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  • HL Summer Exchange 2016 (HL_Summer_Exchange_2016) by Skyebyrd, dezgnosis, offwiththeirheads

    15 Mar 2016


    This is the H/L Summer Exchange for 2016!

    The blog running this is here. All of the rules and the timeline are listed there, and you are responsible for reading them and adhering to them.

    One rule that is 100% strict is contact information! If you don't email us your contact information, we will assume your contact is the email connected with your ao3 account, and if you do not respond within three (3) business days, no matter the enquiry on our behalf, you will be dropped out and replaced.

    Our email is I recommend saving it as a contact so it doesn't end up in the junk mail.

    Thank you!

    (Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)