every last thrust made her feel extremely good. Pure, unbridled pleasure followed the second Peter buried himself into her and then slid all the way out o fher.

"Give it to me!" Alison yelled. "Make me cum again."

Her wish was Peter's command. He rose up and drive his hard cock into her body. Alison tightened her legs around him. Peter's fingers pressed against her smooth, soft legs. He caressed them.

Alison closed her eyes. So much pleasure made the pop star's loins gush with pleasure. The gushing increased the deeper Peter buried himself inside of her body. Her warm, gripping pussy, was a tight fit. Peter made it work though, he made it work really good.

"Baby, it's good!" Alison yelled. "You're going to make me cum so hard."

She became well aware of the heavy set of balls slapping against her. They threatened to push into her body.

The two of them spent the rest of the afternoon having sex, switching in a couple of different positions. Peter now had Alison smashed against the side of her mirror in the changing room, while smashing his cock inside of her.

"Too bad we can't get a picture of this," Ali said.

Her face and breasts smashed against the mirror. Ali looked into her own pleasure ridden face when Peter pushed against her, rocking his hard cock inside of her.

"Oh, don't worry, a picture is burning in my mind forever."

His balls were feeling pretty swollen. Peter sensed a tingle, and knew it wouldn't be long before even he could not hold back. Alison Blaire's snug snatch worked him over. His hands cupped her nipples and gave Alison another hungry squeeze. His balls slapped back and caught her.

"I'm sure….I'm sure," Alison said.

The pop star became very weak in the knees. Thankfully Peter held her up, her legs hooked in a wheelbarrow type position while fucking her. His swollen cock stretched her and caused more tremors to come from her body. Peter drilled his hard cock inside of her body.

"I'm getting close," Peter said. "I'm going to cum in you….but, ladies first."

How considerate of him. Alison clamped down hard onto Peter, feeling the length stretch her out almost all the way. He pulled almost all the way out of her and then jammed inside of her. Several more hard thrusts made Ali cum multiple times in succession.

"PETER!" Alison yelled at the top of her lungs.

She was so glad she wasn't the Black Canary, because otherwise there would be seven years bad luck with this mirror with how much she screamed her head off from the intense orgasm. Regardless, Peter pounded her all the way to the edge. Alison got off even more on the look of her face. The bubbly pop star melted underneath him.

Time ended with Peter drilling his manhood inside of her. His balls unleashed inside of Alison's body and filled her up with his creamy cum. He slammed inside of her, going faster and faster inside of her. Every last drop of cum fired into her body.

Both lovers came down with a mutual orgasm with each other.

Alison collapsed into a heap. Peter turned around, picked her up off of the ground, and pulled Ali into a kiss. She moaned when Peter held her in close. Both lovers enjoyed the moment. Alison lightly ran her fingers down the back of Peter's neck, played with his hair, and peppered the side of his jaw with several affectionate kisses.

She nuzzled Peter's neck, when holding her close. The inside of her thighs were fucked raw. It was certainly worth it as well. The pop star came to the conclusion what she needed to do.

"So, hot tub?" Alia asked in a daze.

"Hot tub?" Peter asked.

"Perk of the studio," Ali said. "It'd be a shame to let it go to waste."

One sunny smile from Alison Blaire would make Peter go anywhere. And she was right, it would be a shame to let it to go to waste.


Next Chapter on 4/8/2017.

Chapter Text

Teamup(Misty Knight and Colleen Wing)

Every now and then, the stars aligned along with the planets, and Peter Parker's luck was right on point. He was currently on the couch of apartment with his pants pulled beneath his knees. He put his hands in the hair of the dark skinned beauty who now sucked on his balls. Given her Afro, that was a daunting task, but Peter thought that he would do.

Then, there was the Asian beauty who sucked his cock all the way down. She attacked every single inch of his cock. Both women stripped to their undergarments when doing this, and Peter was on the couch, getting his cock serviced by these two women.

Misty Knight was a chocolate skinned bad ass woman, with a thick ass and nice breasts to match. Her fellow Daughter of the Dragon, Coleen Wing, had an amazing body of her own, and she looked very toned and very tight. Their tongues sucked and licked his manhood. Those balls hung, for Misty to suck on.

"Damn," Peter said.

They had just finished up a teamwork, taking down some ninjas working for the Kingpin. And now, the Daughters of the Dragon were performing a team up of their own, all over Peter's cock. The young man on the couch closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride.

Misty had been curious to see what Spider-Man had been hiding underneath those tights for some time. And her expectations had been exceeded. She and Coleen knew an opportunity like this would not come up for a long time.

"Oh, you have every right to say damn, honey," Misty said. "Because, we're going to rock your world…and Colleen would tell you the same thing, if her mouth wasn't full."

The Asian beauty sucked Peter's cock. Her eyes looked up towards Peter, bobbing her head up and down. She took more of his engorged cock inside of her mouth. Peter held onto the back of Colleen's head and bobbed his cock into the back of her throat.

"Yes, I'm sure she would," Peter groaned. "Oh, she feels so good…..I think I'm going to….."

"Blow in her mouth then," Misty said. "Here let me help you!"

She squeezed his balls, very hard. Peter had to love how sexually aggressive she was. The beautiful woman, clad in her red lingerie, looked like a treat. Coleen, clad in white lingerie which clung sensually around her body, looked about as beautiful.

Both women worked together out in battle, and they worked together just as well in the bedroom, taking Peter's cock into their mouths. Misty attacked the balls, Colleen attacked the length, and they both worked Peter to the edge of his orgasm.

Colleen clutched his cock and sucked him down into her mouth. She deep-throated the young man, his balls burst into her mouth. She received a heavy amount of cum into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, even though some of the cum left in her mouth.

Both women climbed up to their feet. Their eyes locked onto Peter, and Coleen kissed Misty on the lips. Both of them swapped Peter's cum.

Peter realized even after that amazing blowjob and ball sucking, he would be ready to go again. The only thing was, which one was he going to bury his cock in?

'Ah, a decision I wished I could make more often,' he thought.

Misty moved away from Colleen, leaving her in a daze. She removed her thong and bra and moved over towards Peter, making the decision for him.

"Nice big hard cock, I see," Misty said. "Good, good, I can't wait to ride this all night long."

Misty's ass slapped against Peter's thighs.

"Oh, honey, you better grab it, because I would think there's something wrong with you, if you didn't," Misty said.

He had to smile at her sass. Regardless, Misty climbed onto Peter's cock and took it in between her thighs.

"Damn, he's big, Colleen…..we…."

"Remember your muscle control," Coleen responded. "Just take a deep breath and focus…"

Misty took a deep breath because Peter grabbed onto her ample chest. This allowed Misty's thighs to be lubricated even more so and allow her to slide him into her wet center. She pushed herself onto him and drove down onto her.

Colleen licked her lips, watching her close companion's bountiful booty slap down onto Peter's thighs. The web slinging hero grabbed it and squeezed it. The Asian beauty slowly slid her bra down and her panties back. It gave her a simply seductive look.

She slowly pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked on it. Then, Colleen dragged her finger all the way down her body, stroking between her legs.

Peter closed his eyes and felt the feeling of Misty driving herself down onto him. The girl really could get some momentum. Those large, round breasts pushing against Peter's face made him smile. He took one of the color colored nipples into his mouth and suckled on it.

Misty rolled her hips back on Peter and took a deep breath. It was amazing to feel Peter's cock buried inside of her and now he worshipped her breasts. The little moans Colleen gave from the end of the couch also spurred some naughty little thoughts.

"You're going to make me cum," Misty said. "And that girl….she wants your cock as well….so I'm going to play for a little bit longer, before I let you give it to her."

Peter chanced a look at Colleen who pushed her fingers into her, pumping in tune. Lust burned through the eyes of the beautiful woman on the end of the couch when she finger fucked herself to the tunes of Misty driving her hips down onto Peter's long, throbbing manhood.

"Oh, you're doing it, you're making me cum!" Misty yelled.

"Good, I'm glad," Peter said. "Your pussy feels so good."

Misty smiled, she couldn't wait to get this big cock in her ass, but maybe that was moving a bit too fast? She shoved her hips up and down on Peter's long prick, knowing it had several rounds. She thought it had something to do with stamina or something, but really the only science she gave a damn about was the science of getting her pussy pounded with a large cock.

Needless to say, it was science which Peter didn't disappoint on. His hips rolled up to meet Misty when she rolled up and shoved herself down on them.

"I need it!" Colleen yelled.

"Oh, one more minute, baby girl," Misty said. "I need….I need just one more big one, and then this big cock is all yours!"

Misty shoved her hips down onto Peter's throbbing hard cock. The two of them met each other with a passionate dance. Misty rocked her hips further down the length and shoved more of Peter inside of her than one could think possible. It was amazing what was possible when you had the right kind of motivation.

The screaming of the beauty on top of him made Peter just shove more of himself inside of Misty's gripping pussy. It came hard around his hard tool.

She came hard, screaming in Peter's ear and clawing on his shoulder. It was amazing how sexually aggressive she was, and Peter had been with some girls who were high up in that department. Regardless, these two hot, mature, babes really brought him to a new level.

Misty relinquished Peter's cock. She wrapped a fist around it and leaned it, almost as if she was kissing it good bye. The beautiful woman extended one finger, pointing it towards Colleen who was on the bed, legs spread, and mewling like a kitten in heat.

"There she is," Misty said. "You want to fuck her don't you? Stick your big cock inside of her."

She squeezed Peter's cock as hard as possible to make sure his attention was on what was being said. A couple more squeezes and Misty leaned towards Peter. She smiled and kissed Peter on the cock head, making it twitch and meet her lips.

"Her pussy is tighter than mine is."

This enticing word was the catalyst for Misty to release Peter's hard cock. Peter turned around and saw Colleen just lying on the bed, legs spread. The two of them met together, with Peter brushing his hard cock against Colleen's dripping center. He pushed his face into her chest.

Colleen's body tingled and was ready, anticipating his huge cock entering her body. Seconds passed before Peter edged closer towards the edge of her entrance. A second passed with Peter slipping into the edge of her dripping slit, and then pulling out, before pushing into her womanly entrance.

Her walls spread out, taking the first few inches of his cock inside of her. Colleen screamed, and threw her head back.

"Thank you, oh this is great, I needed this!" Colleen yelled.

"I told you, girl, all you needed was a nice hard fucking," Misty said with a smile on her face.

Colleen's walls stretched down over Peter's throbbing hard cock. He pushed deep inside of her body, working into her.

"You're so tight, so beautiful," Peter said.

"Yes, and you're…you're handsome too," Colleen said.

She had thoughts about Spider-Man, it was just the mystery about him. Now, she met the man underneath the mask, Colleen wanted him even more. She preferred a more subtle approach than Misty did, but both of their approaches together did offer a happy medium in fighting, and apparently in the bedroom.

Still, preferring a subtle approach and actually using a subtle approach were too different things. Peter was on top of Colleen and started to ram his cock inside of her body. Her moans increased.

"Fuck, he's better than I thought he would be!" Colleen yelled. His hands moved over her body.

"No need to thank me….actually, something, if you don't mind."

Misty climbed on top of Colleen's face, which was a sight to see. Colleen took a hold of Misty's wide rear and moved closer towards her slit. The gorgeous woman rubbed her face against Misty's slit and inhaled it. Her passions had been inflamed with Spider-Man ramming his throbbing hard cock inside of her.

"It's beautiful," Spider-Man said.

"No, pretty hot, oh she knows how to lick my pussy good!" Misty yelled. "Pound that tight bitch! Pound her good, Spider-Man."

Peter pushed his hard cock inside of Colleen's gripping warm pussy. She stretched around him and then Peter slid all the way out of her. He pushed deep inside of her and rammed deep inside of her tight, gripping pussy. Her walls ensnared him.

"Cumming," Colleen managed underneath Misty's pussy.

Well, Peter didn't need to be told twice. Her walls grabbed Peter and milked him. There was only one thing for him left to do and that was to drive his hard cock into her pussy as hard and fast as humanly possible. Her walls tightened around Peter, gripping him hard and releasing him even harder.

"Oh, I think he's going to blow!" Misty yelled. "You cum one more time like that, and the poor boy won't have any choice, but to cum inside you."

Misty ground herself against Colleen's face. Her big ass bounced when pushing down onto Colleen's face. She watched with hunger as well, seeing Peter drive his throbbing manhood into her tight pussy. Her moisture coated him when he came almost all the way out of her.

Peter could not get enough of Colleen's center. Every time she squeezed him, fire spread through him. And the fire spurred through him, working into Colleen's center.

No matter what Peter tried to do, Misty's declaration he was going to blow proved to be accurate. He couldn't hold back in her even if he wanted to. Coleen gripped him tight with her dripping hot pussy. Peter drilled his hard cock as far and fast into her as possible.

"Oh, he's going to do it!" Misty yelled. "He's going to cum inside you….he's going to blow that nice big load inside of your wet pussy…..are you ready for it?"

Her commentary only spurred Peter on. His balls ached and were in desperate need of release. Colleen came one more time and her pussy grew tighter around Peter's probing cock. It was unbearable, but it was a good kind of unbearable to be perfectly honest. His balls slapped Colleen's thighs when he massaged and played with her chest.

The beauty underneath the web slinging warrior clenched him hard. She wanted every single last drop of seed sprayed inside of her body. Peter held onto her hips and kept driving himself down into her. The manhood spread her thighs out and he pulled back from her, before drilling himself into her.

Finally, it was too much for Peter to bear. His balls released their tension and shot inside of Colleen's body. Her insides tightened and she came two more times. And judging by the very vocal scream from Misty, she came as well. Misty rode herself silly all over Colleen's face.

The dust settled, and Peter pulled out of Colleen. He buried so much cum inside of her body, that she was dripping with it. And Misty looked at it with interest before slowly crawling off of Colleen's face.

Misty turned around and practically shoved her ass into Peter's face. She really was not being subtle at all. Peter chanced a look at Colleen's face, which had been covered in juices from when Misty

"Oh, he did a pretty good job on you, girl," Misty said with a sultry smile. "We should get you cleaned up a little bit, shouldn't we?"

Colleen closed her eyes and whimpered. Misty's finger caught some of the cum off out of her pussy and edged into her mouth. Misty sucked the finger.

"Oh, I have to have it all, baby."

Misty pushed her lips down onto Colleen's lower lips and sucked on her pussy. The stimulation made Colleen feel really good.

Peter's eyes, glued on that ass, her round, juicy ass, very firm, and very delicious. So delicious when it bounced, going up and down, and it made Peter's cock hard. He daringly put his finger into his mouth and sucked on it, getting it all nice and wet.

He slowly teased a finger inside of Misty's back passage. Misty slowly looked over her shoulder, and Peter had a look on his face like a little boy who got caught stealing from the cookie jar before dinner.

"Oh, I didn't know the Amazing Spider-Man was really the Amazing Ass Man," Misty said. "But, can't say I blame you…..this is a fine, fine, booty, isn't it?"

"Yeah it is."

"And keep that finger back there, and make me nice and ready," Misty said. "And when you want to, you can lick my ass, and can even fuck it."

Peter's cock came back to life and struck Misty on her right cheek because it extended.

She just looked over her shoulder and got back to work on Colleen. Colleen's eyes flushed over with Misty licking her pussy and sucking the cum. She really knew what turned Colleen on and what gave her pleasure.

Meanwhile, Peter fingered Misty's ass for a little bit. The woman bounced her ass in encouragement and Peter just buried his finger deeper inside her. When this wasn't adequate, Peter pulled away from her and returned fire, slipping his tongue inside of Misty's puckered little hole.

Misty closed her eyes, and could feel his tongue back there, his face rubbing against her ass. It only spurred on her on to suck Colleen's pussy even more. Her nether lips were getting pretty swollen. And that made her really happy to give her main girl such a good time.

Colleen could not believe how much pleasure she got. The Daughter of the Dragon struggled not to pass out, and oh boy, was it hard not to faint with what was happening. Misty lapped her hole up, sliding her tongue inside of it, and then returning to suck on her nethers.

"I can't wait any longer. I'm going in."

Peter's long cock extended, he well lubricated Misty's asshole. He grabbed a hold of those meaty cheeks. Helpfully, the ebony-skinned crime fighter shoved her ass into the air to make sure Peter had the perfect landing for his cock. He stood up on the bed, mounting Misty's ass and getting ready to ride.

Misty closed her eyes for a minute, her pussy eating ceased. It was all the account of several large inches of prime Peter Parker penis penetrating her puckered and primed hole. Her asshole got worked over by Peter's hard cock. The web slinger rose up out of her and pushed it into her tight asshole. Her puckered hole squeezed Peter's massive rod every single time he entered her and exited her.

"Damn, damn, I don't know how long I can last in here," Peter said.

"Oh, do your best…..every second counts!" Misty moaned.

Determined to make the most out of every last second, Peter grabbed Misty's cheeks and drilled into her asshole from the backside. Her asshole wrapped around his hard cock and Peter drilled her from behind. Those balls kept bouncing on her. Peter held onto her and rammed inside of her tight, tight, hole.

"Yes," Misty mewled. "Right there….right there!"

She buried her face inside Colleen's thighs, they were never to be neglected after all. Peter held onto Misty's round, firm ass and buried his cock inside of it.

Every single time he entered that ass, Peter thought his balls were going to erupt. He held back as much as he could, but at the same time, going to town on Misty's thick ass was an obligation he had to fulfill. He had the chance, and he had to go in there, it just seemed like it was right.

Peter brought his throbbing cock into her back entrance. Misty grabbed onto his hard cock when he shoved it inside of her. Deeper it went, further into her he went. Misty took a huge pounding.

All good things came to an end, no matter how spectacular they were. Peter held onto her and squeezed her warm asshole around his hard cock. His balls gave way and shot an immense load of cum inside of her.

All three parties came down, with Peter sending his seed into Misty's bowls. He grabbed onto her and rammed into her, burying inside of her tight ass all the way. He saw stars, just like he was sure she did as well.

Misty did in fact see stars. She got off on having her ass pounded, and having it pounded by Spider-Man, well that was amazing. It was a shame when he finally ran out of steam and seed. Her ass was going to feel this one for a long time, thank God.

The moment Peter pulled out, both girls pounced over to clean up his cock, this time with Misty taking his length, and Colleen attacking his balls. And the cycle continued anew.


Next Chapter 4/12/2017.

Chapter Text

A Cause for Celebration(Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl)

Cassandra Sandsmark stood at the edge of the temple of Hera on the Amazon nation of Themyscira with a smile on her face. Today had been Cassie's Ascension Day ceremony, the day where she became a full fledged Amazon, and she really overshot her target, having a duel with her hero, Princess Diana, or Wonder Woman as the rest of the world knew her. It didn't end up as badly as Cassie feared, because what she feared was eating the ground after Diana took her down to the ground.

Regardless, Donna prepared her for this ceremony, and it was a passing of the guard so to speak, the current Wonder Girl being guided by the former Wonder Girl. Donna wanted to spend some time away from the superheroine scene, and she said now that Cassie was ready to take the mantle fully to be hers, Donna could relax and try and recharge.

Cassie hoped not to screw it up. She had big shoes to filled, not that she wasn't used to it. Her mother, the world renowned archeologist known as Helena Sandsmark, left Cassie in a position.

Currently, the girl waited for her boyfriend to return. Yeah, men weren't normally allowed on this island, but Cassie went straight to Hera for her blessing to get special permission. Hera said that the young man in question proved valor, and it wouldn't be too much of a concern to allow him to come to the island for a few days. There had been some distrust with the Amazons, but over time, Peter managed to prove he wasn't like some of the other men who they encountered in life.

His charming wit and personality won them over, the same way he won Cassie over and got her to fall in love with her. Hell, he got Artemis to laugh, Artemis, a woman who Cassie swore had her sense of humor, if she ever had one, removed before stepping foot on this island. If that wasn't a victory, well Cassie honestly didn't know what was.

"So, the newest Amazon."

Cassie turned her attention towards Peter. The toga he wore when fitting in on the island caused Cassie to just eat the eye candy up with her eyes. It looked nice on him. It would look a lot nicer when it was on the floor.

"Cassie, you did great, as I know you would," Peter said.

Cassie smiled and pulled Peter into a hug, pulling him into the Temple of Hera. The back of the temple had statues of all of the main goddesses, with Hera being the most prominent. Artemis, not to be confused with the Amazon of the same name, was also there, along with Athena, Aphrodite, Hestia, and Demeter.

"It might have been a bit short with you when I was training, and I'm really sorry."

Cassie wrapped her arms around Peter. He looked into her brilliant blue eyes. The blonde girl looked nice dressed in her black tank top which showed off her toned belly, and a pair of short black shorts which showed her legs. Those legs, Peter spent way too much time focused on them. They felt nice wrapped around her body.

"Hey, don't be," Peter said. "You should see me during exam time."

The Demi-Goddess giggled, which was something she would only do around Peter, and maybe a couple of her friends like Kara or Steph, but mostly around Peter.

"I'm not sure if it's anything like that," Cassie said. "Still, I was kind of a bit of a bitch."

"Hey, it worked against Rhino when you hurled him halfway across Manhattan," Peter responded.

Cassie thought her rage being against a villain was good, against her boyfriend less so. Plus, Rhino's thick hide absorbed the blow, even though he had been knocked unconscious. Cassie leaned closer towards him.

"Still, I want to make it up to you," Cassie said.

The two young lovers met with a kiss with each other. Cassie smiled when Peter deepened the kiss, and she pushed him back into the temple. Her hands lightly caressed Peter on the other side of his toga, and started to undo it, almost pushing it down to the ground.

"We're in the Temple of Hera," Peter said.

"Yes, Peter, glad to see you paid attention to Diana," Cassie said. "Maybe not as much as she was paying attention to you when you, but…"

"What are you trying to say?" Peter asked.

"Oh, we'll talk about that later," Cassie said. "But, right now, just focus on making me happy, and letting me make up for the case of raging bitch I've had for the past month."

She did appreciate how Peter was the most patient man in the world dealing with her. Donna had to play middle woman and explain to Peter how Cassie didn't mean to snap at him personally.

"Well, the goddesses sometimes talk to people in this temple," Peter said. He tried not to distract himself with Cassie stroking him in the front. "Well, they could be here watching us."

"They're goddesses, they can watch us at any time. They already have. They're the ultimate voyeurs."

Couldn't really argue with that point, could he? Cassie unclipped the strap of the toga and allowed it to drop down onto the ground. Peter was dressed in a pair of boxer shorts and said shorts expanded to try and feel his cock. Cassie decided to guide Peter down to a bench.

Slowly, Cassie climbed on top of her body. Cassie ground her hips around Peter's hard cock, brushing against her body. Her hips ground up and down on his massive rod.

"That feels uncomfortable? Want me to take care of it?"

Stupid question, she knew. Still, she didn't wait for him to answer it with a quippy remark. Instead, Cassie pulled out his throbbing hard cock. Cassie tightened her fist around his tool and worked it down. The young stud behind her was getting ready.

"You're completely naked," Cassie said. "And I'm standing here in these sweaty clothes. It doesn't seem right, it doesn't seem fair?"

Cassie shoved her hand down to the base of his cock and squeezed it. Peter leaned back and looked at her. It took a few minutes to catch his breath. His throbbing hard cock stretched in Cassie's hand when she pumped up and down on his manhood.

"No, it's not….it's not fair," Peter groaned.

"Well, I'm all about being fair."

The demi-goddess pulled away from him. She pulled the tank top over her large, milky breasts. Those firm breasts bounced out from him. Peter's hands reached up to quest her breasts.

"Well, we're in a temple," Peter said. "It would be unfair if someone didn't be worshipped?"

Cassie nodded, it would be unfair indeed. He grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed it. Cassie dragged her fingers down her flat stomach and reached between her legs to rub herself.

"Why don't you go the rest of the way?"

Peter released her breast. Cassie staggered back a couple of inches. She pushed down her shorts and revealed her neatly trimmed pussy to Peter. Cassie bent over, putting her hands on the edge of the Hera statue with a smile. She looked up towards Hera with a smile on her face.

"Are you serious?"

A slap on her ass and a smile from Cassie caused Peter to twitch and watch to bury his cock inside of her no matter where in the world they were. Her perfectly body had been primed and ready to go. Peter walked closer towards Cassie.

"Very serious," Cassie said. "Why don't you fuck me?"

Peter's throbbing rod edged closer towards her dripping hot slit. He grinded against Cassie. Her toned Amazon thighs spread for Peter. Peter held his hand on her ass, and edged closer towards her. Her slit beckoned for Peter, calling for him.

An inch inside of her set the fire in Cassie. She looked up into the statue of Hera, with a naughty grin on her face. She sensed the goddesses were well aware of what was going on in this temple, and they wanted to see how it would play out.

Cassie also thought of her father, Zeus, and wondered if he had been observing this from afar. Likely not, because he had so many bastard children, the god lost track. There was a lot of rumors, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had a bet about who could father the most offspring.

So many more children, with so many issues, Cassie was glad she turned out okay. Well other than the fact she went head long in danger.

"Fuck me, fuck me under the eyes of the goddesses!"

The reminder the goddesses, and maybe a couple of Gods, watched this didn't slow Peter down. On the contrary, it spurred him on. It made him want to bury himself deeper inside of Cassie's willingly tight quim. Each inch of his throbbing cock penetrated her tight body.

The handsome young man pushed his hard cock inside of Cassie's slit from behind. He almost pulled out of Cassie and slammed into her. He rode her dripping hot pussy for everything it was worth. Cassie gripping onto the base of Hera's statue while he drilled her repeatedly from behind, well that just was the icing on top of the cake. And he tapped the newest ascended Amazon.

Peter made her feel better than ever before. Cassie gripped the base of the statue, and enjoyed Peter's thick tool drilling her from behind. His throbbing balls caught Cassie in her body. He explored her body, touching, tempting every single cure. This was the prelude of a rush of pleasure cascading down Cassie's loins. Peter brought his hard cock inside of the body of the wonderful girl beneath him.

"Mmm, yeah, mmm, yeah," Cassie chanted underneath her breath.

He took this as encouragement, his balls were swollen. Cassie gripped tight onto the edge and enjoyed Peter working into her.

For a second, Peter could have sworn he heard some heaving, sensual moans which certainly were not Cassie's. The second he looked around, he stopped. Frowning, Peter picked up.

"Don't stop, oh Hera, please don't stop," Cassie breathed heavily.

Her tightening muscles clamped down around Peter's hard cock. Peter pulled almost out of her and drove deep inside of her. Cassie's walls pumped around Peter's engorged cock with a few more thrusts. He worked her body and drove deep into her.

"Hera won't make you as feel as good as I do," Peter said.

"Pretty bold given you're in her temple," Cassie said.

She flexed her inner muscles around Peter's rock hard manhood. She wanted the first of what she hoped were many loads of semen. The handsome man behind her rocked Cassie's world, blowing her mind, and everything else. He held on and shoved in. Over and over again, Peter rocked Cassie and made her loins cry for pleasure.

Peter sped up the efforts, and grabbed Cassie's breasts, grabbing onto it. Her nipples called for him. He wished he could see her face.

And there came the moans again. The moment Peter heard them, they stopped. Peter shrugged and returned to plowing inside of Cassie's tightening quim. He pushed deep inside of her body, drilling into her as far and fast as he could.

"One more time," Peter said.

Cassie tightened and released him, her juices fired around Peter's tool. His balls, heavy balls were about to discharge.

Discharge, they did, inside of Cassie's tight body. He pushed inside of Cassie's pussy and buried his cum deep inside. Slowly, his balls deflated, and pushed inside of Cassie.

Seconds passed, and Cassie sighed, and Peter heard about three more sighs. He knew he was not going insane. Peter turned around, and saw Cassie turn around. Her pussy dripped with cum. She smiled and leaned towards Peter. One huge kiss lit Peter's world on fire and shoved him against her body.

Cassie ground her hips down onto Peter. She felt very particularly naughty and horny, Peter's throbbing hard cock pushed against her wet pussy. She was directly underneath the statue of Aphrodite.

The beautiful woman pushed her hips against Peter's throbbing hard cock. The Amazon could feel his hard cock press against her loins. Her hand went underneath him to give Peter a firm squeeze. She tugged on his cock and made sure it was nice and big.

"I need to fuck you again right here," Cassie said.

The lust in her eyes was particularly burning, and Peter looked up to see the statue of Aphrodite. The figure which would distract most men, and how could a statue look at Peter with a "fuck-me" look in her eyes. Which, Peter swore to every single god and goddess ever wasn't there.

Cassie looked at him with the same results, and licked her lips. Her breasts crushed against Peter's chest, and her legs pushed around him. Cassie ground against him.

"I need you so badly," Cassie said. "I'm so empty without you."

"I'm….I need you too," Peter said. "I eed to be inside of you."

A small part of Peter's mind thought something coming from that Aphrodite statute acted like a particular powerful aphrodisiac, and made him want to shove his cock inside of her body. Peter's hard cock grinded against Cassie's willing opening. He wanted to be inside her, she wanted him inside, there was no reason why to deny each other, what the other wanted.

"Oh, PETER!"

Peter smiled, she didn't scream Hera's nail. Cassie's pussy was so lubricate now and as smooth as velvet. He lifted his hips up, and drove his hard cock inside of her tight body. Cassie drove her warm pussy lips around Peter's throbbing hard manhood and sucked it in.

Cassie grabbed onto Peter. So much unbridled passion, she wanted to make Peter feel really good. She wanted to help share the love he brought her, but for now, Cassandra Sandsmark needed Peter's throbbing hard cock inside of her body.

Both lovers met each other. Cassie drove her hips down onto Peter and released him. Peter held onto Cassie's hips and guided her to the base of his cock. So much love burned through Cassie's eyes the second she bottomed out on Peter.

The sound of firm flesh smacking against each other. Peter held onto her hips and pushed into Cassie's body. The two met each other with a better flurry. Cassie tightened around him and pushed him into her body. Her body rocked up and down her body.

Peter felt his cock released from her tight grip and then Cassie worked herself down onto him. Zeus's bastard daughter worked her walls down onto him. Peter held her body into hers, pushing his cock into her. Something about her pussy seemed tighter, slicker.

For a second, a violet glow appeared in Cassie's eyes, but when Peter looked again, her eyes were back to the normal color. Cassie wiggled her hips down onto him.

"I can't wait for you to cum inside me," Cassie said. "I bet you have enough cum to seed the entire island….wouldn't that be hot?"

Peter didn't know if Cassie was serious, or was just caught up in the moment. The wet walls of the Demi-Goddess drove down onto him and released him.

"That would be something….."

His words cut off with Peter's face landing on Cassie's bouncing breasts. She loved Peter sucking on her firm tits, it made her so excited. It made her loins gush.

"And Kara, we can get her too, we know she has the hots for you," Cassie said. "She's so…salty around me when I talk about you….well, why not let all of her dreams cum true?"

Peter wasn't about to tell his girlfriend about the dream he had, starring her and Kara. His cock betrayed his thoughts, throbbing and twitching. Cassie bounced up and down. Every single bounce pushed Peter deeper inside of her. Her thighs dripped and moved Peter into her center very easily.

"Mmm, first, I'm going to have my fun, and then we can talk about expanding the circle," Cassie said. "And I'm sure some of your friends would like a taste of the old Parker luck."

Peter only could feast upon her breasts and fuck her harder. The thought of being involved in some kind of polygamous relationship appealed to the horny part of Peter's mind. And also, the spider part of him appreciated it very much, even if human inhibitions held him back from doing what he really wanted deep down.

Several more orgasms on Cassie's part coaxed Peter further inside. Her wet pussy worked his hard rod over. Peter could not hold back. His balls throbbed and he was this close.

Cassie closed her eyes. The rush of the temple, and also the wound up feeling she had after Ascension Day made her feel really good. Her wet walls closed down around Peter and released him. She wanted her boyfriend's seed and wanted it badly.

Both lovers exchanged an orgasm with each other. Peter held onto her hips and shot his load inside of her. Several long blasts of cum fired inside of Cassie. For some reason, his balls held a bit more than he was useful for, so several minutes later, he was still hammering her and still cumming.

Cassie enjoyed her lover pouring a lot of seed inside of her tight body. Her well walls dropped down onto Peter's hard cock and shoved it inside of her body.

They collapsed in an embrace.

"It's almost dinner time," Cassie said. "Meet me back in my room for dessert."

Peter didn't think she needed to ask him again. Cassie got dressed and walked off, swaying her ass, and making Peter watch her. The web slinger pulled his way from Cassie's backside, and heard something. Now he knew they weren't alone.

Then there was silence.

He looked up, and got dressed once again. He paused for a minute, and he could hear the wind, which sounded like giggling.

"Come again any time, Peter."

'Cassie has a point, they are the ultimate voyeurs. And world class trolls as well.'


Next Chapter: 4/15/2017.

Chapter Text

More Than Mental(Emma Frost/The White Queen)

Agonizing pain visited the form of one Peter Parker. He had been in the middle of a battle with the Juggernaut, who decided to run through everything, including himself. Eventually, he assisted the X-Men in taking down the unstoppable force, but not before having more than his fair share of bumps and bruises. Bumps and bruises which quite unfortunately laid him up in this hospital room.

He finally work up in the infirmy of the Xavier Institute, feeling quite infirm, no pun intended. The web slinging hero tried to pull himself out of bed, but he found he was in a small amount of pain. His shoulder looked pretty bruised for a second.

"Hello, Mr. Parker."

A seductive, and sultry voice came from around the corner. Peter looked towards the front entrance and saw Emma Frost saunter towards him. She wore what could only be described as a nurse's uniform straight out of a porno. The top half of her blouse had been unbuttoned completely to show her large breasts, and the shirt came up to showcase Emma's firm stomach. Her skirt could only be called that in the most charitable way possible, it was about as short as a belt.

Peter's eyes drew towards her thigh high stockings, and her heels which made her legs go on forever. The web slinger amused himself in thinking this attire was a least a fair bit less scandalous than some of the attire she wore during her days as the White Queen in the Hellfire Club.

"How are you feeling?" Emma asked.

Peter really hoped she didn't look him over too thoroughly. At least this proved there was something in him which was not completely out of commission. Peter tried to think of the Blob in his underwear, but his conscious thought kept coming towards Emma.

A stethoscope hung between Emma's breasts and drew Peter's attention towards her cleavage. It was very difficult not to have his attention drawn to those wonderful round orbs of flesh. Emma sat on the bed, her stocking clad thigh this close to Peter.

'Oh, god, the Juggernaut didn't kill me, but I think she's trying to finish the job by giving me a stroke.'

Every single man with a pulse had thoughts about the former White Queen, and what they would have liked to do to her, if they had been allowed.

"I feel a bit sore," Peter said.

"You're tense aren't you?" Emma asked. "Your muscles are sizing up. You feel as light amount of stiffness in certain areas of her body."

She empathized the word stiffness so much, Peter knew she was fully aware what she was doing. And why wouldn't she be? She was Emma Frost, one of the most cunning women he ever had to deal with. She might have moved to the side of heroes, technically speaking, but she was capable of bending the rules more than most, and also getting the information she needed to help stop the villains.

"Let me check your heart rate."

Emma pressed her hand on Peter's chest and slowly ran her hand over it. She put the stethoscope up against Peter's chest to list in for his heart beat. Her hand rested on his abs, but thankfully didn't drift further sound. A long and anxious moment passed when Emma leaned in.

"Your heart beat is a little quick, but it's to be expected," Emma said. "After all, your excitement has been heightened today, hasn't it?"

Emma leaned closer in, and Peter could see the lacy white bra of the top. He longed to touch those round juicy breasts, squeezing them hard, but he must not. They were forbidden.

It was almost like he was Adam, and she was the snake, tempting him with the fruit he knew he shouldn't touch. But he needed to touch it so badly.

"From your battle with the Juggernaut," she said. "Why don't you sit up and I can release some of the tension in your body?"

Peter wondered if this was going to end the way he thought it would. He remembered he was a telepath and knew she heard everything. He tried to recite the periodic table in his head, but he was having trouble remembering it, with Emma leaning against his bare back.

And her breasts pressed against him when her slender hands worked a knot in Peter's neck. Slowly, Emma rubbed the back of Peter's neck. Her breasts smashed against his back when rubbing the back of his neck.

"Work out all of this tension that's been building up inside of you. You haven't had a chance to release it until now, have you?"

Peter closed his eyes. He could almost feel Emma's smile creeping to the back of his neck. The goddess right next to him licked behind his ear briefly. It was so fleeting, Peter almost thought he imagined it.

Emma danced all the way down towards Peter's abs and slipped underneath the covers. Peter remembered he was completely naked underneath the covers. The web slinger closed his eyes.

"You can't deny you have a lot of tension to unleash, don't you?"

"No, I can't," Peter said.

Emma stopped massaging his back, because there was another area which needed a lot of tension. The wicked older woman leaned closer towards Peter and gave him a kiss.

It had been a long time since she played around with a young stud, and blew their mind. Most of the time, it was just that, Emma Frost blowing their mind because they didn't last long. However, she didn't deal with any ordinary man, she dealt with the Amazing Spider-Man.

Beyond amazing in fact, the White Queen's fist gripped around Peter's throbbing tool and she pushed it down to the base of his cock. She slowly, and sensually gave him a hand job.

"It's not wise to let all of this tension be untreated, Mr. Parker," Emma said. "Those silly little girls on this team didn't think to help you out. You think Kitty would have jumped at the opportunity to jump on your cock, but, she doesn't know what to do with a real man."

The antognoistic relationship between Kitty and Emma was something Peter knew all about. His hard cock throbbed inside of the grip of the White Queen. Emma pumped him up and down, making his hard cock expand in her hand. Slowly, she pulled the sheets back.

"And there is a small amount of swelling as well," Emma said.

"No kidding," Peter said.

"Yes, but moisture helps alleviate any swelling," Emma said. "As I will hopefully demonstrate."

Her lips wrapped around Peter's hard cock head, leaving a blue lipstick mark around it when she slid down his pole. Peter hesitated, he didn't want to jump the gun. He could see Emma's icy blue eyes look up towards him. Her hands rested on his abdomen when she sucked his cock very hard.

'Grab my hair and fuck my face,' Emma thought. 'Stop being a gentleman, and treat me like your whore.'

Peter didn't deny her what she wanted. Two hands rested on Emma's golden blonde hair. He pushed his cock deep inside of the mouth of the sexy older woman. He pulled almost out of her mouth and then pushed into her.

"So hot!"

Emma smiled, she certainly hoped so. She had to put in a lot of work to maintain appearances. And she knew exactly what Peter wanted, how he liked his cock sucked, how he liked to be pleasured with a side trip into his mind. Her hands groped Peter's throbbing hard balls and gave them a squeeze.

She wanted his cum, but for now, she settled on teasing him. Emma's fingers danced on the underside of Peter's balls and squeezed them.

Intense, like nothing Peter ever felt in his life. He wanted nothing more than to bury his rod, along with his seed inside of Emma's waiting, warm mouth. She held him back though, squeezing the base of his cock. It was pure torture trying to push his cock into the back of her mouth. Emma's warm throat stretched around Peter's engorged cock.

"Not, yet," Emma said. "We don't want to release it too quickly."

Emma climbed up to a kneeling position on the bed and then crawled on top of Peter. She removed the fabric of her panties from her pussy with one movement. She turned so Peter could see her smooth snatch, and how wet it was. She slowly grinded against Peter's rock hard cock.

"You want to be inside, don't you?" Emma asked. "You want to relieve the tension inside of those thick balls, don't you?"

Both question didn't need an answer. Emma undid the rest of her top and pulled her bra off. Two mouth-watering breasts came out in front of Peter's line of sight. He had been drawn to the fleshy wonders. Hunger danced in his mind and his body. He had to have those round breasts. He needed to squeezed them.

"Touch them, they belong to you."

Peter grabbed one of the succulent orbs and squeezed them. Emma moaned lightly, feeling Peter's hands all over her. She entered his mind briefly and felt the pleasure. The former Hellfire Club member wasn't going to lie, it made her tingle to think he wanted her so much.

Her hot center was prepped and ready to go. Emma wanted to drive her slick walls down onto his rock hard cock and push him into her body. She wanted to ride him to the edge.

"Squeeze them, oh suck them!" Emma moaned into his ears. "Make them yours, right before I fuck you. Right before I slip my naughty cunt all over your big cock. Right before I ride you into submission."

The sultry woman rolled her hips over Peter's engorged manhood. He closed his eyes and could feel himself easing closer towards her center. Emma's wet lips grinded against Peter and slowly, but surely started to coax his throbbing cock inside of her.

"We're so close now," Emma said. "So, close."

Emma pushed her warm lips down onto Peter. Finally, Peter grabbed Emma and held her firmly. She looked towards him, a half-innocent, half devious smile on her face.

"Enough playing around," Peter said. "I'm going to take your pussy, and fuck it now, and there's nothing you can do about it. Do you hear me? There's nothing you can do about it."

Emma lowered her moist center down onto Peter's rock hard cock. She could feel it enter her very fast and fast quick. Her wet walls closed around Peter and rose up. She brought his cock into her body.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me raw!" Emma breathed.

She bounced up a little bit higher and brought her snug pussy around Peter's engorged cock. His hands rested on her lower back and encouraged her.

"Don't neglect my tits, please," Emma begged him.

The White Queen begging, boy, Peter never thought he would see the day as long as he lived. He accepted her begging by leaning in and grabbing her bouncing chest. Two round breast protruded and found their way into Peter's hands. He squeezed them bouncing, juicy orbs hard.

"Yes!" Emma panted. "Squeeze them hard!"

Peter molded her breasts in his hand and Emma responded by rising up and slamming down onto him. Her body reacted when she vigorously pounded herself.

She came in here ,willing to get off, and Emma Frost got more than she bargained for. His hands were very able. Those little girls wouldn't have known what to do with him. Their minds would have been blown, and hell Emma, she leaned back and inhaled him. Her mind had been blown just as well.

Emma drove herself down onto Peter's prick. She did a pretty good job at working the tension both of them shared out. He gripped her hard around the hips and allowed her to lower down onto him.

"You got more than you bargained for, didn't you?"

The beautiful sight of Emma Frost bouncing up and down on Peter's cock spurred him to go deeper inside. This woman was pure sex on two legs, even without her mental abilities. Peter held onto her breasts and squeezed them hard. His hands stuck firmly to them and released them.

Emma closed her eyes and the sensory pleasures inside of her body had been lit on fire. Her wet walls stretched around Peter's cock and dropped down onto the base of his manhood. She nodded in response.

"You're better than I expected," Emma thought. "And we've all dreamed about what it would be like to get saved, and webbed up by Spider-Man, before he takes his big cock inside of us and drills us."

Emma unloaded a fantasy she had about Spider-Man in Peter's mind. His cock throbbed at the very thought. So sultry, so naughty, and it was wrong on at least a couple of moral levels, but it was very hard. Using his webbing in that way, well Peter had no idea. All he could think about was Emma driving her loins down onto him.

"Maybe on another day though," Emma said. "But, you're better…..I'm yours, any time you want me, or my pussy."

His fingers touched her clit and it set more pleasure through Emma. The busty telepath drove herself on Peter's hard cock. She stretched him down inside of her and then dropped down onto his manhood.

"And I need you deep inside of my pussy!" Emma yelled. "Do you feel that tension going away?"

"A little bit," Peter said.

"Well, there will be more than a little bit gone, when I'm done with you," Emma said. "Why don't we take a load off of your mind?"

Emma slowly caressed Peter's frontal lobe with her telepathic thoughts, and stimulated his pleasure centers. Peter dug his fingers into her hips, leaving scratch marks over him. Emma didn't reprimand him, rather the beauty just kept riding Peter's cock.

'Or a load from somewhere else.'

Her warm pussy proved to be a very tempting spot for Peter to empty his load. He tried to keep his thoughts, tried to enjoy her orgasm. And she gave quite the vocal one.

Emma leaned down and kissed Peter firmly on the lips. Her tongue fucked his tonsils just as much as her body slammed down onto his cock. Two could play that game, as Peter grabbed the back of Emma's hair and jammed his tongue into her mouth.

The tangling of bodies was going to lead to the exchange of fluids. Emma worked Peter's pole with practiced ease. She did several dry runs in her mind, and was feeding off his thoughts about what he wanted to do. Plus, adding a flare of her own. If Emma had her way, and most of the time she did, Peter was going to have the best damn orgasm possible.

Peter dropped onto the bed. Emma rose her hips up and worked them down onto Peter's massive rod. How far did she stretch around him? Peter lost count of how many times she dropped and lowered on him. Every time though, his cock had been hugged.

Minutes passed, maybe even hours. Peter didn't really tend to the time when he could focus on Emma's body. Focus on molding every one of her sensual, womanly curves into his liking.

"Yes, yes, harder!" Emma yelled. "You're almost done, I can feel it."

She could feel the stress in his mind of holding back. Emma put all of herself into her vaginal muscles and squeezed onto Peter.

"You're a man, you're more than a man!" Emma yelled. "Release that tension, let it go. Shoot it into my slutty pussy! It's hungry for your cum!"

No man could resist Emma Frost for very long, not even a Spider-Man. Peter tightened his grip around Emma's thighs and slammed deep inside of her body. Her pussy stretched and allowed Peter to gain access to her womb. His thick balls slammed against Emma's wet pussy. Her pussy closed down onto Peter and ensnared him, squeezing him as hard as possible.

"Yes, make me feel really good!" Emma begged him. "Cum in me hard!"

Peter wasn't going to hold back for her, not for a second. His balls clenched and released their seed inside of her wet pussy. His cum splattered her insides. Every single spurt of his balls shot more cum inside of Emma's waiting, gripping pussy.

Emma closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Peter filling her up. She enjoyed this thick cum coating the insides of her body. The waves of pleasure continued. Every single inch of Emma's body shook in pure erotic passion.

She rose up from Peter, and watched when his cock, deflating slightly, left her body.

"Get plenty of rest, and I'll return later for a follow up."

Emma got dressed, and turned around, making sure Peter got a nice, long look at her ass in the short skirt before leaving.

"Looking forward to it."

It turned out Emma needed her tension relieved just as much Peter did hers. And she could not wait to sample his huge cock.

And maybe in a few more positions, over a few more surfaces, just to ensure she got the full Spider-Man experienced. She needed a shower.

Get clean and return in a few hours for more wholesome, dirty, sticky fun.


Chapter Text

Some Like it Hot(Claire Selton/Volcana(DC Version)).

Volcana made a long trip to New York, to see a fence about a stolen item. She really hoped the asshole didn't stand her up, or what was worse, was some super-secret government agent who was going to arrest her and make her return to them. Cadmus, honestly, they were backed by the government, and they wanted to weaponize people like her. Claire wasn't that fond of that, so she did what she had to make an honest living.

And given how a nine to five wasn't exactly the best idea for someone who was wanted by the government, she settled for stealing items. She stood, quite a sight to behold. Her flame colored red hair came down passed her ass, and both drew attention away from it. She wore a pair of sun glasses to hide her exotic orange eyes. She wore a tight white top and a pair of black leather pants, with a leather jacket to match.

Claire Selton was hot, and she knew it. She heard someone arrive outside, so the next stop was picking up the case and walking towards the door. She opened it, only to see Spider-Man drop down to the ground in front of her.

"Spider-Man?" Claire asked. "You're the fence? Is the super hero economy really bad in New York?"

"No, no, I'm not the fence," Spider-Man said. "I caught him with some stolen goods, webbed him, and now he's currently sitting in a downtown cell in the New York City Police Department. He said he was meeting you here."

"So, you're here to arrest me," Volcana said.

"You're among the list of SHIELD's most wanted," Spider-Man said. "It would my civic Spider-Man duty to bring you in."

"Look, sweetie, I'll level with you," Volcana said. "I want to have a normal life, have a nice picket fence, a steady job, a husband, and two point five children. Nice, quiet, life, but the problem is, when I started setting things on fire, that was the end of any normal life."

She took a step closer towards her. Spider-Man tried to keep his eyes off of her body, but it was beyond difficult. Volcana was extremely beautiful, alluring, and hot, no pun intended. She was also very dangerous.

"And the government cut my parents a deal, to help me control these powers, and allow me to live a normal life," Volcana said. "They wanted to know how I ticked, what made me powerful. They put me through experiments, and decided to make me one of their top operatives. They had be do some really bad things."

Spider-Man stopped. She sounded sincere, but he didn't know.

"Believe it, or not, the government rarely has the best interests of the people in mind," Volcana said. "If they have a small group of super powered mercenaries at their beck and call, then the United States would have weapons which they can point at any country who gets out of line."

She moved a little bit closer towards Spider-Man. The web slinger could not tear his eyes away from her curves. She was hot, it was a shame she was a criminal.

Volcana stopped, she noticed Spider-Man struggling not to look at her. And she was beginning to appreciate the way he filled out his tights.

"And you know, they'd tag all of you heroes as well, if they can get away with it," Volcana said. "All it takes is one slip up."

A single hand touched Spider-Man's face. He struggled to pull away, but he could not, he just could not. Volcana had him underneath her spell.

"All it takes is one tiny little slip up to give them the excuse," Volcana said. "SHIELD wants me, I'm sure they do. Fury would love to have a couple of metas on call, wouldn't he? I wouldn't trust Nick Fury as far as I could throw the guy."

Volcana stepped back from Spider-Man.

"I never thought you would be the type of person to do SHIELD's dirty work," Volcana said. "I've read the papers about you. You seemed like more of a loner, a free spirit type. Just like me, only on the other side of the law."

"Fury got me out of trouble, and now I owe him a favor," Spider-Man said.

"Oh, poor Spider," Volcana said, tutting. "You owe Fury absolutely nothing. How much of your problems were caused by a mess SHIELD failed to clean up?"

Spider-Man paused, more than a few. This older woman was trying to get her hooks into him, and while Peter tried to resist, it was very hard not to look at her, to think about what she might be capable of.

"For such a Spider-Man, you're young, I can tell," Volcana said. "You want to see the world at face value, because to lose that trust would shatter it."

Volcana slipped her jacket down and allowed it to fall to the ground. She wore a white tank top with her arms exposed and when she leaned forward, Peter got a very prominent glimpse of her large rack.

"It's been a long time since you've gotten any action, haven't you?" Volcana asked. "Fine, I'll make you deal….if you show me a good time, I'll come along with you, for now, and head up to SHIELD. I'll give Fury a chance to prove me wrong and that will clear whatever favor you owe him."

It wasn't like Fury didn't expect his agents to use whatever means possible, even if Spider-Man was more of an indentured servant than an agent.

"You want me to….."

"Yes, I want you to," Volcana said.

"You're, how old?" Spider-Man asked.

"My, that's very forward, asking a woman her age," Volcana said. "Well, for your information, I'm twenty-seven years old, old enough to no better, and young enough not to really care."

She wrapped her hands around Spider-Man and moved her hand towards his crotch. The woman pressed her heated palm against his member and squeezed it hard.

"My, someone's eager," Volcana said.

"I'm…seventeen," Spider-Man managed, but oddly enough, that did not deter her.

"Well, that's legal in many countries," Volcana said. "Plus, what's a little statutory on top of everything else."

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, could not believe this was happening. A very sexy, and very dangerous criminal, ripped his pants off and exposed his cock, which betrayed his need. He had been chasing around the Black Cat for a couple of nights, who teased him, and now, he was very frustrated.

Volcana slowly removed her top to reveal her round breasts to Spider-Man. They looked very tanned with a pair of dark nipples which stood out. She slowly removed her pants as well to reveal she wasn't wearing anything underneath him.

"No hair," Spider-Man managed.

"It burns off every time I get excited," Volcana said. "Thankfully, the hair on my head, it's a bit more durable."

She guided Spider-Man's hands onto her body. It only took a second of encouragement before Spider-Man started to explore Volcana's ample curves on his own accord. The sexy criminal moaned when his tender affections rolled over her hand.

Volcana gripped Spider-Man's large hold pole and pumped it. She didn't need much encouragement to be wet and ready. The moment she saw his hard-on through his pants, she had to have it inside of her. The beautiful woman stroked his large cock.

A sexy, seductive female criminal wrapped her hand around his cock, and stroked Peter. He could feel his balls about ready to be released.

Volcana squeezed the base of his cock. Peter looked at her, his desire of cumming having been stopped cold. Volcana worked her hand down further into the base, and stroked him even more.

"We don't want you to lose it before you're ready to ram it in me," Volcana said. "You must have had a lot of cum stored up….chasing all of the bad guys hasn't given you time for casual fucking, has it?"

Spider-Man closed his eyes and didn't answer her question. All he could do was feeling Volcana's warm hand squeezing around him. She was working him up for a moment. Peter decided to return fire, rubbing his fingers over her body. Her soft, warm skin was like a treat to Peter.

Suddenly, Volcana lead Spider-Man over to the bed by his cock and threw him onto the bed. She crawled between his legs and briefly engulfed Spider-Man's cock between her breasts. His massive rod felt so good smashed between her breasts. Volcana hung up and squeezed his manhood.

The web slinger's eyes closed tight when feeling Volcana's warm chesty pillows shove around his throbbing hard cock. Volcana worked up and down on it.

"You have so much of that cum stored up, sweetie," Volcana said. "Your big cock looks angry, I think it needs a nice, tender kiss."

The sultry redhead kissed the tip of Peter's cock when it disappeared out of her. She pulled herself away from him and then positioned herself on top of him.

The redhead mounted the top of Peter's throbbing hard cock. It came close to entering her body. Volcana's wet walls engulfed Peter's massive cock. She slid all the way down onto Peter's hard cock and then pushed it down into his body.

She bounced up and down on him. The taboo cock of this young stud filled her body. She could not believe he was so young. His hands were very attentive, feeling up her body. Claire didn't have much time for casual sex either, being on the run, and most certainly not with any men.

Spider-Man could handle the heat. She guessed his face had been screwed up in pleasure underneath that mask. Having some respect for his secret, Volcana didn't rip it off.

"Volcana, your pussy, it feels really good!" Peter breathed. "It's like being inside of…"

"Ever stick your dick inside a volcano?" Volcana asked. "Well, it's not nearly as hot, but it feels good, doesn't it? Every single inch of your throbbing meat entering my tight snatch."

She paused and allowed her orgasm. The curtains off to the side sparked with a few flashes of fire. Thankfully, Volcana was able to control her desires to set this entire room on fire between them. She did that before when fingering herself. Thankfully, the pryokinetic had control.

Peter felt her pussy caress him. It took him a moment to remember her ass had been bouncing against him as well. How could he forget? Peter didn't know and he wanted to ammend his thoughts, grabbing ahold of Claire's tight, round ass and giving it a squeeze.

"Spider-Man!" she yelled out loud.

Claire slid her walls down onto her target and shoved his rod into her body. She rose up and crashed down onto him several more times.

"It's amazing," Spider-Man.

"I know," Claire said. "Just feel my pussy around you!"

He might have been frustrated for reasons which might not have been very obvious. Damn it though, Volcana was very frustrated as well. She had been on the run for months and months, and now she had the cock of a very amazing young man buried inside of her body.

Spider-Man held onto her hips and shoved her down. Her pussy stretched down around his cock and released. He could feel her, her juices coated the length of his cock.

"You're making it hard to hold back!" Spider-Man yelled.

"Mmm, I don't want you to hold back!" Volcana yelled. "I want you to fuck me, hard, until your balls are drained. I want you to sweat…..I want you to really feel the heat."

It felt like a sauna in here, and Spider-Man deduced it had something to do with that minx of pyromaniac currently riding his throbbing hard cock. Her walls slid down his length, stretching it around him. The beautiful woman shoved her walls down onto Peter's throbbing hard cock, and released it with several pumps.

"Volcana, oh….you're so hot!" Spider-Man yelled.

"Duh," she said with a smile. "And call me Claire!"

He couldn't call her anything due to the fact he was feeling the pleasure course through his body. Claire's tight walls caressed around his throbbing hard cock. Her warm, tight center stretched down him. Her beautiful body bounced higher and took more of his immense length inside of her. His balls throbbed.

"Not, yet, but soon."

The bouncing beautiful woman drove her walls down around him. She had him melting underneath her, hopefully not literally, but in the figurative sense of the world. Claire engulfed Peter's rock-hard rod between her thighs, making sure it came down inside of her. She rose up and dropped down onto him.

"Yes, baby, I know I'm hot," she breathed. "And I know you'd want to touch me, to cum inside of me, so bad."

Again, her warm juices painted Peter's throbbing manhood. He pushed inside of her. The hot woman lifted up and drove down onto his engorged rod. Her moisture coated his cock with so many of her heavenly juices. Peter thought he was going to burst no sooner than he entered her body.

"So, close," Peter groaned. "I'm getting so close."

"I know you are," Claire said. "I know you am, but you're amazing. You're not going to blow just yet. Not until we've had a little bit more fun."

Eager hands roamed and grabbed every single inch of Claire's flesh. Her breasts received extra attention, those nipples juicy, hard and ready to be pulled on. The sultry redhead dropped down on his throbbing hard rod, bringing him deep inside of her body.

The web slinger never thought he would have such pleasure. His teenage fantasies paled in comparison to the dream riding his cock. Her glowing orange eyes looked down at him. Her hair, the color of fire, flipped down. It was like a temptation to touch it, but Peter did not touch it.

Her hot walls slid all the way down Peter to the base. Claire Selton bottomed herself out on him. She was glad she made this trip to New York. She might not have gotten any money, but she got something else better. An itch scratched, one she didn't even know was this intense. At least until the very moment she shoved herself down onto his cock.

"I'm going to ride you all night," Claire said. "But, I want it!"

"Claire, I want you too," Peter groaned.

"Ah, I didn't get away empty handed tonight," Claire said. "I stole your heart, Spider-Man."

She looked extremely beautiful when driving down onto him. Fire surrounded Claire, but at the same time, didn't touch Spider-Man. She burned hot when driving down onto him. The moist juices excreted from her pussy saturated pretty much every single inch of Peter's engorged, stretching length. He was almost inside of her, very deep inside of her in fact.

Every single time, Claire pushed down on him, she felt warmth. The curtains in the room were now on fire, but she honestly couldn't be bothered to put them out. Her nails dug onto the web slinger's hips and drove down onto him. Her warm walls stretched down onto him.

"You're getting close!" she begged. "So, close, I can't wait for you to cum for me!"

Claire had this young man pinned underneath him. Thanks to the many experiments, she had been left sterile. It was sad, but at least she did not have to worry about being in deeper shit being knocked up by a love child of a man ten years her junior.

This woman would be the death of him, the glorious, burning death. Her pussy pumped him, and Peter could not hold back any longer. He buried inside her walls, and could feel the strain. Her walls pushed down onto Peter's rock hard cock.

"I'm so close, I don't think I can hold back."

"Don't hold back!" she begged him. "I don't want you to hold back! I want you to cum inside me! Cum inside me as hard as you can! As much as you can!"

Claire drove her hips down onto her lover. She milked him in an attempt to feed his seed directly inside of her. The web slinger held onto him.

His balls finally reached their critical point and shoved himself inside of her. He emptied his balls inside of her, firing his cum inside of her willing body.

The pyrokinetic meta's breathing increased the very second Spider-Man emptied his bounty into her. The soreness forming between her thighs from the pounding made it beyond difficult to walk, not that she ever wanted to walk away from something like this!

"YES!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, scratching Peter's shoulder when driving her heated loins down on his tool. "Fill me up!"

Peter emptied all every last drop of cum he stored up inside of her. He dripped with sweat, but it was worth it to bury his seed inside of such a woman.

Claire rolled back, his seed boiling inside of her. She looked down at the web slinger, a smile crossing her face. She almost collapsed. She grabbed onto the side of the bed.

"Kid, you've got some spunk," Claire said. "In more ways than one….so how about one more for the road?"

She ground against his lap making it very hard for Peter to say now.

"You promise to come quietly?" Peter asked.

"Well, later," Claire said. "But, now, I'm going to cum very loudly."

Peter shook his head, at the play on words, he supposed he set himself up for that one.

'And here I thought was I was the one who was supposed to make with the smart ass quips.'


Next Chapter: 4/19/2017.

Chapter Text

Surprise Visit(Harley Quinn)

The early morning light woke Peter Parker up from a fitful sleep. It took him a couple of minutes before he realized something had restrained him to the bed. And not only did something restrain him to his own bed, but it was his own webbing which restrained him to the bed. How the hell did that happen?

Then, Peter's conscious mind kicked in and he realized, not only was someone sitting on his bed, but someone was sitting on his hips on the bed. It took him a minute to adjust to the sunlight and figure out what was going on.

"Wakey, Wakey, eggs and bakey."

The young man's eyes locked on the woman on the bed. Her face painted, and she wore a black and red leather top with cleavage overpouring and almost sticking in Peter's face when she leaned open. The top came down to show her smooth, toned stomach. Peter noticed she had her hair done in in pig tails. She wore a tight black skirt and a pair of fishnet stockings over her legs, although she had removed her boots.

"Harley….Quinn!" Peter yelled.

"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" Harley cheered. "Yeah, it's me, Harley Quinn, and you're…the Amazing, the Spectacular, the Sensational, Spider-Man….although I don't know your real name, just your face, when I stalked…..I mean, I followed you home last night."

Peter tried to break free. He cursed himself for making this particular batch of webbing too strong.

"So, here's the deal, Spidey," Harley said. "I've been talking with someone you had a little encounter with a couple of weeks ago, I believe you know her, the name's Poison Ivy."

Peter recalled that encounter he had a while back. It had been very surprising. He tried to figure out a way out of here, and it was hard to do with Harley currently grinding her crotch against his pants. The fact he was in bed wearing nothing, but a pair of boxer shorts made him feel very exposed.

"Red, I didn't think she was the type to have fun," Harley said. "Well, we've had fun together, we've had lots of fun together, but you know, with men. You know what I mean?"

"Yes, I know what you mean," Peter said.

"So, anyway, Mistuh J and I, we're kind of on the rocks, and a girl has needs," Harley said. "Therefore, I decided to take a little trip to New York. You know the city that never sleeps….to get those needs taken care of. And I remember, Pam talked to me about you….about how you were amazing in bedroom as you were swinging on those webs and catching villains."

Harley slid back off of him and grabbed his crotch hard through his pants.

"Oh, why is it always the crazy ones?" Peter asked.

"What?" Harley asked. "Oh, you mean, it's always the crazy ones, giving the best head….and let's face it, we're kinky enough to try anything once."

She ripped his boxer shorts off and Harley had been wowed by the thickness and the length of the cock. She spit on her hand and slowly rubbed it. She could get it bigger. The sexy criminal planted a kiss on the tip of this huge cock which caused it to swell.

"I stole some of Pam's special lipstick, figured she wouldn't mind," Harley said. "No, it's not the kind that can kill you….you got to read those labels carefully….but it's the kind that can….well you know."

Harley gifted Peter with a very uncomfortable erection which stretched to the heavens. The girl's hand wrapped around the base of Peter's cock and she slowly stroked him, making him swell underneath her hand.

"Damn!" Peter groaned.

"Oh, we're just starting with our fun, hon," Harley said with a smile on her face. "I'm going to take that big cock of yours…..suck it dry, and then I'm going to ride it. And if you're lucky…"

Harley maintained her grip with one hand, pumping down on Peter. She reached behind her and slapped herself on the ass.

Peter groaned, this girl was crazy, and so hot, so hot. This was more forbidden fruit than Ivy. He did not even begin to understand the relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker, that was for a crack team of doctors to figure out. All he understood was Harley clutching his balls and then wrapping her lips around his cock. She hungrily slid down to the base, sucking Peter deep inside.

She did not just suck his cock, she practically slurped it like she was trying to get an ice cube through a straw. Harley made sure to keep her hand firmly clasped around these big balls in her hand. They swelled up with so much cum, this was going ot be so good.


Harley decided to remove her mouth from his cock and go down to take one of his swollen testicles into his mouth and suck on it. The chemicals from the lipstick were taking effect, just as the label stated. And Spider-Man's mighty cock hardened even more.

Hard suction pleasured Peter's balls just as Harley stroked his massive cock. She sucked his left ball and his right ball, sucking on it.

"Suck them, suck them hard," Peter groaned. "They're so full, it hurts really bad."

"Ah, that's too bad," Harley said. "Why don't we see if we can get some of that nasty cum out of them?"

Harley wrapped her lips around the engorged prick of the handsome stuck. It looked painful to have a cock this big and this swollen so she was going to see if she could get some of the cum. The output should be increased, if the chemicals worked as intended.

Two eyes glazed over with Peter wishing he could grab the back of Harley's head and ram his cock into the back of her throat. She looked like a vision sucking his cock down into the back of her throat. Peter rocked inside of Harley's mouth by raising his hips up and down.

She squeezed his balls, very hard. Harley wanted the cum inside of her. Her excitement increased when she bounced up and down, sucking his hard cock.

"I'm close!" Peter groaned. "I'm going to blow."

Excitement increased deep inside of Harley. So much cum would be fired in the back of her throat. She could not wait to get her prize. Harley's hands rested on either side of Peter's thighs the deeper she pushed down into him. Her throat squeezed and released him.

She massaged his balls while sucking on his pole. Peter rammed his hips up to try and get as far back into her throat. Harley did not break her strike. Her lips left more marks on Peter's cock, which might extend even further and deeper. Harley's throat felt very stuffed full of his mighty rod.

Peter was going to blow, there was no question about it. He wished to hang on, but he couldn't. One of the web ropes were starting to give way, along with the building lust and tension of Peter's balls.

He fired and sent his cum deep inside of Harley's face. He rammed deep inside of her face. Her lips prematurely released, and Harley had been splattered in the face with his cum. She yelped in surprise, the volume proved to be even more than average.

Harley dabbed her face, and snuck a look at her face. Half of it had been smeared, her makeup dribbling off of it.

"Aww, you smeared my make up," Harley pouted. "Oh well."

Peter shot a massive load of cock inside of her throat. His balls were still swollen, his cock still hard, and he was still bound for lust. His hands moved and broke the webbing.

Harley jumped back with a yelp. The Web Slinger grabbed her vest and ripped it off to expose her breasts.

"Oh, Spider-Man!" she moaned.

Peter didn't answer, he took ahold of her large breasts and squeezed them hard. He buried his frustration and lust into Harley Quinn's chest. His fingers ran down Harley's flat stomach, while he sucked on her breast. He tugged on her skirt and her fishnets, tearing it.

"You're such an animal!" Harley mewled. "I love it…..I love it!"

There was no answers other than his fingers parting her pussy lips and jamming into her. Her moist sex reacted to the penetration. The very able penetration, with her hips rising up off of the bed and into him.

"You think you can just sneak in here, and tie me up with my own webbing, do you?" Peter asked. "Did you really think there wouldn't be consequences?"

Harley fell back on the bed. His fingers brought her to the edge of an orgasm.

"Oh, I've been a bad girl, Spidey," Harley said. "And you know what happens to bad girls, don't you?"

She went on her hands and knees and showed her ass towards Peter. Those nice, round cheeks were pleasant and Peter could not wait to touch them, to spank them. He raised his hand up and spanked Harley on her ass. She yelped and her thighs clutched together.

"You're such a bad girl," Peter said.

He swatted her ass one more time. The first time was not a fluke, Harley really was getting off on getting spanked. Her heart raced a little bit more. Peter raised his hand and slapped Harley on her ass. He grabbed her with his free hand, tugging on her pull tails.

"Yank on my hair and spank my naughty ass!" Harley yelled. "Oh, I love it, I'm such a bad girl, and you're such an animal, Spidey!"

Peter blistered her ass. Whatever Ivy put in that lipstick, it was causing his inhibitions to fade away. His hand spanked her tight ass several more times, and caused it to grow red.

After a long time spanking Harley, Peter drew his attention towards her dripping slit.

"You made me hard," Peter said. "And I think you can agree there's only one thing which can help me with my hard cock, don't you?"

He tugged on Harley's pigtails and made her moan. Twelve throbbing inches of cock touched against Harley's womanhood. His manhood slid against Harley's wet pussy.

"Do it!" Harley yelled. "Fuck me!"

Spider-Man danced his throbbing cock against the edge of her pussy. Her wet walls opened up, ready and willing to receive. After the glowing review Pamela gave him, and that was something considering Pam's impossible standards regarding men, Harley could not wait to have his thick cock inside of her. His cock penetrated her warm lips on the other side and slowly eased inside of her.

Warm tightness engulfed Peter's hard cock. He took a hold of her hips and shoved more of his manhood inside of her tight body. Harley's walls stretched around him and then Peter pulled almost all the way out of her. He drilled his hard cock inside of her.

"Baby, it feels so good!" Harley moaned.

"Yes, it does," Peter said. "Guess, I'm going to get to ride a Harley tonight."

"Hey, that's my line!" Harley pouted.

"Oh, poor baby," Peter said. "Don't worry, I'm going to make it up to you, real soon. I promise."

Peter held onto her hips and slammed himself into her. Her wet walls fit around his cock very nicely. Peter pushed his hard cock inside of her body. Harley relaxed and tightened around him.

"Baby Jesus on a Canoe!" Harley yelled. "Your cock is so big!"

He chuckled in spite himself at the very unusual declaration. Peter drilled himself deeper inside of Harley's warm body. Her pussy became elastic and stretched his cock deeper inside of her. Peter hammered her body with a few hard thrusts, gaining even more member.

Harley thought she redefined the word "cumming" after her lover bottomed out inside of her. Better than advertised, but leave it to Pam to underplay things given her pride. That hard cock pierced Harley's insides. Every thrust brought her new pleasures. Every thrust lit up her body and caused orgasmic fire to explode through her loins.

"Harder, harder!" Harley yelled at the top of her lungs. "Oh, wreck my pussy! Drill my hot, cunt! Ram your big cock inside of me and wreck my shit!"

Peter smiled at her vocal words. He intended to do just that and even more. His hard balls swelled up when he pushed deep inside of her body. Harley stretched around his hard cock and allowed him to enter her center. Peter almost pulled out of her. The visible reaction he got was nice.

He then attacked her breasts, applying enough pressure on her to make her feel it, without really hurting her.

"Be rough as you want, baby!" Harley yelled. "No pain, no gain!"

Peter buried himself inside of her. His balls, still very swollen, were about ready to reach optimal conditions for release. He picked up his pace and slammed deep inside of her body.

"I'm going to cum inside you, and it's all your fault," Peter said.

"Yeah, it's my fault, what are you going to do about it?"

Her taunts faded with Peter drilling himself as deep inside of Harley as possible. His large, swollen balls battered her center. She clenched around him, and this spurred his orgasm. Peter picked up a heavier pace and jammed his hard cock inside of her body.

"Something like that, maybe?"

Harley thrilled herself with the first burst of his thick, juicy, cum spilling inside of her body. She held onto the edge of the bed, moaning hungrily when he buried himself into her.

"Yes, something like that, I like it!" Harley yelled. "I really like it. Oh yes, pound me, pound me so hard…I want to be pounded so hard I can barely walk!"

Peter intended to give her more than she could bargain for. His thick prick entered her body. His cum continued to spill inside of her body, splattering against her insides.

He pulled outside of her body. Peter's cock was a bit less swollen, his balls were a bit less full. Harley's pigtails came out, causing her blonde hair to cum down. She turned around, smiling, and jumping on top of Peter, roughing pinning him onto the bed.

Harley had now gotten excited. Her hips rolled down Peter's swollen manhood. The nymphomaniac jester leaned closer and whispered in a sultry, although very bad Russian accent.

"In Soviet Russia, Harley rides you!"

Peter did not have any opportunity to fire a quip off. Her loins pushed down onto his hard cock and stretched around him. Harley's walls stretched around his cock and then she sprang all the way up.

Harley gained a momentum. She had been driven mad with the lust, not that it was a very long trip for her to be driven made. What was a long trip was when she rose all the way up on Peter's cock. Harley slid her slippery walls down onto his hard cock and then pumped them.

The sexy blonde bounced her way down on Peter's hard cock. Peter reached up and grabbed Harley's hips. Her body reacted very nicely towards what he was doing to her. Harley rose up and took her hips all the way down onto him. Each time she rose and fell, his cock had been engulfed in her sexy, gripping warm center. Peter leaned back, groaning as Harley pushed herself down on him.

"Just like that," Harley murmured underneath her breath. "Yeah, just like that."

Peter's balls ached despite having deposited several two very large loads of cum inside of her. He wanted her more. Exploring the curves of this sexy criminal just got him bouncing on his cock. He buried his face inside of her chest, and sucked on them.

Harley panted heavily. She came all the way up and drove herself down onto his throbbing hard cock. Every time it passed inside of her body, it stretched her out a little bit more.

They matched each other's motions. Harley drove her hips all the way down on the humongous prick beneath her and pushed him deeper inside of her. Her eyes flushed over. She bit down on her lip hard with the continuous bouncing. The sexy blonde never once gave up on her actions.

She might be able to feel this one in the morning, well technically later this afternoon given it was morning. Boy, wasn't it worth it though? Harley's walls slid down on Peter and took him deeper inside. Her walls bounced down and took more of his engorged prick inside of her. She could feel him stretch inside of her.

"Getting close."

Harley could feel his cock spread out her thighs. Those balls were ready to go, ready to release. She just needed to give them one more nudge over the edge.

Peter closed his eyes and then felt the energy burst through him. Harley clenched him with her own orgasm. This proved to be the trigger point for Peter's orgasm. He spilled an ample amount of seed inside of her clenching loins. Harley dropped further down on Peter to take his huge cock into her womanly depths. She speared down onto his rod and released him. Peter grabbed her bouncing ass for leverage to bury deeper inside of her.

Every single movement continued when the sticky load of seed entered Harley. Her pussy overflowed with his juices, and hers as well. Harley rode herself raw all the way down the pole of the throbbing hard cock beneath her.

He squeezed her chest which brought her down onto him. Harley finished milking his rod which returned to somewhat normal.

At least for the moment, Harley smiled, the proper stimulation would just start him back up. And despite getting pounded raw, she was horny. She wondered if that lipstick caused any kind of effect on her as well.

"Do you have another round in you?" Harley asked.

"I think I can manage," Peter said.

"Great!" Harley chimed in in a very bubbly voice.

Round three, maybe four, depending on what you counted, but regardless, Harley braced herself, ready to ride one more time.


Next Chapter 4/22/2017.

Chapter Text

Crazy For You(Wanda Wilson/Lady Deadpool)


'It's about time my number got called for one of these shameless smut things. I was beginning to think you were going to spurn me.'

The woman in question pushed a rather surprised Spider-Man. If you were blind in one eye, and you couldn't see out of the other, you would assume she was the native Earth version of Deadpool. She had a couple of differences, a couple of big, round differences which currently had been pushed in the face of Spider-Man. The web slinger had to grab onto her round ass.

Wanda Wilson, Deadpool from an alternate Earth, started out this day attempting to kill Spider-Man. Then they teamed up fight those ninjas, always ninjas, it was never plumbers, it always had to be ninjas. Then, she shoved him against the wall, and started to rip his costume off. She groped his crotch, rubbing her hands down it. She could feel something other than his spider sense tingling, namely his huge cock about ready to rip through his costume.

"I think we're both going to enjoy this," Wanda said.

"Wait, wait, what?" Peter asked. "Just a day ago, you were going to kill me, and now….."

"If I didn't want to fuck you, I wouldn't be in this series," Wanda said. "Plus, as you know the old saying goes, bitches love Spider-Man. And since, I'm a bitch, I got to follow my nature, don't I?"

The female version of Deadpool slowly ripped Spider-Man's pants. He would need a brand new costume, but she didn't care. His boxer shorts came off next revealing his huge cock from her body. She slowly stroked his cock up and down.

Peter could not believe this, but at the same time, he could believe this. She was just as bent as the Deadpool he knew from his native universe, although she had a nice rack and an ass to match. Not only did she have those attributes, but she appeared to be a sex hungry nymphomaniac.

"There's no appearing to about it," Wanda said. "I am a sexy crazy nymphomaniac."

The woman undid the front of her mask and slowly pulled it off. Peter looked towards her face. She had a couple of scars on her face, but they weren't too bad. They weren't as bad as the cancerous tumors like on the face of the Deadpool he knew.

"Well, duh, I'm hot," Lady Deadpool said. "I'm a woman from comic books, it's a law we're supposed to be hot. What else are the fan boys going to fap over?"

Wanda grabbed Peter's junk and squeezed it. The beautiful blonde minx dropped to her knees in front of Peter. His cock throbbed hard and she took it into her mouth fast, and sucked him hard.

Peter held onto the wall when this woman was trying to suck him into submission with her mouth. There were no two ways about it, Wanda Wilson, Lady Deadpool, she lusted after his cock. Peter leaned towards Wanda and touched the back of her head.

'And his cock is so big,' Wanda thought. 'Of course it is, he wouldn't be starring in an anthology of shameless smut if he doesn't have a big cock. No one wants to read about Micro-Penis Man. That would be a hell of a name for a super hero though.'

Wanda grabbed onto the back of Peter's mouth and sucked his big, juicy, cock into her mouth. She made a very vocal production of sucking Peter off.

Peter held onto the back of her head and worked his length inside of her mouth. His balls were about ready to pop if he was not careful. Wanda squeezed them hard.

"Are you trying to make me…"

Wanda thought her intentions were very obvious. The sexy mercenary wrapped her warm lips around Peter and took him deeper into her throat. She sucked him and felt his balls. She gave them a hard squeeze, and started to milk them hard.

'Cum to Mama,' she thought.

The woman's hands clutched her lover's back and sucked him as hard and fast as she could. Peter leaned into her mouth and hammered her even harder. His fingers threaded into the back of her head when he slammed inside of it.

"Fine, you asked for it," Peter said. "You want to jump me, and start sucking my cock, after almost killing me, you're going to get exactly what you deserve."

Those huge balls slammed against Wanda's chin. She really hoped she would get what she deserved. So much cum was inches away from spilling into the back of her throat. Peter slammed inside of her, those balls about ready to give way and they just did.

Peter launched his seed down the throat of the female mercenary. His hands gripped her hard by the hair and filled her throat with so much overflowing seed. Wanda tilted back, and sucked his cum out of his balls, squeezing them.

"We're not done yet," Wanda said. "This escalates from a blowjob…..then to vaginal….sometimes to anal….time permitting. I think we all know the drill by now."

She further mangled the front of her suit and revealed her nice, round breasts. They were ready to be squeezed and ready for Peter to do whatever he wished to them. She slowly ripped open the front of her pants, revealing she was wearing no panties.

"I never found a use for panties," Wanda said. "They got into the way of getting what I really wanted."

She slowly rubbed her pussy. Her crotch and chest of the uniform were now both torn. Peter's eyes glued on her round breasts and her dripping pussy from the other side of the suit, with the web slinger unable to believe how much he had been ruled by his carnage lust. She was gorgeous, with a body which would make many porn starts burn with envy.

"What part of comic book woman don't you seem to understand?"

Peter held onto her wide hips and shoved her against the wall. Her pussy ground against his cock. It hardened against her dripping wet slit. He was an inch or two away from entering her. Wanda put her hands on the back and pushed him close towards his back.

"Hey, fuck me!" Wanda yelled. "Don't just pause…..put that giant cock inside of my slutty, mercenary pussy, and pound me harder than we stomped those ninjas!"

The web slinger tightened his hands against Wanda's hips and squeezed Peter's manhood. Her wet walls clamped down onto him the second he entered inside of her. Her wet walls were too much, caressing his manhood. The web slinger almost pulled out of her and slid inside of her body.

"Yes," Wanda said. "Drill me hard, honey!"

Wanda's hot walls tightened around Peter. He pulled almost out of her and buried his cock deep inside of her one more time. She grabbed onto his shoulder.

The mercenary's sexy body molded against him, with her legs tightening around him. They threatened to squeeze Spider-Man's waist. Spider-Man pushed his rod inside of her. Her slickness gripped him. Peter pulled out of her and pushed into her.

Each burst of energy coursed through Wanda's hot thighs. Wanda could feel his hands maneuver. They were about ready to hit the promise land, that being her round breasts. Peter held onto them, and gave them a nice squeeze. Wanda's mind lit on fire the second Peter touched them.

"Oh, you know how to make a woman feel her best!" Wanda moaned. "It's why bitches love Spider-Man."

This bitch dripped wet for Peter. He held onto her hips and rammed his hardened rod inside of her body. He kept up the pace, and drilled her into the wall.

Peter nibbled Wanda's round, swollen nipple. He suckled on it, sucking it hard. Wanda's hands grabbed Peter's head and guided them into her rising chest. The heaving breasts connected with the front of his face.

Wanda had been driven to one of the most amazing orgasms. It was spectacular as well, if she had to use the obvious cliché to describe what Spider-Man did to her. The intense sex continued with Peter pushing his hard cock inside her.

Spider-Man held Lady Deadpool's hips and drilled her into the wall. Her gripping pussy held onto him and released him. Her body sized up and released Peter's thick tool with each push. He rammed her into the wall so hard, it was in danger of collapsing. Peter's fingers dug into Wanda's leg when she pumped herself into his rod.

"Careful, we don't want to destroy the fourth wall," Wanda said. "Kind of my thing, but I didn't mean we should do it literally."

She cried out in passion at the word literally. Wanda rammed against the wall. Her hips rose up against the wall and felt the stretch of Peter's massive cock sliding inside of her body. The web slinger tightened his grip and pushed into her. His thick balls slapped her again.

Spider-Man brought her to more passionate explosions than she ever felt before. Her nails slowly raked Peter's chest, and she pushed up to shove more of him inside of her.

He breathed heavily. The more he fucked this hot, if not extremely crazy, piece of ass, the more she grabbed onto him. The more she guided Peter's face into her heaving, sweaty chest. He was beginning to think all of the crazy ones were sex obsessed.

"Yes, we are!" Wanda yelled. "You should know we are, baby!"

Wanda rolled her hips up against Peter's intruding cock. Their loins slapped against each other. Wanda pushed herself against him and reversed the positions in one fluid motion.

Now, the tables had been turned, now Spider-Man pressed up against the wall. Wanda held herself against him tight. Her slick walls wrapped tightly around her lover. His cock intruded deep inside of her pussy, clamping down. He stuck to the wall with his hands.

'God bless stick-em powers,' Wanda thought.

She rode Peter's thick cock against the wall. Every bounce of her ass drew Peter's attention even more. His cock swelled up when Wanda drove herself down onto him. Her tightness slowly milked Peter. He closed his eyes, feeling the pleasure of her very tight pussy.

Then, everything struck Wanda hard. The beautiful blonde shoved her walls down onto Peter's thick cock. She milked him for everything she was worth, but he wasn't completely done. His feet hooked the wall, but his hands reached behind and grabbed her ass, before moving in to cup her breasts. The large wonders bounced up and down on him.

"They belong to you, Spider-Man!" Wanda mewled in his ear. "Take my nice round breasts and molest them. Show me what you can really do to a pair of really round breasts!"

Peter tugged and squeezed at her bouncing breasts. His loins ached the more he penetrated her center. Wanda slowly rose up and slid her walls around his throbbing hard cock. The woman clamped her walls down on his cock.

Time just flew by when feeling this length buried inside of her body. Wanda's continued bouncing drew Peter's throbbing rod inside of her body. The Merc's wet walls clenched around him when she bounced up and down on his lap when he crouched against the wall.

Peter lavished her breasts with more attention while reaching over and grabbing ahold of Wanda's tight ass. She bounced even faster. The beautiful blonde bounced up and down on his throbbing hard cock. His fingers rolled over her body.

"I'm getting close," Peter said.

"You can't resist my body any more," Wanda said. "Cum for me. I HAVE BOOBS, YOU MUST OBEY ME!"

She smacked her breasts into Peter's face. He held onto her breasts and tightened the grip into her. Seconds ticked by and Peter touched her. Wanda's wetness closed around Peter's hardening cock. She rose almost all the way up and dropped down on his manhood.

"No, I can't," Peter said. "I want your body. I want to cum inside of you."

"Do it!" Wanda yelled. "Cum inside my pussy. For the love of Stan, shoot your cum inside of my nice tight pussy. You know you want to!"

Wanda spiked her loins down onto Peter's engorged pole. The stretching and the stickiness continued. Wanda's heart raced even faster when she kept driving her pussy down onto him. His rod slid deeper inside of her body. Peter held onto her tightly, grabbing ahold of her hips.

"Right there, that's a good spot, harder," Wanda moaned. "Oh, harder, Peter. Ram your hard cock inside my nice pussy. I have to feel it! I have to feel you buried inside of me, so much! Oh, right there, please, right there!"

Peter's fingers touched the edge of Wanda's thighs and rocked inside of her. He felt her pussy clench down onto his throbbing hard rod. Wanda rose up and dropped down onto the manhood. She stretched down onto him.

It was coming, whether or not Peter tried to hold back. And why would he hold back? His balls gave way and fired inside of Wanda. The first shots of cum splattered. The insides of Peter's eyelids coated with white when he slid his hard cock inside of her body.

Wanda screamed for the heavens and drove him into her. Her body was getting very tense. He kept drilling inside of her and pumped into her tight body.

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, cums wherever a Spider-Man can!" she sang when bouncing up and down on his thick cool.

If he wasn't so busy indulging himself in her sweet pussy, Peter would have groaned at the cheesiness of her words. He held on and brought his swollen rod inside of her. It finished emptying inside of her.

Wanda finally slowed down when she felt his cum. She pulled herself off of his hard cock, and then turned around. Her finger's cupped the underside of his chin, slowly rubbing his cock.

She stepped back and added a lubricate to her finger, before shoving it into her asshole from behind. Wanda looked over her shoulder just in time to see Peter staring at her. Wanda drew attention to her tightest, most taboo, hole. Her finger pushed into Wanda's tight asshole, and released it.

"My ass is ready, for your big Spider-Cock!" Wanda said. "Rip me apart, sodomize my big, thick ass with your thick rod!"

Peter pushed against Wanda's backside and felt the warmness of a very tight ass press against him. His cock slid into her lubricated hole with ease, filling her up. His balls rested on her thighs. Wanda was on her hands and knees on the ground.

Wanda prepared to have her anal virginity taken by Spider-Man. She could check that one up off of her bucket list. Twelve inches of prime Peter Parker Penis penetrated her puckered hole.

'I dare you to say that one five times fast,' Wanda thought.

The blonde mercenary squirmed every time Peter drilled his hard rod inside of her. Her asshole stretched around his massive cock. Her ripe, toned body was also available for him. Peter ran his hands over her generous curves, and rubbed her breasts. She gasped in pleasure.

Peter knew he might not last as long as he wanted to, given her tight and how amazing Wanda's ass felt. The female counterpart of Deadpool had been driven into the ground.

"Make me your butt sex slut!" Wanda yelled.

'Hey, they can't all be winners,' she thought. 'This is shameless porn.'

Peter hammered away, unknowing to the door opening and a figure stepped into the room.

Wade Wilson, better known as the Deadpool of this Earth, stopped, stared, and surveyed the situation around him. He saw Spider-Man fucking his alternate universe, opposite sex, counterpart, drilling her in the ass repeatedly when she screamed for him to pound her harder.

A few seconds passed, and Wade slowly turned himself around and walked out the door without a single word. Cameo achievement unlocked.

"Sweet merciful Stan you're splitting me in half!" Wanda yelled at the top of her lungs. "Those balls are big, why don't you cum inside of my big, thick ass?"

Peter wanted to drill her ass so hard. He wanted to drill it like he was mining for oil. Gripping onto Wanda's ass, Peter reared back and pushed himself into her! His balls ached and he knew the time was up. While here, Peter endeavored to enjoy every square inch of Wanda's ass. He took her in the back passage after and faster. His fingers danced against her waiting core as well.

Wanda collapsed to the ground. Drool, sweat, cum, all of the bodily fluids drained from her body. Peter gave her asshole a workout and pummeled her tight bum.

'How very British of you,' Wanda thought in a haze.

All good things had to come to an end and the tour inside Wanda Wilson's thick ass would have to come to an end sooner rather than later. Peter's thick balls released their bounty inside of Wanda and slowly, but surely spurted inside of her.

Wanda's round ass slapped back with Peter hammering her all the way to the edge. Peter finished emptying his seed inside of her tight ass.

The two lovers shuddered to a stop. Their bodies lined with sweat. Wanda turned around, wincing at how her ass hurt. The healing factor had not quite get in.

"Well, that was fun," Wanda said. "Hopefully my number comes up on the randomizer again sometime soon."

Spider-Man shook his head. He would never understand the inner workings of the mind of anyone with the name Deadpool. Perhaps it was not something the sane should even attempt.



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Chapter Text

Slipping In(Cassandra Cain)


A door leading into Peter Parker's bedroom cracked open an inch. A pair of eyes surveyed the area, carefully observing every single inch of the area. The young girl made sure to enter the room very casually, and extremely carefully, without triggering Peter's spider sense. She pressed against the wall, her breathing light.

The woman dressed in a black leather jacket, a nice white top, and a pair of tight black leather pants. The woman had the enticing Eurasian features which drew many people's attention towards it. She lightly blew one dark hair out of her face. She surveyed her target, a smile crossing her face. She stepped completely into the room and lightly flipped the covers back.

Cassandra Cain looked down at the person on the bed with a light smile crossing over her face. She crossed the room and put her hand on the young man's crotch, slowly rubbing it through his boxer shorts. She tested herself and felt his cock strengthen against his pants.

Peter Parker woke up and saw the attractive and skilled woman standing across from him. He looked towards her, and she just responded with a smile. She climbed on top of Peter, and lightly straddled his hips. She slid off her jacket, to reveal the white tank top she was wearing. The tank top came up to the midriff area and exposed a few scars. Reminder of what she went through to get her training.

"Hey, Cass."

"Hello," Cass said.

Cass preferred her actions to speak louder than words. The skilled warrior leaned in and nibbled Peter on the jaw, lightly nipping him. His hand wrapped around her waist firmly and pulled her in. Cass kissed the young man's lips and he responded by putting a hand on the back of her head.

The deepening kiss caused both of them to mewl against each other. Cass could feel a heat coming from her body, and she knew there was only one thing to fulfill it. She slowly rubbed Peter's manhood through his pants. Her hand slid up to tease his abs and went back down. She looped her thumb and forefinger around the bulge which stuck through Peter's pants.

Peter groaned at the touch coming from his skilled girlfriend. She always tried to sneak in to surprise him. It depended on the night he had. She stimulated all of the nerve centers to give pleasure, just as well as she could stimulate all of the nerve centers to give pain.

Cass pulled away from Peter and allowed him to drop down on the bed. A steamy look, with a bit of mischief, spread through the eyes of the young woman. She leaned closer towards him while squeezing his bulge all of the way. Peter groaned when feeling Cass's warm palm press against his groin.

"Horny?" she asked him.

"Yes," Peter groaned, feeling Cass slowly rubbing her fingers through his pants.

Cass only smiled and slowly moved closer towards him. She could feel his cock growing in his pants. She knew where it belonged, but not yet. It was all about building the anticipation, making him, and her want it even more. The daughter of Lady Shiva rolled Peter's shorts down and exposed his cock to her.

It was hard, that was good. Cass lightly brushed her finger against the length and caused it to twitch. The woman leaned in and touched her lips to the tip of his cock, feeling it enter her mouth slightly. She smiled when Peter drove a bit of his cock inside of her mouth when his hips jumped up. Peter clutched the side of her head and slowly eased his way inside of her gripping mouth.

"Hot!" Peter groaned.

Cass smiled and tasted his manhood. It tasted really good and it perfectly slipped into her mouth. She made sure Peter shoved himself inside of her tight throat. Her eyes locked onto him when almost pulling away from him. Cass then shifted herself down and sucked his throbbing hard cock hard.

"Mmm!" Peter groaned.

Her sensual ministrations dazed Peter. He grabbed ahold of the back of Cass's hair and guided her mouth down onto him. Her warm throat hole worked deep inside of Cass's hot mouth. Peter grabbed onto the back of her head and guided his throbbing cock slid deep inside of her clenching throat.

Peter clutched onto the back of Cass's head. The beautiful assassin worked his groin muscles with her mouth and hands. He could feel a tingle which did not come from his spider sense. He moved up a bit more off of the bed, rocking inside of her mouth. Peter dropped down onto the bed and filled her up with his cock. Her throat expanded and then Peter pulled completely out of her.

Cass could sense he was getting close, and she was not going to back off, not if she could help it anyway. Her hand clenched his balls and could feel how heavy they were. They were full of cum for her and Cass tingled at the thought of drinking down his cum.

She jammed mouth first down onto Peter's swollen manhood. She grabbed him around the hips and sucked him very hard. The warmth of Cass's mouth surrounded Peter's engorged prick, taking him deeper into her mouth with each, agonizing suck.

"CASS!" Peter yelled.

He screamed out her name and it was music to Peter's ears. He slowly shifted his manhood inside of her warm mouth and slapped those balls against her chin. She grabbed the small bit of cock she could not fit inside and stroked it, hard, and fast. The sensations coursing down his loins only encouraged Peter to blow his load even faster.

The first blast had been caught by Cass. She reached down to grab his balls tight and squeeze him hard. Each successive blast fired Peter's load inside of her waiting mouth. The very familiar and amazing taste of seed coated the inside of Cass's mouth. She swallowed his load, a hungry glare in her eyes following when sucking every single last drop of seed down in her mouth.

Peter had been driven breathless by the actions of his girlfriend. She kept sucking him down and draining his cock of all of the seed those balls could hold. He slowly deflated in her mouth, but Cass never once broke her smooth, intense temple. The beautiful assassin's skilled mouth and hands made Peter shudder in erotic passion. His hips came up to connect with Cass's jaw before dropping all the way down onto the bed.

A loud pop followed, and Cass released his thick cock. Her finger slowly rubbed his cock and caused it to spring back up. She licked some of the excess off and smiled.


The heat surrounding Cass's body ensured she knew what to do next. She slowly put her hands on the inside of her shirt and pulled them up over her head. Her toned, delicious, body had been exposed to Peter. Cass slowly undid her leather pants and shoved them down her legs.

She sat at the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but a black bra which pushed her breasts up nicely and gave Peter a look at her delicious cleavage. The bottom half of her had a pair of black boy cut panties on. Cass looked towards Peter and just flashed him an accommodating smile.

One look from her caused Peter to move against the bed to unravel the rest of his beautiful girlfriend. His kisses caused Cass to whimper underneath. Her body shook up with pleasure.

"You're beautiful," Peter said.

"Thank you," Cass said.

Cassandra Cain closed her eyes and could feel Peter unclip her bra. Her firm breasts came out. Nipples grew hardened from arousal. A small gasp followed from Cass when Peter pinched her nipples and then slowly kissed her body, backing Cass on the bed.

Peter indulged himself in her beautiful body. Each touch drove Cass further to the edge of passion. He ran his fingers down her thighs and stroked her from the other side of her panties. One last push and the barrier would be removed.

A light touch brought Cass's hips up so Peter could yank her panties off, exposing her smooth, bare sex. Her tight lips glistened in the dim moonlight shining through Peter's bedroom. She bit down on her lip and watched when Peter started down her neck, and lavished every inch of her body with worship.

Cass's legs pushed together with Peter slowly making his way down her body. He stopped at her breasts and squeezed them together. He came down to her smooth belly button, glistening in chest. Her body came undone underneath Peter's tender affections.

Peter stroked Cass's thighs and caused her thighs to spread. The young girl underneath him twitched and could feel his mouth getting closer towards her. Peter leaned down and lavished attention on her womanhood. Cass lightly dug her nails into the top of his head to encourage him.

Moans increased every time Peter indulged himself inside of her. His hands worked Cass's thighs while licking her insides. The favor had been returned from earlier. Peter buried his tongue so deep inside of her body, she shifted underneath him.

After a couple of minutes, Cass gripped the top of Peter's head and with good grace, pulled him away from her. She laid back on the bed, thighs invitingly spread.

"Cock," Cass mewled. "Please."

"As the lady wishes."

Cass smiled and presented herself. Peter crawled on top of Cass and slowly grinded his hardening cock against her dripping wet pussy slit. The woman's hips rose up to meet Peter's massive, cock, and it pushed deeper inside of her body.

As always, Cass enjoyed the feeling of her hero filling her pussy with his throbbing cock. She never felt like she could feel anything like this before. Every last inch of his engorged prick filled Cass's warm body and she held up, tightening against his cock when it pushed inside of her.

"PETER!" Cass howled out in pleasure.

His name being screamed by that beautiful girl was music to his ears. Her firm thighs slowly crept up to wrap around his waist. Peter felt those beautiful legs, running down them. He looked towards Cass. Hair flipped into her face. Peter gently reached in and brushed the hair out of her face.

"I want to see your face when we're doing this."

Cass nodded and worked her hips up to meet him. His engorged length shoved inside of her and went as far deep inside of her as possible. Cass clutched onto him hard and waited for him to meet her insides. The first orgasm crept up inside of her being and caused a warmth to spread.

Connection with their bodies connecting with each other, with Peter picking himself up and drilling deep inside of her body. Her tight center clenched down on him. Peter buried his length inside of her warm, stretching pussy. Cass dropped down onto the bed and felt him inside of her again.

"Deeper, please!" Cass begged him.

"Of course," Peter drilled deep inside of her body.

Her walls stretched around his large cock and Peter buried himself deeper inside of her. He could feel the warmth of Cass's body dropping and lowering on the bed. Peter clutched her tight and felt her tighten even more inside of her. Now she was really gushing for him.

Peter slowly planted kisses on the side of Cass's neck, and moved down. He came down on her body while kissing her every single inch. His mouth touched her nipple and sucked on it. Cass rolled her hips up, and moaned hotly in his ear when pushing up against him.

Both lovers met each other in the center on the bed. Cass stretched her warm walls around the edge of Peter's engorged cock. He rose up almost out of her and filled her in with a huge push. Cass sunk her nails deep into his back and encouraged him to go deep inside of her.

Peter picked up the pace and slammed inside of her tight body. Her loins tightened around Peter and stretched for him. He slid into her body and stretched her completely out.

The pace quickened and Peter slowly ran his fingers down the back of Cass's lifted leg, while penetrating in her body. He leaned down and to kiss some of the scars down on the back of her leg. She shuddered the second Peter pushed himself inside of her warm body.

She gripped Peter very tightly. Cass's warmth increased with Peter drilling deep inside of her. Those balls slapped against her wet center. The sound of balls smacking against her, flesh smacking against flesh caused Cass to lift off of the bed. Her legs tightened around Peter's body and squeezed her.

Every thrust brought Peter closer towards the edge. His balls started to swell when pushed inside her body. Her tight, firm, sensual body came up. Their skins rubbed against each other with Peter drilling his thick prick inside of her warm and clenching center. Peter slipped deep inside of her body and drilled himself into her.

Again, Cass came and again, she held onto him. She gave light, moans, and lightly kissed Peter on the jaw when he leaned up. He responded by playing with her legs, rubbing the back of them. He knew how much these actions riled Cass up.

The tempo increased and Peter's big balls slapped against Cass's warm body. Her heart skipped a couple of heavy beats the further Peter brought his large rod inside of her moist, gripping tight center. He rose up from Cass and slipped inside of her with a couple more hard thrusts.

"Closer?" Cass asked.

She could tell by his body language the orgasm was near. Cass could feel one rising up from her being, when the two of them became one with each other. Her hips ground against him.

No matter how much Peter tried to hold back, eventually, the tightening grip of his girlfriend's snug pussy proved to be too much even for someone of his caliber. He kept the pace up, quickening the thrusts. Peter bounced inside of her, feeling her warmness caress his manhood. She gripped him like a tight glove and tugged on him hard.

Cassandra Cain's training to work every single muscle in her body worked him. Her inner muscles stretched against Peter's thick rod and he spilled inside of her body. Peter injected her insides with his cum. Her tight muscles caressed and squeezed him.

Both came simultaneously, with Cass's entire body lit up with pleasure. Peter explored every curve of her body, feeling the sensual, muscular form of her body when it rested against him. She smiled, the second her body shuddered to a stop.

"So, good morning," Peter said.

Cass smiled and waited for Peter to roll over, before she climbed on top of him. Cum dribbled between her thighs and landed in a pool on the sheets. She grinned.

"Very good morning."

The look in Cass's eyes signified she wasn't done. Her warrior spirit only could be matched by her sheer libido. And she gave Peter plenty of reasons to match it.



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Chapter Text

Risky Business(Vanessa Fisk).


Spider-Man's anger reached a boiling point tonight. Gwen and Mary-Jane were both currently in the hospital, with injuries sustained in an attack on the Subway system. The gang war between Doctor Octopus and the Kingpin was getting out of hand, and Spider-Man needed to hit the Kingpin where it hurt, that being at his home. The not so friendly neighborhood Spider-Man made his way to a Penthouse he found out Wilson Fisk had been staying at.

Fisk wiggled out of so many tight spots as of late, but Spider-Man would be damned if he let Fisk maneuver his way out of this one. The Kingpin was going to get toppled tonight.

Daredevil told Spider-Man not to let his emotions get the better of him, they would work together, and take the Kingpin, but Spider-Man could not wait. He saw Gwen and Mary-Jane both in his mind's eye, both of them shaken up in that hospital room. Had they been at a different spot in that Subway, they would have been killed like so many other people were?

Spider-Man made his way through the front room, and he stopped in surprise at a frustrated sigh coming from the bedroom. He peered down just in time to see an attractive dark haired woman, dressed in a bathrobe, with sheer black stockings visible. She held onto a bottle of wine which had been delivered to the table. Spider-Man noticed a crumpled up note on the table.

Vanessa Fisk, the wife of the Kingpin, and Spider-Man thought Fisk had really overachieved in some ways by getting a woman like this. Brilliant, beautiful, and also pretty active in several things in New York, at least according to Felicia, whose mother was old friends with Vanessa Fisk.

"You can come down, Spider-Man," Vanessa said. "I know you're up there."

Brilliant, Spider-Man could not say that more than enough. The web slinger dropped down onto the ground and resembled that one little kid who had his hand caught in the cookie jar. The beautiful woman looked at him with red eyes, although her emotion was calm and indifferent.

"If you're looking for my husband, I'm afraid to tell you he's not here," Vanessa said. "And I wish I knew where he was, on our anniversary."

Oh boy, Spider-Man realized he just stepped into something obvious.

"It's your anniversary?" Spider-Man asked.

"Yes, my husband seems to have forgotten we were supposed to spend the night together," Vanessa said. "He sent one of his flunkeys up here an hour ago, saying something came up. I don't know what came up."

"Blowing up a subway to send a message to Doctor Octopus, and harming innocent people seems more important to your husband than his wedding anniversary," Spider-Man said.

Vanessa looked at Spider-Man. He seemed miffed for someone reason, and she could guess why just by looking at the web slinging hero.

"There was someone close to you on that subway, wasn't there? "Vanessa asked solemnly. "Did they…"

"No, they didn't, but it was very close," Spider-Man said. "I'm sorry to come here and tell your husband deserves to rot in jail, but…"

Vanessa rose to her feet and put one hand in Spider-Man's face.

"Wilson was a good man, once upon a time," Vanessa said. "I think he can still be a good man, if he really puts his mind to it. The problem is….instead of doing things the right way, he does things the easy way. I've been close to leaving him a few times….but I just can't bring myself to do so. I think…there's still some hope I'm holding him back from being as bad as he could."

Vanessa turned around for a second.

"I don't know where Wilson is," Vanessa said. "I never know where he is, he just said he was on very important business and he'll let me know when he can be back."

Spider-Man sighed, and he took a step back.

"I know you have your duties," Vanessa said. "But, it's boring sitting in a penthouse suite alone, so I was hoping…..I was hoping you could stick around for a drink?"

"A drink?" Spider-Man asked.

The Kingpin's wife was asking him to stick around for a drink, that was not one of the things he expected. Spider-Man looked towards her for a minute.

"Asking my husband's mortal enemy….well one of them, to stick around for a drink," Vanessa said. "You're legal, right?"

"If you mean I'm of drinking age, then yes, barely," Spider-Man said.

"Oh, good," Vanessa said. She patted on the bed.

Spider-Man would have been pretty dense not to notice the beauty of Vanessa Fisk. She might be on the wrong side of Forty, but Forty was the new thirty, and she looked like she took care of herself. Spider-Man sat down, and his attention drew towards her stocking clad legs. She leaned forward, with the top half of her robe giving Spider-Man a glimpse of something else when she poured drink.

"It's vintage," Vanessa said. "The older the wine is, the better it is, be careful though, it could be a bit strong for virgin drinkers."

He took a drink of wine and sure enough it was strong. Vanessa took a drink, amused by his reaction. She could tell Spider-Man was not exactly that experienced in the ways of drinking, which would make her little scheme a bit more easy to pull off.

"So, is the girl close to you?" Vanessa asked.

"I never said….."

"You didn't need to know, you aren't the first person who demanded by husband's blood after someone close to them being killed or severely injured," Vanessa said. "So, does the Amazing Spider-Man have an Amazing Spider-Woman in his life?

Was it Peter's imagination or did Vanessa just edge a little bit closer towards him? She did, and her very warm hand touched his thigh while the other hand casually balanced the wine drink. She tipped the drink into her mouth and took a drink.

"No, not anyone just now…..but there are a couple that I have my eye on and…."

Vanessa smiled when easing up his leg and she brushed her hand against his lap. The woman put the glass of wine down on the table and grabbed the side of his mask before gently pulling it up to just above his nose. She still wanted to maintain the fantasy she indulged herself in.

"Well, it looks like only one of us are committing adultery tonight," she said.

"What?" Peter asked. "Are you….."

Attractive older woman who was into him and wanted him, a fantasy, but the fact she was the wife of a very dangerous man made Peter have a couple of reservations about this entire situation. His brain on the top was in agreement, but his other brain, the one which got many men in trouble, the one a bit further down, was agreeing with the possibility. He caught a scent of Vanessa's vanilla scented perfume and found himself in a daze.

"I'm a lonely woman on my anniversary," Vanessa said. "I have needs, just like anyone else, and if my husband can't fulfill them, then why should I just waste my sexual prime when I can have some young stud?"

Vanessa squeezed his crotch and could feel the bulge in his pants.

"Besides, I saw you looking at my legs, and my chest," Vanessa said. "You can't hide your attractive from me, web slinger. I'm a woman of elegant tastes and I get whatever I want."

Her soft lips pressed against the side of Peter's neck and kissed him. Vanessa's nails brushed the side of his head, and she sucked the side of his neck, leaving a mark on it.

"And what I want is you," Vanessa said. "And I know you want me."

Peter looked up, this MILF was going to have him, whether he had any protests or not. And to be perfectly honest, he did not. Despite how dangerous this was, and how the Kingpin would kill him even worse than he wanted to kill him ow, Peter could not help but be excited. What was it about danger which was so exciting?

"I knew you'd be up for it."

Vanessa winked at those words and pulled down Spider-Man's cock.

"Mommy likes," she said.

The beautiful MILF gripped Peter's throbbing hard cock and squeezed it hard. Peter groaned at the sensations of her hand caressing his manhood. Her hand brushed all the way down to the base and then jerked him completely to full length. She looked at his throbbing hard cock.

"Mrs. Fisk, I don't think we should do this," Peter managed.

"Oh, we shouldn't be," Vanessa said. "We really shouldn't be doing this. But, it's Wilson's fault, we're doing this. If he wasn't so involved in his criminal operations, I wouldn't be alone, and if he didn't attack that subway, we wouldn't be here tonight."

Vanessa's red lips kissed Peter's cock head and left a mark. She slowly stroked his cock and made sure it rose even more. The gorgeous woman's hand tightened around him. Every stroke brought the manhood of the web slinger further up and swelled it more into prominence.

"So, in a way, he brought us together," Vanessa said. "And there's no sweeter revenge than fucking the man's wife who wronged you. Especially when she wants you as well!"

Peter realized Vanessa had a devious streak in her. The way she teased his cock proved about that much. She pumped him and occasionally sucked him.

"Letting this big cock go to waste would be a shame as well," Vanessa said. "I can't wait to have it in my pussy, pumping all of your cum in me. I bet these big balls can swell up, can't they?"

Vanessa clenched his balls and gave them another squeeze. Peter groaned when feeling her warm hand pressed against the underside of his balls. She worked them over nicely and made Peter feel really good. The beautiful woman was going to have her way with the web slinger, one way or another.

"I like how you react to my hand," Vanessa said. "Do you like my hand clutching your balls like that? Squeezing them hard? Do you like it, Spider-Man?"

"Yes!" Spider-Man yelled.

"Well, I've got something I think you'll like even more."

Vanessa stepped back from Spider-Man and ensured the younger man's eyes were on her fully. She took the bathrobe and dropped it down onto the ground. The web slinger's eyes flashed towards Vanessa's body and drank in her beautiful body. She wore a lacy black see through corset which made her ample breasts look even more so. The material parted to show her flat toned stomach. A lacy black thong, stockings, and a garter belt showed Peter how beautiful she was.

The beautiful wife of New York's most notorious crime boss crawled on the bed, in front of Spider-Man. She pulled up the top half of his outfit, leaving only his mask. She slowly rubbed her hands down his muscular chest, while grinding her panty clothed crotch.

Frustration hit Peter very hard, and his cock tried to break through her panties. Vanessa stared at him with a smile when rolling her hips back.

"You want my pussy, don't you?" Vanessa asked. "Well, soon enough, Spider-Man!"

She pulled the corset down and caused Peter's eyes to lock onto her large breasts. They were round and large, marvelous for Vanessa's age. She kept herself in very good shape, her toned, tanned body being the obvious sigh of that.

"Touch them," Vanessa said.

"Mrs. Fisk, your breasts feel so good," Peter said. "They're so nice, I can squeeze them all day long."

"Mommy knows why you like," Vanessa said, puckering her lips. "Why don't you put your face in between those nice big breasts and suck on them?"

Vanessa watched when this young man dove into her breasts with a passion she had not felt in a long time. She had gone into a bit of a dry spell and pleasure had been less and less the more her husband got involved in the underworld scene of New York city.

"Suck on my big round titties!" Vanessa yelled. "Oh, your hands only can't stick to walls! It feels so good, I'm so wet, and so hot for you, Spider-Man! And you're hard, thinking about how you're going to fuck the Kingpin's hot wife!"

A brief pause of Peter sucking on Vanessa's round orbs, before he pulled away from her. Vanessa stepped back and wrapped her hand around his cock. She pumped him for a long minute very slowly, before then giving him an extremely fast and passionate hand job. His cock jumped in her hand.

"No, no, no, no premature web-shooting today," Vanessa said with a smile.

"I want to cum on your face so badly."

"Mmm, I know baby," Vanessa said, kissing on his cock. "Mommy understands what you want, but what Mommy wants is a big hard cock inside of her, splitting her in half. I want your cock, all of your cum. It would feel good, planted inside of my womb. Would you like that, Spidey? Knocking up the Kingpin's wife?"

Spider-Man groaned at the thought, wondering if she was being serious or if she was just fucking with him. The handjob started up once again and then Vanessa pulled back from him.

Vanessa reached down and slipped her panties off. She threw them on Spider-Man's face, making sure he got a good taste of the arousal which stained them. The MILF goddess climbed atop of Spider-Man and mounted his thick, throbbing cock. It touched her inner lips and demanded penetration. It was so close to entering her, Vanessa could feel it and she was very excited about it.

"No, no more teasing," Peter said.

The beautiful woman ground herself against his erect cock. Spider-Man held onto Vanessa's hips and dragged her warm core against the edge of his cock. The cock throbbed and came within a few inches of slipping inside of her. Vanessa slipped almost all the way down onto a man at least twenty years her junior and engulfed him lips first around his throbbing hard cock.

Peter could not believe it, she was so tight, despite being a mother. Then again, it had been a long time since she had gotten any by how much she went after his cock. And now she was trying to drive more of his thick, juicy cock into her warm sheath. Vanessa hugged him with her hips. All Peter could do was rolling his fingers down her stocking clad legs.

"Mmm!" Vanessa moaned.

This throbbing manhood filled up the beautiful woman and stretched her all the way to the end. It had been way too long since she had an orgasm with another cock inside of her, and she missed the feeling of it stretching out her body. Her underused pussy was being brought to the edge.

Spider-Man's feelings of lust increased when this MILF goddess brought her hips down onto the point of his cock and slammed herself deep down onto him. Her body stretching down onto him and filling herself up with his cock was good. He did not want to waste the moment to work on every single curve she had. She was the perfect woman, large breasts, a toned body, shapely hips, and long legs, legs which squeezed Spider-Man's hips when she brought herself onto him.

And one could not forget that slick pussy which drove Spider-Man deep inside of her. He could feel a tension feeling towards her.

Both indulged in each other, it had been a frustrating night. Vanessa intended to ride Spider-Man for as long as he could go, or maybe as long as she could at this rate. Spider-Man showed a surprising amount of stamina.

'Guess it has to do with his super human abilities,' Vanessa thought.

Her mind lost track of exactly how much time ticked by. Vanessa smiled when realizing she had gotten more than enough satisfaction tonight. She burned years of sexual frustration, and just plain frustration in general, into one gentleman underneath her.

"Thank you for this, Spider-Man," Vanessa said. "I know it's wrong, but aren't you supposed to save people in need?"

Vanessa leaned down and gave him a sloppy kiss, sucking on his lips and invading his mouth with her tongue. Spider-Man's tonsils were getting fucked by the tongue of the older woman, who felt a sexual fire burn through her the likes of which had never been seen before.

"And I'm in need," Vanessa said.

One could not argue with that. Time ticked by on the clock and Spider-Man could feel her body rise and fall on top of him. Her loins stretched around his hard cock and filled him completely up. Peter groaned the very second Vanessa drilled herself down onto him.

"Yes, you are," Peter managed.

So hot, so tight, and Peter was so close. He wondered if he should pull out, but Vanessa gripped him tightly, squeezed him.

"No worries," Vanessa said, lightly brushing her fingernails against him. "It's safe to cum inside me."

Her pregnancy with Richard had been such a high risk one, she had to get herself fixed not to have any more children. It was a pity, but Vanessa still indulged herself in the fantasy of being knocked up by Spider-Man, even if she had to alleviate his fears so much.

Groaning, Spider-Man pushed inside of her. One more orgasm proved to be the powder keg and he spilled his seed inside of the wife of the Kingpin. His balls drained as Vanessa dropped down onto him and sucked every single drop of seed out of him.

The end came, the dust cleared. Vanessa smiled, and wrapped her arms around Spider-Man, laying on top of him. Her fingers lightly brushed against his chest. The phone on the side of the table started ringing, thus killing the moment. It was now in the early morning hours.

Vanessa saw it was her husband.

"I better answer this," Vanessa said.

The last thing she needed was Wilson sending someone up here. She detached herself away from Spider-Man.

"Vanessa, I'm sorry, for not joining you for our anniversary last night," Wilson said. "Matters of business have come up, and they needed to be attended to."

"Of course, I understand," Vanessa said in a solemn voice. "Will you be joining me for breakfast?"

"I actually will be gone for a couple more days," Wilson said. "I will make it up to you."

"It's fine," Vanessa said. "I kept myself entertained while you were gone."

"You're the adaptable sort," Wilson said. "Have a nice day…I need to get back to work."

"Talk to you later," Vanessa said.

Vanessa put down the phone and turned towards Spider-Man on the bed. Conflict appeared on Vanessa's face.

"Should I go?"

"Stay for breakfast," Vanessa said. "And maybe dessert."

"Are you sure we really want to do this?" Spider-Man asked. "This is a slippery slope."

"One more time, then I swear we'll part ways," Vanessa said.

Spider-Man could not say no to a woman in need even if a part of him realized Vanessa was used to manipulating people with far more life experience than he had to get what she wanted.

'What have I gotten myself into?'



Next Chapter: 5/13/2017.

Chapter Text

Cram Session(Mary-Jane Watson and Liz Allan)

Peter Parker grabbed the back of the red hair of Mary-Jane Watson, who kneeled before him. Her warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing hard cock when she sucked him hard. Peter groaned at the ministrations coming from his neighbor, who had dropped down to her knees and worshipped his endowment.

Pressed off to the side, was Liz Allan, who leaned her neck back. Peter accessed the neck and the breasts of the Latina Cheerleader the best she could. Her moans, grew with every lasting passion. Peter slowly rolled his hands underneath her mounds and could feel his skirt sliding up.

"That's right, suck him!" Liz moaned. "Oh, Pete, right there, that's the best spot… know all of my…..OOOOH!"

There was no two questions about it, Peter slid a couple of fingers inside of Liz's wet pussy. She stopped wearing panties to their study sessions, because quite frankly, she thought there was no need to ruin a practically good pair of panties. She sat there when Peter helped her through whatever homework she needed help on, with Peter trying not to stare underneath that skirt which seemed to get shorter every day.

Liz felt naughty watching Peter's fingers enter the inside of her, just as Mary-Jane went down on his cock. She knew the redhead was good at taking a cock down her throat. Just as good as Peter was at stretching her pussy out with his fingers. In and out jammed Peter's fingers and it filled Liz with nothing but the best of pleasure. Her hips slowly rolled up to meet him.

"Yes, Petey, it feels good!" she moaned at the top of lungs.

It all started with Mary-Jane coming over to return something her Aunt Anna borrowed from Peter's Aunt May. She caught Peter and Liz in the middle of a very intense cram session. Namely, Peter cramming his hard cock down Liz's tight throat and fucking it for everything it was worth. Mary-Jane froze, not knowing what to do, and she felt very aroused.

And then when she got one thing lead to another, and all of those things lead to Peter's cock slammed into her mouth. Liz looked at her with a devious look. The sexy redhead was determined to show the Cheerleader how to worship Peter's god. She pushed her hands underneath his balls and stroked them.

"Jesus, MJ," Peter said. "I always dreamed of this."

Mary-Jane would be lying if she didn't as well. She looked very flushed. Her red nails dug into Peter's thighs and she moved up to rake his balls. She could feel his cock getting closer, closer, closer to reaching the edge. A threesome was not something she expected to enter just by returning a covered dish.

But, boy was she glad she went on an errand for her Aunt Anna. She was getting something in return, namely Peter's cum firing into the back of her throat. Peter released Liz to lock onto her head.

Mary-Jane looked up with him, eyes blazing and mouth stuffed full of his huge cock. Peter picked up a steadier pace and emptied his balls into her mouth. To her credit, the redhead refused to waver from her goal. Peter gave her his cock and she would suck his cock all the way to the edge.

"She's really good," Peter groaned.

"Yes, she is."

Liz rolled onto the couch and offered Mary-Jane a hand. She pulled her classmate to a feet and leaned in.

It seemed obvious Liz was more than comfortable with kissing another girl. Then again, she was a cheerleader. What went on in the cheerleader lockerroom stayed in the lockeroom, or something like that.

Liz undid Mary-Jane's top and pulled it off. She dressed in an elegant red bra which matched her hair. Liz pushed her hair out of face and then kissed her, before moving down to kiss the side of Mary-Jane's neck.

The redhead moaned. Liz's grabby hands clutched her ass and slowly worked her jeans off to make sure she was wearing nothing other than a red thong and a matching bra. Liz slowly grabbed the string in Mary-Jane's backside and snapped it back which caused her to jump.

Peter observed the situation. It was so hot, and Liz guided Mary-Jane down to the couch. She still dressed in her skirt which flipped up and crawled between Mary-Jane's legs. Liz pulled off the sexy redhead's panties.

"So, is it true what they say about redheads?" Liz asked. "Are you going to scream loud enough to wake the dead when I eat your pussy?"

Mary-Jane gasped when feeling Liz's tongue dance on the edge of her lips. The fiery Latina cheerleader dropped down and captured Mary-Jane's lips with hers, and released on them. Mary-Jane tried to show restraint, but it was becoming increasingly hard.

Liz smiled when tasting the redhead's pussy. She could also feel a pair of strong hands roll her skirt up and expose her sopping wet womanhood. Liz decided to give Peter a bit of help, by spreading her legs and inviting him in between her thighs.

He had to do it. Peter needed to get inside of Liz and drill her from behind. Her moist lips spread for him and her pussy was so inviting. Peter grabbed ahold of her and aimed his re-hardened cock, it shoving into her tight vice from behind. He closed his eyes and pulled back from her before pushing himself back inside of her tight body.

So close, Mary-Jane was so close to having one of the best orgasms in her life. Granted, many of them had been self-inflicted, but still, it was amazing. Liz really showed her amazing skills, her oral talents. She was really passionate and her passion increased.

Peter picked up a steadier pace and pushed himself into Liz's body. He could feel the warmth surrounding his cock. No wasted movement, even few wasted words. Peter Parker settled with taking his immense cock inside of Liz and burying it as far inside of her as possible. Liz stretched far and then Peter pulled completely out of her. His balls slapped her on the side of her thighs.

Liz mentally thanked herself for how she kept herself in shape. She would not be prepared for what Peter Parker hid in the depths of his pants otherwise. He stretched her completely out.

"Oh, every time you slam into her, you make her moan harder, and it feels so good," Mary-Jane said. "Harder, fuck her harder her. Make her really feel the burn."

"Well, you heard the lady, Liz," Peter said. "No pain, no gain."

He stuck Liz with his immense cock, shoving it inside of her warm depths. Liz slowly tightened around his hard cock and released it a couple of times. Her pussy stretched and then snapped back like an elastic band to squeeze him. Peter tried to push as much of himself into her. Liz arched herself up, while eating Mary-Jane out.

Mary-Jane's knuckles whitened when clutching onto the side of the couch. Her hips rose up off of the bed, and slipped to meet Liz's tongue. Liz licked her pussy with practiced ease.

"Show some spirit, girl!" Mary-Jane said. "Really lick my pussy, make it feel really good and wet for Peter later!"

Oh, the redhead tart didn't think she had spirit, did she?" Liz dug her fingernails into Mary-Jane's hips and buried her face into the girl's thighs with as much vigor as Peter did burying his cock inside of her body. Peter slowly pushed his rod inside of her. Her clenching walls hooked onto him.

Peter thought he was going to lose in the deeper he went inside of Liz. He tried to dial it back, but it was too much. Her pussy was just too much. It gushed and squeezed its way around Peter's intruding rod. He picked up a steadier pace and stuck his rod deeper inside of her.

All three parties could feel the pleasure coming from their lustful interplay with each other. Liz made Mary-Jane cum very hard first on the bed. Mary-Jane's warm thighs were coated with juices, which Liz licked clean as much as she could.

Peter grabbed Liz around the waist and rammed his thick cock inside of the cheerleader's welcoming snatch as hard and fast as he could dare. His rod ached, and he knew he was getting close. Liz stretched her walls around him.

"Petey!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her sensual moaning made Peter just pick up the pace even more. His cock strained and stretched. He pushed deep inside of Liz and rocked her body. One of her breasts hung within his grasp like ripe fruit on the vine. Peter held onto her round, juicy melon and squeezed it.

The reaction coming from Liz was very intense. He slid his cock into her depths and almost pulled all the way out of her. His throbbing balls slapped against her loins when stretching it.

"You did this to me, you minx," Peter said.

"Mmm, what are you going to do about it, Petey?" Liz asked. "Are you going to cum for me?"

Peter slid his thick manhood deep inside of Liz's welcoming pussy. She clutched him and released him. The pumping from Liz and her miniature orgasms continued up until the point where Peter lost it. And he lost it big time, shoving his manhood inside of her and releasing his seed inside of her welcoming canal.

Twelve inches of throbbing hard meat shoved its way inside of Liz's body and stretched her out. The contents from his balls started to fire their seed and bring every single last drop of cum inside of Liz's tightening loins. She squeezed and milked Peter completely. His thick balls released their load inside of her.

Several pushes inside of her body, and Peter drained the contents of his balls inside of her tight pussy. She squeezed and released him with a couple of intense pushes. He pulled away from Liz and smiled.

Liz rolled away in a daze, her pussy filled with so much of Peter's cum. She looked up and saw a diabolical smile on the face of Mary-Jane Watson. Mary-Jane crawled on top of Liz, and then slowly rubbed her fingers all over the dazed cheerleader's body.

She was not passing this one up, not by a longshot. Mary-Jane spent some time indulging herself in every square inch of Liz's lower body and stopped between her thighs. She grabbed ahold of Liz's thighs and slowly sucked the cum from between her legs.

"Damn, Red!" Liz yelled at the top of her lungs.

The passionate sucking made Liz tingle all over. Her loins were getting a work out, not that they didn't get a workout before. Mary-Jane was finishing the job Peter started in giving her a trip to coma town.

Slowly, Mary-Jane turned around and locked eyes onto Peter. She dropped the last article of clothing, her bra. Peter's eyes locked onto her round breasts and juicy nipples. She stuck her chest out, giving Peter an encouraging smile. Peter leaned closer towards Mary-Jane and took her round chest in hand. He squeezed her orbs tightly and this resulted in Mary-Jane closing her eyes.

"Again, squeeze them!" Mary-Jane breathed. "They all belong to you, Tiger."

Peter's fingers looped around Mary-Jane's nipples. He took one of the tasty buds in his mouth and sucked on it. The redhead reached over and took Peter's cock. She collected some of the cum on her fingers, and used it as lubricate.

Looking up, Peter saw Mary-Jane slip the cum stained fingers into her mouth and suck them. Those lips were very talented.

"I want you, now," Mary-Jane said.

Peter thought the feeling was mutual. The redhead moved back to the other side of the couch. She spread her legs which dripped with an insane amount of arousal. Peter looked over towards her inviting him. Mary-Jane gave a very compelling argument for him to take the plunge in more ways than one.

"Go for it," Mary-Jane told him in her most sultry tone of voice. "Face it, Tiger, you just hit the Jackpot."

That particular declaration encouraged Peter to position himself between her thighs. Mary-Jane stretched herself out for Peter and accepted his huge length in between her thighs. Gasping, Mary-Jane fell back onto the bed. Her heart sped up at the sensation of this long, hard cock penetrating her insides.

"Yes, I have!" Peter yelled. "And so have you!"

MJ snickered the moment Peter rolled his hips against hers and penetrated her tight pussy. Her walls stretched to accommodate him. She was not most certainly arguing him. She could feel the massive prick stretch her body.

Liz watched at the end of the couch, in a daze. She would have her turn sooner or later, but she preferred to be a third party observer to Peter's cram session with Mary-Jane. And it was a very tight cram session by the looks of things. Liz closed her eyes, and slowly teased her lips. She rubbed her thighs for several minutes before bringing the evidence of her arousal up to her lips and suckling her fingers.

Meanwhile, at the end of the couch, Peter sunk his throbbing pole in between Mary-Jane's thighs. He amused himself by the fact she practically gobbled him up.

"You feel so nice," Peter said. "I can touch this body all day and all night….."

"Do it, touch me, make me feel everything!" Mary-Jane yelled at the top of her lungs.

Her hands lightly raked his back. She knew he could take a little pain given his enhanced durability. It was purely by accident she saw him swing out the window that one night, but he didn't know she knew. At least, he didn't know right yet.

Mary-Jane worked her hips up and met Peter's intrusion. His thick manhood stretched her walls inside and pumped him inside of her.

"Be careful what you wish for, Red," Peter said.

Her nipples begged for attention and Peter devoured her flesh. He left his mark on her right breast. Those tantalizing legs should not be neglected either. He slowly rubbed his hands down either side of her. Her chest rising and falling though demanded most of attention, his interest, and his groping.

Mary-Jane enjoyed being stuffed full of everything. To think, she was just going to have a boring night tonight. Now, things had picked up and in hurry, entering a threesome with not only her crush, but also the beautiful Liz Allan. Who, if Mary-Jane was telling the truth, she kind of had a bit of a crush on as well. She could go both ways, so to speak.

Every penetration inside of her slick loins made Mary-Jane thankful for this moment. And thankful for the fact she didn't slip out of there when she had a chance. Otherwise, she would have not had a chance for Peter to slip inside of her all of the way.

"She's really something, isn't she?" Liz asked.

"Yes, she is," Peter said. "I think expanding these sessions to group activities is a fruitful…endeavor."

"I agree."

Mary-Jane would have concurred as well had she not been screaming her head off. She wondered how insane Liz and Peter would go. She could think of one possible candidate who would enjoy being part of these sessions, with the right amount of encouragement.

All she needed was one little nudge. Peter pushed his rod into her and gave Mary-Jane that one particular nudge to drive her over the edge. She slid up off of the bed and engulfed him inside of her tightening body. Mary-Jane gripped him and released him each time.

"Getting close?" Mary-Jane asked.

"Almost there," Peter groaned.

He held off on his orgasm until Mary-Jane finished cumming. Her wet walls clamped down on him and made it hard for Peter to hold back. Why would anyone want to hold back in the face of such a nice, warm center? He did not know, and he just had to cum inside of her. Her body craved his seed as well.

"Yes, yes, mmm, yes," Mary-Jane breathed lustfully.


Liz came as well, and Peter followed shortly. He fired his cum inside of her body. A flood of seed filled up Mary-Jane's gripping loins.

Mary-Jane contracted her walls around Peter's hard cock. Damn, he really had a lot in those balls, despite losing two loads tonight. Something to do with organic webbing, maybe, okay, that joke was too cheesy even for MJ.

Peter finished releasing the cum inside of her body and pulled completely out of her. He left Mary-Jane laid out on the couch. Her mouth hung open with drool coming out of it, and an obscene amount of cum dripped from her overstuffed pussy.

"Okay?" Peter asked.

"Just…give me a minute…"

A knock on the door brought them all out of the moment.

"Pete? Are you there?" Gwen asked from the other side of the door.

Liz and Mary-Jane locked eyes and gave knowing smiles to each other.


Next Chapter: 5/20/2017.

Chapter Text

Treatment(Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost).

Pain racked Peter Parker one more time. The latest fight with the Spider Slayers, and this new and improved model, had caused him a lot of pain, blues, and agony. Those damn Smythes never knew when to let it go. Spencer caused him problems for years and years, and now Alistair took on his father's legacy, while also having himself upgraded to some kind of Spider Slayer Terminator style thing.

It was currently over, with Peter with more of his fair share of burns, bruises, and just swelling in general. He found himself on the operating table at a lab. His spider suit current rested in a basket, torn to shreds.

The door opened up, and an attractive woman with blue eyes, dark brown hair with two blonde streaks going through it, wearing a lab coat entered the room. Caitlin Snow surveyed Peter with a frown, and saw her boyfriend/patient was in a state.

She received the name Killer Frost before she made the transition from villain to anti-Hero. Peter managed to help her regulate her powers, at least so she could live a mostly normal life. And she was mostly normal with Peter. He was just a kind of guy which inspired a person to do better.

"Well, Mr. Parker, you've been through the ringer today, haven't you? "Caitlin asked. "As your doctor, it's my personal recommendation not to block shots with your face."

"Very fun, Cait," Peter said.

Caitlin gave him a look and she walked over towards him with a smile. She put her cold finger lightly on his chest and drew it down. Peter shivered. Caitlin leaned over and whispered in her.

"When, we're role playing, it's Doctor Snow," Caitlin said. "Just a friendly reminder."

"And when we are in costume, its Spider-Man and Killer Frost."

Caitlin smiled, she enjoyed playing the bad girl who needed to be punished by the super hero. It caused her a sense of naughtiness, which her suppressed pre-Killer Frost self would waffle it. She had been a lot more liberated than she was before the accident which turned her into Killer Frost.

"So, Doctor Snow, is it bad?" Peter asked.

"Yes, Mr. Parker, although it could be worse," Caitlin said. "The swelling can go down, with the proper application of cold."

Caitlin placed her hands on either side of Peter's face and lightly touched him. She was careful not to apply too much cold, she didn't want to give Peter frost bite after all. It took her a long time to become comfortable of doing this, and she got excited when she moved her hands down Peter's.

"Oh, you have a fat lip as well," Caitlin said. "Well, I'll take care of that as well."

She slowly leaned forward and her lips touched Peter's with hers. Peter reached in and threaded his fingers gently through the back of her hair. He kissed the beautiful woman hard on the lips.

The two lovers kissed each other, with Caitlin's hands lightly stroking the back of Peter's hair. Peter indulged himself in the mouth of the beautiful and brilliant woman. She struggled not to straddle his lap. Instead, she kept a more professional distance.

Her lips tasted of minty ice cream, and Peter had to be careful not to get a brain freeze off of one of her kisses. Caitlin pulled herself away from him.

"It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it?"

Peter could hardly avoid laughing at the irony. Caitlin slowly dropped the lab coat onto the ground. She mostly certainly did not wear standard issue attire for a lab. The tight blouse had a few buttons open and Peter could see she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples shamelessly stuck out.

His attention had been drawn to her skirt, which rode up to just slightly beneath her thighs. Her stocking clad legs drew even more attention towards them. Peter throbbed extremely hard at the thought of the treasure underneath, and he wondered whether or not she even bothered to wear panties as well.

"Focus, Mr. Parker."

Caitlin crawled on top of Peter, pushing him back on the lab table. Now, she was on top of Peter, while he was wearing nothing other than a pair of boxing shorts. The woman slowly kissed Peter's neck, and then made his way down his chest. She planted a few intense kisses on him, slowly worshipping his body like she thought it deserved to be worshipped.

Her hands pinned his back so it did not roam. Peter knew he would have his chance when she was done teasing him. Her body rubbing against his, that blouse about ready to pop open further, that skirt coming close to looking more like a belt, all of these sensations created a swelling deep within Peter's boxer shorts.

"Well, this was unforeseen," Caitlin said. "It appears the swelling has also spread to your groin area. It will need treatment as well."

Caitlin pulled down his boxer shorts and Peter's throbbing cock sprang out. The scientist's blue eyes locked onto the throbbing manhood beneath her. She ensnared his cock with her hand and slowly ground her palm down across it. She leaned in and kissed it.

The paradox of Caitlin Snow's mouth, being both cool and hot at the same time, drove Peter nuts. She lightly touched his cock with her hips and took her into her mouth. His cock twitched and entered between the succulent lips of the transformed scientist.

"Doctor Snow!" Peter groaned.

Caitlin continuously bobbed herself up and down on Peter's engorged rod. She sucked him deep into her mouth, taking him deep inside of her mouth with a couple more long sucks. She enjoyed tasting the warmth coming from his rod, but what she liked more was his warm seed.

She grabbed him by the balls, and Peter groaned. He could feel his pleasure increasing every single action. Caitlin worked his rod inside of her mouth.

"I think it's just making it more swollen," Peter groaned.

Caitlin pulled away and surveyed her handiwork. She studied Peter's cock, putting her hand underneath her chin. She acted in a scholarly manner when looking over every throbbing veiny inch. It just made Peter harder for reasons which he could not figure out.

"Yes, it appears the swelling has gone up," Caitlin said. "We're going to have to take more drastic actions."

She started to unbutton her blouse during these words and dropped it to the ground. Peter's eyes zeroed in on her round, creamy tits, with nipples sticking out. Caitlin took Peter's balls in her hand and squeezed them. He shuddered when she bent down.

For some reason, gaining super powers also meant that she went up a couple of bra sizes, Caitlin wanted to study that little quirk in depth, and compare notes with other women who gained super powers. But, there never seemed to be enough time in the day. She pushed her breasts around Peter's rod and encased him inside of her tit flesh.

The feeling of his cock buried inside of Caitlin's creamy orbs resulted in something other than Peter's spider sense tingling. He pushed his cock deeper in between her round breasts. Every single square inch of her breasts rubbed against Peter's hard cock.

"Doctor Snow, I think this might cause the swelling to go down!"

"Maybe, it will," Caitlin said. "The continuously application of cold normally does. I just needed to cover a larger surface."

Those glorious breasts were more than enough to cover every single inch of Peter's throbbing manhood. He groaned when feeling Caitlin rubbing her breasts down onto him. His aching balls were this close to exploding with what Caitlin was doing to him. He could feel a tingle coming within his balls. They would soon explode.

Caitlin anticipated the warm cum covering her breasts, her face, and everywhere else it would shoot. Her hands clutched Peter's thighs and she ran her tits all the way down to the base. She squeezed his hard cock and released him with a couple of big pumps.

"Closer," Peter groaned. "I think we might have something."

"There might be a milky white discharge when the swelling goes down," Caitlin said. "But, don't worry, and don't hold back. It would hurt yourself, and I wouldn't like to see you hurt yourself."

Peter wouldn't want himself to be hurt either. Her breasts encased him and released him with several long pumps. Peter pushed his fingers on either side of Caitlin's wonders and rocked himself up in between them. Her breasts clenched around Peter and released him a couple more times.

"Yes, don't hold back," Caitlin said. "Release all that tension, Mr. Parker!"

Her encouragement made Peter only that much more ready to bury his throbbing cock in between her squeezing tits. He closed his eyes and allowed the pleasure to be released in his loins.

The first few shots rose up into the air and caught Caitlin directly on the chest and smacked her in the face. The brilliant woman did not miss a beat. She just kept pumping Peter's hard cock in between her creamy melons. She would milk him for every inch.

Peter was in a daze, as Caitlin got the most out of him. His cum splattered all over Caitlin and the table they were on. The woman's breasts wrapping around him and releasing him showed how intense this was. He could not believe the feeling which was coming from this encounter.

He dropped back onto the table, dazed would not be the word for what he felt. A smile crossed over his face when he dropped down onto the table. Release always felt good and Caitlin gave him a release.

Caitlin allowed the drops of cum to fall onto her fingers. She slipped the delicious seed into her mouth. It caused her tingle, giving her the body warmth she needed, she craved. Thanks to the control Peter helped her with, Caitlin didn't go full on energy vampire any more.

The sight of Caitlin feasting off of his cum caused Peter to get extremely hard once again.

"Oh, the swelling has returned," Caitlin said. "It appears we're going to need more drastic treatment."

Caitlin slowly pulled her skirt off and revealed to Peter she wasn't wearing any panties. Her thighs looked rather succulent when she climbed on top of Peter. She rubbed her pussy lips against Peter's throbbing cock.

Peter groaned, the combination of warm and cold coming from Caitlin was very interesting indeed.

"Does this help, Mr. Parker?" Caitlin asked.

"A little bit," Peter admitted.

"Mmm, a little bit," Caitlin said. "I think it will work even more when we take more drastic actions. And I think I know exactly how to take the most drastic action."

She slipped down onto his rod and engulfed him inside of her. Caitlin's body slowly rocked up and down, ensnaring Peter's manhood deep inside of her gushing pussy. Peter groaned, leaning back, and clutching her chest. Those nice breasts swayed back and forth, with Peter holding onto them. He squeezed Caitlin's juicy orbs.

The feeling of his body heat coming into her energized Caitlin. She knew he could replenish it, in fact, she could think of no better way to heal the injuries than by jump-starting his healing factor. Her pussy slammed down onto his rod several more times.

The feeling of his love organ being pumped inside of her only made Peter hold up and grab onto her chest. He squeezed it and Caitlin responded by tightening on him. Those nipples begged for attention and Peter gave them what they deserved. He touched them, tweaked them.

"Mr. Parker, I think we're making progress, you'll be healed in no time!" Caitlin yelled. "They say sex is the best medicine after all."

She closed her eyes and worked herself into her. Caitlin threw her head back and moaned lightly. Her tightening box sheathed Peter's organ and pumped it inside of her. Her body bounced even harder on Peter's cock.

"Yes," Caitlin said, breathing heavily. "Right there, touch me right there."

Peter touched and pulled at her breasts. Caitlin kept rocking herself back and forth on Peter's engorged prick. It filled her body and then she released it. She bit down on her lip and dropped down onto his manhood. She took it inside of her body and released him.

"Yes!" Caitlin yelled. "Take me, right now!"

Peter continued to take her. His rod slammed inside of her warm womanhood and she clenched in in response. Peter pulled completely out of her and then shoved deep inside of her body. Every single push into that tantalizing zone between her thighs made Peter harden even more.

Another orgasm passed through Caitlin.


"Doctor Snow, we should remain professional," Peter reprimanded her.

"Fuck being professional, and just fuck me!" she screamed.

It was always the brainy ones who got extremely belligerent when they had been denied what they wanted in sex. Caitlin clenched him hard, the orgasm cascading through her body. Her warm thighs continued to work Peter over, taking him inside of her body.

The injuries Peter suffered were pretty much non-existent. His girlfriend really was the best at what she did. He reached behind her and grabbed her round, bouncing ass. Caitlin drove herself down onto him, further. She sucked his cock into her body, bouncing on him.

"Mmm, you're so good, I'm cumming so much!"

She came so hard and so much.

"Show me what you're made of and fuck me until I can't walk!" Caitlin yelled.

Peter tried to keep up with this horny minx riding his cock. He thanked everyone for his super powered endurance, because if he was perfectly honest, there would be no way he was going to be able to keep up with her otherwise. There was going to be no way, no chance, not in a million years.

His balls slapped against Caitlin's thighs when she came down onto him. Her wetness clamped down onto him, and pushed more of Peter inside of her body. She clamped down and released him with a few more pumps.

"How about this?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, right there, like that!"

Caitlin could feel him buried inside of her body. She put her feet on either side of him, legs spread as far as possible. The body heat she absorbed only caused her to impale herself down on his rod even further. The choker collar on her neck kept her from going full Killer Frost.

The last time she did that, was when Mysterio started to sing "Let it Go" to her, and she thought it was warranted. Pure self-defense really.

Every single push inside of Caitlin's thighs caused Peter to groan. He knew no matter what, he could not hold back for much longer. She worked him to submission with her slick thighs. The moisture surrounding him made it very hard.

"I'm getting close."

Caitlin was as well, and this would be a magical moment when both lovers shared an orgasm. She kept working him over, first working herself to her orgasm.

Peter groaned at the feeling of her tightness clamping down on him. His balls finally gave way and shot their load deep inside of the woman. He filled her up completely with his seed, spurting inside of her body.

Both came down from their mutual highs. Caitlin dripped with sweat, surprising given her powers. It proved enough of her humanity lingered, which was always a good side.

"Mr. Parker, I'll be back soon for a follow up."

Caitlin rolled off of the table and winced. She was going to have a bit trouble walking after riding him so long and so hard.


Next Chapter: 5/24/2017.

Chapter Text

Caught With Sticky Fingers(Ava Ayala/White Tiger and Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat)

Kitty Pryde found herself shocked at the sight she saw. Her heart-beat quickened. She took a wrong turn at the SHIELD training academy center, and came across something she should not. She just wanted to pop her head in and check on something. Needless to say, Kitty got a far bit more than she bargained for when trying to pop in from the other end. She observed the situation very casually, with eyes following the progress of the situation right next to her.

Spider-Man was now currently on top of the White Tiger, their clothes torn slightly. Kitty might have been able to answer this away as some kind of sparring session. However, Spider-Man's fingers dipped in between White Tiger's legs and spread her thighs apart. Kitty followed the progress, her mouth growing rather moist at the thought of what might happen.

Her imagination ran wild, thinking about herself in the position White Tiger was in. The web slinger's hands rubbed against her exposed breasts. Kitty's eyes locked onto the round orbs, much bigger than her own. She hit a growth spurt recently, but unfortunately, Kitty found herself second rate compared to a lot of the female super heroes.

Suddenly, Kitty locked eyes onto the prize. White Tiger had the thick cock out of Spider-Man's pants, and she slowly rubbed her hands on it. Kitty ran her hands down, and slipped them in the waist band of her pants. Her hand slipped between her legs, stroking her nether lips. She bit down on her lip hard, to stifle a moan even though it was very hard to do so.

Thankfully, they were too involved in each other to notice. Well, that and White Tiger's moan silenced Kitty's own. She watched that thick throbbing cock enter her body. Kitty wondered about how he hid that in his tight pants, and she wondered exactly how it would fit inside of her.

White Tiger took the cock like a pro between her thighs. Kitty held back the moans, trying not to get them to go too far beyond what White Tiger was moving. She hoped none of them would hear her, even if she was positioned in the back of the room. And Spider-Man's face was currently buried between White Tiger's breasts while he squeezed her thighs. Her eyes screwed shut in passion.

'You know, you should quit while you're ahead. Return to your room, finger one out. Pretend none of this ever happened.'

Kitty tried to pull herself away from herself, but she couldn't. She noticed White Tiger rolling Spider-Man over and mounting his thick cock. The manhood penetrated the moist lips of the woman when she pushed herself down groin first on him. She could have sworn a moan followed when she buried her slick walls down all the way on Peter's tool.

The brunette mutant's imagination ran wild. She carefully steadied herself to ensure falling out into the room through the wall would not happen. She figured it would be kind of embarrassing if she did. Kitty slipped her fingers deep between her thighs and they closed down around her.

'Mmm, yes,' Kitty thought hungrily.


White Tiger most certainly had the right idea, ramming his thick length deep in between her smoldering thighs. Kitty watched, her panties becoming soaked when she watched it.

"Oh, keep it up, don't stop!"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to let you off the hook at easily."

Both of them felt up their toned bodies. Kitty felt up hers, feeling her nipples harden against her top. She rocked a little bit more.

'Okay, you need to really stop right now before you end up getting caught.'

Common sense tried to grip Kitty Pryde, but she failed to listen to that little force in the back of her head. White Tiger's screams of passion increased and Kitty's whimpers grew in more volume.

Silence passed, and for a second, Kitty thought she had been noticed. Then, as if nothing happened, White Tiger pushed herself down onto Spider-Man's hard cock. She filled herself up completely, her loins stretching over his throbbing hard cock.

"Right there, right there!" White Tiger chanted. "I'm getting so close, aren't you?"

Spider-Man was obviously trying not to cum before her. Kitty smiled, he was the perfect gentleman, in addition to be quite yummy. He was the guy of many girl's wet dreams. Then again, what superheroine didn't have Spider-Man dreams? Some might have claimed they did not have any thoughts about the Web Slinger taking them into his arms and offering them some tender loving care, but she knew better.

'OH YES!' Kitty thought.

She hoped she thought that, and did not scream it out loud. Fortunately, the White Tiger's scream of passion dwarfed Kitty's and resulted in her orgasm coming hard. She slammed her thighs down on the web slingers.

"Damn, Ava, I can't hold back."

"Then don't, don't hold back," she said. "You know it's safe….today anyway."

Kitty's walls tightened around her fingers. Her walls milked her own digits like they were a cock, and she dreamed of doing the same to Spider-Man's cock. White Tiger, Ava, was most certainly taking advantage of the ride, pushing herself down on Peter's aching prick.


The combination of juices followed. Spider-Man clutched White Tiger and drove her down onto his engorged rod. He filled her up with an explosion of cum, filling her insides with his dripping, warm seed.

The two connected with each other at the loins. Spider-Man picked up a steadier pace and filled her completely up with his seed. He filled her body until her pussy started to overflow with cum.

"May we help you?"

Kitty yelped at White Tiger's words and fell into the room. She realized she left her pants in the other room. Kitty tried to struggle to her feet, saving modest.

'Oh God, strike me down.'

Spider-Man and White Tiger separated and their eyes lingered on the younger mutant. Her cheeks flushed when she looked at them.

"Um, hey," Kitty said. "I'm Shadowcat, you know, one of the X-Men, and I was coming to the SHIELD Academy to drop off something for Professor Xavier, for Nick Fury to look at. And I guess, I must have took a wrong turn and ended up here, and I'm so sorry, so sorry, that I took a wrong turn and ended up here."

"You took a wrong turn?" Spider-Man asked.

Kitty shook her head. At least none of them commented on the fact she wasn't wearing pants because this would make this about ten times more embarrassing than it was now. And it was pretty embarrassing to begin with. Kitty didn't like to say she would like to crawl in a hole lightly.

"And for your shame, you decided to just stand here and watch us, unable to move," White Tiger said. "Watch us engage in a very private moment."

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" Kitty asked. "I know I shouldn't have been doing it, but I couldn't help myself."

It was like forbidden fruit hanging on the vine. Kitty wanted a piece of it, but knew, it would not be a good idea not to touch. No matter how much it tempted her.

"Well, what do you think we should do?" Spider-Man asked. "Maybe she made an honest mistake."

"Yeah, and I'm a Doom-Bot," White Tiger said.

"Well, to be fair, it's always the one's you least expect," Spider-Man said.

Ava had been very curious. The brunette looked rather cute, and she had a nice tight ass which deserved to be fucked. Plus her pussy lips looked very tight. Ava's lust increased when thinking about what Peter might do to her, taking his huge cock and slamming it inside of her tight body.

"You've been caught with sticky fingers."

Ava slowly took the fingers to the edge of her mouth and sucked on them. Kitty grew even redder at the older girl sucking the evidence of her arousal off of her.

"Why don't you taste how wet she was?" White Tiger asked. "And tell me if she tastes pretty guilty to you."

Kitty squirmed, but White Tiger held her with a very tight grip which made it very hard to escape. Her hand tightened around Kitty's and slowly yanked her into position. Kitty grew flushed and frustrated, which was a pretty bad combination form where she was standing.

"Pretty guilty."

Spider-Man tasted her hand. He grabbed Kitty and held her in close to him.

"I wonder what the punishment should be?"

"I think she should suck your cock and eat the cum from my pussy," Ava said. "It's only fair."

"Um, yeah, that seems…"

Kitty realized what she was saying. Ava grabbed her and guided her down to her feet. She saw Spider-Man right before her. She realized his cock was not back in his pants. It was right in front of her, inches away from sliding in between her juice lips. That swollen cock head taunted Kitty. Her heart began to race.

'Oh sweet Jesus.'

The cock head touched the edge of Kitty's lips and Ava gently guided her head forward. Kitty opened her mouth as wide as possible and took his cock into her mouth. She gagged the first couple of passes through.

"I don't think she has had anything this big in her mouth," Spider-Man said. "But, she's willing to learn, and that's the important thing."

"Teach her then," White Tiger said.

Spider-Man gripped the back of Kitty's hair and guided his cock deeper inside of her mouth. It stretched when Peter filled up her eager mouth with his engorged cock. He could feel her lightly, and tentatively touch his balls, feeling them. The moment Kitty's hands were on them, she squeezed them. The brunette's mouth wrapped around him, sucking him hard.

Kitty's embarrassment faded, and had been replaced by a never ending amount of lust. The Web Slinger gripped the back of the head of the beautiful mutant on her knees before him. She sucked him off hard, pushing her mouth down on him. Every now and then, White Tiger guided her mouth down his pole.

"He's going to cum in your throat, and you better swallow it all," White Tiger said.

No question about it, all Kitty needed to do would stay the course and she would have all of the cum she needed, plus some more. Her nails dug into Spider-Man's's back when shoving his cock into her mouth. She deep-throated him, well at least tried to.

"Points for effort," Spider-Man said. "I'm almost there, get ready. She'll be disappointed if you don't do a good job, and I might be as well."

Kitty didn't want to disappoint either of the other two superheroes. She slid herself down his pole. Her hands endlessly touched the underside of his balls, feeling the immense volume of cum about ready to fire from them. Almost there, she could feel it. His balls slapped against her chin, getting closer.

"Mmm!" Kitty moaned.

The warm liquids shot into her throat, coating it. Spider-Man held his fingers in the back of Kitty's hair and kept her mouth tight. She maintained a vacuum tight suction around his cock, slurping up every single last drop of cum from his swollen balls. The web slinger picked up his pace and sank his cock deeper into her throat. Kitty stretched around his cock, her throat encasing him hard and fast.

"Good, good," Peter said.

He pulled away from the woman. A little bit of cum dribbled from her nose. Ava leaned down and picked Kitty up off of the ground. She forcefully kissed the younger girl. Kitty squirmed underneath Ava for a second before returning the kiss.

Ava wasn't going to lie, she got off just a little bit with showing a newcomer the ropes. Even if actually using ropes was more advanced stuff than she would want to show one this inexperience. They picked up a new pet along the way.

"Eat my pussy," Ava said. "And if you do a good job, you're going to get a reward."

Kitty dove into Ava's pussy like a child diving into her birthday cake. She licked the folds and tasted the cum of the web slinger dripping between the White Tiger's thighs. She thought she would die because of the taste. The two combined tastes made Kitty very excited.

Peter watched the sight of Kitty licking out Ava's thighs. She had a lot of passion in those eyes, and her thighs were spreading subconsciously when Peter stood behind her. It was obvious what she wanted, but to give her it right now would defeat the purpose.

"Good girl, you might get your reward after all," Ava said. "Maybe if you knocked, we could have invited you into our fun a lot time ago."

Ava tightened her grip around Kitty's head, never once letting her pull away. She wanted Kitty to keep her eyes and most certainly her mouth on the prize. Seeing the girl's beautiful face buried between her dark thighs made for her.

She could see Peter edging in close. Ava smiled and gave Peter a slight thumbs up to encourage him to take the plunge in more ways than one.

Peter already was reaching up for Kitty. She had a nice, tight ass, and Peter ran his fingers over it, causing the girl beneath him to react in the most visible way possible. Peter slowly dug his fingers deep inside of Kitty and could feel her.

"Take her virginity, Peter!"

Kitty couldn't even argue she was not a virgin. She could feel Peter's thick rod inching against her wet slit, rubbing against her. He came an inch away from penetrating her from behind but then pulled back. He teased her, making sure Kitty wanted it.

She just realized, she learned the first names of both White Tiger and Spider-Man. Not that it would do her any good, because they were just first names, and she was kind of in a compromising position. Besides, if she wanted this to continue, blowing the whistle on their secret identities would not be in her best interest.

Then, when he had his way with her, Spider-Man slipped his cock inside of Kitty's moist walls. She spread her thighs apart ,allowing him to invade her warm loins.

"She's really tight!" Spider-Man yelled.

"Not for long, though," White Tiger said, smiling.

Spider-Man laughed at her casual words, and he thought she might have had a point. The web slinger gripped Kitty and pushed himself a bit deeper inside of her.

At first, Kitty experienced pain, but then pleasure followed. She relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. The feelings bubbling through her younger body were much better than the feelings she got earlier. Her dreams were not even this good, and she had more than a few.

"I think she's always wanted this," Spider-Man said. "She's gripping me really tight. I wonder what would happen if I pull it out."

He teased Kitty by retracting from her center. Spider-Man pushed himself closer to her insides, and then jammed his huge cock inside of her warm center. She gripped him hard when he pushed into her.

"Don't forget you're still being punished," Ava said. "If I'm not cumming, then you're not doing your job properly."

Kitty nodded eagerly and couldn't very well mumble an apology if her mouth was full. And her mouth became very full of Ava's wet moist pussy. She suckled on the folds, and slowly danced her tongue on the edge. The taste caused her to clench Peter.

Several hard thrusts brought the web slinger balls deep into the brunette on her knees. She really took him. Ava had lightly suggested a threesome a couple of times, and Peter gave it consideration. This was kind of spontaneous, but then again, the first time Ava and Peter had sex was. So, why would this be any different?

'Best not to think things through, best to just do.'

He picked up the pace and drilled Kitty. Her center closed around Peter and stretched around his intruding cock. Peter could feel the warmness of her pick up. So tight, and it just felt like it gripped him even tighter. Peter indulged himself in her body. She might not have had quite the curves a lot of the superheroines did, but she still had a toned, sexy body.

Likely, from countless sessions in the danger room, and from what Spider-Man knew about Wolverine, he took his training way too seriously. And it really showed. Kitty's tight pussy clamped down onto his rod.

"I'm getting close," Peter said.

Kitty almost went intangible and she caught Ava flush with her pussy eating. She dug deeper into the nerve-endings than ever before. Ava clutched onto her.

"I don't know what you did!" she panted. "But, you better figure out how to do it again."

Peter was going to ride out the last few minutes buried inside of Kitty. Her warm walls stretched around him and released him. Peter picked up his pace, knowing his balls were getting this close to reaching their full capacity, and they needed a nice place to empty.

New sensations overwhelmed the inexperienced mind of the young mutant. Her crush pounded her from behind while holding onto her hips. His thick balls slapped Kitty's and he was this close to emptying himself out inside of her.

Peter threw everything into one last jab which prompted Kitty to tighten around him. The tightening sensation made Peter spill the contents of his balls inside of her body. His hands brushed against every inch of Kitty. Long spurts of cum fired their way into Kitty's moist thighs and filled her up with a very obscene amount of cum. Her thighs tightened together the second Peter injected her with his seed.

Both came hard and fast, three when you counted Ava, from Kitty's sloppy pussy eating. Many juices had been exchanged after Peter planted his load inside the horny mutant.

Now with drained balls, Peter pulled away from Kitty. He followed the progress of cum draining from Kitty's thighs.

Both of the women looked very satisfied, and so was he.


Next Chapter on 5/27/2017.

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Favor of a Goddess(Circe)

Circe hated having to swallow her pride and admit she might have been mistaken about something. Still, the devil would to be given his due, even if he wasn't that much of a devil. He was a virtuous hero who had proven himself to go above and beyond the call of duty. And she didn't deserve his favor, even though she most certainly received it today.

The purple haired goddess appeared, her matching eyes glowing when she approached the outside of the temple, where Peter Parker currently rested. Strictly speaking, she was not allowed anywhere on this island, by the edict of Queen Hippolyta and by Hera. There was a special exception made though, if Circe needed to repay a debt, she would set foot on this particular island.

Circe hated leaving her debts uncleared. She stepped into the temple where the young man, known to many in the world of mortals as Spider-Man, laid on the bed, in a relaxed state. Circe smiled, if she had her way he would be more relaxed.

"There aren't many times where I'm in a position to say this," Circe said. "But, thank you."

Peter's eyes opened up and he saw Circe standing over him. The young man tensed up, and potentially for good reason. Circe knew her reputation betrayed her at the worst possible times and at other times, destroyed her. She leaned back for a moment and touched her hand on the top of the young man's head.

"I swear, I mean you no harm," Circe responded.

"Yes," Peter said. "It's just…"

"The chaos caused was of my own doing, I'm well aware," Circe said. "But, it was your own doing where you pulled me out of the fire. You could have allowed me to languish, but you chose not to. You saved me from myself, and as Hera reminded me, I should thank you."

Peter stood to his feet, his eyes locked carefully on Circe. The woman stepped closer towards him. Good news was, his spider sense wasn't tingling. The bad news was, he wasn't even sure if a goddess would trigger it. She was divine, in many ways, as Peter found his eyes drawn to her chest.

Circe smiled, folding her arms underneath her chest which drew greater prominence to that particular part of her body. She had some amusement with what Spider-Man was doing and how she struggled to look away from her body.

"Peter, face me," Circe said. "I wish to thank my hero properly. I wish to clear the debt I regret."

The goddess stepped forward and captured Peter's lips in a kiss. Peter returned the kiss, his lips pressing against the goddesses. She tasted of ambrosia and honey, and that was just her upper lips. Peter grabbed onto the back of her head and deepened the kiss. The two lovers swapped their tongues with each other, neither backing down from what was going on.

Peter pulled himself away from Circe.

"This isn't going to end with me turning into a pig, is it?" Peter asked her.

Circe put her hands on her hips and frowned. "You turn someone into a pig one time, and it sticks with you for the rest of her life."

Peter raised an eyebrow and Circe waved her hands.

"Okay, a handful of times," Circe said. "And I turned Diana into one…although it was more like a boar, to compliment her boorish personality. She gets it from her mother."

The web slinger looked towards Circe with a very disapproving look. The goddess stepped forward, the bottom half of her outfit sliding up to reveal she wore absolutely nothing underneath it. Circe stood a couple of inches away from him.

"I've been a bad girl," Circe said. "Maybe, I should be punished, just a little bit. What do you say, Spider-Man? Do you think you can punish me, like a Spider-Man can?"

Spider-Man grabbed her and pulled her into another kiss. Peter Parker's tongue pushed into Circe's mouth and invaded it. The purple haired goddess gasped the deeper Peter pushed his tongue inside of her throat. The two battled for domination, with Peter winning the battle, at least at first. His tongue came deeper into her throat, pushing himself into her waiting mouth.

Now, her toga rolled up to see her enchanting thighs. A small strip of purple hair came between her legs, and Peter leaned in to slowly rub on her dripping pussy. Circe ground her pussy against his invading fingers, groaning when the warm sensation of her cunt lips ground against him. Peter picked up the pace.

The next play ended with Peter reaching up with his free hand and pulling her dress down and revealing her large breasts. They were firm and eternally perky, of the perks of being a goddess. Peter had to squeeze them, and he pulled on her nipples. Her chest shoved more prominently into Peter's clenching hands.

"Squeeze them!" Circe breathed heavily. "They're all for you!"

Peter was going to squeeze them and hold those soft, fleshy wonders in his hands. Circe rolled her neck back and moaned every single time Peter touched her breasts. Her creamy orbs rested in Peter's hands, recipient to several squeezes. Her heart beat faster.

It had been a long time since she received pleasure. Circe wrapped herself up in her own convoluted schemes so much, she had forgotten what pleasure was. His fingers slowly worked between her folds, slipping deep inside of her body. Her walls tightened around him and she breathed. Those fingers pushed into her.

Peter's ego got a huge leap which he realized he made a goddess cum just because of his fingers. The look of pleasure burning over Circe's face showed Peter how much she was into the intrusion of his fingers. He dug them deep inside of her core, the smoldering hot center squeezing around him. Circe pushed his fingers as deep into her as possible.

"Yes, more, deeper!" Circe panted heavily.

Peter kept up the pace, slamming his fingers inside of Circe's wet and hungry womanhood. He slipped two fingers, three fingers, deep inside of her body. Circe grinded them into Peter's invading digits, cumming hard on his hand.

"You really haven't got any in a while, have you?"

Circe smiled and took notice of the large bulge in Peter's pants. She took ahold of it without any shame and squeezed it. She edged closer towards Peter, still squeezing his crotch, before whispering in his ear.

"No, I haven't baby," Circe said. "I want you to take me, take me harder than anyone has ever taken me before. Take that big cock and ram it into my tight hole!"

Circe rubbed his crotch and slowly removed his pants. She had his pants off and then his boxer shorts underneath. She was a bit disappointed they were not spider-themed, or anything like that, just plain black boxer shorts. She slipped her finger inside of the opening flap and rubbed his crotch.

"I like it nice and hard," Circe said. "Would you like to fuck me? Would you like to fuck me nice and rough? Is this big, strong, throbbing cock all for me?"

Peter grabbed Circe and responded by forcefully kissing her and guiding her down to the bed. The goddess spread her thighs in excitement. Peter slightly rubbed against her, his cock coming out of his pants. It touched her slit which almost sucked him in thanks to her divine power.

The goddess squirmed underneath her soon to be lover. This big cock was going to shove into her body. She wondered if any of the other goddesses conspired to get a piece of it. Aphrodite would love to get it in all of her holes. Hera deserved a good hard fucking after all of the shit Big Z put her through over the years. And Circe clenched at the thought of all of the goddesses lining up to suck Spider-Man's cock, followed by all of the Amazons.

"You want it, don't you?" Peter asked.

"Don't make me beg for it," Circe said, her voice swimming with lust. "Please, for Hera's sake, don't make me beg for it."

"Oh, Hera, isn't the one squirming beneath me," Peter said. "This is for your sake, isn't it, Circe?"

He clenched her round breasts and caused the woman on the bed to thrash. Her moist center slowly worked up, in an attempt to engulf Peter deep inside of her. Her walls came very close to sliding up to meet him, but just missed the target by about that much.

"Please, please!" Circe yelled. "Pin me down on the bed and make me your bitch."

"I think from the moment you got into my debt, you did a good job at doing that yourself."

Peter grabbed her thighs hard and worked his cock inside her tightening vice. Circe rose up off of the bed, lifting her hips to guide a few more inches. The woman's greed was obvious, she wanted about as much of this cock inside her as humanly possible.

"YES!" Circe screamed, digging her nails into Spider-Man's lower back when he shoved his throbbing cock inside of her body.

The web slinger pulled out of her almost all the way. The look of burning lust in Circe's eye caused Peter to smile down at her. He was going to taunt her and enjoy pretty much every single moment of what he was doing. He dove in for the kill, filling her pussy up with so much of his cock, she could barely stand all of it sliding between her legs. The goddess tightened her grip around Peter and then released him. Her hot pumping continued, each shove escalating when he buried himself in between her thighs.

"Yes, yes, more!" Circe begged him.

Peter explored the curves of her heavenly legs. The more he caressed those legs, the deeper and more passionate Circe's moans became. He really was driving the woman beneath him absolutely insane with lust. The web slinger's hands clung to her legs and released them.

Pleasure danced through the body of Circe. She never received an orgasm which had been inflicted by anyone but herself. So to feel it course through her, and center around her loins to squeeze Peter's mighty rod was very intense. She shoved her hips up and moaned.

The feeling of making a goddess cum only made Peter slide his hard cock deeper inside of her body. Her lubricated center drew him between her thighs and released him. The web slinger's heavy pumping made her body shake underneath him.

"Yes, deeper, more!" Circe begged him.

The web slinger drove his hard rod deeper inside of her body, stretching out her center all the way. Peter almost pulled himself out of her and sunk back down into her smoldering core.

"I can do this all day," Peter said.

Circe hugged his hips into her, squeezing him. She looked up at him, thinly disguised lust dancing through her eyes.

"Please, do," Circe begged him. "I have to have your cock buried inside me all day. There's nothing more in my life than I want more than a nice, big, throbbing cock shoved inside of my nice, tight, needy pussy!"

She pumped his cock with every single word. Peter leaned down and lavished her breasts. They demanded attention, and Peter could not help but giving them the attention they craved, they deserved. He enjoyed the tightness of Circe wrapping around him and squeezing him tight.

"Yes," Circe begged him. "Give me more! MORE!"

She demanded good results and Peter decided to give it to him. He stimulated every inch of her body possible to reach with his hands and mouth. Those little tricks of the trade worked wonders and resulted in Circe thrashing about underneath Peter. Her loins clenched around him and released his hard rod. He filled up her body, burying himself deep inside of her.

Circe held onto her lover, feeling the pleasure of getting her pussy pumped with his huge cock. She could not believe the feeling she received. It was more than a great feeling. It was completely magnificent beyond all belief. Her womanhood tightened around Peter, gripping him very hard. He shoved more of his length inside of her, and speared her core until it stretched out all around his aching hard cock.

"So, close," Circe begged him. "Suck my tits, make me yours!"

Circe got close and her latest orgasm brought Peter closer to the edge as well. He ran his hands on the underside of her legs and felt up her divine body. He grabbed ahold of her ass and squeezed down on it before using it to push himself in and out of it.

Now, Circe's body clenched around him. Her legs wrapped their way around Peter's waste.

"Don't hold back now!" Circe yelled. "I'm a goddess, I can take your hardest, roughest…..LIKE THAT!"

The hyper hard fucking stretched Circe out to the max. Peter's fingernails dug into her legs as he gave into the animal instincts within. Circe pulled him deep inside of her. Those throbbing balls touched her womanhood. Peter rose up and slid down into her, going even deeper than before.

"Spider-Man!" Circe screamed.

She knew the goddesses and perhaps the Amazons could hear her screaming. She hoped they got the message, how much she enjoyed having this stiff cock drilled into her body.

Spider-Man's love muscle got an intense workout the very second Circe sucked him into her. He had no idea how many orgasms he gave the goddess. The only thing he was somewhat conscious of was how wet, hot, and willing she was to receive more cock inside of her body. His balls bounced on her upper lips when his cock shoved inside of her. He stretched her core completely out with more thrusts.

"Closer, are we?" Peter asked. "I am too."

Circe anticipated what would happen next. Those balls full of so much cum for her. She could not wait until Spider-Man spilled his cum inside of her womb, and drained every single last drop of cum inside of her body. She held onto him tightly.

"Go for it!" Circe begged him. "Batter my pussy! Fill it up with your cum! Drain those balls! DRAIN THEM!"

Peter did as she asked, pushing into her with a rapid-fire fury. His balls constricted and shot his seed into her. She grabbed ahold of him, with both her pussy and legs, squeezing him and draining every single drop of cum inside of her body.

All that warm juice for her made Circe's body size up and release him. Her walls pumped Peter until his balls completely emptied inside of Circe. The web slinger had every single last drop of seed drained from his testicles after Circe was done with him.

He collapsed her on chest, sliding out of her. Circe pulled out of him and rolled him over. She straddled him, without missing a beat. Some of his cum still drained from her pussy.

"So, I know you have more left in the tank," Circe said. "And I'm not done thanking you."

"Oh, you're quite welcome," Peter groaned.

He had been brought back to life for round two with the goddess.


Next Chapter 6/3/2017.

Chapter Text

High Above the City Streets(Rebecca Grayson/Nightwing)

Most people would be a bundle of nerves standing on a very narrow ledge high above the city above a lot of concrete. Rebecca Grayson, the Gotham City Vigilante formally known as Robin, now known as Nightwing, lived for this kind of excitement though. She was on the Circus High Wire ever since she could walk. Heights really didn't bother her, and danger bothered her even less.

Several lines of webbing shot across from one building to the next, and caused a web bridge leading between the two buildings in the back alleyway. She watched, when seeing everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man standing across the street.

"Are you sure you're up for this?" Spider-Man asked.

"Hey, I have full confidence your webbing is going to hold for this," Nightwing said. "Besides, what's life without a little bit excitement and a little bit of risk?"

The vigilante took a couple of steps onto the webbing. It rocked back and forth when she moved into position, carefully taking each step. The new and improved batch of webbing held. She dressed in a tight leather bodysuit with a blue symbol on it. Her friend, Kara, told her about the legend of the Nightwing on Krypton, which caused her to adopt the superhero name.

Spider-Man stepped onto the webbing and it held their body weight, which meant his calculations were correct. Exactly whether or not it would hold underneath other stresses, when the web slinger did not go. Regardless, he moved to the center, and Nightwing moved closer towards him.

"Wow, this is the most insane thing I've ever done," Nightwing said.

"You're just now coming to this conclusion?" Spider-Man asked.

Rebecca knew it was insane, but it didn't stop her from being so excited. She motioned for Spider-Man to step a couple of inches across the webbing. His mask already slid up, and Rebecca grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him into a kiss.

She had Peter Parker right where she wanted him. Roaming hands felt every inch of his body, and Rebecca lightly tugged at Peter's uniform. Her fingers lightly caressed his abdomen area, slowly pushing her fingers down the edge of his pants.

"Seems like I'm not the only one excited," Rebecca teased him.

Spider-Man grabbed her ass ad pulled her into another steamy embrace ,with a kiss to match. Their kisses connected with each other, with Spider-Man nibbling on her lower lip. She breathed heavily. Rebecca's fingers wrapped around Peter's throbbing hard cock and it was a very tight fit in his pants.

The girl decided to get his cock out of his pants with a quick, precise movement. His throbbing hard cock had been exposed for her. The beautiful dark-haired woman dropped to her knees to survey what she worked with. The very naughty nature of what she was doing excited the former circus acrobat. Giving a blowjob to someone on a bridge made of spider webbing was most certainly exciting.

"Becca!" Peter groaned.

Rebecca got really hot about hearing his name, especially in relation to the sexual actions she performed. These actions resulted in Rebecca's tongue running down his cock. Rebecca got his cock completely lubricated with her spit, rubbing his cock all the way down.

The moment she worked his cock all the way over, Rebecca Grayson shoved all of the meat she could fit inside. The pulsing meat shoved in the back of her throat, and she groaned, when coming all the way down on his manhood. Peter held onto the back of her hair and slowly worked his massive cock into the back of her throat.


The blowjob kicked up to an intense pace. Rebecca grabbed onto his lower back and shoved more of his manhood deep inside of her throat. She clutched him hard and took him deep and fast.

Peter groaned, she had lips made for sucking cock. You had to love that about a girl, and Peter most certainly did love it. His balls kept throbbing when pushing against the edge of Rebecca's chin. She moaned when coming down on his throbbing pole, sucking him very hard. Peter grabbed the back of her head and worked his pulsing manhood as far deep into her throat.

Rebecca sucked him very hard. He grabbed the back of her head when the two swayed on the bridge high above New York. The bridge held up very nicely. Rebecca still was excited by the fact they were in such a dangerous spot. One wrong move and they could plunge all the way to their doom.

Speaking of plunging, that's what Rebecca did. She plunged a fair amount of this throbbing penis into her mouth. She stretched her throat around the hard pole, sucking him very hard. Those balls were so full of cum. She worked Peter about as far as she wanted to go.

Then, Rebecca pulled away from him. She applied a light amount of pressure to stave off the orgasm, while also giving him a nice lick around the head.

"No, not yet," Rebecca said.

She turned around and Peter got a full glimpse of her amazing ass through that tight, form fitting costume. She rubbed her ass down Peter's hardening cock which got him very excited. Peter held her by the hips and pushed his manhood against her. He ground down against her.

Rebecca turned around and undid the front of her suit, slowly slipping it off. She watched Peter's eyes when she revealed more of her toned, tanned flesh. Her already ample breasts were pushed up by a sports bra. Peter took a full view of her toned lower body, and nice curvy hips, with legs which stretched on forever. She wore a black thong underneath her costume.

"So, are you ready to have some real fun?" Rebecca asked. "I think the state of you answers that enough."

Rebecca slowly unzipped her boot and lifted her leg. She took her toes and ensnared Peter's cock in between them. She jerked his cock up with her soft, elegant foot, teasing him slightly with her foot. Peter lifted his crotch up, within her toes, groaning at the feeling and it was a great feeling to have.

The slow rubbing continued, with Rebecca making sure to stimulate every nerve ending possible she could with the use of her foot. She looked at the expression in Peter's eyes, and pulled back from him for a minute.

Driven mad by the lust, Peter, grabbed her by the hips, and held her up. Her panties ripped off thanks to her sticky fingers. Rebecca just looked him with a smile.

"Eager, aren't we?"

Peter held her hips and guided her dripping wet pussy against his throbbing hard cock. He knew she wanted this just about as much as she did. There's no holding back right now. Peter pushed his hard cock against her willing entrance, slowly lowering himself down on the webbing.

A huge amount of cock sheathed inside of Rebecca's tight body. She unclipped her bra and allowed her breasts to flow free. She pressed down onto Peter, grinding every inch of her toned, well formed body onto his head. The web bridge swayed the second Rebecca started to work him over.

Peter grabbed ahold of her ass to steady her. Rebecca's nice, warm, body pushed down onto his cock. She clutched onto him and released his throbbing cock. Rebecca's wet walls rubbed down onto his massive prick, stretching him inside of her.

"Yes, right there, that's the spot!" Rebecca begged him.

He grabbed onto Rebecca's waist and shoved his throbbing cock inside of her tight body. Her wet center squeezed him and released him. The orgasm tensed up in her body, and Peter could not help, but pushing his cock inside of her a little bit more.

"You bounce much harder, the webbing could give way," Peter answered.

"No, I don't think it will," Rebecca said. "But, I'm sure you'll be quick enough to fix it, won't you, stud?"

The tension of her pussy muscles wrapped around his cock made Peter groan in response. Rebecca slowly worked his cock deep inside of her body. His body worked up and down, pushing deep inside of her with each thrust. His balls, so close to being put over the edge, nearly gave way from what she was doing to him. And she did a lot to him, bouncing up and down all the way.

Rebecca's excitement increased when those strong hands reached up to cup her breasts. She loved it when Peter played with and worshipped her breasts. It caused many tingles to go through her body. The excitement of fucking him high above the New York City streets made her gush.

Peter always expected Rebecca got off on dangerous situations, but she just reminded of him anew of this. Her body pressed down onto his cock, filling him up with her body. She squeezed him tight and released him. She slowly slid off of his pole all of the way.

"Give it to me, really make me gush!" she begged him.

Oh, Peter was going to really make her gush already. He held onto Rebecca and kept burying his rock-hard prick inside of her inviting body. Her womanhood stretched around his cock when rising and lowering down onto it. Peter held himself back on the bed and received a nice, hard fucking with her warm pussy. Peter closed his eyes.

"Touch my breasts, squeeze them!" Rebecca encouraged them. "Oh, twist my nipples, you know how much I like that, baby!"

Peter held her nipples out between his fingers and did as Rebecca asked. He grabbed her nipples, gave them a nice firm twist. Her entire body rocked down onto his thick pole, dropping and lowering without any problems. Peter closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of Rebecca's wet sheath incasing his pole, rubbing it up and down.

Orgasm beyond everything she ever hit, struck Rebecca full on. She kept bouncing on his huge cock, taking it inside of her body. Each rise, each lower, made her feel so good, so intense, so wonderful. Her pussy juices kept staining his cock with each orgasm.

The web bridge held by some miracle. She didn't know how it did. Her libido increased. Rebecca pushed herself down onto his manhood and grabbed him hard.

Peter closed his eyes and just felt the sensation of being buried between her smooth thighs, deep inside of her pussy. And boy, she was tight. Speaking of tight, Peter grabbed onto her ass and worshipped it. His squeezing increased and made Rebecca's heart start beating even faster.

"Mmm, yes, right there!" Rebecca yelled.

"I can't believe you're this wet."

"Believe it," Rebecca said. "And it's not entirely because of the heights, you know."

Rebecca grabbed his cock, showing the muscle control she developed. She pumped it slightly, but not enough for him to cum inside of her. The former circus acrobat did not want cum, at least not just yet. Soon there would be an obscene amount of seed buried inside of her body, but only when the time was right, and not one second before.

The web slinger almost complimented himself on his engineering work. The lines held despite the stress. This new batch of webbing would be perfect to hold super villains. It most certainly held when Becca bounced down onto his cock very hard and very fast.

Rebecca threw her head back and barely even surpassed her moan.

"What happened to being discreet?" Peter asked. "What would they say in Gotham?"

"We're not in Gotham!" Rebecca yelled at the top of her lungs, driving her pussy down onto his cock with each movement.

Peter tensed underneath her, it was more than fair. They were not in Gotham. The beautiful brunette spread her legs out very far and took as much of Peter inside of her. She showed immense flexibility, bending back all of the way, and allowing her chest to only stick out in greater prominence. A part of her body which Peter reached for and appreciated like none other, squeezing her breasts and allowed him to bounce down on her body.

"So, hot," Peter groaned. "You don't know how hot you are."

"Oh, I'm well aware of how hot I am," Rebecca said. "And I know how much your cock is throbbing for me, isn't it?"

She pushed her thighs down onto his throbbing cock and stretched her wet pussy around him. Every single drop of her cunt down onto his hard cock made him throb a little bit more. His balls grew heavy, and he briefly entertained the thought the weight of his balls might be the thing.

Her tight ass bounced down onto him, touching his balls. Peter reached behind her and cupped her ass, squeezing it. Becca looked down at him with a smile and stretched him.

Both of them tested each other's limits, and the limits of the webbing, to be perfectly honest. It started to wobble.

"Oh, I wonder what's going to finish first," Rebecca breathed.

"I think you are," Peter said.

He lit a fire underneath her loins. Every single inch of her pussy drilled down onto Peter's hard rod and filled her completely up. Rebecca clamped down onto him, filling her pussy up with his engorged cock. Rebecca dropped down onto his manhood, her breasts bouncing when her pussy lowered onto his hard cock.

"Fair enough, but you're getting close!" Rebecca yelled. "I can feel it. Don't hold back, you know what you want to do!"

Peter did know what he wanted to her. Her sexy body working over every inch of his increased the throbbing inside of his balls. Peter pushed back on the bed, feeling the pleasure going through his balls. Tension could not be described through mere words.

"Yes, I am," Rebecca breathed. "Go ahead, and cum for me. Cum for me hard!"

All Peter could do was hold onto her hips and bury his massive cock inside of her body. Tension from his swollen balls fired into her body. The tension inside of his body just released inside of her into one endless ejaculation.

Rebecca closed her eyes and got her money's worth. Every single last drop of cum spilled inside of her body, and filled her completely up. Rebecca bit down on her lip hard and rode him like a stallion. Everything, he was worth, entered her body.

Both lovers came down from their eye. The webbing sunk down and was about ready to collapse. Rebecca rose up and did a flip, which landed her on the side of the building.

Peter had to enjoy a girl who could still do brilliant acrobatics despite being fucked.

He scooped up her clothes, and swung off, just before the web bridge collapsed to the ground. Both of them stood side by side each other, mostly naked.

"Well, I'd say that's a success," Rebecca said. "So, why don't we swing over to your place for a shower….we're pretty sweaty and sticky."

Peter thought a shower was a good idea now. He slipped on his suit, and Rebecca put on the shirt and jeans she had in the bag she left on the rooftop. They were clothed enough when swinging home, which was needed given the way to Peter's apartment was across a busy city street, and it would not be a good idea to be unclothed.

The last thing they needed was the Fappening Part Two: Superhero Boogalou.


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Chapter Text

Deadly Intentions(Elektra).

Overall, it wasn't a good performance for Elektra tonight. She felt herself shaken a little bit, from the dart entering the side of her neck. She took on a rival for a very high profile contract tonight. The rival and his men got the drop on her and now Elektra found herself woozy. If any number of her other enemies saw her in this state, they could take advantage of her predicament.

Something inside of the toxin made Elektra's body heat up in an almost unbearable manner. The tight outfit she wore stretched against her nipples which became hard in an unbearable way. The front of her costume rubbed against her pussy lips and it was becoming very hard for her to stand upright. Elektra had been torn between killing someone and finding the nearest cock to fuck it.

There were so many cocks, rock-hard and raw, ready to fuck her. She didn't care if they had the stamina.

'No, you got to maintain your focus,' Elektra thought, pulling herself.

Yet, she figured the serum would end up over stimulating her nervous system unless she found a way to sweat it out. Elektra slowly pulled down the front of her top, rubbing her breast underneath it. She could not get any kind of relief with her fingers brushing the edge of her nipples. She bit down on her lip.

Elektra saw him swinging across the city from her position. She caught her sights on Spider-Man. Spider-Man, well, there was a saying among certain parties in New York, and he would do quite nicely. And he was very close. Elektra had to time this exactly right, to make sure his spider sense did not go off.

If she timed it right, something else would go off.

Spider-Man came by, and Elektra aimed a dagger with the pinpoint precision. The web slinger's line snapped, and he swung in the mid-air, making his way on the rooftop.

A confused Spider-Man dropped down to the ground next to her. Spider-Man turned around and saw Elektra knock him to the ground. A Sai was in her hand, and she had Spider-Man pinned down to the ground. Her strong legs wrapped around his thighs.

"Elektra!" Spider-Man yelled. "I thought….there's not…"

"Don't worry, there's not a contract out on you," Elektra said. "But, you're going to help me."

Spider-Man wondered how Elektra expected him to help her with her body down onto his hips. Her beautiful body, lightly grinding against his crotch on the other side of his tops. Her breasts spilled out of her top and round breasts came out with dark nipples. The Greek Ninja on top of him.

"And I'm going to help you."

Elektra ripped Spider-Man's pants off without any shame. The web slinger could feel Elektra's hand grope him.

"I'd rather have a piece of someone I respect, than some random asshole I dragged into the shadows."

"Something…did something, oh god, did something happen to you."

Elektra didn't answer, she ripped his boxer shorts open and pulled his hard cock out. His thick length stuck up in the air. It was big, and Elektra could not wait until her pussy was wrapped around it. She grabbed Spider-Man around the base of his hard cock and squeezed it. Her fingers tensed up around his manhood, grabbing him hard around the base and releasing him.

Groans came from the web slinger when he received one of the most aggressive handjobs in his entire life. She clutched his manhood hard and released it. Elektra's warm lips came down and sucked him down hard. Spider-Man didn't know what quite spurred this on.

There had to be a reason, and Spider-Man hoped this wasn't some new technique. Death by sex wouldn't be the worst way to go, but still, he really hoped there was a long life ahead of him.

"Lick me!"

Elektra sat down on Spider-Man's face, and felt the web slinger's hands to squeeze her warm thighs. The web slinger pushed against her wet lips. Spider-Man lightly brushed against her hungry lips and sucked them. The tasty treat flowing between the Greek assassin's thighs made Spider-Man only crave more.

The assassin was careful not to smother Spider-Man in between her thighs. The last thing she wanted was a corpse before she was done with him. The web slinger's tongue touched the inside of her dripping pussy. The web slinger grabbed Elektra's ass and squeezed it. The web slinger kept licking her.

"Right there!" Elektra yelled. "Eat my pussy…..oh, I'm cumming so hard!"

The toxin spreading through her body resulted in Elektra's loins clenching and releasing down on his face. The web slinger grabbed her by the thighs and eased her down onto his face. He pushed his tongue deeper inside of her body, sucking the womanly juices from her loins.

Several minutes of pussy eating later, and Elektra finally pulled away from him. Her pussy was nice and moist, just like it should be. She leaned closer towards him and attacked him with a kiss.

Suddenly, Spider-Man rolled her over onto the rooftop and held her against the contract. The assassin experienced a rush of lust through her body when he was on top of her. His cock slowly ground against her opening, threatening to enter her, and split her in half.

"You want me?" Spider-Man asked.

"Yes, that much is obvious," Elektra said.

"If only you tell me why you attacked me."

Spider-Man grabbed onto her legs and now it was Elektra who was in a vunerable position. And she loved the change of pace .To be dominated excited the woman. She shifted her hips up off of the roof and tried to grab him.

"Fine, it's the toxin," Elektra said. "If I don't have sex, I'm going to die….literally, I'm going to die."

Spider-Man took one look into her eyes and slowly rubbed her thighs. The woman beneath Spider-Man breathed heavily, those fingers touched her womanhood from underneath. The web slinger slipped a finger inside of her body and pumped her.

"So, you need to sweat it out?" Spider-Man asked. "Well, I think we can work up enough of a sweat to really get you going, wouldn't you agree?"

Elektra agreed, those fingers touched the inside between her thighs. Spider-Man pushed deep inside of her body and then slipped out of her. Her pussy was nice, wet, and ready to go. The web slinger looked down at her and grabbed her breast in his hand.

"Do, whatever you want to me," Elektra said. "I just want a piece of that cock, and soon. If I die, I'm going to take you with me."

Talk about your incentive. Spider-Man grabbed either side of Elektra's thighs and spread them apart. He aimed his throbbing hard cock inside of her pussy. She almost grabbed him and dragged him inside of her.

"You're horny!"

Elektra only responded by grabbing Spider-Man's shoulder and tore at the back of his costume.

"You're going to wreck my suit."

"Send me the bill," she said, suckling on the side of his neck, and biting down on him hard.

Those warm sensations allowed Spider-Man to pick up and spear her insides with his throbbing length. He filled the area between the tanned thighs of this goddess. She lifted her legs up, spread them, and wrapped them around his neck, pushing them inside of her.

"Yes, you bastard, fuck me hard!" Elektra yelled.

Spider-Man could feel the squeeze, both of her pussy wrapped around his cock, and her legs squeezing around his head. She released after a second, with Spider-Man grabbing her ass and squeezing it. She responded to a finger brushing against her asshole.

The web slinger pushed inside of her body. His length pushed into her and rose out of her. Those hard balls slapped against her thighs. Elektra grabbed onto his hard cock and drew it deeper inside of her body. Her bouncing frame came up and down on the tight throbbing cock of Spider-Man.

"Yes, you'll do nicely!" Elektra yelled.

Spider-Man could not help but feel a little used, but if she was in danger of dying, he figured he could give her a hand or a cock as the saying went. He shoved more of his mighty rod inside her body, burying it so far deep inside of her, Elektra stretched around him.

Several times, she buried his length inside of her body. It brought her closer to the edge and caused her to come down onto him. Elektra's nipples stuck out, more than ready to be grabbed and to be squeezed. Spider-Man clutched her warm breasts and clutched them.

Elektra moved her legs around him, and then flipped him over. The web slinger only delivered the most token of protests. Her hot walls slid deep down onto his cock and engaged his cock with a series of deep pumps. His balls slapped up against her walls when she came up on him and drove all the way down on him.

So close, closer than ever before. Elektra never came like this. Spider-Man was full of surprises, and if there was anything that thrilled her, it was the unexpected. The expected got very mundane. Actually feeling pleasure, beyond what was needed to negate the toxin made her hot.

Spider-Man groaned. She really was riding him. Had he been a normal man and not enhanced by spider abilities, she might have fucked him to death. It would not be the worst way to go, but Spider-Man thanked himself for his enhanced durability.

"Finally, someone who won't collapse."

Her latest tryst with Daredevil ended on a very sour note. Matt had his demons, and Elektra had hers as well, but that was beside the point. Now, she focused on the young, well-endowed man she had underneath him. She focused on taking her walls around his hard cock and stretching her.

"I aim to please."

Spider-Man held onto her thighs and clenched her loins around his thick tool. The web slinger pushed deep inside of her body. His balls slapped against her.

"And you're going to aim to give me something else," Elektra said. "But not yet, it's much too soon. Soon enough, but not this soon."

Pinching the base of his cock staved off his release. She had no idea what kind of stamina Spider-Man had, but she was not going to take any chances. The web slinger groaned, and she grabbed his head, before guiding it in between her breasts. They were sweaty, soft, and ready to be suckled. Elektra's fingers dug into the back of her head.

Those round orbs pushed against the face of the web slinger. Peter Parker found himself engulfed between her woman chest orbs. Every inch of the heated flesh was very good, felt very excellent pressed against his face.

"Oh, I'm going to put you through the paces," Elektra said. "I hope you'll survive this experience."

Elektra, deep down, would have been very disappointed if this was a one-time encounter as well. She reached a fever pitch. Elektra squeezed his cock and milked him inside of her. She managed to control her lower muscles just enough.

"Glad to have run into you."

Spider-Man could not answer with his mouth full of breast. Her warm nipples shoved deep inside of his mouth. He would have said he enjoyed the little meeting. Elektra's warmth spread her loins around his cock.

Elektra bounced onto him and pushed deep inside of her body. The manhood slid inside of her and stretched out her insides. She rose and lowered herself. Each time he entered her, it brought Elektra closer to another climax. She lowered and dropped onto his engorged prick. Each push inside of her brought him a little bit closer. She could feel it.

Two hands gripped onto the underside of Elektra's ass and pulled her closer into her center. Elektra dropped down on him, working his pole. It would only be a matter of time before he exploded.

She was about to stave off of his release, but there was a momentary distraction. His hands gripped the underside of her ass and squeezed it. Every single feeling of those hands touching her ass, it brought Elektra to new realms of pleasure. She responded by squeezing his waist with her legs, and shoved deep down on him.

"Right there, take me right now!" Elektra yelled.

Spider-Man grabbed his hands and squeezed them. The woman's breathing increased with his fingers touching the underside of her nipples. He pulled on them and sucked on her breasts. He reached closer to the end and he wanted to ride out her latest orgasm. He tried to guess what spots drove her the most insane. The intense mewling in his ear proved that Spider-Man hit the jackpot, in more ways than one.

"Right there, do it!" Elektra shouted at the top of her lungs.

Her rising and falling of her sweetening loins pushed more of Spider-Man deep inside of her body. The web slinger shoved more of his hard cock inside of her tight body.

"Go ahead, I'm ready," Elektra said.

Her body dripped with sweat, and she wanted to welcome in his sticky seed. It would find a proper home between her legs. The web slinger rose up, showing signs of life. Elektra rode him harder, grabbing his cock between her walls. It would only be a matter of time before he completely broke.

The fact he didn't excited Elektra. It was never fun when someone sat there and take it. The web slinger buried his hard cock inside of her moist canal, and filled her up with his insanely hard cock.

Finally, all of the pleasures became way too much for Spider-Man to bear. The web slinger shot the contents of his balls inside of her waiting pussy and filled her completely up.

Elektra pushed herself to the brink. She knew the toxin likely had passed through her body, even though the lust did not pass through. Still, she rammed herself deep down onto him. Every drop, every push, stretched out the woman either more. Spider-Man gave as good as she did.

Both parties exchanged juices, drenched in sweat and cum when they were on the rooftop. Elektra released Spider-Man and pulled away from him. She gathered up her clothes, and slipped them back on. Spider-Man looked at her for a second, and she nodded.

"Thanks for the help," Elektra said. "I'm in your debt."

"No problem, happy to help," Spider-Man said. "So, do you need any help in finding the guys who did this to you?"

"No," Elektra said. "But, if I do need any help, I'll be sure to find you."

The suggestive nature in her words caused something other than Peter's Spider Sense to tingle. The moment he blinked, she was gone.

Ninjas tended to do that.


Chapter Text

Earning the D (Jade Nyugen/Cheshire)

Jade Nyugen sat at the edge of a classroom, in the front of the desk, the only person in the desk. A blouse about a size or two too small stretched over her chest. The first couple of buttons had been undone to reveal her immense cleavage and came almost all the way up to expose her toned stomach. She wore a plaid skirt, sliding up to expose her toned legs and this garment wrapped snugly. She wore a pair of thigh high leather boots, a pair of fingerless black gloves, and a choker collar around her neck. Jade coated her lips with green lipstick which she puckered her lips with.

She saw her teacher, Peter Parker, step in front of the classroom. The Vietnamese student locked eyes towards Peter and smiled when seeing him approach towards her. She eyed up her teacher like he was a fresh cut of beef, just ready to devoured.

"Ms. Nyugen, you know why you're here," Peter said.

"Because, you wanted to get me in a classroom alone, with no witnesses," Jade said.

The final touch to the naughty schoolgirl outfit was a lollipop which Jade brought to her lips and sucked on the head of the sucker. It brought Peter's mind to her lips doing other things, and sucking on other areas. His heart kept racing when he locked eyes towards Jade. Her tongue brushed against the edge of the lollipop head and she tilted back a couple of inches, while suckling on it.

"Mmm," Jade remarked casually when suckling on the top of the lollipop head. "Is that generally right, sir?"

"You're here because your grades are failing and your attire is not appropriate for class," Peter said sternly.

"The boys don't seem to mind," Jade responded. "You don't seem to mind as well. I can see you staring at my legs… tits….my ass….and my lips….you like staring at my lips, thinking about what they can do, can't they, Mr. Parker?"

Jade slowly sucked on the lollipop, and caused Peter to groan.

"Yes, I can see how much you enjoy my lips," Jade breathed excitedly. "And no one else is here, the door's locked. No one would ever know."

The beautiful Vietnamese girl winked at him when sucking on her lollipop. Lust flooded through her eyes as she bobbed her lips up and down on the lollipop like she was sucking….well, Peter shouldn't think about this.

"Ms. Nyugen, you have to realize your behavior is highly inappropriate," Peter said. "I'm going to have to fail you, if you don't pick up for your studies."

"Oh, that's more of a fault of the educational system than me, wouldn't you think?" Jade asked. "Besides, I try hard, but I can't focus. Too many distractions from the hot teacher in front of the classroom, you see, I'm hot for you, Mr. Parker….or would you prefer me to call you, Peter?"

Jade rose up to her feet and sauntered across the classroom. Her hips started to sway in a hypnotic manner when she moved closer towards Peter at the front of the classroom.

"It's not polite to call your teachers by their first name…."

"Oh, Peter, don't be suck a stick in the mud," Jade said. "Why don't you stick yourself somewhere else? Somewhere nice and warm?"

Jade reached towards Peter and cupped his crotch through the front of his pants. He tried to pull away, but Jade grabbed his crotch, tight, and squeezed it.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," Peter said. "We could get into a lot of trouble."

"I'm willing to do anything to make sure my grades get raised," Jade said. "I'm not going to be a greedy bitch, who is looking for an A. Rather, I want just enough to pass. Nice average grades, C Plus would be nice, wouldn't it? Let's see if we can't raise those grades."

"Study, and application is important," Peter said, groaning.

"Oh, I'm studying something that I like," Jade said.

Jade moved closer towards him, this sexy schoolgirl had Peter's hips ensnared between her thighs. She was sinister, with the look on her face, but also very seductive. She raked her nails against Peter's face, and studied his face. Jade held up her lollipop and frowned.

"I guess, I'm going to need something big and hard to suck on now," Jade said. "Maybe something with a nice, creamy, juicy, filling."

"Jade, you need to stop!" Peter groaned.

"Why?" Jade asked. "I'm being a good little student, helping her teacher with his problem. And you have a problem, a big problem. And I'm a good little school girl who wants to help her teacher."

Jade kissed Peter on the lips full force, aggressively. He returned the kiss, running his fingers down the back of the student. The sexy Asian schoolgirl was going to have her way with him, the kiss deepened in aggression, and caused Peter to groan when she pushed him back into the desk.

The older man kissing her back caused Jade to be triumphant. Her eyes glazed over with pleasure when he kissed her hard.

Jade pulled away from Peter and dropped down onto her knees in front of him. She unbuckled his belt and pulled it down. His boxer shorts came down.

"Oh, I wish I really done this sooner," Jade said. "You have a nice big cock, Mr. Parker. I can't wait to suck it!"

"What's stopping you?" Peter asked. "If you want at least a D, you're going to have to take the D."

Jade smiled, and took his cock in her hand. She slowly wrapped her lips around Peter's hard cock and sucked him. Hard, she licked him and slurped him. Peter's hands rested on the back of her silky hair and worked his cock deeper inside of the tight throat of the beautiful woman on her knees before him.

Pleasure engulfed Peter's hard cock. The hard suckling of the skilled girl on her knees before him resulted in Peter's groaning to increase. He wanted to be inside of her mouth so bad. Jade gave him pretty much everything he craved and more of what he desired. His hands dug into the back of Jade's head and slowly rammed into the back of her throat, fast and hard.

"Suck me, suck me hard," Peter said. "You naughty little slut, you wanted your teacher's cock for a long time."

"Admit it," Jade said. "Everytime I flipped my skirt up, you thought about me. And you wanted to look closer, to see if it was just your imagination, or was I really not wearing panties?"

Groans followed with Jade sucking Peter's throbbing hard cock inside of her mouth. The handsome teacher pushed his cock inside of Jade's mouth and slowly shoved it into her. His balls swelled up when bouncing into the back of Jade's mouth.

Lipstick marks and salvia covered Peter Parker's cock when the woman sucked him off. Her tightening grip wrapped around his balls, squeezing it. Jade slurped his cock into her mouth and released it with a couple more intense passes. She was getting closer, closer, to sucking his hard cock down.

Suddenly, she stopped, and pulled away. Jade pulled up to her feet and undid her blouse, allowing it to fall to the ground. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Round breasts came out, for Peter to squeeze. Jade practically shove dher chest into her teacher's waiting hands.

"Squeeze my tits," Jade said. "You know, you can't resist them."

Peter could not resist those round wonders. He squeezed Jade's round breasts. His cock brushed lightly underneath her skirt, which Jade reached around to take off. She wore a pair of black thong panties underneath her very short skirt today.

"You're actually wearing panties?" Peter asked.

"Only so I can watch you take them off."

Peter pushed Jade back onto the desk, his cock throbbing. His mouth found her round breasts and worshipped them. He needed to be inside of her. At the same time, Jade's glorious breasts were mouth-watering and beckoned them. He squeezed her, her tits feeling pretty good in his hands.

"Right there!" Jade moaned at the top of her lungs. "Squeeze those breasts, roughly, rougher! I can take it, Peter!"

Eventually, Peter released her breasts, but not before giving them one less light suck. He started to make his way down her abdomen area. He kissed her navel and sucked on it. The warmth coming between her legs, and her soaked panties was very obvious.

Peter slowly slid down her panties, seeing no tan lines between her legs. Her pussy had a small strip of dark hair down it, and looked very wet, very inviting, and extremely tight. Peter throbbed at the thought. He reached over to take care of something, but Jade grabbed his hand.

"Leave your wedding ring on," Jade said. "It makes me that much more excited."

She practically gushed just at the first place. Peter held her thighs apart and aimed his hard cock against her wet pussy. Jade wrapped her legs around him to ensure there were no second thoughts to what he was doing. He aimed closer towards her wet pussy, getting closer to penetrate her.

"Inside me!" Jade yelled. "Go ahead, I take it!"

Peter worked his cock inside of the barely legal temptress beneath him. Her thighs grabbed him and worked his cock in between her warm walls.

"How are you so tight?" Peter asked.

"Oh, I'm just a tease, I didn't want anyone, until I met you!" Jade yelled. "Give it to me, harder…harder!"

Jade tore into Peter's shirt, ripping it off. Peter supposed he only had himself to blame for this little problem, not removing it before the sex started. And the sex was pretty good as well. Mind-blowing at how tight her pussy was. Jade moaned when Peter pushed himself into her.

"Baby, you're so good!"

The school girl made sure to hold her older lover in tighter to him. Those balls slapped against Jade's thighs, and she was excited about how much cum they could hold for her.

"I'm going to earn my grades the old fashioned way!" Jade yelled.

"On your back and screaming for me," Peter said. "It's a shame we don't give out Os, because you're about ready to get one, aren't you?"

Peter roughly squeezed her thigh and Jade bucked up to take more of his throbbing hard cock inside of her. Her pussy stretched and sure enough, she received one. One huge orgasm which rocked every inch of her body. Peter leaned down against her and rested his head deep in her chest.

The hot and willing school girl underneath Peter really clamped down him hard. Jade's body overflowed with an orgasm. Her heart sped up more when the strong man.

Jade moaned in his ear and this only caused Peter to want to ram his cock into her tight pussy. The woman's pussy stretched around his thick cock when he pushed inside of her. Jade lifted her hips almost all the way off of the bed and then engulfed Peter's cock deep inside of her.

"Baby, harder, hard as you got!" Jade begged him. "I want to feel this one, tomorrow in class. Every time I move in my chair, I want to remember you've been between my legs."

"Oh, don't worry! You're going to remember this for a long time!"

Jade stretched across his cock the second it plunged into her deep body. She closed her eyes, panting heavily. A small amount of sweat dripped down her face the second Peter pushed deep inside of her warm body. Peter pulled completely out of her and then slammed himself deep inside of her one more time.

The constant and never ending state of orgasms she entered was speeding up. At least until Peter pulled completely out of her and caused her to drop onto the desk.

"Why did you stop?"

"Get on your hands and knees," Peter said.

Jade smiled and got on her hands and knees, wondering what would happen next. Peter climbed behind her and positioned his hard cock at her entrance. He shoved deep inside of her, and started to pound her pussy with an unbridled fury from behind.

"You're going to take my married cock from every position I want to give it to you, and you'll like it!" Peter growled.

"Oh, I like it already!"

Peter reached for those breasts and grabbed onto them. The warm wonders squeezed in his hand the second Peter plunged his throbbing hard penis into Jade's willing, tightening walls. She stretched around him and released him. Her pussy expanded as much as possible to allow the huge intruder.

Those big balls slapped on her thighs and left marks. Jade liked it, she liked it when people were rough with her. She dug her fingers in the desk.

"Oh, sir, you have a nice big cock and know how to use it!" Jade yelled. "Stuff me full of your cum!"

Peter intended to do just that. His hard cock penetrated the school girl's core. This taboo encounter, this very taboo pussy tightened up around him, and made him get closer to the edge of cumming.

"You're getting off on the fact we could get caught at any time!" Peter growled.

"Yes!" Jade yelled. "You're a bad teacher for being so sexy, and making your female students act like such sluts. I'm just a poor girl who ever had…"

Jade's words had been lost in the scream of an orgasmic lust. Peter buried so much of his cock inside of Jade, it was almost obscene. He stuffed the full length inside of her, burying more cock inside of her than most normal people could handle in their life.

The woman handled it just as well. Peter's balls ached and he was about to dump his cum inside of her. He almost pulled out, but Jade clamped onto him tight. He had to ride it out all of the way. Peter found himself too burning with his lust to think about any consequences. All he could do was slam his rod inside of her body and wait for whatever to happen.

Lust pushed Jade over the edge with her latest orgasm. Her entire body shook and the pleasure spread to her tightening pussy muscles. Peter worked inside of her with each pump. Each one getting closer and closer to the big finale which was Peter Parker's cum flooding Jade's womb.

Peter clutched her breasts while slamming inside one more time. The contents of his balls fired out and coated the inside of Jade's womb. He pushed deep inside of her, draining his balls inside of the woman on the desk.

"Yes, you bastard, give me your cum!" Jade yelled. "Knock me up with your child! You'll be in so much trouble, I love it!"

Peter could not help but be turned on by the very taboo fact he was knocking up one of his students. He could have pulled out in any time, but he spilled his cum inside of her very fertile womb. He stuck his cock inside of her, spilling of his cum inside of her body.

The dust cleared, the consequences were obvious. Peter pulled out of her.

"So, I've earned my D, I think," Jade said. "Well, that was fun."

Jade crawled over to her husband and kissed him on the lips, which he returned. Both slowly slid out of character.

"So, it's my turn to pick the roleplay next time," Jade said, wrapping her arms around Peter's waist.

"What do you have in mind?" Peter asked. "It's not, the evil assassin Cheshire holds the friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man captive and slowly pumps him for information, is it?"

"Hey, it's a classic," Jade said, shrugging. "Besides, you have to appreciate it, because it's how we met in the first place."

Peter could not dispute that.

"We're going to have to thank Ororo for allowing us access of this spare classroom for our little fun," Peter said.

"Oh, I know how we can thank her," Jade said, smiling wickedly.


Next Chapter 6/24/2017.

Chapter Text

Cries of Content(Melissa Gold/Songbird)

Melissa Gold took a deep breath and sat down on the bench. Currently known as Songbird, formerly known as Screaming Mimi, but now she just felt like a right fool for what she did. Everything appeared to go right at least at first. Then pretty much everything went south, and Melissa could have slapped herself numerous times. Why did she not seeing this coming? How could she have been so blissfully naïve? Hell, how could have everyone been so blissfully naïve?

It was over now, at least, and she had to live with the aftermath of the event. Every single consequence hit her full on. Melissa took a deep breath and looked out towards the window, wondering what would take place next. All she could do was sigh and wait for something to happen.

"I'd ask you if you're okay, but I know better."

Melissa stood up and saw a very friendly face, even if it currently had been covered in a mask. She came face to face with Spider-Man. To be honest, she was both glad he was here, and horrified at the same time he was here. It was a really weird feeling to have.

"Hey," Melissa said. "So, how is everyone doing?"

She almost dreaded asking after the fallout. Spider-Man put a hand on her shoulder which caused Melissa to lightly pull away. He was such a good guy, and she couldn't help but think his sympathy was unwarranted. The web slinger locked eyes onto the woman in question.

"We've had better days," Spider-Man said. "Everyone came out find and more importantly the world didn't end."

The woman known as Songbird closed her eyes. It just seemed like her life had been one misfortune after another to be perfectly honest. The woman's fingers brushed through her hair.

"I know you mean well," Melissa said. "But, at the same time….it's not making me feel better. How could I trust Norman Osborn? How could anyone trust Norman Osborn?"

Finally, they got to the crux of the manner. Spider-Man reached forward and grabbed the top of her hand, lightly squeezing it.

"Norman Osborn is a very shrewd man," Spider-Man informed her. "It's not your fault you got pulled into his games. You weren't the last person who was tricked by him, and the rest of the Thunderbolts…"

"Oh a couple of them willingly followed him," Songbird said. "I thought they would reform."

"Some did," Spider-Man said. "And if you thought there was no chance, you would have given up on them. But you haven't, because you think there's still hope."

Melissa decided to throw all caution to the wind, and throw her arms around Spider-Man's neck. She had been surprised how warm he felt pressed against her body. The woman's smile increased when she pushed closer into his arms. That warm grip around her made her heart race a little bit faster. Melissa tried to push closer towards him.

"Thank you, and I mean that," she said.

"I know you…"

It was an impulse move, but Melissa pulled up his mask and kissed him. He froze for a few seconds, but then, surprisingly, Spider-Man returned the kiss. The emotions, the tensions, of this previous mission were running quite high. Melissa molded in Spider-Man's arms, moaning when the kiss had been enhanced.

The two of them kissed deeper for a second. Melissa pulled away from him.

"Well, Spider-Man, I'm lonely, and you wouldn't want me to be in a vulnerable state tonight, would you?" she asked. "I haven't really thanked you properly for pulling my hind end out of the fire. And it wasn't for the first time either."

Melissa moved closer towards him and she moved closer towards his ear.

"And it won't be the last time, either would it?"

"Your words of thanks are more than enough," Spider-Man said. "Not that the kiss wasn't appreciated, it was very nice."

"Oh, thank you again," Songbird said. "You're just full of compliments, and I think I should compliment you by really thanking you. The old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. And I think you know of a few actions which will speak loudly."

Songbird held onto Spider-Man's shoulders and guided him into the door. The two of them deepened the kiss with each other. Out of respect, Songbird kept the mask on. She tugged at the rest of his pants, and slowly ran her hands down his thighs. She reached between Spider-Man's legs and gave him a firm cup of his crotch. Melissa could feel is hardening pole growing even more in prominence between her fingers.

"Oh, I think you're ready for me, aren't you, honey?" she asked. "I can't wait to taste this."

It wouldn't be the first woman who offered to thank Spider-Man in such away, but Peter thought she was an extremely persistent one. She had his throbbing cock out and touched it onto her moist lips. Songbird's tongue danced around the tip of his head and kept swirling about the edge of his cock. Several inches of Peter's length pushed deep inside of Melissa's warm mouth and sucked him extremely hard.

"Mmm, it feels so good."

Melissa endeavored to show Spider-Man what she could really do with her throat. Her hands grabbed him tight and she pushed his length into her throat. Her mouth expanded to beg more of his girth into her mouth.

Every pass of her warm mouth wrapped around his tool made Peter size up in tension. His hands threatened through her multi-colored hair, red with whitish-blonde streaks. He slowly pushed deep inside of her. Those wide expressive eyes burned with a combination of mischief and lust.

Songbird indulged in Spider-Man's cock for a few more minutes and then rose to her feet. She undid the clasp of her costume and slowly allowed it to drop down to the ground.

The vision of unrestrained beauty had been put before Spider-Man. Round breasts, the perfect waist to hip ratio, a smooth pussy, and long juicy legs awaited for him. Every single inch of Songbird's body had been exposed. She swayed her hips when going closer towards him.

"I know what you want, Spidey," she breathed. "It's the thing I want as well. That slut Moonstone moans about you webbing her down in her sleep and taking her with your big, throbbing cock."

She couldn't help, but smile at getting the better of Karla. She made her bed, unfortunately, she wasn't going to lie with Spider-Man in it. Thankfully though, Melissa was going to. Her wet pussy rubbed against Peter, her legs tightening the grip around him.

Peter held onto Melissa's waist and slowly pushed her towards his throbbing manhood. The beautiful ex-criminal brushed her womanhood against his throbbing manhood. Her legs slowly tightened around Peter's thick tool and rubbed against him.

"Take me, right there," Peter breathed.

Songbird's wet walls slowly caressed Spider-Man's manhood. She was going to take him between her thighs, hard and fast as she wanted to. She bit down on her lip when trying to keep the length from overhwhelming her. Those light touches of the web slinger's sticky fingers made her lift her hips up before dropping down onto his hard cock.

It might be only a one time thing, although Songbird hoped not. She threw her head back and gave a light cry when coming down onto them.

"Oh, I can't believe it," Spider-Man groaned.

"Open your eyes, honey," Songbird breathed. "It's not a dream, this is real, very real."

At least she hoped it was real, this would be the kind of thing which would normally cause her to wake up with sticky sheets. The woman's breathing pushed her thighs deep down onto him. She rode down onto Spider-Man's mighty rod. She submerged it between her thick thighs.

Pleasure surrounded Spider-Man when he could feel this beautiful woman drive herself down at him. It would be a wasted opportunity if he just sat here and gawked at her body, when he could touch, when he could taste, when he could feel. When he could take every single inch of her body in his hands and squeeze those round, juicy, bouncing tits. Boy, they looked pretty succulent.

Songbird's mouth hung open and she moaned. Spider-Man lightly caressed her breasts. She hoped he touched them more.

"Don't just treat them like glass," Songbird said. "Please, pull on my nipples. Squeeze them hard. Twist them! Make them yours, Spider-Man!"

Songbird begged him for more and she received even more. His hard cock pushed between her smoldering walls. Songbird bounced up and down on Spider-Man's length, taking as much of him inside of her as her tight pussy could sustain. He stretched her out something fierce.

The more Spider-Man cupped her breasts and gave them a nice, firm squeeze, the more her thighs slid all the way down the base of his cock. It was something Spider-Man kept him mind the further she pushed down onto his rod. His balls connected with her warm thighs when she pushed up and dropped down with repeated actions. Her heart sped up when dropping down onto him.

"That's it, right there!" Songbird yelled. "Really give it to me!" Harder, harder, harder!"

Spider-Man realized she had been trying to shut out the pain of what happened today. Who was he to stop her? They could deal with what happened today after the healing. Spider-Man allowed her to bury his sorrows, about as deep as he buried his cock in her.

Several minutes passed, stretching even further down the clock. He could see Songbird lose a little bit of her fever. Spider-Man tried to lift her up and drop her down onto his cock. This action was only a momentary reprise. Her thighs were getting a bit tired, and her legs buckled out from underneath her.

Despite the tired nature of her actions, Songbird hated when his cock had been pulled out of her. She realized what he wanted, and did what he asked, without telling. The beautiful woman got on her hands and knees, and her thighs opened very invitingly.

Spider-Man clung to her back, and showed how his hands stuck to surfaces well beyond the walls he was normally known to crawl. Songbird spread her legs and showed the web head exactly where she wanted the cock. He pushed down her back and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze.

"I'm going to die here," Songbird begged him.

"Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?"

Spider-Man aimed his heat seeking missile of a rod between Songbird's thighs and stuck the landing. He slipped his length in between her legs. She stretched down around him and then sprung back around him. Spider-Man held onto Songbird's ass and brought his cock inside of her body.

The feeling of his hard cock entering her tight body caused Songbird to sing a lovely tune. His manhood struck the body. Melissa Gold's mind went completely insane every single time Spider-Man connected with her tightening loins. The web slinger took his hard cock inside of her and pulled all the way out of her.

Spider-Man figured she would be a screamer, but here, he had no idea. He indulged in her beautiful, curvy, body. Every single inch stuck to his fingers at one point or another. Peter pushed his hard cock inside of her body and spread her thighs out. He pulled almost all the way out and pushed his thick manhood inside of her. Several more pumps stretched her pussy completely out.

"Getting close, aren't you?" Peter asked her.

"Mmm, yes," Melissa breathed. "How about you?"

"Well, this is worth holding back a little bit for."

She sighed, and her body shuddered. Spider-Man's stamina made her wonder if this was the reason why he was sought out by so many women. Not, that she gossiped about the various sexual prowess of superheroes and superheroines. Okay, maybe she had her thoughts, but that was neither her nor there.

What was here, on the other hand, was her orgasm. The web slinger pushed into her body. He found a way to pleasure every inch of her body. The end game resulted in Melissa's nipples being squeezed between his fingers. Spider-Man rammed himself deep into her depths.

Now, Melissa came harder, and Spider-Man ensured he rode that orgasm out all of the way. The web slinger switched his tactics and lightly ran his fingers down her nipples. He slowly rubbed those nipples and made her scream out in pleasure.

"So, close, but so far," Spider-Man said.

Her thighs spread deeper to allow him more coverage. Boy, Songbird thought he struck a high note, feeling his balls slapping against her thighs. Spider-Man held onto her and squeezed her ass when shoving more of his engorged prick. Every single inch of her warm thighs squeezed against him and made him feel really good. The web slinger picked up the pace and shoved as much cock as he could get inside of her body.

Songbird's eyes glazed over, heart beating even faster. Spider-Man caressed the curves of her body and made her very excited. He could go for a long time and that was a great quality to have. The web slinger sped up and kept slamming deep inside of her body.

"Yes," Songbird yelled. "Yes!"

Oh, god, she came again and Songbird thought her entire body was on fire. The fire in Spider-Man most certainly was not put out. He kept riding her orgasm. This made her feel even better than should be mandated by law. The beautiful woman's thighs gripped onto him tightly and tried to coax his seed out of her.

Spider-Man held out, but every time he entered this warm wonderland of moisture, it made him want to bust his nuts inside of her. The web slinger tried to hold back as much as he could. It was very hard to hold back from the pleasure. The web slinger shoved his hard cock inside of her warm body.

"Now, I'm getting close, do you want me to….."

"No, don't hold back," Songbird said. "I want to see this though ,to the end."

Her body tensed up around Spider-Man's probing hard cock. He shoved deep inside of her loins. The orgasm exploded deep around his cock and just made him push even further. The feeling of those hard, throbbing balls, ready to cum, were about ready to spill inside of her body.

Spider-Man grabbed onto her ample ass and slammed deep inside of her tight body. His thick cock spread her thighs and jammed deep inside of her thighs. His balls ached and they were about ready to explode. Cum slowly started to trickle when the pleasure churned up. Then an explosion of pleasure blasted through Spider-Man's loins and he connected with her.

The shared orgasm from both of the lovers accelerated the pleasure. Spider-Man slid into her body and hammered inside. Her loins squeezed Spider-Man's hard cock and then took every single blast of cum inside of her body.

Songbird collapsed onto the bed, the shared force from their orgasms having really worked them over. The very second Spider-Man pulled himself from Songbird, she rolled over onto the bed, legs spread. The beautiful sight of this woman laying on the bed, legs spread caused it very hard to keep control.

"Tonight isn't over," Songbird said. "Lie down, and you never know, we could have some more fun."

It had been a long time since she had indulged in something so wonderful. Perhaps there was hope yet. Spider-Man joined her on the bed, and Songbird wrapped her arms around the Spectacular hero, burying her head into his shoulder.

She intended a night of bemoaning most recent actions. Now, there were fewer regrets.


Next Chapter: 6/28/2017.

Chapter Text

One Last Moment(Hope Summers)

The time after when Sentinels ran rough shot on Earth was time where you had a lot of time to think, in a most depressing manner possible. Hope stood, peering outside of the windows, eyes widening when she looked at the city streets of New York City. She could only piece together what the world had been like in the before times though numerous Newspaper accounts. None of them really painted that much of a vivid picture.

"How did the world turn into this?"

Her guest, Peter Parker, was not from this time period. He had been sent far into the future by a freak accident. Now, he was here with here, stuck in this time period, at least for now. Hope leaned closer towards Peter and put a hand on his shoulder, smiling when leaning closer towards him.

"It happened so gradually the people didn't understand what happened until it's too late," Hope said. "I think I can send you back though…..send you back armed with knowledge of how to prevent this world."

"But, if I change the past, you might not exist?" Peter asked.

Hope leaned in and lightly touched the side of Peter's face. She closed in the gap between two of them slightly, but not completely. "This is no existence, Peter. There is no world, no hope….really bad pun intended."

"Hey, leave the bad puns to the professionals," Peter said.

Hope smiled and looked at him. He was one of the most sought after heroes out there, so handsome. Her heart fluttered when staring into those brilliant eyes. There was no question about it, Hope hoped for a better future and she believed he was the one who is going to bring it.

"The point is, it's worth it, to see many other people who died tragically," Hope said. "I think I can send you back, but I'm going to need your help. My powers need a certain spark to breach time and space. And….this is almost embarrassing to ask, but we really have no other options."

"Hey, you saved me from those Sentinels back there," Peter said. "If, it's the only way I can return home, then that's what we're going to have to do."

"We're going to have to have sex."

Needless to say, this statement floored Peter. He looked over the girl, it was remarkable how much she looked like a younger, teenage version of Jean Grey. The same red hair, the same green eyes, and more than likely, the same fiery personality. She also held the Phoenix Force, something which Jean held. And her last name was Summers as well, although Peter wondered if this was an alias, to pay tribute to Jean's fallen team mate, Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops.

"I know it's a bit sudden," Hope said. "And I understand…"

"No, you're beautiful," Peter said. "You just caught me off guard…you've never…"

"Well, running for your life in a world where humanity is nearly extinct hasn't given me many opportunities," Hope said.

Peter smiled, so true. He looked at Hope, who nervously looked into his eyes. She was very inexperienced with this, despite having all of the cosmic power of the world at her fingertips. Peter had to be the one to guide her into his arms. He wrapped tightly around her neck and pulled her into a kiss.

She reached up and cupped Peter's face. He sat down on the bed and allowed the young girl to straddle his lap. Her fingers explored lightly, unbuttoning the shirt of the older man. Hope leaned in and slowly kissed Peter on the side of his neck, releasing his mouth with a few more kisses. She lightly kissed down the side of his neck even more.

"You're hot," Hope said.

"Coming from the girl who shares her soul with the cosmic bird of fire, I'll take that as a compliment."

Hope smirked and slowly leaned towards Peter. Their lips touched each other and then pulled apart from each other. They came nose to nose with each other, smiling. Their kisses deepened with Hope pulling away from him.

"Not remotely what I meant."

Hope nervously pulled off the top half of her garments. Her firm teenage breasts came out. Peter reached in and grabbed the succulent looking orbs, squeezing them. Hope's breath hitched in.

"They're beautiful," Peter said. "Just relax, and let me suck them."

Hope ground herself down upon Peter's crotch. It rose inside of his pants, stretching out on the underside of his pants. He reached behind Hope and lightly gripped her ass.

Latching his mouth firmly on her nipple, Peter started to suck. Hope responded by gripping the back of Peter's head and guiding in between her large breasts. They were so firm, so warm, so perky, and she enjoyed being sucked, and sucked hard. The girl tried not to go all Phoenix Fire on Peter in this position. His hands gripped onto her pants and slipped them off.

Now, Hope was completely bare. Peter guided her back onto the bed to get a crossing look at him. Her red pubic hair formed the shape of the phoenix, fitting given the situation. Peter touched her like she never been touched before, judging by her reactions.

"I want to see you too," Hope begged him.

Peter lightly rotated his finger against Hope's opening. Hope shifted underneath Peter's probing finger and lightly touched the inside of her walls. He stroked her, rubbing her nether lips. Hope grinded her pussy against him. Peter slipped into her briefly and caused her to feel new sensations, the likes of which never visited her mind in her life.

"Of course, help yourself."

Hope sat up on the bed and grabbed Peter's pants, tearing them off. She saw his boxer shorts, the one last barrier for his nudity. Hope lightly touched his manhood through his pants, and cupped his balls through them. Her smile deepened when playing with him.


Many inches of throbbing meat came out. Hope couldn't be bothered to guess the length, all she had to do was get her mouth around it and suck it. She was being driven mad through her lust, and she needed as much of that prime Peter Parker phallus in her mouth as possible.

"Take your time."

Hope pouted, but readjusted her stance. She grabbed Peter's balls and squeezed them. The moist lips slid around his throbbing cock head. She could only fit a little bit of it into her mouth, but it really didn't matter. Hope passionately sucked about as much as she could.

Peter leaned back against the bed and allowed the younger girl to experiment with her first ever cock. The awkward teenage attempts to wrap her lips around his cock caused Peter to take hold of the back of her head and keep guiding himself into her throat.

"Suck on that as hard as you want to," Peter groaned. "Your mouth feels so good. I can't help, but keep pushing my cock inside of it. Oh, it feels really good. I want your mouth around my cock!"

Hope slurped Peter's cock into her mouth. Her warm lips kept parting around him. The more she sucked on him, the more she wanted that big cock inside of her. The energy surrounding around her body increased. She groped his balls and squeezed them as hard as possible.

Suddenly, Hope pulled away from his cock and rubbed her jaw. It was a hard harder to keep up a constant barrage of cock-sucking, well more so than she thought. Hope crawled back on the bed and spread her thighs, parting them, and made them nice and ready for Peter.

"Take my innocence," Hope begged him.

She laid prone for him on the bed, thighs spread. Peter crawled on top of her and slowly caressed every inch of her hot body. Those nipples begged for more attention and Peter leaned towards them. He latched his mouth around one of them and sucked her nipple hard. Hope grabbed onto the back of Peter's head, rolling her hips up.

The moment he was ready, Peter slid on top of her and slid inside of her for the first time. Hope closed her eyes, feeling her virgin opening being penetrated for the first time.

"Just relax," Peter said.

"I don't want you to stop," Hope begged him.

Peter didn't really want to stop either. He pushed himself into her. Hope clutched onto his back and raked her fingers down it. It took a couple of minutes before her body calmed down just enough for Peter to be all the way inside of her. His balls sprung up and dropped down on Hope's hips when he rose up and down into her body.

"I'm not going to stop, don't worry," Peter told her.

Hope sure hoped so. Her walls clamped around Peter's engorged rod and then released it. Peter rose up further and slammed himself into her.

"It feels so good!" Hope mewled underneath him.

She never thought an orgasm this good would spread through her body. Peter grabbed onto her and shoved as much of his cock inside of her. His balls slapped against Hope's wet pussy.

Every single thrust brought new sensations to the young, powerful, woman underneath him. Peter held onto her and ran his hands down her body. He could not wait to touch her curvy body even more. Hope responded by raising her hips up, pushing her legs down his body. Peter grabbed onto her body, rubbing her thighs and pushing deep inside of her tightening pussy.

"Yes, it does, doesn't it?" Peter asked. "I'm going to pound you until you can't take any more!"

"I can take a lot though," Hope said.

She gushed though at the thought of Peter taking her in every which way possible. Hope rose up off of the bed, her hips rising up. Fire surrounded both of their bodies, briefly. It added an interesting sheen to things. Peter looked at her shockingly.

"It's more…of an effect….than anything!" Hope moaned underneath her body.

Peter held onto her hips and plunged into her tight vice of a cunt. The web slinger dropped down into her and pushed more of his hard cock inside her body.

Hope could not believe it, it was like a wet dream come true. She was being fucked, fucked by Spider-Man. His big, strong cock pushed into her. His hands touched her body, caressing every last nook and cranny of it and made her feel really good. Hope's tightening walls grabbed onto him and released her.


It was really an accomplishment to give a woman with great cosmic power her first orgasm. Peter would remember this one for a very long time. He picked up the pace and slammed his hard cock inside of her tight loins. The vice clamped around his intruding cock.

Hope's entire body felt a barrage of sensations like she never felt before in her life. She grabbed onto Peter and allowed him to slam down into her body. Her breaths continued the more Peter slammed into her. Drool spilled from her mouth the second Peter bottomed out inside of her.

The thrusts slowed down. Peter leaned towards her.

"Still with me?"

Hope nodded in response. Peter rammed his throbbing cock inside of her body, her pussy stretched around him. Peter worked his cock inside of her body with a rapid-fire pace. Her thighs spread as far as possible to get as much of Peter inside of her. And there was a whole lot of the handsome young man to go around. Hope received a heavy pounding, the likes of which she had never felt in her life.

"Always, with you!" Hope moaned at the top of her lungs.

Peter thought it was pretty good. He started to roll his hips down into Hope's. She pushed up to meet Peter's intruding cock. They joined each other with a pleasurable exchange.

Orgasm number two somehow became more intense. Peter pressed down onto Hope, shoving his massive length between her warm thighs. He kissed her on the neck, and the ear, and then down her collarbone. Her body thrashed underneath him.

Hope feared for the state of the bed after they were done. Things were getting warmed up. But, if Peter was going to change the past, the state of the bed would be the least of her worries.

'If I'm going out, I'm going out with a bang.'

She encouraged Peter with more moans. She felt up the muscular back of the man burying his rod into her repeatedly and quickly. Every single time he entered her, Hope experienced sensations beyond her greatest expectations. Hope's walls clamped down onto him, and released Peter with a couple of very fluid thrusts. Her hips rose up off of the bed and met Peter's hard cock when it pressed down in her body.

"More, please!" Hope begged him.

Peter could feel the warmth of this tight, teenage pussy underneath him. The sinful, warm desires of Hope's pussy, combined with the cosmic power, only encouraged him to slam into her body even further and even deeper. His balls slapped her.

"That's all for me," Hope breathed.

"When you earn it." Peter said.

Hope closed her eyes and enjoyed the thrill of the moment. Oh boy, she wanted to earn it, earn every single last drop of that warm cum stored currently in Peter's balls. Her heart raced a little bit more when Peter rose up off of the bed to take him deeper inside of her body.

"Mmm, am I earning it," Hope begged him.

Peter just smiled and kept working his length between Hope's clenching thighs. The beautiful woman kept pumping herself off of the bed. She tightened hard around Peter and squeezed him. Her body tensed up around him and released his cock.

Every single thrust brought both of them closer towards a climax. Peter could feel her trying to make him feel as good as he made her feel. Give and take proved to be a good benefit for any relationship, and their building relationship was one of these circumstances where Peter pushed inside of her body.

"Peter, please!" Hope breathed.

Those words and that nice, polite gesture, was music to Peter's ears. He heard the sweat song of the Phoenix Force increased, with his throbbing cock deep inside of her tight body. Her loins stretched around Peter and released him with each pump. Those balls slapped against her thighs.

Peter groaned, he could feel the warmth of Hope's beautiful loins caressing down his thick, throbbing cock. Peter had to hold onto her and had to bury more of himself inside of her womanly center. She grabbed down around him and released him.

Another orgasm and Hope thought she was going to pass out for the pleasure. She could feel the power building, and soon, as she reached her peak, it would be enough to send Peter home.

She didn't want this to end, ever, but understood the necessity. Hope could not allow her own selfish emotions get the better of her. She rose up off of the bed, which started to heat up even more.

The warmth surrounding Peter's engorged prick made it harder for him to hold back. He buried his length deeper inside of Hope, and took every single moment inside of her.

"I'm close again!"

Hope released the orgasm around Peter's mighty pole. She slid almost all the way up and engulfed his hard rod in between her thighs. The stiff feeling of that rod burying between her thighs made Hope feel beyond good. She couldn't even describe how wonderful she felt.

Peter was getting close as well. The contents straining through his balls bounced against her warm thighs. He could feel her very being tense up around him. Hope worked her nails into the back of Peter's neck and felt him buried inside of her body.

She was so close, to cumming hard. Her body sized up and released her tension in a gushing flood of warm juices. She sunk down nails first into Peter's back.

"I'm getting close too," Peter groaned. "I can't hold back. Your pussy feels so good. I want to fuck it forever."

"I know," Hope moaned in his ear. "I know it feels so good, and I want you in me for longer too, but we can't…we can't let ourselves get lost in these….moments."

They were such great position though sharing these heated encounter, which got heated in more ways than one. Peter sped up and allowed his emotions to get the better of him. He drilled the sexy redhead underneath him, her walls tensed up around him.

Hope screamed in passionate fury. If she had to be erased to preserve a better future, this would be among her last memories. The man she loved, the man she worshipped, drilling his manhood inside of her. Each orgasm wrapped around her very essence. The cosmic energy increased when her core grew super-heated. Peter didn't slow down, he just made her come constantly and rapidly.

All good things had to come to an end though. Peter buried his rod inside of Hope's clenching vice. She closed down onto him and released his tool with a couple of fluid pumps. Peter pushed deeper inside of her and Hope released him. Every single time, the two of them connected with each other, it was very hot and heavy with each other.

"Mmm, yes!"

Hope came harder than ever before. She knew Peter's orgasm would follow inside of her. She took his cum in between her thighs. Her womb sucked in his spurting seed. Hope lifted up and down, closing her eyes. Her fingers dug into the back of Peter's neck.

A couple of more thrusts finished Peter. The energy surrounded both of them.

"Peter, you have to leave," Hope breathed.

He finished up inside of her, and pulled away from her body. The two kissed, before Peter pulled away.

"Wish me luck."

"Good luck."

Hope closed her eyes, her last possible moments were going to be spent remember tonight's encounter in detail. She focused on these memories while preparing for the time shift.


Next Chapter 7/5/2017.

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On my blog, there has been a bonus chapter posted featuring Spider-Man with Tara Markov/Terra. Head to the "List of Very Important Links" on my profile, and to the Web of Chaos Archives. Then you can access it through either the Blog Exclusive content archive or the Sticky Situation archive.

Now on with your regularly scheduled shameless smut.


Spider-Man rolled over and groaned. He pieced together the last few minutes in the mind. The web slinger ended up on a ship with some smugglers, and the ship ended up in space. The next thing he knew, someone, or something knocked him out. The web slinger took a few seconds to breath in and breath out with a deep breath.

'What do I have to work with?' Spider-Man mentally asked himself. 'A clear wall, that's not that bad, could have been much worse….and that's why it's clear.'

The energy repelled Spider-Man back a couple of steps and the energy buzzed his body. He somehow knew, based on his spider sense humming at this particular moment, the wall would have knocked him out. The web slinger took a look around and saw someone coming up the hallway. The web slinger took a few seconds to prepare himself, but nothing could prepare for himself for the woman coming down the hallway.

A beautiful blue skinned woman showed up at the edge of the hallway, although her beauty somewhat faded to the intense look in her eyes. She wore battle armor over the top of a skin tight suit. The web slinger locked eyes onto some amazing curves at the other end of this bodysuit which resulted in his heart beating a little bit faster. Spider-Man could not believe what he laid eyes on. Beautiful and deadly, which ended up being a very potent conversation.

"Okay, listen, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Spider-Man.

"Do you know who I am?"

Spider-Man took a second to look at her.

"Well, no, we haven't been formally introduced," Spider-Man said a few seconds later. "But, if you could just tell me who you are, that would be great. You know, I think if we get to know each other, everything would be…."

"My name is Nebula," she informed Spider-Man. "And you decided to hop about my ship. Are you a spy sent by one of my competitors?"

"A spy?" Spider-Man asked. "No, just your neighborhood friendly Spider-Man who had been swinging by the save the day."

The clear wall of the cell opened and Nebula pointed a gun at Spider-Man. The web slinger looked up at her, and contemplated fighting her off. This woman, Nebula, looked like the type of woman who could eat him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and he had encountered some very badass women.

"If you're not a spy, than why are you wearing a mask?"

Fair enough point, Spider-Man guessed. He didn't answer, and Nebula grabbed him by the face by one hand and pulled on his mask. The mask stuck to his face and Nebula had to work for it to get off. She tore at the mask instead of simply pulling it off, revealing the face of the web slinging hero.

"A human?" Nebula asked. "My competitors must be getting desperate to use a lowly human as a spy."

"Hey, that's racist," Spider-Man joked.

Nebula looked at the unmasked human, who was not too bad looking towards her. She looked at his body, for the first time, and smiled. She noticed him checking out her form as well, and Nebula thought about how to best leverage this situation to get her something she craved. It would be a waste to kill him, even if he did stumble upon her ship.

"Tell me your name," Nebula said.

"I'm telling you, my name is Spider-Man," he responded.

"Spider-Man, do you find me attractive?"

Spider-Man had been taken completely off guard by this question. He did not hesitate to answer, mostly because of the very deadly laser weapon had been pointed at him when she said it.

"Yes, you're beautiful, and not just because you'd shoot me if I said otherwise."

Did a small smile creep over Nebula's face, Spider-Man did not know. The gorgeous woman smiled and turned around. "Come with me, Spider-Man."

Spider-Man followed her down the hallway. Amazing how she lead the way. That particular fact showed a boatload of confidence, for certain. The web slinger followed Nebula all the way down the hallway and a second later, they arrived at a doorway. Nebula unlocked the door and she pushed it on through.

"Inside, now."

She was not a lady to argue with. Nebula already undid her battle armor and revealed a very sleek looking suit which fit into her body like a second layer of skin. She looked very fit and very nice, and Spider-Man could easily imagine her naked, just by looking at how the material hugged her body.

Something other than his spider sense started to tingle. Nebula watched Spider-Man, with a smile on her face. Interest burned through her eyes when she looked over the friendly neighborhood web slinger.

"Remove your clothes, all of them."

Spider-Man nodded in response. She didn't have the gun, but she did not need the gun to get him to strip off. Besides, this costume could get very uncomfortable with an erection. The web slinger pulled off his costume, to reveal his muscled body. He had gone a long way from the days of Puny geek Peter Parker, even though some of the awkwardness remained.

"Not bad for an Earth boy," Nebula said.

"Thanks, I think."

Nebula reached in to trace a finger on Spider-Man's chest and reached down to caress his stomach. The beautiful space vixen decided to move down a little bit and take his cock in her hand. She squeezed it and slowly jerked it up and down, feeling it grow in her hand.

"You're going to perform any number of carnal acts to me, Spider-Man," Nebula said. "And don't disappoint me."

Nebula squeezed his package very firmly and then gave him a very forceful kiss when she stroked him. Spider-Man grabbed onto Nebula's hair and guided his tongue into her mouth. Both of the soon to be lovers locked eyes with each other.

After the kiss broke, Nebula let go of Spider-Man's cock. He could still feel the impression of her fist wrapped around it. Spider-Man watched as Nebula slowly undid her suit, revealing more of the space vixen's glorious skin to him. A pair of round breasts came out, and a very flat, firm stomach, trim as everything Spider-Man ever laid his eyes on. She had no trace of body hair on her, and her pussy looked aroused. A wide ass and dazzling long legs which stretched on for miles topped off the outfit.

Nebula motioned for Spider-Man to come towards her.

Spider-Man crawled on top of Nebula, their bodies pressing together. He kissed her body, worshipping her, starting at the side of her face.

"Make sure your new mistress is happy, Spider-Man," Nebula warned him. "An adequate…start."

She almost gasped in pleasure when Spider-Man's fingers stuck to her hardened nipples and squeezed them. The nub between the digits of this hero grew thick. She could feel his eager cock brushing against her smooth thighs, ready to join with her in only sole constant through the known universe.

Spider-Man buried his face in Nebula's chest and sucked her delirious tits. The beautiful woman gave a few moans, subtle as they may be. Spider-Man picked up on the fact she enjoyed this, and craved pleasure about as much as a next move.

'You know, if you rock her world, you might be able to get out of this alive,' Spider-Man thought herself.

The web slinger moved his attentions from her breast down to her flat stomach. He skipped her pussy for a moment, and spent some time worshipping the woman's beautiful legs. His fingers danced down the legs, making Nebula gasped in thinly veiled pleasure.

"That's it, keep it up," Nebula breathed in heavily. "Don't…don't stop, please, don't stop."

Spider-Man had zero intentions of stopping, especially when the iron was hot. He kept delving his tongue further into Nebula's warm pussy lips. Every time he touched her, Nebula's hips jumped up a slight bit to meet Spider-Man's very eager tongue. The hot beauty thrashing about on the bed only encouraged Spider-Man to lick her even more. Nebula closed her eyes.

The pussy dripped juices, making Spider-Man harder at the taste of her. He buried his face between Nebula's thighs, and she wrapped her legs around his head. The feeling of her very beautiful legs wrapped around his head made Spider-Man only hunger for more of her. She tasted divine, beyond much of anything Spider-Man ever indulged himself in, during his life.

Nebula's hips bucked up and her juices came out. This Spider-Man brought her to a climax with simply his mouth. She might have to reevaluate her priorities, although she found herself rather glad she did not kill him at the first glimpse.

"Now, it's my turn."

Not even given him a chance to recover from the rush of eating out the beautiful woman's pussy, Nebula flipped Spider-Man over onto the bed. His cock stood up in the air, primed and ready to go. Nebula grabbed Spider-Man's shoulders, digging her fingernails into them. She attacked his mouth, to taste her own juices, and then kiss down his chest, biting down on him.

"OOOH," Spider-Man groaned.

This vixen ground up against him, in addition to biting and scratching him. He wondered when the last time it was that Nebula got any. Not that was a polite question to ask a lady, especially with one who had a laser blaster she could easily grab from a bed side table.

Nebula pulled away from Spider-Man and watched his cock stand up. She put her finger at the tip of the cock and slowly ran it down, to the hanging sac between her legs. It stored his mating fluids, from what Nebula knew about human biology. Then again, that wasn't that different, men were men, in about eighty percent of the multiverse as well.

The web slinger though he would explode just for Nebula playing with his cock and balls. She made sure he looked straight into her eyes, burning with lust. Those dark lips parted and took Spider-Man's cock into her mouth without any problems.

Those dark lips sealed up Peter's cock and she sucked him very hard. Nebula's eyes watched Peter, when she slickened his cock with her salvia. His manhood only swelled in her mouth. Nebula reached down to the base and squeezed it, while sucking him off at the head.

Peter thrashed up off of the bed. Nebula denied him release for the moment, only swelling him even further, bringing him full of even more carnal desire. His body relaxed on the bed.

"It's time for me to finish you off."

Nebula just pulled away from him, her hand still clenching him at the base. Her warm tongue swirled around Peter's cock which caused his hips to jump up.

"These are going to fill up nice and big so I can drain them," Nebula said. "What's the human term…fuck your brains out, isn't it?"

"Yes," Peter said.

"Good boy," Nebula said.

She squeezed his hard cock, making Peter swell with even further need. Nebula climbed up and stood on the bed. She stood over Peter's body, cock standing in the air.

Nebula resembled someone who had won a battle, standing over the top of her fallen opponent. Now, she was going to get her prize, and her prize stood up. Nebula stood above him, spreading her legs. She started to crouch down, the arousal from her pussy dripping down when she lowered.

The drippings caught Peter's hard cock and made him want to enter Nebula from this position. Nebula situated herself over the top of Peter. Her pussy lips ground against Peter's aching prick. Nebula smiled and rolled her hips over the top of him.


Nebula's tight pussy took Peter inside of her and squeezed his very engorged prick. Peter Parker felt the pressure and the pleasure of Nebula's warm lips wrapping around him. He reached up to grab her ass to squeeze it, and Nebula allowed him to do so.

The space pirate took more of this engorged male organ inside of her. It did a good job in stretching her out and making her tingle. She never took something this large inside of her body, even some of the toys she obtained from the most exotic corners of the universe did not compare to this.

"Spider-Man," she breathed. "I'm glad I didn't kill you."

"Me too," Spider-Man groaned. "Me too."

Nebula grabbed him, her slick surfaces giving a velvety tight grip around Peter's engorged prick. The web slinger groaned at the feeling of Nebula going down on his rod, pressing his length inside of her. Peter Parker grunted the very second Nebula came up on him and then dropped down onto him.

"Yes, I'm very glad," Nebula said, chewing down on her lip in thinly veiled excitement.

She managed to position herself where she rode Peter's hard cock with reckless abandon. Nebula rose up all the way off of the bed and sank down onto Peter. She stretched her smooth pussy around Peter's rock hard rod, making him feel her around him.

The tightness of this woman made Peter almost lose his mind with pleasure. Nebula rode his cock like he was a prized bull. Her beautiful blue-skinned body bounced up and down onto his throbbing hard cock. Peter's manhood speared inside of her.

Both lovers matched each other. Nebula threw her head back and she gave a scream. She wildly speared herself down onto the manhood underneath her. Her warm walls stretched around him and then tightened around him. The feeling of a very satisfied climax would be about ready.

"Your pussy, it's just too much," Peter groaned.

Nebula smiled and looked at her captive lover. She really enjoyed using this cock to work out some long-term frustrations, but the fact she gave someone else that much pleasure gave her a satisfying feeling. The woman pushed herself deep down onto the breeding rod of this young man. She could feel his testicles swelling underneath her. Nebula pushed herself deeper down onto Peter.

Those breasts connected with Peter's chest and caused his hips to move up. Nebula held his hips down onto the bed and impaled herself down onto him. Each feeling of her tight pussy clamping down on Peter's throbbing rod made him feel really good.

"Suck on them again."

Peter received a mouth full of nipple and sucked on it like a nursing babe. He realized now how much Nebula enjoyed having her breasts sucked at the rate she squeezed him and came down onto Peter's hard prick.

The two matched their actions for a very long time. Spider-Man guided Nebula through several more orgasms, making the blue-skinned beauty to scream out in pleasure. Her nipples only ached in her prisoner's mouth.

Just the gift that kept on giving, Nebula thought. She rode him, driven by nothing but carnal passion and lust. Her warm vice grabbed around the young man and pushed herself up before sliding all the way down onto him. Nebula moaned softly, working her thighs down onto the engorged prick of the man beneath her.

Nebula soaked the prime specimen's rod underneath her. She could feel his arousal building. Nebula channeled all of the strength into her inner muscles and started to grab his rod even harder, squeezing him with much more urgency.

"Damn, woman," Spider-Man groaned.

"I want your seed," Nebula told him.

Nebula gripped and released Spider-Man. Each push of those scorching walls made Spider-Man's balls throb even more. He pushed up into her, the woman's body pressing against his when she descended down onto him. Their flesh molded together for the closing moments of their coupling.

Holding him close at hand, using every inch of her body to pleasure his, might have been considered a dirty tactic. Nebula didn't care, she wanted something, and as always, she would go to any lengths whatsoever to get it.

"I can't hold…..ARGH."

Those words followed up with Spider-Man rocking his rod in between Nebula's griping thighs. Nebula squeezed and released Spider-Man, sending several blasts of cum deep inside of Nebula.

Nebula pushed herself to newer heights, pumping Spider-Man with her thighs when driving herself down onto his hard rod. She drained every last drop of cum she could manage out of him.

Spider-Man descended down on the bed, and Nebula pulled away from him. She could not even stand, because of what Spider-Man did to her.

"After that performance, I'm going to have to keep you my sex slave, for the rest of your life."

Spider-Man's eyes widened. Nebula just smiled when looking at him.

"The look on your face was priceless," Nebula said. "You're free to go…on the condition that if I call on you, you will come and sate my needs….any time, no matter when. Is that acceptable?"

"No problems," Spider-Man said.

He was pretty sure if he disagreed, she would have just thrown him back into that cell anyway. And having a hot alien booty call on call was not the worst thing that ever happened to Peter.


Next Chapter: 7/8/2017.

Chapter Text

Not To Be Tamed(Gamora)

Trouble came in the form of a green-skinned woman who was one of the deadliest women around, although Peter Parker would not dare say she might be one of the most dangerous women around. She was in fact one of the most dangerous women around and likely up there with She-Hulk as one of the bad ass, beautiful green skinned women he ever knew.

Which Peter would say with definite proof, after seeing her in action. Gamora dropped down to the ground and knocked the alien enemy back down to the ground. The member of the Guardians of the Galaxy rarely ended up in Earth. Things changed when she chased a very deadly space fugitive.

"You've got him."

These words coming from Spider-Man caused Gamora to turn around. Beautiful as she was deadly, and given how Gamora was quite gorgeous, Spider-Man knew she could be the type of woman to hand his ass to him. She looked him over for a moment, making sure the prisoner had been secured.

"Not that I should be surprised."

Gamora secured her prisoner in a containment field. It should hold him until the rest of the team would have been able to show up. Gamora looked at Spider-Man and crossed the room. The web slinger had no clue what would might happen next.

"Relax, I'm not going to hurt you," Gamora told him. "You aren't as bad as I thought. In fact, you handled yourself pretty well out there and you didn't get in my way. And you kept the civilians out of the way, so I could grab him. You put them first, and that's something I could appreciate."

"Just doing my job as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man….."

Gamora put a finger up on Spider-Man's chin and surprised him. The web slinger watched the woman, who could very easily break him if she intended. She got a very good look at him for a few seconds, and smiled when moving back towards him.

"You did save me," Gamora said. "And I always did think you weren't too bad. You do have your annoying moments, but overall, you're good."

"Not too bad?" Spider-Man asked. Gamora smiled and nodded. "Hey, I'll take it."

Spider-Man wondered where this one was going. Never in his wildest dreams did he know what would happen next. Namely, Gamora grabbing his shoulders and pushing him against the wall, to pull his mask up and kiss the ever living daylights out of him.

Those hands cupped the underside of Spider-Man's face and he had been surprised by the kiss. Only one thing to do though, and that was return the kiss. The beautiful space babe pushed her tongue inside of his mouth. Peter enjoyed the feeling of Gamora exploring the inside of his mouth. All Peter could do was exchange another kiss with her. His fingers grabbed the back of Gamora's head and pinned her in place.

"Mmm," Gamora moaned hungrily.

She nibbled on the exposed lip of the web slinger. Her hands tore at the upper half of the outfit, the lower half as well.

"Are you sure you didn't get blasted with something….."

Gamora grabbed Spider-Man's crotch and cut him off in mid-quip. She looked at him, holding his balls and then releasing them.

"Sometimes, you really need someone to scratch an itch," Gamora said. "Long days, traveling the universe…fighting everyone who wants to destroy it, enslave it, you need someone to give you some pleasure. And to give a little bit of pleasure….we've been on a few missions, you know how stressful the job is."

Yes, Spider-Man got dragged on a couple of misadventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He thought Gamora enjoyed the job, and maybe she did.

Still, Spider-Man would not be an idle party. He grabbed the top of Gamora's attire and pulled down the straps. Two bountiful breasts sprung out with the web slinger grabbing the underside of them. Spider-Man pushed his fingers on them and squeezed them.

"Touch me," Gamora said. "Don't hold back."

Spider-Man now backed Gamora up and she landed on a large crate which had been put out. The web slinger's fingers lightly brushed down between Gamora's thighs and made them lift up. He teased her, showing Gamora those sticky fingers were not just climbing onto walls.

A jolt of pleasure spread over Gamora's heated loins. The web slinger's able fingers caressed the outer surface of her walls and then dipped between her thighs. Gamora closed her eyes with Spider-Man attacking the inner core with those very able, very skilled fingers. Gamora tightened her grip on the fingers and took in a very deep breath the very second those fingers dipped inside of her.

One more move and Spider-Man leaned down. He captured Gamora's warm lips between his, and kissed her. Gamora rocked her hips halfway up off of the bed, taking as much of Peter's tongue inside of her as humanly possible. Spider-Man tasted the lemony juices trickling out of Gamora.

"Get me wet," Gamora breathed. "I need you inside me."

Gamora grabbed onto the back of his head, both as a suggestion and a warning. To his credit, Spider-Man continued to prove he was more than up for the task of eating Gamora out. His able mouth and tongue attacked her damp womanhood. Gamora pushed herself up.

One orgasm followed by a series of smaller ones. Spider-Man lapped up the juices and dragged Gamora over. He considered it a point of pride that this woman, of all people, thrashed on him.

Spider-Man pulled up and Gamora sprawled out on the crate. Her things spread for Spider-Man invitingly. She caught sight of the manhood the web slinger packed in his tights and nearly creamed herself in delight.

"Good things come to those who wait."

Gamora tried to tell him she did not enjoy being denied something. Unfortunately, she had been cut off by a very powerful and very forceful kiss. The web slinger's happy go lucky demeanor lured her into a false sense of security. She realized his tendency to make wise-cracks was just to keep himself from going insane.

Nibbling continued to pleasure Gamora's erect nipples. Her fingers touched the back of the web slinger's head and guided his mouth to her ample chest. He kissed down her body, teasing every last inch of Gamora. The Deadliest Woman Alive was simply just a woman, no wanting or needing anything.

Gamora's eyes glazed over when Spider-Man teased her belly button. He moved himself between her thighs one more time, ramping up the agony. A slow process started with him teasing her outer lips. The tongue slipped inside at random intervals, making Gamora shift herself up and down. Her hips bumped up and took Spider-Man between her thighs.

"Yes," Gamora breathed at the top of her lungs. "Please, yes!"

Gamora tightened herself around Spider-Man's head and started to breath. The web slinger's tongue and mouth pleasured the green-skinned beauty.

Each taste of Gamora's juice made Spider-Man want to plunge into her being. He did not want to do it just yet. Any small measure of control, Spider-Man needed to take for once.

"Don't make me beg you!" Gamora yelled.

Those screams sounded pretty desperate, like someone wanted something. The web slinger touched her, and then went back. He only lightly touched her clit, and sent pleasure spiraling up and down her loins. Slow and steady eating of her pussy followed, with Gamora shifting her hips up to meet the Web Slinger when he munched her out.

"Beg me for what?"

Gamora thought there was something innocent about his voice, and at the same time, something very devious. She wanted to scream in frustration. She was way too horny to argue against him, at least not right yet. Spider-Man dragged his finger up against her.

"I want you, inside me, now you bastard!" Gamora yelled.

Spider-Man teased her a little bit more and Gamora felt her hips rise up to react to him. Her own body was Spider-Man's accomplice in the torture of Gamora's mind. He gave her these small inklings of pleasure.

"You won't tame me," Gamora warned him.

"No, but I can make you wish I could."

Gamora's foggy lust did not process it. Spider-Man pinched her clit with the right amount of force to get her going. The beautiful and deadly woman thrashed her hips off of the crate. She came dangerously close to splintering it when she pushed up and down. Spider-Man touched her inner core, very lightly working his finger inside of her. It teased Gamora and forced her to come up.

"How do….."

"You're about ready to cum."

Spider-Man played with a little more fire, denying Gamora an orgasm. Gamora looked at him, with half anger, and half disappointment. The disappointment ended up being much worse than the anger. Gamora wrapped her legs around Spider-Man the first chance she got and yanked him forward.

"Playtime's over," Gamora said. "Cock inside me, now."

Gamora pulled at Spider-Man's costume and dug her hands into his back. The feeling of the fingernails gave Spider-Man a nice warning. Gamora's pussy lubricated the tip of Peter's engorged cock and threatened to push him inside. The web slinger rubbed up against her.

"It's mine now," Gamora said. "It's mine, just like it should be."

Her thighs parted and accepted Peter inside of her. The web slinger's hard cock parted inside of Gamora's slick center. She clamped down onto him, squeezing Peter as hard as possible. Gamora rolled her hips up to meet Peter and push him into her.

The web slinger's mind went completely wild. Spider-Man pushed himself down, running his fingers down Gamora's thighs. His head dropped to her breasts, to suck on them. The web slinger licked and sucked at the heaving mounds when they rose up into his mouth.

"Suck on them, suck on them hard," Gamora said. "Suck on them like it's your job, Spider-Man!"

Gamora moved her grip from Peter's back to the back of his head. The web slinger did not hasten to indulge himself. Mostly because the constant attack on Gamora's nipples made her hips rise up and meet Peter's incoming thrusts. Every time he buried himself inside of her, her insides tightened around Peter and pushed him further inside of her.

The Deadliest Woman Alive could feel this mighty rod spear inside of her body. Her flesh tightened deep around the invading manhood. The two rocked each other back and forth.

Another orgasm brought waves of pleasure through Gamora and challenged it through the staff of her lover. The web slinger tightened his grip on Gamora's thighs and pounded inside of her. He rode out the orgasm and channeled the power into the next, and Gamora appreciated it.

The crate beneath then finally gave away, only slowing down Spider-Man a fraction of a second. The web slinger retained his momentum and slammed into Gamora. Each time he dropped down onto her, their hips clashed together with the most pleasurable friction imaginable.

"Keep it up," she encouraged him. "Don't slow down, don't stop, not at all, for the love of….."

Peter did not slow down, he did not stop, and he did keep going on. He kept going on and drilling his powerful rod into Gamora to bring another orgasm through her body. Gamora shifted her hips up to meet him. She threw her head back with a passionate scream going through her.

"You really wanted this badly, didn't you?" Peter asked Gamora.

Gamora did not say a single word. All she did was lift her hips up to meet the powerful lover beneath her. Her body received a thrilling workout the likes of which she never had, at least in a very long time. Gamora's thighs closed around Spider-Man and milked him.

The state of Gamora showed Peter more of what she wanted than any single word did. Every time they met together, Peter submerged himself in a very heated center. The spider-themed hero pushed his manhood deep inside of Gamora's tightening vice.

White splashes of light came on the inside of Gamora's eye lids. She found herself being rocked by the web slinger's incoming thrusts. Spider-Man took himself against her and buried more of his rod inside of her. He rode out the latest orgasm, pushing deep inside of her.

Suddenly, after the orgasm, Spider-Man pulled out. He grabbed Gamora and rolled her over. Much to his surprise, and partially hers as well, Gamora presented herself on her hands and knees for him. Peter ran his hands over her and felt her tight ass, slowly easing a thumb into it.

"Don't hold back."

These words became a mantra for Gamora and something Peter took to heart when easing himself against her slit. It almost sucked him inside of her. Resting his hands on her hips gave Peter the edge and pushed inside of Gamora.

Gamora eagerly took in her lover one more time. The throbbing prick speared inside of Gamora and pumped inside of her. Those balls loaded up with cum and kept slapping over and over against Gamora's thighs. Spider-Man pushed against her down onto the ground.

Amazing sensations passed through Gamora when her lover kept taking her from behind with everything he could give her. Gamora only jumped on a whim.

"You want your release, don't you?"

More touches nearly drove Gamora over the edge. Erotic desire spread through her body. She closed around the young man against him and took more inside of her. The intruder parted Gamora's walls, picking up a very steady pace the deeper Spider-Man pushed inside of her. His balls kept slapping against Gamora's very inviting and very succulent thighs. Each time Spider-Man bounced against Gamora, those thick balls slapping Gamora when the web slinger gained that all important momentum.

"You really must want this, don't you?"

Gamora did not say anything. She wanted everything Spider-Man could give her and just that much more. The web slinger took her repeatedly from behind and perhaps a few other ways. The containment field still held across the room, holding the prisoner, not that was a primary concern.

The web slinger felt up Gamora's tight, toned body. Her womanly figure made Peter only wish to slam into her even more. A body like this was built for both a lovely combination of kicking someone's ass and seducing them, so you could kick their ass later.

"Cum for me, Gamora. You know you want me to. Your pussy can't take my cock, can it?"

Gamora shook her head and let out a very passionate moan. She could not take the sensation of this iron hard prick inside of her. It beat a path inside of her and made her cum again and again.

With each orgasm, Gamora milked the cock of the wall crawler just a little bit harder. Even Spider-Men had their limits, but damn if Peter was not going to get the most out of it. This chance meeting turned out very well, almost too well to be honest.

Something this good, always came with a catch. Exactly what that catch was, Peter would worry about it when he finished up inside of her.

"Don't pull out," Gamora said.

Peter accepted this, mostly due to the fact Gamora tightened her tight grip on him. His prick slid into Gamora and pushed her warm thighs apart. Gamora grabbed onto the ground, ass extended in the air for Peter to grab onto and for him to plunge deep inside. Gamora took more than she could bargain for when taking Spider-Man's big cock inside repeatedly.

"You better be sure."

"I am sure."

Gamora grabbed onto the ground, ass up in the air when Spider-Man plowed into her from behind. Spider-Man held onto said ass and gave her a very elegant and very potent pounding, slamming his way inside of her from the backside. Gamora closed her eyes, taking as much inside of her as possible.

All good things came to a climax eventually. Two very bloated balls splashed their contents inside of the pussy of the Gorgeous Guardian underneath him.

Release granted to Spider-Man resulted in an extreme amount of cum splashing inside Gamora. Gamora suck him completely up, milking Spider-Man down to the very least drop. He submerged inside of her warmth every single time he rammed inside of her.

Shuddering to a stop, Spider-Man finished inside of Gamora, leaving the inside of her completely saturated with his cum. Spider-Man pulled out and allowed Gamora to drop onto the ground. She rolled over and pulled herself up to her feet, cleaning herself off

"Thanks for your help."

Gamora cleaned herself up, got dressed, and stopped for a second. She gave Spider-Man one more look over before disappearing into the night.

Likely not the last time they would meet like this, not if Gamora had her way.


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Splattering(Inque from Batman Beyond)

Parker Industries boasted of one of the most sophisticated security systems on the entire planet. With that kind of hype behind it, anyone who could must together a simple thought could have figured out the security system was going to attract some of the most sophisticated thieves on the entire planet.

A second passed when a hissing sound came from the elevator. Two scientists exited the elevator, not knowing of a figure creeping behind them. More time passed when the figure moved in the shadows. A second passed when she waited for the security doors to be brought open.

The figure hitched a ride on the back of the coat of one of the scientists. Nothing more than a brief moment where she slipped inside of the doors, with seconds passing. She dripped down on the ground and waited for the lights to turn off. They did just as scheduled, just as her benefactor suggested they might have.

A hand pressed on the palm print. She shape shifted to match the imprint left behind from the scientist who stepped through the door. Only a second passed when the skilled infiltrator made her way through the lab. Each security system process needed to be bypassed.

Inque stepped into the shadows and made her way through a glass case. The mysterious tablet in the center of the slab caught the interest of the thief. She took greater form to get a closer look at it, the form she much preferred because it caused her adversaries to let their guard down. A very attractive dark haired women dressed in sleek black. The material from her covering hugged her hips and chest. She extended one finger and tapped it at the edge of the lock. A jolt caused her to repel back.

She could have been more careful because one wrong move could splatter her all over the wall. Inque drew in a deep breath and pressed her finger on the edge of the lock one final time. She tried to maneuver around the circuits to release the lock inside of the case.

Something went wrong completely and she found herself sucked inside of the case. The thief let out a scream which had been mostly muffled. The good news was she was inside the case with the tablet. The bad news was she had been inside the case with a the object with no way out.

Inque shifted against the case and knocked against it. She screamed out loud. Whoever trapped her in the case would be very sorry.

"I would like to say you've done a good job in doing a lot further than I thought you would get."

Inque looked up a few seconds later. The top of the case opened and she sprung up out of it. A field surrounded the room and caused her to maintain a solid form. She had no idea about the science around it. Parker Industries had several scientific achievements.

She looked at the figure standing in the background dressed in a sleek black and white outfit. How long had he been there, Inque wondered?"

"Spider-Man," Inque said. "So, this is how Parker repays you for allowing him to take pictures of him when he's a teenager trying to get through school. He pays you to guard his inventions."

"Parker hired you," Spider-Man said.

"Parker hired me?" Inque asked. "He hired me to steal his own invention."

"He hired you to see if the case would have any security flaws," Spider-Man said. "We had a problem with a couple of thieves over the past couple of months. None as slick or competent as you. If you want to keep the best security, then you have to hire one of the best thieves to break into it."

"Trust me, I'm flattered," Inque said.

Her tone sounded dry. Spider-Man moved over towards her. She always heard of his exploits.

"You should be, you will be getting paid very nicely from Parker for your services."

"Well, it's an honest work," Inque said. "Now could you let me out of that containment field?"

The things Inque wanted to do to Spider-Man when she got out of here. She did not like being duped and she did not like being trapped. She waited, very impatiently for Spider-Man to come across the way. The closer he got, the more Inque wondered if the rumors were true about him. If he could drive a woman wild, just by a simple touch, just by a single gesture.

'No!' Inque snapped. 'You don't want to go down that road.'

"I'll let you out," Spider-Man said. "If you ask me one question. Why did you agree to be experimented on to get those powers?"

"It's…you wouldn't understand," Inque said.

"You would be surprised with what I could understand. I've been through a whole lot during my life. I've seen a lot of motivations. Sometimes it's just enough as losing someone close to you which drives you. Sometimes, it is something else."

Inque nodded in response. She realized she could move at will. Something prevented her from doing so, she did not know what, but something prevented her from doing so. Inque's gaze passed across the room and still fixed on her would-be captor.

"I thought about providing the best life for my daughter," Inque said. "I don't know if I would have made a different choice if I had known about the complications. I don't want to have to think about it."

"It's understandable," Spider-Man said. "The real question is, when has the last time someone touched you."

"That's even more personal than the first question," Inque said.

"Actually, that wasn't really a question. It was just me thinking out loud."

Inque imagined Spider-Man touching her in the back of her mind. She could not wait another second.

"Things would have gotten very messy if someone touched me. This power, it would be hard to keep it together in an intimate situation. I have control, but I'm afraid that I would lose control."

Spider-Man moved across the room. Inque had ever opportunity in the world to slip away. She decided not to. It just left her beyond speechless. Her eyes opened up wide and then shut up.

"Are you sure you would mind losing control?"

Spider-Man pressed against her. Inque leaned into him and the bottom of his mask retracted. Those lips taunted Inque and they would do much more to taunt her. The two kissed each other. Inque's body squirmed the very second Spider-Man touched it.

The thief could not believe this hero, this pinnacle of virtue, kissed her. The woman leaned back from him and broke the kiss.

"Everyone has needs."

Inque touched his chest and felt up the muscles. Each bump, each swell of those muscles rose underneath the palm of Inque's hand. She touched Spider-Man through the surface of the outfit. She kissed him and kissed him hard one more time.

Spider-Man grabbed the back of Inque's head and swirled his tongue into her mouth. The top of her outfit came down to reveal two very well formed breasts. Pale with dark nipples standing out for Spider-Man. The web slinger rubbed down to touch them.

The touches drove Inque completely beyond the bend. Spider-Man played with her nipples and got them very hard underneath his grip. Inque felt her body heat up with desire.

"I need you, badly."

Spider-Man said nothing, and acted without another word. The gentlemen pushed Inque back onto the top of the same case he trapped her in previously. The web slinger's very able hands rolled over Inque's body. A couple of kisses came down, and more followed.

"You have what you need."

A solo finger slipped inside. Inque felt the touch of another for the first time. Her body did not squish underneath her. Something made Inque feel whole again. It made her hips jerk up and down. Spider-Man pushed inside of her and fingered her as deep as possible.


So much pleasure coursed by Spider's single action. He fingered the woman a couple of times. Those hips bumped up and came down onto the bed. She tightened around him and gripped him hard.

Spider-Man could not believe how tight Inque felt around his finger. She wondered how tight she would feel around another part of his body. He saw the curvy shape-shifting beauty. Her body thrashed up and down just in time for Spider-Man to add a second finger. Both fingers slid deep inside of her and jerked her hips up. Inque squirmed again and thrashed up again.

"One more?"


Inque's shriek showed how much she desired having a third finger slipped inside of her tight vice. All three fingers slid inside of Inque and bumped inside of her. Her cunt oozed something other than the body. The first time in a long time, she received pleasure which was not because of her own self.

Spider-Man released Inque and she descended back down to earth from the amazing actions from the web slinger. He followed the progress of her body coming down to Earth. The web slinger put his hands on his hips and viewed her body. Each curve stuck out in it's abundance.

"Take me."

Spider-Man's suit material retracted even more. Inque almost lost it at the sight of the swollen cock. She had no words. Inque only spread her legs at the anticipation of the pleasure. The beautiful beauty started to ooze in the best possible way.

Several minutes spent indulging Inque's beautiful body made Spider-Man feel very confident. He was in the driver's seat. Age came with experience, and Spider-Man engaged in several passionate encounters with women, some of them on the wrong side of the law. Of course, they had rough lives which lead them to a life of crime, and they only needed the right motivation.

Anyone could change with the right push. Spider-Man took his time. He felt Inque squirm underneath. The tip of his cock touched the edge of Inque's overflowing slit. Every time Spider-Man came closer towards her, Inque lifted her hips up a little bit more to meet him.

"Yes," Inque told him. "YES"

Spider-Man aimed himself at her and slid between her greedy thighs. The web slinger eased inside of her and took himself inside, inch by inch. Every single inch entered her very slick surface. One very long leg almost extending so it could wrap around Spider-Man's hips.

The slow, torturous entering of her made Inque inhale and exhale. His muscular chest bumped her rising chest. Nipples extended out for the grabbing. Spider-Man took them and gave her a couple of hearty squeezes. Inque threw her hips up to meet Spider-Man thrusting inside of her.

Their loins bumped together. Spider-Man stretched the tight pussy of the beauty. She released him with a couple more attacks. Inque wrapped herself around Spider-Man. Her arms stretched to encircle his entire back. The beauty oozed, underneath him.

"I knew you'd be good," Spider-Man said. "I just didn't expect you to be as tight."

Inque gripped him. Her shape shifting abilities allowed her numerous luxuries. Inque slid up to engulf the invading organ in question.

Very talented hands pushed against Inque's warm body. Every time he touched her, she imagined her very being pleasured by him. Jolts shot down her nerve endings every single time Spider-Man rose up out of her. He crashed down out of her body. His hard cock slid deep inside of her body.


Inque used her nails to dig into the back of the web slinger. Spider-Man pushed deep inside to feel the warmth surround him. She surrounded Spider-Man with multiple lifts up and another descent deep inside of her. The two joined each other. Spider-Man touched her breasts and kept squeezing them.

"Cum for me again. Let out all of that pent up frustration. Just let it all go."

The web slinger plunged inside of her. Inque took him up on the offer. The veiny cock stretched her insides which in turn tightened back against him. The most pleasurable encounter Inque ever felt in her life followed just mere moments later. The two pushed against each other.

More warmth pumped from Inque's juicy center. Spider-Man plunged inside and rode her out. Several long drops and falls put more of Spider-Man inside of the curvy beauty underneath him. She stretched out to take Spider-Man inside without a care in the world.

"One more time."

Inque hoped it would be more than one more time. She realized how swollen he got inside of her. It was her doing this to him. It gave her confidence which nothing other than stealing from rich douchebags had given her. The two pumped against each other.

Every curve, every inch of curious flesh, Spider-Man took full control of the mutant. He slid inside of her warm canal and rode all the way up. He got very close to her.

"I'm not going to hold back any more. You better be ready."

Inque nodded and arched back to give him the invitation he needed to wrap things up. If that invitation was not enough, tightening her legs around him was more than enough.

"I am."

Spider-Man decided to bring things to the next level. He would allow Inque to be just a dripping, oozing mess by the time he was done with her. He planted his hard rod into her. Inque stretched out and took as much of Peter inside of her. He rose up and planted into her.

Their bodies melded together. The black material from Spider-Man's suit almost melded into Inque and held her into place. This very twisted form of bondage just heated up Inque's loins. The evening's desire increased with both of them indulging in each other.

Spider-Man reached his climax and fired deep inside of Inque. Inque took his cock inside of her and accepted the bounty of cum inside. The web slinger rode out their mutual orgasm all the way to the end.

Inque collapsed down onto the table. She almost failed to hold it together, almost. Thankfully, Spider-Man held onto her and rode her all the way to the edge of a climax. He filled her up with his juices. Inque absorbed his cum into her essence. Every blast of cum soaked her completely through.


Spider-Man pulled away from and allowed Inque to descend down onto the table. She looked up in bleary eyes.

"So, Parker still has my number if he needs any more testing?"

"I do as well," Spider-Man said.

"You just screwed a bad girl," Inque said.

"Not bad, just bad choices," Spider-Man said. "We all make them."

Spider-Man made his at the age of fifteen. Inque sat up and wrapped her arms around Spider-Man's neck. She kissed him before looking towards the exit.

"I'll show you out."

She agreed to join him. Hope sprung internal Inque would get more of Spider-Man sometime soon.


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While We Wait(Death)

Spider-Man's entire body felt like it had been set ablaze. The latest battle with the Green Goblin was one which Spider-Man would not forget as long as he lived. Any time he battled Norman Osborn, Spider-Man neglected to forget the confrontation with the man. Norman always managed to get inside of Spider-Man's head like no other criminal. Very few criminals knew Peter Parker on a personal level than Norman. The only one close had been Venom, and even then, it was not as personal as Norman Osborn.

Peter found himself in the middle of a bright white room. The brightness in the room faded to something a bit more somber. A strange type of music played in the background, funeral music of some sort. Peter hated to think something happened. He got nailed hard by the Goblin in his latest reign of terror in New York City. Norman appeared to have reformed, but it was just a front.

Now Peter looked at the markings on the wall. The web slinger took a look at the figure approaching him. Said figure wore a large black robe covering every inch of their body. Over the person's head, a hood pulled up. Spider-Man already did not like where this was going. The wooden object with a sharp metal end held in the person's hand made Spider-Man uneasy.


Spider-Man viewed everything uneasily when the figure approached him. The Grim Reaper, for lack of a better term, hovered. A gloved hand wrapped around the wooden object.

"Peter Parker."

The voice sounded very crisp to be honest. Cat was out of the bag. Spider-Man was going to be sent along and he was going to have to own up to the fact he lead to his own death. He looked up towards the figure in the distance and nodded at her.

"We meet at last. This has been a long time overcome."

"Yeah, I've cheated Death since I was fifteen," Spider-Man said. "And you took my Uncle Ben from me to prove a point, a lesson which I don't think I've properly….."

Death reached out and put a finger on Peter's mouth. It silenced him. He felt like Death could drag him to wherever, and there was absolutely nothing for him to do about it.

"I expected the man you were fighting," Death said. "Norman Osborn should have come to me at least three times. Your infamous fight on the bridge, he was supposed to die that night. Instead, that Goblin Formula swept me out of his hands."

"Well, you got me," Spider-Man said.

"You're not dead," Death said.

Spider-Man blinked suddenly. The bluntness of Death's statement caused Spider-Man to wonder what the hell was going on if he was not dead then. He most certainly felt dead, he felt like his entire body had been rocked by something big. Goblin took his worst shot at him, and he was not dead. If he was not dead, what is he?

"I'm not dead?" Spider-Man asked.

"You're not dead," Death confirmed.

Spider-Man just whistled very carefully. So, he wasn't dead. If he wasn't dead, then what exactly was going on here? Spider-Man found himself baffled with the number of questions he had. Death shifted for a second.

"Maybe I should speak to you, face to face."

The hood came down. The person underneath the hood was not anything like Spider-Man expected. A beautiful dark haired women with elegant features and violet eyes looked down at Spider-Man. Her lips pursed together with a smile. Dark hair hung against her face like a seductive curtain. She looked Latina as well, or maybe it was just Spider-Man's imagination.

"Not what you expected?"

"Well, no, I didn't expect you….well….."

"To look attractive," Death said. "There are many depictions of Death out there. I am, what I wish to be, and this is how I wish to speak to you. I do prefer taking on this form, because it's the least threatening. If I want to threaten someone and make them want to fight less when going onto the afterlife than I'll take on another form."

Death sat at the edge of the bed. Spider-Man wondered what laid underneath his robes.

'Whoa there, Pete, calm down. She likely knows everything you're thinking as well, if she's an omniscient…'

"Yes, I do," Death said. "But, don't worry, I'm flattered. And it's just fair because I know what is underneath your clothes, Mr. Parker."

Peter swallowed for a moment. Death reached over and touched his face. Her touch was surprisingly warm, to the point where it caught Peter off guard. The two edged together closer on the bed. Spider-Man could feel the warm heat coming from her, and briefly, he wondered if it was a ploy on her part to lure him into a false sense of security before dragging him into the afterlife.

"Relax, you have nothing to worry about. And you have even less to be shamed about."

It took Peter a few seconds to realize now he was completely naked before Death who looked over his body like it was a tasty treat. Peter could not help, but feel a little bit confident that a very attractive woman oogled his body in such a way, drawing it in with hunger.

"Your body is currently resting, in the physical world," Death said. "Your healing abilities have not properly kicked in, which has brought you here. For us to talk and for me to tell you that your Uncle Ben could not be more pleased with you. He understands you've had to make some tough choices, and he also tells me to quit beating yourself up about the mistakes you've made. Nothing is your fault. You don't need to shoulder the burden."

"He said this?"

"I swear, I'm not lying to you," Death said. "Your Uncle and your parents, both of them could not have been more proud of you. And while their deaths are tragic, they are part in shaping you who you are. I'm glad you have come here so I can tell you not to wallow in your own self-pity."

"I've gotten a gold medal in that before," Peter said.

Death shrugged off her robes, and Spider-Man's eyes widened at the look of her. She wore a very tight black bodysuit underneath the robe which clung to her curves like a second skin. Death slipped her gloves off to reveal hands which were soft to the touch. She put a hand on Peter's upper thigh and closed him on him.

"It's not the only reason why I'm here."

Death reached underneath and cupped Peter's balls, feeling them. Her hand moved up to brush against the base of his cock. The organ swelled in the hand maneuvered down to work Peter's engorged tool. The touch of Death made Spider-Man's hips lift up to a certain point and drop down. Death wrapped her hand around the base of Peter's tool and kept stroking him.

"This will be delightful," Death breathed in Peter's ear.

She wrapped her lips around Peter's swollen manhood. The surprisingly warmth in her mouth made Peter buck up off of the bed. She looked up at them with those alluring eyes, the same type of eyes which might have been the downfall of many men who came before Peter Parker.

Peter grabbed onto Death's head and worked himself into the mouth of the wonderful woman underneath him. He could not believe a near death experience had been so good.

He slowly reached his climax. Death used her right hand to block it off.

"Now, we don't want you ending our little game too soon," Death said. "Because, when you finish, you're going to wake up. And I think we both agree there's much more fun to be had."

Death shrugged off the body suit and Peter locked eyes with her body. She looked like a vision of lust straight out of the wet dreams of many perverted men and some perverted women as well. Two round breasts popped up with juicy looking nipples standing up. Her stomach looked flat without an ounce of fat. Her hips were wide, perfect for grabbing on to do any number of things. Her legs stretched out long for miles. The Latina looking wet dream form Death took on made Peter gawk at her for a long time.

"Well, are going to look at me, or are you going to touch me?"

The web slinger showed the adept reflexes which made him one of the greatest heroes in the world. He took Death's succulent orbs in his hand and gave them a couple of squeezes. Death breathed in, feeling the pleasure coming from Peter's hands wrapped around the underside of her breasts. Every time he touched her, Death grew a little more flushed with pleasure.

"That's it," Death encouraged him.

He moved in to her and kissed on the side of Death's neck. He rolled his hands, reminding her that his hands could stick to more surfaces under than walls. They pulled and tugged on her nipples. With one nipple standing out, Peter dove in and buried himself into the generous chest of the guardian of the afterlife, sucking her nipples.

"Peter!" she breathed in.

Peter's hands rolled over her body, touching every inch. Every curve represented a new glorious treasure for him to touch. Death pushed herself halfway up off of the bed, meeting his touches.

She turned away from him and took extra care to make sure Spider-Man caught a healthy sight of her nice ass. Spider-Man's cock throbbed when looking at Death's very round, very juicy ass. He could not help himself from reaching out and touch it. He grabbed Death's ass and caused her to moan in response.

"Inside me, or I just might…"

"Oh, you want me inside you?" Peter asked. "I want to taste your pussy first. See if it's as sweet as the rest of you."

Peter teased her thighs with some very soft love bites. Every time he touched Death in this matter, she squirmed underneath his hands, underneath his mouth, and fingers. He moved closer towards her thin lips. She looked very tight.

Death spread her thighs and Spider-Man delved himself tongue first into her waiting loins. The web slinger took his tongue between Death's lips and munched on her tasty pussy. The woman's body flushed with even greater pleasure when Peter ate her out.

He sure was talented in many ways other than fighting crime. Death figured this much out with Spider-Man eating her out. Every time he touched her outer lips, Death could feel a rush the likes of which she had never felt before in her entire life. Spider-Man tasted her, tasted her with vigor. She could not believe such a talented tongue touched every single part of her body.


The web slinger continued his exploration of the sweet pussy underneath him. He inhaled her juices and drove himself tongue first inside of her. Death grabbed onto the edge of the bed and started to moan with Spider-Man picking up the pace. He ate Death out and made her feel amazing in doing so.

Each tongue push into her made Death accelerate her pleasure even more. Spider-Man licked around her pussy and drove himself deep inside of her. More tasting of the sweet pussy of Death made her throw her hips back.

The final nerve rattling orgasm ended with Death coming hard on Peter's face. Peter showed some very amazing skills by lapping up her juices when they came out of her.

"I'm ready for the main event."

Death smiled when she looked up. Peter made sure to keep those talented hands feeling up her body. Each touch resulted in another jarring feeling from Death. He touched her, squeezing her breasts in hand. He moved up to touch the underside of her body.

"I'm sure you are," Death said. "Give me something to remember you by."

Spider-Man lined up himself up to enter Death. He could not believe he was saying this right now. The woman's pussy dripped and the first bits of lubrication touched Peter's engorged manhood.

"Fuck me to me!"

Death's screams echoed the very second Peter entered her. Half of his length pushed inside of her. The tightness surrounded Peter was nearly unbelievable. He could not believe having his cock wrapped around such a thing would even happen. Spider-Man chewed on his lip when slowly pushing himself into Death. Death took him inside of her without any problem whatsoever.


Spider-Man grunted these words when pushing balls deep into Death. Her pussy grabbed a hold of his cock and milked it for everything it was worth.

Death knew Peter Parker had some amazing staying power. She had this discussion with a couple of his past girlfriends. She witnessed it up close and personal herself a couple of times when she peeked in on Peter. The "glad we survived dying" shag was one of the best possible, and Death always could tell when it was happening, because she felt a certain pull to the people who just got away from having a close and personal meeting with her.

Peter plunged inside of the woman underneath her. His balls slapped against Death's waiting thighs. Every time he touched her, he thought he was going to explode. Her body writhed underneath his and made Peter only want to go deeper inside of her.

"Damn, I don't know how much longer I can hold out," Peter said.

"As long as possible," Death said.

Peter held onto Death's hips and he pushed deep inside of her. Those balls slapped against Death's waiting thighs. The warmth of her sucked Spider-Man in. Each thrust brought him closer to completion.

Speaking of completion, Death saw all of human history flash before her when she came hard. Each moment, from the big bang all the way to now popped through her. And Spider-Man continued to ride out her orgasm. Being a deity, she could take his worst, and come back for more.

Her muscles flexed even tighter if possible. The hardest thrusts were milked even harder in return through Death's actions. Turnabout was in fact fair play in this situation. She held Peter's cock inside of her. The juices dripping off of him pooled onto the better.

"Closer, getting closer," Peter said. "You're so hot, I don't know how much….."

Death ripped the bed sheets and screamed out loud. The web slinger brushed against a particular sensitive spot on her and it made her entire body size up in orgasmic pleasure. The web slinger continued the ride all the way through to the end. His balls kept smacking against Death's loins the further he pushed inside of her. Those hard balls would reach their conclusion sooner rather than later.

Each moment, she savored, drinking them in. Her pussy opened up to see his cock.

"Goodbye, Peter. It's a shame I can't keep you."

Peter pushed into Death. No matter how much he tried to hold himself back, his orgasm was here. His balls tightened up and started to fire inside of Death. His cum splashed inside of the beautiful Latina woman underneath him. Each blast of cum made Peter feel light headed than before.

He finished inside of Death and he could feel his body returning back to life in the physical world. Once his balls emptied completely, he was gone.

Death rolled over, and closed her eyes, slowly playing with her cunt. It was an amazing climax, and she hoped to have another piece of Peter Parker the next time he was caught between the living world and the afterlife.

And somewhere, even though he didn't know why, Wade Wilson got the sudden compulsion to kick Spider-Man's ass.


Next Chapter: 7/22/2017.

Chapter Text


The island of Themyscira paid host to some of the most skilled, confident, and beautiful women in the entire world. The Amazons fought hard, trained hard, and showed they were not a force to mess with. Contrary to popular belief, most of them were not man haters. They regarded some men though with caution. You never knew what trouble could be brought to the island when a man showed up.

It was not out of the realm of possibility for the Amazons to assist a man in need, and send them on their way. They would not bring him to the island, unless under the most extreme cases possible. They would patch up the man and send him on his way.

Artemis made her way to the pavilion. The General of the Amazon armies arrived at this island for a long time. She saw many women flourish and more than a few women break underneath the pressure. She trained several women who stood tall and triumphed over some great heights.

A rare sight of a man on the island caused Artemis to step closer, for a closer look. She frowned when looking at him. Princess Diana and Queen Hippolyta both vouched for him, and Artemis had no doubt he was somewhat decent. But was he worthy to allow stay on the island? Was he skilled and strong enough to stay on the island? The Amazon trainer stepped forward to see him.

"Good morning, Artemis, right?"


He spoke with manners, and Artemis respected him more than enough for that. He moved with a flourish which impressed Artemis. Still, she tried not to allow herself to get too impressed. Artemis intended to see what he was truly capable of. To see if he was able to find and stand with the Amazons, or if he was just another individual who pretended he was something great.

She wanted a fight with him. Either she would expose him or Artemis would have a worthy adversary to fight.

"Queen Hippolyta wants me to assess you in your skills," Artemis said. "Mr. Parker join me in the middle of the arena."

Peter Parker did not question the woman. He looked at the beautiful Amazon dressed in her toga. The material clung to her body. She had her red hair hooked back in a hair clip. The fierce warrior woman stepped into the middle of the arena. She inclined a hand towards the weapons.

"Choose your weapon," Artemis said. "We will fight until one cannot take no more, or this battle is stopped at divine intervention. Or if you forfeit the battle."

Peter took a sword in hand along with a shield. Artemis smiled and took a sword and shield of her own. Armor appeared around both of the fighters.

"Ready when you are."

Artemis motioned for the web slinger to enter the center of the room. Both circled each other in battle. They jumped into the center of the arena. Swords clashed with battle. Spider-Man jumped back to avoid a swinging attack. Artemis moved the sword against Spider-Man. She decided to deliver what passed as a warning shot. Not designed to kill, but rather to warn the web slinger what he messed with.

Spider-Man avoided the point of the blade cutting into his shoulder. He jumped back a couple of feet and looked up just in time to see Artemis coming at him one more time. The web slinger flipped out of the way and took the legs of Artemis out from underneath her.

"More than just weapons," Spider-Man said. "Your body can be a weapon."

Artemis felt the shield ripped from her hands. The Amazon moved in for an attack. The web slinger caught her arm and wrestled her down to the ground. Both of them rolled around on the ground. Spider-Man pushed her back onto the ground.

The Amazon struggled underneath the grip of Spider-Man. He might be strong, but no man pinned her down. Most frustrating that Spider-Man stepped back up and let her up.

"One more time," Artemis said.

Peter motioned for her to come into the center of the room. The Amazon flipped her hair back and rushed into the center of the room. The two of them went blade to blade with each other. The blade inched closer to underneath Spider-Man's arm. The web slinger blocked her, and pushed her back down onto the ground one more time.

Each attack blocked made Artemis feel good. Finally, she met with a worthy opponent, who tried to make her think his fight. Artemis jumped high into the air and tried to catch Spider-Man. Spider-Man caught her off guard and wrestled the Amazon down to the ground one more time.

The handsome young man pushed Artemis down to the ground. She let out her breath in a very frustrated gasp. She tried to grab onto his arm to dig her nails into the side of his arm. Spider-Man pushed up out of the hold and knocked Artemis back a couple of feet.

The two of them met in the center of the room. Much to Peter's surprise, Artemis wrapped her arms around Peter's head and kissed him.

' Wonder if this is some new tactic to catch me off guard?'

The two of them rolled onto the ground. Artemis admittedly started this as an attempt to catch her adversary off guard. The moment the kiss deepened, she found herself thrown into him. Her tongue pushed against his lips, seeking further entrance. Peter's mouth opened and allowed the feisty redhead to enter his mouth with her tongue.

Clothes ripped at their very feverish grabbing of each other. Spider-Man grabbed the straps of Artemis's toga and pulled them down. He rolled her over and kissed the side of her neck. Each kiss brought a light moan from Artemis.

Artemis threw her head back. She submitted to him in battle and now submitted to him in other ways. His able hands caressed her body. The tender actions had been surprising to her, but perhaps they should not have been. It was almost like he knew exactly what crevice of her body to touch to get her going wild.

Peter ran his fingers over the supple body of the strong woman underneath him. Every single time he touched her body, Artemis rose her hips up off of the ground. He tormented her with his fingers, making her breath with pleasure. More taut flesh exposed for consumption for the web slinger.

The web slinger lightly kissed down her body. Artemis enjoyed the feeling of his warm mouth edge closer towards her. Her womanhood, never touched by any man, was getting preciously closer.

"I wonder how you taste."

The first time he spoke jolted Artemis out of her dazed thoughts. He brushed a finger against Artemis's smooth, hungry opening. A light nibble on the outside of her lips resulted in Artemis lifting her hips and rocking them down onto the ground. Steady motions followed with Peter kissing and sucking on the outer lips of the woman.


Artemis moaned out one of the simplest words possible. Peter knew for certain he had her. He caressed Artemis's inner thighs and dipped down. Tongue danced around her insides. Artemis reached up to lightly guide the back of his head. Her strong legs rested on his shoulder. Hips rolled to allow better access to her pussy.

The tongue delved deep inside of her. Artemis never thought one could give her the eating she really wanted. Her hands grabbed onto the back of the head.

"Finish me."

There was any number of quips Peter could make. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he kept lapping up the juices coming from Artemis's womanhood. The Amazon writhed up and down upon the ground. Her hips rose and fell down onto the ground.

Artemis screamed the second he finished eating her up. He licked her a few more times and rose up.

The Amazon Warrior rose to her feet and smiled. She grabbed him by the shirt and tore it off.

"Too overdressed."

She pressed her bare breasts against his muscular chest and kissed him. The kiss returned once again with fire. The two of them moved against each other. Artemis danced her fingers down his back, rubbing it hard. She pushed herself against him, her hips rolled against him. She stained the front of his pants with warm juices.

The Amazon pulled down his pants and dropped them down to the ground. A pulsing organ came out. Artemis heard of the male sexual organ and the pleasure it could in theory give. She never had been shown with one up close. Artemis grabbed it in her hand and explored the hard organ. Every time she squeezed it, Peter gasped.

"I'm not hurting you?" Artemis asked.

"No," Peter said. "Would you like to put it in your mouth? That would feel good. You have nice lips."

Artemis took it as a complement. She took his manhood in hand and squeezed onto it. Red hair flipped back when the Amazon stuck his cock between her lips and gave it a very hard suck. Her fingers brushed on the underside of his balls, squeezing them when pushing his hardened organ into her mouth.

The beautiful Amazon shoved as much cock into her mouth as possible. Peter appreciated it for it. Her face pushed all the way down to his pelvic bone. Spider-Man held onto the back of Artemis's head and guided her inside of his mouth. She sucked him, harder, and very elegantly as well. The beautiful Amazon's sucking increased with each passing moment.

Artemis squeezed the heavy balls and made sure to get some of him inside of her mouth. For a second, she gagged on him, but never one to back down from a challenge, Artemis slowed down just enough to readjust. She was determined to take on the young warrior's mighty spear.

"I'm getting close," Peter said.

Close to defeating him, well Artemis might not have been able to beat him in the battle field. She intended to beat him in other ways. Artemis smacked her lips down onto his pelvic bone. More cock slid into her mouth and stretched out her throat. The Amazon's sucking increased with each rise and each drop. She enjoyed the feeling of this manhood inside of her, stretching out her mouth.

"Mmm!" Artemis moaned hungrily.

Peter held onto the Amazon's head and kept guiding himself into her mouth. She sucked him, constantly, and on a repeated loop. The Amazon's hot lips worked over Peter. His balls sized up and released.

The blast of warm liquid in the back of Artemis's throat caused her to jerk back. Blasts of hot fluid nailed her in the face and got her in the air. She did not deny the taste was good, it was just the caliber was unexpected.

Artemis wiped the thick cream from her face. She sucked her fingers dry of it. Peter looked at her with a very sheepish look, resembling someone who looked like they had their hand trapped in the sweet jar.

"Maybe I should have warned you first," he said.

"Maybe you should have."

Artemis straddled him and rubbed her tight body over his cock. It did not take too long to extend. She wanted to cross that final frontier, between man and woman. Her body, repressed for all of this time, longed to accept in his thick tool. Artemis decided to go for broke, at least the best she could.

"I want this," Artemis said. "I want this a lot."

"Take what you want," Peter said. "Isn't that what you've learned on this island? If you want something, you're going to have to take it."

Artemis smiled. She did not deny what she wanted, not now. Her warm lips came an inch away from bringing Peter down inside of her. The Amazon mounted the top of his cock and eased it inch by inch inside of her. It only took one long drop before his entire length pushed inside of her.

Warmth surrounded Peter. Artemis grabbed his waist with her legs and rode up and down onto him. Her bouncing toned body in front of him made Peter throb instantly. The Amazons were beautiful women, who could give pleasure to a man, or break them, depending if the circumstances called for it. He watched the redhead ascend and spike all the way down onto his manhood.

"Yes!" Artemis yelled.

She threw her head back and started to softly yell "yes" almost on a loop. She opened up her chest for consumption, and Peter took it, squeezing her succulent orbs in his hands. Peter felt the softness, the firmness of her. Every inch of her chest, he just had to reach out and grab from her. Her skin molded underneath his hands.

Artemis rose and lowered herself on a very constant loop. She brought herself down onto the thick prick when it speared inside of her. Artemis locked her hips around him and squeezed him. She saw stars when coming down onto him.

"Stay with me."

The Amazon used her inner muscles to flex down on Peter. The prodigal man enjoyed the feeling of her insides grabbing around her. Her toned, gorgeous body rubbed against him every step of the web. Peter moved on pure instincts to grab the flesh. He touched, tormented, played with every inch of the beauty when she rose up and spiked down onto the top of him.

Artemis took the full length inside of her. Her body sized up and liquid splattered down onto him. It did not slow her down. The lubricated added made her push into him. She took his full length inside with each rise and each drop.

Flesh smacked together, and Peter caught her ass and gave it a daring squeeze. She made no intention to correct the course, so she did it again. More squeezes brought her all the way down onto him. Artemis lifted up, the tip of his cock against her opening slit once again.

Both shared another orgasm on the part of the Amazon. Artemis worked Peter Parker's pulsing penis with each movement. She bumped down onto him. The ride accelerated with each moment.

Artemis almost leaned back and slid off of her lover. Peter held her back to prevent her from landing to the ground. He rose his hips up and buried himself inside of her. Their loins connected together with the sexual cling the two of them felt. Peter dropped down and Artemis retired back to drop herself down.

"Inside me, please," Artemis begged him.

Peter only stopped his indulging of her flesh for one simple response. "Certainly."

Two more pumps brought him as far deep into her as he could manage. The tension in Peter's balls became to give way and he launched his juices inside of her.

Fluids splattering in her hole made Artemis grab onto him. She milked him all the way to the edge. The Amazon won a prize more worthy than most when the milky white fluids drained into her.

A dark haired woman stood in the distance, watching with a smile.

' Another one down.'

Artemis, too dazed to care, collapsed on her lovers shoulders. The last few spurts of cum painted her insides white.

Peter pulled out, rather pleased at the woman he had some fun with. Many more beautiful women lined up to be educated in certain matters. And if anything, Peter was a teacher at heart.


Next Chapter: 7/29/2017.

Chapter Text


Peter Parker always found the Savage Land a very interesting place for a few reasons. For one, it had been far removed from the evolution of the rest of the Earth. This resulted in the Savage Land being a scientist's wet dream, providing they could stay around long enough to survive the harsher elements. Some of the natives were not among the friendly type.

A trip into the Savage Land resulted in the clothes of any of the visitors being shredded. Not to nothing, but enough to make you hope you were not too attached to your clothing. Spider-Man sat with a half ripped mask, and a half ripped tops. The pant legs of his costume turned into shorts as well.

You did fare a little bit better in the ripped clothes department, if you were a male as opposed to the a woman. Spider-Man looked over in the distance and saw a beautiful woman approaching. One of the people who crashed here with him stepped over.

Rogue moved over, the gorgeous Southern Belle of the X-Men. Her long dark hair with a white strip in the middle of it hung down very wildly. The beautiful woman sauntered forward, her face shining like a beacon of life, eyes always full of life, with very well formed cheek bones, and nice juicy looking lips. A good part of her outfit had been salvaged, but enough caused Peter to see a very enticing amount of skin.

The two strips of yellow fabric covered some of her breasts. The tattered remains would give out at the first possible opportunity, to release her round chest globes to the entire world. Rogue's firm fit stomach was uncovered. She wore enough material to qualify as a belt, very loosely. Her tightened uniform covered the lower half of her body, and she turned slightly, her ass cheeks hanging out of the material. Her boots survived the crash. Rogue sauntered forward with a smile on her face, carrying a fish in her hand.

"Dinner is served," Rogue said. "Well, providing it's edible enough to eat….it is edible enough to eat, isn't it?"

"Yes," Peter confirmed. "Yes it is. It didn't trigger my spider sense which is a good thing."

Rogue nodded in a surprise. "That still works. I thought for sure your powers didn't work in the Savage Land…mine sure don't."

"Yes," Spider-Man said. "My spider sense is about the only thing that works. Guess I should be thankful for that. It's good for finding something to eat, and prevent getting eaten."

Spider-Man locked his eyes on Rogue when she sat down in front of him to cut the fish. The material strained against her sizeable chest. Spider-Man was very much certain one wrong move would bring the strips of material loose and they would snap off. The web slinger tried to cross his legs.

Rogue smiled, she noticed the looks Spider-Man were giving her. She looked up every now and then to smile. Peter was a very handsome man underneath that mask, but she did like how he filled out that Spider-Man uniform. The thought of the man visited any number of Rogue wet dreams. She took a deep breath when lining her eyes up against him.

The two ate in silence. They could figure out how to best get out of the Savage Land once they had a full belly. That was always good. They made up this makeshift hut and even fashioned together some comfortable enough sleeping quarters. Food was not scarce in the Savage Land.

Peter looked up at Rogue, who licked her lips when looking at him.

"Good meal."

Peter shook his head when watching her mouth. Those lips were forbidden fruit to him. So close to reaching out to touch him, and so agonizing far away.

"It was good," Peter said. "And you were amazing for catching it and cooking it."

"Well, you have to learn a few tricks like that if you want to survive out there, Sugah," Rogue said.

Her voice dripped with pure sexiness, that Southern accent must have some kind of hypnotic effect on him. At least, Peter assumed it might. He watched Rogue when she stretched up. The little material threatened to give through on her breasts.

"I wish I would have packed an extra change of clothes," Rogue said. "Of course, knowing my luck, those would have been shredded too. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to think the Savage Land doesn't like clothes."

"Give our clothes were ripped up about ten minutes after we got here," Spider-Man said. "Hopefully we can fix the jet…or at least the radio equipment."

"Mmm, hopefully you're right," Rogue said. "Of course a smart fellow like you, you would be able to figure out something. Something to pass the time."

Rogue unzipped her boots and stretched out her long legs, not to mention her toes. Peter looked at her sexy body, pretty much barely contained in two tattered strips of fabric. The material of his costume remnants stretched apart. Rogue looked up at the sky and slowly looked down at his erection.

"We should keep warm tonight," Rogue said. "First, we're going to need some nice wood."

Peter twitched when Rogue slid closer towards him. Her chest practically threatened to spill out of her makeshift top. Rogue made no attempt to rearrange it for purposes of modest. She slid closer towards him and put her hand on Peter's stomach. Her hand moved down and grabbed Peter's hardened crotch through the other side of her costume.

"I think I found something."

His cock jumped up in Rogue's hand. Rogue pealed down his pants and revealed Peter's hardened manhood. The web slinger groaned when Rogue wrapped her fingers around the base and pulled on it. He only hardened when the Southern beauty played with his cock.

"Sugah, I wanted this for a long time," Rogue said. "I wanted this for a very long time."

Rogue leaned in and kissed him on the tip of his cock. The manhood stretched to meet her lips. Rogue slowly dragged her tongue down the cock of one of the most prominent heroes in New York. She dreamed about Spider-Man for a very long and now she had him at the mercy of her hands and mouth.

Peter groaned. Rogue practically made out with his cock with her mouth. The first couple of inches slid between Rogue's lips and she sucked on the head. Rogue stroked his manhood. It grew in her hand, and Rogue could not be more pleased with the reaction she received from this handsome young man underneath her grip. His cock hardened even further in her hand.

"Yes, I know you wanted this," Peter groaned. "I want this. So badly."

Rogue swirled her tongue around the tip of Peter's cock and smiled.

"I want to see all of you."

The fabric on Rogue's chest finally gave way. Her round breasts popped out to allow Spider-Man full access to them. He reached over and grabbed the woman's ample chest. Every soft contour of Rogue's generous chest molded in Spider-Man's hand. He kissed the side of her neck and moved into her chest to suck on those nipples.

"Fuck, that's a good spot!" Rogue breathed.

Peter sucked and nibbled on every square each of tit flesh he could fine. Every movement caused Rogue to feel pleasure. The web slinger kept up his attacks, also using his fingers on Rogue's back. He touched several sensitive spots.

Rogue's loins ached with pleasure. She enjoyed the feeling of Spider-Man covering her body with kisses. The pleasure had been denied for her for so long, and now, her body craved it. She pulled the strip of fabric off of her pussy.

"Beautiful. I have to taste you."

"Help yourself, handsome," Rogue said in a husky voice.

Peter kissed down and moved to the promise land. Rogue's tender loins begged to be sucked and licked. Peter was never one to turn down a beautiful lady, especially one who was so hot for him. Her loins rose up to meet Peter's mouth. Peter sucked on her warm lips and tasted her. He tasted everything he could reach with his mouth and made Rogue rise up off of the ground. Her legs lifted up and wrapped around the side of Peter's head.

Rogue thrashed on the ground. Her words almost failed her. She just grabbed onto Peter's hair and made sure he stayed inside of her. He ate her out. The web slinger's tongue stuck to her dripping core. Rogue slid her hips up and then rocked them down.


The name screamed was about the only word of coherence Peter heard during the time. He took himself down into her wet loins. Rogue threw her hips up and then dropped them down to the ground. Her entire body rose up and dropped down in passion.

Peter pulled up, his face dripping with juices. Rogue sat up, just in time to give him a very sloppy kiss. She attacked every square inch of his mouth. Their lips almost pressed together, with Rogue demanding entry with her tongue. She scooped out her own essence, loins boiling at the taste.

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ran his hands over Rogue's fit form. The body pressed against his, those round breasts begged to be played with. Spider-Man took them in hand and touched them.

Rogue enjoyed the touching, the feeling. She wanted much more than that. She pulled away from Spider-Man and her ass swung around to nearly smack Spider-Man in the face.

"You have a nice ass," Spider-Man said.

"Thanks," Rogue said. "Why don't you be a darling, and reach out and touch it?"

Peter grabbed a handful of Rogue's ass. The touches caused Rogue to feel pleasure. Those warm hands touched and toyed with Rogue's round ass. He moved down to feel her pussy. The pleasure she had been denied thanks to her abilities for the longest time made Rogue hunger for sex. Her loins prepared to take any means possible to satisfy her itch.

Eventually, she rose up onto the ground. Rogue's sweet ass still swayed in Peter's face.

"You're going to be the death of me," Peter said.

"Ah, just having a little fun, Sugah. Nothing too harmful about that, is there?"

Rogue ground her ass against Peter's face and then moved up against his chest. Peter took her tight glutes in hand and shoved his tongue into her warm asshole. Rogue gasped when Peter licked her most taboo area possible.

She needed him inside her. So badly, that words failed Rogue. The web slinger took his fingers against Rogue's gushing slit and made her gasp when he touched her.

"Inside me."

Rogue slid down, and reached behind her. She grabbed onto Peter Parker's pulsing prick. The manhood of the web slinger slid against Rogue's moist pussy. The gorgeous woman dropped all the way down onto his lap and came back up to meet him.

He entered Rogue. And boy did he enter her. Her walls closed him around on him. The slick velvety center squeezed Peter. Rogue wanted his cock. Her body bounced up and down on Peter's protruding pole. Rogue took him inside. Her inner muscles squeezed Peter.

"Fuck me!"

"Yes, Sugah, I'm doing that right now," Rogue said. "Don't I feel so good?"

Good was right, good and tight. Peter held onto Rogue's ass and made sure she dropped all the way down onto him. The warmth of the sexy mutant dropped down onto him. Rogue used his cock as a means to relieve herself of some pent up sexual relief.

Rogue filled herself up with a cock which was as good as she expected it to be. The X-Women knew why bitches loved Spider-Man. He was able to push all of her buttons. Fingers rolled over Rogue's front half when she bounced up and down on him. She slid up just enough for him to smack her own ass.

Spider-Man nibbled on Rogue's neck while cupping her breasts. The duel sensations resulted in liquid spilling down to coat Peter's organ. The web slinger pushed deep inside of her body. Rogue stretched around him and milked him with every single thrust.

"Looks like I'm going to drain you, Darlin'."

She might not be able to drain him of powers anymore. Rogue made up for it by draining him of something else.

The web slinger grabbed onto Rogue's hips and guided her down all the way. Her pussy formed a tight seal around Peter. His balls ached with the need to release.

Rogue timed her actions just right. She did not want Peter to pop straight away and ruin the moment. She pushed down onto him and rose up with each thrust. Her loins enveloped Peter with a very prominent squeeze. Rogue thrust all the way down onto him.

"Rogue!" Peter groaned at the top of his lungs. "ROGUE!"

"Yes, Sugah?" Rogue asked. "You want to finish inside me, don't you?"

Peter thought it was made very clear how much he wanted to finish inside of Rogue. His balls really came very close to giving away. She pumped him, teasing in her with her sexy body. The Southern Belle bounced on his cock. Primed and ready to drain it dry.

"I told you, I'm going to drain, ya," Rogue said.

Peter knew it right away. All he could do was touch Rogue, and feel up her flesh. The woman was built for sin. Peter was sure he committed quite a few in his life. This one was worth it to feel his cock rubbed against her bare walls. Rogue stretched around him just enjoy so he could enter her properly. She released him.


Two more drops resulted in a very happy Rogue. She bottomed him out inside of her. His cock pushed through her and was now kissing the edge of her womb. The Southern Mutant's horniness knew know bounds. She enjoyed every single moment she would have with Peter's very hard cock.

"Rogue, I don't know….if I can…."

"Don't you dare hold back!" Rogue yelled. "It isn't proper to pull out of a lady when she doesn't want you too!"

Peter smiled, people from the South really did have etiquette lessons on everything .Perhaps he overthought it too much. Maybe, he was thinking it a little too much. All he should care about was this very tight pussy working his cock every single inch of the way.

"ROGUE!" Peter yelled at the top of his lungs. "I'm going to…."

Peter blew and sent ropes of cum inside of Rogue. The woman tightened around him. True to her word, Rogue began to drain Peter. His balls shot inside and painted the inside of Rogue's womb white.

The two joined each other, with Rogue only slowly down as she felt those swollen balls underneath her deflate. He never once let go of her body when she rode him out and kept touching her. She rewarded that behavior by driving herself down onto him.

Both lovers finished, and Rogue pulled out. She stood up and almost collapsed. Peter caught her in his arms. Rogue looked up at him. The smile on her face showed how much she enjoyed what just happened.

"Well at least we won't be bored here," Rogue said.

"Never," Peter said.


Next Chapter: 8/2/2017.

Chapter Text

Seal the Deal(Karen Starr/Power Girl)

Starrwave generated a significant amount of revenue over the past three years. Over the past quarter, Karen Starr thought they hit a bit of a slump. Businesswoman by day, and the superheroine known as Power Girl outside of the office, Karen always hated when her business dropped a little bit over the past couple of months. Investors always grew nervous. Karen grew nervous. She wanted to reinvent the wheel whenever possible.

A new deal dropped in Karen's lap just two weeks ago. She worked with another up and coming technological company. She was relatively new having been established five years ago. This company made some strides over the past year. Parker Industries put out some of the technological advances like Starrwave. After Karen made some calls and got in touch with some people, she got something amazing going on.

"The prototype is a success," Karen said.

The handsome young man in front of her smiled.

"We did it," Peter said.

"You gave me the new idea I needed to get the prototype out there, "Karen said. "I'm pretty sure we can communicate with this phone in space. The signal has been boosted. And the drones are capable of boosting the signal several times beyond their normal capacity."

Karen leaned in on her desk. Peter soaked in the looks of this woman. Brilliant and beautiful showed Peter what a dangerous combination she could be. Karen smiled when showing him the prototype of the drones.

"These things really could be abused for nefarious purposes," Karen said. "We're going to try and keep this private. I've got some friends in SHIELD who will prevent this from getting out. I'm afraid someone is going to get their hands on them."

Peter sighed and reached across the table. His fingertips lightly brushed against Karen's hand. Karen looked up. She appreciated the gesture. She was not repulsed by it at the very least. "It's always a concern. Good technology can be twisted for bad purposes."

"Sucks, doesn't it?" Karen asked. "That's why I think bio-locking it is going to be a worthy investment. Only a select few can get in and mess with the technology. Even if HIVE or AIM or HYDRA or one of those evil groups gets their hands on it, it will take an act of God to get in."

"You bio-lock yourself?" Peter asked.

"Yeah," Karen said. "Don't you?"

"Thought I was the only one," Peter said.

Karen grinned and leaned closer towards the young man. The top button of her blouse came open. It was not on purpose. She just did it. "You're not the only one who was paranoid enough. We have to protect our investment. And I'm very curious to see your methods."

"Well, since we've got a year contract when we're working with each other," Peter said. "We can learn a lot about each other and what makes either of ups tick."

Karen dangled her shoe against her dark stocking clad leg. The beautiful blonde businesswoman stood up and swung her feet up off of the desk. She swayed her hips a little bit when looking over out in New York City. She saw very few differences from Metropolis on the surface. The biggest difference would be New York had some more colorful criminals, many of them enemy's of Spider-Man.

"Drink?" Karen asked.

Peter had been caught off guard by her inquiry. "Beg your pardon?"

"I always enjoy celebrating a deal well done with a drink," Karen said. "And we've done a good deal today. I've got something special packed away from a really good deal."

Karen sauntered over a little bit to the cabinet and bent over. Her skirt rode up a little bit. Karen reached behind her and slipped it up so she could properly pull it down. Peter was almost certain she flashed him her panties. The woman spent a good portion of her meeting flirting with him. And Peter tried to hold back by thinking about baseball. Hard as it might be, he succeeded most of the time.

She spun around to face him, two glasses and a bottle of wine in her hand. More than a solo button unbuttoned on her shirt, exposing the top of her lacy black bra and Karen's very generous chest. Peter would have been blind not to notice it. It was just she was more than a pair of breasts, she was brilliant as well.

The nice breasts just added an added pleasure. Peter wanted to test them to see how real they were. He shook his head and cleared down. He looked at her face. The gorgeous face which blinded Peter, with her dazzling blue eyes, her nicely formed nose stood out underneath her glasses. Her cheeks held up well define, adding to her features. The lips always curled into a smile which seemed knowing.

"A toast?" Karen asked. "To future business success and our future partnership."

The drinks poured in front of him. Peter decided to indulge for the first time in a long time. He figured it was a special occasion, so why not. The brilliant gentleman drank the wine and a buzz came through his body. Super-enhanced body or not, Peter could feel the buzz.

"That's some good shit, isn't it?" Karen asked. "Spider-Man?"

"Spider…what?" Peter asked.

"I figured it out a while ago," Karen said. "If you were a normal guy, you wouldn't have been able to take that drink, much less three. Not unless you're an experienced drinker anyway. And even then, half of a glass would make you stagger."

Karen smiled and reached over to touch Peter's shoulder. She moved up to caress his face. His handsome face made her stomach flutter with butterflies. She slid a little bit across the desk. Karen's skirt slid a little bit up to expose her panties underneath her skirt.

"I see," Peter said. "Well, guess we both know who we are. Don't we, Power Girl?"

"What gave me away?" Karen asked. "My breasts?"

Peter almost spat out the drink. Karen calmly reached over to dab the front of his pants. Her warm hand caressed the front of his pants. She smiled sweetly when inching closer to Peter. Peter reached up to slid her glasses off and put them on the desk.

"Your eyes."

Karen jumped with a start and her skirt almost slid all the way up. The skirt moved a little bit up to showcase the sexy panties underneath the heroine's skirt.

"Beautiful blue eyes, and I've got more than a few pictures of Power Girl to know what they looked like….not for that purpose, you dirty minded woman."

Karen laughed like a madwoman. She moved over closer to Peter and put his hand on her lower back. The two moved into the center of the desk.

"That's nice," Karen said. "Really, I'm not being sarcastic. That's being nice. You like my eyes. But, I'm sure there's a few more parts of me that you'll find very enjoyable. Like my lips."

Karen swooped in to kiss Peter. Peter held up on the back of her hair and stroked it. The back of her neck had been grabbed, and Peter released her lips, only to kiss her again. Over and over again, Peter gave her quick kisses. Their lips locked after a moment of this, and Peter pushed her back onto the desk.

He straddled the top of Karen. Her buttons threatened to burst. Karen's breasts almost called to him. Peter wanted to touch them. He also wanted to her to beg for it. He dipped down to touch the underside of her breasts and pulled the shirt open.

Peter did not go straight for her breasts. He kissed the side of Karen's neck. Karen gasped when Peter found a certain point on her neck and sucked on it. He zeroed in on her own personal pleasure zones. He moved down and kissed the side of her neck. The back of her earlobe had been sucked.

"Peter," Karen breathed. "Oh, Peter!"

The web slinger kissed the side of her face, her neck, and moved down to tempt her collarbone. Karen lifted up off of the desk to allow Peter access to her bra. Peter unclipped it and allowed her breasts to come out. He pulled back to survey her glorious globes.

Two boulder sized spheres stood firmly on her chest. They bounced perkily in front of Peter. They defied gravity.

"How do…how do you handle them?" Peter asked.

"Super strength?" Karen asked. "It doesn't matter how I handle them. It matters how you handle them. Go ahead, touch them. Make them yours."

Peter leaned down and cupped Karen's chest in his hand. Her sufficiently large chest molded in Peter's hands with each touch. Her body swayed up and down.

"Get out of those clothes and let me see you," Karen said. "I know those pants can't be comfortable by now. I want to tit fuck your brains out."

The brilliant young man removed his pants instantly. Karen sat up to study his cock and wrapped her hand around it.

"How do you not trip over that thing?" Karen asked.

She studied the cock in thinly veiled awe. Karen massaged every inch of Peter's mighty rod. She leaned in and greeted him with a very slow kiss. She milked the head with her lips while milking his base with her hands. Karen's hands moved a little bit faster. Super speed rubbed up and down on him.

Peter closed his eyes. Karen's very talented hands worked him over from the base all the way to the tip of his head. She stroked him and lavished him with salvia. Karen swirled her tongue and made him very wet. The lubrication covered Peter's cock.

"Get ready to ride them," Karen said.

The busty blonde rose up off of the desk and took her breasts up. She submerged Peter's long rod in the middle of them. Karen lifted up her breasts and squeezed him. She released Peter from the pillowy pleasure. The busty blonde pushed her breasts up and squeezed his hard prick in her cleavage.

Peter held onto her breasts. He pumped in between the slick valley. Peter could feel his balls building up. He grabbed onto the underside of her to push himself inside. He bounced up and down on him.

"Do they feel real to you?" Karen asked.

"Yes, very real."

The generous solar tanks on Karen's body wrapped around him and squeezed them. She lifted them up with super strength and grabbed him hard. She released and squeezed him on a constant basis. Peter returned fire by holding onto her.

"Cum on them," Karen said. "I know there's plenty more where that cum from. Web my breasts, swinger."

Peter really hoped Karen and Felicia never met. Both of them together would be the death of him. He slowly grabbed onto her round chest and slammed him inside of her. His balls slapped onto her chest. The ample orbs lifted up and released him.

"Fuck, I will."

The swollen testicles bouncing against Karen constricted and released against her. He shot his spunk all over her breasts and also all over her face. Peter splattered an obscene amount of cum on Karen.

"I bet I look like something out of a hentai," Karen said.

"All that's missing is the tentacles," Peter quipped. "That's more Doc Ock's territory than mine."

Karen shook her head. She did not need to think about that. She decided to rid her mind of that visual image. The sexy superheroine scooped up as much cum off of her face. One of the strings of cum hung from her nipples. Karen pushed her breast up and slurped the cum off of it.

"That's hot," Peter said.

The busty beauty rolled over onto the desk. Her hands rolled over her body and collected more of the juices. Karen drank in the spunk off of her body.

"Want a taste?"

Karen's panties flew off and her smooth shaven twat revealed to him. Peter moved over and pushed his nose against Karen's slit. He sucked her warm juices out of her body. Karen rolled her hips when Peter went down on her. Her juicy center oozed the tasty treat into Peter's mouth.

The beautiful blonde felt the pleasure of the young man's mouth. His tongue eased inside and explored her. Every inch of Peter's tongue canvased Karen. She gasped with her entire body shaking from the point where Peter touched her with his tongue.

Her cunt reacted very nicely to the pleasure of Peter easing his tongue in and out. He lapped up the juices. Pleasure exploded through every last inch of Karen's sticky, snug twat. She wanted him inside of her, he could tell it, and Peter wanted to be inside.

Peter moved his way up and put his hands on Karen's sweaty, sexy back. He rolled over her body and pressed their loins together. He kissed the side of Karen's face and moved down to the back of her neck and to her spine. Karen could feel him moving closer towards her pleasure zone.

"Make me yours," Karen said. "Make me yours."

"You don't need to tell me twice."

"I just did."

Peter smiled and rose up to position himself directly against her entrance. His manhood brushed against her. Karen sucked him inside. Peter grunted at the very feel of Karen's dragging him into her heat. He slid his hard manhood into her and brought his rod inside of her.

His balls swelled with each push back inside of her. Peter worked her hole over. Her walls wrapped around Peter and released him. Over and over again, Peter pushed inside of her. He buried inside of her body with multiple thrusts. The balls slapped against Karen's warm thighs the deeper he pushed into her.


Karen screamed his name out loud. She scratched up the finish of her desk. Her tight walls grabbed onto Peter and released him. Each time she milked his organ with her snugness, it felt really good. Peter plunged inside of her and worked her. Every single inch of her body pressed against him.

Peter sped up as much as possible. He touched Karen's body. His fingers found the spots which drove Karen up. She worked up to the latest orgasm very slowly. Peter eased it into her. She begged with light whimpers. His sexy business partner moaned underneath Peter.

"Again," Peter said.

The young man reached underneath her to take full mastery of the breasts of the powerful heroine. Peter worked her insides. His balls kept loading up with each drive inside of her. The web slinger took his fingers underneath Karen's nipples and rubbed them.

Karen thrashed underneath him. Peter pounded her into. He guided her orgasm, this time more intense. This time, she felt her entire body explode with never ending pleasure. She never wanted this to end.

The super powered did have their limits. Peter rode her out to another spectacular climax.

"My turn," Peter said. "One more for the road?"

Peter touched Karen as her body recharged. The yellow solar radiation pumping through her body recharged her. The heat pumped obscenely through her loins. Peter rolled back against her and drilled his hard cock deep as far as possible. He slapped his balls against her thighs with each thrust.

Scorching intensity filled Karen from head to toe. Heat vision almost popped through her eyes. Karen held on and counted to ten. She wanted to lose control. The repairs on her offices from rapid fire heat vision would be some pretty bad news.

She came one more time around him. The feeling of those bared walls tugging on his cock made the cum churn up. Peter only needed one more push. His balls strained to release the pleasure inside of her.

Peter planted his cum inside of the beauty. The first few blasts rocked Karen and the second few made her grab onto her desk. She refused to slide out of place and miss a deep blast of cum inside of her body. She felt her body filled up and swell with the amount of cum splattering inside.

The pleasure finished with Peter shuddering to a stop. He emptied every drop from him and pulled out to admire his handiwork.

Karen turned around and smiled at him.

"I think today was productive," Karen said. "How about you swing by my place Friday after work? We can have coffee and look at everything from a couple more angles."

Peter thought about it for only a second.

"I don't think there's any problem with that," Peter said.

"I thought not."


Next Chapter: 8/5/2017.

Chapter Text

Taste of Something New(Elsa Bloodstone)

A figure shifted in the shadows when reaching a modest apartment on the outskirts of New York City. She could hardly believe this had been the location of one of the great and well known heroes known as Spider-Man. Yet, she thought it reflected well on him in hindsight. He could have used his powers for other purposes. Instead, he lived among the people, as a man of the people.

This quality put him more in tune with the problems of the people. The redhead moved around. Her face had a severe look on it, always screwed up in intensity. It only just slightly took away from the beauty, the very natural beauty the woman boasted of. Her very long red hair hung to her lower back area. Her blue eyes screwed up, with very high cheek bones as well.

Her orange top barely qualified as a sports bra and held up her very ample breasts. The cleavage pushed up in this one. Her very toned stomach, trained in a way that many women only hoped to reach, showed up very brightly. Tight orange pants clung greedily to her body like a second skin. Leather black boots topped off the outfit. The final component added was a trenchcoat and numerous weapons hooked to several pockets within it.

Elsa Bloodstone moved with catlike quickness and precision to head up to the apartment of her target. She could see he was up and eating breakfast. What she wanted to do would have been a little bit awkward had he been asleep. Elsa knew what she wanted after their previous encounter.

Peter thought about one of his rare days off from work and how he intended to make the most of it while it lasted. The responsibility which came with the great power of him being Spider-Man did not afford him to take a day off from crime fighting. He kept his ears to any news where people would cause trouble.

'Knowing my luck, Doc Ock has some kind of master plan today, again. Or Scorpion? Or Kraven decided that it's Spider-Man season.'

Any number of those possibilities could in fact happen. Spider-Man frowned and noticed a tingle coming down his spine. His spider sense warned him of something coming here. He jumped up ready to fight.


A very attractive redhead woman stepped into the room to face Spider-Man. Spider-Man did not drop his guard. Common sense dictated he would not. The woman wielded several weapons. The stunning redhead almost distracted Spider-Man from keeping his guard up. The enhanced man looked up and down at her body. Every inch of the glorious flesh sang out on him.

"We've met in passing in the past," she said. "My name is Elsa Bloodstone. The vampire outbreak a couple of months ago? Do you recall it?"

"Yes," Spider-Man said. "You're the hot redhead with the attitude who helped me deal with Moribus's little science experiment. And afterwards, you said I owed you."

Elsa smiled. "Yes. And you know why I'm here."

"You want my help," he replied. "Let me get my web shooters and….."

Elsa grabbed Peter's arm and gave him a very light squeeze. The web slinger watched the woman's eyes and they looked him over like lust.

"I don't want that kind of help," Elsa said. "I want the kind of help that only a true man can give me. Every now and then, I have certain cravings. I'm a woman, you're a man. I think we can both come to terms with these cravings."

Elsa leaned in and cupped Spider-Man around the crotch. She squeezed him hard.

"You're being very bold, Ms. Bloodstone," Peter said.

"Call me, Elsa, because we're about to get intimate, and I'll call you Peter," Elsa said. "And yes, I've done my homework. And yes, I'm very bold."

She squeezed his package one more time. He could feel the imprint of her palm over his crotch the second Elsa withdrew her hand from him.

"I'm not one of those simpering little girls who play hard to get and send mixed signals," Elsa said. "I'm very clear of what I want. I've wanted a piece of you for a long time. And I intend to take the biggest piece."

Elsa dropped her trench coat to the ground. Peter got a pretty good glimpse of her body. He ran around several beautiful women. Which meant he had to have a lot of self-control, so something other than his spider sense would not tingle. Beautiful women dressed in the tight clothing many superheroines favored gave him a lot of practice. The monopoly on beautiful desirable features also made Peter have a lot of practice with trying to keep back his greater impulses.

"Kiss me."

Peter did just that. He kissed Elsa on the lips. His hands roamed endlessly over the curves of the body of the beautiful redhead. Her body was very firmed and toned. Peter could not help, but want to grab onto her chest as well, which currently pressed up against his.

Elsa smiled through the kiss. Her tongue danced on the edge of Peter's mouth to seek entry. She used her tongue to make love to the young man's tonsils as well. She was going to have so much fun with him. She could feel the fun pressing against her thigh.

The table cleared off, and Elsa pinned Peter down on the table. The two kissed, not bothering to quiet each other down. The animalistic passion buried deep inside of this noble young man made Elsa very hot for him. Her fingernails clutched the back of the young man, trying to remove his garments with her fingers. A light moan followed the more Elsa tried to get a piece of her lover. She would get a very big piece if everything worked out well.

She pulled back his top and ran her hands over his muscular torso.

"I knew you filled up that uniform nicely," Elsa said.

"Damn," Peter groaned.

Elsa just smiled and kissed him. The hot kisses planted on every inch of Peter's body. Elsa moved down and tugged his pants bringing it down. The tent he pitched made Elsa lick her lips. She decided to tease him a little bit more before removing her top.

The top dropped down onto the ground. Peter caught sight of a very beautiful pair of breasts which made his member twitch. Elsa pressed a hand on Peter's crotch and gave him a very nice little squeeze. He jumped up into her hand.

She released Peter from his confinement. Twelve inches of very well formed meat came out. Else marveled at how thick and veiny it was.

Peter's eyes fixed on her succulent lips. She gave him a naughty little smile and reached underneath him to fondle his balls. Peter closed his eyes and thought he most certainly died and went to heaven. There was no two ways about this. Heaven and her mouth was going to be his guide. Elsa dropped down and engulfed Peter into her mouth. Those warm succulent lips drew Peter between them and sucked on his prick very hard. Peter closed his eyes and threw his head back in pure unbridled lust.

"You feel so good!" Peter yelled out.

Elsa dropped her mouth down onto the base of her lover's cock and sucked him again. She sucked him very hard. His balls throbbed every time Elsa came down onto him.

The redhead vixen worshipped the throbbing hard cock. He could watch her breasts bounce when she bobbed her head up and down on him. The tightness of her pants made Peter wonder would it would feel like to be inside of her. He grabbed the back of her head and held it down.

The length slid into the back of Elsa's throat. Elsa gasped and moaned when her mouth filled with the perfectly formed penis. She sucked her lover as hard as possible. Slobber formed around the base of Peter's pulsing prick. Every moment was pure intensity. Lust burned through Elsa's eyes. The delirious pleasure increased when she went all the way down on Peter and came all the way up from the base of his cock.

The suction around him became very unbearable. Peter stroked the back of Elsa's hair and guided her mouth. It engulfed the full length of Peter's prick. His balls ached. Release would be needed so.

"No, not yet."

Peter groaned at the very obvious denial Elsa had given him. She cupped the edge of his balls and gave them another squeeze. She leaned in to kiss Peter on the tip of his cock and it twitched in her mouth.

The stunning woman moved over. She took the edge of her tight pants and slowly slid it over her. Peter watched as her beautiful pussy came into view. He wanted to come out and taste it for a little bit.

"Maybe another time," Elsa said. She smiled and cupped him again. "I need your cock inside of your body. I'm going to die without it. You wouldn't want to be responsible for a woman dying because she didn't have her needs fulfilled?"

"Never," Peter said.

Elsa dragged her wet pussy over his rock-hard cock. Those warm lips almost sucked him in straight away. Elsa enjoyed teasing both the young man and herself. She took his hands when they lifted up and placed them on top of her breasts.

Peter gripped onto the breasts. The warm softness molded in his hands. Each touch caused him to groan in very unrestrained pleasure. The lust continued to rise along with another part of Peter. He slid in between her walls. The first couple of inches of his pulsing manhood slid into Elsa.

She bit down on her lip. Juices trickled out of her, pooling around the base of Peter's phallus. Some of them came down onto the base of it. Regardless, it allowed Elsa to make her descent with ease.

"Your pussy feels good," Peter groaned.

"It's pretty tight. It's pretty hot. And you can tell how wet I am for you."

Each time she finished a sentence she rose and slid back down onto him. The ride started very slow at first. Then, the intensity picked up. Each time she fell, she took Peter inside of her deeper. Peter groaned when the wetness of her center rubbed against his bared cock.

"Yes!" Peter groaned.

Elsa smiled. She went up and down. She did not hold back with her desire. She had something she wanted. It throbbed underneath her. Every inch of his cock pushed inside of her body. Those balls would be filled up with their essence. Elsa already appreciated the decision she made to make this handsome young man into her cover.

Judging by the size of his balls, a very virile young man as well. Else rode up and down on his cock. The hands of her lover roamed and touched her. They rested on her breasts and squeezed them. He also made an occasional journey to other parts of her body.

Peter buried his face into the warm cleavage of the beautiful redhead riding him. Her hips squeezed around his when she bounced up and down on him. Elsa just got tighter and tighter every time her orgasm milked him. Peter needed to taste her nice breasts. Suck on those big nipples and make her scream. Elsa was quite the screamer by the looks of things. She threw her head back with a passionate mewl. Every rise and every drop pushed more of Peter's cock inside of her waiting body.

"Mmm, oh, I'm glad I sought you out."

Had he been able to speak, and not have his mouth full at the moment, Peter would have responded. It was rude to talk with your mouth fully, as Aunt May taught him.

'Something tells me this wasn't quite what Aunt May had in mind when she taught me that.'

The two of them joined each other one more time. Elsa built up the pleasure in her body. Peter sucked her nipples which begged for attention. The temptation of this handsome young man working her over made Elsa ride in pleasure. She dropped down and then rose up several times. Her pussy squeezed his hard cock with everything it was worth.

The warm loins of the beautiful redhead saturated him with her clear fluids. Peter felt his cock swell at the coating. He moved his hands to her lower back and cupped her magnificent ass. Elsa dropped down onto Peter with repeated pushes inside of her.

"Fuck!" Elsa yelled.

Peter drilled her hard and fast with his massive prick. The manhood of the spider-themed hero punished Elsa with everything he could muster. His balls sized up when she pressed up against him. Her warm walls tugged at his manhood.

Elsa clenched onto him. She could feel like he was reaching the edge. He held back, ever the gentleman, to make sure Elsa came first. His touches, his prods, his sucks, they made Elsa Bloodstone's loins burn with never ending desire. Her eyes flashed over.

She came and came hard. Juices splattered down on Peter's base. She went buck wild on him, riding him through the orgasm. Elsa dropped and lowered on him. Every time her walls slid down onto him, she tightened around him. She pumped Peter as hard as humanly possible.

"Damn!" Peter groaned.

Peter slammed Elsa down onto his hard cock. She stretched out to the base. The warm fluids pumped into her body. Every time her pussy squeezed him more cum than what Peter knew he had shot into the gorgeous redhead. The warmth of her squeezing and releasing him made his orgasm feel among the most intense he ever had in his life.

Elsa slid down to the base of his cock and pumped more of him inside of her. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily at what Peter gave her. So much cum, so much pleasure, with burning lust going through her body, Elsa could hardly even stand it all. She planted her walls down onto him, riding Peter all the way down to the last drop.

She came at least twice more, and Peter groaned. Elsa pushed off of him, and then dropped down onto the table. She left splatters on Peter's dining room table.

"I'm in the mood for dessert," Elsa said.

The insatiable sexual appetite of this woman would be one which would keep Peter on his toes. She licked his neck and chest, and in no time, Peter rose to the occasion. Elsa turning around on her hands and knees to smack her ass got him going the rest of the way.

Peter rose up and moved in for seconds, or dessert, depending on your perspective.


Next Chapter: 8/9/2017.

Chapter Text

There's a blog exclusive chapter at my blog with Spider-Man and Kim Possible. Yes, a non-Marvel, non-DC character. Which may happen at the blog from time to time, although it won't be happening inside of this story any time soon. Head to the Page of Important Links, the Web of Chaos, and either the Sticky Situation or Blog Exclusive Chapter archives. And enjoy.

Getting Lucky (Domino)

Three cans lined up on a fence several hundred feet away from where the pale skinned beauty stood. The black half-tank top stretched over her ample chest. Her toned stomach showed how healthy she was. She dressed in a pair of very tight pants which formed around her legs like a second set of skin. Very few got a close enough look at her face which looked beautiful enough to stop traffic.

The eyes of Neena Thurman focused on the cans on the edge of the fence. She aimed her weapon and prepared to fire them. Many people debated whether or not the shot could be made. Neena, or Domino as she was known by most, knew she could make the shot. Domino pulled a trigger of the gun and fired at the can. The bullet connected with the first can.

She moved around while the iron was hot. She fired a second shot at the can and a third shot against the can. All of them dropped down to the ground. Neena took a long look at the fallen cans. Three tin cans, three perfect shots, and the mutant looked very pleased with her handiwork.

A sound of someone clapping prompted Neena to turn around. A brunette gentleman made his way in. He dressed in a pair of jeans and no shirt. Medical tape wrapped against the chest and upper right arm of him.

"You approve?" she asked.

A smile popped against the young man's face. "I bet you could have taken the shots blindfolded. You're that good. Those mercenaries leaned that the entire way."

Domino nodded. A small part of her ego had been casually stroked by the words of this young man. You did not necessarily show off if you could back it off. Every time Neena got the shot on point. She looked towards the young man next to her.

"It's a good think you weren't out here," Neena said. "You might have distracted me from taking the shot."

"A skilled shot like you?" he asked. "Never."

Peter Parker stepped a little bit closer. The bruises all over his chest nearly healed completely up. Neena was glad because he took of a hell of a shot on her account. She turned the attack back around on the mercenary who attacked Peter.

'Who would have thought that he would be Spider-Man?' she thought. 'Then again, that's the idea.'

"You're okay, right?" Neena asked. "You shouldn't be taking bullets for people like that."

"Was more than a bullet," Peter said. "And I figured the alternative was having both of us get blown up. Don't you agree that things could have been worse?"

Domino never disputed things could have been worse. Things always could be worse when someone did the type of work she did. Her lips pursed together and she sighed very deeply. She reached over towards a box.

Peter watched her bend over. He was just watching her movements at first. His eyes drifted over to the pair of tight leather pants. Anyone would agree they fit over her body nicely and showed off her round ass. Peter tried to look up to avoid looking at her.

She pulled a knife out of the box. The last thing Peter wanted to do was have one of the knives thrown between his eyes for an inapporiate stare.

Neena turned around and looked straight at Peter. A smile flashed over her face. She hurled the knife and it flew over Peter's shoulder the Blade connected to the target directly behind him.

"What do you think?"

Peter answered her question with a smile. "Glad, I'm not the target."

"You actually thought I was going to hit you," Domino said. "You must really think so little of me to think I would miss my aim. I always hit my target, always."

Domino stepped a little bit closer to Peter. She brushed against him very slightly when reaching over and pulling the knife out of the tree. She moved back a couple of steps and aimed the knife at the tree. Domino flung the knife at the tree and it connected for a second time against the target.

"You never cease to amaze me," Peter said.

"My reflexes are always pretty good."

Neena reached over to grab the knife. She shifted weight and grabbed Peter by the crotch. He jumped up in surprise at the sudden, and not entirely unwelcomed touch. Domino pulled her hand away from him.

"You've actually hidden that from me this entire time," Domino said.

"Why, were you staring at my crotch?" Peter asked.

Domino grabbed him by said crotch for a moment and squeezed him. "Well, you can't blame me for being a little bit curious at what you have underneath those pants. You be around certain people long enough and they hear rumors. And you took a shot for me. I think it's time I take a shot for you."

Peter could not believe this pale beauty. She had him by the balls, literally speaking, and could do pretty much anything she wanted with him. Neena crept a little bit closer and kissed him on the lips. Their mouths connected with each other. Neena kissed him deeper and slowly eased his tongue into her.

The web slinger backed up against the side of the safe house he rested in after he survived the shot. Neena's fingers eased down the front of his pants and pulled back to slowly fish his hard cock out of his pants.

Domino lowered down to the ground to come eye level with the pulsing penis of this amazing young man. Her finger's snugly wrapped around the base. She pulled on it and grinned when looking at him.

"My hands are skilled for a long more than using weapons."

Peter groaned when the hands of the raven-haired vixen underneath him worked over his cock. She added an occasional lick over his head and length to really mix things up. Her right hand touched the underside of Peter's balls and fondled them. She squeezed him.

Domino enjoyed the feeling of his cock swelling in her hand. She wondered what it would be like to have his cum all over her face. She would have to find out sooner rather than later as the manhood swelled in hand. Domino wrapped a fist tighter around his hard cock and released him.

"Getting closer," Domino said. "Aren't you?"

"Yes," Peter said. "Neena, your hands feel so good."

She jerked on him and manipulated the pressure building up in Peter's balls. Domino perfectly lined up the cock head against her face. Cum churned in the swollen prick when she pumped down onto it. Domino slowly, sensually pumped him through her hands.


Neena stuck out her tongue. She fired an even more impressive gun than anything else she could handle. The splatters of white gooey sperm spattered on her face. They oozed out in strings and continued to fire out as massive ropes. Neena slid her hand all the way down to the base to jerk him off. Peter continued to discharge himself all over her face and groaned.

The skilled mutant finished jerking him off. She stuck out her tongue to show Peter the cum and then swallowed it with hunger.

"I always make my shot."

Neena bounced up to her feet. She slid her tank top off and threw it down onto the ground. Neena lifted her right breast and sucked. One hardened nipple pushed against the lips of the mutant when she suckled herself. Her free hand edged her pants down.

Peter's eyes followed the progress of Neena sliding her tight pants down. More and more of her pussy came to him. The beautiful dripping hot mound with a strip of black hair flashed out in front of Peter. He hungered to taste it. Neena crawled back onto the stump which she used as a makeshift seating place. She balanced herself with legs spread and beckoned Spider-Man over.

"Help yourself," Neena mewled in delight.

Help himself Peter did. He started at the side of her neck and kissed on it. That very talented mouth on her throat made Neena moan out in pleasure. The web slinger took his hands down and caressed the lovely flesh. He moved his hands around to feel up her milky spheres. He squeezed them.

The mutant known as Domino entered a world of never ending pleasure. Every time the powerful young man on top of her kissed her, it only caused her hips to lift up and drop down. A repeated series of pushes brought her hips up and down. Tender juices oozed out from Domino to coat her thighs.

Peter dove at the slit and dragged his tongue against her. Domino grabbed onto the young man's hair and pushed him deep between her thighs. Domino rocked her hips up off of the stump. The breathing increased. Peter went down onto her. He really enjoyed the taste. The warmth spilled into his mouth when he sucked up her juices.

Domino closed her eyes and allowed her hips to come up. She rose and fell several times. Peter serviced her womanhood and made her lose it almost. Her nipples stuck up in a rather pleasant way. Domino rolled her fingers over the top of the harden tips. She squeezed the nipples, caressed them, and made the standing buttons even harder.

The oral assault ended with Peter eating Neena to an amazing orgasm. Her hips threw up and dropped down onto the stump. Peter pulled away from her. He took her juices into his mouth and drank them up like they were god's gift to everything.

He grabbed Neena and flipped her over. She pressed down chest first onto the stump. The vixen spread her thighs in need. She needed Peter inside her. Peter edged his hands against Neena's body and rubbed her lips. Her hips bucked into the palm of his hand. Peter continued to make circular motions around her.

"Just do it already."

Peter leaned in and kissed the pale skinned beauty on the back of the neck. Multiple kisses came down to her back. Each time he could feel Neena shifted a little bit. He returned up her back and went to the back of the neck. He moved up and down on her body.

Neena thought she would black out from the pleasure. Peter tempted her with each touch. A second later his hard cock touched the outer edge of her lips. Neena dug her nails into the edge of the wood.

"Please!" she begged him.

"Are you begging for me?" Peter asked.

"I'll do anything if you just fuck me," she growled. "Fuck me now!"

Peter lined himself up with her open hole. She wanted him so badly. The feel of Neena's curvy frame pressed against his made lust rise from his loins. The tip of his manhood touched against her ready to enter. Neena spread out and pushed herself back. Peter touched the underside of her body.

Each time he came close to her, Neena jumped back. Her hips groaned at the thought of having Peter inside of her. She needed him, very badly. Neena could hardly hold back from the thought of having Peter pumping himself inside of her. His manhood eased into her.


Neena almost cheered when he entered her. It took a couple of inches at first. She stretched to accommodate him and burst the dam of pleasure open. The gushing rush spilled over and allowed him to slide inside of her. Peter held onto Neena and drove himself into her.

The snugness got even snugger the more Peter went into her. Neena moved back so her hands only pressed on the stop. This allowed Peter to gain access to her breasts even more easily. He touched them and held them in with very firm grips. Neena tensed and squeezed him.

Each contraction milked Peter inside of her. She wondered if Peter was going to make his shot. Lust filled her body. Peter sensed the lust when taking control of her nipples. Each touch brought Neena just one step closer. It built and bult until it exploded.


The blasts of pleasure from her loins fired around Peter. Peter grabbed onto Domino and shoved himself deep into her gripping sheath of flesh. She tightened her walls around him. The feeling of her orgasm grew very intense. Peter leaned in and pressed against her body.

Domino almost had been weak in the knees because of the rush of pleasure.

"Still with me?"

"Yes," Domino said. "Keep that up. Keep it…."

Peter cut off her words with another thrust which put Domino back under the pleasure she felt. Those hands, they were just something that was an am