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Inevitable Fallout

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“I’m here in front of the Capitol Building where one of the largest demonstrations against the war in Iraq is taking place today. It is a popular day for protests as there have been groups of different sizes in six different places around the District since eight this morning. The current group, who’ve been sitting here and chanting for over two hours, is the third to protest here at the Capitol. Both of the others then marched on to the White House and ended at the Vietnam and World War II Memorials.

Earlier today a small group of protesters was arrested and fined for blocking traffic on Dupont Circle. They’ve been released and I’ll have an interview with their leader in the next hour. For now I’m Melissa Marks, live at the Capitol-”

The camera swung abruptly and focused on the street behind the reporter. A black SUV was careening toward the lawn and hit its brakes as it reached the grass. The front seat passenger door was pushed open and something fell out, before the door was slammed and the SUV screeched down Constitution Street toward the highway entrance.

The cameraman got closer as the reporter responded to a question from the anchor in the newsroom for the live audience. “That black SUV just dropped a bundle on the Capitol lawn. We don’t know yet if this has any connection to the protests that have been occurring here all day but as soon as we know, you’ll know, Todd.”

In a lower but still audible voice, the reporter urged the camera man, “Get closer and open it up, Mark.” The man did as instructed, keeping the camera focused on the large bundle the whole time. He reached out with a foot which entered the frame and nudged the bundle and when it rolled over gagging sounds from the man were heard over the air as well as a a softly spoken, shocked female voice over the live airwaves, “Holy fuck, it’s a woman.”

The camera captured a gruesome sight before the producers in the newsroom cut the feed, too late for the live viewing audience. It was a woman in a bloody black suit, a gaping hole in the middle of her chest, her intestines spilling out, her short red hair almost fully scalped, her face slashed, her eyes gouged out and through her forehead a large jagged piece of metal, pinning her missing tongue to her head and a note impaled on it, clearly able to be read for all who saw it: You killed my brother, I killed your Director. Blood for blood. NCIS will pay in blood .