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On my drive to Rosswood Park, I thankfully never met any cops. Surprisingly so, since I found information about "Marble Hornets". You would think that they would close down the park after those incidents. Maybe they've tried. Maybe they ended up just like Amy, Jessica, Alex, and Jay. Who knows. All I know is that people avoid it, and that's where I am. The Ford Escort is parked in the parking lot, burned. I set fire to it to erase evidence. Too bad it didn't explode. But then again, pretty sure I would have cops on me now. Eh, that's one way to go out.

There are a few trails, but I take the one that leads to the tunnel. Why? Well, it's sheltered for one. And I don't have to worry about firewood getting wet. It's still kinda dark outside (it wasn't a very long drive). Good thing I have great eyesight and an amazing memory. I repeatedly watched where Jay went to know where I was going. I bet people are cursing me now, like, "Why would you do that Y/N?! You know Slenderman was seen MULTIPLE times there! You could die!" Haha, well that's funny. I don't believe in ghost stories. Besides, I'm perfectly safe. Hakuna Matata, people. I'm fine.

Okay, I take back the "I'm fine" part. Eh, but are a few headaches and coughing fits to me? I've dealt with more. Flu or cold, come at me bitch. It also just might be me, but I swear I've seen people out here. For instance, I'm pretty sure I saw two people in yellow and orange hoodies. I haven't even been here that long. Again, I might be crazy. Wait, no, scratch that, I AM crazy. Besides, I don't have anything to worry about...right?

On my birthday morning I woke up refreshed. I was happy. Halloween, bitches. Come get some. What I mean is that some of the popular kids take dares to come wandering around the edges of the woods. Of course, they're too chicken to waltz in. I might lure some in to kill them. Birthday treat. I kind of enjoy killing. It's like a new high for me. Revenge on people who hurt me. It tastes so sweet. Of course, I'll have to be discreet about it. Wouldn't want them to be found first. Plus, they wouldn't really have a connection. No one knew they were bullying me. I never showed it.

I was getting restless by nightfall, hidden in a tree (don't ask me how I got up there. It was hard, 'kay?). I had sung "Happy Birthday" about thirty times in English, not including the times I sang it in my mother's native language, Japanese. They finally sauntered into the parking lot. A group of about 6 high school Seniors. Three girls and three boys. They casually glanced at the burnt abandoned car like it was no big deal. I bet they thought they were safe because they were rich and had flashlights. Fucking pricks. I knew they were scared, but they acted calm. They had absolutely no idea I was waiting for them. With a knife.

It was another hour before they were drunk and busy playing "Spin the Bottle". Seriously, I know. How childish. Oh well. It's better to die young. And better for me 'cause you're idiots. Honestly, they never thought that taking a leak would be dangerous. And then going in small groups to go find the missing person(s), until they're all unconscious, blindfolded, and bound to trees. Their screams and sobs went unheard as I cut off pieces of skin and smaller appendages such as fingers and toes. The girls had already passed out at this point, and the guys were barely conscious. I had a fun time cutting open their torsos and slowly removing their guts. Unimportant organs first, then the heart. I moved onto the girls and did the same. They were all dead, mostly dismembered (I also decided to cut off their hands and carve in "Yummy Hands" as a reference to a great video series) and I loved it. Their blood felt good on my skin and tasted good as I licked myself. I figured, "What the hell? Why not! It probably tastes like cow's blood for the most part, and I like rare beef." ((A/N: If you are a vegan why are you reading this, we're slaughtering animals to enjoy completely ignore this. ^_^)) I mean it's only more nutrients for my body. There's nothing wrong with it. I already put valuables in a pile, I grabbed those before I left. I'll let the wildlife take care of the rest.

When I arrived back at where I was camping out and set down my new loot, that whatever was going on with me hit me like a fucking elephant load of bricks. I normally don't feel pain, but this was a migraine on a 15 in the pain chart. My coughing fit floored me, I couldn't even get a good breath in. Almost everything was blurry, including the fire. The only thing I saw clearly was what was above me. It was that god damn faceless man. If he came for me to kill me or turn me into something like Tim, I never got to figure out. Know why? You guessed it. That motherfucker made me pass out. Gee, thank you, you walking tree.