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May We Meet Again

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Chapter 1


Chris shook his head and looked back to his dad. “No, nothing’s here. It seems like there was already someone here and took everything useful.”

“Scavengers.” Travis sighed sadly. He’d never thought that he’d end up being in such a situation, searching for something to eat while being careful to stay away from undead people. Yeah, his comfortable life with his family went downhill pretty quickly. “Every man for himself, right?”

“Maybe the others found something.” Chris tried to lighten the mood after seeing the defeated look of his father. They really needed something to eat and drink, but they had yet to find some supplies.

Travis glanced over to his son, trying to muster up a thankful smile for him. He was grateful that his relationship with Chris was getting better again. After Liza’s death two and a half months ago, Chris had shut off himself from everyone. While understanding that his mother had been infected, Chris had been believing that they would’ve found a cure. That they’d have been able to help his mom and he blamed Travis for acting too quick.

He had blamed his dad for murdering his mom.

While staying on Strand’s boat for a little over a month, Travis had let Chris work through his feelings and grieve on his own, after having a few failed attempts to talk to his son. Oddly enough – and to Travis’ relieve that his son wasn’t completely shutting out all of them – Alicia and Nick kept him company and the kids grew quite close. He always wanted this kind of relationship for the three teens, but he’d have never thought that it had to come out of the death of Liza.

After they had made their way back onto the mainland, Travis had refused to keep his distance to Chris anymore and after repeatedly trying to have a conversation with his son, they found themselves in a heated conversation. Mean words – hurtful words – had been spoken out loud, but it appeared that this conversation, as much as it had hurt, had been necessary for them to move on again. It wasn’t solved, but at least they were going into the right direction again.

“Let’s head back to the others.” Travis replied after realizing that he had been lost in his own thoughts.

Chris nodded and followed his dad out of the little convenience store letting his eyes roam one last time through the room, just to be sure that they hadn’t missed anything.

Ten minutes later they arrived at the meeting point, Ofelia and Daniel were already there looking hopeful at the two men.

“Nothing. All gone.” Travis answered the unvoiced question.

Daniel sighed. “Same here. Nothing left.”

“This is frustrating! There has to be something!” Ofelia said annoyed that they had yet again found nothing of use.

“Maybe the others have more luck. They should be back soon.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Daniel agreed, but it was clear that he didn’t really believe it.

It wasn’t long before Victor, Nick, Madison and Alicia arrived at the meeting point and sadly, none of them had found anything. The mood of the group worsened, starvation and dehydration were becoming more and more an issue. They weren’t good fighters to begin with, and with the continued loss of energy, they won’t stand a chance against the dangers of their new world.

But they couldn’t lose hope.

Not yet.

“I suggest heading further north. We’ve only searched a small quarter of the city and I refuse to believe that there’s nothing left in the whole city.” Travis exclaimed.

Madison smiled at Travis, loving him all the more for trying to keep on hoping for all of them. He always tried to stay positive, and that was something they should all be doing. They weren’t dead yet. As long as they were breathing and able to move, there was hope. “It’s getting dark soon. Let’s search a safe place for the night and continue our search for supplies tomorrow.”

The group walked through the streets, keeping their eyes open for a suitable place to stay the night at. They moved down two blocks before Nick, whom had walked ahead of the group, suddenly stopped and tensed up. “Guys!”

Glancing up, they saw the street jammed with zombies. There was no chance at getting through them. They’d have to walk their way around them. “Okay. Don’t panic. Let’s take the next left turn and walk into a different direction.” Daniel said, keeping his voice low to avoid attracting attention.

Calmly, though alerted, they moved towards the intersection ready to move away from the horde. However, just as they took a turn, the group came face to face with another large group of zombies. Without hesitation, the undead made their way towards the group. Turning around, they saw that some zombies of the horde had noticed them as well, closing in on them.

“Run!” Chris heard his dad scream and just like the others, he took off in the direction they had come from.

He ran. He ran faster than he ever had. The moans and groans seemed to follow him everywhere he went, making him feel like death was waiting for him at his every turn. He didn’t know what had happened to the others, he didn’t even know at which point their paths had taken different directions and he hoped that they were safe and that he’d find them later again.

Taking a sharp turn Chris ran straight into the body of one of the undead roaming the lonely streets, causing them both to crash down hard onto the road. While Chris tried to process what had happened the zombie was already reaching out for him, trying to sink his teeth into his flesh.

Chris shoved the body away from him as he scrambled away from it trying to get up from the ground, but the zombie grabbed him at his right ankle, causing Chris to stumble back onto his knees. The zombie came closer and tried again to bite him, and Chris had serious trouble keeping him away from any of his body parts.

Letting out a desperate cry, all Chris could think was how this was going to be his end. He’ll die right here, right now.


No idea where his family was.

Just as he was about to give in, Chris felt the pressure of the zombie leave and he felt something liquid run down his right cheek and a second later he felt the body above him completely disappear. Opening his eyes he looked straight into the blue eyes of a blonde girl whom stared down at him.

“You comfortable down there?” The girl smirked amused.

Maybe it wasn’t his time to die after all.